Event #6: No-Limit Hold 'em
Location: Las Vegas
Buy-in: $2,000 (+80)
Number of Entries: 181
Total Prize Money: $351,140

Day One lasted a grueling 15 hours during which 172 players were eliminated. On Day Two, ten players returned for the final table. After Eric J. Hicks was knocked out in 10th place, the last nine were eliminated in the following order:

9th Place: Tex Morgan, $7,025
Morgan went all-in with Q-Q and took a tough hit when Connie Kim had K-Q and caught a King on the flop. Morgan was then drawing to a single Queen and missed, resulting in an early exit.
8th Place: Connie Kim, $10,535
Kim was eliminated when she took A-J up against Lin's K-J, and a King landed on the turn.
7th Place: Wooyang Lin, $14,045
Lin lost about half of his stack on two big hands and then tried to get those chips back by moving all-in with A-K suited on a flush draw. Lin had two diamonds and when diamonds came on the flop, he moved in. Keith Naughton faded the move with an over-pair, Q-Q. Lin failed to catch a King, Ace, or diamond.
6th Place: Steve T. Schlotterbeck, $17,555
Schlotterbeck was in the small blind and committed his last chips with A-4. However, he was dominated by Keith Naughton's A-K. The King-kicker played and Schlotterbeck went out.
5th Place: Jeff Wilson, $21,070
Wilson, with 8-8, called an all-in bet by Scott Williams, who was holding A-10. The final board gave Williams a full-house.
4th Place: James Van Alstyne, $28,090
Van Alstyne suffered a bad run of cards late and made his last stand with a hand he probably should not have played and could have avoided. Van Alstyne tried to bully Williams out of pot, got called and then was pretty much pot-committed and lost.
3rd Place: Scott Williams, $35,115
Williams was slowly blinded down to his last 25K. He never won a hand of any significance in the final half hour. Williams had K-10 on his final hand and lost to an Ace-high.
Runner up: David Knauff, $63,095
1st Place: Keith Naughton, $115,880
The heads-up duel between Naughton and Knauff began with Naughton holding a 2 to 1 chip advantage. The two players battled for only a short time before the fireworks exploded on the final hand. Naughton was dealt 10-9 versus Knauff's 3-3. After the flop came A=10=7, Knauff tried to make a move at the pot with the underpair. Naughton read the situation perfectly and raised - putting the heat on Knauff for his final 80K. Knauff called and saw two bricks fall, ending his hopes for a comeback.

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