Event #3: No-Limit Hold 'em
Location: Las Vegas
Buy-in: $1,000 (+60)
Number of Entries: 300
Total Prize Money: $291,000

On Day One, 291 players were eliminated. Places 10 through 27 were paid prize money in amounts ranging from $1,745 up to $3,490. On Day Two, nine players returned for the final table and were eliminated in the following order:

9th Place: Sam Grizzle, $5,820
On the very first hand, two players were eliminated. Grizzle was low on chips and moved all-in with 9-6 (top pair) after the flop came 9=5=3. Johnny Landreth (second lowest in chips) thought he had a monster, since he had 3-3 and flopped a set. But the chip leader, John Barbieri, had 5-5 and had flopped a bigger set. It was a nightmare start for both Grizzle and Landreth. Blanks fell on the turn and river and, before anyone had settled in their seats, two players were eliminated and it was down to the final seven.
8th Place: John Landreth, $8,730
Landreth lost with a disheartening "set over set." Instead of tripling up and becoming a force at the final table, Landreth instead hit the rail.
7th Place: David Levi, $11,640
The quick win gave John Barbieri an even bigger chip lead. He crossed the $300,000 mark before the next player was eliminated. Levi came in third lowest in chips - and was knocked out in sequential order. Levi was playing with few chips and made a raise from the small blind with K-8, hoping to steal the blinds and survive another round. Asher Derei had Q-9 -- he called and flopped a Queen.
6th Place: Leon Kunkle, $14,550
Kunkle was short on chips and made his final stand with 8-9 suited. James Van Alstyne had an Ace and called the modest sized raise. He picked up an Ace on the turn, leaving Kunkle drawing dead.
5th Place: K.D. Adams, $17,460
Adams survived two hours before being bounced out of the finale. On his final hand, he picked up A-5 and tried to take the blinds with a raise but was covered by Barbieri with 9-9. A Nine fell on the turn, giving Barbieri a full-house.
4th Place: Blair Rodman, $20,370
Rodman was short on chips and was hammered by James Van Alstyne's pocket Aces. Rodman picked up a draw on the river but failed to hit, so he was out.
3rd Place: James Van Alstyne, $26,194
A key hand took place when Derei landed 10-9 of hearts and moved all-in after the flop came Kh=Jh=7. Van ALsyne had top pair with Kings. Derei missed his flush but spiked an Eight on the river, good for a straight. Van Alstyne went out a short time later with K-J of diamonds after two diamonds flopped. Barbieri had pocket Nines, which held up.
Runner up: John Barbieri, $51,215
1st Place: Asher Derei, $93,120
The heads-up duel John Barbieri and Derei lasted about 15 minutes. Barbieri was in control of the final table until the very end, when his chip lead vanished and he ended up short on chips. On Hand #139 of the final table, Barbieri was dealt Q-9 against Derei's A-9. An Ace flopped, giving Derei two pair, and the gold ring.

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