Event #3: No-Limit Hold'em
Location: Harrah's Rincon, San Diego
Buy-in: $500 (+25)
Number of Entries: 223
Total Prize Money: $108,155

Day One lasted 11 hours, during which 214 players were eliminated. Nine of those players, places 10 through 18, received prize money. The nine finalists returned for Day Two and players were eliminated as follows:

9th Place: Kyong Ton Kim, $2,163
Short-stacked Kyong Ton Kim moved all-in and lost to Tod Reichert's full house.
8th Place: James "Stormy" Greer, $3,245
Greer committed his final chips with 4-4 against Dan Bartlett's A-7. The final board showed Q=3=2=A=A, giving Bartlett trip Aces.
7th Place: Mike Heintschel, $4,326
Heintschel moved all-in with A-10 and was called by chip leader Bartlett, holding a real dog - 9-2. Heintschel went out when Bartlett spiked a Two on the turn.
6th Place: Richard Kirchnavy, $5,408
Kirchnavy picked up 9-3 in the blind and made two pair but lost to Reichert's club flush.
5th Place: Russ Floyd, $6,489
On his final hand, Floyd went all-in on a semi-bluff flush draw. Bartlett called with trip Nines and Floyd missed the flush when two red blanks fell on the turn and the river.
4th Place: Matt Letourneau, $8,652
Letourneau was dealt 9-7 and flopped 9=7=3, getting two pair. Bartlett, dealt J-8, came out ahead with an inside straight when a Ten fell on the turn. Letourneau was drawing to four outs, but missed.
3rd Place: Dan Bartlett, $10,816
Bartlett was dealt A-K and made top pair, top kicker. He went all-in against Reichert's flush draw, and went out when Reichert's flush was completed.
Runner up: Tod Reichert, $19,684
Winner: Robert Goldfarb, $35,691
On the final hand of the night, Reichert was low on chips and tried to pick up the pot on a bluff. Goldfarb had A-J and an Ace flopped. By the turn, Reichert was drawing dead.

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