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2017 48th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Saturday, July 08, 2017 to Sunday, July 23, 2017

Event #73: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $67,877,400
  • Entries: 7,221
  • Remaining: 0


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Friday, July 14, 2017 2:48 AM Local Time
Money Bubble Bursts Deep into Night as 1,084 Move on from Day 3

Patrick Lavecchia

For the first time in the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event, all of the players still alive in the tournament gathered under one roof on Day 3. There were 2,572 left, and while it took about 14 hours, the money bubble finally burst a little after 1 a.m. local time.

When hand-for-hand play began an hour into the extra level, four different tables saw all-in pots right away. The first two at-risk players, including 2005 WSOP Main Event third-place finisher Tex Barch, found themselves in dominant positions when the cards were tabled and survived.

Roger Campbell, however, got in a raising war on a three-heart flop with ace-king with the ace of hearts. He was all in against Kenny Shih, who flopped a queen-high flush. No further hearts emerged from the deck, leaving Campbell eliminated shy of the money.

At another table, Quan Zhou and Davidi Kitai played a three-bet pot with the Belgian bracelet winner holding kings and making kings full on the river. Zhou tried an all-in overbet bluff on the river with ace-high after missing his gutshot straight draw and got snap-called. With Kitai covering him, that meant Zhou was out on the bubble as well and the remaining players were in the money.

Of course, that set off a raucous celebration that featured plenty of beer and shots going down gullets at tables throughout the Rio. However, there was still the matter of the free seat into next year's WSOP Main Event to settle. Zhou won the flip over Campbell to claim the seat, and everyone else bagged up their chips.

Flip for a Seat

That means 1,084 will come back in the money. Foremost among them in terms of chip stack is Patrick Lavecchia, who bagged 1,552,000. He's followed by Pawel Brzeski (1,546,000), former WSOP Main Event final tablist Antoine Saout (1,529,000), Jeremiah Fitzpatrick (1,523,000), Derek Bowers (1,376,000).

Brzewski said he was happy to bag in second, but he isn't looking too far ahead.

"Of course it feels nice to be second in chips, but we still have more than 1,000 people left, so it doesn't mean much," he said. "But I guess more chips is more life in tournaments. I can lose some flips and still be alive, so that's always nice."

Another player bagging a pile was Mickey Craft. The Wilmington, N.C., native finished with 1,345,000. He said he started with a nice stack and a lot of shorter stacks around him and was able to bully the tight group of opponents to keep building.

However, the fun for him really started when he got moved to Brasilia. There, he sat at a deeper-stacked table with experienced players like Liv Boeree. Instead of looking at it as a challenge, Craft saw it as a fun opportunity to play some more interesting poker.

"This room has been such a blast, people were more fun here," he said after bagging. "They were talkative, plus they had a lot of chips. It was so much more fun. That was a grind, and this was fun."

Mickey Craft

Craft was able to continue chipping up from about 850,000 to north of 1.3 million. He attributed that in part to having more fun with his new tablemates.

"I like to have fun when I play poker, and I feel like I do better when I'm having fun," Craft said. "The money does mean something. Anyone who says it doesn't is crazy. But, the fun in poker means more than anything money can ever buy."

"Of course, there's way better players than me. There's no doubt. If I get to the final table and there's Daniel Negreanu over here, Jesus Ferguson over here, and whats-her-face over there... I'm going to be the one with the beer in my hand."

Among the players busting before the money bubble were Brian Rast, Cary Katz, Mike Matusow, Sam Greenwood, Adrian Mateos, Jason Mercier and former Main Event champs Joe Hachem, Johnny Chan, Greg Raymer and Tom McEvoy.

The remaining players will come back with just over one hour on the clock in Level 16 (3,000/6,000/1,000). They'll get going early again at 11 a.m., so come back to PokerNews then for more Main Event coverage.

PlacePlayerCountryChip Count
1Patrick LavecchiaUnited States1,552,000
2Pawel BrzeskiPoland1,546,000
3Antoine SaoutFrance1,529,000
4Jeremiah FitzpatrickUnited States1,523,000
5Derek BowersUnited States1,376,000
6Ibrahim NasiefMexico1,350,000
7Mickey CraftUnited States1,345,000
8Scott BlumsteinUnited States1,340,000
9Artan DedushaUnited Kingdom1,288,000
10Greg DyerUnited States1,276,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 1:48 AM Local Time
End-of-Day Chip Counts
Patrick Lavecchia1,552,0000
Pawel Brzeski1,546,0000
Antoine Saout1,529,00019,000
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick1,523,000193,000
Derek Bowers1,376,000276,000
Mickey Craft1,345,000250,000
Edward Nassif1,345,0001,345,000
Scott Blumstein1,340,000290,000
Artan Dedusha1,288,000-52,000
Greg Dyer1,276,00068,000
Kenny Hallaert1,258,000158,000
Michael Krasienko1,246,0000
Brandon Meyers1,229,000-1,000
David Ormsby1,206,0006,000
Patrick Clarke1,200,0000
Michael Sassen1,193,000193,000
Yo-Seb Rhee1,149,000-111,000
Michael Sklenicka1,139,000159,000
Sebastien Comel1,129,000-21,000
Rudolph Sawa1,127,0000
Cosmin Joldis1,124,000-56,000
Davidi Kitai1,116,000579,000
Filippo Gandini1,103,000153,000
Gustavo Lopes1,076,00016,000
Paul Vas Nunes1,073,000337,000
Shyam Ravindran1,071,000846,000
Andrew Yip1,051,00036,000
Hiren Patel1,041,0001,041,000
Paul Chakoian1,039,000783,000
Le Tieu1,031,0001,031,000
Damian Salas1,028,000158,000
Ben Lamb1,016,000-134,000
Jon Maclellan1,010,0001,010,000
Andrey Pateychuk1,000,700530,700
Javier Perez Estevez997,000997,000
Sofia Lovgren996,00046,000
Kenny Shih994,000994,000
Ze Chen994,000994,000
Tom Cannuli990,000180,000
Eugene Kotlyarevskiy971,000971,000
Chino Rheem970,000400,000
Brian O'Donoghue968,000248,000
David Patterson968,000168,000
Alexander Greenblatt968,000968,000
Roger Teska967,0000
Charlie Carrel964,000424,000
Jonathan Dwek958,000168,000
Ben Jacobs956,0000
Jonathan Hilton948,000948,000
Matthias De Meulder945,000145,000
Kevin Calenzo928,000168,000
David Woo927,000927,000
Austin Buchanan927,000103,000
Richard Tuhrim922,000595,000
Juicy Li891,00071,000
Jamie Flynn886,000886,000
Carl Carodenuto885,000305,000
Stefan Huber885,000-25,000
Aaron Gustavson883,000883,000
Wouter Van Der Peijl873,000873,000
Matthew Moss872,000-18,000
Scott Anderson850,000110,000
Igor Ioffe850,000850,000
Grayson Ramage848,000398,000
Kevin Song848,000848,000
Joseph Dipascale846,0000
Rachid Ben Cherif843,000323,000
Markus Gonsalves840,00050,000
Florin Pandilica836,000-14,000
Joel Ettedgi833,000833,000
Nick Maimone832,0000
Dominik Nitsche829,00084,000
Rodrigo Portaleoni828,000828,000
Adam Bonham827,000827,000
Hamza Firdawcy825,000825,000
Ivan Emanuely825,000825,000
Alistair Hill823,000823,000
Richard Gryko819,00064,000
Michael Brosky814,000814,000
Jared Jaffee811,100241,100
Schuyler Thornton806,000806,000
Eyal Maaravi802,000802,000
Michael Amato799,000159,000
Chris Overgard793,000793,000
Paul Varano793,000793,000
Kyle Pikorz786,000786,000
Jan Nakladal785,000785,000
Aaron Overton784,000784,000
Gyeongbyeong Lee783,000783,000
Neil Patel (MO) [Neil Patel]783,000783,000
Eoghan O'Dea783,00083,000
Pedro Oliveira781,000161,000
Artur Rudziankov777,000-43,000
Antonio Della Sciucca776,000776,000
Camillo Baggiani775,000775,000
Dan Chalifour770,000-86,000
Stephen Brown760,000760,000
Steve Rosen759,000759,000
Robert Cowen758,000758,000
Nick Schwarmann754,000218,000
Johannes Becker750,000120,000
Justas Vaiciulionis745,000185,000
Jason Fitzpatrick738,000738,000
Ian Johns737,000-3,000
Eric Berman736,000736,000
Manuel Sadornil734,00034,000
George Rahme727,000727,000
Michael Ruane721,00016,000
Alexander Gambino719,000719,000
Vincent Moscati718,000228,000
Javier Garcia Reynaldos716,000-74,000
John Schray709,000709,000
Peter Nigh708,000708,000
Mark Radoja707,00042,000
Lawrence Ma705,000705,000
Darren Grant700,000700,000
Joseph Shalgi699,000699,000
Andy Hwang693,0003,000
Dana Nathani Cowles691,000691,000
Paul Staples689,000689,000
Graydon Kowal688,000163,000
Joe Hanrahan683,000683,000
Pablo Melogno682,000217,000
David Peters680,00073,000
Sean Kenney680,000680,000
Valentin Messina679,000194,000
Adam Hsu678,000488,000
Shyam Srinivasan [Shyamchandar Srinivasan]677,000677,000
Joseph Palma673,000257,900
Slobodan Stanculovic672,000672,000
Aaron Jones671,000671,000
Miltiadis Kyriakides [Miltiadis Kypiakides]670,000670,000
Hugo Nazar667,000667,000
Jesus Martinez665,000665,000
Nicholas Howard655,000-175,000
John Allan Hinds654,000654,000
Sergi Reixach654,000104,000
Daniel Chan651,000651,000
Tony Gregg651,00051,000
Vuong Do651,000651,000
Ryan Goindoo650,000650,000
Paul Senat647,000-253,000
Neil Patel (MO) [Neil Patel (STL)]644,000644,000
Robert Schulz644,000644,000
Julio Belluscio644,000644,000
Luther Tran642,000642,000
Jeff Hakim641,000-49,000
Marcin Chmielewski640,00070,000
Alessandro Minasi640,000640,000
Kyle Bowker638,000238,000
Thomas Zanot637,000637,000
Steve Billirakis636,000531,000
Joshua Horton631,000631,000
Dilovan Hussein630,000140,000
Justin Liberto629,000-1,000
Pim Kuipers629,000-91,000
Aaron Been627,000627,000
Chris Dombrowski626,000626,000
Jesus Javier Sanchez Blanco625,000212,300
Jared Palmer625,00029,000
Viet Vo624,000624,000
Alexander Yen624,000624,000
Christoph Vogelsang620,00080,000
Jake Abdalla615,000615,000
William Blais615,000235,000
Randolph Pisane614,000614,000
John Hesp613,000-97,000
Michael Zelman608,000608,000
Aurelien Guiglini607,000607,000
Max Silver606,000-1,000
Bryan Rowland604,000604,000
Justin Krull602,000602,000
Wouter Beumers600,000600,000
Garrett Garvin600,00015,000
Gjergj Sinishtaj600,000600,000
Caufman Talley600,00042,000
Xixiang Luo596,00091,000
James Petzing591,000231,000
Mark Zullo590,000590,000
Michael Knobloch589,000589,000
Jeffery Trudeau588,000588,000
Steven Hartstein588,000588,000
Timothy Adams580,000100,000
Steven van Zadelhoff580,00075,000
Sonny Franco579,000119,000
Harald Sammer577,000-68,000
Joseph Gegan576,000-44,000
Niall Farrell575,00050,000
Kelly Johnson574,000574,000
Drew Dumanski571,000571,000
Patrick Mahoney571,00051,000
Thi Nguyen570,00020,000
Patrik Korsar568,000568,000
Jonathan Prince563,000145,800
Alex Queen561,00061,000
Kfir Nahum561,000149,600
Wen Zhou561,000561,000
Alexandre Arsenault560,000560,000
Daniel Barry557,000557,000
Sean Gomez556,000556,000
Andrew Grimason556,000556,000
Lawrence Barbetta553,000553,000
Osmin Dardon548,000548,000
Gregg Merkow545,000-15,000
Peter Gangi543,000543,000
Cory Grovijohn541,000541,000
Greg Mueller541,00061,000
Richard Robinson541,000541,000
Jake Balsiger540,00040,000
Patryk Poterek540,000540,000
Ben Richardson536,000536,000
Paulino Uemura Junior534,000224,000
Alexandre Reard533,000533,000
Ngoc Tran530,000530,000
Jeffrey Galloway529,000529,000
Jody Howe527,0000
Gregory Goldberg525,000525,000
Vincent Chung524,000524,000
Mark Rabkin524,000264,000
Jared Hamby523,00041,000
Matthew Diehl523,000523,000
Paul Dhaliwal523,000523,000
Boris Kolev520,000520,000
Marvin Rettenmaier517,000-22,000
Nick Petrangelo513,000-12,000
Padraig Oneill512,000512,000
Don Vu508,000508,000
Garrett Utt507,000507,000
Mikhail Korotkikh506,0006,000
Steve McKoy504,000504,000
Gregor Waltermann503,000503,000
Orson Young502,000502,000
Ricardo Eyzaguirre502,00017,000
Carolyn Tulloch500,00065,000
Omar Saeed498,0000
Benjamin Pollak497,000-13,000
James Juvancic496,00094,000
Sam Phillips495,000495,000
Christopher Price493,000493,000
Travis Lutes493,00073,000
Edmund Chan492,000492,000
Daniel Turner489,000489,000
Jeffrey Borris489,000489,000
Matt Bond486,000-84,000
Jake Bazeley485,000-25,000
Paawan Bansal484,000484,000
Clyde Gaskins484,00034,000
David Belhumeur481,000481,000
Joseph Michael480,00090,000
Taylor Pollard479,000479,000
Devin Looney479,000-21,000
Zachary Hirst478,000478,000
Leandro Medeiros477,000-1,000
Tobias Hariefeld477,000477,000
Remi Castaignon475,000105,000
Hyon Kim474,000474,000
Jeffrey Dambrosia472,000472,000
Brian Valentine471,000471,000
Cameron Couch471,000471,000
Yin Liu471,000471,000
Jerome Brion470,000470,000
Daniel Pearlman468,000468,000
JP Kelly468,00038,000
Zo Karim468,000-112,000
Noel Eicher467,000467,000
Jeff Flannery466,0000
Dana Kellstrom466,000466,000
Jack Sinclair463,000463,000
David Stamm462,000462,000
Feng Zhou460,000460,000
Eisuke Katsuren460,000460,000
Yordan Petrov458,00034,000
Laurent Patroni456,000456,000
Bradley Rhodes455,000455,000
Huijie Zhou454,00029,000
Thissa de Silva450,0000
Mitchell Watson450,000450,000
Ivan Luca449,00029,000
Cesar Garcia448,000448,000
George Mcdonald441,0001,000
Dana Muse439,000144,000
Jae Hwang435,000435,000
David Pham435,000265,000
Joseph Pergola434,000434,000
John Krpan434,000434,000
Phung Ngo434,000434,000
Ivan Zhechev433,000433,000
Artem Kobylynskyi433,000433,000
Mateusz Rypulak432,000222,000
Chris Wallace430,000430,000
Dario Delpiano428,000428,000
Steven Stout427,0000
Allen Cunningham427,000-148,000
Jeff Frerichs425,000425,000
Travis Hartshorn424,0000
David Len Ashby422,000422,000
Lawrence Bayley422,000-103,000
Romans Voitovs421,000233,000
Sumit Asrani421,000421,000
Allan Le420,000205,000
Christopher Lane420,000420,000
John Curcuru419,000419,000
Jay Sharon418,0000
Mohammad Farah418,000418,000
Danielle Andersen418,000-97,000
Pamela Buzzetto418,000418,000
Pedro Fernandez418,000-2,000
Connor Drinan416,000110,000
Peter Akery415,000415,000
Fadi Hamad415,00078,000
Sean Remz414,000414,000
Leonardo Tobias413,000413,000
Michael Sneideman412,000412,000
Michael Addamo412,00016,000
Brandon Eisen411,000411,000
Charalampos Lappas410,000410,000
Jason Wade410,000410,000
Nikhil Gera409,000-46,000
Philip Hepburn406,000406,000
Peter Zolnai406,000-34,000
Eyal Eshkar405,000405,000
Daniel Sammarco403,000403,000
Adam Swan402,000402,000
Peter Tarsiewicz402,000402,000
Michael Malm401,000401,000
Searing Ian401,000401,000
Stephen Wan400,000400,000
Clint Tolbert397,000-413,000
Brian England393,000393,000
Michael Scarborough391,000-139,000
Joris Ruijs390,00010,000
Andrew Liporace390,000-118,000
Richard Dubini389,000-17,000
Jonas Mackoff389,000389,000
Jessica Ngu388,00048,000
Ruslan Gazaev387,000387,000
Rafael Bernabe387,000387,000
Jason Steinert387,000387,000
Michael Walker386,000386,000
Matt Glantz386,000-6,000
Seth Fischer385,00045,000
Liv Boeree384,000-56,000
Jason Funke384,00034,000
Bob Shao383,000383,000
James Gilbert383,000-117,000
Robert Correa382,000382,000
Daniel Rudd381,000381,000
Christopher Lastiwka380,000380,000
Diego Ventura380,000-357,500
Tracy Nguyen377,000377,000
Martin Zamani377,000377,000
Thomas Heine376,000-381,000
Jingwei Zhang376,000376,000
Matthew Humphrey374,000374,000
Eli Loewenthal373,000373,000
Nikolay Losev373,000373,000
Luke Donato373,000373,000
Ryan Hughes370,000-30,000
Christopher Savage368,000368,000
Robin William367,000367,000
Zinan Xu367,000367,000
Timothy Cramer366,000366,000
Tom Dobrilovic365,000-10,000
Gary Floyd364,000364,000
Robert Kraft362,000362,000
Ralph Russo362,000362,000
Carlos Colon362,000362,000
Dario Sammartino361,000-1,000
Phil Mader360,000-125,000
Michael Cloud359,000359,000
David Sands357,00035,000
Jorge Breda357,000357,000
Xizhe Yuan354,000354,000
Chris Johnson354,00019,000
Scott Hilton352,000-91,000
Felipe Ramos351,00061,000
William Brindise350,000350,000
Nicholas Cushman350,000350,000
Lue Huang349,000349,000
Michael Stembera349,000349,000
Christian Pham348,000348,000
Igor Zektser348,000348,000
Koen Breed347,000-168,000
Chris George (NY)347,000347,000
Vivian Saliba347,000-44,000
Joseph Wertz346,000346,000
Mohsin Charania346,000-9,000
Daniel Vargas345,000345,000
Shawn Daniels345,000345,000
Thomas Reynolds345,000345,000
Tom Middleton345,00040,000
Mark Liedtke343,000343,000
Lou Barlow343,000208,000
John MacNaughton343,000-127,000
Jonathan Bussieres341,000-209,000
Fabian Ortiz341,000341,000
Nima Salehizadeh341,000341,000
Michael Zacharias339,000339,000
Jeffrey Mahoney339,000339,000
Mark Dietz337,000337,000
Lars Johansson337,000337,000
Gavin Smith336,000-29,000
Peter Eichhardt336,000-129,000
Daniel Harmetz335,000335,000
Marco Guibert334,000-16,000
Luis Abdalla333,000333,000
Fernando Pons329,000329,000
Charles Fellows329,000329,000
Alexandru Masek328,000328,000
Michael Rees328,000328,000
Robert Mcmillan327,000327,000
Ryan D'Angelo326,0000
Iverson Snuffer326,000-24,000
David Toneman325,00086,000
Ryan Franklin325,000325,000
Quoc Vu324,000-106,000
Anthony Marquez324,000-236,000
Kavin Shah324,000324,000
Anthony Ortega322,000322,000
Krysta Delima321,000-159,000
Meikat Siu321,000321,000
Frank Crivello320,000320,000
Brian Stengel320,000320,000
Damian Hodson319,000319,000
Mike McClain318,000318,000
Jacob Zalewski317,000317,000
Denis Timofeev316,000-182,000
Richard Lee316,000316,000
Stefan Vagner315,000315,000
Michael Botwin315,000315,000
Daniel Hallet315,000315,000
Peter Jetten314,00039,000
Clinton Cockburn314,000314,000
Matthew Giannetti313,000313,000
Victor Crisostomo313,000313,000
Endre Sagstuen313,000313,000
Matt Livingston313,000313,000
Sam Chartier312,00017,000
Ankush Mandavia312,000162,000
Sammy Lafleur311,000311,000
Michael Hahn310,000310,000
Sergio Castelluccio310,000-238,500
Krzysztof Stybaniewicz309,000-17,000
Valentino Konakchiev307,000-283,000
Brian Ksenak306,000306,000
Jake Larson304,000304,000
Tim Seidensticker303,000303,000
Matan Krakow302,0007,000
Gregory Roberts302,000150,000
Alex Barill302,000-6,000
Sascha Walter301,000-274,000
Richard Ramos300,500-124,500
Jun Obara300,000-100,000
Jason Daly300,000300,000
Dobromir Nikov298,000298,000
Albert Daher297,000-233,000
Fabio Sousa297,000297,000
Istvan Toro297,000297,000
Liam He296,000296,000
Michael Benvenuti294,00044,000
Thomas Kaplan293,000293,000
Paul Otto293,000293,000
Isaac Haxton293,0001,500
David Jackson292,000292,000
Nicolas Fountotos291,0000
Juan Cortes291,000291,000
Ashley Sleeth291,000-49,000
Vincent Liu291,000291,000
Eric Blair289,00047,000
Robert Slezak288,000143,000
Shannon Petluck287,0007,000
Joshua Tekesky287,000-324,000
Ronald Kremnitzer287,000287,000
Bryan Piccioli286,000106,000
Jerome Evans286,000-14,000
Lee Bercovici286,000286,000
Shaun Hegarty286,000286,000
Nicolas Cardyn286,000166,000
Christian Jeppsson286,000286,000
Sean Gibson285,000-21,500
Maximiliano Gallardo284,000284,000
Scott Hempel282,000282,000
Marcel Luske282,00042,000
A Peter Okin282,000282,000
Maxim Babko281,000281,000
Nicholas Immekus281,000281,000
Benjamin Koziol280,000280,000
Kiryl Radzivonau280,000280,000
Telemaco Genovesi280,000280,000
Yashveen Mudireddy278,000278,000
Clinton Keown278,000278,000
Savvas Ioannou278,000278,000
Grzegorz Wyraz278,000-22,000
Mike Vanier276,000276,000
Minh Ly276,000-345,600
Andre Akkari276,000-174,000
Christopher Canan276,000276,000
Wenlong Jin275,000-155,000
John Andress274,000274,000
Amitabh Mehra273,000273,000
Dean Baranowski272,0001,000
Joseph Cinquemani272,000272,000
Sergon Toma271,000271,000
Michael Gross271,000271,000
Thomas Campbell271,000271,000
Susie Zhao268,000-107,000
Chahn Jung268,000268,000
Khoi Ta268,000268,000
Yaxi Zhu268,000-202,000
Joao Monteiro268,000268,000
Randy Perkins267,000267,000
Robert Van Houghton Jr265,000265,000
Florian Lohnert265,000265,000
Raphael Wimmer265,000265,000
Philippe Bretan264,000-288,500
Zhuoyang Min263,000-162,000
Arne Coulier263,000-67,000
Ari Eiblum262,000262,000
Max Ovseyevitz261,000261,000
Ayaz Mahmood261,000151,000
Binh Hoang261,000261,000
Andrew Hills260,000-30,000
David Guay260,000140,000
Adam Thurman260,000260,000
Dawit Tsegai259,000259,000
Robert Boyko257,000257,000
Jeffrey Colpitts256,000256,000
Tanveer Dhanjal256,000256,000
Diego Gomezgonzalez256,000256,000
Ryan Otto255,000255,000
Robert Gianquitti255,000255,000
Raffi King255,000255,000
Joseph Weinberger253,00093,000
Jose Brito253,000253,000
Jeff Lisandro252,00092,000
Melanie Weisner252,00014,000
Jeffrey Miller251,000251,000
Timothy Cavallin251,000101,000
Martin Finger251,000-100,000
Julien Ehrhardt250,000250,000
Ronni Borg249,000249,000
David Eldridge249,000249,000
Sung Joo Hyun248,000248,000
Gleb Tremzin248,000248,000
Michael Hauptman248,000248,000
Zu Zhou246,000246,000
Demosthenes Kiriopoulos246,00021,000
Gal Erlichman245,000245,000
Peter Treglia245,000245,000
Lee Taylor245,000245,000
Byron Ziebell245,000245,000
Jordan Kaplan245,000-7,000
Dan Colpoys [Daniel Colpoys]245,000245,000
Nam Le243,000243,000
Max Pescatori242,000-23,000
David Coleman242,000242,000
James Weatherman242,000242,000
Anthony Diotte242,000242,000
Marius Johansen241,000241,000
Alex Smith241,000241,000
Luke Brereton239,000239,000
Robert Bogo239,000239,000
Patrick Nordgren238,000238,000
Harold Lilie238,00063,000
Vitaly Tevis237,000237,000
Gordon Campbell237,000237,000
Artur Koren237,00017,000
Randy Lew236,00021,000
Rory Brown236,000-84,000
Milad Jorshari236,000236,000
Mathew Moore235,000235,000
Barry Schmiess235,000235,000
James Salmon235,000235,000
Sergei Kislinskii234,000234,000
Matt Donaldson234,000234,000
Mark Darner234,000234,000
Scotty Nguyen232,0002,000
Christian Rudolph232,000232,000
Aaron Massey232,00032,000
Anderson Medeiros230,000230,000
LaDarren Banks230,000230,000
Tony Ruberto230,000230,000
Wesley Pantling230,000230,000
Jamie Shaevel230,000230,000
Michael Zulker229,000-268,000
Sudhir Setia229,000-351,000
Jeffrey Rothstein228,000228,000
Brant Taylor228,000228,000
Wissam Abraham227,000227,000
Alan Cutler227,000-185,000
Hugh Merlino227,000227,000
Larry Quang227,000227,000
Robert Dunn226,000-46,000
Bahar Musa226,000226,000
Tyler Martin226,000226,000
Nissim Gozlan225,000225,000
Alexander Debus225,000-65,000
Sadan Turker225,000225,000
Brian Tate224,000224,000
Delmiro Toledo224,000224,000
Joseph Beasy224,000224,000
Donald Dombach224,000224,000
Ping Lin223,000223,000
Alisson Piekazewicz223,000223,000
Anibal Santiago222,000222,000
John Esposito222,000-68,000
John Bonadies Ii222,00032,000
Christopher Neal221,000221,000
Joseph Curcio220,000101,000
Thomas Miller219,000219,000
Ronald Mack219,000219,000
Bernardo Da Silveira Dias219,000219,000
Alemu Makonen218,000-132,000
Simon Mattsson218,000218,000
Warren Maxwell217,000-18,000
Arash Ghaneian217,000-3,000
Bradley Hinson216,000216,000
Simon Lam216,000-109,000
Matthew Zarcadoolas215,000215,000
Michael Aron215,00049,000
Andrew Barber214,000-11,000
Faraz Jaka212,0002,000
Alan Snow212,000-173,000
Harrison Olverd212,000212,000
Taylor Black212,000212,000
Sean Rice212,0000
Joae Ferreira211,000211,000
Clinton Hubble211,000211,000
Anatoly Filatov210,000-130,000
Angie Gelinas210,0000
Joel Casper210,000156,800
Chip Jett210,000210,000
Raj Vohra209,000-91,000
Charlotte Godwin209,000-86,000
Joshua Tieman206,000-84,000
Scott Seiver206,0001,000
Christoph Haller205,000205,000
Fernando Brito205,000205,000
Cate Hall204,000-3,000
Timothy Mina203,000203,000
Justin Ouimette203,000203,000
Keanu Tabali202,000202,000
Oliver Wulf202,000202,000
Joshua Platz202,000-178,000
Koji Kinugasa200,000200,000
JJ Liu200,000-25,000
James Cavanaugh200,000200,000
Jeffrey Finkelstein200,000200,000
Larry Smalley200,000-95,000
Andrew Ostapchenko198,000198,000
Salim Admon198,000198,000
Aaron Mermelstein198,000-68,500
Jean-Philippe Piquette196,000-94,000
Jerry Giroir196,000-34,000
Mikhail Semin196,000-14,000
Juan Nieto195,000195,000
Mandeep Sah195,000195,000
Sergey Tikhonov195,000195,000
James Debreceni194,000194,000
Seyed Tabib193,00083,000
Joshua Marvin192,000192,000
Charles La Boissonniere192,000192,000
Thomas Ward (SCO)191,000191,000
David Chocheles188,000-12,000
Timothy Domboski187,000187,000
Alessandro Borsa187,000187,000
Brian Wood187,000187,000
Antal Mezei186,000186,000
Paul De Froment185,000185,000
Talesh Patel185,000185,000
Kevin Schulz185,000-145,000
Bartosz Stasiewicz185,000185,000
Jeffrey Leonard184,000184,000
Nicolau Villa Lobos184,000184,000
Laurence Grondin184,000-1,000
Brandon Shane183,000183,000
Jian Chen183,000183,000
Andre Barrett183,000183,000
Kai Yang183,000183,000
Duane Graff183,000183,000
Michael Rossitto182,0003,000
Alex Conklin182,000-23,000
Sam Stein181,000181,000
Sonke Jahn181,000-159,000
Tomas Kubaliak180,000180,000
Quang Tran180,000180,000
Bryan Ngo180,000180,000
Ty Reiman180,000180,000
Zheng Shen180,000180,000
Paul Pirrone180,000180,000
David Miscikowski179,000-106,000
Rifat Palevic179,000179,000
Alex Massman179,000179,000
Meyer Sandberg179,000179,000
Masaki Nakano178,000126,500
Justin Parker176,000176,000
Brian Haveson175,000175,000
Jesse Martin175,000-324,000
Michael Tureniec174,000-76,000
Yanki Koppel174,000174,000
Adam Monaghan173,000-37,000
Dieter Good173,000173,000
Wayne Connors172,000172,000
Haohao Lin171,000171,000
Shiguang Zeng171,000171,000
Mesbah Guerfi170,100170,100
Bradley Smith170,000-21,000
Casey Ring170,000170,000
Amir Kaikhah169,00014,000
Truong Nguyen169,000169,000
Kristian Wiermyhr168,000168,000
Anthony Bogard168,000168,000
Michal Lubas168,000168,000
Aliaksei Boika167,000-103,000
James Bomar167,000167,000
Riley Fuller166,000166,000
Stephen Buell166,000166,000
Maxwell Brown166,000166,000
Stoyan Obreshkov164,000164,000
Adrian Vargas164,000164,000
Nick Schulman163,000-44,000
Duff Charette163,000-112,000
Lovell Wilkerson163,000163,000
Flaminio Malaguti162,000162,000
Jing Wang160,000160,000
AJ Bertenshaw160,000160,000
Patrick Blye159,000159,000
Tommy Vu158,000158,000
Joel Kim158,000158,000
Curtis Heron158,000-19,000
Barny Boatman158,000-54,000
Mike Gorodinsky158,00013,000
Jarufe Farah157,000157,000
Michael Orgettas157,000157,000
Ihar Soika157,000157,000
Yiannis Liperis156,000156,000
Nick Guagenti156,000-21,000
Michael Goodman156,000156,000
David Powers155,000-123,500
Mark Gardner154,000154,000
Christopher Baud154,000-183,000
Hans Winzeler153,00066,500
Allen Kuo153,000153,000
Joseph Klas153,000153,000
Juan Villa153,000153,000
Andrew King152,000152,000
Romain Arki152,000152,000
Traian Bostan151,0000
Marcin Wydrowski151,000-29,000
Brad Albrinck151,000151,000
Gustavo Perdomo151,000151,000
Sai Wang150,000150,000
Christian Nilles150,000150,000
Lee Watkinson150,000-53,000
Marshall White150,000150,000
Karen Sarkisyan149,000149,000
Corey Burbick149,000149,000
Souichirou Koujiya149,000149,000
Craig Chait148,000-72,000
Charles Clark148,000148,000
Paul Sexton148,000-2,000
Thomas Mercier147,000147,000
Michael Graffeo146,000146,000
Mitchell Towner146,00026,000
Avdo Djokovic145,000145,000
Brian Harrell145,000145,000
Michael Thibeau144,000144,000
Mike Gao144,000-16,000
Javier Zarco144,000-14,000
Timothy Bishop144,000144,000
Tanaka Shinobu143,000143,000
Niko Koop143,000-87,000
Kurt Jewell142,000142,000
Thomas Bauer142,000142,000
Friedrich Meyer142,000142,000
Ian Sandler141,000141,000
Kris Hawkins141,000141,000
David Gutfreund141,000-126,000
Jonathan Weinbach141,000141,000
Rahul Byrraju141,000-326,900
Andrew Kelsall140,0004,000
Kazuma Tanaka140,000140,000
Guy Taylor139,000-139,000
Nikolaos Solomos139,000139,000
Emanuel Seal139,000139,000
Kevin Lorfing138,000138,000
Tomas Schlesinger138,000138,000
Joseph Migliore137,000137,000
Richard Wierzba137,000137,000
Ryan Leng136,0006,000
Karel Havelka135,000135,000
Vitaly Lunkin135,000135,000
Chris Convery135,000135,000
Andrey Zaichenko135,000-245,000
David Mock134,000-108,000
Arthur Scheiner133,000133,000
Arman Kilavuz133,000133,000
Steven Miller132,000132,000
Colin Moffatt131,000131,000
Mike Linster130,000-67,500
Waikiat Lee130,000130,000
Frederic Hwang129,000129,000
Freddy Caisson129,000129,000
Robert Zlatkiss129,000129,000
Jinghan Yan127,000127,000
Mark Schoenberg127,000127,000
John Grue127,000127,000
Andy Frankenberger127,000-43,000
Garry Gates127,0000
Knute Lentz127,000127,000
Shawn Wilson127,000127,000
Walter Rodriguez127,000-20,000
Kenneth Cleeton (IL)126,000-90,000
Chris Wiemers125,000125,000
Joseph Skinner124,000124,000
Edmund Mokrzycki124,000124,000
Timothy Nuter123,000-20,100
Sy Pham123,000123,000
Bernard Lee123,000-21,000
Aneris Adomkevicius123,000123,000
Tomas Soderstrom123,000-72,000
Bradley Golomb122,200122,200
David Olshan122,000122,000
Geremi Wicinski122,000122,000
Michael Pempin121,100121,100
Hung Le121,000-94,000
Paul Fehlig120,000120,000
Jonathan Gaviao120,000-6,500
Kenneth Ray120,000120,000
Ryan Arguello120,000120,000
N/A Turner120,000120,000
Jacob Stearley119,000119,000
Kory Kilpatrick119,000119,000
Brian Horwitz119,000119,000
Jeffrey Lennon118,000118,000
John Dobson118,000118,000
Michael Rangel118,000118,000
Maxim Semisoshenko118,000118,000
Robert Geith117,000117,000
Julie Cornelius117,000-29,000
Nick Abou Risk117,000-163,000
David Stewart116,000-34,000
Rafael Gonzalez116,0000
Gjorgji Chuchuk116,000116,000
Rodrigo Semeghini116,000116,000
Jose Galindo115,000115,000
Andrew Watson115,000-515,000
Jonathan Cohen (SD)114,000114,000
James Dempsey114,000114,000
Daniel Eichhorn114,000114,000
Jonathan Kyriakides114,00029,500
Jason James (ON)114,000114,000
Adam Levy113,000113,000
Jon Hoellein113,000113,000
Kenneth Daciolas113,000113,000
Eric Wasylenko113,00025,000
Hoflehner Helmut112,000112,000
Chi Zhang112,000112,000
Alexandra Janikova112,000-188,000
Joe Cada111,000-19,000
Paul Degiulio109,000109,000
Daniel Hindin108,000108,000
Michael Walsh108,000108,000
John Eckerd108,000108,000
Abdulrahim Amer107,000107,000
John Simon107,000107,000
Harrison Beach106,000106,000
Georgios Zisimopoulos106,0001,000
Steven Kelly105,000105,000
Jimmy Cappucci [James Cappucci]105,000105,000
Darryll Fish105,0005,000
Kevin Noblat104,000104,000
Chris Wooden104,000104,000
Mark Evangelista104,000104,000
Alan Percal104,000104,000
Ronan Monfort101,000101,000
Dutch Boyd101,000-86,000
Zhang Liping101,000101,000
Enio Bozzano100,000100,000
Carl Brewington100,000-102,000
Perry Friedman100,000-21,000
Mark Arum100,0000
Greg Ostrander100,0004,000
Jean Benoit99,00099,000
Jesse Vilchez98,00098,000
Amir Isaiah98,00098,000
Angelo Cusinato98,000-57,000
John Strzemp97,00097,000
Kevin Williams97,000-85,000
Robert Fulop97,00097,000
Chanracy Khun96,00096,000
Brandon Cashwell96,00096,000
Isidoro Diaz96,00096,000
Mark Amabile94,00094,000
Yuriy Boyko92,000-73,000
Wesley Cutshall92,00092,000
Reagan Silber92,00092,000
Thiago Nishijima92,00092,000
Brennan Benglis91,00091,000
Jesse Decker91,00091,000
Morten Mortensen91,000-49,000
Kathy Liebert90,000-10,000
Mark Weil90,00090,000
Hans Joaquim Hein90,00090,000
Kevin Tohivsky90,00090,000
Rory Rees-Brennan89,00089,000
Artem Zverkhovskyy89,00089,000
Zheng Yu89,00089,000
Mikhail Fabro89,00089,000
Cindy Kerslake88,0003,000
James Oconnor88,00088,000
Ismael Bojang87,000-41,000
John Mariano86,00086,000
Natasha Mercier86,000-29,000
David Berman86,000-254,000
Troy Hagen85,00085,000
Matthew Wakeman85,00085,000
Serge Chechin85,00085,000
Blaise Hom84,00084,000
Brent Thompson83,00083,000
Demetrios Arvanetes82,00082,000
Daniel Choi82,00082,000
Zachary Donovan82,00082,000
Andrew Magbual82,00082,000
Jake Toole81,00081,000
Rich Rice81,00081,000
Mike Schneider (MN)81,00081,000
Jeffery Dorr81,00081,000
Jules Dickerson81,00081,000
John Song80,10080,100
Cherish Andrews80,000-185,000
Hai Le80,00080,000
Richard Meza80,000-4,000
Jason Bigelow80,0000
Abraham Faroni79,00079,000
Nir Levy78,00078,000
Benjamin Ane77,000-43,000
Noah Bronstein77,000-33,000
Victor Choupeaux77,000-95,000
Ronald Gesmundo77,00077,000
Joshua Hillock75,00075,000
Kimberley Kilroy75,0000
Elio Fox74,00074,000
Daniel Blum74,00074,000
Marc Rivera74,00074,000
Sean Loring73,00073,000
Donald Blum73,00073,000
Daiva Byrne73,000-67,000
Christopher Vitch73,000-73,000
Jerry Burgess73,00073,000
Dren Ukella72,40072,400
Scott Stewart72,000-308,000
Mario Basler72,000-13,000
Ilkin Amirov72,000-68,000
Philip Yan72,00072,000
Konstantin Puchkov72,000-7,000
Daniel Ades71,00071,000
Manh Nguyen71,00071,000
James Hodges71,00071,000
Scott McKernan70,3000
Rami Mornel70,00070,000
James James70,00070,000
David Wilhoit68,00068,000
Deepinder Singh68,00068,000
Darin Feinstein67,000-93,000
Craig Mason67,00067,000
Joshua Greenberg67,00067,000
Morgan Machina67,00067,000
Candelaria Vaca67,00067,000
Daniel Ferszt66,00066,000
Richard Murnick66,00066,000
Ryan Martin66,00066,000
Zi Li65,800-689,200
Yong An65,00065,000
David Fuss65,00065,000
Pete Males65,00065,000
Richard Tinsley65,00065,000
Jost Beifuhs65,00065,000
David Kalet64,00064,000
Tex Barch64,0004,000
Jeremy Saderne64,00064,000
John Delrossi63,00063,000
Chaz Curtiss63,00063,000
Walter Fisher62,00062,000
Jarod Einsohn62,00062,000
Dean Potashner61,00011,000
Christian Iacobellis61,00061,000
Michael Arage60,00060,000
Travis Ormond60,000-16,000
James Sparacio60,00060,000
Luke Marsh60,00060,000
David Hipperson59,00059,000
Darrell Shock59,00059,000
Garrett Jones59,000-16,000
Michael Newman59,00059,000
Alexander Deutsch58,000-107,000
Edward Fritts58,00058,000
Douglas Hartwick58,00058,000
Robert Brown58,00058,000
William Dempsey58,00058,000
David Hatchett57,00057,000
Breandain Keating56,00056,000
DJ Buckley56,00056,000
Nick Divella56,000-31,000
Diego Sanchez56,000-319,000
Tony Cousineau55,000-26,500
John Bilello55,00055,000
Mario Lopez (CA)55,00055,000
Russ Head55,00055,000
Quang Ngo55,00055,000
Srinivasa Godavarthy55,00055,000
George Tomasevich54,00054,000
Taylor Paur54,000-216,000
Joseph Trezzo53,00053,000
Mario Vojvoda53,00053,000
Luca Stevanato52,30052,300
Robert Georato52,000-248,000
Phillip Hui52,000-158,000
John Hulett51,00051,000
Ori Hasson51,00051,000
Yulius Sepman51,00051,000
William Gibbons50,10050,100
Arthur Flangas50,000-115,000
Di Zhang50,000-290,000
Jason Ramos50,000-87,500
Ryan Breslin48,00048,000
Ben Palmer47,00047,000
Stuart Lieblein47,00047,000
Ronald Giles47,00047,000
Kyle Hartree45,000-230,000
Joseph Cappello45,0000
Tyler Ming45,00045,000
Mark Owens43,00043,000
Thai Ha42,00042,000
Richard Carlson41,00041,000
Mel Elpusan40,000-190,000
Jarred Graham39,00039,000
Jonathan Mohl39,00039,000
Ronald Surenkamp39,00039,000
Maximilian Schindler39,00039,000
Daniel DiPasquale38,00038,000
Aleksejs Ponakovs37,00037,000
Bryan Baird37,00037,000
William Brock37,00037,000
Jose Alastuetaisa36,00036,000
Alex Kamberis36,00036,000
Richard Monroe34,00034,000
Mitch Garshofsky34,00034,000
Joshua Palmer34,00034,000
Stephen Pavlickek34,00034,000
Matthew Silberzweig34,00034,000
John Dwyer32,20032,200
David Mowery32,00032,000
Rene Charland32,00032,000
Darin Utley32,000-28,000
Yorane Kerignard31,00031,000
Jason Kim (LA)30,00030,000
Raad Farida30,00030,000
Matthew Niner28,00028,000
Barry Greenstein28,000-57,000
David Fong27,00027,000
Benjamin Chalot25,00025,000
Jack King24,50024,500
Carlos Mortensen23,000-87,000
Zachery Schneider23,00023,000
Brandon West23,000-121,500
Ryan Phan23,00023,000
Chong Cheng21,90021,900
Dean Murphy19,00019,000
Thomas Brownlee19,00019,000
Paul Baksi18,00018,000
Ronald Sullivan18,00018,000
Rick Marting17,00017,000
Jameson Painter17,000-13,000
Todd Hansen13,00013,000
Jesse Rodriguez7,8007,800
Rudolph Dirubbo7,0007,000
Jeffrey Castilho2,0002,000
Michael Sanders1-199,999
Jody Evans11
Reed Hensel11
Ren Xingrong11
Friday, July 14, 2017 1:43 AM Local Time
Jeff Del Castilho AKA 2-Chipz

Jeff Del Castillo

Jeff Del Castilho managed to grind out the bubble to survive Day 3 and bag 2,000 in chips which equals just two antes.

When he was asked for his name he said the better story will be when he wins it.

Friday, July 14, 2017 1:32 AM Local Time
Quan Zhou Bubbles the 2017 WSOP Main Event, Gets $10,000 Seat for 2018 WSOP

Quan Zhou

Davidi Kitai, three-time bracelet winner and a regular on the European (High Roller) poker circuit, opened under the gun for 14,000 with blinds at 3,000 and 6,000. Quan Zhou, a Chinese high stakes regular who frequents the games in Europe as well, three-bet to 32,000 two spots down the table. Action folded back around to Kitai and he called.

The flop came     and Kitai carefully tapped the table to indicate a check. Zhou checked behind rather quickly.

The   hit the turn and Kitai bet 27,000. Without giving himself much time to think, Zhou raised to 70,000. Kitai called.

As the   completed the board, Kitai checked. Zhou shoved all in for 376,000 and Kitai instantly called, and showed his    for the rivered full house. Zhou tabled    for the failed bluff.

Both their hands were quickly turned over again by the dealer as there were more all ins to wait for. After three more all in and calls had been played out (in two the short stacks won, in the third the short stack lost), it was finally time for the moment to show the cards to the public. Tournament Director Jack Effel came over and asked the two players to reveal their hands. Kitai was first and showed his full house. Zhou casually threw open his failed bluff and waved to the crowd, while players began celebrating the fact they had just cashed.

Quan Zhou and Roger Campbell played a single hand to determine who finished in 1,086th and 1,085th, a hand won by Zhou. With that win, Zhou officially finished in 1,085th place, earning himself a ticket for the 2018 WSOP, worth $10,000.

Flip for a Seat
Quan Zhou and Roger Campbell play a single hand to determine who got the 2018 WSOP Main Event seat. Zhou won.
Friday, July 14, 2017 1:30 AM Local Time
Roger Campbell Busts on the Bubble, Last to Leave Empty-Handed

Roger Campbell

On the bubble two away from the money, Kenny Shih raised to 15,000 in early position and Roger Campbell called in the big blind. The flop came    , and Campbell bet out 15,000. Shih raised to 65,000 and then Campbell moved all in for 225,000. Shih called and Campbell was at risk.

Action was paused and the players kept their cards face down. There were four all-in and calls.

In the first two hands, the shorter stack doubled up, and it was time for Campbell's and Shih's hands to be revealed.

Campbell had    for the nut flush draw against Shih's    for a flush. Campbell needed a heart to stay alive in the tournament, but he didn't find it on the   turn or the   river.

Campbell finished in 1086th place with one more all-in and call yet to show down.

Roger Campbell0-165,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 1:24 AM Local Time
Four All Ins -- First Two Survive

There were four "all in and a call" situations at four separate tables in the first hand on the money bubble.

Hand 1

Dario Sammartino raised from late position and Tex Barch moved all in for 23,000 from the cutoff, which Sammartino called. Once all other tables were finished, it was the first showdown to go ahead.

Tex Barch:   
Dario Sammartino:   

The board ran out       and Barch doubled with a flush, triggering boo's on the tables nearby.

Hand 2

The flop showed     and Faraz Jaka had Jason Funke at risk of elimination. The cards were turned over and Funke in the big blind only had to fear running cards.

Jason Funke:   
Faraz Jaka:   

Funke locked up the double on the   turn, making the   river a formality.

Dario Sammartino362,00072,000
Jason Funke350,000350,000
Faraz Jaka210,000-220,000
Tex Barch60,00060,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 1:23 AM Local Time
Saout Shows Seiver the Bluff as Bubble Approaches

Antoine Saout

With the board reading         and more than 130,000 in the pot, Scott Seiver checked from the big blind and Antoine Saout bet 63,000 in early position.

Seiver went into the tank, and the tournament director announced that all dealers were to stand up after their current hand was complete so they could start hand-for-hand play. Seiver stayed in the tank for several minutes and then said, "This is so weird!"

He thought for a couple more minutes, and then he flicked his cards into the muck and pounded the table to tell Saout "Good hand."

Saout showed    for jack-high and Seiver nodded his head. Several seconds later, Seiver told Saout he was planning on calling the river before Saout bet.

Antoine Saout1,510,000447,000
Scott Seiver205,0008,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 1:16 AM Local Time
David Ormsby Backs Into it With Seven-Deuce

On a board reading      , with about 70,000 in the pot, the player in the big blind checked.

David Ormsby was in the hijack and bet 40,000. The big blind tanked for about three minutes and eventually called.

Ormsby tabled    for a straight to the jack and his opponent sat there with a stunned look on his face for a few seconds before mucking his cards.

David Ormsby1,200,000200,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 1:12 AM Local Time
Roman Voitovs Really, Really Doesn't Want to Bubble

According to the table, Roman Voitovs tanked for "ten minutes" as the money bubble was approaching. It wasn't that he didn't have a decision, it was that he didn't want to bubble with pocket aces.

He ended up getting all in and at risk on the flop against an open-ended straight draw. He held and was very relieved. Once the hand played out, the table agreed that it was understandable why he waited so long.

While he was scooping in the pot, the floor announced that hand-for-hand play has officially begun.

Romans Voitovs188,000188,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 1:06 AM Local Time
Ruijs Scoops Two Three-Bet Pots

Evandro Guimaraes raised to 12,000 and Joris Ruijs three-bet to 31,000 from two seats over, which Guimaraes called. The flop came     and Guimaraes checked, Ruijs bet and won the pot.

One hand later, Guimaraes made it 13,000 to go and Ruijs three-bet again, this time to 36,000. Guimaraes called and the duo checked the     flop and the   turn. There was no betting action on the   river either and Guimaraes flashed his cards, then mucked when Ruijs turned over his    for a pair of queens.

Evandro Guimaraes470,000470,000
Joris Ruijs380,000380,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 1:01 AM Local Time
Upcoming Hand-for-Hand

The field has been reduced to the last 1,086 players and the dealers have been instructed to finish their current hand. Once that is taken care of, the tournament will be played hand-for-hand on the money bubble with two spots away from a $15,000 min-cash and the end of Day 3.

Friday, July 14, 2017 1:00 AM Local Time
Laurence Grondin Finds Aces Near the Bubble...Twice!

According to the rail, Laurence Grondin was down to her last 50,000 with just 20 players to go before the money and picked up pocket aces to double up. Shortly after, she found them again!

Grondin got up to 210,000 at one point, and she now sits with 185,000 just a few spots from the money.

Laurence Grondin185,000-45,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 12:57 AM Local Time
Some Counts from Tan as Bubble Approaches
Greg Dyer1,208,000283,000
Ibrahim Nasief1,100,000-190,000
Andrew Yip1,015,000245,000
Matthew Moss890,000-55,000
Javier Garcirreynaldos720,000-35,000
Eoghan O'Dea700,000265,000
Max Silver607,00017,000
David Peters607,000244,000
Jared Palmer596,00046,000
Garrett Garvin585,00039,000
Matt Bond570,000195,000
Marcin Chmielewski570,00090,000
Niall Farrell525,00098,000
Travis Lutes420,000173,000
Martin Finger351,000-24,000
David Sands322,000-18,000
Connor Drinan306,000121,000
Tom Middleton305,000-11,000
Andrew Barber225,000-153,000
Cate Hall207,0001,000
Roger Campbell165,000-95,000
Ismael Bojang128,0008,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 12:56 AM Local Time
Retteinmaier Gives Up

From middle position, Marvin Rettenmaier opened to 15,000. The cutoff three-bet to 40,000 and Rettenmaier called. Rettenmaier check-called a continuation bet on     and check-called 80,000 on the   turn as well. The river   completed the board and Rettenmaier checked a third time. His opponent bet a hefty 270,000 and Rettenmaier let it go after some minutes in the tank.

Marvin Rettenmaier539,000-101,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 12:53 AM Local Time
Peter Jetten and Christoph Vogelsang Play a Pot Near the Bubble

The money bubble is looming, and while many people are taking their time to make decisions, some are still playing pots with the hopes of accumulating as many chips as possible.

The latter was true for Peter Jetten and Christoph Vogelsang in the small and big blinds, respectively. With about 110,000 in the pot already, on a board reading     , Jetten checked and Vogelsang took about a minute before betting 35,000. Jetten stared Vogelsang down for a short while before deciding to call.

The river was the   and Jetten checked again. Vogelsang tanked for another minute or so and decided to check back. Jetten tabled    for two pair, jacks and sixes. Vogelsang then showed    for two pair, aces and tens, and scooped up the pot.

Christoph Vogelsang540,000160,000
Peter Jetten275,000-130,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 12:50 AM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts from Brasilia
Sebastien Comel1,150,000400,000
Ben Lamb1,150,000200,000
Sofia Lovgren950,000-150,000
Alex Greenblatt900,000174,000
Ian Johns740,000306,000
Michael Ruane705,0005,000
Tony Gregg600,000100,000
Jake Bazeley510,00080,000
Randy Lew215,000-70,000
Javier Zarco158,000-297,000
Jameson Painter30,000-246,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 12:49 AM Local Time
Tom Cannuli Gets the Field Closer to the Money

Tom Cannuli

After Matthew Moss opened to 14,000 in early position, a player in middle position went all in for 77,000. It folded to 2015 November Niner Tom Cannuli on the button and he called. The blinds folded and so did Moss.

All-in player:   

The board ran out        . Cannuli held with the ladies, eliminating his opponent and collecting the pot as the bubble looms closer.

Tom Cannuli810,00025,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 12:45 AM Local Time
Boeree Takes from Craft and Patel

Mickey Craft opened to 17,000 from middle position and the button called before Neil Patel and Liv Boeree came along from the blinds.

The flop of     was checked through as the   landed on the turn and Patel led out for 27,000.

Boeree called, Craft called, and the button folded as the river landed the   and everyone checked.

Patel tabled his   , but it would be Boeree's    that would see her pushed the pot and move her stack up to 440,000.

Mickey Craft1,095,000-95,000
Neil Patel (IL)720,000-135,000
Liv Boeree440,000130,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 12:45 AM Local Time
Howard Puts Filatov to the Test

Catching up the action on the      turn with around 100,000 in the pot, Nicholas Howard bet 82,000 out of the small blind and Anatoly Filatov called in the cutoff. The   fell on the river and Howard bet 275,000, which almost covered the remaining stack of Filatov.

The Russian took two minutes, checking his stack carefully, before suddenly saying "looks like a big hand." Howard showed no reaction and half a minute later, Filatov's cards were sent into the muck.

Nicholas Howard830,000355,000
Anatoly Filatov340,000-95,000
Friday, July 14, 2017 12:42 AM Local Time
Jesus Maceira Gonzalez Eliminated by Domink Nitsche

(Pre-river details relayed to us by Jarod Einsohn)

Dominik Nitsche raised from the cutoff, Jesus Maceira Gonzalez three-bet from the button, and Nitsche called.

They checked to the turn of a      board where Nitsche bet. Gonzalez called, the   river fell, and Nitsche bet effectively 210,000. Gonzalez tanked for about three minutes before he called all in.

Nitsche tabled    for a king-high flush, Gonzalez was forced to reveal    for a pair of tens, and Nitsche scored the elimination.

Dominik Nitsche745,000450,000
Jesus Maceira Gonzalez00