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2014 WSOP National Championship

Thursday, May 22, 2014 to Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014 WSOP National Championship - No-Limit Hold'em

EVENT IN PROGRESS:Level: 25 | Blinds: 15,000/30,000 | Ante: 5,000
  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $1,260,000
  • Entries: 126
  • Remaining: 0


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Saturday, May 24, 2014 12:47 AM Local Time

With Ylon Schwartz's elimination in seventh place, Day 2 of the 2014 WSOP National Championship is in the books and the televised final table is set. Leading the way is one of the 26 players who bought into this event for $10,000. He is the only player in seven-figure territory and will begin play with 1,422,000. His next closest competitor is another $10,000 buy-in player, two-time bracelet winner Athanasios Polychronopoulos. There is a third POY qualifier in the line-up as well. Bracelet winner Dominik Nitsche takes 350,000 to the third and final day of play. He and Ashton also represent the only Europeans to have ever final tabled this event in its four-year history.

This trio of bracelet winners square off against a trio of qualifiers in on a freeroll with nothing to lose. online qualifier Tracy Doss turned a win in an online Knockout tournament in Nevada into a freeroll seat, then parlayed that into a trip to Atlantic City to play for a bracelet. The pizza shop owner comes to the final table third in chips with 546,000 in what will be his very first WSOP-related cash.

The two Circuit representatives are both at-large qualifiers who won their way into this event based on their season-long performance on the tour. Bibb cashed a remarkable 14 times this season, which is the third-most of any of the at-large qualifiers this season. Andrew Robinson, the short stack at the table, has actually cashed in this event before, taking 15th last year. This year, Robinson returned to the event thanks to a season that included two ring wins, one at Horseshoe Bossier City and one at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

The freerollers may be short on chips, but they do have history on their side. In the three years WSOP Player of the Year points qualifiers have been allowed to play in the event, they best they have finished is second place.

Will tomorrow be the day that all changes? Tune in at 12pm ET for all the updates live from the final table, which will be filmed on the Atlantic City Boardwalk for broadcast on ESPN later this year.

Here are the chip counts and seat assignments for the televised final table:

Seat 1: Athanasios Polychronopoulos - 937,000
Seat 2: Chris Bibb - 321,000
Seat 3: Tracy Doss - 546,000
Seat 4: Matthew Ashton - 1,422,000
Seat 5: Andrew Robinson - 157,000
Seat 6: Dominik Nitsche - 350,000

Saturday, May 24, 2014 12:32 AM Local Time


Ylon Schwartz moves all in for about 115,000 from middle position and action folds to qualifier Tracy Doss on the button. Doss moves all-in over-the-top for just over 400,000 and the blinds fold. Tracy tables    and is in great shape as Schwartz is left with   .

The board comes      , no help to Schwartz. Doss' rail jumps up in applause as the hand sends a more-than 500,000-chip pot his way meaning the online qualifier is assured a spot on tomorrow's ESPN final table.

Schwartz, the Biloxi Casino Champion and a member of the 2008 November Nine, earns $50,816 for his 7th-place finish.

Tracy Doss - 546,000 (46 BBs)
Ylon Schwartz - eliminated in 7th place for $50,816

Saturday, May 24, 2014 12:23 AM Local Time


Bracelet winner Matthew Ashton opens from late position for 24,000 and at-large qualifier Jeff Gunnip (pictured) moves all-in from the button for about 80,000. The blinds fold and action is back on Ashton. He calls.


The flop pairs Ashton's 10, falling     and leaves Gunnip needing one of two remaining twos to stay alive.

The turn is not it as it comes the   and the river   is a blank as well. Ashton's pair of 10s is good enough to win the pot and send Gunnip home in 8th place.

Matthew Ashton - 1,390,000 (115 BBs)
Jeff Gunnip - eliminated in 8th pace for $39,917

Saturday, May 24, 2014 12:11 AM Local Time
Level: 20
Blinds: 6,000/12,000
Ante: 2,000
Friday, May 23, 2014 11:55 PM Local Time


A short-stacked Dominik Nitsche shoves from the small blind and a shorter-stacked Sean Lippel (pictured) calls for the remainder of his stack from the big blind. Nitsche is well behind holding    against the    of Lippel who is the at-risk player.

The flop comes     giving Lippel a stranglehold on the hand. He heads to the turn needing to avoid a 2.

Unfortunately for him, the turn brings just that as it comes the  . Despite the untimely card, he's off to the river with flush, straight and pair outs.

The dealer comes up dry for him, laying the   on the river and at-large qualifier Lippel exits the tournament in 9th place for $31,865.

Dominik Nitsche - 410,000 (41 BBs)
Sean Lippel - eliminated in ninth place for $31,865

Friday, May 23, 2014 11:41 PM Local Time

Horseshoe Hammond Casino Champion Micheal Oshana (pictured) raises to 20,000 from middle position and WSOP POY qualifier Matthew Ashton makes it 48,000 to play from the button. Oshana calls and they go heads-up to a flop of    .

Oshana checks, then Ashton bets 36,000. Oshana thinks a bit before check-raising to 100,000 total. After some deliberation of his own, Ashton calls.

The turn brings the  . Oshana announces he is all-in. Ashton asks for a count and the dealer determines Oshana is all-in for 224,000. Ashton tanks for a couple of minutes before calling.

Oshana turns over    for a flopped set of fours. Ashton has    for an overpair of jacks with a heart draw.

The river brings the  , completing Ashton's flush and drawing gasps from the table and rail at Oshana's misfortune. Ashton rakes in the giant pot, vaulting him into seven-figure territory and the chip lead.

Matthew Ashton - 1,240,000 (124 BBs)
Micheal Oshana - eliminated in 10th place for $25,830

Friday, May 23, 2014 11:22 PM Local Time

Andrew Robinson opens for his last 117,000 and Sean Lippel moves all-in over-the-top behind him. The remaining players fold and it's time for show down.


The     flop is little help to Robinson, but his pair outs are still good.

The turn comes the   giving Lippel a set and improving Robinson to a flush draw.

The dealer lays the   on the river completing Robinson's flush and awarding him the pot worth more than 250,000.

Andrew Robinson - 255,000 (25 BBs)
Sean Lippel - 155,000 (15 BBs)

Friday, May 23, 2014 11:14 PM Local Time

Players are back from their latest 15-minute break and blinds are up to 5,000/10,000 ante 1,000. Here is a look at the latest chip counts:

Seat 1: Athanasios Polychronopoulos - 910,000 (91 BBs)
Seat 2: Chris Bibb - 275,000 (28 BBs)
Seat 3: Tracy Doss - 375,000 (38 BBs)
Seat 4: Matthew AShton - 843,000 (84 BBs)
Seat 5: Jeff Gunnip - 180,000 (18 BBs)
Seat 6: Andrew Robinson - 124,000 (12 BBs)
Seat 7: Dominik Nitsche - 272,000 (27 BBs)
Seat 8: Sean Lippel - 200,000 (20 BBs)
Seat 9: Ylon Schwartz - 129,000 (13 BBs)
Seat 10: Michael Oshana - 390,000 (39 BBs)

Friday, May 23, 2014 11:12 PM Local Time
Level: 19
Blinds: 5,000/10,000
Ante: 1,000
Friday, May 23, 2014 11:00 PM Local Time

Athanasios Polychronopoulos raises to 21,000 from middle position and online qualifier Tracy Doss is the only caller.

The flop comes     and Polychronopoulos bets 20,000. Doss calls and the turn brings the  . Polychronopoulos checks, Doss bets 30,000, and Polychronopoulos calls.

The river is the  . Polychronopoulos checks again, then Doss bets 50,000. After a long spell of thinking, Polychronopoulos calls.

"Straight," Doss says, showing   . The straight is good and Doss stacks up the pot before joining the other players on break.

Tracy Doss - 375,000 (47 BBs)
Athanasios Polychronopoulos - 910,000 (114 BBs)

Friday, May 23, 2014 10:44 PM Local Time

Matthew Ashton raises to 16,000 from the hijack, Dominik Nitsche calls on the button, and Michael Oshana defends the big blind.

The flop comes     and action checks to Nitsche, who bets 25,000. Oshana folds and Ashton calls.

The turn is the  . Ashton checks, Nitsche bets 55,000, and Ashton calls.

The river brings the   and Ashton checks a third time. Nitsche bets 125,000 and Ashton takes a long pause before calling.

"You win," Nitsche tells him immediately.

Ashton shows    for two pair, kings and nines, and takes the pot.

Matthew Ashton - 715,000 (89 BBs)
Dominik Nitsche - 290,000 (36 BBs)

Friday, May 23, 2014 10:41 PM Local Time

Dominik Nitsche raises to 18,000 from under the gun and at-large qualifier Chris Bibb reraises to 30,000 from the cutoff. Nitsche calls and the flop comes    . Nitsche checks, Bibb bets 35,000, and Nitsche calls.

The turn is another small card, prompting Nitsche to check again. Bibb announces he is all-in for around 130,000. Nitsche folds, flashing the  .

Bibb returns the favor, flashing the   before raking in the pot.

Chris Bibb - 260,000 (33 BBs)
Dominik Nitsche - 510,000 (64 BBs)

Friday, May 23, 2014 10:32 PM Local Time

Chip leader Athanasios Polychronopoulos opens for 20,000 and Matthew Ashton calls from the big blind. With that, the pair that's butt heads numerous times since dinner is off to see another flop.

The board comes     and both players check.

The turn brings the   and both players check again.

The dealer reveals the   and Ashton checks a third time. Polychronopoulos changes gears as he bets out 35,000. Ashton calmly stares his opponent down before he calls.

Polychronopouls shows    for a pair of aces and Ashton's cards head to the muck.

Anthanasios Polychronopoulos - 985,000 (123 BBs)
Matthew Ashton - 455,000 (57 BBs)

Friday, May 23, 2014 10:09 PM Local Time
Friday, May 23, 2014 10:07 PM Local Time

Seat 1: Athanasios Polychronopoulos - 895,000
Seat 2: Chris Bibb - 220,000
Seat 3: Tracy Doss - 465,000
Seat 4: Matthew Ashton - 555,000
Seat 5: Jeff Gunnip - 120,000
Seat 6: Andrew Robinson - 161,000
Seat 7: Dominik Nitsche - 515,000
Seat 8: Sean Lippel - 170,000
Seat 9: Ylon Schwartz - 165,000
Seat 10: Michael Oshana - 350,000

Friday, May 23, 2014 9:59 PM Local Time

Action folds to Matthew Ashton in the small blind and he raises to 20,000. Caesars Palace Las Vegas Main Event winner Christian Pham (pictured) is in the big blind and calls.

The flop comes     and Ashton bets 24,000. Pham raises it to 64,000 and Ashton announces he is all-in. Pham calls with    for a pair of queens, while Ashton shows pocket eights for a set of eights. The turn and river are no help to Pham and he is eliminated.

Play is now paused while the final ten players redraw for seats at the unofficial final table.

Matthew Ashton - 555,000 (70 BBs)
Christian Pham - eliminated in 11th place for $25,830

Friday, May 23, 2014 9:53 PM Local Time

Jeff Gunnip opens for 16,000 and action folds around to Bryan Campanello. He peeks at his hole cards before three-betting for his last 50,000. Gunnip quickly calls and shows   . Campanello is behind with the   and   as they head to the flop.

The flop comes     no help to either player.

The dealer reveals the   turn leaving Campanello drawing dead.

"Nice playing with you guys," he says as he gathers his things.

The river brings the   making his elimination official.

Campanello was one of the last additions to the elite field as he won the Main Event at Harrah's New Orleans to secure his spot just last week. The young pro impressively lays claim to three rings and a gold bracelet.

Jeff Gunnip - 212,000 (27 BBs)
Bryan Campanello - eliminated in 12th place for $25,380

Friday, May 23, 2014 9:49 PM Local Time
Level: 18
Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Ante: 1,000
Friday, May 23, 2014 9:46 PM Local Time

Two-time bracelet winner Scott Clements (pictured) raises from early position and Dominik Nitsche defends from the big blind.

The flop comes     and Nitsche checks. Clements bets 14,000 and Nitsche asks how much he has behind. Clements counts down his remaining chips, which amount to roughly 110,000. Nitsche announces he is all-in, having Clements well-covered. Clements quickly calls with    for the overpair.

Nitsche has    for a pair of nines.

The turn brings the   and Clements remains out front, but the river falls  , improving Nitsche to trip nines to give him the pot.

Dominik Nitsche - 630,000 (105 BBs)
Scott Clements - eliminated in 13th place for $21,269

After the hand, Darren Rabinowitz, who is watching from the rail, calls out, "Nice hand Dominik."

"Thank you," Nitsche responds with a smile. "You don't sound genuine, but I won!"

While Nitsche has been the big stack at the table fora while, he will have new competition to contend with, as Athanasios Polychronopoulos, the current chip leader, is moved to Clements' empty seat to balance the tables.

Friday, May 23, 2014 9:34 PM Local Time

IP Biloxi Casino Champion Ylon Schwartz raises to 15,000 from early position and Dominik Nitsche reraises to 40,000 on the button. At-large qualifier Chris Bibb is in the small blind and moves all-in for an additional 79,000. Schwartz tanks for a bit before folding. Nitsche gets a count before calling.

Nitsche turns over   , which is in rough shape up against Bibb's   .

The flop comes     and Schwartz curses, telling the table he folded pocket nines. The board runs out   then   and Bibb's aces hold to give him the pot and the double up.

Chris Bibb - 265,000 (46 BBs)
Dominik Nitsche - 405,000 (68 BBs)