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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, July 02, 2018 to Saturday, July 14, 2018

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $74,015,600
  • Entries: 7,874
  • Remaining: 0


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Friday, July 6, 2018 12:15 AM Local Time
Shawn Daniels Finishes On Top after Day 2ab in $10,000 MAIN EVENT - World Championship

Shawn Daniels

Another busy day inside the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino has come to an end with Day 2ab of Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship wrapping up just before midnight. A total of 2,460 players walked through the door at the beginning of the day but only 1,131 will be moving on to Day 3. Leading the way after today is Shawn Daniels who bagged up a whopping 532,500 chips.

Daniels came through flight 1a and spent his entire day in the Amazon Room. It was a late rally by Daniels that saw him move into the unofficial chip lead by a mere 1,500 chips. Daniels is looking to better his performance from the 2017 Main Event campaign that saw him finish in 72nd place for $101,444. That turned out to be the largest cash of his career, making up around a quarter of his total earnings.

Not far in the distance is Eric Liebeler (531,000) and Samuel Bernabeu (524,000) who finished in the top three chip counts. Michael Dyer (502,400) and Casey McCarrel (501,800) were the only other players to bag over half a million chips. Day 1b chip leader, Smain Mamouni, kept his momentum going steadily throughout the day, finishing with 481,500 chips.

The day got underway at 11am, July 5, with another five two-hour long levels on the schedule. The Day 1a and Day 1b survivors were split up into separate rooms with 659 players returning from Day 1a and 1,801 players from Day 1b. When all was said and done, the two fields were narrowed down to an unofficial total of 1,235 players who will play together starting on Day 3. They will be joined by those that make it through from Day 1c to make up the first day where the entire field is playing together.

The field was jam-packed with notable faces to begin the day, but some were sent to the rail early on. Two-time 'November Niner' Antoine Saout saw his Main Event run come to an end just one hour into the day. Former WSOP Main Event champions Joe Hachem and Ryan Riess were also eliminated during the day along with Erik Seidel, Tony Dunst, Gaelle Baumann, and Jeremy Ausmus.

One of the main attractions throughout the first couple of days was last year's fourth-place finisher, John Hesp. Along with his flashy outfits and unique play-style, Hesp was like a magnet to many fans hanging on to the rail nearest his table. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to repeat his magical run when his top pair ran into a set of aces from Jim Schweitzer. Hesp's tablemates and the rail gave him a round of applause as he stood up from the table. "[The reception] has been incredible," said Hesp. "Everything has just been so lovely and fun. I'm just so so grateful that these people are enjoying my style of play and everything else in that regard."

John Hesp, the fan favorite, was eliminated on Day 2ab
John Hesp, the fan favorite, was eliminated on Day 2ab

There were a lot of big names that had a solid second day and managed to run up healthy stacks through the five levels played including poker couple Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell. Foxen put 238,900 in the bag while Bicknell was just behind with 202,800, and they got there in different ways. Foxen built up one of the biggest stacks early in the day, while Bicknell rallied late making a hero call with just ace-high.

Both gave credit to their table draws throughout the day. "I picked up a few hands but for the most part, my table didn't really want to play back at me," Foxen said. "I had nearly 400,000 chips but then lost a flip with queens in the last level."

As for Bicknell, she also enjoyed her table but was forced to battle in the early going. "I went from fifteen thousand to two hundred thousand, so it was a pretty good day. I had to battle with around twenty to thirty big blinds for the first few levels and then made a good call with ace-high," said Bicknell.

When asked about heading to Day 3, both said they don't want to look too far ahead, but would rather just stay in the moment and deal with what they are given.

"I had a bad attitude after Day 1, but I realized twenty big blinds is a lot in this tournament so I'm just going to keep battling," Bicknell commented.

Kristen Bicknell fought a tough battle throughout the day
Kristen Bicknell fought a tough battle throughout the day

Some other well-known names to make it through to Day 3 with some hefty stacks include Brian Altman (476,500), Kelly Minkin (380,800), Christopher Kruk (370,500), Ben Yu (311,000), and Chris Hunichen (207,100). One name that doesn't come to mind for most people is Eric Hicks, who is making his own story through the first couple of days.

Hicks earned his seat into the 2018 WSOP Main event through a $200 Scramble on with guaranteed seats available. Part way through the tournament, Hicks could be found riding around the Rio on his scooter enjoying some drinks with his friends. All the while, holding the chip lead and playing on his tablet. Hicks was the early chip leader, being the first to cross the 500,000 mark but tailed off later in the day, winding up with 300,000.

There are four previous Main Event champions moving on to Day 3 thus far, looking to make history as repeat champions. Chris Ferguson (160,000), Johnny Chan (107,200), Scotty Nguyen (74,300), and Greg Merson (68,300) all punched their ticket to Day 3.

Everyone will be returning on Saturday, July 7 at 11am along with those that are fortunate enough on Day 2c which resumes on Friday, July 6, at 11am. The PokerNews live reporting team will be back with you tomorrow to wrap up all of the Day 2 coverage, so don't miss out on the action!

Thursday, July 5, 2018 11:15 PM Local Time
End-of-Day Counts

The full chip counts will be published when PokerNews receives them and a recap of today's action is to follow.

Shawn Daniels532,500222,500
Eric Liebeler531,00020,000
Samuel Bernabeu524,00059,000
Michael Dyer502,4002,400
Casey McCarrel501,80036,800
Brian Borne496,000-47,000
Frank Bonacci486,30034,300
David Cabrera483,80028,800
Smain Mamouni481,500-3,500
Mohamed Mokrani480,000220,000
James Little478,800359,400
Brian Altman476,500140,500
Arden Cho463,70033,700
Timothy Lau442,10014,100
Aram Zobian436,800296,800
Robert Markham430,800335,500
Ryan Van Sanford429,000-84,000
Joshua Mountain428,500-4,500
Ap Garza422,700251,700
Daniel Merrilees413,200-26,800
Brandon Bowyer409,5009,500
Roger Lussier409,300241,300
Kevin Malis408,100225,400
Alexander Haro405,300221,300
Kaylen Lebaron405,100317,800
Peter Nguyen401,900332,300
Stanislav Barshak400,900256,900
Mohammad Arani400,00040,000
Or Arusi396,90055,900
Marc Rivera395,900318,400
Justin Rice391,800-200
Yifu He383,600303,600
Russ Floyd381,900-5,100
Kelly Minkin380,8006,800
Jeffrey Griffiths375,300210,300
Andrew Yeh373,3002,300
Jefferson Glenny372,200265,300
Christopher Kruk370,50050,500
Federico Souza368,300267,600
Moundir Zoughari362,30097,300
Sean Ruane361,400311,600
Govert Metaal355,4000
Felix Merdinger355,000238,000
Liam O'Donoghue354,800158,600
Jeffrey Frye353,10078,100
Jeffrey Benhart352,700-22,400
David Shober351,600296,500
Paul Varano350,300145,900
Steven Fuhrman349,200295,500
Shigeho Yoshioka347,600181,900
Sergio Castelluccio345,300140,300
Richard Gryko344,900-5,100
Jeff Banghart344,900251,800
Christopher Merrill344,800159,800
Griffin Paul337,500195,400
Devon Shalmi336,000-23,000
Alex Smith334,400241,600
Bart Lybaert333,700-56,300
Micah Smith333,000268,000
Mark Zullo330,100183,300
Jerry Humphrey326,800159,500
John Vossoughi326,60061,600
Jason Gooch317,400237,800
Barry Hutter315,200254,200
Santiago Soriano314,200237,700
Thomas Lutz312,80092,800
Carl Brewington311,3000
Mark Dube311,000241,800
Ben Yu311,00041,000
Michael Schneider308,200188,800
Franklin Azevedo307,300225,100
Steven Snyder306,60014,600
Victor Chung306,500203,000
Michael Niwinski305,000253,600
Brian Green303,000223,400
adam rude301,7000
Eric Hicks300,000-68,000
Martin Carnero297,900178,300
Russell Holt297,800213,000
Dylan Nguyen297,300200,500
Lacey Jones295,800120,800
Baoqiang Ho295,7005,700
Thomas Hall294,100126,700
Edward Ho294,000187,200
Qing Liu292,900292,900
Gary Mccloskey292,700207,400
Nick DiVella292,600183,000
Aymon Hata292,000147,000
Corey Dodd292,000128,500
Mark Stockton291,600183,200
Paul Degiulio290,700140,200
Lexy Gavin290,00018,000
Jonathan Kramer289,600153,800
Victor Pedote Dos Santos289,500224,700
Christopher Park288,700117,100
Marc MacDonnell288,200-41,800
Victor Chu288,0000
Jakub Wojtas287,200161,900
Gary Hasson286,300157,500
Jason Lester285,800-54,200
Jason Strasser283,900146,900
Hans Joachim Hein280,400-19,600
Mark Fink279,500170,900
Darryll Fish278,800-51,200
Winson Yuen275,500152,600
Jen-Yue Chiang275,100173,700
Jefferson Morrill274,000219,100
Shi Chen273,800228,000
Adam Hsu273,700244,000
Gary Leibovitz272,900147,700
Paul Sexton270,900-9,000
Patrick Putek267,300198,900
Lucas Drolet267,200211,800
Bas De Laat266,900-15,100
Chris Klodnicki266,900-13,100
Jason Maeroff265,400-2,600
Benjamin Jones264,500111,800
Alexander Gross264,200144,900
Scott Hamilton-Hill264,100174,100
Alexandria Janikova263,300189,700
Alexandre Amiel263,000199,000
David Gonzalez262,600102,100
Alexis Fleur260,500500
Garett Dansereau259,000-27,500
Daniel Starkey258,800145,000
Bo Oh258,700122,000
Richard Ali257,600170,800
Philip Yeh257,600166,800
Melanie Weisner256,90062,400
Marvin Rettenmaier256,40016,400
DID NOT REPORT 3253,400207,200
Deon Chavon253,300196,900
Rifat Palevic252,00066,200
Henrik Hecklen251,00083,400
Vladimir Geshkenbein250,0005,000
Bret Maynard249,60074,600
Mike Gao249,600132,400
Carter Swidler249,000169,100
Ryan Snickles248,400117,700
Timothy Little248,300161,900
Alex Bolotin248,200193,200
Richard Turner248,00094,000
Mina Greco247,70087,700
Brad Albrinck247,500-2,500
Joep Raemaekers247,000156,500
Cash Carpenter245,700140,500
David Swift245,400-9,600
John Roh244,300208,100
Pablo Fernandez Campo243,90083,800
Barny Boatman243,500-61,500
Joseph Druetto243,200141,600
Michael Wang242,60048,100
David Chen242,20040,200
Lucio Procopio241,800172,900
Matthew Reimers241,40010,400
Darren Elias240,700-19,300
Juha Helppi240,20010,200
Brandon Malach239,900187,300
Ronnie Day239,800196,300
Jonathan Levy239,60052,800
Robert Hendricks239,400194,200
Huu Mai239,200188,800
Kelly Andrews238,400124,400
Tyler Rueger238,000-12,000
Clayton Fletcher237,00010,000
Chris Fraser236,900-63,100
John Doe235,900-19,100
Mustapha Kanit235,80040,800
Igor Merda235,20050,200
Alexander Villa234,70044,300
David Rounick234,700191,400
Scott Montgomery234,500164,500
Andrew Jernigan234,10051,100
Christopher Nicolo234,100124,100
John Anderson233,300108,000
Timothy Totten233,0000
Tony Doyon233,000141,000
Ryan Gianquitti232,000148,800
John Page231,800160,400
Adam Lippert230,800168,800
Larry Hirschfield230,700-39,300
Robert Hankins230,500169,200
Ken Einiger230,400-9,600
Ted Lawson230,000170,000
Pierre Neuville230,000160,000
Charles Carragher229,800-25,200
Anthony Ferrara229,500123,900
Aeragan Arunan229,000109,500
Novak Cvetinovic228,600194,900
Erwin Fonacier228,50082,400
George Watford227,700156,400
Jacob Rasmussen227,100151,100
Jesse Yoder227,000209,600
Tristan Fitch226,500125,300
Tomas Kubaliak226,100119,700
Daniel Chambers225,800117,700
Neal Mccollum225,1000
Wilfried Haselmayer224,800179,800
Michael Telker224,800138,700
Lars Gronning224,100183,700
Michael Cohen224,00080,000
Allen Cunningham223,50043,500
Erik Lemarquand223,500129,600
Michael "Jamie" Wolf223,30083,500
Noe Cantu223,200108,200
Allan Le221,00051,000
David Jean Augu Lehnen220,40079,800
Eric Rivkin220,300129,800
Ralph Massey220,000166,100
Matthew McEwan219,500107,400
Brian Yoon219,000-16,000
Shaun Deeb218,300178,300
Maged Botros217,600165,400
Michael Pearson217,50025,500
Kevin Boudreau216,40046,400
Daniel Colpoys216,2006,200
Robert Goldbaum216,000136,000
Will Failla215,000105,200
Josh Pollock214,90097,900
Joseph Young214,80051,400
Nicholas Treppiedi214,500121,400
Thomas Paul214,100177,500
Daniel Fuhs214,000109,000
Joshua Ormiston212,600128,700
Gal Yifrach211,900128,400
James Westenburg211,100169,100
Dennis Jeffrey211,000149,600
Jacob Daniels210,60059,400
Aaron Kweskin210,400140,600
Andres Jeckeln210,400100,000
Luis Vazquez210,3000
Avraham Azulay210,000148,100
Robert Williams209,7000
Shaun Suller209,30037,600
Jonathan McGowan209,00095,500
Donald Holmes208,900134,700
Jake Schindler208,90047,900
William Tonking208,70056,175
Robert Salaburu208,20080,200
Shawn Heckerman208,100156,000
Drew Dumanski207,900140,300
Chris Hunichen207,10067,100
Dong Le207,100168,700
Brian Sherrier207,000111,200
Charles Clark206,000102,000
James Dambrosio205,90033,700
Adam Lamphere205,900159,100
DID NOT REPORT 4205,700178,800
Arash Ghaneian205,6000
Meyer Sandberg205,200205,200
Wei Zhu205,20095,200
Dien Le205,10082,500
Alexander Ziskin204,900154,000
Linda Kenney Baden204,700154,200
Alessandro Borsa204,400131,600
Orson Young204,400100,400
Simon Thwaites204,200119,100
Loi Nguyen204,20091,200
DID NOT REPORT 2203,400163,700
Kristen Bicknell202,800-7,200
Jeremy Wien202,7001,700
Brandon Abbaspour202,400158,500
Ahmed Taleb202,200122,700
Jordan Young202,000122,400
Alan Percal201,900154,000
Luiz Duarte201,90081,600
Eric Kurtzman201,500106,500
Josef Ujlaky201,40080,800
Peter Jetten201,300-16,700
Kenneth Goldman201,100158,200
Dean Murphy201,000155,000
Rocco Palumbo200,900102,700
Juan Ramirez200,100102,000
Jared Bleznick199,5001,500
Rob Benford199,30081,800
James Schafer199,10096,700
Joe Wagner199,000128,900
David Powers198,700175,600
Steven Adams198,00097,800
Erwin Dewald197,500148,500
Kyle Julius197,200140,200
Scott Margereson197,00028,000
Arron Fletcher196,600128,000
Adrian Naya Lopez196,300-23,700
Fernando Karam196,00093,500
Frank Muir196,000-6,000
Kenneth Adams195,80089,400
Jeffery Hobrecker195,600-29,400
Richard Pyne (PA)195,600
Pierce Mckellar195,20065,000
Jordan Saccucci195,200130,400
Forouzan Sotoudeh194,900130,100
Max Altergott194,600-10,400
Daniel Dealmeida194,40013,400
Ian O'Hara194,10094,600
Brian Brubaker193,900-9,700
Mark Brazis193,90091,100
Kenneth Kenwood193,80051,200
Daniel Ott192,900152,100
Siddiqui Irfan192,40072,100
Jorden Fox192,000120,500
Christopher Leslie191,90080,700
Charles Nelson Robinson191,80086,400
Andrew Kim191,50099,300
Jeff Weiss191,10025,400
Cleadus Thompson191,100127,500
Anthony Hugenberg191,000133,000
Frederik Brink191,000149,100
Matthew Hopkins190,90085,800
Michael Stembera190,900145,300
Brandon Whitefield190,800113,300
Casey Diener190,200108,300
Peter Vitantonio190,000148,200
Michael Brunner189,30050,400
Jaime Vilela189,300138,300
Brian England189,000118,200
Jonathan Plens188,6000
Josh Arieh187,50095,200
Ronnie Ebanks187,300147,400
David McGowan187,2000
William Harder187,10087,100
Gavin O'Rourke187,000155,200
Oliver Price187,000147,000
Ognjen Sekularac186,900128,400
Dimitar Yosifov186,70059,700
Terry Presley186,50049,700
Vic Peppe185,300124,200
Abbas Heidari185,000137,000
John Hunt184,900123,000
Joshua Haupt184,500102,200
Nicolas Cardyn184,50079,000
Robert Matty183,80071,700
Jeff Littlefield183,700131,600
Daniel Stickel183,500106,100
Benjamin Ridino183,30071,000
Chris DeMaci183,300159,000
Joseph Melancon183,00083,000
Jeffrey Lennon182,200114,500
Adi Abugazal182,000101,600
Terrance Coutts181,800143,500
Johan De Graaff181,100108,200
Charles Mccaughey180,900135,800
Chanracy Khun180,300105,200
Marc Mills180,000151,400
Peter Mugar179,500124,600
Colin Mchugh179,30091,400
Hisham Salama179,000137,300
John Botticello178,90074,700
Robert Brown177,700117,700
Maxim Babko177,50032,200
Christopher Frank177,5002,500
Peter Kelly177,00061,200
James Jakary176,700108,100
Alexandro Tricarico176,60087,800
Tom Marchese176,60055,600
Fredrik Kaarem176,00026,000
William Reymond175,700-64,300
Jeffery Thomas175,600107,600
Matthew Ashton175,100-29,900
Chip Jett174,70014,700
Jordan Spurlin174,50010,000
Nicholas Rivas174,500118,200
Dan Wirgau174,40093,900
Oliver Rusing174,100114,500
Martin Verdegaal173,800-2,200
Bert Smith173,10026,300
Shane Douglas173,00033,500
Steven Gurney-Goldman172,500111,400
Luiz Renato Feres Messmar Car172,500103,500
Jason Koon171,60081,600
Brian Opyrchal171,30061,700
Brenda Clayton171,20096,200
David Vedral171,20038,500
Dermot Blain171,0004,000
John Gallagher170,900116,900
Marvin Rosen170,700117,100
Ricardo Nakamura170,60060,400
Blake Whittington170,600-19,400
Clayton Maguire170,10060,400
Darin Campo169,7000
Rodney Hurlbut169,400106,700
Jeffrey Saunders169,3000
Seth Kugler169,00013,000
David Gutierrez169,000169,000
Matt Berkey168,800-51,200
Andrew Lichtenberger167,90048,400
Elias Hourani167,30073,000
Dennis Martin167,30097,500
Quyen Phan167,300-47,700
Nathan Fair166,900114,400
Raymond Wu166,70086,800
Roberly Felicio166,600113,100
Bradley Berman166,500104,900
Richard Pachoca165,60064,300
Richard Thousand165,400108,900
Vinh Huynh165,400138,700
Tad Jurgens164,80033,500
Matthew Kassela164,300-20,700
Danny Lawson164,000105,600
Uriel Remi Levy163,60030,500
Ronald Mcginnity163,60096,100
Kao Saechao163,20084,000
Scott Ross163,00097,800
Patrick Lavecchia162,80056,000
Jesus Martinez162,6007,600
David Mock162,50045,800
Jonathan Tamayo162,40034,000
Michael Marder162,30018,800
Charles Hatley162,200-2,300
Ema Zajmovic162,000-33,000
Sammy Lafleur161,600-23,800
Adekunle Olonoh161,50022,000
Keiko Lim160,70052,100
Chad Wiedenhoeft160,30087,300
Ryan Rogers160,000119,800
Chris Ferguson160,00048,000
Artim Zhuta159,90074,400
Daniel Garcia159,70055,300
Erkut Yilmaz159,600102,800
Jamie Flynn159,300105,200
Ryan Hazzard159,100110,600
Will Jaffe159,00082,300
Tyler Cornell159,00052,000
Bryan Ngo158,800125,100
Andrew Liporace158,80026,600
Gerard Cassis158,60047,800
Joshua Zimmerman158,60047,500
Fatima Nanji158,500123,800
Tomas Szwarcberg157,70042,600
Christopher Ahrens157,50039,500
Steven Van Zadelhoff157,000-13,000
Hye Park156,900132,800
David Hengen156,500139,900
David Wilhoit156,50062,700
Alpheus Chan155,800-52,800
Trenton Hoisington155,800-113,200
Mathieu Rabalison155,30029,500
Maxx Coleman154,900103,900
Glenn Davidson154,500133,900
Patrick Blye154,00064,580
Gregory Back153,70014,700
Sakari Setala153,700101,800
Walter Treccarichi153,10066,600
Ricky Green152,70073,200
Robert Dunn152,60099,600
Jeremy Putthoff152,50085,300
Alberto Destrade152,10053,100
Matthew Higgins152,00073,000
Monte Phelps151,20058,900
Zachary Mcdiarmid150,700133,100
James Mackey150,50035,500
Chapman Grubb150,40063,300
Michael Comisso149,90034,800
Johnathan Dahlberg149,400-10,600
Cobi Cobian148,90097,400
Tony Hartmann148,80080,600
Christopher Coles148,80087,100
Charles Macdonald148,70071,800
Clifton Temm Ii148,40062,800
Anatoly Filatov148,300118,300
Thomas Tripp147,900107,900
Ruslan Dykshteyn147,80030,900
Quang Vu147,80020,400
Steve Cha147,60050,500
Park Yu Cheung147,50065,500
Truyen Nguyen147,500-204,500
Katie Stone147,4000
Kevin Patel147,300-40,200
Tara Snow147,10059,400
Nicholas Bowen146,80045,600
James Romano146,40037,900
Tonio Roder146,30045,900
Adam McCoskey146,10045,200
Ryan Franklin146,00024,000
Michael Haberman146,00043,400
Drazen Ilich145,900108,400
Richard Howe145,4002,100
Michael Shelton145,20087,200
Andrew Nguyen145,20079,700
Pim de Goede144,80088,500
Eric Garma144,700128,600
Idan Raviv144,60034,600
Bruce Russell144,500-55,500
Farhad Karimi144,50023,400
Cody Bell144,50044,000
David Farber144,50081,900
Ruth Ruffman144,50082,000
Rittie Chuaprasert144,4000
Julius Colman144,000103,800
Glenn Cozen143,80091,800
Emile Schiff143,70061,700
Oskar Prehm143,60088,200
Anthony Zinno143,400-13,800
Jans Arends143,40063,400
Nicolas Noguera143,300600
Chadwick Grimes143,30031,300
Matthew Emmel143,10074,500
Jeffrey Stein142,500103,500
Kevin MacPhee142,10017,100
Mircea Roseti141,90053,100
Michael Brady141,60076,900
Dustin Goff141,40076,500
Alex Visbisky141,300-16,100
Ari Eiblum140,80075,400
Ayman Qutami140,10067,400
Aylar Lie140,0000
Frank Crivello140,000-75,000
Andrew Prince139,700116,500
Michael Phillips139,60029,600
Michel Abecassis139,10027,300
Franck Eburderie139,00083,300
Patsy Altomari139,0000
Maria Konnikova139,000-1,000
Jay Rasik Modi138,500120,200
Daniel Hernandez138,500-26,500
Chad Eveslage138,00033,000
Tristan Bain137,3000
Michael Zelin137,20084,300
Ernest Bush137,200-14,400
Paul Michaelis137,100-22,900
Tweed Vorhees137,00066,600
Marc Daubach136,9002,200
Padraig Oneill136,80030,800
Hunter Cichy136,50059,700
Maximilian Droege136,20083,700
Frank Kassela135,8000
Milos Skrbic135,60053,000
Yvonne Mcquillan135,200102,800
Ricky Bronstein135,10024,800
Jeffrey Cullis135,10091,300
Scott Clark134,80042,500
Barry Faecher134,70056,600
Fraser MacIntyre134,700-30,300
Darin Utley134,50020,500
Shinya Shimada134,40061,600
Oleksandr Vaserfirer134,300105,200
Don Proebstel134,20081,000
John Gordon134,00064,000
Hector Dominguez-Depaz133,80070,900
Jodee Distasio133,600107,600
Brian Lamanna133,50076,100
Jackson Laskey133,200-51,800
David Gutfreund132,90056,000
Thomas Christgen132,90085,900
Eric Kepper132,80028,900
Carlos Hey132,60067,700
Jeffrey Tanouye132,500-36,500
Kristopher Rundquist132,20057,000
James Harnden132,100-40,800
Gary Kosakowski131,300-63,700
George Danzer131,10051,100
Jim McCrink131,00058,200
Michael Haddad131,00025,000
David Rozas130,60010,600
Daniel Monosson130,50025,500
Beau Wilshire130,50046,000
Raymond Henson129,700-34,700
Carlos Cordero129,40095,000
Keith Morgan129,300-8,700
DID NOT REPORT 6129,200129,199
Arkadi Onikoul129,20054,100
Ronald Kirsh129,20028,000
Paulo Goncalves129,10032,500
Brett Maistri128,70023,200
Rafael Augus Souza Perri128,50013,500
Austin Walton128,50097,300
Michael Rhodes128,20054,000
Jerad Klick128,10048,100
Robert Kuhn128,00037,000
Bradley Rhodes127,40069,600
Steffen Kylevik127,40080,800
Michel Pomaret127,30040,800
Zixiao Zhang127,300-11,100
Tobias Schwecht126,80018,500
Jacob Meeks126,40085,000
Kristopher Henry126,300-27,800
Ray Pulford126,30073,700
Dennis Kraus126,20064,400
Daniel Deveau126,10025,200
Gabe Paul126,1000
Rion Bruns126,10082,400
Tanner Rose125,80017,900
Luigi Knoppers125,300-34,700
Bobby Law124,80033,200
Tan Nguyen123,900900
Donald Blum123,90086,300
Fabian Gumz122,80070,800
James Russell122,600101,500
Hari Bercovici122,50084,300
Timothy Pirraglia122,40081,200
Rijad Hasani122,200-46,200
Dustin Taylor122,10035,100
Leonor Margets122,10044,800
Daniel Drislane121,90066,900
Jackie Glazier121,500-16,500
Chris Dombrowski121,40059,200
Per Hildebrand121,000-19,000
Ross Mallor120,60036,800
Nicholas Petitti120,40053,900
Justin Gardenhire120,4005,700
Paul Miller120,20056,800
Severin Schleser119,90041,800
Artem Metalidi119,700-40,000
Anthony Pinto119,70095,400
Jordan Siegel119,3000
Matthew Shafman119,30066,900
Abraham Passet119,10046,300
Julio Lins Neto119,1008,500
Brad Marzejka118,80064,400
Stephen Roselius118,500-59,500
Thomas Swensen118,40068,100
Zachary Hench118,20077,000
Chris Grigorian118,10010,100
Bryon Abel118,00061,200
Brandon Newsome118,00077,000
Phillip Pompper117,900-300
Robert Minion117,80034,600
David Carleton117,20063,600
Haoran Zhang117,10071,900
Stephen Hesse116,90026,700
DJ MacKinnon116,600-6,400
Gavin Cochrane116,600-48,400
Luke Martinelli116,30012,500
Raymond Leone116,20071,700
Derek Csanadi116,10089,900
Matthew Burrell115,70074,300
Chris Bjorin115,60017,600
RONNIE Hope115,50036,000
Charles Daniels115,20038,200
Adam Richardson115,000-31,100
Chris Miller114,900-19,200
Ro Park114,90020,100
Timothy Cramer114,5006,200
Adam Levy114,30019,600
Roman Valerstein114,000-9,000
Tomer Wolf113,50015,800
Kostantinos Segounis113,40073,200
David Fair113,20038,800
Jean-Pascal Savard113,100-19,100
Tri Tran113,00051,800
Gregory Perry112,60081,700
Scott Wright112,60068,400
Alexandru Baron112,60056,500
Pedro Waldburger112,00075,400
Sharman Olshan111,600111,600
Jaime Kaplan110,90061,000
Allen Saft110,90068,200
Cathy Schenone110,600-78,300
Shane Schleger110,60038,300
Bobby Lee110,30060,000
Steven To110,30042,300
Gregor Prizmicmartini110,00064,500
Brian Frasca110,000-68,300
Kristian Olsen109,90070,600
Kevin McGee109,80054,300
Gary Friedlander109,8000
Eli Elezra109,40034,700
Keith Carter109,00053,000
Samuel Ganzfried108,60022,200
Gianluca Speranza108,2009,500
Dan O'Brien107,50039,500
Johnny Chan107,200-62,800
Al Barbieri106,60020,600
Matthew Land106,600-15,600
William Murray106,50067,100
Larissa Bushman106,50061,800
Mark Aridgides106,20045,900
Kenneth Watson106,08096,580
Ryan Leng106,00036,000
Tom McEvoy106,00079,700
Felix Kuermayr106,000-28,600
Andy Frankenberger105,60058,100
Marius Pospiech105,400-9,600
Brian Pedroza105,300-49,300
Jonathan Gilliam105,30038,300
DID NOT REPORT 1105,200105,199
Lee Markholt105,100-129,900
Randy Pisane105,000-12,400
Jeffery Stocking104,00066,800
Nick Jivkov103,600-82,400
Julius Malzanini103,20023,200
Eli Berg102,8007,800
Dylan Hortin102,4000
Ben Greenberg102,30032,300
Richard Anthony102,30062,300
Cathal Shine102,00051,200
Ettore Ricci102,00083,900
Aaron Steury101,90010,700
Pedro Llanes101,8006,800
Rafael Telles101,600-7,600
Jessica Cullen101,100-18,000
Erik Borum101,10046,000
Mark Dietrich101,100-8,900
James Dorrance100,90053,700
Scott Mayfield100,70017,200
Craig Gonzales100,300100,300
Tony Mcglone100,30036,600
Kirby Laur100,000-66,000
Darren Rabinowitz99,40051,800
Javier Perez Estevez99,4004,800
Joseph Pombriant99,40045,700
Randy Kritzer99,20047,800
Christopher Macfarland99,0004,100
Matt Waxman98,9008,900
David Bach98,700-159,200
Ilan Brand98,600-28,200
Lev Milman98,40048,400
Jack King98,30053,500
Brayden Gazlay98,20024,800
Scott Davies98,100-66,900
Mohammad Siddiqui98,00031,700
Ahmed Abdella97,9001,700
Alberto Meran97,300-16,700
Knute Lentz97,20032,900
Toya McLeod97,2000
Luc Bellerive97,00035,100
Joe Brandenburg96,90039,300
Brian Gudim96,40036,000
Jonathan Panagrossi96,100-66,900
Rafal Michalowski95,800-34,900
William Edler95,70015,800
Neil Patel (IL)95,60037,300
Josep Galindo95,6008,200
Joao Vieira95,300300
Joey Spanne95,300-9,450
Stephen Torre95,30019,300
Nicholas Schuman95,10028,800
Simon Rudin95,0001,900
Gary Belyalovsky94,9009,600
Nicandro Filart94,6007,200
Dan Keston94,40055,200
Kevin Schaffel94,200-2,800
Danny Gonzales93,50048,500
Robert Woods93,50015,800
Robert Kokoska93,400-11,600
Richard Tatalovich93,000100
Jamil Wakil92,600-29,600
Jean Moussa92,40026,700
James Slattery92,400-26,600
David Leja92,00015,000
Marino Candido92,0009,000
Timothy McDermott92,00073,000
Tony Bracy91,40025,900
Arne Ruge91,20021,200
Jonmichael Gisler91,100-13,300
Jonathon Prested90,60024,800
Adam Friedman90,4002,400
Robert Barca90,40035,100
Alton Jones90,30014,900
Ajay Chabra90,300-700
Leo Worthingtonleese90,20024,100
Graeme Laronge90,20056,400
Rocco Gasparro90,100-41,600
Jason Barnett90,0000
Matthew Olin89,700-68,500
Andrew Brokos89,600-3,400
Anthony Thomas89,500-11,200
Shane Buchwald89,40012,000
Lucas Fridriksson89,400-6,800
Larry Smart89,100-25,900
Mike Ruter89,000-27,200
Kurt Lichtman88,90053,300
Kurt Haiss88,8003,800
Kunal Patel88,80042,400
Lena Evans88,100-61,900
Kavin Shah88,000-16,400
Brian Edmonds87,90032,200
Louis Salter87,40062,400
John Reading87,400-41,200
Peter Hernandez87,30043,200
Karen Sarkisyan87,200-43,200
Mark Burford87,100-20,600
Richard Harroch86,50037,800
Kristina Holst86,40012,800
Albert Barlow86,100-54,400
Lucas Priour85,6002,000
William Courtade84,50063,900
Benjamin Cheung84,300-1,200
Raymond Dandrea84,200-37,500
Vadim Rozin84,0006,800
James Tinney83,80037,500
Gavin Griffin83,70046,100
Antonio Esfandiari83,400-2,600
John Grue83,20030,300
Erwann Pecheux83,100-3,900
Temperance Hutter82,80016,000
David Bortolucci82,80040,700
Jonathan Roy82,700-53,900
Daniel Lascell82,0004,300
Matthew Mallady81,90040,500
Mantas Bagicuis81,800-35,200
Yossi Azulay81,60023,100
Keith Gustafson81,60069,200
Roland Deslippe81,50033,500
David Hong81,40039,200
Benjamin Dobson81,300-50,700
John Shin81,200-6,800
Dorian Godin81,000-24,000
Raymond Joll80,50034,400
Kyle Chang80,40050,300
Lior Segre80,3008,300
Jamie Collins80,200-21,900
Eloy Rios79,9002,700
Eric Berman79,80013,100
Paul Pires Trigo79,80064,900
Michael Haag79,300-49,100
Robert Laird79,200-12,000
David Ritter79,20050,800
Matt Giannetti79,200-26,800
Kai Yang79,00040,000
Renato Botelho78,90019,600
Alejandro Duque78,8009,900
William Colmer78,80022,800
Andy Phan78,60036,300
Adam Smith78,500-21,500
Stuart Gold78,3003,100
Jason Luna78,30020,500
Manuel Mutke78,00055,300
Tommy Rounds77,90032,500
Matthew Zarcadoolas77,800-13,600
Stanley Lee77,80064,600
Wesley Brockhoeft77,70031,000
Vyacheslav Ioffe77,700-12,000
Alexander Krisak77,40020,800
Jon Hoellein77,30044,500
Yiu Kwok77,300-20,700
Charles Hawkins77,200-2,500
Cory Gogerty76,800-15,100
Lisa Pickell76,60016,000
Dejuante Alexander76,000-64,000
Jake Schwartz75,80042,800
Neel Choksi75,80012,400
Andrej Nagy75,200-8,800
Jacob Davis75,200-4,900
Robert Ferdinand75,100-18,200
Tom Braband75,00062,200
Lily Kiletto75,000-8,000
Ki Lee74,8008,500
Loc Nguyen74,700-42,200
Alexander Wilson74,600-6,700
Michael Jensen74,5000
Colin Guthrie74,500-46,500
Matthew Ellis74,4007,300
Andrew Lee74,300-300
Scotty Nguyen74,300-65,700
Michael Hollenberg74,20014,500
Benjamin Diebold74,100-41,500
Derek Marmen73,900-19,900
Allan Barnes73,300-25,600
Serge Demers72,800-22,600
Robert Formella72,500-51,400
Joseph Dipascale72,300-64,700
Jonathan Wong71,9009,900
Dennis Powell71,900-4,800
Jeffrey Chang71,800-78,200
Donald Jones71,60045,700
Ronald Ramacci71,50017,600
Ray Romano71,400-8,600
Vincent Rubianes71,200-28,800
Kai Herold71,00050,000
William Cheng71,000-4,800
Eric Froehlich70,8000
Christopher Moses70,600-10,500
Robert Johnson69,9000
Shawn Sedaghat69,800-8,800
Brandon Hall69,700-78,700
Daniel Hameiri69,70018,300
Jan-Peter Jachtmann69,500-55,500
Fadi Najjar69,5004,500
Gene Raman69,4009,900
Michael Vela69,300-14,400
Jason Kolbe69,300-11,900
Jeff Shulman69,300-12,900
Aaron Moreaucook69,2002,400
James Hoeland68,90028,400
Dustin An68,800-40,600
Greg Merson68,300-46,700
Adam Grossack68,200-18,000
Sardor Shagulyamov68,00026,500
Benjamin Zamani68,000-42,000
James Cappucci67,800-26,400
Drew Chaplin67,600-41,600
Dan Martin67,500-49,700
Kevin McCullough67,40039,000
Jeffrey Mahoney67,300-27,700
Dharmesh Patel67,100-61,400
Thomas Hunt67,00020,600
Michael Reardon67,00017,000
Jon Cohen66,40066,400
Jesus Cantu66,300-10,300
Justas Vaiciulionis66,000-9,400
Todd Hansen66,000-3,800
Sebastian Langrock65,700-75,300
Alexander Dietrich65,600-13,800
Roman Kagan65,60021,400
Michael Lech65,400-10,100
Jasper Wetemans65,400-136,600
Michael Macey65,00010,400
Steven Federspiel65,000-68,200
John Sill64,900-8,500
Philip Ward64,800-92,200
William Simpson64,500-69,800
Jason Gigliotti64,50037,800
Phil Laak64,400-2,600
John Short64,100-85,300
Vincent Fazzolari63,900-101,100
Gavin Polone63,900-300
Albert Kim63,700-69,400
Kunuk Shin63,40063,400
Scott Sawyer63,400-56,600
Toshiyuki Watanabe63,10024,400
Ali Shojania63,00051,500
Sean Hegarty62,70036,300
Bo Henrysson62,50052,500
Timothy Marlette62,400-20,600
Michael Mizrachi62,400-100
Jason Colby61,600-20,500
Luke Donato61,50032,500
Dominick Giovanniello61,400-21,400
Charles Pacheco61,30011,300
Robert Ricciuti61,300-11,900
Jonathan Dokler61,000-21,500
Adi Rajkovic60,80014,900
Iman Shahbazy60,700-26,700
James E. Cavanaugh60,30047,400
Keith Gipson60,200-51,200
Benjamin Scholl60,100-85,000
Gina Bacon60,000-11,000
Donnacha O'Dea60,0004,500
Patrick Clarke60,0006,000
Norman Wayer59,900-2,800
Steven Buckner59,700-49,300
Loren Klein58,600-11,400
Jonathan Gerrick58,500-33,900
Jonathan Zarin58,200-61,800
William Spangler58,100-5,000
John Clancy58,100-41,900
Justin Kite58,000-47,400
Rhys Jones57,700-47,300
Brad Sailor57,5006,600
Michael Palermo57,4005,600
John Corr57,30021,000
Cary Katz57,300-68,700
Andrew Bender57,30018,800
John Miller57,10027,900
Christopher Graydon56,800100
William Klevitz56,6006,600
Michael Cloud56,50027,900
Richard Bassing56,40033,800
Michael Mino56,400-33,700
Matthew Buczkiewicz56,000-34,100
Richard Mask55,800-10,100
Russ Head55,80026,400
Philip Cooley55,600-2,900
Aaron Kaiser55,600-7,100
Chris Johnson55,4003,000
Sakura Sugawara55,300-54,700
Steven Pelsnik55,100-15,100
Paul Lackey55,000-11,200
Chris Marrone54,9007,400
Leonardo Emperador54,40011,400
Brett Rosen53,800-46,100
Ivan Starostin53,50032,400
Kevin Glenn53,50013,500
Timothy Burt53,30027,300
Juan Lopez53,000-117,000
Sean Getzwiller53,0002,000
Scott Ehlermann53,000-14,700
Nicholas Salimbene52,900-28,400
Matthew Wantman52,80030,200
Oscar Kemps52,400-73,900
Ray Burke52,300-13,000
Thomas Arria51,800-2,800
Danny Hannawa51,600-92,900
Donald Proctor51,600-48,900
Cory Cunningham51,600-13,400
Andrew Fegan51,50011,900
Nathan Zimnik51,300-33,000
Russell Rosenblum51,3004,600
Scott Strode51,100-7,400
Chengyuan Jiang50,9001,700
Aaron Pinson50,700-118,300
Hugh Thomas Cross50,7002,900
Jaroslaw Jaskiewicz50,500-14,000
Gabriel Abusada50,500-69,500
Rick Alvarado50,400-84,100
Jack McClelland50,300-25,500
Matthew Greenwald50,000-40,000
Ramiro Araujo50,000-12,500
Andy Bloch49,700-3,800
Lavar Fairfax-Byrd49,600-126,300
Russell Fox49,6000
Christopher Barrett49,500-4,200
James Rann49,5003,700
Christopher Laieta48,80048,800
Nicholas Newport48,800-56,800
Michael Zenone48,80010,900
Robert Levin48,400900
Charles Campos48,300-11,800
Pierre Deissler48,2009,700
Quang Tran48,000-22,000
Nghia Le47,600-22,500
Norberto Santamaria47,000-86,000
Zhuoyang Min46,600-13,800
Patrick Smith46,400-28,300
Mingzhe Zhang46,100-43,400
Scott Clements46,000-7,500
Marc-Andre Ladouceur45,700-74,300
Bradley Gordon45,500-17,100
Clinton Monfort45,500-10,400
Casey Glick45,500-3,900
Leonard Maue45,50018,800
Douglas Malmoe45,200-54,400
Warren Teal45,1007,800
Corentin Briglia44,900-34,300
Chuck Myers44,500-4,000
Philippe Narboni44,000-10,700
Johnnie Moreno43,900-70,600
Wadoua Xiong43,90016,600
Geffrey Klein43,8000
Aaron Hollier43,80012,100
James Schweitzer43,700-31,300
John Lyons43,700-8,600
Michael Gallo43,500-71,400
Kenneth Jacoby43,200200
Benjamin Chalot43,000-6,000
Jason Mercier42,900-52,100
Larry Miller42,800-34,100
DID NOT REPORT 542,800300
Martin Mathis42,600-4,100
Ahmar Wasim42,500700
Robert Macdonald41,900-23,600
Xilian Liu41,800-500
Frank Giner41,800-35,300
Steven Baysa41,500-63,900
Paul Cartwright41,40025,900
Veerachai Vongxaiburana40,600-43,800
Joshua Abady40,300-6,700
Kristen Deardorff40,100-67,900
Ran Niv40,000-6,000
Hoyt Corkins39,900-34,700
Rahul Jain39,800100
Daniel Wolf39,300-61,400
Miles Reinhard39,30014,900
Bradley Everhart39,100-41,900
Alex Foxen38,900-251,100
Enrique Leigue38,800-54,700
Dudley Miller38,800-15,600
Philip Nguyen38,200-19,000
David Wang38,000-11,100
Al Stonum36,500-20,100
Larry Loose36,500-67,600
Nathan Tuthill36,500-27,500
Yannik Hofmann36,100-69,700
Griffin Malatino35,900-13,700
John Hartmann35,700-10,000
Paul Tong35,500-11,500
William Draper35,200900
Gregory Rich35,100-2,800
James Kasputis35,000-88,500
Michael Urhausen34,800-32,900
George Hamati34,800-27,200
Mathew Moore34,500-4,500
David Helm34,000-39,200
Jared Hamby33,900-46,100
Jolyne Thompson33,900-4,400
Richard Casper33,700-22,800
Brian Andriamahefa33,20017,200
Cesar Garcia33,100-29,700
Amit Makhija32,900-38,000
Ahmad Jerjis32,200-21,300
Jared Reinstein32,100-27,700
Charles Urrutia32,000-31,400
Bobac Medalian31,800-800
Edward Ludwig31,500-18,400
Christopher Brammer31,300-11,700
Dustin Dirksen31,300-148,700
Randall Robinson31,2000
JC Tran31,000-13,000
Young Ryu30,900-22,100
Mark Wiser30,600-32,300
Mark Friese30,500-23,200
Josh Weiss30,500-21,300
Jim Isley30,100-7,400
Robert Gussoni29,700-113,300
Steve Rassi29,600-15,600
Tyron Krost29,500-46,300
Ky Nguyen29,000-47,600
Kevin Kung28,800-65,900
Steven Prentky28,700-32,800
Sami Shurbaji28,600-60,200
Fracois Tosques28,500-47,400
Walter Sch28,30028,300
David Smith28,300-48,200
David Melius27,900-69,500
Paolo Cusinato27,600-109,200
David Theodosopoulos27,400-13,600
Bryan Baird27,100-29,700
Cody Espeseth27,000-85,500
Jiandong Xu26,400-44,200
Benjamin Cox26,400-300
Hyung Kim25,700-47,600
William Jacobson25,200-21,400
Daniel Marino24,900300
Michael Gentili24,800-45,200
Michael Higbee24,20024,200
Kenneth Kavowras24,100-44,000
Bradley Heldenbrand23,000-26,800
Mark Becker21,700-51,900
Jacob Wilson21,500-83,500
Ryan Milisits21,200-19,100
David Allison21,000-61,500
Joel Tushnet20,600-11,100
Tyler Hancock20,500-64,500
Brian Barker20,400-42,200
Andrew Wilmot20,400-57,200
David Douglas20,200-52,100
Eric Li20,100-20,700
Louis Nyberg18,500-15,400
Paul Quiring18,400-31,200
Abdel Hamid17,900-1,500
Daniel Jordan17,700-6,800
Nicolas Dumont15,900-29,800
Isidro Sifuentes15,700-10,200
Raymond Moscoe15,200-48,300
Joshua Vanduyn14,800-67,500
Kevin Ward14,600-21,200
Ming Xi10,800-78,100
Richard Otts9,600-36,400
Danny Martinez6,700-57,900
Martin Poelzl1-105,399
Thursday, July 5, 2018 11:05 PM Local Time
Late Setback for Mizrachi

Over on the feature table, Neal Mccollum scored a late double with a flopped set of treys against the pocket jacks of Michael Mizrachi and the latter ended up with just over the starting stack.

In the second last hand of the night, Frank Kassela and Eric Froehlich ended up battling on a flop of    . Kassela's bet was raised to 23,700 and Kassela jammed to force a fold.

Neal Mccollum225,100105,400
Frank Kassela135,80058,800
Eric Froehlich70,80013,300
Michael Mizrachi62,500-186,500
Thursday, July 5, 2018 11:00 PM Local Time
Tuchman Suffers Late Exit on Day 2

David Tuchman

With about 40,000 in the pot and a board reading     , David Tuchman moved all in for 32,100 and Seth Kugler check-called.

David Tuchman:   
Seth Kugler:   

The   completed the board on the river and also completed a straight for Kugler sending Tuchman to the rail.

Seth Kugler156,000112,800
David Tuchman0-77,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:58 PM Local Time
Some More Miranda Chip Counts
David Cabrera455,0005,000
Justin Rice392,000299,700
Andrew Yeh371,000202,400
Richard Gryko350,0006,000
Steven Snyder292,00011,000
Bas De Laat282,000250,400
Alexis Fleur260,000193,000
Brad Albrinck250,00045,000
Jeremy Wien201,000-53,000
Blake Whittington190,00060,500
Alberto Destrade99,000-29,000
John Gordon70,000-81,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:58 PM Local Time
Gavin Folds Correctly

Lexy Gavin

With already well over 100,000 in the main pot and 80,000 in the side pot Lexy Gavin had a hard decision to make. She was facing a bet of 40,000 from Daniel Merrilees on an       board.

"I can't think of anything that I beat".

She was constantly talking to herself and every now and then she would say something to Merrilees. After a couple of minutes, she pronounced "fold" and opened up   .

Merrilees showed    and took down the pot while also busting another player 15 minutes before the end the day.

Daniel Merrilees440,000250,000
Lexy Gavin272,000-78,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:55 PM Local Time
Four More Hands for Day 2a/b

The clocks have been stopped with 10 minutes left on the level and four more hands will be played for tonight.

Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:52 PM Local Time
Big Stacks in Pavilion
Michael Dyer500,000115,000
Smain Mamouni485,000145,000
Samuel Bernabeu465,00010,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:50 PM Local Time
Phan Loses a Small One

Quyen Phan limped in and called the shove of a short stack from one seat over with the   . The player at risk showed    and instantly flopped a set on the board       to remain in contention.

One table over, next to Maria Konnikova, is Casey McCarrel, who appears to make a late run for the top spot with close to half a million in chips.

Casey McCarrel465,000240,000
Bart Lybaert390,000305,000
Juha Helppi230,000-2,000
Quyen Phan215,00035,000
Steven Van Zadelhoff170,00030,000
Maria Konnikova140,0004,000
Katie Stone135,000-10,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:44 PM Local Time
MacPhee Turns Up Broadway

Kevin MacPhee was in the cutoff, firing 15,800 into about 23,000 on the river of the       board. His opponent was sitting in the middle position, contemplating his decision. He eventually grabbed the calling chips and pushed them forward. MacPhee, however, had it as he opened    for a turned Broadway.

Kevin MacPhee125,00020,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:34 PM Local Time
Floyd Eliminates Gregorich Late in Day 2b

After a few preflop raises, Mark Gregorich and Russ Floyd got all of the chips in the middle preflop with Gregorich being the player at risk for around 52,000.

Russ Floyd:   
Mark Gregorich:   

It was a classic coin flip and Floyd held the lead after a     flop. However, the   on the turn gave Gregorich a pair of aces and it looked promising for a double up. The river brought the   and Floyd rivered a straight, sending Gregorich out the door in the last level of the night.

Russ Floyd387,000270,900
Mark Gregorich0-32,600
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:34 PM Local Time
Dealmeida Eliminates an Opponent

A player moved all in from the hijack for around ten big blinds. The cutoff called. Daniel Dealmeida re-raised from the big blind and the cutoff folded.

Daniel Dealmeida:   
All-in Player:   

The board ran out       and Dealmeida sent his opponent to the rail.

"The queen had to come to just twist the knife," one of his tablemates said as Dealmedia stacked his chips.

Daniel Dealmeida181,000161,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:31 PM Local Time
Bicknell Makes Great Call; Sends One Out

Kristen Bicknell

Kristen Bicknell opened to 3,500 from middle position. The player from one seat over called, along with the button, the small blind, and the big blind

A flop reading     was dealt. The blinds checked. Bicknell bet 6,500. The player from one seat over raised to 16,000. Action folded back to Bicknell who called.

The turn brought the   and Bicknell checked. Her opponent moved all in for 81,000. Bicknell went deep into the tank, staring at her opponent and counting her stack, before making the call. Bicknell showed    and her opponent tabled   . The   river completed the board and Bicknell took down the pot, sending her opponent to the rail.

Kristen Bicknell210,000125,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:30 PM Local Time
Top Stacks in the Amazon Room
Brian Borne543,000-15,000
Ryan Van Sanford513,000-2,000
Eric Liebeler511,000-12,000
Frank Bonacci452,000381,900
Timothy Lau428,000108,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:28 PM Local Time
Minkin Shows the Bluff

Kelly Minkin

There was already around 25,000 in the middle and the dealer fanned the flop of    . Only two players remained in the hand, the cutoff and Kelly Minkin on the button. The cutoff checked to Minkin who bet 10,000 and her opponent called.

The turn was the   and the action checked to Minkin who tossed in another 20,000. Her opponent called again and the   completed the board.

The cutoff checked one more time and Minkin pushed in a stack of T5,000 chips, enough to cover her opponent's stack of around 39,000. He went deep into the tank for around three minutes and eventually laid his hand down. Minkin whipped over the    for just ace-high as she dragged in the pot.

Kelly Minkin374,000104,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:26 PM Local Time
Honeyman Eliminated

Dylan Honeyman got his last chips in the middle with    and he needed to hit against the    of his opponent.

The dealer put down a       board and Honeyman knew after the turn that he couldn't win the hand anymore and he started packing up and said goodbye to the table.

Dylan Honeyman0-152,500
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:24 PM Local Time
Waxman Bigstack No More; Painter Busts to Cho

It appears that the vast majority of Matt Waxman's stack moved over one seat to Brandon Bowyer while Brian Borne added some more chips to cross half a million in chips and take the lead narrowly ahead of Ryan van Sanford. On the latter's table, Michael Weissmann three-bet shoved pocket eights into pocket kings and was eliminated in the last level of the night.

The same fate also awaited Jameson Painter. He raised and then faced a three-bet to 9,500 by Arden Cho on the button. Painter four-bet all in and Cho asked for a count. Once it was determined to be another 34,500 on top, Cho called.

Jameson Painter:   
Arden Cho:   

Painter was ahead but suddenly didn't want to see a ten appear anymore after the     flop. The   turn, nothing much changed, however, the cruel   on the river sent Painter to the rail.

Brian Borne558,000158,000
Ryan Van Sanford515,00015,000
Arden Cho430,000321,500
Brandon Bowyer400,000210,000
Matt Waxman90,000-190,000
Michael Weissmann0-91,000
Jameson Painter0-19,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:20 PM Local Time
Bernabeu Well Over 400k

Samuel Bernabeu has been hovering around 400,000 for most of the latter half of the day and he just chipped up further after taking down a pot with a bet on the river.

The board read       and his opponent checked. Bernabeu bet 8,000 and his opponent, with only 11,500 behind, eventually folded.

Samuel Bernabeu455,00045,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:18 PM Local Time
Fish Catches More Chips

Darryll Fish

The board read       and there was around 47,000 in the middle already. The player in the small blind had checked and Darryll Fish bet 25,500. Fish's opponent tanked but opted to fold in the end.

Darryll Fish330,00054,000
Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:16 PM Local Time
Dahlberg Doubles Through

Kory Kilpatrick has been eliminated some time ago and Johnathan Dahlberg took over his seat. Just now he ended up all in and at risk for 58,000 on a flop of     and Timothy Lau put him at risk with the   . Dahlberg was ahead with the    and the   turn and   river run out brought no upset.

Timothy Lau320,000-90,000
Johnathan Dahlberg160,00058,900
Kory Kilpatrick0-35,000