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2014 45th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Saturday, July 05, 2014 to Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $62,825,752
  • Entries: 6,683
  • Remaining: 0


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Tuesday, July 8, 2014 1:17 AM Local Time
Day 1c Brings Total Field Up to 6,683 Players; Tracy Leads But Ivey Close Behind

Phil Ivey

The third and final starting flight of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event was expected to be the biggest and best, and Day 1c did not disappoint. The Rio All-Suite Casino was jammed pack on Monday as 3,768 players (the largest WSOP Main Event starting field in history) took their shot at the $10 million guaranteed first-place prize.

Combined with Day 1a's 771 entries and 1b's 2,144, the total field for the 2014 WSOP Main Event swelled to 6,683 players, which was an increase of 331 from last year and the largest Main Event since 2011. That makes it the fifth largest Main Event in history with a total prize pool of $62,820,200 that will be distributed to the top 693 players.

After five two-hour levels of play, Eric Tracy and his stack of 206,175 finished as the biggest in the room, though Phil Ivey is hot on his heels with 187,025 after winning one of the last hands of the night. Others who flourished in the minefield of players were Ronnie Pease (181,850), Nick Yunis (171,100), Tom Sarra Jr (168,100), and Martin Hansen (167,250).

Day 1c was filled with action, but it was also littered with entertaining story lines and wild characters. Take for instance Pauly "Walnuts" Bianchi, who was in Chicago hours before the Main Event and gambled his way in thanks to three hands of blackjack. Of course there were plenty of sport stars in attendance including the NBA's Paul Pierce and Earl Barron; football star Gerard Pique; NFL defensive lineman Richard Seymour; and Australian cricketer Shane Warne, while Aaron Paul, also known as Jesse Pinkman on AMC's Breaking Bad, set the tournament floor abuzz as he was in purportedly in attendance to sweat a friend.

Entertainment aside, there was business to be had on Day 1c. One of the first to get down to it was Steve Billirakis, who was flushed out early. He may have been one of the first to go, but he was far from the last. Among the hordes that failed to survive were Sam Trickett, Kathy Liebert, Andre Akkari, David "Devilfish" Ulliott, Stephen Chidwick, Davidi Kitai, Andy Frankenberger, Tom Schneider, and last year's last woman standing Jackie Glazier.

Likewise, plenty of WSOP royalty saw their tournament cut short including former runner-ups Tuan Lam (2007), Ivan Demidov (2008), John Racener (2010), and Jesse Sylvia (2012) ; as well as former Main Event champs Greg Raymer (2004) and Jerry Yang (2007). Yang actually fell in the last level of the night when he got his short stack all in on a     flop holding    against Iaron Lightman, who had   . Neither the turn nor river delivered Yang salvation, and his 2014 WSOP came to a lackluster end.

While many fell, plenty of notables were able to advance to Day 2c including Daniel Negreanu (129,250), McLean Karr (121,075), Gus Hansen (90,550), Haralabos Voulgaris (73,700), Robert Varkonyi (60,900), Amir Lehavot (57,750), Paul Pierce (60,400), Earl Barron (59,000), Carlos Mortensen (55,125), Phil Hellmuth (49,425), Daniel Colman (49,225), Joe Hachem (48,175), David Tuchman (47,775), Jonathan Duhamel (41,375), Berry Johnston (28,850), Gerard Pique (23,325), and Scotty Nguyen (8,000).

All of those players will return at 12 p.m. local time on Wednesday, July 9 for five more levels of play. Before then though are both Day 2a and 2b, which will play out simultaneously at 12 p.m. local time on Tuesday, July 8. Of course the PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be on hand to bring you all the action from all the Day 2 flights as well as full coverage on the way to this year's November Nine.

We'll see you in less than 12 hours for more poker action, but in the meantime check out the latest edition of Ivey Stories where Pat and Mel Humphries talk about following Ivey from the beginning.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 1:06 AM Local Time
End-of-Day Chip Counts
Eric Tracy206,17576,175
Phil Ivey187,0250
Ronnie Pease181,8500
Nick Yunis171,1000
Thomas Sarra Jr168,100168,100
Martin Hansen167,250167,250
Jared Bleznick165,200165,200
Blair Hinkle161,65036,650
Konstantin Tolokno161,5500
Paul Richardson158,825158,825
Joseph Reddick158,500158,500
Carl Cloud157,500157,500
Josep Galindo156,650156,650
Justin Lunin-Pack154,9257,925
Justin Swilling149,2755,275
Anthony Maio147,150-350
Jonathan McCann147,12512,125
Jonas Wexler145,400-7,600
Peter Brooks144,825144,825
Peter Kaemmerlen143,950143,950
Artem Litvinov142,47564,475
Hieu Nguyen138,800138,800
Bill Wood138,175-7,825
Joshua Hillock136,275136,275
Horacio Chaves Cortes136,000136,000
Nicholas Pupillo134,25099,250
Ali Eslami132,80072,800
Robert Park132,775132,775
Garrett Garvin132,675132,675
Huynh Cao130,000130,000
Timur Margolin129,825129,825
Daniel Negreanu129,25047,250
Craig Rombough127,700127,700
Raj Vohra127,400-6,600
Jeremy Lanosga127,05016,050
Phillip Lowery127,050127,050
Pfizer Jordan127,000127,000
Tommy Hang125,000125,000
Kyle Johnson124,625124,625
Bassem El-Nabbout124,575124,575
Eric Ethans124,275124,275
Andrew Hulme123,800123,800
Steven A. Kelly122,875122,875
Steve Constantino122,150105,350
Mc Lean Karr121,075121,075
Yosef Hooshyar120,600120,600
David Jackson118,800118,800
Daniel Alaei117,2750
Oleg Badmayev116,750116,750
Eddie Ochana115,800115,800
Jake Cody115,5255,525
Jeffery Cox115,125115,125
Barry Hutter114,60084,600
Jamie Armstrong114,575114,575
Jeremy Brown113,700113,700
Jonathan Roy113,5000
Stephen Eisenmann113,200113,200
Raul Mestre112,425112,425
Samuel Bernabeu112,350112,350
Jason Helder112,325112,325
Bradley Tuck112,325112,325
Eric Vallee111,950111,950
Jason Weber111,350111,350
DID NOT REPORT 12110,600110,600
Mark Seif110,550110,550
Jesse Chinni110,00011,000
Jack Wu109,525109,525
Scott Palmer109,100109,100
Sean Prendiville109,000109,000
Jonathan Jaffe108,97537,975
Michael Arage108,7500
Carlos Colon108,275108,275
Oscar Kemps107,550107,550
Isaac Baron107,47573,675
Raymond Spencer107,450107,450
James Czarnecki107,425107,425
Michael Gogliormella107,225107,225
Josh Mammon107,2000
James Obst107,0003,000
Patrick Serda106,825106,825
Yun Fan106,325106,325
Vojtech Ruzicka106,200106,200
Charles Hook106,000106,000
Jeremy Joseph106,0000
Nikolai Sears105,500105,500
Ben Hamnett105,50075,500
Assani Fisher105,325105,325
Nicolas Fierro104,750104,750
Daren Stabinski104,625104,625
Amir Nawab104,550104,550
Scott Hall104,525104,525
Mike Kachan104,500104,500
Remi Castaignon104,425104,425
Kayci Hill104,350104,350
Linglin Zeng104,150104,150
Patrick Coughlin104,150104,150
Brandon Lee103,475103,475
Frank DeGeorge103,3500
Seth Berger103,00038,100
Pu Liu102,625102,625
Raymond Dandrea102,300102,300
Ron Lane101,875101,875
Daryl Hussey101,850101,850
Bradley Booth101,775101,775
Christophe Gross101,725101,725
Francis Foordbrown101,625101,625
Frank Werder101,500101,500
Christopher Macneil101,400101,400
Matt Matros101,27556,475
Ryan Sponaugle101,2250
Matthew Haugen100,700100,700
Stefan Vagner100,625100,625
Andres Jeckeln100,350100,350
Shawn Lawrence99,95099,950
Oliver Bosch99,92599,925
Victor Sbrissa99,80099,800
Jeremy Stein99,725-25,275
Omar Tabbara99,72599,725
Colin Moffatt99,57599,575
Catherine Griffin99,40099,400
William Garcia99,30099,300
Bradley Craig99,05099,050
Redmond Lee98,80024,400
Narunat Pansuntorn98,77598,775
Chad Eveslage98,65098,650
Robert Kairnes98,25098,250
John Hoppmann98,02598,025
Quentin Siffledeen97,90097,900
Elias Francis97,77597,775
Goran Mandic97,67571,675
Gregory Higginbotham97,62597,625
Mehrdad Yousefzadeh97,62597,625
Jaspal Brar97,52597,525
Darryl Ronconi97,5000
David Emmons97,50097,500
Gavin Griffin97,15097,150
Sergei Stazhkov97,05097,050
Jacob Naquin97,00097,000
Steven Kelly96,90096,900
Benton Blakeman96,82596,825
Christopher Sly96,70096,700
Morgan Popham96,70096,700
Kevin Knott96,55096,550
Meikat Siu96,45096,450
Jean-Nicolas Fortin96,35096,350
Derek Lerner96,325-13,675
Athanasios Polychronopoulos96,3003,300
Kyle Ho96,22596,225
Mark Bouchard95,82595,825
Martin Rowe95,7750
Yammine Bachir95,70095,700
Jeffrey Geiger95,17595,175
Timothy Burt95,12595,125
Michael Merichko95,07595,075
Joseph Elpayaa95,07595,075
Daniel Buzgon94,90094,900
Mark Lynch94,70094,700
Pat Walsh94,60012,600
George Leandrou94,30094,300
Fariborz Zojaji94,25094,250
Aaron Bichler94,00094,000
Jeremy Kottler93,52593,525
Louis George93,45093,450
Robert Ricciuti93,30093,300
Filipp Khavin92,97592,975
Badei Khoury92,80092,800
Matthew Sedgeman92,80092,800
Cody Cheek92,67592,675
Luke Chung92,30092,300
Rob Akery91,80091,800
Christian Iacobellis91,60091,600
Trevor Martin91,47546,475
Anders Osterstrom91,22591,225
Charles Earl91,17591,175
Jonas Entin91,07591,075
Wai Cheng90,95090,950
Sascha Walterx90,62590,625
Alexander Gambino90,60090,600
Dany Parlafes90,57590,575
Gus Hansen90,5508,550
Justin Filtz90,52590,525
Robert Boyko90,47590,475
Parker Talbot90,35090,350
Frank Katana90,20090,200
Parris Holmes90,10090,100
Jaime Kaplan90,10090,100
Anders Fjellstrom89,77589,775
Rob Ellerman89,5750
Bryan Devonshire89,55089,550
Charles Clark89,20089,200
Andreas Hoivold88,975-32,025
Maximilian Hornung88,87588,875
Dong Guo88,80088,800
Benjamin Statz88,75088,750
Ryan Yum88,72588,725
Dmitry Kuzmin88,67588,675
Evgeny Taranyuk88,57588,575
Maurice Hawkins88,500-13,500
Jerome Bradpiece88,50088,500
Tony Hartmann88,50088,500
Andrew Kloc88,37588,375
Cory Wood88,3500
David Barter88,3000
Mitch Schock88,1505,150
Michael Sharpe88,07588,075
Adrian Buckley87,7750
Steven Gorder87,67587,675
Matthew Cohen87,65087,650
Terrance Eischens87,55087,550
Jonathan Serrano87,40087,400
Spiro Mikrogianakis87,30087,300
Brian Roberts87,27587,275
Peterllese Francesco87,25087,250
Christos Papulis87,15087,150
Rasmus Larsen87,00087,000
Robert Coble86,10086,100
John Myung86,000-5,000
Alexander Kuzmin85,72531,725
Benjamin Klier85,67585,675
Steven Warburton85,55085,550
Lisa Parsons85,375-4,825
Christopher Kiefert85,10085,100
Steven Stolze85,00085,000
Haral Tsivicos85,00085,000
Edmund Chan84,72584,725
Kory Kilpatrick84,50084,500
Thayer Rasmussen84,40084,400
Brian Kelley84,0500
Robert Wisiak84,02584,025
Keith Lehr84,000-27,200
Ying Kit Chan84,00084,000
David Feldman83,90083,900
Julien Fauteux83,85083,850
Chad Awerbuch83,675-10,825
Samuel Taylor83,65083,650
John Shipley83,475-8,525
Rafael Moraes83,42583,425
Dan Alspach83,42583,425
Son Nguyen83,175-8,825
David Gordon83,17583,175
Robert Smith83,12583,125
Jianming Zeng83,12583,125
Ghattas Kortas83,10083,100
Eric Blair83,00083,000
Michael Baltazar82,95082,950
Clayton Hamm82,92520,925
Jack Miller82,92582,925
Jason Beasley82,90082,900
Haukur Bodvarsson82,90082,900
Julien Rouxel82,67582,675
George Pappas82,67582,675
Michael Shklover82,52582,525
Christopher Shaw82,47582,475
Fernando Diaz82,40082,400
Alexander Moiseev82,40082,400
Jerry Van Strydonck82,32582,325
Matthew Smith82,22582,225
Steven Bennett81,90081,900
Jing Wang81,90081,900
Gary Bolden81,85081,850
Joseph Salvaggi81,85081,850
Bryan Sumner81,75081,750
Joshua Mancuso81,67581,675
Ricky Stinson81,67581,675
Dwayne Moyers81,55081,550
Oliver Nilsson81,40081,400
Fabian Deimann81,30081,300
Zachary Hench81,00081,000
Brent Roberts81,00081,000
Jesse Rockowitz80,92580,925
Marc Tschirch80,90080,900
Christopher Tolone80,85080,850
Casey Hirschman80,80080,800
Bryan Shay80,80080,800
John Cynn80,67580,675
Andrey Zaichenko80,67525,675
Paul N80,57580,575
Michael Kyriakou80,52580,525
Kyriacos Dionysiou80,40080,400
Artin Ouzenian80,40080,400
Scott Einiger80,25050,250
Hilton Laborda80,20080,200
Greg Mueller80,12530,125
Gregory Genge80,02580,025
Giulio Astarita80,00080,000
Casey Coughlan80,00080,000
Brandon Shane80,00080,000
Pavel Pravdukhin79,95079,950
Daniel Letts79,92579,925
Cort Kibler-Melby79,90079,900
Ryan Siegal79,77579,775
Viktors Vorobjovs79,50079,500
Giovanni Rizzo79,45011,450
Jordan Lewis79,27579,275
Richard Rigney79,12579,125
Reza Doomun79,00079,000
Michael Mcgonigle78,95078,950
Brian Kay78,90078,900
Chase Fredensburg78,85078,850
Ka Kwan Lau78,80078,800
Phong Nguyen78,70078,700
Nicolas Fountotos78,575-1,425
Grayson Nichols78,50078,500
Bennett Ellenbogen78,4250
Kurt Uelk78,25078,250
Carlton Tartar78,25078,250
Blake Luther78,17578,175
William Davis78,15078,150
Kent Goulding78,05078,050
Matthew Hruska77,97577,975
Mengxi Liu77,85053,350
Timothy Cramer77,70077,700
James Bergen77,62577,625
Millard Hale77,60077,600
Thomas Vanden Berge77,50077,500
Lumni Zhuta77,37577,375
Christopher Digirolamo77,32577,325
Philip Yeh77,32577,325
Steven Miller77,27577,275
Icawat Diosdado77,10077,100
Scott Blackman77,00077,000
Jared Vengrin77,00077,000
Kunal Patel76,9500
Sebastian Mueller76,90076,900
Ashley Mason76,90046,900
Scott Sanemeterio76,80076,800
Peter Hong76,65076,650
Todd Smith76,60076,600
Henry Szmelcer76,47576,475
Chantal Mackenzie76,40076,400
Gary Friedman76,25076,250
Hugo Perez76,1250
Bernardo Dias76,10076,100
Brian Gibson75,87575,875
Annie Wang75,65075,650
Griffin Benger75,52510,525
Michael Smith75,52575,525
Matthew Leecy75,45031,450
Marcelo Bonanata75,27575,275
Eugene Fouksman75,27575,275
Timothy Odell75,15075,150
David Mowery75,05075,050
Jordan Morgan74,9754,975
Andrea Buonocore74,92574,925
Christopher Whitall74,82574,825
Paul Spitzberg74,80074,800
Uyen Phan74,80074,800
Jeffrey Loiacono74,72574,725
Perry Rouzes74,57574,575
Brian Lemke74,47520,475
Andre Hengchua74,45074,450
Gregoire Roitbourd74,30074,300
Keith Ferrera74,25024,250
Cary Marshall74,2500
Santiago Nadal74,15074,150
Zachary Zimbile74,05074,050
John Patgorski74,02574,025
Jerrimie Pacheco74,02574,025
Alan Keating74,00074,000
Jonas Kronwitter74,00074,000
Tom Marchese73,97521,975
Stacy Oliver73,95073,950
Francis Cipriano73,90073,900
Gualter Salles73,90073,900
Jeffery Esterling73,82573,825
Luis Velador73,80073,800
Michael Schwartz73,80073,800
Alexis Gilbard73,7750
Cecilia Foster73,70073,700
Haralabos Voulgaris73,700-1,300
Anthony Diotte73,62573,625
Jay Fung73,50073,500
Joseph Hanrahan73,45073,450
Yuan Shen73,40073,400
Laurence Wolf73,35019,350
Joey Weissman73,1753,175
James Forbes73,15073,150
Jean-Jacques Zeitoun73,00073,000
Owen Crowe73,0000
Andy Philachack73,00018,000
Todd Anderson72,90072,900
Benjamin Barrows72,87572,875
John Kelly72,77572,775
Roman Valerstein72,75072,750
Paul Bennett72,70072,700
Brian Niekerk72,70072,700
DID NOT REPORT 172,67527,025
Nicholas Cicarelli72,67572,675
Joseph Weinberger72,65072,650
Brian Benda72,4000
Cong Pham72,40072,400
Donald Cohn72,35072,350
William Frymer72,32572,325
Kojiro Mizukami72,30072,300
John Andress72,27572,275
Laurent Michot72,2258,225
Sunny Chattha72,00072,000
Gavin Polone72,00072,000
Gavin Orourke72,00072,000
Martin Hanowski71,97571,975
Matt Lefkowitz71,90071,900
Taha Maruf71,82571,825
Aaron Overton71,800-9,200
Peter Murphy71,77571,775
Brett Reinhart71,70071,700
Hans Joaquim Hein71,62571,625
Dominik Bosnjak71,57571,575
Jeff Cote71,55071,550
Anne Austin71,52571,525
Adam Levy71,52571,525
Michael Brockley71,37571,375
Klaus Pautrot71,37571,375
Dean Hutchison71,32571,325
Ernie Hou71,27571,275
Jack Salter71,2751,275
Joel Micka71,25071,250
Iaren Lightbourne71,20071,200
Alejandro Duque71,1500
Jens Kerper71,10071,100
Jeffrey Gunnip71,00071,000
Marcel Luske70,8256,825
Steven Dockswell70,82570,825
Tyler Witteman70,80070,800
Jerrick Gumila70,77570,775
Andrew Scott70,55070,550
Paul McMullin70,5001,400
Jeffrey Chang70,50070,500
Gabriel Paul70,47570,475
Jacob Bazeley70,47570,475
Michael Moed70,40070,400
Junwen Yap70,20070,200
Christopher Kusha70,07570,075
Nick Schulman70,02518,825
Ari Goott70,00070,000
Carla Sabini69,90069,900
Ryan Eriquezzo69,77539,775
Idan Raviv69,65069,650
Michael Aron69,50069,500
Anthony Swad69,50069,500
Gary Emberton69,50069,500
Kyung Cha69,50069,500
Chun Law69,37569,375
He Huang69,32569,325
Jose Manuel Nadal69,27569,275
Mark Kehrees69,17569,175
Niki Rositi69,00069,000
Samuel Golbuff68,97568,975
Tristan Wade68,95014,950
Kyle Bowker68,80038,800
Jordan Joeckel68,65068,650
Andy Phan68,62568,625
Kyle Frey68,525-16,475
Oren Katz68,50068,500
Clay Henry68,5000
Sakura Sugawara68,35068,350
Olaoluwa Okelola68,22568,225
Emi Nozato68,05068,050
Douglas Songer68,0000
Christopher Leveroni67,87567,875
Michael Eckstut67,67567,675
Troy Sprungl67,6000
William Daymon67,57567,575
Matthew Newcombe67,50067,500
Steven Lauson67,50067,500
Johann Robin67,35067,350
Jarod Ludemann67,30067,300
Robby Westrom67,10067,100
Brandon Schwartz66,95066,950
Joe Cada66,92566,925
Walter Fisher66,90066,900
Mauro Francolini66,87566,875
Salvatore Dicarlo66,87515,875
Nicholas Heather66,80066,800
Bruno Politano66,80066,800
Roy Carter66,75066,750
John Holley66,7259,750
Benjamin Perrine66,70066,700
Denis Noykin66,70066,700
Glenn Scheck66,65066,650
Bruno Portaro66,650-34,550
Jeffrey Rothney66,62566,625
Severin Schleser66,40066,400
John Notarianni66,35066,350
George Wolff66,25066,250
Joshua Tieman66,20066,200
Matt Waxman66,200-1,150
Matthew Mcewan66,05066,050
Henrik Hecklen66,0004,000
Christopher Rauscher65,97565,975
Anthony Bonventre65,7250
Roland Israelashvili65,7008,100
Alexandre Fracari65,65065,650
Jose Gomez65,57565,575
Daryl Roberts65,50065,500
Irvin Strauss65,47565,475
Stephen Buell65,42565,425
Richard Korbin65,40065,400
Fernando Perez65,37565,375
Frank Rusnak65,20065,200
Joshua Suyat64,97564,975
Vadzim Markushevski64,90064,900
Brian Bumpas64,85064,850
Nathanael Kogel64,57564,575
Dana Gill64,57564,575
Frankie Sicoli64,52564,525
Thomas Popov64,52564,525
Jordi Martinez Alfonso64,32564,325
Justin Goetzmann64,32564,325
Goswin Siemsen64,32564,325
Joseph Marchal64,30064,300
Ramin Hajiyev64,17564,175
Robert Williams64,15064,150
Warren Sheaves64,1250
Laurynas Levinskas64,07564,075
John Haigh64,02564,025
Stephen Lateano63,90063,900
Mark Stephens63,87563,875
James Osborne63,87563,875
Brian Kurrus63,85063,850
James Crow63,80063,800
Champie Douglas63,57563,575
Sean Small63,52563,525
Lai Shan Cheung63,40063,400
Paul Otto63,37563,375
Adam Richardson63,3000
Mark Gallagher63,27563,275
Daniel Furnival63,25063,250
Paul Klann63,15027,650
Jared Koppel63,12563,125
Justin Friedman63,10063,100
Steve Tripp63,07563,075
Antonio Martins62,97562,975
Erik Melissenmerodio62,90062,900
David Tran62,82562,825
Jason Deutsch62,80062,800
Theodoros Aidonopolos62,70062,700
Marc Moulton62,65062,650
Guy Smith62,57562,575
Cero Zuccarello62,50062,500
Michael Ferrell62,50062,500
Vincent Graff62,42562,425
Quang Tran62,37562,375
Daniel Hicks62,35062,350
Nitsan Perets62,32562,325
Justin Iovanne62,30062,300
Wenlin Wang62,30062,300
Joshua Gottesman62,30062,300
Jim Rumptz62,15062,150
Hicham Hilmi62,05062,050
Ovidiu Ene62,02562,025
Antonio Gutierrez61,97561,975
Adil Khan61,90061,900
Dennis Rubba61,77561,775
John Hennigan61,57527,975
Zach Jiganti61,55061,550
Nathan Gallagher61,52561,525
Yueqi Zhu61,45061,450
Theodore Driscoll61,30061,300
Max Heinzelmann61,30061,300
David Zeitlin61,22561,225
Paul Roy61,22561,225
Kevin Gammon61,15061,150
Beau Smith61,1500
Matt Salsberg61,000-2,000
Emmanuel Desmarais60,95060,950
Robert Varkonyi60,90027,300
James Campbell60,77560,775
Aaron Massey60,72515,325
Javier Etayo60,65060,650
David Leja60,62560,625
Brian Townsend60,60060,600
Gregory Fondacaro60,55060,550
Robert Demuch60,55060,550
Benjamin Earley60,55060,550
Anthony Zinno60,5509,550
Roberto Begni60,52560,525
Brian Brunner60,50060,500
Paul Pierce60,400-500
John Stolzmann60,25060,250
Fuat Altinkilic60,25060,250
Tony Hoang60,2000
Brendon O'Neal60,20060,200
Troy Sattler60,12560,125
Fredric Stockfield60,12560,125
Christian Morenomiralles60,07560,075
Nabil Abdulrahman60,05060,050
Apollo Wallace60,05060,050
Stephen Kats60,02560,025
Michael Botwin60,02560,025
Dillon Nicholas60,00060,000
Konstantinos Nanos59,97559,975
Paulo Figueiredo59,92559,925
Kou Vang59,8756,725
Keith Block59,85059,850
Clavet Mathieu59,80059,800
Tamas Lendvai59,77559,775
Bob Buckenmayer59,75030,150
Andrew Bekiri59,750-5,250
Vitaly Lunkin59,70035,400
Fred Bartlett59,67559,675
JJ Liu59,62511,425
Kim Ng59,60059,600
Robin Bergren59,50059,500
Matthew Mercurio59,4750
Jan Suchanek59,4250
Tom Thomas59,40059,400
DID NOT REPORT 359,37537,525
David Armstrong59,37559,375
Domingos Fernandes59,35059,350
Daniel Coelho59,22559,225
Jesse Wilke59,2000
Eugene Yanayt59,17559,175
Dustin Fox59,12529,125
Eric Wasserson59,07513,075
Eric Lisle59,05059,050
Earl Barron59,0000
Joe Godbout58,97558,975
Dietrich Fast58,9750
Paulo Bandeira58,90058,900
Severin Kock58,80058,800
Richard Alati58,77558,775
Hamid Rowshanaei58,62558,625
Brian Small58,50058,500
Jordan Zynda58,500-3,100
Bart Hanson58,400-600
Kevin Reece58,32558,325
John D'Agostino58,2751,275
Michael Snorden58,27558,275
Ralph Perry58,25058,250
Blaise Hom58,25058,250
Victor Podofedenko58,20058,200
Josh Brikis58,17512,675
Bridget Fredericks58,05058,050
Christopher Gaspard58,05058,050
David Levi58,00027,000
Ryan Smith58,00058,000
Dermot Blain58,0000
Joseph Chaplin58,00058,000
Michael Orgettas57,97557,975
Marc Macdonnell57,97557,975
Philip Consolo57,95057,950
Thomas Conway57,95057,950
Jesper Hougaard57,95057,950
Gregory Angel57,92557,925
Michael Ferguson57,92557,925
Joseph Russell57,80057,800
Jeremy Dresch57,80017,400
Joao Simao57,77557,775
Amir Lehavot57,750-2,250
Joseph Wertz57,65057,650
Paul Bianchi57,525-2,175
Lily Newhouse57,50057,500
Bryan Pimlott57,42557,425
Randall Brueckner57,20057,200
Paul Mikos57,07557,075
Dean Baranowski57,02557,025
Ryan Snickles57,0000
Adrian Belenqueralonso56,95056,950
Roger Fluckiger56,95056,950
Jang Won Lee56,82556,825
Benjamin Shove56,75056,750
Dmitrii Valouev56,72556,725
Alexander Elias56,65056,650
Shaun Suller56,65022,650
Brandon Wong56,625-11,375
Jorge Chibli56,57556,575
Vanessa Rousso56,55014,550
Carmelo Menechella56,52556,525
Richard Murnick56,50056,500
Nemer Haddad56,50056,500
Jeff Dumas56,475-10,625
William Chattaway56,45056,450
Byford Klebba56,45056,450
Ted Gillis56,37556,375
Erik Hellman56,37556,375
Takashi Ogura56,35056,350
Micah Johnson56,35056,350
Philip Couture56,35056,350
Erik Cajelais56,325325
Anthony Sanches56,30056,300
Joshua Levkov56,25056,250
Kelly Jones56,17556,175
Quan Do Nguyen56,10056,100
David Steicke56,0250
Brian Powell56,00056,000
Diarmid Kane56,00056,000
Quan Zhou55,97555,975
Thien Doan55,95055,950
Jeff Weiss55,90055,900
Bernardo Abramovich55,90055,900
Christopher Staats55,8259,825
Muhamet Perati55,80055,800
Camilo Posada55,80055,800
Derek Gregory55,72555,725
Binh Nguyen55,72555,725
Miranda Zeller55,675-8,325
Kevin Eyster55,650-31,350
Lucas Greenwood55,65055,650
Mike Arzoumanidis55,57555,575
Randy Lew55,55014,050
Ross Webb55,55055,550
Matthew Huey55,45055,450
Michael Minetti55,40055,400
Andrea Montrone55,32555,325
Florian Dohnert55,31555,315
Simon Deadman55,27555,275
Zachary Walker55,25055,250
Chase Steely55,20055,200
Christopher Andler55,20025,200
Andrew Dakoski55,17555,175
Andrew Foxall55,15055,150
Carlos Mortensen55,12513,425
Mark Hughes55,10055,100
Dat Nguyen55,10055,100
Benjamin Herman55,10055,100
Hannes Persson55,07555,075
Fraser Macintyre55,05055,050
Michael Benvenuti55,05024,050
Christopher Greaves55,02555,025
Rumen Nanev55,00055,000
Marcelo Ottonello54,77554,775
Antonio Lafosse54,72554,725
Bryan Leskowitz54,67530,000
Mark Epstein54,65054,650
jason tompkins54,6259,625
Thomas Denis54,47554,475
Hector Ramirez54,45054,450
Michael Reisner54,45054,450
Marcel Aleman54,2500
John Utley54,15054,150
Darin Thompson54,15054,150
Alex Santiago54,10054,100
Danielle Andersen54,05026,050
Vladislav Mezheritsky54,02554,025
Grant Frulling54,00054,000
Michael Hauptman54,00054,000
Jonathan Crut53,97553,975
Bahman Jahanguiri53,85053,850
Jolene Loper53,82553,825
Maksim Rozenfeld53,80053,800
Paul Dlugozima53,77553,775
Markus Gonsalves53,725450
Ignacio Sanchez53,67553,675
Jason Sell53,67553,675
Eric Tang53,67553,675
Robert Slezak53,67553,675
Matthew Smart53,60053,600
Bobby Pham53,35053,350
Jean-Pascal Savard53,32521,125
Steven Levy53,30053,300
Barry Greenstein53,300-1,700
Zachary Goodman53,22553,225
Francisco Fernandez53,17553,175
Harold Lilie53,12553,125
Joseph Vigurs53,10053,100
Aditya Agarwal53,05053,050
Bryan Micon53,0000
Scott Vener53,0000
Clayton Mozdzen53,00053,000
Chris Grigorian52,975-2,575
Eddie Gravalese52,95052,950
Michael Ziemba52,90052,900
Praveen Ponnaganti52,87552,875
Scott Leong52,80052,800
Fred Hovermann52,80052,800
Karl Pirkopf52,77552,775
Ivan Ermin52,75052,750
Dalton Mills52,75052,750
Robert Goldbaum52,75052,750
Shachar Regev52,70052,700
Edward Reinle52,70052,700
Jeffrey Chu52,65052,650
Jens Hesse52,62552,625
Todd Warren52,62552,625
David Benyamine52,525-10,225
Michael Hurey52,50052,500
Jan Collado52,47552,475
Maxim Fedorov52,45052,450
Mickey Appleman52,42517,425
Thomas Kim52,40052,400
Ross Tesser52,40052,400
Oliver Morgan52,37552,375
Xiang Pan52,30052,300
Liya Gerasimova52,30052,300
Mario Vojvoda52,25052,250
Sarah Tolagson52,25052,250
Patrick Truong52,20052,200
Stanislav Geftler52,20052,200
Leo Fernandez52,17552,175
Jasven Saigal52,17552,175
Vincent Procopio52,17552,175
Aaron Steury52,05025,050
Siuyuen Chow52,00052,000
Alex Dovzhenko51,95051,950
Gordon Eng51,95051,950
Matthew Weber51,87551,875
Ville Mattila51,8258,825
Steven Parkin51,75051,750
Joonyeol You51,75051,750
Mark Schudiery51,72551,725
Mark Ivan51,67551,675
Clayton Fletcher51,60051,600
Jason Cohen51,55026,975
Marla Schwartz51,55051,550
Amnon Filippi51,52514,525
Andros Ioakimides51,37551,375
Kearns Julien51,35051,350
Terrance Bott51,35051,350
Per Karlsson51,25051,250
Eracles Panayiotou51,20051,200
Pasi Sormunen51,20051,200
Wilson Lo51,2000
Spencer Hudson51,17551,175
Daniel Howe51,17551,175
Dorothy Von Sachsen51,15016,150
Marcos De Siqueira51,05051,050
Ronan Monfort51,02551,025
Nicholas Verkaik51,00051,000
David "ODB" Baker51,000-1,000
Tony Cousineau51,00016,000
Jenn Malensek51,00051,000
Dan Dyke50,9750
Juan Ramirez50,97550,975
Johannes Heldens50,92550,925
John Dolan50,850-21,650
Felix Trau50,80050,800
Bruno Kawauti50,80050,800
Domyo Aqmelli50,80050,800
Hector Rodriguez50,70050,700
Rupesh Pattni50,70050,700
Juan Serrano50,67550,675
George Phipps50,62550,625
Richard Godkin50,57550,575
Ben Landowski50,52550,525
Virgil Niculescu50,50050,500
Benjamin Juhasz50,50050,500
David Wells50,50050,500
Matthew Lapossie50,4755,975
Rodney Pryor50,47550,475
Michael Stracco50,47550,475
Stephan Kjerstad50,45050,450
Chris Mccormack50,40050,400
Wayne Nowak50,40050,400
Pavel Krapivin50,37550,375
Wang Lee50,30050,300
Patrick Chan50,20050,200
Troy Burkholder50,20050,200
Peter Feldman50,17550,175
Andrei Bondar50,17550,175
Tobias Hausen50,10050,100
James Bord50,00050,000
Arturo Diaz50,00050,000
Derek Burns50,00050,000
Yingui Li50,00050,000
Mazin Khoury49,9757,975
Dewey Tomko49,90049,900
Frank Williams49,7500
Ahmed Nimer49,67549,675
Anthony Augustino49,62549,625
Artim Zhuta49,62549,625
Kahle Burns49,60049,600
Fabian Scherle49,57549,575
Justin Ishbia49,50049,500
Ted Ely49,50049,500
Peter Neff49,47549,475
Senovio Ramirez49,47549,475
Timothy Mina49,45049,450
Alexander Wilson49,45049,450
Jerry Atkins49,42549,425
Phil Hellmuth49,425-6,575
Andrey Gulyy49,40049,400
Nilesh Choudhary49,32549,325
Chris Overgard49,30049,300
Howard Rubin49,30049,300
Daniel Colman49,2254,225
John Owen49,17549,175
Gavin Simms49,15049,150
Nick Hicks49,1253,650
Alexandre Rivero49,10049,100
Andrew Crookston49,075-53,925
Alexandre Lavigne49,05049,050
David Fuss49,05049,050
Deepak Bhatti49,00049,000
Johnnie Moreno49,00049,000
DID NOT REPORT 1949,00049,000
Alexander Yen48,97548,975
Drew Dumanski48,90048,900
Matthew Hankins48,87548,875
Chio Ern48,80048,800
Jason Wheeler48,6500
Eddy Sabat48,625-75
Thomas Sica48,62548,625
Timothy Pughsley48,57548,575
Walter Treccarichi48,57548,575
D Antuono Carmine48,55048,550
Joseph Lacarrubba48,55048,550
Charles Freeman48,55048,550
Alexander Hering48,50048,500
Mark Costello48,50048,500
Ray Milare48,47548,475
Gilbert Barrett48,42548,425
Patrick Sacrispeyre48,42548,425
Avinash Kataria48,35048,350
Bobby Byram48,3250
Jonathan Neckar48,30048,300
Jon Panozzo48,27548,275
Andrew Stern48,25048,250
Christopher Larson48,2500
Adrian Lopez48,20048,200
Joe Hachem48,175-19,825
Miguel Proulx48,15048,150
Charles Tom48,12548,125
Michel Halioua48,05048,050
Andrew Higgins48,05048,050
Daniel Rivera48,02548,025
John Grue48,02548,025
Avdo Djokovic48,00048,000
Chad Deberry48,00048,000
Brian Altman47,97547,975
Dutch Boyd47,975-14,025
Garrett Bradley47,95047,950
Christopher Klementis47,90047,900
Seyed Edalat47,85047,850
Scott Abrams47,82547,825
Nick Jivkov47,80047,800
David Tuchman47,77510,775
Brian Tsang47,75047,750
Nicholas Dipaolo47,72547,725
Theo Jorgensen47,72516,725
Emilio Dominguez47,70047,700
Jacob Panzeri47,65047,650
Jacob Ourada47,62547,625
Hien Tran47,60047,600
Brett Trevillian47,57547,575
Junhyung Kwon47,55047,550
Edmilson Oliveira47,55047,550
Jon Lactaoen47,5000
Jason Shadell47,47515,075
Eric Kitain47,45047,450
Richard Lowe47,45047,450
Ryan Spittles47,40047,400
Ivan Soshnikov47,375-7,625
Emilio Santaella47,3750
Kenneth Hicks47,32547,325
Temperance Hutter47,30047,300
Seth Dupre47,30047,300
Barry Wiedemann47,300-1,200
Christopher Ebbe47,300-3,200
Ryan Von Bevern47,25047,250
Sumit Bhattacharya47,25047,250
Clayton Maguire47,12547,125
Milfred Sageer47,12547,125
Andrew Vanblair47,10047,100
Pavlin Karakikov47,10010,300
Bruce Buffer47,07521,075
Musa Dr Med Dent Erdem47,02547,025
Pierre Deissler47,000200
Alfonso Amendola47,00047,000
Eric Hicks47,00047,000
Tyler Hancock46,975-11,025
Anthony Ghamrawi46,97546,975
David Yingling46,95046,950
Sal Bisulca46,90046,900
James Oliver46,850-1,150
Jason Strauss46,85046,850
Artem Metalidi46,85046,850
Thomas Hall46,82546,825
Hans Bosman46,75046,750
Matthew Shihadeh46,75046,750
Harvey Gluckman46,700-2,800
Ryan Lenaghan46,67546,675
Robert Emery46,65046,650
Hugo Lemaire46,65046,650
Alexander Wong46,60046,600
Bobby Law46,60046,600
Andrew Batkin46,57546,575
Kanzuki Ikeuchi46,57546,575
Billy Lowe46,47546,475
Michael Labarbera46,45046,450
Phillippe Ktorza46,40046,400
Jeff Tims46,3756,375
Bastian Fischer46,30046,300
Bob Bounahra46,275-725
DID NOT REPORT 746,25046,250
Ping Lin46,20046,200
Mark Cutrufello46,20046,200
Marijn Van Puffelen46,17546,175
John Bellingham46,15046,150
Vincent Palma46,15046,150
Jonathan Maren46,15046,150
Peter Everett46,10046,100
Demosthenes Kiriopoulos46,05046,050
Karle Wilson45,95045,950
Ariel Albilia45,85045,850
Samuel Blankenship45,82545,825
Robert Paape45,77545,775
Maxence Dupont45,75045,750
Jens Kyllonen45,725-1,275
Ankush Mandavia45,72520,050
Hung Sam45,65045,650
Salomon Sutton45,60045,600
Dean Blatt45,60045,600
Jonathan Bennett45,50045,500
Joshua Weizer45,50045,500
John Keith45,47545,475
Michael Graydon45,45045,450
Jeese Myers45,40045,400
Yuxin Zhang45,40045,400
Christopher Burr45,37545,375
William Tonking45,27545,275
Haroutioun Arabian45,27545,275
Marcus Sauer45,27545,275
Samrane Siharath45,25045,250
Joshua Chait45,20045,200
George Lampert45,2001,700
Dave D'Alesandro45,17545,175
Brian Murphy45,07545,075
Salvatore Salzano45,07545,075
Osagyefo Greene45,05045,050
Derek Chisholm45,02545,025
Eric Mizrachi44,9003,200
Leonard Kramer44,85044,850
Thomas Bauer44,85044,850
Vinny Pahuja44,85044,850
Adel Jo44,80044,800
Michael Geremia44,77544,775
Daniel Schunk44,75044,750
Robert Spano44,70044,700
Christopher Dewald44,70044,700
Christoph Haller44,70044,700
Christopher Vale44,65044,650
Aaron Painter44,60044,600
Tony Scherer44,57544,575
Andy Wong44,52544,525
Gregory Hayles44,50044,500
Robert Pound44,47544,475
Sergei Baburin44,45044,450
Roger Sinker44,42544,425
Ashor Ochana44,40044,400
Dan Heimiller44,4009,700
Antonio Luft44,37544,375
Randy Hanley44,37544,375
James Schwamman44,35044,350
Joshua Goldstein44,3500
Niall Farrell44,32544,325
Zachary Stratton44,27544,275
Joseph Clark44,22544,225
Thomas Resha44,20044,200
Martin Matranca44,15044,150
Bryan Schultz44,10044,100
Janusz Zajaczkowski44,05044,050
Michael Dwyer44,02544,025
Zane Palmer44,00044,000
Anh Van Nguyen44,00044,000
Aditya Sushant43,95043,950
Khoa Nguyen43,92543,925
Fam Yat43,85043,850
Minho Choe43,80043,800
Luat Le43,80043,800
Long Nguyen43,80043,800
Geoffrey Campion43,72543,725
Jake Abdalla43,70043,700
Gavin Smith43,7005,300
Danny Blair43,67543,675
Jason Su43,60043,600
Rory Rees Brennan43,55043,550
Alex Tran43,52543,525
Akash Malik43,50043,500
Marvin Lane43,45043,450
Chad Bradbury43,45043,450
David Stefanski43,42543,425
Michael Johnson43,37543,375
Benjamin Horgan43,35043,350
Dimitar Danchev43,350-13,650
Loren Rosenberg43,3250
Arthur Pro43,30011,300
Virgil Beddingfield43,30043,300
Mark Sandness43,20043,200
Leonardo Bueno43,20043,200
Randall Wagner43,17543,175
Jeffery Oh43,05043,050
Peter Costa43,05043,050
Vincent Ciarrocchi43,05043,050
Tim Hickling43,02543,025
Marco Della43,00043,000
Donnacha O'Dea43,00043,000
Daniel Alonso43,00043,000
Janeike Wilken43,00043,000
Patrick Martin42,97542,975
Douglas Cook42,95042,950
Gregoire Boissenot42,85042,850
Camillo Calabrese42,85042,850
Jason Klapman42,82542,825
Mike Beasley42,80042,800
Brian Lamanna42,7750
Sven Reichardt42,7500
Aleksandr Gofman42,65042,650
Douglas Adkins42,50042,500
Rafael Belloso42,45042,450
Scott Sitron42,45042,450
Julie Le42,45042,450
Dustin Bailey42,42542,425
Jason Kastner42,40042,400
Garrett McFarland42,37542,345
Joel Bullock42,30042,300
Brandon Merrill42,30042,300
Josh Kay42,30042,300
DID NOT REPORT 842,30042,300
Ariel Spivack42,27542,275
Vincent Lam42,25042,250
Marco Apicella42,20042,200
Gabriel Lo Valvo42,20042,200
Edward Mancini42,17542,175
David Funkhouser42,12542,125
Paul Peterson42,12542,125
Bobby Poe42,12542,125
Brian Haveson42,10042,100
Carla Paola Cecamore42,10042,100
Robert Fechser42,00042,000
Nikolaus Teichert41,97541,975
Aaron Duczak41,97541,975
Phillip Weast41,95041,950
Bruce Kramer41,95041,950
Ha Diep41,95041,950
Sergio Muniz41,92541,925
Justin Gavri41,925-7,975
Jeffrey Mahoney41,90041,900
Anthony Harb41,85041,850
Kevin May41,85041,850
Flavien Guenan41,82541,825
Alexander Aram41,77541,775
Elliot Smith41,77541,775
Nicholas Decktor-Korn41,77541,775
Jose Paz-Gutierrez41,75041,750
Mark Desomma41,72541,725
Megan Yalkut41,72541,725
Peter Gluzmanov41,70041,700
Ryan Buchardt41,62541,625
Julian Parmann41,57541,575
Michael Kane41,57541,575
Paul Ephremsen41,55041,550
Tuan Nguyen41,55041,550
Bela Toth41,52541,525
Jonathan Abla41,5005,100
Joe Sanders41,45041,450
Jonathan Duhamel41,37526,175
John Nixon41,35041,350
Lawrence Pileggi41,35041,350
Yair Marcus41,32541,325
Jamie Rosen41,32541,325
Martin Corpuz41,30041,300
Valentin Moroeanu41,30041,300
Ravinder Bedi41,27541,275
Jason Sackler41,20041,200
Alex Bylicki41,200-1,000
Giuseppe Zarbo41,20041,200
Stephen Hahn41,20041,200
Kevin West41,1750
Beverly Lange41,150-18,850
Rich Rice41,10041,100
Scott Hendrickson41,07541,075
Scott Davies41,0758,325
Thomas Giorgi41,02541,025
Tony Dam41,00041,000
Jeffrey Yarchever41,00041,000
Dathan Kuppin40,97540,975
Paul Niemela40,95040,950
Chrisopher Comely40,95040,950
Eros Nastasi40,95040,950
Dominick Dechiara40,92540,925
Clinton Keown40,90040,900
Fitzpatrick Coleman40,82540,825
James Mattingly40,80040,800
Martin Frederiksen40,77540,775
Aleksey Falko40,75040,750
Raul Murillo40,75040,750
Miltiadis Kyriakides40,70040,700
Milan Simko40,70040,700
Humberto Brenes40,6754,875
Zachary Hirst40,62540,625
Steven Murphy40,62540,625
Ken Kao40,57540,575
Jeffrey Miller40,57540,575
Hamid Nourafchan40,57540,575
Scott Wright40,55040,550
Todd Barlow40,55040,550
Wladimir Stepanian40,42540,425
Michael Chow40,400-36,225
Brad Sailor40,35040,350
Anthony Rinozzi40,35040,350
James Depietro40,32540,325
Byron Kaverman40,300-12,700
Julius Malzanini40,3000
Trevor Deeter40,20040,200
William Galler40,20040,200
Zachary Hall40,17540,175
Hani Mio40,15040,150
Ryan Moriarty40,15040,150
Jordan Batt40,1500
Charles Caris40,15040,150
Michael Mcgraw40,15040,150
Tamara Tibbles40,12540,125
Michael Passy40,12540,125
Glynn Beebe40,10040,100
Javed Abrahams40,10040,100
Ben Roberts40,07540,075
John Juanda40,0503,050
Daniel Idema40,0002,000
Bradley Wechsler39,95039,950
Kyle Sauers39,95039,950
Nicolas Chouity39,90039,900
Brian Wilson39,90039,900
Jacob Stearley39,87539,875
Justin Truesdell39,85039,850
Paul Matteo39,82539,825
James Waldron39,75039,750
Stephen Suarez39,75039,750
Timothy Adams39,75039,750
Todd Wright39,70039,700
Camilla Reventlow39,67539,675
Taylor von Kriegenbergh39,6751,675
Gregory Reynolds39,62539,625
John Courtney39,60039,600
Igor Dubinskyy39,55039,550
Carlos Caputo39,55039,550
Ryan Olisar39,55039,550
Sean Loring39,55039,550
Anton Morgenstern39,52539,525
Tai Cao39,50039,500
DID NOT REPORT 1439,50039,500
Michael Tabriz39,50039,500
Ajay Gnanasambanthan39,4754,475
Raouf Malek39,37539,375
Matt Marafioti39,375-2,825
Rudy Blondeau39,37539,375
Frank Sinopoli39,37539,375
Felix Stephensen39,35039,350
Emmanuel Pariset39,30039,300
Aaron Bieck39,30039,300
Henry Mlekoday39,30039,300
Nima Salehizadeh39,20039,200
Paul Baksi39,20039,200
Emad Mikhail39,20039,200
Jason Vanstrom39,20039,200
Mark Davidoff39,20039,200
Kris Pereira39,20039,200
Walter Harris39,17539,175
Matthew Wantman39,15039,150
Christopher Anderson39,15039,150
Scott Bohlman39,1507,150
Yegor Moroz39,12539,125
Steve Chanthabouasy39,12539,125
Kenneth Hennum39,05039,050
Chris Lee39,02539,025
David Miller39,02539,025
Ryan Hall39,00021,225
David Sesso39,00039,000
Shane Schleger39,00011,000
Robert Chow38,95038,950
Ola Amundsgard38,90038,900
Brian Kim38,875-22,125
Ryan Miller38,87517,875
Ali Rabah38,87538,875
Sean Winter38,8758,875
Yueqi Wang38,85038,850
Juha Helppi38,775-21,225
Robert Edelstein38,75038,750
Kristy Duong38,70038,700
Doris Charlebois38,70038,700
Zo Karim38,700-3,350
Frank Ioannidis38,67538,675
Joshua Weiss38,60038,600
Jordan Warkol38,600-7,125
Jeffrey Rydz38,60038,600
Thomas Kaplan38,60038,600
Joel Fischbein38,60038,600
Timothy Tracy38,57538,575
Luke Blindert38,57538,575
Shan Jing38,55038,550
Frank Bastow38,55038,550
Andy Rossi38,50038,500
Billy Mcdaniel Jr38,50038,500
Jeffrey Ziegler38,50038,500
Mohammad Farah38,50038,500
Mathew Moore38,50038,500
Jason Koon38,45012,250
Carlton Taylor38,42538,425
Tony Ma38,42538,425
Malik Boney38,40038,400
Owen Bradley38,40038,400
Rocky McNatt38,3250
Scott Augustine38,30038,300
Jeffrey Epstein38,30038,300
Mario Perales38,30038,300
Lazaro Hernandez38,27538,275
Dusko Zmijanjac38,27538,275
Thomas Martone38,275-20,000
David Angel38,25038,250
Peter Apostolou38,20038,200
Dale Sandberg38,20038,200
Linus Thalman38,17538,175
Stephen Ma38,10038,100
Lorenzo Gemmi38,10038,100
Joseph Liberta38,10038,100
Gabriel Neighbors38,07538,075
Jimmy Fricke38,02512,625
Jessie Bryant38,02538,025
Yuri Dzivielevski38,00038,000
Michael Coleman38,00038,000
John Mcclain38,00038,000
Daniel Rubback38,00038,000
Michael Noor38,0000
Richard Marting37,97537,975
Robert Lo37,95037,950
Craig McCorkell37,925-7,075
Jacob Godshall37,87537,875
Andrew Beam37,87537,875
Michael Birnbaum37,8501,050
Brant Taylor37,82537,825
Malachy Hagan37,80037,800
Randy Holland37,80037,800
Joshua Curtis37,77537,775
Jose Tavares37,77537,775
Amit Makhija37,7508,150
Gregory Watley37,70037,700
Stephen Rose37,70037,700
Bradley Smith37,67537,675
Valerio Greco37,65037,650
Donald Thurman37,65037,650
Guillaume Diaz37,62537,625
Samuel Wasserman37,60037,600
Hans Winzeler37,600-9,400
Yen Dang37,57537,575
Yoon Kim37,55037,550
Kelly Kim37,55037,550
Steven Wagner37,52537,525
Adam Coats37,52537,525
Todd Bales37,47537,475
Christopher Mazzawi37,42537,425
Daniel Alicea37,42537,425
Victor Ramdin37,400-13,600
Vladimir Kochelaevskiy37,40037,400
Javier Grant37,37537,375
Christopher Annouza37,32537,325
Vu Pham37,32537,325
Bryan Fleming37,3000
Jeff Papola37,20037,200
Anna Khait37,200-13,800
Fernando Halac37,15037,150
Michael Giaimo37,12537,125
Frank Peluso37,10037,100
Christopher Goss37,10037,100
Raymond Chan37,07537,075
Joshua Sisak37,05037,050
Marcelo Mesqueu37,05037,050
Martin Feijo37,05037,050
Icer Addis37,02537,025
Derek Murray37,00037,000
Erik Bremer37,00037,000
Andrew Watson37,00037,000
Kenneth Edberg36,95036,950
Jack Snapp36,92536,925
Griffin Paul36,90036,900
Michael Maloney36,90036,900
Gary Ziffer36,90036,900
Anthony Marchese36,87536,875
Rob Roseman36,87536,875
Young Ji36,80036,800
Rellie Sigua36,75036,750
Michael Horchoff36,75036,750
Morgan Machina36,75036,750
Cherish Andrews36,7253,725
Huy Nguyen36,700-1,300
Jeremy Burleson36,67536,675
Eric Gettleman36,65036,650
Tony Sinishtaj36,60036,600
Michael Kuryllo36,5750
Michael Shelton36,55036,550
Vimy Ha36,55036,550
Pavel Veksler36,55036,550
James Ross36,52536,525
Tim Miles36,50036,500
Samuel Kobrinsky36,50036,500
Blaise Dsylva36,42536,425
Alexander Barlow36,40036,400
Andreas Ramadanis36,37536,375
Sotirios Koutoupas36,27536,275
Thang Nguyen36,25036,250
Erik Christensen36,22536,225
Fatima Moreira de Melo36,175-1,825
Nikolai Chebotarev36,15036,150
Iakov Onuchin36,15036,150
Bobby Altman36,15036,150
Matthew Livingston36,15036,150
Paul Newey36,1253,125
Tatiana Barausova36,07536,075
Kristijonas Andrulis36,05036,050
Karim Jomeen36,02536,025
Jacquelyn Scott36,02536,025
Samad Rashid36,02536,025
Thiago Nishijima36,02536,025
Pablo Fernandez35,975-71,025
Edward Betlow35,90035,900
David Hirst35,900-12,900
Andrew Miramontes35,90035,900
Ivan Schertzer35,82535,825
Thao Thiem35,82535,825
Matthew Cheverton35,82535,825
Joseph Tieri35,80035,800
Johnson Ackiss35,77535,775
David Depew35,72535,725
Gary Martin35,72535,725
Nicholas Nowak35,72535,725
Charles Furey35,60035,600
Matthew Keeton35,60035,600
Scott Schwalich35,57535,575
Gregg Merkow35,55035,550
Michael Halford35,47535,475
Luke Guest35,42535,425
Joseph Purcell35,40035,400
Timothy Holt35,40035,400
James Tilton35,40035,400
Chantel Mcnulty35,37535,375
Robert Elliott35,35035,350
Johnny Donnelly35,27535,275
Sean Wallace35,25035,250
David Ashby35,20035,200
Cory Nistler35,2005,200
Kevin McColgan35,12535,125
Keith Littlewood35,12535,125
Matthew Dean35,10035,100
Ryan Deroo35,07535,075
Sean Sandona35,05035,050
Will Jaffe34,97534,975
Andrzej Subiszak34,975-1,025
Gary Gostek34,95034,950
Gerald Taylor34,95034,950
Jonathan Bumbul34,95034,950
Michael Lech34,92534,925
Michael Levine34,87534,875
Richard Kimball34,87534,875
Mike McClain34,85034,850
James Routos34,80034,800
Dennis Longoria34,80034,800
Mercedes Salmassian34,70034,700
Daniel Cooke34,70034,700
William Binghan34,67534,675
Jeremie Sarda34,67534,675
Alex Kravchenko34,650-10,350
Hon Cheong Lee34,65034,650
Michael Rocco34,62520,625
DID NOT REPORT 1834,62534,625
Gennady Shimelfarb34,50034,500
Farid Jattin34,50034,500
Lawrence Lazar34,47534,475
Laura Desantis34,47534,475
Shihu Huang34,45034,450
Alfonso Cammarota34,42534,425
Cash Carpenter34,40034,400
Walan Kite34,40034,400
Patrick Lindsay34,40034,400
William Criego34,37534,375
Jonas Hagstrom34,37534,375
Todd Brunson34,350-30,000
Samuel Blankinship34,32534,325
Stephen Katz34,30034,300
Yuri Siniak34,25034,250
Dewayne Phillips34,22534,225
Brandon Caputo34,17534,175
Sasa Stancic34,15034,150
Kurt Basa34,15034,150
Santosh Byali34,15034,150
Daniel Fries34,10034,100
Jamil Ogunmakinwa34,00034,000
Stephen Foutty34,0000
Alexander Greenblatt34,00034,000
Barry Epstein33,97533,975
Carlos Hey33,900-3,200
Mitchell Winter33,90033,900
Nathan Bjerno33,8758,275
Reji Kakkassery33,87533,875
Cory Pansano33,8500
Danny Alvarez33,80033,800
Clement Thumy33,80033,800
Orson Young33,75033,750
Thomas Dietl33,70033,700
Martin Virgen33,65033,650
Neal Lilienthal33,62533,625
Mark Crowley33,62533,625
Andy Zarro33,60033,600
Russell Crane33,600-9,000
Jeremy Menard33,57533,575
Vasilios Hrisafinis33,55033,550
Jeremy Meacham33,55033,550
Josh Pollock33,45033,450
Blake Cahail33,40033,400
Alexander Balcerzak33,37533,375
Khammy Lim33,37533,375
Dana Kellstrom33,22533,225
Michael Depasquale33,22533,225
Michael Glick33,17533,175
Vadim Baranovsky33,15033,150
Zia Khosravi33,15033,150
Dominik Nitsche33,0754,275
Paul Garcia33,05033,050
Cristiano Guerra33,00033,000
Stefan Ivanov33,00033,000
Christopher Sparks32,97532,975
Martin Verdegaal32,97532,975
Benjamin Keeline32,92532,925
Kyle Golden32,85032,850
Ryan Drossel32,85032,850
Zachery Schneider32,85032,850
Ronny Schimpf32,82532,825
Nikolay Losev32,82532,825
Sukhpaul Dhaliwal32,82532,825
Matthew Crutcher32,82532,825
Joe Baldwin32,82532,825
William Nguyen32,80032,800
Steven Abbey32,70032,700
Hoa Ngoc Nguyen32,62532,625
Said Shahinfar32,60032,600
Feng Lin32,57532,575
Chris Karagulleyan32,55032,550
Timothy Campbell32,47532,475
Paul Key32,45032,450
David Nicholson32,45032,450
Brett Hartfiel32,4250
Jason Hill32,42532,425
Michael Gilmore32,4250
Gary Litterest32,40032,400
Steve Dannenmann32,4001,400
Eric Cruz32,40032,400
Robert Matos32,35032,350
Jonas Huttel32,35032,350
Alex Rubin32,30032,300
Michelle Doiron32,30032,300
Justin Ouimette32,22532,225
Brian Edmonds32,22532,225
Jarred Solomon32,20032,200
David Simon32,20032,200
Carlos Villareal32,20012,200
Chris Back32,15032,150
Ali Shojania32,15032,150
Edward Ludwig32,15032,150
David Kluchman32,1251,225
Elio Fox32,10032,100
Ryan Laplante32,100-9,900
Zachary Cooke32,10032,100
Konstantin Puchkov32,0757,675
Francis Cruz32,05032,050
Rajeev Nasta32,05032,050
Dan Owen32,00032,000
Brett Levitzke32,00032,000
Stephen Rawle32,00032,000
Robert Grossglauser Iii31,95031,950
Andrew Fleming31,90031,900
Rafael Saul31,90031,900
Tomasz Trelski31,90031,900
Josh Fussner31,90031,900
David Byer31,875-1,350
Michael Seiman31,87531,875
Darren Rabinowitz31,875-1,625
David Daneshgar31,85031,850
Percy Goldenberg31,82531,825
Gerald Fehr31,82531,825
BJ McBrayer31,7750
Brian Payne31,75031,750
Scott Calcagno31,75031,750
Rudolph Dirubbo31,72531,725
JC Tran31,700-34,300
David Kim31,65031,650
Rizqallah Abusiam31,65031,650
Anthony Nardi31,60031,600
Nicholas Cannon31,55031,550
Serge Demers31,55031,550
Jason Johnson31,50031,500
Randy Gordon31,50031,500
Danny Illingworth31,50031,500
Jim Collopy31,47531,475
Roman Loibl31,45031,450
Scott Hill31,45031,450
Gaetano Preite31,40031,400
Michael Gibson31,40031,400
Ariel Celestino31,30022,300
Evan Schwartz31,30031,300
Gregory Josifovski31,27531,275
Akshay Bharadwaj31,2250
Jacob Bucher31,20031,200
Ryan Hemmel31,17531,175
Blaine Carroll31,150-42,550
Geffrey Klein31,1500
Luke Toombs31,15031,150
Christian Sanchez31,12531,125
Derek Chin31,07531,075
Ben Volpe31,07531,075
DID NOT REPORT 531,05031,050
Leonard Jaffe31,00031,000
Hien Nguyen31,00031,000
Jerry Burgess31,00031,000
Patsy Altomari30,950-50
Virgil Moppin30,95030,950
Terry Eisenman30,90030,900
Rory Brown30,90030,900
Jacob Baumgartner30,82530,825
Jeff Metajan30,77530,775
James Dempsy30,72530,725
Arthur Peters30,70030,700
Benjamin Reason30,70030,700
Devin Robinson30,65030,650
Javier Swett30,650-2,850
Lawrence Scholl30,62530,625
Kellyann Heffernam30,60030,600
Raymond Wu30,60030,600
Fred Holt30,55030,550
Joshua Jimmerson30,52530,525
Michael Heslov30,52530,525
Matthieu Lamagnere30,50030,500
Sascha Wilhelm30,47530,475
Dustin Iannotti30,475475
Bernard Lee30,425-2,575
Brian Hawkins30,40030,400
Romeo Piro30,40030,400
John Griffin30,37530,375
Robert McVeigh30,35030,350
George Watkins30,35030,350
Blake Whittington30,30030,300
Leroy Le30,30030,300
Gary Margolis30,25030,250
Igor Yaroshevskyy30,25030,250
Cedric Seguin30,25030,250
Joe Cassidy30,200-1,275
Richard Sciuto30,15030,150
Suresh Prabhu30,15030,150
Korenev Roman30,10030,100
Toan Trinh30,10030,100
Rulah Divine30,10030,100
David Icke30,05030,050
Mitzy Oliver30,02530,025
James Casement30,02530,025
Scott Dorin30,0000
Raymond Mcdonough30,00030,000
Johannes Becker29,97529,975
Bradley Lussier29,95029,950
Michael Lydon29,92529,925
Lee Medvec29,92529,925
Carl Diveglia29,90029,900
John Keown29,87529,875
Kiavash Arbabi29,85029,850
Andrey Danilyuk29,80029,800
Gary Friedlander29,775-2,725
Helder Lopes29,77529,775
James Koenig29,77529,775
Andras Koroknai29,70029,700
Miguel King29,70029,700
Mark Newhouse29,6756,675
Donald Rae29,65029,650
Robert Flowers29,57529,575
Andrew Draft29,40029,400
Joshua Wylie29,37529,375
Jennifer Sabuel29,37529,375
Viktor Lyuzkanov29,35029,350
Matthew Diehl29,30029,300
Bret Beebe29,30029,300
Joseph Malloni29,25029,250
David Kaleel29,22529,225
Kao Saechao29,1750
William Klein29,15029,150
Geoffrey Rasmussen29,12529,125
Imran Ahmad29,05029,050
Eduardo Parra29,05029,050
Allon Allison29,00029,000
Daniel Vue28,92528,925
Berry Johnston28,850-13,650
Richard Monroe28,85028,850
Marton Czuczor28,85028,850
Roger McDow28,85028,850
Nicolau Villa Lobos28,82528,825
Stephen Bokor28,77528,775
Timothy Batow28,72528,725
Jake Schindler28,70028,700
David Plisco28,70028,700
Nicolas Cardyn28,6754,675
Tuan Phan28,65028,650
Brandon Uhl28,65028,650
Pedro Correa28,62528,625
Shawn Buchanan28,625-4,375
Charbel Azzi28,625-6,375
Alex Aras28,60028,600
Artem Babakhanyan28,57528,575
Tony Baldridge28,55028,550
Neville Endo Costa28,55028,550
Gino Gesso28,47528,475
Carlos Loving28,47528,475
Leonardo Armino28,45028,450
Tony Hachem28,42519,125
Artem Kobylynskyi28,42528,425
Matthew Pialt28,42528,425
Sean Kelly28,37528,375
Brian Mckay28,37528,375
David Hass28,32528,325
Thomas Ross28,32528,325
Terry Nichols28,32528,325
Joseph Hertzog28,25028,250
Matthias De Meulder28,200-2,800
Ross Myers28,17528,175
David Heyden28,15028,150
Michael Melamed28,15028,150
Tuyen Nguyen28,15028,150
Joseph Dipascale28,15028,150
Largent Lewis28,15028,150
Cristopher Moran28,10028,100
Corinn Ignatieff28,05028,050
Thomas Miller28,05028,050
Carissa Mason28,05028,050
Richard Raisman28,02528,025
Kristaps Vismanis28,00028,000
Todor Blazevski28,00028,000
Alex Bolotin28,000-500
Dennis Macdonald27,97527,975
Timothy Milway27,97527,975
Jens Grieme27,92527,925
Yoshitaka Okawa27,92527,925
Pearce Arnold27,92527,925
Arvin Golrang27,90027,900
Daniel Deveau27,90027,900
Derek Buonano27,8000
Ann Mong27,80027,800
Jesse Martin27,750-3,950
Matt Stout27,7255,725
Claudemir Morandini27,70027,700
Brian Valant27,67527,675
Bryan Piccioli27,60027,600
Arthur Morris27,60027,600
Xiao Ma27,57527,575
Michael Bena27,57527,575
John Esposito27,57527,575
Paul Birman27,550-4,850
Grant Hinkle27,550-17,450
Robert Nichols27,52527,525
Peter Nguyen27,5005,025
Erik Wigg27,50027,500
Michael Mixer27,45027,450
Javier Repetto27,45027,450
DID NOT REPORT 1627,45027,450
Frank Callucci27,45027,450
Alen Bilic27,42527,425
Georgios Papadopoulos27,40027,400
Greg Ostrander27,40015,000
Christopher Sensoli27,40027,400
Takuya Suzuki27,37527,375
Robert Geith27,35027,350
Val Newman27,35027,350
Abou Sy27,32527,325
Peter Kotsiopoulos27,27527,275
Mark Schneider27,2250
Philip Boydston27,22527,225
Joseph Miranda27,20027,200
Reto Herrmann27,17527,175
Tobias Reinkemeier27,15016,150
Michael Cohen27,15027,150
Stefano Garbarino27,10027,100
Richard Seymour27,1006,600
Kenyata Smith27,10027,100
Arpad Balazs27,10027,100
Jerome Caufield27,05027,050
Shayne Skower27,00027,000
Ralph Wong27,00027,000
Luke Vrabel27,00027,000
Angus Lynn27,00027,000
Yuk Mui26,97526,975
Jake Balsiger26,975-32,525
Asem Alsaadi26,95026,950
Lyric Duveyoung26,90026,900
Jeffery Bernhardt26,85026,850
James Hellerer26,85026,850
Benjamin Heinrichs26,82526,825
Jamey Kramer26,800-17,800
Steven Tabb26,72526,725
Daniel Couzens26,70026,700
Reginald Simmons26,70026,700
Daniel Hindin26,70026,700
Morteza Gamini26,67526,675
Simon Cremniter26,600-7,400
Jeffrey Weil26,5750
Gregory Liang26,52526,525
Leonardo Martins26,52526,525
Robert Stine26,50026,500
Ralph Marci26,50026,500
Keanu Tabali26,5004,100
Victor Saedon26,5000
David Baba26,50026,500
Rex Clinkscales26,50026,500
Lucas Fridriksson26,47526,475
Daniel Koschok26,42526,425
Tomas Junek26,40026,400
Adam Lamphere26,400400
Diana Svensk26,37526,375
Pratap Golla26,37526,375
Douglas Messner26,35026,350
Daniel Moravec26,35026,350
Felipe Ramos26,325-1,125
Jackduyph Duong26,30026,300
Michael Selznick26,27526,275
Thomas Corder26,25026,250
Doug Booth26,25026,250
Alan Becker26,20026,200
Shane Abbott26,12526,125
Edward Siebeneck26,10026,100
Glafiro Valle26,10026,100
Steve Rudman26,02526,025
Joseph Gordon26,00026,000
Mathiasd Storvik26,00026,000
Deanna Dozier26,00026,000
Jacob Powers25,97525,975
Richard Crocker25,95025,950
Glenn Cozen25,95025,950
Stephanie Nguyen25,87525,875
Richard Dubini25,82525,825
Martin Nielsen25,80025,800
Ayaz Manji25,80025,800
Joseph Angelone25,80025,800
Crystal Utley25,72525,725
Leonard Santangelo25,60025,600
Paul Dewald25,6000
An Van Tran25,60025,600
Mayan Shih25,575-15,025
Carlos Lucero25,57525,575
Christopher Miller25,52525,525
Randy Gil25,52525,525
Paul Campbell25,50025,500
Roy Thung25,50025,500
David Anderson25,50025,500
Mark Warner25,50025,500
David Stroj25,50025,500
Simon Charette25,4753,475
Age Spets25,45025,450
Douglas Pilling25,40025,400
Zachary Florida25,37525,375
DID NOT REPORT 625,35025,350
Seneca Easley25,35025,350
Mickey Petersen25,35050
Christopher Lastiwka25,35025,350
Keith Wintermans25,32525,325
Matt Giannetti25,3251,325
Michael Vo25,30025,300
Rory Lamberton25,27525,275
Carl Polini25,25025,250
Ki Lee25,25025,250
Alexander Kim25,22525,225
Roy Chang25,22525,225
Michael Banes25,20025,200
Alexander Ziskin25,1500
Andrew Barber25,125-24,375
Tyler Kenney25,1001,100
Navroop Shergill25,07525,075
Joshua Williams25,05025,050
Adam Kende25,050-14,325
Tomer Daniel25,02525,025
Matthew Silberzweig25,00025,000
Kenny Nguyen25,000-8,000
Kevin Andriamahefa24,97524,975
Marcos Rodriguez24,97524,975
Joe Ebanks24,95024,950
Ryan Hartmann24,85024,850
George Medina24,85024,850
Aaron Orourke24,85024,850
Vanessa Kade24,85024,850
Daniel Charbonneau24,85024,850
Benjamin Wu24,80024,800
Jonathan Bensoussan24,80024,800
Thai Tran24,8000
Grant Levy24,77524,775
Larry Ormson24,7752,075
Matthew Su24,77524,775
Peter Hengsakul24,75024,750
Jay Ballen24,7255,800
David Cherry24,70024,700
Arthur Zavala24,70024,700
Niraj Bhatia24,65024,650
Timothy Sullivan24,60024,600
Daniel Thomas24,550-23,850
DID NOT REPORT 2024,50024,500
Thomas Rafferty24,47524,475
Brian Yoon24,450-31,550
Adam Hsu24,42524,425
Jonathan Tare24,42524,425
Eric Steinberg24,37524,375
Konstantinos Mamaliadis24,32524,325
Andrea Panarese24,27524,275
Alemu Makonen24,25024,250
Tobias Ziegler24,22524,225
Jamie Heitner24,22524,225
Ofir Mor24,22524,225
Thanh Chau24,20024,200
Thomas Jacobson24,17524,175
Dirk Thijssen24,12524,125
Issac Tucker24,10024,100
Jeffrey Mervis24,05024,050
Zachary Weiss24,05024,050
Joseph Dimartino24,02524,025
John Hill24,02524,025
Carter Swidler24,0003,000
Masayuki Hakoda24,00024,000
Daniele Nestola24,00024,000
Farhad Roozbeh23,97523,975
David Maclean23,97523,975
Eric Sadoun23,95023,950
Robert Litzelfelner23,92523,925
Ethan Foxman23,90023,900
Fernando Brito23,87523,875
David Gonzalez23,82523,825
David Scharf23,80023,800
De Kun Li23,80023,800
James Hilaire23,77523,775
Dan Santoro23,77523,775
David To23,775-5,900
Joseph Calderon23,75023,750
Ki-Yun Churchwell23,70023,700
Kai Landry23,65023,650
Brian Pinkus23,6500
Guillaume Delagorce23,65023,650
Cossette Spencer23,50023,500
Davide Suriano23,47523,475
Anthony Mar23,40023,400
Pablo Balanos Acho23,40023,400
Josh Neufeld23,40023,400
Benjamin Marsh23,35023,350
Gerard Pique23,325-29,475
Ludovic Marguerat23,32523,325
Chad Winters23,30023,300
Phil Lifschitz23,27523,275
Douglas Claybrook23,25023,250
Zachary Goldberg23,25023,250
Andrew Sherman-Ash23,25023,250
Behman Zakeri23,25023,250
Christian Jeppsson23,22523,225
Matthew Tierinni23,20023,200
Devon Shalmi23,2000
Brandon Chaffee23,20023,200
Frank Stumpf23,15023,150
Lu Zhang23,12523,125
DID NOT REPORT 1323,05023,050
Eric Hershler23,05023,050
Susan Stewart23,05023,050
Michael DeGilio23,00023,000
Barry Leventhal23,00023,000
Neal Thornton23,00023,000
Lisa Tehan22,97522,975
Edward McAfoose22,97522,975
DID NOT REPORT 1522,90022,900
Eric Baldwin22,9000
Peter Cho22,90022,900
Sebastian Sikorski22,90022,900
Nicholas Wealthall22,80022,800
Neil Patel22,75022,750
Anthony Sequeira22,75022,750
Ylon Schwartz22,725-20,175
Michael Ripley22,70022,700
Daniel Johnson22,70022,700
Matthew Perez22,62522,625
Ryan Welch22,60022,600
Jeanfrancois Lauzon22,57522,575
Cale Maclean22,57522,575
Nipun Java22,55022,550
Krzysztof Stybaniewicz22,52522,525
Michael Howard22,52522,525
Robert Toye22,50022,500
Barry Robertson22,42522,425
Randy Haddox22,42522,425
Tri Ma22,37522,375
Steven Zaffos22,37522,375
Jonathan Hanner22,35022,350
John Hands22,32522,325
Anthony Dimeo22,30022,300
Carol Hackbarth22,27522,275
Roger Lu22,175-2,925
Wasana Bunyarak22,17522,175
Adam Berman22,15022,150
Robin Jofre22,15022,150
Richard Klein22,12522,125
Michael Bailey22,12522,125
David Berry22,07522,075
Guillaume Rivet22,07522,075
Steven Nicholson22,02522,025
Ronnie Yambra22,00022,000
Robert Willis22,000-4,750
Danny Noam21,97521,975
William Son21,95021,950
Lee Childs21,8500
Stuart Rutter21,850-2,150
Anthony Cicali21,8500
Patricia Cahill21,80021,800
Bobby Gunter21,80021,800
Ernest Dawson21,77521,775
Kevin Mcminniman21,72521,725
Patricia Haggerty21,70021,700
Saul Pimentel21,60021,600
Andrew Stringer21,60021,600
Eric Ladny21,57521,575
Bassel Moussa21,52521,525
Todd Louer21,50021,500
Dustin Woolf21,50021,500
Gerardo Godinez21,40021,400
Vincent Vandersanden21,35021,350
William Alexander21,32521,325
Dylan Hortin21,325-19,200
Brandon Eisen21,30021,300
Mason Vieth21,27521,275
Lawrence Barbetta21,27521,275
Anthony Radogna21,25021,250
Michael Accardo21,22521,225
Elliott Zaydman21,22521,225
Jason Colby21,10021,100
Larry Astolfo21,10021,100
Rock Eanes21,07521,075
Matthew Schultz21,07521,075
Michael Melone21,07521,075
Matthew Weiss21,05021,050
Frank Russo21,05021,050
David Thalheim21,02521,025
Alexander Novick21,02521,025
Bruce Peterson21,000-9,000
Pierre Merlin20,97520,975
Antonio Scalzi20,95020,950
Francis Oakes20,92520,925
Marcelo Moreno20,92520,925
Larry Gurney20,90020,900
Steven Trepachko20,87520,875
Erik Gamans20,8750
Brian Ballentine20,82520,825
Christoph Lovett20,80020,800
Stan Jablonski20,77520,775
David Weisberger20,72520,725
David Schaerf20,70020,700
Ricky Green20,70020,700
Robert Gray20,70020,700
Robert Kessler20,67520,675
Anthony Campagna20,65020,650
Matt Brady20,6504,550
Alexander Gittings20,62520,625
Travis Klein20,60020,600
Evan Marshall20,57520,575
Eli Strickland20,5750
Michael Ruiz20,52520,525
Alexander Lukyanov20,50020,500
David Bromberg20,50020,500
Carles Escobedo20,47520,475
Benjamin Koziol20,47520,475
Than Dinh20,47520,475
Joshua Vanduyn20,45820,458
Dawit Tsegai20,35020,350
Kenny Shih20,32520,325
Timpson Luk20,25020,250
Joshua Green20,25020,250
Ronnie Bardah20,2003,800
Adil Sbai20,20020,200
Corrie Wunstel20,1753,175
Johnathan Dahlberg20,17520,175
Jeff Hakim20,15020,150
Alfred Poon20,15020,150
Daniel Parks20,12520,125
Christopher Price20,05020,050
John O'Shea20,00020,000
Oskar Prehm20,00020,000
Joshua Reichard20,00020,000
James Hopkins19,97519,975
Todd Ronne19,97519,975
Vic Dicriscio19,97519,975
John Dobson19,95019,950
David Weeks19,90019,900
Salvatore Erna19,90019,900
Alexios Zervos19,85019,850
Josef Kacherl19,80019,800
Dylan Easley19,75019,750
Erik Armendariz19,7004,600
Anthony Wells19,67519,675
John Sampson19,67519,675
Timothy Sheehan19,67519,675
Dylan Linde19,6501,150
John Holden19,62519,625
Ryan Nash19,62519,625
Hyon Kim19,625-7,375
Robert Alessandro19,62519,625
Sylvain Charest19,60019,600
Cyril Chamathil19,60019,600
Matthew Betzler19,60019,600
Clyde Tjauw-Foe19,57519,575
Stephane Benadiba19,55019,550
James Lushin19,52519,525
Woody Rice19,52519,525
William Ellis II19,50019,500
Justin Wong19,4500
Robert Corcione19,450-8,550
Oluwashola Akindele19,45019,450
Michael Wasserman19,45019,450
Ian Sandler19,42519,425
Duane Alexander19,40019,400
Miguel Use19,35019,350
Samuel Bailey19,32519,325
Kenneth Conoley19,30019,300
Ramon Salas19,30019,300
Douglas Savage19,27519,275
Stephen Bryant19,250-11,750
Jonathan Clancy19,25019,250
Clarence Pennington19,22519,225
Jun Saito19,20019,200
Danny Wong19,12519,125
Theodore Park19,12519,125
Douglas Hartwick19,07519,075
Mark Mitzel19,05019,050
Cory Waaland19,02519,025
Gabriel Davis19,00019,000
Cindy Kerslake19,00019,000
Chauncey Monk18,95018,950
Joel Newman18,90018,900
Justin Miseje18,90018,900
Alexandros Kolonias18,89570
Kyle Cannon18,87518,875
Brandon Wittmeyer18,775-22,225
Chau Giang18,750-16,250
Felipe Leme18,6750
Bruce Mack18,65018,650
Jonathan Gray18,600450
Daniel Sapienza18,57518,575
Michael Souchak18,55018,550
William Smith18,50018,500
Matt Adams18,47518,475
Whitney Bell18,47518,475
Mark Zwickel18,45018,450
Benjamin Thomas18,45018,450
Jonathan Campbell18,42518,425
Duane Mitchell18,37518,375
Stephen Swartz18,37518,375
Tommy Vedes18,350-25,650
Brian Nerney18,30018,300
Gregory J Stull18,25018,250
Jason Kang18,25018,250
Fabrice Demierre18,22518,225
Mitchell Shuter18,22518,225
Mario Sanchez18,20018,200
Donald Himpele18,10018,100
Slaven Popov18,10018,100
Bruce Callaway18,07518,075
Steven Mcnally18,05018,050
Michael Figliolia18,05018,050
Allen Kessler18,000-5,000
David Harvey18,00018,000
Osmin Dardon18,00018,000
Jair Beltran17,9750
Michael Downing17,95017,950
Joseph Russo17,92517,925
Raymond Chen17,92517,925
Jesse Arnot17,92517,925
Kori Hunter17,90017,900
Duc Nguyen17,850-47,275
Louis Crispino17,85017,850
Christopher Collins17,85017,850
Manuel Mutke17,745-30
Florian Sighe17,67517,675
Matthew Kuba17,67517,675
Justin Newlen17,65017,650
James Matthews17,55017,550
Peter Jennings17,55017,550
Darrell Smith17,55017,550
Mohammad Moeini17,55017,550
Tom Winter17,50017,500
Lamar Wilkinson17,35017,350
Andrea Benelli17,32517,325
Tanner Mikesh17,32517,325
Nick Grippo17,30017,300
Marcello Adamo17,25017,250
Karl Lo17,20017,200
Nicholas Russo17,15017,150
Kamar Ekrami17,15017,150
Jamie McCarrel17,15017,150
Mark Davis17,12517,125
Alec Milam17,12517,125
Denis Cyr17,0750
Gary Pisarek17,05017,050
Jeff Becker17,0500
Peter Trosky17,02517,025
Daniel Wilson17,02517,025
Jonnie Kedj17,025-2,975
Mark Gunderson16,90016,900
Justin Lepone16,90016,900
Oliver Weiss16,87516,875
Michael Giletto16,85016,850
Darren Galarza16,85016,850
Frederik Jensen16,850-23,150
Oscar Lima16,82516,825
Gregory Vogelsong16,80016,800
John Gottwald16,77516,775
Ryan Canterbury16,75016,750
Anthony Schutter16,72516,725
Neil Mcfayden16,70016,700
Josef Bachar16,65016,650
Shane Demler16,60016,600
Brian Davis16,57516,575
Yuval Harosh16,57516,575
Emil Mattsson16,57516,575
Jake Toole16,55016,550
Alexander Carr16,55016,550
Grudev Grudi16,55016,550
Timothy Phalen16,50016,500
Zachary Hyman16,50016,500
Joseph Wasylean16,42516,425
Graham Wheldon16,40016,400
Daniel James16,40016,400
Justin Liberto16,32516,325
Jeffrey Zucker16,32516,325
Loukas Michael16,32516,325
Philippe Haas16,30016,300
Brad Tucker16,27516,275
Mark Kirkpatrick16,22516,225
Ali Lareybi16,20016,200
Lance Harris16,20016,200
Tobias Wagner16,20016,200
Thomas Stalba16,20016,200
Connor Drinan16,200-31,800
Robert Palmer16,15016,150
Steve Yang16,12516,125
Elboustani Salim16,07516,075
Kevin Rabichow16,07516,075
Michael Riddle16,02516,025
Manuel Sadornil16,00016,000
Sean Rice15,97515,975
James Courtney15,87515,875
David "Bakes" Baker15,850-4,150
Michael Teixeira15,82515,825
Adam Shuman15,82515,825
Christopher Richter15,80015,800
Salavatore Pugliese15,77515,775
Shankar Pillai15,75015,750
Scott Hempel15,75015,750
Gary Fisher15,750-18,250
Allison Schultz15,67515,675
Kerry Smyth15,62515,625
Oliver Witte15,62515,625
David Rozas15,62525
Ivan Mamuzic15,60015,600
Shawn Daniels15,575-5,425
Bernard Guigon15,52515,525
Eduardo Matias15,52515,525
Alain Medesan15,50015,500
Burton Ritchie15,475-1,400
Mark Vanderloo15,45015,450
Ross Novak15,42515,425
Sean Ruane15,40015,400
Mark Gomez15,35015,350
Mike Wattel15,325-12,075
Sam Barnhart15,325-6,875
Paul Pritchett15,300-16,700
Andrei Kaigorodtcev15,30015,300
Howard Andrew15,275-2,750
David Kahan15,25015,250
Jeffery Bond15,25015,250
Lorrie Corvin15,25015,250
Ty Reiman15,25015,250
Bryan Paris15,10015,100
Sean Mcmahon15,10015,100
Ernst Stoller15,10015,100
Hai Chu15,05015,050
Miguel Dabul15,05015,050
Richard Clark15,02515,025
Miguel Cieri15,00015,000
Karen Mengden14,97514,975
Ryan Mcnamara14,95014,950
Nick Guagenti14,900-14,100
Roger Chang14,85014,850
Todd Bui14,800-55,200
Amir Sahebdivani14,75014,750
Micah Goldberg14,72514,725
Robert Chorlian14,72514,725
Michael Feldmeyer14,70014,700
Zachary King14,60014,600
Geoffrey Mulligan14,55014,550
Brett Sample14,475-27,775
Julian Malki14,45014,450
Farzad Aghai14,45014,450
Mariano Garcia14,42514,425
Vien Nguyen14,40014,400
Andrew Brokos14,37514,375
Jaymie Holland14,35014,350
Kevin Boyd14,30014,300
Brett Siegmeier14,30014,300
Ara Melikian14,25014,250
Andreas Jesse14,17514,175
Daniel Lipszyc14,15014,150
Barry Schwartz14,12514,125
Stephen Monceau14,10014,100
William Palmer14,07514,075
Sean Getzwiller14,05014,050
Jonathan Aguiar14,025-16,575
Robert Rosen14,00014,000
George Powidzer14,00014,000
Eugene Todd13,975-15,225
Matthew Wood13,95013,950
Nick Shkolnik13,95013,950
Tyler Bonkowski13,90013,900
Franklin Lo13,90013,900
Justin Warner13,87513,875
Caleb Evans13,85013,850
David Clarke13,85013,850
William Phillips13,85013,850
Ohad Yannay13,85013,850
DID NOT REPORT 213,850-23,200
Jing Zhang13,85013,850
George Bingaman13,82513,825
Raphael Wieczorek13,80013,800
DID NOT REPORT 1013,77513,775
Craig Wilson13,77513,775
Tucker Brown13,65013,650
Ky Shaffer13,60013,600
Steven Halcovitch13,57513,575
Cody Slaubaugh13,475-31,525
Tristan Maillard13,42513,425
Davis Aalvik13,40013,400
Jareth East13,40013,400
Akim Akimov13,37513,375
Peter Dykes13,3250
Eric Liebeler13,32513,325
Douglas Mackinnon13,30013,300
Grant Dekker13,27513,275
Jonathan Gibbs13,25013,250
Andrew Chud13,22513,225
Gleidibe Henio13,22513,225
David Luttbeg13,175-29,825
John Zentner13,175-14,050
John Evans13,15013,150
John Corsi13,07513,075
David Subotic13,05013,050
Darren Hill13,02513,025
David Curl13,02513,025
John Beauprez13,00013,000
Kiran Majmudar12,97512,975
Joshua Shaw12,95012,950
Lenol Clark12,92512,925
Jeffrey Shultz12,90012,900
Monte Hoover12,87512,875
Matthew Boucher12,85012,850
Vera Kelleher12,8253,825
Michael Anderson12,82512,825
Jordan Westmorland12,75012,750
Hafiz Khan12,67512,675
Fabio Sousa12,65012,650
Brian Macnevin12,60012,600
Samad Suleman12,60012,600
Justin Stone12,55012,550
Charles Coultas12,55012,550
Adrian Alonsosanchez12,52512,525
Eugene Du Plessis12,52512,525
Tyrone Waal12,52512,525
Giorgio Silverstrin12,50012,500
Douglas Ramsey12,50012,500
Eric Semel12,50012,500
Pablo Rojas12,45012,450
Philip Eisman12,45012,450
Michael Woo12,45012,450
Gerardo Cavazosvaldez12,40012,400
Patrick Mahoney12,40012,400
Mark Wallis12,35012,350
Jen Harman12,35012,350
Alex Outhred12,325-35,675
Ebony Kenney12,325-3,975
Talal Shakerchi12,30012,300
Gary Dolenga12,30012,300
Tony Armand12,22512,225
Phillip Schechter12,17512,175
Dejan Divkovic12,12512,125
David Williams12,100-92,000
John Farmer12,02512,025
Alexey Popov12,00012,000
Lance Steinberg12,00012,000
Natale Kuey11,97511,975
Edward Brogdon11,95011,950
Gaelle Baumann11,925-1,075
Paul Baker11,90011,900
Joseph Lind11,90011,900
Aaron Weeks11,8500
Dongsheng Peng11,85011,850
Frank Cullen11,85011,850
Alice Taglioni11,82511,825
Dawn Marsala11,77511,775
Michael Lipman11,75011,750
Dawn Lucarelli11,72511,725
John Luisana11,675-8,925
Kevin Killeen11,65011,650
Stewart Newman11,625-11,800
Victor Morange11,62511,625
Steven Dubin11,57511,575
Andrew Grimason11,52511,525
David Castranova11,47511,475
Kenneth Peak11,42511,425
Charles Tidmarsh11,37511,375
Stephen Baldwin11,37511,375
David Ottosen11,30011,300
Eli Berg11,20011,200
Jason Philpott11,20011,200
Mathew Ishbia11,07511,075
Raymond Fillipone11,05011,050
Wayne Moeck11,025-14,975
Nicolas Renee11,00011,000
Louis Salter11,000-22,400
Greg Huffman10,97510,975
John Ostwald10,90010,900
Charlene Saylor10,875-19,125
Pierce Mckellar10,85010,850
Masayuki Tanaka10,82510,825
Phillip Hui10,77510,775
Anthony Russo10,77510,775
John Kim10,77510,775
Vasil Medarov10,67510,675
Steven Prentky10,65010,650
Jess Louk10,52510,525
Glen Ming10,50010,500
Ronald Shatilla10,47510,475
Patrick Eskandar10,475-6,525
Aran Kahn10,42510,425
Dylan Shwartz10,42510,425
Owais Ahmed10,400-16,600
Graeme Hibbert10,37510,375
Sheldon Hayashi10,32510,325
George Griffith10,30010,300
Jose Deandrade10,30010,300
James Sanfillipo10,25010,250
Moni Advani10,25010,250
Jairo Hernandez10,22510,225
Adrian Passfield10,22510,225
Michael English10,17510,175
Peter Christensen10,12510,125
Sylvain Loosli10,100-6,900
Andrew Song10,10010,100
Bovic Gabriel10,07510,075
Dinesh Alt9,9759,975
Alexander Dietrich9,9509,950
Robert Kraft9,9509,950
Brandon Ageloff9,9009,900
Jimmy Leung9,9009,900
Ivona Lungu9,8759,875
Jordan Young9,7759,775
Matthew Levine9,7509,750
Fernando Vianna Da Costa9,7509,750
Kevin Calenzo9,5509,550
Tor Welo9,5509,550
Joshua Schiffman9,5509,550
DID NOT REPORT 49,500-11,600
Matt Russell9,5009,500
Steven Bonertz9,3509,350
Bruno Benveniste9,3509,350
Christopher Prosser9,1759,175
Manuel Martinez9,1509,150
Joachim Lob9,1009,100
John Frampton9,1009,100
Christopher Dupuy9,0509,050
Rhys Jones9,000-8,000
Moritz Muehlebach8,9508,950
Edward Green8,9008,900
Luis Castillo8,8758,875
Zachary Humphrey8,8508,850
Alexander Shteyman8,8008,800
Roger Despres8,7508,750
Henry Ivany8,7258,725
Fabien Perrot8,7008,700
Hiren Patel8,6503,650
Jay Heimowitz8,6258,625
Jebhar Patterson8,6258,625
Jeff Sluzinski8,6258,625
Carlos Uribe8,6008,600
James Pilpa8,5758,575
Padraig Oneill8,5258,525
Raymond Henson8,5008,500
Daniel Mcaulay8,4458,445
Ardavan Yazdi8,3758,375
Chad Ferguson8,3508,350
DID NOT REPORT 178,3508,350
Steven Hirst8,2258,225
Danard Petit8,2008,200
Scotty Nguyen8,200-1,100
Humberto Tosi8,1508,150
Vincent Buis8,0758,075
Susie Zhao8,0258,025
Michael Flanagan7,9757,975
Anthony Benson7,9507,950
Dylan Thomassie7,9007,900
Gene Mattera7,8757,875
Andrius Bielskis7,800-6,900
Davis Adams7,7757,775
Joseph Froehle7,7507,750
Doug Polk7,700-2,800
Brent Hanks7,700-6,300
Kane Kalas7,6507,650
John Pires7,6507,650
Jason Lilly7,6257,625
Samuel Matthew7,5507,550
Christopher Horter7,5257,525
Paul Feinstein7,5257,525
Wendy Rubin7,5007,500
Matthew Shepsky7,475-14,675
Steven Silverman7,450-22,350
Todd Chamberlain7,4007,400
Michael Zacharias7,3757,375
Katie Elliott7,3507,350
Farsheed Farhang7,3507,350
Cormac O'Higgins7,3007,300
Jonathan Plens7,3007,300
Colin Genge7,3007,300
Robert Lawyer7,3007,300
Anatoly Filatov7,200-25,100
Scott Epstein7,1750
Eric Rosenman7,0507,050
Rita Ciccarone7,0257,025
Wilfredo Carrion7,0007,000
Filippo Bianchini6,9756,975
Chad Siu6,9506,950
David Ventura6,9506,950
Trevor Vanderveen6,9256,925
Michael Dollins6,9006,900
David Bertke6,8506,850
Esteban Fernandezlopez6,8006,800
Christian Medici6,7506,750
Glen Rose6,6506,650
Yenpin Wang6,5006,500
Andrew Clinton6,5006,500
Ray Qartomy6,3006,300
Shad Holmberg6,2506,250
Danny Fuhs6,200-10,800
David Schreiner6,0756,075
Erik Scheidt6,0256,025
Justas Semaska5,9755,975
Nancy Regan5,9255,925
Anthony Ajlouny5,8755,875
Joshua Marvin5,650-7,225
Rami Boukai5,5755,575
Eldon Elias5,5255,525
Mike Ruter5,5005,500
Rodney Lincoln4,8754,875
Nathan Kovalchuk4,6004,600
William Hughes4,5504,550
Michael Leone4,5254,525
Benjie Bustillo4,5004,500
John Lacunza4,4254,425
Arthur Anderson4,3504,350
Quentin Crossley4,1004,100
Jason Lee3,9503,950
Charles Champlin3,6503,650
Daniel Perez3,5003,500
Matthew Grocholsky3,3503,350
Marty Zabib2,5252,525
Bujar Dervishaj2,2502,250
Henry Bindson2,1752,175
Giuseppe Pantaleo575575
John Gordon11
John Milone11
Suzanne Miller11
Donald Tipple11
Terrance Landucci11
William Cheeseman11
Kimberly Lim11
Shahab Tavafrashti11
Jacqueline Wesley11
Paul Wasicka1-38,499
Michael Mariakis11
Hong Nguyen11
Billy Pilossoph11
Gokhan Arman11
Carlo Verzosa11
Jean Gaspard11
Riccardo Suriano11
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 1:04 AM Local Time
Dwan Sent Home Early

Tom Dwan finished the last hand of the night but he didn't have to wait around for the 'bagging and tagging' process.

On the final hand of the night Dwan played a pot for his tournament life and that didn't go so well. Dwan ended up getting check-raised all in on the river and he called it off with two pair on a       board.

The turn had brought out a third heart and that had given Snickles a flush with   . Dwan's    ended up in the muck, just as his World Series of Poker Main Event aspirations.

Ryan Snickles57,00011,100
Tom Dwan0-17,400
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:45 AM Local Time
Ivey Sends One Home Late to Maybe Take the Chip Lead

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey raised to 900 in the cutoff seat, the player on the button reraised to 2,300, and Ivey called to see a     flop. Ivey checked to his opponent, who bet 2,100. Ivey check-raised to 10,000, and after a few moments his opponent reraised all in for 12,100.

Ivey called with the    for a straight, leading his opponent's    for a Broadway draw. The   turn and   river locked up the pot for Ivey, who just may very well be the Day 1c chip leader following this pot.

Phil Ivey187,00012,400
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:40 AM Local Time
Pierce Leaves the Court Early

NBA star Paul Pierce has opted to forgo that last few minutes of play today and jet out of here early. With 15 minutes left on the clock for the night (the clock would be paused with 10 minutes left in the level to play an equal amount of hands at each table), Pierce took off with just under 61,000 left in his stack. He'll miss a few hands, plus lose some blinds and antes, but a near-double starting stack heading into Day 2 was something he seemed pleased about.

Paul PierceHeaded out ended day not bad 60k check out where that placed me on day 1 see ya on day 2
Paul Pierce60,900-1,100
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:38 AM Local Time
Tiny Hit for Yunis

A player shoved all in for about 4,000 at Nick Yunis' table, and action folded to Yunis in the big blind. He considered for a bit before making what appeared to be a somewhat reluctant call.


Yunis failed to hit anything as the board came      , giving his opponent a boat and taking a small chunk of out of Yunis' monster stack.

Nick Yunis160,100-4,900
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:36 AM Local Time
Dwan's Fan Wins

Tom Dwan

"Can I hug you?" a big Tom Dwan fan just said as she stood side by side with her idol.

Dwan, who laughed, put his arm around the tiny girl who showed an even bigger smile as her boyfriend took a few quick photos.

"Sorry for disturbing you, but we wanted to get a photo before you're going back to Macau," the boyfriend said.

"This is one of the first times I've seen him smile on one of these photos," Aguiar said while laughing uncontrollably. "Usually I'm the one taking these photos and I charge $20, so you're lucky," Aguiar.

Aguiar recalled what had happened before we arrived and said, "Her boyfriend came up to Dwan and said that his girlfriend is a big fan, she was too shocked to say anything," Aguiar said with a big smile.

The atmosphere at the table remained very jovial as Dwan had a hard time not to laugh playing the next hand he was dealt.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:35 AM Local Time
Five More Hands

The tournament staff has just announced that the remaining players will play five more hands at each table before bagging and tagging for the night. We're headed out to catch any last-minute action and to compile a list of chips counts. Stay tuned for those as well as a full recap of the Day 1c action.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:30 AM Local Time
Booth Spotted

On the former table of Calvin Anderson and Andy Frankenberger we've just spotted Brad Booth sitting on a big stack and Finnish poker phenom Jens Kyllonen.

Brad Booth106,000
Jens Kyllonen47,00010,975
Calvin Anderson0-13,000
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:27 AM Local Time
Recently Departed
Fabian Quoss00
Shannon Shorr0-10,400
Marc-Andre Ladouceur0-10,000
Martins Adeniya0-9,600
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:23 AM Local Time
Pierce Drains Another

Paul Pierce

From the hijack seat, NBA star Paul Pierce raised to 1,100. The player on the button and the player in the big blind both called to see the flop come down    . All three players checked through to see the   pair the board on the turn, and action checked around again.

After the   completed the board on the river, the first player checked, Pierce bet 2,500, and both of his opponents folded.

With that, Pierce scooped the pot and moved back over 60,000 in chips.

Paul Pierce62,0006,500
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:18 AM Local Time
Obst Joins Negreanu

Australian poker phenom James Obst has taken Davidi Kitai's old seat next to Daniel Negreanu. Obst cashed in four World Series of Poker events this summer including a third place finish in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship and a 10th place finish in the $50,000 Players' Championship.

Obst's sitting on a big stack with the end of the day in sight, even more than Negreanu who's still busy signing autographs in-between hands with fans on the rail.

James Obst104,000
Daniel Negreanu82,00042,000
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:18 AM Local Time
Yunis, Lunin-Pack Contending for Lead
Nick Yunis165,00014,300
Justin Lunin-Pack147,000
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:11 AM Local Time
Out of Tune

Steve Sung was all in and at risk preflop for around 9,000 holding   , and he was racing against an opponent's   .

Sung received no help as the board rolled out      , and the winner of the 2009 Stimulus Event hit the rail.

Steve Sung00
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:10 AM Local Time
Dempsey Double

James Dempsey

James Dempsey faced a bet of 3,500 on a flop of     and moved all in over the top for a total of 17,600. His opponent was out of his seat grilling him on what he had, joking that he had eight kids to feed and asking if he would show if he folded.
Dempsey was laughing along but after a couple of minutes he called the clock.

The floor arrived and the player held the calling chips above the felt and asked for a verbal countdown. With a few second to go he dropped them in.

Dempsey turned over    and faced the   . The turn was the   and the river the   and Dempsey had his double up.

James Dempsey35,600-15,400
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:09 AM Local Time
Kevmath KO'd
Kevin MathersBusto :( down to 8500, shove UTG with AxQs, sb thinks/calls with 99, runs out Ts2s2xKs4h Nothing went right after dinner, sorry folks :(
Kevin Mathers0-18,700
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:07 AM Local Time
Brasilia Red Rollers
McLean Karr125,0005,000
Jake Cody110,00024,000
Barry Greenstein55,0006,000
Corrie Wunstel17,000-13,000
Tobias Reinkemeier11,000-27,000
Fabian Quoss0-43,000
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:05 AM Local Time
Amazon Purple Counts
Athanasios Polychronopoulos93,000-5,500
John Shipley92,000
Jordan Morgan70,0005,000
Matt Salsberg63,00016,000
Todd Brunson61,000-2,000
Paul Pierce55,500-500
Brian Lemke54,0002,500
Greg Mueller50,00015,000
Bryn Kenney48,800
Matthew Lapossie44,5002,000
Russell Crane42,6006,100
Carlos Mortensen41,700-6,800
Alex Bolotin28,5006,500
Sam Barnhart22,2007,400
Gaelle Baumann13,0000
Doug Polk10,500-8,600
Calen McNeil10,200-2,800
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:03 AM Local Time
Tens Good For Brenes

Humberto Brenes popped it up to 1,200 from middle position and found calls from the cutoff and the big blind. The trio of players took a flop of     and all three players checked to see the   fall on fourth street. The big blind took the lead for 1,400 and Brenes came over the top to 3,400 total. The cutoff called and the original bettor folded.

The   finished off the board and both Brenes and his opponent checked. Brenes showed    for a pair of tens and it was good enough to take down the pot. He scooped up the chips and now has about 35,800 in chips.

Humberto Brenes35,8005,800
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:02 AM Local Time

Jonathan Duhamel is enjoying a beer to end the night.

As play winds down at the end of Day 1c, some are celebrating survival, prosperity, or the end of a 12-hour grind by imbibing adult beverages.

Jonathan Duhamel performed a toast with his neighbor before they sipped on freshly bought beers, while Aaron Massey bought a round for Table 349.

Playtika - Jason Alexander