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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Saturday, June 23, 2018 to Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Event #48: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em MONSTER STACK

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $8,451,000
  • Entries: 6,260
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, June 25, 2018 11:11 PM Local Time
MONSTER STACK Down to Final Hundreds; Billirakis and Agarwal Among Top Stacks

Aditya Agarwal

Day 2 of Event #48: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em MONSTER STACK is in the books. A total of 2,085 out of 6,260 players came back to battle it out and try to build their stacks but while some managed to do so, others lost their stacks in the process.

At the end of ten levels, it was two-time bracelet winner Steve Billirakis bagged a top stack with 1,399,000. Back in 2007, Billirakis became the youngest WSOP bracelet winner ever by collecting the coveted prize at just 21 years and 10 days of age. Eleven years later, he's a seasoned veteran with $2,137,234 in earnings at the WSOP and will be looking to add another bracelet to his collection.

Billirakis is closely followed by James Stewart (1,220,000), Raul Manzanares Lozano (1,176,000) and David Neiman 1,160,000. Lozano managed to pop the money bubble at Level 15 of the tournament when his jacks beat his opponent's ace-king. Aditya Agarwal rounds up the top five stacks with 1,100,000. Agarwal has $498,210 in cashes at the WSOP, including four cashes in No-Limit Hold'em events this summer.

Some other stars who are still in the running for the elusive WSOP gold bracelet and first-place prize of $1,037,451 include bracelet winners Gaurav Raina (357,000), Jackie Glazier (275,000) and Nipun Java (101,000), as well as Jimmy Guerrero (940,000), five-time ring winner Kurt Jewell (768,000) and Aliaksei Boika (597,000).

Once the bubble burst and the remaining 939 players were guaranteed $2,251, the rest of the day brought many casualties to reduce the surviving field to just 257 players.

There were several bracelet holders that took a shot at more glory and made it to day 2 but couldn't survive another day including Alexandru Papazian (930th place), Jack Duong (886th place), Jared Hamby (837th place), Benjamin Zamani (833rd place), Athanasios Polychronopoulos (789th place), Peter Eichhardt (702nd place), Will Givens (676th place), Phillip Hui (670th place), Scott Davies (639th place), Blair Hinkle (626th place), Mark Radoja (589th place), Loni Harwood (521st place), Ryan Riess (520th place), Ronnie Bardah (487th place), Tuan Le (501st place), Calvin Anderson (423rd place), Dan Heimiller (412th place) and Alex Bilokur (359th place).

Other notables who didn't find a bag include Gaelle Bauman (804th place), Sylvain Loosli (641st place), Simon Deadman (635th place), Kitty Kuo (595th place), Jose Aguilera (529th place), Daniel Strelitz (491st place), Darryll Fish (490th place), as well as Kfir Ivgi (682nd place), who started the day as the chip leader but couldn't keep it up.

Just two more days remain before another millionaire will be crowned at 2018 World Series of Poker. The 257 remaining players will come back on Tuesday, June 26th, at 11 a.m. local time and will start the day at Level 21 with blinds of 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

The PokerNews team will be bringing full coverage of this and every other WSOP event this summer.

Monday, June 25, 2018 11:04 PM Local Time
Day 3 Seating and Chip Counts
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Amazon4001Jeremy FendeletUnited States125,00013
Amazon4002Carlos LuceroUnited States457,00046
Amazon4003Robert CoswayUnited States569,00057
Amazon4004Kurt JewellUnited States768,00077
Amazon4005James SalmonUnited States246,00025
Amazon4006Steve BillirakisUnited States1,399,000140
Amazon4007Danny NguyenUnited States374,00037
Amazon4008Gene RamanUnited States179,00018
Amazon4009Hang LiChina476,00048
Amazon4011Vladislav DonchevBulgaria353,00035
Amazon4012Andy FrankenbergerUnited States455,00046
Amazon4013Dominykas MikolaitisLithuania507,00051
Amazon4014Daniel JordanUnited States467,00047
Amazon4015Vilasack PhothisanUnited States80,0008
Amazon4016Almedin ImsirovicUnited States720,00072
Amazon4017Michael BenkoCanada326,00033
Amazon4018Michael HardenburgUnited States259,00026
Amazon4019Aleksandr FaynshtiynUnited States117,00012
Amazon4021Jaspal BrarCanada326,00033
Amazon4022Aaron GustavsonUnited States32,0003
Amazon4023Andrew ParkUnited States260,00026
Amazon4024Josafat CruzMexico623,00062
Amazon4025Diego GarciaUnited States125,00013
Amazon4026Jackie GlazierAustralia275,00028
Amazon4027Elie NakacheMexico43,0004
Amazon4028Hunter FreyUnited States245,00025
Amazon4029Royce MathesonUnited States199,00020
Amazon4031Aliaksei BoikaBelarus597,00060
Amazon4032Fernando CornejoChile202,00020
Amazon4033Justin QuincannonUnited States304,00030
Amazon4034Jason CaulkUnited States371,00037
Amazon4035Chia Yu HsuChina248,00025
Amazon4036Anne BuiUnited States323,00032
Amazon4037Ryan MillerUnited States159,00016
Amazon4038Vincent LiChina27,0003
Amazon4039James CarrollUnited States641,00064
Amazon4041Artem BabakhanyanRussia444,00044
Amazon4042Ahmed AminUnited States419,00042
Amazon4043Joe Trepanier FaucherCanada177,00018
Amazon4044Darryl WoodruffUnited States454,00045
Amazon4045Dean HutchisonUnited Kingdom88,0009
Amazon4046Jimmy KebeFrance97,00010
Amazon4047Randall BrooksUnited States521,00052
Amazon4048Nipun JavaUnited States101,00010
Amazon4049Andre HanebergAustria555,00056
Amazon4051Shyam SrinivasanCanada550,00055
Amazon4052Jose AuslanderUnited Kingdom201,00020
Amazon4053Tuan MaiUnited States101,00010
Amazon4054Clayton JiangUnited States123,00012
Amazon4055Lisa MeredithUnited States375,00038
Amazon4056Mstr LynchUnited States480,00048
Amazon4057Alberto RodriguezUnited States185,00019
Amazon4058Abdullatif AttiaFrance694,00069
Amazon4059Siagzar PayvarUnited States353,00035
Amazon4061Glenn LafayeUnited States313,00031
Amazon4062Julius MalzaniniGermany700,00070
Amazon4063Sohale KhaliliUnited States151,00015
Amazon4064Christian BernardFrance165,00017
Amazon4065Robert HeidornUnited Kingdom245,00025
Amazon4066Francis RusnakUnited States1,021,000102
Amazon4067Fred Goff IIIUnited States334,00033
Amazon4068Jeremiah KeeneyUnited States147,00015
Amazon4069Micah SmithUnited States460,00046
Amazon4071Dmitrijs KornevsLatvia628,00063
Amazon4072Win Meng TanAustralia407,00041
Amazon4073Joseph MckittrickUnited States458,00046
Amazon4074Matthew ShepskyUnited States57,0006
Amazon4075Darren ParsonsCanada306,00031
Amazon4076Joshua OnealUnited States316,00032
Amazon4077Lance HarlanUnited States157,00016
Amazon4078Bernardo GoncalvesBrazil120,00012
Amazon4079Nicholas LagosUnited States62,0006
Amazon4081Jeremiah TimmonsUnited States369,00037
Amazon4082Johnathan MajorUnited States778,00078
Amazon4083James DorranceUnited States619,00062
Amazon4084Alex BolotinUnited States134,00013
Amazon4085Jang LeeUnited States410,00041
Amazon4086Jordan HenegarUnited States97,00010
Amazon4087Richard BlockUnited States584,00058
Amazon4088Jason HerronUnited States345,00035
Amazon4089Tyler PayneUnited States312,00031
Amazon4091Sean ThompsonCanada489,00049
Amazon4092Harald SammerAustria149,00015
Amazon4093Kyle ChangCanada906,00091
Amazon4094Antu OscarUnited States295,00030
Amazon4096Kelvin CrawfordUnited States366,00037
Amazon4097Matthew NewcombeUnited States587,00059
Amazon4098Tom McCormickUnited States129,00013
Amazon4099Ryan Van SanfordUnited States644,00064
Amazon4101Ted ChangUnited States451,00045
Amazon4102Vadim ShlezUnited States339,00034
Amazon4103Shane HowethUnited States691,00069
Amazon4104Michael TorresUnited States82,0008
Amazon4105Tyler PattersonUnited States857,00086
Amazon4106Andrew StoutUnited States208,00021
Amazon4107David RichUnited States238,00024
Amazon4108Chris BrandUnited States736,00074
Amazon4109Marc RangelUnited States100,00010
Amazon4111Ernst AschacherUnited States371,00037
Amazon4112Herb MontalbanoUnited States158,00016
Amazon4113Mike PhuUnited States136,00014
Amazon4114Sam SteinUnited States159,00016
Amazon4115Marton CzuczorHungary533,00053
Amazon4116Kelly KimUnited States277,00028
Amazon4117Nicholas LubanUnited States158,00016
Amazon4118Alexander GreenblattUnited States522,00052
Amazon4119Cary MoomjianUnited States102,00010
Amazon4121John TempletonUnited States566,00057
Amazon4122Vladimir GeshkenbeinRussia350,00035
Amazon4123Nicholas PetittiUnited States204,00020
Amazon4124Ricky CrandellUnited States279,00028
Amazon4125Manoel FilhoBrazil71,0007
Amazon4126Keith FerreraUnited States159,00016
Amazon4127Colin MchughUnited States774,00077
Amazon4128Dustin StewartUnited States424,00042
Amazon4129Arthur WuUnited States195,00020
Amazon4131Thomas FullerUnited States172,00017
Amazon4132Dean ZoharIsrael839,00084
Amazon4133Dien LeUnited States213,00021
Amazon4134Vivian ImSouth Korea316,00032
Amazon4136Dante GoyaBrazil410,00041
Amazon4137Steven TabbUnited States326,00033
Amazon4138Seungbeom SeoUnited States311,00031
Amazon4139Kevin ChanUnited States73,0007
Amazon4141Ryan MossCanada543,00054
Amazon4142Martinez AranzadiSpain268,00027
Amazon4143Nikolai MarkovUnited States190,00019
Amazon4144Joshua McSwineyAustralia203,00020
Amazon4145Daniel SprungUnited States540,00054
Amazon4146Sheryl NurenbergUnited States295,00030
Amazon4147Sebastian KosSlovenia162,00016
Amazon4148DID NOT REPORT 2United States770,00077
Amazon4149Pradeep RajasekaranUnited States241,00024
Amazon4151Aditya AgarwalIndia10
Amazon4152Justin LouUnited States507,00051
Amazon4153Vitor RangelUnited States267,00027
Amazon4154Jose NadalMexico132,00013
Amazon4155Christophe LarqueminFrance260,00026
Amazon4156Jack Eisen-MarkowitzUnited States341,00034
Amazon4157Andres JeckelnArgentina378,00038
Amazon4158Nick ShkolnikUnited States88,0009
Amazon4159Jimmy GuerreroFrance940,00094
Amazon4161Kent MillerUnited States453,00045
Amazon4162Ryan PhanUnited States122,00012
Amazon4163Levi EspesethUnited States538,00054
Amazon4164David Cabrera PolopMexico616,00062
Amazon4165Ruslan GazaevRussia289,00029
Amazon4166Jason PardyUnited States239,00024
Amazon4167Paul WatzlawickUnited States227,00023
Amazon4168Jeffery TrudeauUnited States304,00030
Amazon4169Anthony DiotteCanada364,00036
Amazon4171Monika ZukowiczPortugal337,00034
Amazon4172Jason EiseleUnited States128,00013
Amazon4173Brandon BerginUnited States288,00029
Amazon4174DID NOT REPORT 3United States418,00042
Amazon4175John DaultonUnited States186,00019
Amazon4176Tony ToscanoUnited States270,00027
Amazon4177Saya OnoUnited States571,00057
Amazon4178Bryan NorrisUnited States242,00024
Amazon4179Gordon EngUnited States265,00027
Amazon4181Chris ChongSingapore191,00019
Amazon4182Minh NguyenUnited States171,00017
Amazon4183Nam LeUnited States221,00022
Amazon4184Jimmy TranUnited States520,00052
Amazon4185Jonathan ConcepcionSpain272,00027
Amazon4186Patrick ArenaUnited States75,0008
Amazon4187Christopher HoldenUnited States80,0008
Amazon4188Marc LomeUnited States175,00018
Amazon4189Michael GathyBelgium272,00027
Amazon4191Baitai LiUnited States481,00048
Amazon4193Alan SnowUnited States129,00013
Amazon4194Matthew VaughanUnited States659,00066
Amazon4195Gaurav RainaUnited States357,00036
Amazon4196Derek SchroederUnited States575,00058
Amazon4197Glenn ThompsonUnited States345,00035
Amazon4198James GilbertUnited States110,00011
Amazon4199Shi ChenUnited States111,00011
Amazon4201Bryant MillerUnited States232,00023
Amazon4202Ryan LeeUnited States983,00098
Amazon4203Diosdado BiscoUnited States460,00046
Amazon4204Allen WisemanUnited States359,00036
Amazon4205Mukul PahujaUnited States787,00079
Amazon4206Ramiro AraujoBrazil323,00032
Amazon4207Yanki KoppelUnited States201,00020
Amazon4209Andres GonzalezSpain336,00034
Amazon4211Robert SanchezUnited States269,00027
Amazon4212Dean ChenUnited States212,00021
Amazon4213DID NOT REPORT 1United States552,00055
Amazon4214Fabio Issa GomesBrazil202,00020
Amazon4215Edmond BarnaUnited States78,0008
Amazon4216Shaun HegartyIreland595,00060
Amazon4217Daniel WojcikUnited States479,00048
Amazon4218Daniel WojcikCanada156000.0016
Amazon4219Mohamed Bech KahiaUnited States177,00018
Amazon4221Stephen TandarichUnited States665,00067
Amazon4222Rittie ChuaprasertUnited States941,00094
Amazon4223Dylan HoneymanAustralia472,00047
Amazon4224Christopher MaUnited States229,00023
Amazon4225Jonathan McparlanUnited States188,00019
Amazon4226Steven JenkinsUnited States98,00010
Amazon4227Mariano MolinoArgentina145,00015
Amazon4228Daniel CorbettUnited Kingdom672,00067
Amazon4229Nicholas StowellUnited States191,00019
Amazon4231Jeremy AnsherUnited States570,00057
Amazon4232Cliff GoldkindUnited States170,00017
Amazon4233Nicholas ManganaroUnited States173,00017
Amazon4234David NeimanUnited States1,160,000116
Amazon4235Yordan PetrovBulgaria662,00066
Amazon4236Sam JozaniUnited States171,00017
Amazon4237Nadar KakhmazovRussia388,00039
Amazon4238James KousourosUnited States170,00017
Amazon4239Matt O'DonnellUnited States22,1002
Amazon4481Joshua OhlmeierUnited States316,00032
Amazon4482Guillaume DiazFrance514,00051
Amazon4483Gregory CaubetFrance298,00030
Amazon4484David UrbanSlovakia278,00028
Amazon4485Wojciech BarzantnyGermany362,00036
Amazon4486James StewartUnited States1,200,000120
Amazon4487James ChenTaiwan595,00060
Amazon4488Stefan HuberSwitzerland213,00021
Amazon4489Michael ShanUnited States245,00025
Amazon4491Raymond RobisonUnited States829,00083
Amazon4492Frank FlowersUnited States185,00019
Amazon4493Raul Manzanares LozanoUnited Kingdom1,176,000118
Amazon4494Nathan QuigleyUnited States54,0005
Amazon4495Ahmed TalerUnited States160,00016
Amazon4496Tommy NguyenCanada1,264,000126
Amazon4497Raj SinghUnited States1,141,000114
Amazon4498Chad WassmuthUnited States345,00035
Amazon4499Sihao ZhangLuxembourg1,106,000111
Amazon4551Shea JonesUnited States106,00011
Amazon4552Jordan JoeckelUnited States156,00016
Amazon4553Mike LinsterUnited States489,00049
Amazon4554Christopher SmithUnited States62,0006
Amazon4555Chad EveslageUnited States697,00070
Amazon4556Fausto ValdezUnited States195,00020
Amazon4557Jonathan RouxUnited States601,00060
Amazon4558Christopher CananUnited States355,00036
Amazon4559Alexis FleurFrance876,00088
Amazon4561Nicholas MillerUnited States227,00023
Amazon4562Paul DhaliwalCanada469,00047
Amazon4563Ivan ZhechevBulgaria195,00020
Amazon4564Mario RodriguezUnited States247,00025
Amazon4565Derek WakamiyaUnited States183,00018
Amazon4566Duy TranUnited States398,00040
Amazon4567Jason SmithUnited States336,00034
Amazon4568Anthony MagallonUnited States503,00050
Amazon4569Erick LeeUnited States563,00056
Amazon4621Joey SpanneUnited States10
Amazon4622Steven WattsUnited Kingdom187,00019
Amazon4623Stanley LeeUnited States187,00019
Amazon4624Mathew MooreUnited States256,00026
Amazon4625Mark BabekovUnited States131,00013
Amazon4626Richard PearsonUnited Kingdom93,0009
Amazon4627Kevin JungmannUnited States477,00048
Amazon4628Frank LinUnited States277,00028
Amazon4629Raphael WieczorekUnited States221,00022
Monday, June 25, 2018 10:38 PM Local Time
End of Day Chip Counts
Steve Billirakis1,399,0001,294,200
Tommy Nguyen1,264,0001,189,800
James Stewart1,200,0001,102,300
Raul Manzanares Lozano1,176,000146,000
David Neiman1,160,0001,110,400
Raj Singh1,141,0001,115,700
Sihao Zhang1,106,0001,005,700
Francis Rusnak1,021,000936,100
Aditya Agarwal1,000,0000
Ryan Lee983,000838,900
Rittie Chuaprasert941,000860,500
Jimmy Guerrero940,0000
Kyle Chang906,00086,000
Alexis Fleur876,000661,000
Tyler Patterson857,000297,000
Dean Zohar839,000784,700
Raymond Robison829,000179,000
Mukul Pahuja787,000698,900
Johnathan Major778,000777,999
Colin McHugh774,000624,600
DID NOT REPORT 2770,000769,999
Kurt Jewell768,000-22,000
Chris Brand736,000710,600
Almedin Imsirovic720,000600,800
Julius Malzanini700,000663,100
Chad Eveslage697,000656,400
Abdullatif Attia694,000626,300
Shane Howeth691,00087,000
Daniel Corbett672,000152,000
Stephen Tandarich665,000574,800
Yordan Petrov662,0000
Matthew Vaughan659,000619,700
Ryan Van Sanford644,000586,000
James Carroll641,000569,400
Dmitrijs Kornevs628,000158,000
Josafat Cruz623,000623,000
James Dorrance619,000583,800
David Cabrera Polop616,000600,500
Jonathan Roux601,000211,000
Aliaksei Boika597,000147,000
Shaun Hegarty595,000162,000
James Chen595,000489,000
Matthew Newcombe587,000503,200
Richard Block584,000521,300
Derek Schroeder575,000520,600
Saya Ono571,000181,000
Jeremy Ansher570,000557,400
Robert Cosway569,000554,200
John Templeton566,000457,900
Erick Lee563,000460,300
Andre Haneberg555,000464,400
Alexandre Fiaconi552,000527,700
Shyam Srinivasan550,000-250,000
Ryan Moss543,0000
Daniel Sprung540,000500,600
Levi Espeseth538,000461,000
Marton Czuczor533,000494,900
Alexander Greenblatt522,000390,500
Randall Brooks521,000430,900
Jimmy Tran520,000-100,000
Guillaume Diaz514,000437,000
Justin Lou507,000-1,000
Dominykas Mikolaitis507,000409,300
Anthony Magallon503,000408,000
Sean Thompson489,000423,100
Mike Linster489,000443,100
Baitai Li481,000434,200
Mstr Lynch480,000375,900
Daniel Wojcik (US)479,000
Kevin Jungmann477,000396,000
Hang Li476,000392,300
Dylan Honeyman472,000345,900
Paul Dhaliwal469,000442,000
Daniel Jordan467,000435,200
Diosdado Bisco460,000395,400
Micah Smith460,000392,000
Joseph Mckittrick458,000345,000
Carlos Lucero457,000376,600
Andy Frankenberger455,000373,800
Darryl Woodruff454,000363,300
Kent Miller453,000342,100
Ted Chang451,000395,900
Artem Babakhanyan444,000431,300
Dustin Stewart424,000318,000
Ahmed Amin419,00019,000
Tianhang Zhang418,000417,999
Dante Goya410,000410,000
Jang Lee410,000301,000
Win Meng Tan407,000253,700
Duy Tran398,000376,300
Nadar Kakhmazov388,000308,100
Andres Jeckeln378,000342,200
Lisa Meredith375,000294,700
Danny Nguyen374,000-276,000
Jason Caulk371,000291,100
Ernst Aschacher371,000309,800
Jeremiah Timmons369,000257,000
Kelvin Crawford366,000325,300
Anthony Diotte364,000338,600
Wojciech Barzantny362,000320,900
Allen Wiseman359,000321,500
Gaurav Raina357,000309,100
Christopher Canan355,000321,700
Siagzar Payvar353,000292,500
Vladislav Donchev353,000335,800
Vladimir Geshkenbein350,000285,000
Chad Wassmuth345,000314,300
Jason Herron345,000298,500
Glenn Thompson345,000256,000
Jack Eisen-Markowitz341,000156,000
Vadim Shlez339,000288,800
Monika Zukowicz337,0002,000
Jason Smith336,000254,200
Andres Gonzalez336,000248,500
Fred Goff III334,000289,200
Michael Benko326,000226,000
Jaspal Brar326,000247,400
Steven Tabb326,000286,000
Ramiro Araujo323,000274,200
Anne Bui323,000260,700
Vivian Im316,000316,000
Joshua Ohlmeier316,000225,200
Joshua Oneal316,000269,500
Glenn LaFaye313,000-21,000
Tyler Payne312,000206,200
Seungbeom Seo311,000288,000
Darren Parsons306,000207,300
Jeffery Trudeau304,000110,200
Justin Quincannon304,000231,800
Gregory Caubet298,000219,000
Sheryl Nurenberg295,000217,600
Antu Oscar295,000223,200
Ruslan Gazaev289,000241,900
Brandon Bergin288,000-56,500
Ricky Crandell279,000246,000
David Urban278,000246,800
Kelly Kim277,000249,200
Frank Lin277,000243,000
Jackie Glazier275,00039,000
Jonathan Concepcion272,000253,200
Michael Gathy272,000160,000
Tony Toscano270,000230,500
Robert Sanchez269,0000
Martinez Aranzadi268,000181,600
Vitor Rangel267,000209,200
Gordon Eng265,000197,900
Christophe Larquemin260,000178,800
Andrew Park260,000228,400
Michael Hardenburg259,000218,900
Mathew Moore256,000133,700
Chia Yu Hsu248,000203,100
Mario Rodriguez247,000182,600
James Salmon246,000156,400
Michael Shan245,000180,000
Robert Heidorn245,000165,000
Hunter Frey245,000-5,000
Bryan Norris242,000232,900
Pradeep Rajasekaran241,000186,400
Jason Pardy239,000215,800
David Rich238,000210,300
Bryant Miller232,000187,500
Christopher Ma229,000200,200
Nicholas Miller227,000186,000
Paul Watzlawick227,000199,200
Nam Le221,000161,500
Raphael Wieczorek221,000125,300
Stefan Huber213,00094,600
Dien Le213,000194,700
Jimmy Chen212,000212,000
Andrew Stout208,000155,000
Nicholas Petitti204,000127,000
Joshua McSwiney203,000203,000
Fernando Cornejo202,000142,700
Fabio Issa Gomes202,000155,800
Jose Auslander201,000146,800
Yanki Koppel201,000141,200
Royce Matheson199,000173,600
Ivan Zhechev195,000130,200
Arthur Wu195,000131,200
Fausto Valdez195,000-85,000
Nicholas Stowell191,00061,500
Chris Chong191,00093,200
Nikolai Markov190,000145,500
Jonathan Mcparlan188,000179,400
Steven Watts187,000-163,000
Stanley Lee187,000187,000
John Daulton186,000158,400
Frank Flowers185,000131,200
Alberto Rodriguez185,000122,700
Derek Wakamiya183,000108,100
Gene Raman179,000156,900
Joe Trepanier Faucher177,000110,400
Mohamed Bech Kahia177,000143,900
Marc Lome175,000115,900
Nicholas Manganaro173,0000
Thomas Fuller172,000104,500
Minh Nguyen171,000149,000
Sam Jozani171,00099,100
Cliff Goldkind170,00083,500
James Kousouros170,000109,500
Christian Bernard165,00096,200
Sebastian Kos162,00092,400
Ahmed Taler160,000100,600
Sam Stein159,000135,100
Ryan Miller159,000117,400
Keith Ferrera159,000-56,000
Nicholas Luban158,000107,400
Herb Montalbano158,000121,200
Lance Harlan157,00077,400
Daniel Wojcik (CA)156,000
Jordan Joeckel156,00082,100
Sohale Khalili151,00091,900
Harald Sammer149,000-31,000
Jeremiah Keeney147,000-23,000
Mariano Molino145,00022,100
Mike Phu136,00049,200
Alex Bolotin134,00095,100
Jose Nadal132,00067,100
Mark Babekov131,00083,500
Tom McCormick129,00051,800
Alan Snow129,000-91,000
Jason Eisele128,00081,500
Jeremy Fendelet125,00079,700
Diego Garcia125,000107,300
Clayton Jiang123,00068,700
Ryan Phan122,000900
Bernardo Goncalves120,00056,300
Aleksandr Faynshtiyn117,00069,200
Shi Chen111,00067,000
James Gilbert110,00083,100
Shea Jones106,00072,500
Cary Moomjian102,000-388,000
Nipun Java101,000-104,000
Tuan Mai101,00026,200
marc rangel100,000-87,000
Steven Jenkins98,00043,800
Jordan Henegar97,00080,500
Jimmy Kebe97,00044,000
Richard Pearson93,00032,900
Nick Shkolnik88,00030,000
Dean Hutchison88,00066,800
Michael Torres82,00053,200
Christopher Holden80,00046,300
Vilasack Phothisan80,00014,100
Edmond Barna78,00055,400
Patrick Arena75,00037,300
Kevin Chan73,00027,800
Manoel Filho71,00042,900
Nicholas Lagos62,000-136,000
Christopher Smith62,00037,500
Matthew Shepsky57,0001,500
Nathan Quigley54,000-1,400
Elie Nakache43,000-64,700
Aaron Gustavson32,0008,800
Vincent Li27,000-5,400
Matt O'Donnell22,100-119,800
Joey Spanne1-36,099
Monday, June 25, 2018 10:30 PM Local Time
Play Has Been Halted for the Day

Players have bagged and tagged and play has stopped for the day. End-of-day chip counts and a recap will follow shortly.

Monday, June 25, 2018 10:25 PM Local Time
Recent Eliminations
Evangelos Kokkalis0-61,700
Jarred Solomon0-54,700
Steve Rassi0-86,000
Preben Stokkan0-206,000
David Hunt0-77,500
Susan Akers0-200,000
Bobbi Frost0-150,000
Brian Yoon00
Michael Devlin0-91,600
Robert Sherwood0-80,000
Preston Lee00
Rob Perelman0-61,100
Michael Howell0-56,500
Tam Nguyen0-50,000
Steven Wolansky0-303,000
Nidal Eljaouhari0-50,000
Darren Wong0-37,600
Boris Kolev0-108,300
Richard Alati0-114,600
Christopher Zurawski00
Koji Umemura0-44,900
James Sear0-57,100
Jason Seitz0-110,000
Viet Vo0-81,900
Daling Li0-24,000
Alexander Farahi0-40,500
Philip Rigby0-20,700
Thomas Lutz0-49,600
Jackson Laskey0-77,800
James Wignall0-18,300
Jamel Hassani0-73,900
Georgios Angelo Tavoularis0-43,900
Maureen Bloechlinger0-55,000
Gregory Zufferey0-87,600
Pavel Krapivin0-63,500
Ha Diep0-63,400
Amer Torbey0-398,000
John Gallagher0-48,100
Matthew Triplett0-280,000
Jacob Powers0-95,000
John Gravagna0-42,500
Andrew Bonu0-36,400
Cheng Xiong0-49,900
Ben Greenberg0-92,500
Alpheus Chan0-32,000
Ronald Hunt0-35,800
Farhintaj Bonyadi0-95,000
Jacky Wong0-65,200
Joe McKeehen0-154,000
Jeff Olsen0-29,400
In Park0-75,800
Tsunehisa Nishi0-37,600
Zakarya Wolgamott0-33,300
Chino Rheem00
Cooper Caywood0-91,100
Jesus Cabrera0-56,200
Michael Clark00
JJ De La Garza0-18,400
Jonathan Walker0-26,500
Ryan Olson0-44,400
Perry Shiao0-41,400
Cody Peters0-47,100
Igor Zektser0-91,600
Christopher Bond0-127,800
Benjamin Abrahams0-52,800
Damien Le Goff0-63,000
Azim Popatia0-20,900
Sami Rustom0-169,000
J Austin Hijar0-31,600
James Rann0-35,300
Steven Bennett0-52,500
Farukh Tach0-147,200
David Mclaughlin0-32,800
Yuki Toyoshima0-35,500
Anthony Desai0-62,800
Collin Grubaugh0-160,000
Enrique Curiel0-33,200
Miles Kang0-19,500
Maxim Lod0-83,700
Petar Kalev0-75,700
Cody Bell0-83,100
David Patterson0-87,000
Annette Obrestad00
Adam Darkazalli0-1
Cristian Linse0-71,700
Benjamin Shannon0-61,100
Michael Miller0-111,800
Vesna Pope0-52,400
Gary Baker0-46,900
Shalev Halfa0-186,000
Adrian Buckley0-56,200
Kharlin Sued0-57,300
Monday, June 25, 2018 10:10 PM Local Time
Five More Hands

Five more hands will be dealt at each table before players bag and tag for the night.

Monday, June 25, 2018 9:55 PM Local Time
Zukowicz Makes the Right Call

Monika Zukowicz opened to 18,000 in middle position and the player in the big blind called.

On the     flop, the big blind checked. Zukowicz bet 18,000 and the big blind called. The turn brought the   and was checked through to the   river. This time, the big blind threw in a bet of 42,000. Zukowicz made the call.

The big blind tabled    and Zukowicz showed    to win the pot.

Monika Zukowicz335,000150,000
Monday, June 25, 2018 9:53 PM Local Time
Boika Eliminates Two

Aliaksei Boika

The action folded around to the hijack and the player moved all in for around 35,000. Aliaksei Boika in the cutoff called before Annette Obrestad, on the button, moved all in for around 120,000. Boika made the call and the hands were turned on their backs.

All-In Player:   
Aliaksei Boika:   
Annette Obrestad:   


Obrestad was ahead preflop and in line to double-up, but that quickly changed after an ace appeared on the flop, and Boika held to score a double elimination and move up to 450,000.

Aliaksei Boika450,000170,000
Annette Obrestad0-48,000
Monday, June 25, 2018 9:38 PM Local Time
Payouts: 414th-352nd Place

Each of these players has received $4,528.

Oleksandr Trokhymenko0-103,900
Gustavo Hoffmann0-86,000
Corentin Briglia0-32,300
Michael Bublitz0-64,100
Chris Edwards00
Scott Haze0-115,000
David Baba0-116,200
Yonatan Basin0-66,200
Theodore Pasinski0-38,000
Ranjeet Pawar0-49,700
Kyle Shigano0-66,700
James Hodges0-34,100
Thiago Palmieri0-92,100
Christopher Tham0-17,900
Mike Lesle0-15,300
Kevin Naegelen0-83,400
Sean Edelenbos0-73,700
Paulo Gini0-56,000
Jon Turner0-100,000
Mykel Comroe0-131,200
Marco Bognanni0-88,200
Robert Defabrizio0-82,500
Andrew Marson0-18,400
George Smallwood0-82,900
Alan Lipson0-34,300
Julien Sitbon0-28,000
Dan Heimiller0-66,700
Saul Requenez0-83,900
Alex Bilokur0-53,300
Chris Heintschel0-40,300
Joshua Vanduyn0-103,100
Patricia Cardner0-14,100
Jacob Staley0-53,100
Michael Krumenacker0-29,400
Andrew Rubin0-49,000
Mickey Craft0-375,000
Neil Merrell0-26,300
John Parks0-121,100
Ramin Kaikhah0-20,900
Mearl Wisehart0-171,800
Kami Hudson0-16,600
Derek Peluso0-44,900
Bruno Benveniste0-66,600
Blaise Dsylva00
Julian Black0-29,300
Justin Tucker00
Brian Lamanna0-42,000
Alan Ho0-32,700
Eric Wasylenko0-98,000
Ben Farrell0-108,000
Jared Strauss0-33,000
Chang Luo0-222,000
Antal Mezei0-114,000
Joshua Dickinson0-26,200
Martin Stoller0-84,000
John Mccauley0-50,000
Neven Tsutakawa0-22,100
Jonathan West0-48,500
David Byer0-106,500
Joseph Mcgrath0-75,500
Jack Shea0-35,200
Monday, June 25, 2018 9:29 PM Local Time
Corbett Calls Correctly

Daniel Corbett faced a tough decision moments ago, and it wasn't for the first time today. Earlier on in the proceedings, he had correctly folded a full house after he showed his hand and his opponent showed a higher full house, and in the following hand he made the correct call once more, this time for nearly all his chips.

The board read      , and his opponent had made a large 130,000 river bet.

"That's quite a big bet," Corbett said inquisitively before he thought through his decision.

After not much time at all, Corbett called, for the majority of his stack and he turned over    for a pair of tens after his opponent had hesitated. It was just ace-high for Corbett's opponent who showed   , and Corbett took the pot to move up to 520,000.

Daniel Corbett520,000120,000
Monday, June 25, 2018 9:23 PM Local Time
Level 27 started
Level: 27
Blinds: 20000/40000
Ante: 5000
Monday, June 25, 2018 9:01 PM Local Time
Roux Hits One-Outer Quads Against Aces

Jonathan Roux was all in preflop and up against pocket aces, and when the flop came down it seemed like he was destined for the payout desk.

Roux's pocket queens hit a set on the     flop, but the aces also hit a set, leaving Roux with just the one out. But by some miracle that one card came to his rescue after the   was revealed on the turn. There was no ace on the river, which meant Roux doubled to 390,000.

Roux added that it wasn't the first time he came from behind today with pocket queens after he had earlier defeated pocket kings.

Jonathan Roux390,000344,600
Monday, June 25, 2018 8:55 PM Local Time
Lagos Rivers Straight to Survive

The player under the gun opened to 12,000. The cutoff called, along with Nicholas Lagos in the small blind, as well as the big blind.

The flop came    . Lagos moved all in for 81,000. The big blind was the only caller.

Nicholas Lagos:   

The turn brought the   and the   river filled up the board giving Lagos a straight to double up.

Nicholas Lagos198,000150,700
Monday, June 25, 2018 8:47 PM Local Time
Payouts: 477th-415th Place

The following players all received $3,605.

Sadan Turker0-55,600
Israel Lopesparreira0-115,100
Arsenii Karmatakii0-49,900
Chris Dunbar0-67,100
Eric Logan0-33,900
Gregory Rudolph0-54,800
Robert Adams00
Amanda Wheeler0-40,800
Yorane Kerignard0-82,300
Samuel Lee0-79,500
Matthew Costanzo0-123,000
Yale Greenfield0-110,300
John Roth0-63,400
Michael Rocco0-34,800
Marc MacDonnell0-140,200
Lawrence Loomis0-38,500
Michael Chatelanat0-135,000
Andreas Michelmann0-41,500
Mikal Smith0-43,900
David Hackenberger0-42,900
Christopher Hyden0-32,500
Joshua Sexton0-106,300
David Pecaski0-49,200
Sean Small0-46,900
Tyler Kenney0-83,500
Antonino Karman0-70,400
Apoorva Goel0-20,900
Kimberly Mcclymont0-20,500
Timothy Jurkiewicz0-33,700
Tim Finne0-19,100
Baoqiang Ho0-50,900
Jacob Daniels0-46,100
Gerardo Ruiz0-64,700
Mirahmad Sharifrazi0-23,600
Adam Raichel0-70,000
J R00
Nicky Levene0-42,500
Walter Treccarichi0-150,000
Matt Russell0-160,200
Howard Xan0-34,900
Calvin Anderson0-195,000
Paul Smith0-23,700
Stephen Zehngut0-31,000
Ryan Belz0-181,500
Jeremy Halaska0-38,300
Jerry Simmons0-55,500
Wendy Weissman0-64,800
Eric Mizrachi0-55,800
Phillippe Ktorza0-52,400
Quoc Nguyen0-50,400
Mike Michael0-163,000
Jeremy Bader0-28,800
Todd Baker0-16,900
Vivek Rughani0-138,700
William Remshardt0-131,200
Nicholas Stlaurent0-119,000
Brian Twitty0-48,600
Brian England0-64,000
Jean Marie Vandeborne0-42,000
Michael Kenny0-36,600
Ren Cain0-72,900
Donald Landwirth0-31,000
Adrien Szydlowski0-27,500
Monday, June 25, 2018 8:43 PM Local Time
Triplett Doubles Through Boika

Matthew Triplett opened to 15,000 in the hijack. Aliaksei Boika, in the big blind, called.

A flop reading     was dealt. Boika checked. Triplett bet 25,000. Boika check-raised to 75,000. Triplett three-bet shoved for 125,000. Boika snap-called.

Aliaksei Boika:   
Matthew Triplett:   

The   turn and   river completed the board and Triplett doubled up.

Aliaksei Boika280,000-65,000
Matthew Triplett280,000202,300
Monday, June 25, 2018 8:36 PM Local Time
My Stack App is Live!

MyStack My Stack

PokerNews has activated the My Stack App for this event, allowing you to directly adjust your chip counts in our live reporting blog using your iPhone or Android phone.

You can download the app for iPhone or Android now to get started. Then, create a new PokerNews account or update your current one to start updating your status immediately. Your followers can see all the live action that you're involved in.

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Monday, June 25, 2018 8:34 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Raul Manzanares Lozano1,030,000480,000
Kyle Chang820,000763,900
Kurt Jewell790,000310,000
Jimmy Tran620,000350,000
Lisa Sanchez Meredith470,00091,000
Monday, June 25, 2018 8:24 PM Local Time
Payouts: 540th-478th Place

The following players all received $3,259.

James Millman0-46,900
Jeremy Pekarek0-78,600
Qi Shen0-56,600
Frederic Pierre00
John Nguyen0-94,700
Mirko Lienhard0-17,700
Richard Soares0-64,300
Chiori Gannon0-24,000
Laura Dutt00
Husain Mansoor0-76,000
Ryan Riess0-65,000
Loni Harwood0-53,000
Lucas Fauth0-54,500
Carolyn Heady0-40,500
Mathieu Rabalison0-58,000
John White0-47,200
James Anderson0-8,800
Robert Shega0-51,600
Ertem Osmanoglu0-96,800
Jose Aguilera0-62,400
Michael Lee0-34,500
Yuliyan Kolev0-52,600
Piotr Pawlak0-123,400
Brian Jeffcoat0-15,700
Justin Hankinson0-35,500
Joseph Teanotoga0-34,800
Shannon Shorr0-29,200
Jonathan Dimatteo0-101,000
Igor Ioffe0-75,200
Raymond Samolin0-54,400
Robert Mcveigh0-42,500
Robert Georato0-19,500
Patrick Barba0-21,000
Alexander Lacasse0-39,700
Alex Queen0-34,500
Devin Mcbride0-32,900
Roberto Sanchez0-38,100
Cindy Fifield0-48,800
Timothy Riden0-28,700
Josef Snejberg0-71,400
Steve Fischer0-98,600
Ronnie Bardah0-68,000
Karolis Ananevas0-66,300
Johan De Graaff0-78,500
Darryll Fish0-64,500
Daniel Strelitz00
Martin Feijo0-17,800
James Garr0-27,900
Joshua Miller0-43,500
Robert Mcmillan0-42,700
Benjamin Allen0-39,700
Anthony Harb0-38,500
Meddi Ferrah0-43,900
Imad Canawati0-94,200
Mark Sawkar0-80,700
Tuan Le0-102,000
Viktor Lavi0-108,800
Terry Siele0-45,500
Stephen Ma0-80,600
Bradley Kieffer0-11,500
Robert Lee0-71,300
Kraig Harper0-42,900
David Arnold0-34,700
Monday, June 25, 2018 8:22 PM Local Time
Level 19 started
Level: 19
Blinds: 3000/6000
Ante: 1000
Monday, June 25, 2018 8:00 PM Local Time

Players are now on their last 15-minute break of the day.