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2023 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, November 06, 2023 to Tuesday, November 07, 2023

WSOPE Event #8: NLH GGMillion$

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  • Buy-in: €25,000
  • Prizepool: €2,079,930
  • Entries: 89
  • Remaining: 0


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Tuesday, November 7, 2023 11:31 PM Local Time
Shawn Sheikhan Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Illegal Cannabis Business
Shawn Sheikhan
Shawn Sheikhan

Shahram "Shawn" Sheikhan, who pled guilty in 2022 to conspiracy to distribute marijuana, a federal crime, was sentenced to four years in federal prison on Friday morning in the United States District Court Southern District of California.

The veteran poker player who infamously feuded with Mike Matusow during the 2005 World Series of Poker (WSOP) television broadcast, had faced a maximum sentence of 40 years in federal prison and a $5 million fine.

Last month, his attorneys filed a memorandum with the court asking for prison time to be replaced with probation and community service. Poker Hall of Famer and PokerGO President Mori Eskandani, among others, wrote a letter of support on his behalf.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2023 11:25 PM Local Time
"You Need to Fold"

Michael Rocco opened to 400,000 in the hijack with   , only to see Gab Yong Kim three-bet all in to 2,300,000 holding    in the big blind.

Rocco took some time but ultimately decided to lay his hand down, telling the table that a voice told him "you need to fold" before Kim shoved his stack.

Michael Rocco13,000,000-395,000
Gab Yong Kim3,000,000900,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 11:19 PM Local Time
Cedric Schwaederle Eliminated in 7th Place (€82,900)

Cedric Schwaederle

Martin Kabrhel raised to 400,000 from early position before Daniel Dvoress flat-called from the hijack. Cedric Schwaederle was in the cutoff and went on to jam all in for 4,300,000 chips.

Kabrhel quickly folded but Dvoress asked for a count and made the call to put Schwaederle at risk.

Cedric Schwaederle:   
Daniel Dvoress:   

Schwaederle was dominating Dvoress, but the     flop reversed the situation. No help arrived for Schwaederle on the    runout and he graciously took his leave in seventh place.

Daniel Dvoress13,000,0004,800,000
Martin Kabrhel9,300,000-400,000
Cedric Schwaederle0-4,800,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 11:15 PM Local Time
Kabrhel Takes From Astedt

Martin Kabrhel opened to 425,000 with    in the hijack and Niklas Astedt defended his big blind holding   .

Astedt checked the     flop and called when Kabrhel continued for 400,000. Astedt then led out for 700,000 on the   turn and Kabrhel made the call.

Astedt gave up on the   river, mucking after Kabrhel fired 1,100,000 into the middle.

Martin Kabrhel9,700,0001,800,000
Niklas Astedt4,900,000-3,100,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 11:11 PM Local Time
Kabrhel Gets Out of Line

Martin Kabrhel

Martin Kabrhel raised to 400,000 from the cutoff with   , and received calls from Daniel Dvoress on the button with    and Gab Yong Kim in the big blind with   .

The     was checked by all three players before the   turn was dealt. Kim checked again, but Kabrhel fired a bet of 500,000 chips this time. Dvoress stuck around with a call while Kim got out of the way after some thinking time.

The   river paired up Kabrhel, leading to a check from the Czech. Dvoress quickly checked behind and his pair of nines awarded him a nice pot.

Daniel Dvoress8,200,0001,550,000
Martin Kabrhel7,900,000-865,000
Gab Yong Kim2,100,000-400,000
Gorilla Gaming
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 11:03 PM Local Time
Dvoress Takes From Kabrhel

Martin Kabrhel raised to 400,000 with    in the small blind and was called by Daniel Dvoress in the big blind, holding   .

Kabrhel continued for 500,000 on the     flop and Dvoress smooth called with his two pair. Kabrhel then slowed down on the   turn with a check.

Dvoress took some time before sliding out a bet of 1,400,000, taking the pot down when Kabrhel quickly mucked.

Martin Kabrhel8,765,000-935,000
Daniel Dvoress6,650,000950,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 11:03 PM Local Time
Level 24 started
Level: 24
Blinds: 100,000/200,000
Ante: 200,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:58 PM Local Time
Kabrhel and Rocco Wage War on the River

Michael Rocco

Michael Rocco limped his button with    and Martin Kabrhel checked    from the big blind. The pair then went on to check through the     flop, as well as the   turn.

The   river completed the board and Kabrhel checked for a third time. Rocco then made the minimum bet of 160,000, after which Kabrhel responded with a raise to 360,000.

However, Rocco was a non-believer and put in a three-bet to 560,000. Kabrhel did not engage further and mucked his cards, awarding the pot to Rocco's six-high.

Michael Rocco13,395,000395,000
Martin Kabrhel9,700,000-300,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:53 PM Local Time
Single Bet Gets It Done for Kabrhel

Martin Kabrhel raised to 320,000 from under the gun with   , and Leonard Maue defended the big blind with   .

The flop fanned out    , and Maue checked to Kabrhel, who made a bet of 180,000. Maue gave it some thought but eventually folded.

Martin Kabrhel10,000,000-1,000,000
Leonard Maue1,600,000-500,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:50 PM Local Time
Schwaederle Finds Kings

Cedric Schwaederle opened to 325,000 with    in the cutoff and found a call from Michael Rocco holding    in the big blind.

Rocco checked the     flop before Schwaederle continued for 250,000. Rocco took some time before making the fold, as Schwaederle took down a small pot.

Michael Rocco13,000,0000
Cedric Schwaederle4,800,000400,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:41 PM Local Time
Maue Wins a Flip to Double Up

Gab Yong Kim raised to 325,000 from early position before facing an all-in three-bet to 850,000 from Leonard Maue on the button. The action folded back to Kim, who put in the extra chips for a call.

Leonard Maue:   
Gab Yong Kim:   

Kim failed to upgrade his hand on the       board, and Maue grabbed another double-up.

Gab Yong Kim2,500,000-1,000,000
Leonard Maue2,100,000400,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:28 PM Local Time
Tamas Adamszki Eliminated in 8th Place (€66,200)

Tamas Adamszki

Tamas Adamszki raised to 750,000 from early position, leaving 1,000,000 behind. Michael Rocco slid out a three-bet to 1,300,000 and snap-called when Adamszki moved all in.

Tamas Adamszki:   
Michael Rocco:   

Adamszki was in rough shape up against Rocco'sn pocket kings, unable to catch up on the       runout to hit the rail in eighth place.

Michael Rocco13,000,0002,000,000
Tamas Adamszki0-1,700,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:17 PM Local Time
Rocco Flops Top Pair

Michael Rocco opened to 280,000 with    from under the gun and Cedric Schwaederle tossed in a call from the cutoff with   .

The dealer turned over the     flop, resulting in checks from both players. The action repeated on the   turn and   river, with neither player committing more chips to the pot.

Rocco showed his top pair to recover some recently lost chips.

Michael Rocco11,000,0001,000,000
Cedric Schwaederle4,400,000-300,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:12 PM Local Time
Three Players to the Flop

Michael Rocco opened the action with a raise to 360,000 from middle position with   . Martin Kabrhel then called from the cutoff with   , as did Cedric Schwaederle from the small blind with   .

The     flop saw Schwaederle check to Rocco, who continued betting for 450,000 chips. Kabrhel made the call and Schwaederle got out of the way. Rocco then slowed down on the   river and checked, leading Kabrhel to fire out 520,000 chips.

Rocco laid his hand down, and Kabrhel was back to being a slight chipleader.

Martin Kabrhel11,000,0001,600,000
Michael Rocco10,000,000-500,000
Cedric Schwaederle4,700,000-600,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:06 PM Local Time
Maue Doubles Through Adamszki

Leonard Maue

Tamas Adamszki raised to 250,000 from early position before Leonard Maue pushed all in for 675,000 from the cutoff. The action eventually folded back to Adamszki, who put in the necessary chips for a call.

Leonard Maue:   
Tamas Adamszki:   

Maue's queens had little to fear on the       runout and he doubled up to the same stack as Adamszki.

Tamas Adamszki1,700,000-700,000
Leonard Maue1,700,000725,000
Gorilla Gaming
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 10:02 PM Local Time
Adamszki Survives Again

Cedric Schwaederle opened to 240,000 from under the gun with    and was met with an all in from Tamas Adamszki for 1,080,000 in middle position. The call was quickly made after the rest of the table folded.

Tamas Adamszki:   
Cedric Schwaederle:   

Adamszki instantly improved on the     flop, leaving his opponent drawing dead after the   turn. The   river completed the board, as Adamszki climbed out of the bottom spot on the chip leaderboard.

Cedric Schwaederle5,300,000-1,000,000
Tamas Adamszki2,400,0001,300,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 9:59 PM Local Time
Schwaederle Beats Rocco's Ducks

Cedric Schwaderle raised to 260,000 from early position with    and Michael Rocco made the call from the button with   .

Schwaederle went on to check the flop of    , leading Rocco to bet out 205,000 chips. Schawederle was going nowhere with his top pair, however, and made the call.

The   turn was then checked by both players before they both made a full house on the   river. Schwaederle put out a hefty bet of 785,000 and Rocco quickly folded his deuces, awarding the pot to the Frenchman.

Michael Rocco10,500,000-500,000
Cedric Schwaederle6,300,0001,100,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 9:52 PM Local Time
Rocco Takes Chip Lead

Michael Rocco

Martin Kabrhel opened to 240,000 from early position with    and found a call from Michael Rocco in the big blind holding   .

The     flop saw Rocco check to Kabrhel, who continued for 220,000. Rocco then slid out a check-raise to 650,000, with Kabrhel calling to the   turn.

Rocco checked again and was facing a bet of 780,000 from Kabrhel. The call was made to the   river.

Another check from Rocco brought a check back from Kabrhel. Rocco showed his queen kicker to go with two pair, taking over the chip lead from Kabrhel.

Michael Rocco11,000,0001,800,000
Martin Kabrhel9,400,000-1,600,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 9:43 PM Local Time
Kim Three-Bets Schwaederle

Cedric Schwaederle raised to 240,000 with    on the button, only to see Gab Yong Kim slide out a three-bet to 850,000 holding    in the small blind.

Schwaederle took some time before deciding to lay his hand down, as Kim collected more chips for his stack.

Cedric Schwaederle5,200,000-525,000
Gab Yong Kim3,500,000500,000
Tuesday, November 7, 2023 9:38 PM Local Time
Kim Takes a Small One

Leonard Maue raised to 200,000 from the hijack with    and Gab Yong Kim made the call from the big blind with   .

Maue made a continuation-bet of 100,000 on the     flop, which Kim check-called. The turn then fell the   and Kim checked again. Maue used one time bank extension before opting to check back.

The   river completed Kim's straight, but he opted to play it slow and checked to Maue, however, the latter checked back. Kim tabled his hand and raked in the pot, leaving Maue with less than ten big blinds.

Gab Yong Kim3,000,000360,000
Leonard Maue975,000-550,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander