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2023 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Tuesday, October 31, 2023 to Wednesday, November 01, 2023

WSOPE Event #4: 2K Pot Limit Omaha

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  • Buy-in: €2,000
  • Prizepool: €362,045
  • Entries: 206
  • Remaining: 0


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Thursday, November 2, 2023 4:16 AM Local Time
Cash Game Specialist Hokyiu Lee Triumphs in 2023 WSOPE Event #4: €2,000 Pot-Limit Omaha (€91,183)

Hokyiu Lee Wins 2023 WSOPE Event #4

The 2023 World Series of Poker Europe has crowned the third winner of a coveted gold bracelet at the King's Resort in Rozvadov. Out of a field of 205 entries in Event #4: €2,000 Pot-Limit Omaha, Hong Kong's Hokyiu Lee defeated Dario Alioto in heads-up play during the early morning hours. Both shared the biggest slice of the €362,045 prize pool and Lee earned a top prize of €91,183 along with live poker's pinnacle achievement for his resume.

Runner-up Alioto had to settle for a consolation prize of €56,358 whereas third-place finisher Gab Yong Kim once again missed out on his first gold bracelet as well. One year ago, Kim finished second in Event #8:€25,000 No Limit Hold'em Platinum High Roller and occupied the bronze spot on the podium this time.

Alioto was one of five WSOP bracelet winners in contention and his maiden victory dated back all the way to the 2007 WSOP Europe in London, when he came out on top of 156 entries in Event #2: £5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha. Since then, he racked up numerous deep runs in PLO tournaments but couldn't overcome cash game specialist Lee.

The winner follows into the footsteps of Yan Shing "Anson" Tsang, who reached the final table in this very event at the WSOPE three times, of which he came out on top in 2018 and 2022. The defending champion was on the rail during the final stages after he had been eliminated just shy of the money bubble earlier in the day.

Also featured on the final table were the UK's Barny Boatman and Namhyung Kim, who finished in fifth and eighth place respectively.

2023 WSOPE Event #4: €2,000 Pot Limit Omaha Final Results

PlaceWinnerCountryPrize (in EUR)
1Hokyiu LeeHong Kong€91,183
2Dario AliotoItaly€56,358
3Gab Yong KimSouth Korea€38,800
4Daniel SmuskovicsGermany€27,366
5Barny BoatmanUnited Kingdom€19,785
6Bruno StefanelliItaly€14,673
7Zhengfa YeAustria€11,168
8Namhyung KimSouth Korea€8,732

Winner's Reaction

Lee credited Tsang as an important factor for his victory as they had been discussing hands and tournament strategy during breaks, as he mainly focuses on PLO cash games when traveling for poker. The chance to win a bracelet sparked even more interest in taking a shot and it wasn't the first time he had a deep run in a WSOP event, even under the bright spotlight of the feature table.

"The moment? Let me think about it ... there were too many hands," Lee joked when asked if there was any key moment en route to victory. Indeed, he was one of the shorter stacks when the tournament combined to a single table and he needed several double-ups to stay in contention. But once he had chips to play with, the dynamics changed and the elimination of Gab Yong Kim put him in a prime spot.

"Early on the final table when it was still nine-handed, there were so many short stacks and I was one of them. Once I got a bigger stack, I tried to play more and raise more to put some pressure on the other players," the eventual winner described his strategy.

While the experience was certainly on the side of Alioto, Kim didn't need a long time to get used to the camera spotlight

"I was a little bit nervous on the last three tables because I was on the feature table already. This was my second time. My first time, I only played maybe thirty minutes. I didn't feel the pressure ... but this time, I already played on the feature table all the time as of 24 left. Then I got used to it and felt more relaxed when I played the final table."

He intends to play the remaining PLO bracelet events during the 2023 WSOPE but nothing else.

"Only Omaha, I don't even know how to play Hold'em, I don't even know the rules" he joked. A break of one or two days off is likely on the horizon before the chase for more glory continues.

He may very well face Alioto again, who has a track record of excellent PLO tournament results and who he considered as the most dangerous opponent on the business end of the event.

"He is so solid and then sometimes, in all the good spots, he plays very good bluffs," Lee remarked about the runner-up from Italy.

Hokyiu Lee Wins 2023 WSOPE Event #4
Hokyiu Lee and Anson Tsang

Action of the Final Day

Some 46 players returned to their seats in Europe's biggest poker arena on the final day for what was expected to be a long night of four-card action en route to crowning a winner. The money bubble was in sight during the opening stages and it took fewer than two hours to whittle down the field to the last four tables.

Among those to miss out on a pay day was also defending champion Anson Tsang, who came up short by a few spots after failing to run up a short stack. Christopher Back and Van Marcus were knocked out by Namhyung Kim to enter a short-lived bubble period, which ended with Raf De Wever getting his aces cracked by Farid Jattin. For the Colombian, who had entered Day 2 of this very event for the second year in a row, there was no happy end either as a torrid run on the final three tables resulted in a rather disappointing 22nd place finish.

A similar roller coaster happened for Dorel Eldabach who bowed out soon after, followed by the 2022 WSOP Europe Main Event champion Omar Eljach in 19th place. Eljach had the chance to win a WSOP gold bracelet for the second day in a row after his victory in Event #2: €550 Pot Limit Omaha but ran into the aces of Quirin Zech.

The final two tables were set soon after with the elimination of 2022 WSOP Main Event finalist Aaron Duczak and one of the most pivotal hands on Day 2 then unfolded on the outer table, where Namhyung Kim had the chance to eliminate Mick Heder and Dario Alioto with a flopped set of eights against two flush draws. Alioto had aces to go with it and spiked another heart on the river, skyrocketing to the top of the leaderboard.

Nino Pansier ran into one too many setups to narrowly miss the final table and Pavel Izotov bowed out moments later to set up the unofficial final table. Guy Goossens comeback from one big blind was cut short in ninth place before Kim ran with kings into aces to become the next casualty. Alioto then flushed away he two short stacks Zhengfa Ye and Bruno Stefanelli before Barny Boatman and Daniel Smuskovics also ran out of chips on a topsy-turvy day.

Barny Boatman
Barny Boatman

Three-handed play started incredibly deep with at least forty big blinds at their disposal but eventually, Kim saw his fate sealed when he flopped the second nut straight. Lee had him pipped and entered heads-up play with a near two-to-one lead over Alioto.

The heads-up duel for the gold bracelet was a brief affair as Lee pulled into a commanding lead thanks to a turned full house and flopped quads in quick succession. Alioto never recovered from the near fatal blows and couldn't double his tally just yet. For Lee, it was the first major live poker victory and he will certainly be among the contestants in the remaining PLO bracelet events during the 2023 WSOPE.

That concludes the PokerNews live updates for this event but another 12 WSOP gold bracelets will be awarded at the King's Resort in Rozvadov in the next two weeks.

Thursday, November 2, 2023 4:04 AM Local Time
Dario Alioto Eliminated in 2nd Place (€56,358)

Dario Alioto

Dario Alioto raised to 300,000, Hokyiu Lee moved all in, and Alioto called for his last 615,000.

Dario Alioto:     
Hokyiu Lee:     

Both players stood up to await the flop, which came    . Lee made a pair of fives, then picked up a flush draw on the   turn to take away some of Alioto's outs heading to the river.

The dealer flipped over the   and Lee went over to embrace Alioto with a hug before going to celebrate his new gold WSOP bracelet with his rail, including defending champion Anson Tsang.

Alioto, more than 15 years after his lone WSOP bracelet, had to settle for a runner-up finish this time.

Hokyiu Lee Wins 2023 WSOPE Event #4
Hokyiu Lee Wins 2023 WSOPE Event #4
Hokyiu Lee10,300,0001,000,000
Dario Alioto0-1,000,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 4:00 AM Local Time
Lee Flops the World to Leave Alioto With Crumbs

Quads for Hokyiu Lee

The heads-up match has been all Hokyiu Lee so far, and it continued when Dario Alioto limped in with      and Lee checked     .

It was a dream flop for Lee as the dealer turned over    , giving him quad nines. Both players checked and Lee then bet 200,000 on the   turn.

Alioto called to the   river, where Lee bet another 600,000. Alioto again called and surrendered the pot, dropping down to around 10 big blinds.

Hokyiu Lee9,300,000400,000
Dario Alioto1,000,000-400,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 3:56 AM Local Time
Three Queens and Kings No Good For Alioto

Dario Alioto limped in on the button and Hokyiu Lee checked.

The flop came     and Alioto took some time away from stirring his drink to toss in a 100,000 chip. Lee then raised to 450,000 with      and Alioto tossed away     .

The next hand, Lee made it 250,000 with      and Alioto called     . The flop came     and Lee won the pot with a bet of 300,000.

Hokyiu Lee8,900,000600,000
Dario Alioto1,400,000-600,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 3:49 AM Local Time
Alioto Runs Into a Full House

Hokyiu Lee

Hokyiu Lee raised to 250,000 on the button and Dario Alioto called.

Both players checked the     flop and Alioto also checked the   turn. Lee then fired out 350,000.

Alioto called and the   fell on the river. Lee bet another 1,100,000 and Alioto snap-called with      for a flopped straight.

Lee, though, had      for a full house as he took the big pot right at the start of heads-up play and opened a substantial lead.

Hokyiu Lee8,300,0001,800,000
Dario Alioto2,000,000-1,800,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, November 2, 2023 3:44 AM Local Time
Level 28 started
Level: 28
Blinds: 50,000/100,000
Ante: 100,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 3:42 AM Local Time
Heads-Up Play Begins

Heads-Up Dario Alioto and Hokyiu Lee

Hokyiu Lee and Dario Alioto are back in their seats after posing for a photo, and heads-up play has begun.

Hokyiu Lee6,500,000700,000
Dario Alioto3,800,000-700,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 3:33 AM Local Time
Gab Yong Kim Eliminated in 3rd Place (€38,800)

Gab Yong Kim

Hokyiu Lee raised to 240,000 in the small blind before Gab Yong Kim three-bet to 720,000.

Lee called as the flop came    . Kim then potted to 1,500,000, Lee moved all in, and Kim called for an additional 100,000.

Gab Yong Kim:     
Hokyiu Lee:     

Kim had flopped a straight, but Lee had the nut straight as the   turn and   river sent Kim to the rail in third place.

Lee and Dario Alioto are taking a short break before the start of heads-up play.

Gab Yong Kim
Gab Yong Kim
Hokyiu Lee5,800,0002,600,000
Gab Yong Kim0-2,700,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 3:21 AM Local Time
Kim Pots the Flop in Three-Way Pot

Hokyiu Lee limped in from the button and Gab Yong Kim and Dario Alioto came along from the blinds.

The flop came     and Alioto bet 175,000 from the big blind. Lee folded, but Kim then potted to 845,000 with      for a flopped set.

Alioto gave it some thought before mucking     .

Dario Alioto4,500,000100,000
Gab Yong Kim2,700,000-1,000,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 3:13 AM Local Time
Alioto Takes a Pot With Jacks

Dario Alioto limped in with      and Gab Yong Kim checked the big blind with     .

The flop came     and Alioto bet 100,000. Kim called with a flush draw and the   fell on the turn.

Action was then checked to the river, and both players again checked as Alioto took down the pot.

Dario Alioto4,400,000700,000
Gab Yong Kim2,600,000-1,500,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, November 2, 2023 3:04 AM Local Time
Lee Tries to Blow Kim Off the Pot

Gab Yong Kim raised to 210,000 on the button with      and Hokyiu Lee called in the big blind holding     .

Both players checked the     flop and the   fell on the turn, giving Kim a higher two pair. Kim then bet 235,000.

Lee came back with a raise to 800,000 and Kim spent a few minutes in the tank before calling. Lee slowed down and checked the   river, and Kim again spent a minute thinking over the decision before checking and taking down the pot.

Hokyiu Lee3,200,000-1,100,000
Gab Yong Kim3,000,000600,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 2:53 AM Local Time
Level 27 started
Level: 27
Blinds: 40,000/80,000
Ante: 80,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 2:43 AM Local Time
Lee Raises Alioto on the River

Gab Yong Kim folded his button and Dario Alioto then put in a raise to 180,000 in the small blind.

Hokyiu Lee called in the big blind and they checked to the river on a board of      . Alioto then led out for 100,000 and Lee raised to 450,000.

Alioto spent a minute in the tank before calling, and Lee showed two tens for a full house to win the pot.

Hokyiu Lee4,300,000700,000
Dario Alioto3,700,000-900,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 2:36 AM Local Time
Lee Four-Bets Kim

Hokyiu Lee raised to 150,000 on the button with      and Gab Yong Kim three-bet to 510,000 in the small blind.

Lee then four-bet to 1,600,000, getting Kim to lay down     .

Hokyiu Lee3,600,000900,000
Gab Yong Kim2,400,000-600,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 2:28 AM Local Time
Flop Bet Win for Kim in Three-Way Action

Gab Yong Kim raised it up to 150,000 on the button with the     . He was called by Dario Alioto with the     , and Hokyiu Lee also called with the     .

The     flop was checked to Kim, who continued for 180,000 into a pot of 510,000. Alioto let go and Lee came to the same conclusion.

Dario Alioto4,600,000-100,000
Gab Yong Kim3,000,000400,000
Hokyiu Lee2,700,000-300,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, November 2, 2023 2:24 AM Local Time
Alioto Gets Kim to Fold Better Hand

In a limped pot to the     flop, Dario Alioto bet 75,000 with the     . Gab Yong Kim called with the      and they checked it down on the   turn before the   river paired the board.

Alioto bet another 175,000 and Kim reluctantly folded.

Dario Alioto4,700,000300,000
Gab Yong Kim2,600,000-200,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 2:17 AM Local Time
Lee Gets River Value From Kim

In a limped pot to the     flop, Hokyiu Lee check-called a bet worth 100,000 by Gab Yong Kim with the     . Both checked the   turn and Lee then bet the   river for 150,000. Kim called without his cards being shown and mucked.

Hokyiu Lee3,000,000300,000
Gab Yong Kim2,800,000-400,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 2:09 AM Local Time
Level 26 started
Level: 26
Blinds: 30,000/60,000
Ante: 60,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 1:56 AM Local Time
Daniel Smuskovics Eliminated in 4th Place (€27,366)

Daniel Smuskovics

Daniel Smuskovics raised to 125,000 and received no fewer than three callers, as the flop came    .

Smuskovics bet the pot for 550,000 when checked to and Dario Alioto then pushed all-in for the German to call for nearly 1.4 million chips.

Daniel Smuskovics:     
Dario Alioto:     

The   turn gave Smuskovics a gutshot but he whiffed the   river to become the fourth place finisher, taking home €27,366. After the hand, the three remaining players went on a 15-minute break.

Dario Alioto4,400,0001,700,000
Gab Yong Kim3,200,000300,000
Hokyiu Lee2,700,0000
Daniel Smuskovics0-1,500,000
Thursday, November 2, 2023 1:55 AM Local Time
Barny Boatman Eliminated in 5th Place (€19,785)

Barny Boatman

Gab Yong Kim limped in from the small blind and Barny Boatman checked his option.

The flop came     and Kim led out for 50,000. Boatman then raised to 300,000, Kim moved all in, and Boatman called for his last 525,000.

Barny Boatman:     
Gab Yong Kim:     

Boatman was in front with his set of sevens, while Kim had straight and flush draws. The   fell on the turn, while the   river completed his straight and sent the two-time WSOP bracelet winner and original Hendon Mobster to the rail in fifth place.

Gab Yong Kim3,300,000400,000
Barny Boatman0-625,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander