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2023 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, November 10, 2023 to Wednesday, November 15, 2023

WSOPE Event #13: MAIN EVENT NLH European Championship

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  • Buy-in: €10,350
  • Prizepool: €7,761,500
  • Entries: 817
  • Remaining: 0


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Wednesday, November 15, 2023 9:52 PM Local Time
Nils Pudel Eliminated in 6th Place (€255,000)

Nils Pudel

Michael Rocco opened from the button and snap-called Nils Pudel's 6,600,000 shove from the big blind.

Nils Pudel:   
Michael Rocco:   

Rocco's aces remained best on the       runout and Pudel bowed out in 6th place.

Michael Rocco23,000,0008,000,000
Nils Pudel0-7,300,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 9:50 PM Local Time
Rocco Fires a Second Bullet, Tsai Looks Him Up

Michael Rocco limped the small blind with    and Eric Tsai checked   .

Both players checked to the turn on a board of      when Rocco led out for 600,000. Tsai called with two pair and the   fell on the river.

Rocco then bet another 600,000 and Tsai again called to win the pot.

Michael Rocco15,000,000-5,000,000
Eric Tsai15,000,0003,000,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 9:41 PM Local Time
Momentum with Neugebauer

Michele Tocci opened    to 1,100,000 from under the gun and was called by Max Neugebauer from the big blind with   

On the     flop Neugebauer check-raised to 1,800,000 over a bet of 800,000 and was called.

The   locked up the hand for the Austrian and he led out for 2,200,000 which folded out Tocci.

Max Neugebauer21,000,0003,000,000
Michele Tocci14,000,000-3,000,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 9:39 PM Local Time
Neugebauer Shoves on Tocci

Max Neugebauer raised to 1,000,000 in the hijack with    before Michele Tocci three-bet to 3,000,000 in the cutoff.

Neugebauer then moved all in for 14,000,000 and Tocci quickly folded   .

Max Neugebauer18,000,0005,000,000
Michele Tocci17,000,000-3,000,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 9:35 PM Local Time
Neugebauer Bets Out Klezys

Action folded to Kasparas Klezys in the small blind who raised to 1,300,000 with   . Max Neugebauer defended    as they went heads-up to the     flop.

Klezys, with straight and flush draws, led out for 900,000 and Neugebauer called with his own flush draw. The   turn missed both players and Klezys checked.

Neugebauer then fired out 2,000,000 and Klezys gave it some thought before folding.

Max Neugebauer13,000,0002,000,000
Kasparas Klezys9,100,000-2,900,000
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Wednesday, November 15, 2023 9:26 PM Local Time
Rocco Picks Up Kings, Tocci Folds a Pair

Max Neugebauer raised to 1,000,000 under the gun with    and Michele Tocci called in the hijack holding   . Michael Rocco in the cutoff then looked down at    and three-bet to 4,000,000.

Neugebauer quickly folded, but Tocci spent a few moments in the tank before giving up his pair.

Michele Tocci20,000,000-2,000,000
Michael Rocco20,000,0002,175,000
Max Neugebauer11,000,000-1,800,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 9:19 PM Local Time
Confrontation Between Tsai and Klezys Ends in a Chop

Kasparas Klezys raised to 1,100,000 in the hijack and Eric Tsai called in the big blind.

The flop came     and Klezys continued for 1,500,000. Tsai called to the   turn, where Klezys bet another 2,800,000.

Tsai took his time before he again called. The river was the   and Tsai checked over to Klezys, who this time checked back.

Klezys showed   , while Tsai had    and they chopped the pot with aces and sevens, jack-kicker.

Kasparas Klezys12,000,0000
Eric Tsai12,000,0002,525,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 9:07 PM Local Time
Tocci Puts a Cooler on Klezys

Michele Tocci

Michele Tocci raised to 1,100,000 in the hijack and Kasparas Klezys defended his big blind.

The flop came     and Tocci continued for 700,000. Klezys called to the   turn, where Tocci bet another 1,500,000.

Klezys again called and the   fell on the river. Tocci fired out 4,000,000 this time and Klezys spent a few minutes agonizing over the decision before putting in the chips.

Tocci showed    for the nut flush and Klezys slammed down    in frustration as his flopped trips hit the muck and the massive pot was pushed to Tocci.

Michele Tocci22,000,0007,925,000
Kasparas Klezys12,000,000-8,000,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 8:58 PM Local Time
Level 33 started
Level: 33
Blinds: 250,000/500,000
Ante: 500,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 8:39 PM Local Time
Players Catch Their Breath

Another 90-minute level has come and gone, and the remaining six players are on a 20-minute break.

SeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Michele TocciItaly14,075,00028
2Michael RoccoUnited States17,825,00036
3Eric TsaiTaiwan9,475,00019
4Nils PudelGermany7,300,00015
5Kasparas KlezysLithuania20,000,00040
6Max NeugebauerAustria12,800,00026
Kasparas Klezys20,000,000-100,000
Michael Rocco17,825,000-175,000
Michele Tocci14,075,00075,000
Max Neugebauer12,800,000-1,200,000
Eric Tsai9,475,000-2,525,000
Nils Pudel7,300,000-2,700,000
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Wednesday, November 15, 2023 8:37 PM Local Time
Klezys Doubles Through Tocci

Kasparas Klezys

Kasparas Klezys opened to    from under the gun. Michele Tocci and Eric Tsai called from the cutoff and small blind with    and   

Klezys made a set on the     flop and bet 1,100,000. Only Tocci called.

The   came on the turn. Klezys fired out another 2,100,000 into the middle. Tocci moved all in as the bigger stack and Klezys called off the 5,100,000 he had behind.

Kasparas Klezys:   
Michele Tocci:   

The   river filled Klezys up, and he took in the double up.

Kasparas Klezys20,100,0009,100,000
Michele Tocci14,000,000-8,000,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 8:26 PM Local Time
Rocco Three-Bets Neugebauer

Max Neugebauer raised to 800,000 under the gun before Michael Rocco three-bet to 1,500,000 in the cutoff with   .

Neugebauer called and the flop came    . Rocco then bet 2,400,000 and Neugebauer folded   .

Michael Rocco18,000,0002,000,000
Max Neugebauer14,000,0000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 8:18 PM Local Time
Rocco Calls Tocci With King-High

In a limped pot between the blinds, Michele Tocci and Michael Rocco checked to the river on a board of      .

Tocci then led out for 425,000 and Rocco gave it some thought before calling. Tocci showed    for two pair and Rocco mucked   .

Michele Tocci22,000,0001,000,000
Michael Rocco16,000,000-1,000,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 8:11 PM Local Time
Neugebauer Doubles

Max Neugebauer

Max Neugebauer moved all with    for 7,000,000 from the small blind and Michele Tocci called with    from the big blind.

Neither player connected on the       runout, and Neugebauer raked in the double-up through the chip leader.

Max Neugebauer Nils Pudel
Max Neugebauer Nils Pudel
Michele Tocci21,000,000-5,000,000
Max Neugebauer14,000,0006,200,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 8:09 PM Local Time
Rocco Attempts a Move Right Into Tsai's Kings

Eric Tsai

Michael Rocco limped in from the hijack before Eric Tsai looked down at    in the cutoff and raised to 1,300,000.

The table folded back around to Rocco, who three-bet to 2,200,000. Tsai took his time before four-betting to 3,300,000 and Rocco quickly got rid of   .

Michael Rocco17,000,000-2,000,000
Eric Tsai12,000,0005,300,000
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Wednesday, November 15, 2023 7:58 PM Local Time
Tsai Leads Out

Kasparas Klezys opened to 850,000 from the hijack with    from the hijack. Eric Tsai called from the big blind with   .

Tsai led out for 500,000 with his queen-high and was called. Tsai fired out another 1,100,000 on the   turn and folded out the best hand.

Kasparas Klezys11,000,000-2,000,000
Eric Tsai6,700,0001,125,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 7:54 PM Local Time
Neugebauer Four-Bet Shoves

Max Neugebauer was on the button and raised to 800,000 holding   . Michael Rocco then three-bet to 1,500,000 in the big blind.

Neugebauer came back with an all-in shove for 5,700,000 and Rocco folded   .

Michael Rocco19,000,000-2,000,000
Max Neugebauer7,800,000100,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 7:52 PM Local Time
Martin Kabrhel Cracks Kings Twice to Beat Johan "YoH ViraL" Guilbert in $294,920 Pot
Johan Guilbert x Martin Kabrhel
Johan Guilbert x Martin Kabrhel

The 2023 World Series of Poker Europe is in full flow, with proceedings for the record-breaking €10,350 Main Event currently underway at King's Resort in Rozvadov.

And while there's been some immense tournament poker on display already, there's been plenty of exciting action in the cash game streets here at King's.

A cash game livestream featured some huge names such as Martin Kabrhel, Johan "YoH ViraL" Guilbert, Rob Yong, Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier and casino owner Leon Tsoukernik.

One of the biggest pots of the night was played between Guilbert and Kabrhel where the latter found an ace on two boards to scoop in the massive pot.

Watch the hand play out here

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 7:37 PM Local Time
Rocco Gets Sticky, Then Bombs the River

Michael Rocco

Michael Rocco limped in from the cutoff with    as Nils Pudel and Kasparas Klezys came along in the blinds.

The flop came     and Rocco bet 500,000 with top pair. Pudel called holding   , but Klezys raised to 1,800,000.

Rocco called and Pudel got out of the way as the   fell on the turn. Klezys then fired out 3,400,000 and Rocco again called.

The   fell on the river and Klezys slowed down and checked. Rocco, leaning back in his chair, paused for a moment before pushing in 8,400,000. Klezys snap-folded    as Rocco took the pot to climb over 20,000,000.

Michael Rocco21,000,0007,000,000
Kasparas Klezys13,000,000-6,000,000
Nils Pudel10,000,000-2,000,000
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 7:26 PM Local Time
Tocci Uses Big Stack to Bully Rocco

Michele Rocci raised to 825,000 in the cutoff with    and Michael Rocco put in a three-bet to 1,300,000 on the button.

Rocci called and they went heads-up to the     flop. Tocci checked over to Rocco, who slowed down and checked back.

The turn was the   and Tocci led out for 1,200,000. Rocco quickly got rid of   .

Michele Tocci26,000,0001,475,000
Michael Rocco14,000,000-650,000
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