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2017 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Saturday, November 04, 2017 to Friday, November 10, 2017

Event #11: €10,350 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT

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  • Buy-in: €10,350
  • Prizepool: €5,025,500
  • Entries: 529
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, November 6, 2017 12:52 AM Local Time
Parker Talbot Among Biggest Stacks at Close of Day 1b

Parker Talbot

Day 1b of the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event drew to a close just before midnight on Sunday at King's Casino, and 888poker Ambassador Parker Talbot bagged one of the biggest stacks when the dust settled. Talbot finished with 179,500, to place within the unofficial top five out of the 190 or so who bagged.

Best known for his online streaming success, "tonkaaaa" has recently expanded more into the live arena after hooking up with 888poker, racking up over $100,000 in cashes this year. He'll have more than 200 big blinds when play resumes on Monday.

He'll be joined by fellow 888poker Ambassadors Vivian Saliba (100,300), Sofia Lovgren (40,800) and Natalie Hof (8,600), all of whom also played Day 1b.

Henry Tran appeared to be the chip leader with 224,700 when play closed. Tran racked up the hefty count despite playing at a tough table that included Mustapha Kanit and Martin Jacobson for much of the night, although the latter showed up quite late. Kanit himself bagged 177,100 while the 2014 WSOP Main Event champ finished with 33,400.

Tran has had plenty of tournament success over the past decade-plus, building up $1.8 million in tournament cashes. However, the closest he has come to wearing WSOP gold is a fourth-place event in $1,000 event back in 2012. He's off to a good start if this is going to be his big breakthrough.

Overall, Day 1b drew about 265 entries, which pushes the two-flight total to 490. There's still time for more entries as well, since registration remains open until the start of Day 2 and the new reentry format means anyone who has already played can still put in one last entry. They'll have plenty of chips too, since the 50,000 starting stack will hold plenty of play with the 90-minute levels and 400/800/100 blinds and antes to start Day 2.

Some of those players who will need to take advantage of the format, due to a lack of success on Day 1b, included Vojtech Ruzicka, Koray Aldemir, Felipe Ramos, Martin Kabrhel and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

Ferguson, of course, is the runaway favorite for WSOP Player of the Year honors after a strong showing here in Europe cemented his status atop the leaderboard.

Day 2 coverage begins at noon on Monday here on PokerNews so come back to find out just how big this field gets when everyone combines and all of the final entries get tallied.

2017 WSOPE Main Event Day 2 Seat Draw

TableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
791Norson SahiBrazil24,20030
793Catherine HannaUnited Kingdom59,30074
794Robin HegeleGermany38,30048
795Roman HeroldGermany126,100158
796Petr ŠubíkCzech Republic49,10061
797Sander van WesemaelNetherlands21,70027
798Frederick CaracanteBrazil67,80085
831Kyle OakCanada74,90094
832Igor ErofeevUkraine92,200115
833Mario VojvodaCroatia17,20022
835Tom Aksel BedellNorway44,70056
836Sofia LövgrenSweden40,80051
837Erik SensNetherlands45,30057
838Christian ChristnerGermany124,600156
841Bernard SevillaUnited Kingdom96,800121
842Yorane KerignardFrance64,10080
843Jan-Peter JachtmannGermany154,100193
844Antoine SaoutFrance144,400181
846Tom HallUnited Kingdom17,00021
847Kenny HallaertUnited Kingdom39,10049
848Philipp BaierGermany45,90057
851Pierre NeuvilleBelgium239,000299
852Aleksandar TomovićSerbia114,500143
853Marc MacDonnellIreland182,500228
854Alexandre ViardCzech Republic26,50033
855Ghattas KortasSweden40,80051
857Brandon SheilsUnited Kingdom87,200109
858Matas CimbolasLithuania124,000155
891Markus DurneggerAustria246,200308
892Christopher WilliamsUnited Kingdom19,90025
893Fabrice SoulierFrance71,00089
894Timothy AdamsCanada44,10055
895John RacenerUnited States128,500161
896Maria LampropulosArgentina65,00081
898Dexter TurnbullUnited Kingdom17,20022
901Thomas MuehloeckerAustria71,60090
902Mathijs JonkersNetherlands102,100128
904Marius GierseGermany119,500149
905Niall FarrellUnited Kingdom66,20083
906Roland IsraelashviliUnited States124,900156
907Will GivensUnited States54,50068
908László BujtásHungary216,500271
911Ferran De Antonio CanelaSpain69,60087
912Veysel KortanGermany71,10089
913Uri ReichensteinIsrael27,70035
914Viktor KovachevBulgaria66,60083
915John ForsmanSweden86,200108
917Johnny HansenDenmark29,70037
918Michal MrakešCzech Republic69,90087
951Steven Van ZadelhoffNetherlands28,00035
952Horst BarlauGermany8,20010
954Martin WeiemannAustria47,20059
955Julian StuerGermany24,70031
956Maria HoUnited States88,900111
957Alex DifeliceCanada27,00034
958Tomas JozonisLithuania20,80026
961Andrei BogheanRomania119,000149
962Sam GraftonCzech Republic147,000184
963Colin MctaggartUnited Kingdom26,90034
964David PetersUnited States94,200118
966Allen KesslerUnited States113,400142
967Markus RossGermany157,400197
968Wolfgang DistlerGermany70,60088
971Razvan-Andrei DumeaRomania170,700213
972Aleksandr OrlovRussian Federation44,60056
973Dzmitry UrbanovichPoland46,90059
974Kristen BicknellCanada27,30034
975Oliver HeidelGermany99,400124
976Mark BermanUnited Kingdom57,30072
978Neil RyderUnited Kingdom97,400122
1011Vlad DarieRomania135,000169
1012Christian ThiryLuxembourg81,000101
1013Angel ImedioSpain133,600167
1014Josip SimunicAustria189,100236
1015Omid MojaverianIran44,40056
1016Chris MoormanUnited Kingdom39,40049
1018Vladimir TroyanovskiyRussian Federation35,40044
1021Miha TravnikSlovenia65,00081
1022Thomas HaneyUnited Kingdom29,80037
1024The Duc NgoCzech Republic66,60083
1025Patrik AntoniusFinland68,40086
1026Lee LawrensonUnited Kingdom92,200115
1027Narcis-Gabriel NedelcuRomania42,20053
1028Vivian SalibaBrazil100,300125
1031Philipp GruissemUnited Kingdom30,40038
1032Raphael WimmerAustria85,300107
1033Paulo BritoBrazil131,300164
1034Eusebiu JalbaRomania103,100129
1036Adriano LuzziUnited Kingdom37,00046
1037Chi ZhangUnited Kingdom47,10059
1038Ronni BorgDenmark12,80016
1072Paul HöferGermany17,70022
1073Stephen ShaylerUnited Kingdom14,60018
1074Blake KelsoUnited States25,40032
1075Paul NeweyUnited Kingdom57,10071
1076Kai MünsterGermany28,30035
1077Ali Reza FatehiIran31,70040
1078Michael SkleničkaCzech Republic75,00094
1082Maxim LykovRussian Federation46,80059
1083Florian Dimitrie DutaRomania11,10014
1084Mark RobertsUnited Kingdom81,600102
1085Sebastian PawlakUnited Kingdom63,40079
1086Thomas TraboulsiGermany30,60038
1087James AkenheadUnited Kingdom116,400146
1088Timo SchneiderGermany35,80045
1092Jan Felix BögnerGermany55,10069
1093Dan ShakUnited States100,300125
1094Manig LoeserUnited Kingdom74,90094
1095Patryk SlusarekPoland71,30089
1096Oleh HaisiukUkraine95,500119
1097Ognjen ŠekularacSerbia97,900122
1098Keith CumminsIreland64,20080
1131Giorgio DonzelliItaly75,30094
1132Thomer PidunGermany32,40041
1134Anthony RomanelloUnited Kingdom31,90040
1135Hannes SpeiserGermany61,60077
1136Michael CorriganUnited Kingdom57,00071
1137Rainer KempeGermany50,20063
1138Bertrand GrospellierFrance76,10095
1141Lars KamphuesGermany50,20063
1142Dietrich FastGermany40,10050
1143Anatoly FilatovRussian Federation77,70097
1144Grzegorz GoskPoland78,00098
1145Kfir IvgiIsrael74,50093
1146Piotr TrebaczPoland31,20039
1148Maximilian DienderNetherlands40,10050
1151Raoul RefosNetherlands21,20027
1152Jan WozniakCzech Republic28,30035
1153Tomas FaraCzech Republic76,20095
1154Hans ThumannCzech Republic150,500188
1156Robert SchillerGermany45,70057
1157Michal JurgielewiczPoland55,70070
1158Stephen AyresUnited Kingdom108,100135
1191Andrei StoenescuRomania37,90047
1192Evgeny KafelnikovRussian Federation80,500101
1193Michaël GoossensBelgium82,400103
1194Felix SchulzeGermany21,30027
1195Christian RauchGermany24,70031
1196Moritz DietrichGermany84,700106
1198Kevin FrameUnited Kingdom40,20050
1202Eugene CastroUnited States30,50038
1203Julian ThomasAustria100,000125
1204Mikolaj ZawadzkiGermany21,40027
1205Farid YachouNetherlands146,700183
1206Eddie OchanaUnited States58,30073
1207Daniel ParsonageUnited Kingdom36,60046
1208Luke FacerUnited Kingdom37,10046
1211Ben FarrellUnited Kingdom78,00098
1212Ludovic GeilichUnited Kingdom54,60068
1213Peter KovacsHungary71,10089
1214Mustapha KanitItaly177,100221
1215Zurab EjibiaGruzia107,700135
1217Sergio CabreraSpain74,80094
1218Vlado BanicevicMontenegro78,10098
1251Adrian MateosSpain49,60062
1252Goran MandicCroatia93,500117
1253Thomas HofmannSwitzerland27,40034
1254Michal SchuhCzech Republic89,400112
1255Henry TranCanada224,700281
1257Frederik AnderssonSweden59,00074
1258Natalie HofGermany8,60011
1261Rex ClinkscalesUnited States35,80045
1263David HudsonUnited Kingdom76,00095
1264Daniel KöningerGermany92,800116
1265Alexander LakhovRussian Federation113,200142
1266Yannick PernotGermany19,20024
1267Dominik PankaPoland149,600187
1268Luke ThursfieldUnited Kingdom78,90099
1271Neil SlaterUnited Kingdom104,400131
1272Roberto RomanelloUnited Kingdom102,800129
1273Aaron DuczakCanada52,10065
1275Thomas HueberAustria54,30068
1276Piotr FranczakPoland169,800212
1277James AblottUnited Kingdom103,000129
1278Theodoros AidonopoulosGreece34,80044
1311Jonas LauckGermany34,00043
1312Brandon CantuUnited States46,80059
1313Marcel LuskeNetherlands75,00094
1315Benjamin LamprechtAustria78,30098
1316Andreas KellerGermany76,50096
1317Ioannis Angelou-KonstasGreece125,600157
1318Daniel LawtonUnited Kingdom16,10020
1321Markus StegerGermany89,400112
1322Cosmin VoineaRomania13,00016
1323Norbert MadarasHungary155,800195
1325Sebastian LangrockAustria68,50086
1326Ivan LucaArgentina42,30053
1327Bernd GleissnerGermany73,30092
1328Kework BesiktasliyanNetherlands39,50049
1332Ramin HajiyevAzerbaijan54,70068
1333Emrah CakmakFrance36,30045
1334Mohamed Razab-SekhNetherlands40,00050
1335Mikhail SurinRussian Federation67,40084
1336Stelian BotRomania79,30099
1337Erich KollmannAustria87,400109
1338Karl SnowUnited Kingdom10,10013
1371Jack SalterUnited Kingdom48,40061
1372Kevin MacPheeUnited States85,600107
1373Ben JacksonUnited Kingdom67,60085
1374Mohamed MamouniFrance46,40058
1376Pavel IgnatovRussian Federation62,20078
1377Sasa IkacCroatia52,80066
1378Michael BaileyCanada61,30077
1381Angelo MiliotoIreland86,200108
1382Anton WiggSweden105,000131
1383Aleksandr RudnyiRussian Federation40,50051
1384Mark MccluskeyUnited Kingdom34,20043
1385Lauren RenderUnited Kingdom77,30097
1386Ali AyubUnited Kingdom80,200100
1387Kilian KramerGermany20,50026
1391Anthony ZinnoUnited States77,40097
1392Ján BendíkSlovakia81,700102
1393Julian MenhardtGermany102,300128
1394Mike LeahCanada57,00071
1395James Keith WalkerUnited Kingdom96,400121
1396Andrei SiandzevichCzech Republic46,20058
1397Nicholas ToddIreland11,60015
1401Stanislav ZegalGermany30,10038
1402Diego VenturaPeru145,200182
1403Dmitry IvanovRussian Federation88,300110
1404Philipp LütkemeierGermany41,00051
1405Ryan RiessUnited States150,400188
1406Henric StenholmSweden116,600146
1408Sergei KislinskiiRussian Federation73,90092
1432Artur RudziankovCzech Republic111,200139
1433Mirza NezirevicSweden59,90075
1434Sergio AidoSpain27,60035
1435Sylvain LoosliUnited Kingdom54,70068
1436Gilbert DiazFrance188,900236
1437Robert SchulzGermany58,60073
1438Dara O'KearneyIreland90,500113
1441Liviu IgnatRomania33,80042
1443Liwei SunItaly55,00069
1444Igor BalinerGermany20,50026
1445Lucas Gomes SilvaBrazil45,80057
1446Roman CieslikGermany127,600160
1447Ryan LengUnited States10,20013
1448Gianluca SperanzaAustria119,800150
1451Vlado SevoAustria18,50023
1452Dario SammartinoItaly55,00069
1453Benjamin ChalotFrance95,100119
1455Nick PetrangeloUnited States35,00044
1456Christian RachelGermany41,80052
1457Maximilian LehmanskiGermany82,200103
1458Jon KalmarUnited Kingdom130,200163
1461Helma WeberGermany97,000121
1462Symour SavelloniHungary57,60072
1463Leo Worthington-LeeseUnited Kingdom95,900120
1464Tomáš KubaliakSlovakia14,20018
1465Oliver WeisGermany48,30060
1466William LiangCanada131,200164
1467Christian StoyanovGermany37,50047
1491Kai Yiu ChanUnited Kingdom41,30052
1492Eugene KatchalovUnited States128,300160
1494Peter SmythUnited Kingdom39,20049
1495Nariman YaghmaiIran45,80057
1496Viliyan PetleshkovBulgaria143,800180
1497Raymond DrummieUnited Kingdom65,80082
1498Madalin PetraruRomania84,500106
1502Pascal HartmannGermany54,80069
1503William KassoufUnited Kingdom37,40047
1504Gennady KalinUnited States59,10074
1505Davidi KitaiBelgium127,700160
1506Andreas KlattGermany23,40029
1507Ante VarnicaCroatia13,30017
1508Ngoc Minh HoangCzech Republic89,000111
1511Ardit KurshumiUnited States52,20065
1513Marti Roca De TorresSpain55,10069
1514Aaro ValkilaEstonia49,30062
1515Anatoliy ZyrinRussian Federation74,40093
1516David LeviUnited States62,60078
1517Jonathan HaywardUnited Kingdom81,300102
1518Tobias PetersNetherlands52,70066
1521John LeslieUnited Kingdom59,00074
1523Andrej DessetSlovakia25,20032
1524Chun Ho LawUnited Kingdom122,500153
1525Manoj ChamakalaGermany49,60062
1526Javier SanchezUnited Kingdom100,600126
1527Philipp ZukernikChina34,80044
1528Martin JacobsonSweden33,40042
1551Pavel PlesuvMoldova120,000150
1553Artan DedushaUnited Kingdom22,80029
1554Jack SinclairUnited Kingdom10,80014
1555Mike EmdeGermany42,20053
1556Zhong ChenNetherlands33,30042
1557Aleksei KiushovRussian Federation96,900121
1558Olov Peter SkogSweden101,400127
1561Osman MustanogluUnited Kingdom88,400111
1562Daniel PidunGermany57,70072
1563Andrew AspinallIreland87,900110
1564Ismael BojangAustria95,200119
1566Stoyan ObreshkovBulgaria109,600137
1567Rifat PalevicSweden32,10040
1568Robert HeidornGermany40,00050
1571Usman SiddiqueUnited Kingdom98,300123
1572Negjdet AvdylajGermany36,60046
1573Nicky RomanelloUnited Kingdom59,00074
1574Clement RichezFrance144,400181
1575Dmitri PrusovRussian Federation23,20029
1576Andrei DemidovRussian Federation119,500149
1578Christopher FrankGermany135,900170
1581Yichuan YeTaiwan74,60093
1583Jens LübbeGermany100,500126
1584Parker TalbotCanada179,500224
1585Matthew DavenportUnited Kingdom146,100183
1586Tomasz ChmielPoland100,700126
1587Przemyslaw KlejnowskiPoland53,30067
1588Leo NashIreland46,30058
1611Stepan OsinovskiRussian Federation105,400132
1613Aleksandr TiufiakinRussian Federation70,10088
1614Hossein EnsanGermany130,000163
1615Ihar SoikaBelarus82,300103
1616Paul CoughlanUnited Kingdom63,10079
1617Pedro OliveiraPortugal115,800145
1618Mikita BadziakouskiBelarus61,90077
1621Mario BaslerGermany73,10091
1622Ljubomir JosipovičAustria132,200165
1624Paul MichaelisGermany74,50093
1625Benjamin PollakFrance47,20059
1626Simon HigginsUnited Kingdom55,90070
1627Anthony GardnerUnited Kingdom114,600143
1628Connor HogartyIreland52,00065
1631Asi MosheIsrael203,600255
1632Alexandru PapazianRomania55,30069
1633Ole SchemionUnited States19,30024
1635Jürgen WenigwieserAustria116,900146
1636Ivan BanicCroatia77,10096
1637David UrbanSlovakia52,20065
1638Pascal PflockGermany49,10061
1641Paul JacksonUnited States90,300113
1644Richard KingUnited Kingdom57,30072
1645Adrianus WeelNetherlands133,600167
1646Vishal MainiUnited Kingdom74,30093
1647Dermot BlainIreland22,40028
1648Stefan LehnerAustria36,00045
--Dejan PustoslemšekSlovenia162,100203
--Jaroslaw SikoraPoland147,700185
Monday, November 6, 2017 12:05 AM Local Time
End-of-Day Chip Countst
Henry Tran224,70054,700
Josip Simunic189,10021,100
Marc MacDonnell182,50032,500
Parker Talbot179,5005,500
Mustapha Kanit177,100103,100
Norbert Madaras155,800155,800
Hans Thumann150,500150,500
Dominik Panka149,60048,600
Farid Yachou146,7002,700
Diego Ventura145,200145,200
Clement Richez144,400144,400
Antoine Saout144,40018,400
Viliyan Petleshkov143,800143,800
Chris Frank [Christopher Frank]135,900135,900
Angel Imedio133,600133,600
Arjan Weel133,600133,600
Ljubomir Josipovič132,200132,200
William Liang131,200131,200
Hossein Ensan130,000-12,000
John Racener128,50031,000
Eugene Katchalov128,30057,300
Roman Cieslik127,600127,600
Ioannis Angelou-Konstas125,600125,600
Christian Christner124,60011,600
Matas Cimbolas124,00034,000
Pavel Plesuv120,000120,000
Gianluca Speranza119,800119,800
Andrei Demidov119,500119,500
Marius Gierse119,5004,500
James Akenhead116,400116,400
Allen Kessler113,400-5,600
Stepan Osinovski105,400105,400
Anton Wigg105,000-7,000
Neil Slater104,400104,400
Julian Menhardt102,300102,300
Peter Skog [Olov Peter Skog]101,400101,400
Javier Sanchez100,600100,600
Vivian Saliba100,3007,300
Julian Thomas100,00015,000
Oliver Heidel99,40099,400
Usman Siddique98,30098,300
Neil Ryder97,40097,400
Helma Weber97,00097,000
Aleksei Kiushov96,90096,900
Bernard Sevilla96,80096,800
Oleh Haisiuk95,50095,500
Benjamin Chalot95,10095,100
Goran Mandic93,50093,500
Daniel Köninger92,80092,800
Igor Erofeev92,20092,200
Dara O'Kearney90,5000
Paul Jackson90,30090,300
Michal Schuh89,40089,400
Ngoc Minh Hoang89,00089,000
Maria Ho88,9008,900
Osman Mustanoglu88,40088,400
Dmitry Ivanov88,30088,300
Andrew Aspinall87,90087,900
Brandon Sheils87,20087,200
Raphael Wimmer85,30085,300
Ihar Soika82,30082,300
Maximilian Lehmanski82,20082,200
Jan Bendik81,70018,700
Mark Roberts81,60081,600
Jonathan Hayward81,30081,300
Ali Ayub80,20080,200
Ben Farrell78,00078,000
Anatoly Filatov77,7005,700
Anthony Zinno77,4005,400
Lauren Render77,30077,300
Andreas Keller76,50076,500
Bertrand Grospellier76,100100
David Hudson76,00076,000
Giorgio Donzelli75,30075,300
Kyle Oak74,90074,900
Anatoliy Zyrin74,4000
Sergei Kislinskii73,90073,900
Bernd Gleissner73,30073,300
Mario Basler73,10073,100
Thomas Muehloecker71,6009,600
Patryk Slusarek71,30071,300
Veysel Kortan71,10071,100
Peter Kovacs71,10071,100
Fabrice Soulier71,000-22,000
Sebastian Langrock68,50068,500
Patrik Antonius68,40015,400
Ben Jackson67,60067,600
Mikhail Surin67,40067,400
Viktor Kovachev66,60066,600
Raymond Drummie65,80065,800
Maria Lampropulos65,00065,000
Keith Cummins64,20064,200
Sebastian Pawlak63,40063,400
Paul Coughlan63,10063,100
Pavel Ignatov62,20062,200
Mikita Badziakouski61,90061,900
Hannes Speiser61,60061,600
Mirza Nezirevic59,90059,900
Gennady Kalin59,10059,100
Nicky Romanello59,00059,000
Robert Schulz58,60029,200
Daniel Pidun57,70057,700
Richard King57,30057,300
Mark Berman57,30057,300
Mike Leah57,0008,800
Simon Higgins55,900-44,100
Michal Jurgielewicz55,70055,700
Jan Felix Bögner55,10055,100
Marti Roca De Torres55,10055,100
Dario Sammartino55,00037,000
Pascal Hartmann54,80054,800
Sylvain Loosli54,700-12,300
Sasa Ikac52,80052,800
Ardit Kurshumi52,20052,200
Aaron Duczak52,10052,100
Rainer Kempe50,20023,700
Manoj Chamakala49,60049,600
Aaro Valkila49,30049,300
Pascal Pflock49,10049,100
Petr Subik49,1004,100
Jack Salter48,40014,300
Oliver Weis48,300-70,700
Chi Zhang47,10047,100
Maxim Lykov46,800-108,200
Brandon Cantu46,800-1,100
Leo Nash46,30046,300
Andrei Siandzevich46,20046,200
Lucas Gomes Silva45,80045,800
Robert Schiller45,70045,700
Aleksandr Orlov44,60044,600
Omid Mojaverian44,40044,400
Timothy Adams44,1009,300
Ivan Luca42,300-600
Kai Yiu Chan41,30041,300
Philipp Lütkemeier41,00041,000
Sofia Lovgren40,800-10,200
Aleksandr Rudnyi40,50040,500
Kevin Frame40,20040,200
Maximilian Diender40,10040,100
Robert Heidorn40,00040,000
Kework Besiktasliyan39,50039,500
Chris Moorman39,4004,000
Peter Smyth39,20039,200
Kenny Hallaert39,100-900
Andrei Stoenescu37,90037,900
Will Kassouf37,40023,400
Luke Facer37,10037,100
Adriano Luzzi37,00037,000
Daniel Parsonage36,60036,600
Negjdet Avdylaj36,60036,600
Emrah Cakmak36,30036,300
Timo Schneider35,80035,800
Vladimir Troyanovskiy35,40019,400
Nick Petrangelo35,000-32,000
Liviu Ignat33,80033,800
Martin Jacobson33,400-16,000
Zhong Chen33,30033,300
Thomer Pidun32,40032,400
Anthony Romanello31,90031,900
Thomas Traboulsi30,60030,600
Eugene Castro30,50030,500
Philipp Gruissem30,400-44,100
Johnny Hansen29,70029,700
Thomas Hofmann27,400-6,600
Kristen Bicknell27,300-20,700
Colin Mctaggart26,90026,900
Andrej Desset25,200-3,300
Christian Rauch24,70024,700
Julian Stuer24,700-10,300
Norson Sahi24,20024,200
Dmitri Prusov23,20023,200
Artan Dedusha22,800-51,200
Felix Schulze21,30021,300
Tomas Jozonis20,80020,800
Igor Baliner20,50020,500
Vlado Sevo18,50018,500
Dexter Turnbull17,20017,200
Mario Vojvoda17,20017,200
Daniel Lawton16,10016,100
Stephen Shayler14,60014,600
Cosmin Voinea13,00013,000
Ronni Borg12,80012,800
Florian Dimitrie Duta11,10011,100
Jack Sinclair10,800-8,200
Karl Snow10,10010,100
Natalie Hof8,600-12,400
Horst Barlau8,2008,200
Sunday, November 5, 2017 11:43 PM Local Time
Wigg Barrels Hallaert Out

Anton Wigg

Anton Wigg bet 2,200 from the hijack on a     flop and Kenny Hallaert called out of the big blind. Hallaert checked the   turn and Wigg dropped in a T5,000 chip but Hallaert's cards were already in the muck.

Anton Wigg112,000112,000
Kenny Hallaert40,00011,000
Sunday, November 5, 2017 11:32 PM Local Time
No Justice

Sam Trickett, pictured in an earlier event.

Sam Trickett bet 6,000 on a     flop and a player in the cutoff called. Small blind Marius Gierse put in 16,000. Trickett quickly called, as did the third player. The turn was a   and Gierse jammed for 28,500. Trickett thought about a minute and then jammed for a bit more.

"Whew," he said after fading a snap-call from the third player.

"I have a gutshot," that player said with a laugh.

"Gamble," Trickett said. "I'm gambling."

"I know you are. But he has a set."

The player on the button mucked    and Trickett showed his   . Gierse had   . The river:  .

"F***," Trickett exclaimed. "No justice."

Marius Gierse115,000115,000
Sam Trickett4,1004,100
Sunday, November 5, 2017 11:28 PM Local Time
Hallaert on the Comeback Trail

Kenny Hallaert played the role of big stack for most of his last two World Series of Poker runs, but he's showing he can spin up a short stack here in Europe. He just had 12,000 a bit ago but has worked up to almost 30,000.

His most recent win saw him bet 2,000 on the button against Oliver Weis, in the small blind on a board of     . Weis called and checked the  . Hallaert bet again with a T5,000 chip, verbalizing an amount we didn't hear, and Weis thought briefly and folded.

Kenny Hallaert29,00016,300
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Sunday, November 5, 2017 11:26 PM Local Time
Kempe Shoves on Loosli

Sylvain Loosli raised to 4,000 and Rainer Kempe reraised all in for 18,400. Loosli folded. Kempe reached into the middle of the table to show Loosli    before the cards were washed into the muck.

Sylvain Loosli67,000-1,800
Rainer Kempe26,500-100
Sunday, November 5, 2017 11:23 PM Local Time
More Counts
Christian Christner113,0008,000
Vivian Saliba93,00036,600
Anatoly Filatov72,000-6,000
Anthony Zinno72,00029,000
Eugene Katchalov71,00020,000
Patrik Antonius53,000-4,000
Jack Salter34,100-8,900
Sunday, November 5, 2017 11:09 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Henry Tran170,00029,000
Josip Simunic168,00028,000
Sylvain Loosli68,800-13,200
Thomas Muehloecker62,00062,000
Brandon Cantu47,90047,900
Ivan Luca42,900-7,100
Julian Stuer35,0001,000
Stefan Schillhabel16,500-31,000
Kenny Hallaert12,700-11,100
Sunday, November 5, 2017 11:07 PM Local Time
O'Kearney Finds a Double

Dara O'Kearney was in the hijack and got in a raising war with the player on the button that ended with O'Kearney's 44,800 in the middle. He had    and was up against   . The     flop gave O'Kearney a sweat, but the   and   were safe for him to double.

Dara O'Kearney91,40053,800
Sunday, November 5, 2017 10:53 PM Local Time
Updated Counts
Parker Talbot174,00052,000
Antoine Saout126,000-16,000
Allen Kessler119,00025,500
Chris Frank118,000-1,500
Hans Olymp110,000-8,000
Sylvain Loosli82,0007,000
Vivian Saliba56,400-34,600
Peter Skog53,000-3,000
Sofia Lovgren51,0007,000
Kristen Bicknell48,00010,000
Petr Subik45,00025,600
Chris Moorman35,4005,600
Will Kassouf14,000-4,000
Jan Schwippert0-50,000
Vojtech Ruzicka0-24,100
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Sunday, November 5, 2017 10:48 PM Local Time
Racener Doesn't Have to Show

John Racener

John Racener was in the small blind and checked a     flop. Another player checked, and a third player on the button bet 3,300, exactly half-pot. Racener called and it went heads up to an   turn. Racener check-called again for 5,600. He checked the   and his opponent bet 15,100. Racener thought about a minute and dropped in calling chips, and his opponent's cards quickly hit the muck.

John Racener97,50023,500
Sunday, November 5, 2017 10:41 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Fabrice Soulier93,000-3,200
Bertrand Grospellier76,000-9,000
John Racener74,0007,500
Ting Ho42,00014,900
Thomas Hofmann34,000-14,000
Andrej Desset28,500-14,600
Boris Kolev25,000-35,000
Jack Sinclair19,000-31,000
Koray Aldemir0-36,300
Orpen Kisacikoglu0-31,600
Leo Margets0-43,000
Sunday, November 5, 2017 10:27 PM Local Time
Level 6 started
Level: 6
Blinds: 300/600
Ante: 100
Sunday, November 5, 2017 10:06 PM Local Time
Break Time

The players are on a 20-minute break.

Sunday, November 5, 2017 10:04 PM Local Time
Kanit Tank-Folds to Jacobson

Mustapha Kanit

On a completed board of      , Mustapha Kanit checked from the small blind. Jacobson shoved for 23,950. There was about 25,000 in the pot. Kanit tanked a couple of minutes and then let it go.

Mustapha Kanit74,000-13,000
Martin Jacobson49,40013,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Sunday, November 5, 2017 10:03 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Farid Yachou144,00097,000
Hossein Ensan142,000-29,000
Julian Thomas85,00035,000
Johnny Lodden83,00029,800
Artan Dedusha74,000-76,000
Eugene Katchalov51,0003,600
Mike Leah48,200-7,400
Timothy Adams34,800-3,700
Robert Schulz29,4004,400
Rainer Kempe26,6007,600
Vladimir Troyanovskiy16,000-8,000
Georgios Zisimopoulos0-8,200
Sunday, November 5, 2017 9:56 PM Local Time
MacDonnell Has a Better Ace

After some previous action, Marc MacDonnell made it 4,600 to go and got two callers preflop.

The flop came     and all three players checked. The turn was the   and MacDonnell faced a bet of 7,500. He called.

The river was the   and both players checked. MacDonnell showed    to win the hand over his opponent who showed only a single ace before mucking.

Marc MacDonnell150,00082,000
Sunday, November 5, 2017 9:52 PM Local Time
Updated Counts
Simon Higgins100,000
Maria Ho80,000-8,000
Patrik Antonius57,000-15,000
Ivan Luca50,000
Jack Salter43,000200
Anthony Zinno43,000-4,000
Kenny Hallaert23,800-6,800
Sunday, November 5, 2017 9:50 PM Local Time
Machon Busted

High roller Bartlomiej Machon was down to about half of the starting stack and got it in preflop with   . He was up against    and the flip did not go his way as an ace hit the flop.

Bartlomiej Machon0-23,100
Sunday, November 5, 2017 9:47 PM Local Time
Petrangelo Drops a Big One

Nick Petrangelo was short a bit ago but worked up to about 85,000 before dropping a sizable pot. He opened in middle position to 1,000 and got three-bet to 2,700 by a player on the button. Petrangelo came back with 11,700 and his opponent peeled to see an     flop. Petrangelo bet 7,500 and received a quick call. Petrangelo checked the   turn and his opponent bet 10,700. Petrangelo counted out his own stack but folded.

The player on the button lifted up his cards and appeared ready to show them but mucked. Petrangelo asked his opponent's neighbor what they were, and it sounded like he reported a   .

Nick Petrangelo67,00027,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander