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2013 44th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, June 07, 2013 to Sunday, June 09, 2013

Event #16: $10,000 Heads Up No-Limit Hold'em

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $1,522,800
  • Entries: 162
  • Remaining: 0


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Sunday, June 9, 2013 6:16 PM Local Time
Plenty of Extras Being Given Away at This Year's WSOP

The buzz inside the walls of the Rio extends beyond just the tournaments on the 2013 World Series of Poker schedule. Online poker in Nevada is a very, very hot topic right now, and is making a lot of noise.

While the site has yet to launch, you can head to the Lambada Room of the Rio or look for one of the beautiful and friendly ladies walking the hallways to sign up for a free, personal online poker account. This is a great way to get a jump on the site's registration, and plenty of people have already taken this opportunity.

What's more is that the WSOP will be hosting daily raffles for everyone that has taken the time to register for at the Rio. What can you win? Plenty of fantastic prizes including 36 WSOP seats!

Players 21 years of age and older who sign up for a account will automatically be entered into the "36-Seat Giveaway" where a randomly-selected winner will win a seat into the next day's first WSOP gold bracelet event. One of the events eligible in this promotion is the $111,111 One Drop High Roller No-Limit Hold'em tournament that is expected to feature a $10,000,000 prize pool and allow you to play poker with the biggest names in the game. In total, $182,333 in WSOP seats, including a seat to the WSOP Main Event, are being given away during this one-of-a-kind promotion.

In addition to the 36-Seat Giveaway, a "Hot Seat" promotion will allow any player who signs up for a online account and wears their patch on their chest at the table while playing an event to be randomly selected to receive 500 bonus dollars deposited directly into their online account once the site has received all regulatory approvals and launches.

With 62 WSOP gold bracelet events and three winners promised for the Main Event, this promotion includes $32,000 worth of value to those participating.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 6:13 PM Local Time
Radoja Fires Second Bullet

Hand #23: Don Nguyen folded his button and Mark Radoja took down the blinds.

Hand #24: Radoja opened to 100,000 from the button and Nguyen called. The flop fell     and Nguyen checked. Radoja continued for 60,000 and Nguyen folded.

Hand #25: Nguyen opened to 100,000 and Radoja called. After the flop came    , Radoja checked, Nguyen continued, and Radoja folded.

Hand #26: Mark Radoja opened to 100,000 from the button. Nguyen called and the two took in a flop of    . Nguyen checked and Radoja bet 65,000. The turn was the   and Nguyen tapped the table once more. Radoja fired 230,000 and Nguyen once again stayed the course. The board completed with the   and Nguyen checked. Radoja moved all in for 580,000 and Nguyen tanked for about a minute before calling.

Radoja flung    to the felt for air and Nguyen won the pot with    for jacks and nines. Radoja was forced to cash in one of his add-ons.

Don Nguyen5,120,000950,000
Mark Radoja2,560,000-950,000
Sunday, June 9, 2013 6:07 PM Local Time
Nguyen Spikes River to Double

Hand #22: Mark Radoja had the button. He opened to 80,000. Don Nguyen announced all in for 805,000 and Radoja announced a call.


Nguyen was crushed but after the    , it was looking likely that the two would chop the pot. The   hit fourth street and Nguyen found his miracle trey on the river when the   slammed down on the felt, prompting gasps from Radoja's rail. Nguyen was able to double up and now has taken the lead in the match. Neither player has cashed in a lammer yet.

Don Nguyen4,170,000590,000
Mark Radoja3,510,000-590,000
Sunday, June 9, 2013 5:59 PM Local Time
Hands 16-21: Skirmishing

Hand #16: Radoja opened for 80,000 on the button, taking down Nguyen's big blind.

Hand #17: Nguyen opened for the standard 80,000, and Radoja called to see a flop of    . Radoja then check-folded to a bet of 75,000.

Hand #18: Radoja opened for 80,000, Nguyen called, and the flop fell    . Nguyen then check-called a bet of 40,000, and both players tapped the table on the   turn. After the   came on the river, Radoja check-called a bet of 250,000, and his    was the winner

Hand #19: Nguyen stole the blinds with a bet of 80,000 before the flop.

Hand #20: Radoja returned the favor and won with a preflop bet of 80,000.

Hand #21: Nguyen opened for 80,000, but folded to Radoja's all-in reraise.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 5:49 PM Local Time
Preflop Aggression

Hand #10: Mark Radoja had the button. He raised to 80,000 only to have Don Nguyen come over the top for 190,000 total. Radoja mucked it and Nguyen won the pot.

Hand #11: Nguyen limped from the button and Radoja came out with a raise to 100,000 from the big blind. Nguyen snuck out a three-bet to 230,000 but folded after Radoja announced a four-bet all in over the top.

Hand #12: Radoja opened his button to 80,000 and took it down preflop.

Hands #13-14: Nguyen made it 80,000 from his button and folded after Radoja announced all in. The following hand Radoja opened to 80,000 but folded after Nguyen moved in.

Hand #15: Nguyen raised to 80,000 from his button and Radoja called. The flop came     and Radoja checked. Nguyen c-bet 75,000 and Radoja flicked his hand to the muck.

Mark Radoja4,100,000110,000
Don Nguyen3,580,000-110,000
Jostens Fan Collection
Sunday, June 9, 2013 5:43 PM Local Time
Hands: 6-9: Slow Going

Hand #6: Radoja opened for 60,000, and Nguyen surrendered his blind.

Hand #7: Nguyen opened for 60,000, Radoja called, and the dealer flopped the    . Radoja checked and called a bet of 50,000, and he check-called a bet of 140,000 on the   turn. When the   appeared on the river, Radoja checked for a third time, but Nguyen checked behind, avoiding the trap set by Radoja and his    for the wheel straight.

Hand #8: Radoja limped in on the button, and Nguyen checked to see the flop of    . Nguyen then check-folded to Radoja's 30,000 feeler bet.

Hand #9: Nguyen raised to 60,000 and Radoja came along, bringing a flop of     to the board. After both players checked, the   dropped on the turn, and Radoja led out for 70,000. Nguyen called to see the   arrive on the river. After a bet of 150,000 and a call on the river, both players showed down two pair, but Nguyen's    was best over Radoja's   .

This hand could have prompted a larger confrontation, but both players appear content to play small pots at this point in the match.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 5:33 PM Local Time
Nguyen Pushing Back

Hand #3: Don Nguyen had the button. He opened to 60,000 and Mark Radoja put him all in. Nguyen snapped him off and showed    which was crushing Radoja's   .

Despite Radoja being crushed, the two chopped the pot when the board ran out      , each only playing their ace-high.

Hand #4: Radoja made it 60,000 from the button. Nguyen shipped all in and Radoja folded.

Hand #5: Don Nguyen made it 60,000 from the button and Radoja flat called. The flop brought     and Radoja checked. Nguyen continued for 50,000 and Radoja stuck around. Fourth street saw the   hit and Radoja took a swing at it with 160,000. Nguyen moved all in over the top for 750,000 and Radoja folded his hand. Both players still have two lammers that have not been cashed in.

Mark Radoja3,990,000150,000
Don Nguyen3,690,000-150,000
Sunday, June 9, 2013 5:26 PM Local Time
Hands 1-2: And So We Begin

Hand #1: Don Nguyen opened for 60,000 and Mark Radoja came along to see a flop of     arrive. Radoja then checked, Nguyen bet 50,000, and Radoja raised to 140,000. Nguyen called to take a turn card, which came  . Radoja checked again, but folded to Nguyen's second barrel of 60,000.

Hand #2: Radoja opened for 60,000 and Nguyen called, bringing a flop of     on board. Nguyen then check-raised Radoja's bet of 55,000, making it 140,000 to go. Radoja called and the   fell on the turn. Nguyen led out this time, for a bet of 160,000, and after a call by Radoja, we saw the   come on the river. Nguyen fired again, betting 320,000, but he insta-folded when Radoja announced himself all-in.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 5:13 PM Local Time
Shuffle Up and Deal!

The final round of Event #16: $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em has begun! At the end of this match either Don Nguyen or Mark Radoja will be crowned champion and become the sixteenth bracelet winner this summer!

Sunday, June 9, 2013 4:37 PM Local Time
Justin Bonomo Eliminated in 3rd Place ($110,485)

Justin Bonomo Falls In the Semis

Hand #87: Mark Radoja announced all in from the button and Justin Bonomo folded.

Hand #88: Bonomo moved all in from the button and Radoja snapped him off.


Radoja was out in front and seized a death grip on the hand when the flop brought    . The   on the turn meant Bonomo was dead heading to the final street and the two competitors stood up and shook hands.

"I hope you win the bracelet," Bonomo said to Radoja as the meaningless   finished off the board.

Radoja will be playing Don Nguyen in the finals later today.

Mark Radoja3,840,0001,728,000
Justin Bonomo0-1,728,000
Jostens Fan Collection
Sunday, June 9, 2013 4:34 PM Local Time
Bonomo Fires Last Bullet

Hand #86: Justin Bonomo moved all in from the button for 690,000 and Mark Radoja called out of the big blind.


The flop kept Radoja in the lead by pairing his ace with     but Bonomo picked up a flush draw when the   hit the turn. Ultimately, Radoja clinched the lead when the   finished off the board. This forced Bonomo to cash in his last add on and he's now sitting on just 640,000.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 4:33 PM Local Time
Hands 82-85: The Calm Before the Storm

Hand #82: Bonomo surrendered his small blind.

Hand #83: Radoja limped in for 60,000, and folded when Bonomo moved all-in.

Hand #84: Bonomo limped in, and Radoja checked his option to see the     fall on the flop. Both players checked to see the   arrive on the turn, and a bet of 60,000 from Radoja took it down.

Hand #85: Radoja limped in, Bonomo checked, and the dealer fanned a flop of    . Both players knuckled the felt and the   came on the turn. Bonomo led out for 80,000 and Radoja called, bringing us to the   on the river. Bonomo then check-folded to Radoja's 180,000 bet.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 4:29 PM Local Time
Hand 81: Radoja's Revenge

Hand #81 Radoja opened for 120,000 and Bonomo called to take a flop of    . After a check to Radoja, who bet 65,000, Bonomo raised to 200,000 even. Radoja reraised for the minimum, making it 335,000 to play, and Bonomo jammed it n over the top. Radoja quickly called and the cards were exposed.



Radoja was out in front with his pair of queens, and Bonomo would need help to overcome top pair. The turn came   and the river  , preserving Radoja's lead and giving him a massive double to take over the chip lead.

Mark Radoja2,112,000616,000
Justin Bonomo1,728,000-616,000
Sunday, June 9, 2013 4:16 PM Local Time
Playing The Board

Hand #80 Justin Bonomo completed from the button and Mark Radoja checked his option. The flop came     and Radoja checked. Bonomo fired 60,000 and Radoja called. The   turned and both players checked to see a second pair hit the board with the   on the river. Radoja announced 205,000 and Bonomo took a moment before calling, showing    for the board. Radoja also played the board with his    and the two chopped the pot.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 4:13 PM Local Time
Bonomo Doubles Right Back

Hands #75-77: On the first two hands, Mark Radoja and Justin Bonomo each folded their respective buttons. On the third, Radoja made it 120,000 from the button and Bonomo folded.

Hand #78: Bonomo called from the button and Radoja made it 150,000. The flop came     and Radoja continued for 105,000. Bonomo folded and Radoja took the pot.

Hand #79: Radoja made it 120,000 from the button and Bonomo three-bet all in for 852,000 from the big blind. Radoja snapped him off and showed    which was crushing Bonomo's   .

The flop brought     and Radoja was seen nodding his head, pleased with that flop. The   gave Bonomo a few more outs but he drilled his initial pair out when the   drilled the river. Bonomo doubled to 2.344 million.

Justin Bonomo2,344,000322,000
Mark Radoja1,496,000-322,000
Jostens Fan Collection
Sunday, June 9, 2013 4:08 PM Local Time
Hands 72-74: Radoja Makes Hero Call to Double

Justin Bonomo Busted on a Bluff

Hand #72 Bonomo mucked his button and surrendered his small blind

Hand #73 Radoja raised to 80,000 and Bonomo came along to see the flop of     hit the table. Bonomo then check-called a bet of 45,000, and the turn came  . Bonomo checked once more, but folded to Radoja's 92,000 wager.

Hand #74 Bonomo opened for 80,000 and Radoja called, bringing on a flop of    . Radoja then check-called a bet of 80,000, taking us to the   on the turn. Both players tapped the table, and the   fell on the river. This is where things got interesting.

Radoja led out for 157,000, and Bonomo paused before sliding a stack of 1 million into the middle. Radoja then went deep into the tank, asking Bonomo "You hit the river there Justin ... you have a nine?"

After contemplating for more than four minutes, and pump faking both a fold and a call, Radoja told Bonomo "I just don't think you have it."

He then announced a call and turned over    for just second pair, bad kicker, and Bonomo revealed his    for a busted bluff.

Justin Bonomo2,022,000-518,000
Mark Radoja1,818,000518,000
Sunday, June 9, 2013 3:58 PM Local Time
Bonomo Playing Aggressive

Hand #63: Mark Radoja raised to 80,000 from the button and Justin Bonomo replied by shipping all in. Radoja folded and Bonomo picked it up.

Hand #64: Bonomo called from the button and Radoja checked to see the     flop hit. He checked to Bonomo who bet 40,000 which was enough to take it down.

Hands #65-68: Each player raised to 80,000 from their button and took it down preflop. On the 68th hand, Bonomo folded his button.

Hand #69: Radoja limped in from the button and Bonomo checked. The flop came    . Bonomo checked and Radoja shot out 40,000. Bonomo check-raised to 100,000 and Radoja stayed the course.

The turn saw the   hit and Bonomo cut out 180,000. Radoja let it go and Bonomo took it down.

Hand #70: Bonomo had the button and completed his blind. Radoja checked and the dealer fanned a     flop. Radoja check-called a 40,000-chip bet from Bonomo and the   hit fourth street. Radoja checked again and Bonomo continued for 110,000. Radoja mucked and Bonomo took it down.

Hand #71: Radoja made it 80,000 from the button and Bonomo called. The flop read     and both checked. The   fell on the turn and Bonomo cut out 125,000. Radoja tossed his hand away and Bonomo took it.

Justin Bonomo2,540,000184,000
Mark Radoja1,300,000-184,000
Sunday, June 9, 2013 3:50 PM Local Time
Hands 61-62: Back to Back Doubles for Radoja

Mark Radoja is Experiencing the Swings of Heads-Up Play

Hand #61 Radoja moved all-in on the button, risking his last 241,000 with   . Bonomo called him down with    and was in the lead with queen-high, but Radoja found help on the     flop. A turn and river of   and   respectively changed nothing, and Radoja's pair of jacks were good enough for the double.

Hand #62 Bonomo limped in on the button, and Radoja checked his option, bringing a flop of     to the felt. Radoja checked to Bonomo, who responded with a bet of 30,000. After calling that bet, Radoja checked the   on the turn, and Bonomo again fired away, this time for 60,000. Radoja cut out enough chips for a raise, making it 147,000 to go, and Bonomo moved all-in over the top. Radoja quickly called, tabling the    for trips on the turn, which put him out in front of Bonomo's   . The   on the river gave Radoja second double up on consecutive hands.

Justin Bonomo2,356,000-384,000
Mark Radoja1,484,000384,000
Sunday, June 9, 2013 3:44 PM Local Time
Hands 59-60: Bonomo the Bully

Hand #59 Radoja limped in, but folded when Bonomo plunked a tower of white T100,000 tournament chips into the middle.

Hand #60 On the button, Bonomo again went all-in, forcing another fold by Radoja.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 3:42 PM Local Time
Hands 56-58: You Can Have It

Hands #56-58 The players exchanged blinds with three consecutive folds from the button.

Jostens Fan Collection