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2011 42nd Annual World Series of Poker

Thursday, July 07, 2011 to Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Event #58: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $64,540,858
  • Entries: 6,865
  • Remaining: 0


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Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:23 PM Local Time

Young Pham was all in for 36,700 before the flop with    , and he was racing for salvation against the     of Don Nguyen.

The board ran out          , and Nguyen's set of threes gives him the knockout. With it comes a chip increase to 415,000 as well, just in time for the dinner break.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:23 PM Local Time

Jason Alexander got his last 5,300 chips into the middle before the flop with    , and he was racing for his tournament life against the     of an opponent.

The board ran out          , and that's the end of the road for Alexander. Unable to keep his baby pair safe, he has been sent to the rail here on Day 3.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:23 PM Local Time

We came on this one at the turn with the board showing      and about 90,000 in the middle. Jake Cody had shoved all in from the cutoff, and Lee Childs was tanking from the button. Finally Childs folded, and Cody showed    as he took the pot.

Cody chips up to 157,000, while Childs slips back to 98,000.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:23 PM Local Time

Sorel Mizzi opened for 5,500 and got one caller in the small blind. The flop came    . The small blind checked, Mizzi continued for 6,500, and his opponent called. The turn brought the   and a bet of 15,000 from Mizzi's opponent. Mizzi considered for a few seconds, then called

The river came the  . Mizzi's opponent fired again, once more for 15,000, and Mizzi smiled in response. "I actually have something this time," he said. Finally after a half-minute of thought, he made the call.

Mizzi showed   , good enough versus his foe's   . He has about 178,000 as we near the dinner break.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:22 PM Local Time

A player opened to 5,600 and received one call. Action then folded to Thomas Luce who three-bet to 20,600. The player to Luce's immediate left made the call and the two original players in the pot made the call as well.

The flop fell     and action checked to Luce. Luce fired out a bet of 40,000 and every other player in the pot folded like clockwork. Luce is now well over the 600,000 mark.

Gorilla Gaming
Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:22 PM Local Time

The board read     , and Max Weinberg had an opponent all in and at risk for 82,000. Weinberg's    was well ahead of his opponents   , but the   spiked on the river, giving his opponent a better full house.

Weinberg's stack took a big hit, and he's now down to 190,000 chips,

Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:18 PM Local Time

Daryl Jace, your tournament leader.

Daryl Jace opened for 2,700 and Billy Paradiso raised to 22,000. Don Nguyen, on Paradiso's left raised to 52,300. Jace reraised to 130,000, Paradiso shoved all in, Don Nguyen folded and Jace called.

Nguyen and Jace both had huge stacks at the start of the hand, each with over 400,000. The hands were tabled and they were off to the showdown.


With a team of ESPN production and every field reporter within eyesight flocking to the table, the dealer peeled off the flop. Right in the window was the   and everyone heard Paradiso sigh. The flop was       and the turn was  . Paradiso was drawing to one of the two remaining kings for his tournament life and possible chip lead.

The river came   and Paradiso grabbed his sweatshirt and covered his face as he exited the Amazon Room. With that pot Jace climbs to the top of the counts, teasing with the 1,000,000 mark.

Billy Paradiso00
Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:17 PM Local Time
Jon Van Fleet260,000-35,000
Eli Elezra100,000-34,000
Lee Watkinson0-85,000
Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:17 PM Local Time

Jason Alexander

We picked up the action on the flop, heads-up between Jason Alexander and Jonathan Frey. The board showed      , and the big pot hints at a three- or possibly even four-bet preflop. On that flop, Frey checked, and he called a bet of 40,000 from Alexander. That led them to the   turn, and Frey took the betting lead in a big way. He slid all 137,000 of his remaining chips forward, and Alexander made the call with a similar stack. Cards up, gents.


Frey had turned his flush, and Alexander needed to find a four-out full house to keep himself afloat. With the ESPN cameras hustling into place, the river   completed the board, a blank for Alexander. When his chips were counted down, he was left with just 5,900 while Frey climbs up over 400,000.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:13 PM Local Time
T.K. Miles422,00027,000
Humberto Brenes150,500-9,500
Galen Hall118,5002,500
Victor Ramdin33,500-131,500
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:13 PM Local Time

A middle position player raised it up, and action folded to Mike Caro in the small blind, who shipped it all in for his last 33,800. Action folded back to the raiser, and he took about a minute before throwing in the call. The cards were tabled, and Caro was in great shape.


Caro had to wait over a minute to learn his fate as the ESPN cameras set up, and as he waited, he began to say his goodbyes in case the hand didn't fare too well. Once the cameras were set, the flop was dealt, and it looked like Caro was a prophet, as it came out    , giving his opponent two pair. The turn came the  , and Caro still had a handful of outs to win. However, none of them came, as the river brought the  . Caro graciously wished everyone luck, then made his exit from the Pavilion, ending his 2011 WSOP.

Mike Caro0-55,000
Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:10 PM Local Time

Claudia Crawford was faced with an all-in bet of 39,800 with the board reading    . She tank-called.

"Ace-king?" Eli Elezra asked Crawford's opponent before the cards were tabled.

Crawford showed    for a pair of sevens, and her opponent rolled over    for top pair, top kicker. Crawford groaned at the sight of her opponent's hand, saying she thought he had ace-king too.

The turn and river came  ,   respectively, which would've given her opponent the best hand anyway if he had ace-king, and Crawford dropped to 185,000.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:10 PM Local Time

Phil Hellmuth (middle position) and an opponent (late position) had built a pot of about 25,000 when they both checked the turn, the board showing     . The river brought another deuce -- the   -- and Hellmuth quickly bet 15,500. His opponent thought just a moment, then called.

Hellmuth rapidly flipped over    and his opponent nodded and mucked. "Boys, I have 'em, too, sometimes," said Hellmuth as he gathered the chips.

The Poker Brat is up to 134,000 now.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:08 PM Local Time
Garry Gates225,0008,000
Jared Jaffe165,000-32,000
Eric Stocz137,00029,000
Sam Stein75,000-10,000
Arturo Diaz0-26,000
Jason Wheeler0-68,000
Dave Fox0-90,000
Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:06 PM Local Time

Todd Brunson Doubles Up

We caught up with the action to see Todd Brunson all in with two players to act on a board of    . There was about 58,000 in the pot going to the flop and Brunson's all in was for 46,400. Brunson's first opponent tanked for about a minute before raising on top of the all in, thus pushing out the third opponent. The hands were turned over to see Brunson would need help on the two cards to come:


Brunson struck gold on the turn when the   fell, completing his flush. The river brought the   and Brunson was able to double up, his club flush cracking his opponent's pocket aces.

Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, July 14, 2011 4:04 PM Local Time

Guillaume Darcourt, and Jonathan Jaffee were heads-up with the board reading    . Darcourt fired 15,000, and Jaffee called. The turn was the  , pairing the board, and Darcourt fired 28,000. This time Jaffee released, and our chip leader climbed above 900,000 chips.

Guillaume Darcourt920,00039,100
Thursday, July 14, 2011 3:59 PM Local Time

Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken has been eliminated, we missed the action but with a Boeken-shaped hole at the table and a complete lack of chips at his seat meant he has been knocked out.

Boeken has since said on his Twitter account that he had    lose to    in a blind on blind battle.

Noah Boeken0-98,000
Thursday, July 14, 2011 3:58 PM Local Time

A handful of players are still very confused about today's schedule, and one player just called to a floorperson to ask them.

"Is this a 20-minute break coming up?"

Before the floorperson could answer however, Ronnie Bardah interjected. "It's two hours, bro!" he said in a thick, Boston accent. "We can go to the theatre at the Palms and catch a movie!"

Thursday, July 14, 2011 3:55 PM Local Time

Phil Hellmuth

Action moved to Kevin Howe in middle position and he raised to 5,500. Phil Hellmuth was the only player to called and he was acting from the big blind. The flop came down     and Hellmuth checked. Howe fired 7,500 and Hellmuth quickly called.

The turn was the   and Hellmuth checked to Howe again. Howe fired 22,000 and instantly, Hellmuth chuckled and said, "One of these times, buddy. One of these times," while tossing over the    to fold top pair. Howe showed Hellmuth the   .

Thursday, July 14, 2011 3:55 PM Local Time

We saw the ESPN crowding around Tuan Vo's table and went over to see what was happening. With about 35,000 already in the pot, Vo and his opponent David Cubeta were heads up on a flop of    . Cubeta checked, and Vo bet out 13,500. Cubeta took little time in calling, and the turn came out the  . Cubeta checked, and this time Vo bet our 27,000. Again, Cubeta took only a few seconds before call.

The river brought the  , and Cubeta checked once again. Vo put out a bet of 35,000, and this time, Cubeta took a long time. He thought for about 2-3 minues, and must have thought he was tanking forever, as he called the clock on himself, saying "I want to force myself to fold this hand." He asked Vo if he would show his hand, and Vo nodded his head, saying yes. Cubeta thought for about 40 seconds before folding    face up. Vo turned over    for seven high, and Cubeta let out a yell of disgust before complementing Vo on the play. Vo is now up to 550,000 after that well timed bluff.

Gorilla Gaming