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2023 54th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, July 14, 2023 to Sunday, July 16, 2023

Event #88: $1,500 The Closer - No-Limit Hold’em

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $4,713,885
  • Entries: 3,531
  • Remaining: 0


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Sunday, July 16, 2023 11:58 AM Local Time
Chang Calls his Way to a Win

Action was caught after the flop of     Jeffrey Tanouye checked from the big blind. Yuchung Chang bet for 150,000 and was raised to 335,000 by Tanouye. Chang found the call.

The turn was the  , and Tanouye fired for 180,000. Again, Chang made the call.

While the river peeled the  , Tanouye continued for 150,000. Chang took his time before he made the call. He showed    to take it down.

Yuchung Chang2,900,0001,540,000
Jeffrey Tanouye1,140,000-725,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 11:58 AM Local Time
More Bustouts
Anthony Potis0-600,000
Guillermo Bonilla0-590,000
Kilian Loeffler0-675,000
Travis Endersby0-415,000
Robert Hart0-355,000
Byung Yang0-820,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 11:55 AM Local Time
Emami Scores with the Kicker

Massoud Eskandari raised to 125,000 in early position and Andrew White in middle position three-bet to 1,100,000 and left 20,000 chips behind. Amirpasha Emami four-bet shoved behind from the hijack for 1,500,000 and Eskandari folded. White called for his last 20,000 and It was heads up to the unveiling of the board.

Andrew White:   
Amirpasha Emami:   

The board ran out       and Emami won with the kicker and eliminated White.

Amirpasha Emami3,060,0002,305,000
Massoud Eskandari1,020,000420,000
Andrew White0-700,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 11:44 AM Local Time
Wazwaz Eliminates Leah

Mike Leah was forced all in from the big blind for less than the full big blind. Rajaee Wazwaz jammed all in from the cutoff offering some protection before everyone else exited the hand. Both players revealed their hands.

Mike Leah:   
Rajaee Wazwaz:   

The board ran out       for Wazwaz to take the pot and send Leah to the rail.

Rajaee Wazwaz980,000375,000
Mike Leah0-35,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 11:39 AM Local Time
Some Eliminated Players
Ryan Bossart0-980,000
Brandon Nguyen0-510,000
Gianluca Pace0-1,170,000
Sammy Farha0-320,000
Richard Alati0-140,000
Michael Liang0-525,000
Eloy Rios0-580,000
Christopher Williams0-665,000
Yiannis Liperis0-995,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 11:35 AM Local Time
Hengsakul Gets a Big Boost

Samuel Gagnon moved most of his chips in for 250,000 leaving 60,000 behind from under the gun. Peter Hengsakul placed the three-bet and moved all in for 1,195,000 from the button and the big blind, Nishant Sharma called the all in with the most chips. Gagnon also called for his last 60,000.

Samuel Gagnon:   
Peter Hengsakul:   
Nishant Sharma:   

The board came out       and Hengsakul won with two pair, Gagnon was eliminated and Sharma was decimated.

Peter Hengsakul2,725,0002,015,000
Nishant Sharma200,0000
Samuel Gagnon0-750,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 11:18 AM Local Time
Stein Finds a Double Through Leah

Z Stein jammed all in from early position for around 800,000 and was called by Mike Leah in position behind. Both players revealed their holdings.

Z Stein:   
Mike Leah:   

The board ran       for Stein to take the pot with top two pair. Leah was left shorthanded with just under one big blind to spare.

Z Stein1,700,0001,395,000
Mike Leah35,000-475,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 11:03 AM Local Time
A Few Knockouts
Ethan Yau0-565,000
Benjamin Ector0-390,000
Matthew Mcdowell0-320,000
Brock Wilson0-765,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 10:59 AM Local Time
Alatis Gets Lucky with Nines

Mihai Niste raised from early position to 60,000 and Richard Alatis moved all in for his last 30,000 and Anthony Potis four-bet all in for 520,000 and Niste folded.

Richard Alatis:   
Anthony Potis:   

The board ran out       and Altatis hit the nine for the set and the win. Potis won a small side pot.

Potis stated, "It is good to get those out of the way early, and I was happy to give my chips to this guy".

Mihai Niste1,860,000-20,000
Anthony Potis550,000210,000
Richard Alati140,000-325,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 10:48 AM Local Time
Day 2 Prize Pool


Day 2 Prize Pool

PlaceEarnings (USD)Place (Cont.)Earnings (Cont.)
PlacePrizePlace (Cont.)Prize (Cont.)
Sunday, July 16, 2023 10:47 AM Local Time
Niste Cracks the Aces

Milhai Niste raised from early position to 60,000 and Brian Aronson three-bet all in for 955,000 from the big blind. Niste made the call.

Milhai Niste:   
Brian Aronson:   

Aronson headed to the board as the favorite but the board had different ideas with      . Niste spiked the jack on the river and Aronson was left with 20,000 in chips which he lost a couple of hands later and was eliminated.

Mihai Niste1,880,000830,000
Brian Aronson0-760,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 10:33 AM Local Time
Meet the 2023 WSOP Main Event Final Table
Sunday, July 16, 2023 10:27 AM Local Time
A Steal for Cuba

Cuba Levenberry

Everyone folded to Cuba Levenberry who raised to 75,000 from the button.

His opponents in the blind folded and the big blind showed   .

This is one of a few tournaments Levenberry has made the money at from the World Series of Poker. Other notable tournaments include cashing in the Main Event and his recent fourth place finish in Event #82: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 6 Handed.

Cuba Levenberry1,600,000-110,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 10:21 AM Local Time
Sixes Work for Kapoor

Peter Dorogi put all of his remaining chips in preflop for 350,000 and Sanjeev Kapoor gave him a call and it was off to a board.

Peter Dorogi:   
Sanjeev Kapoor:   

The board read       and the sixes of Kapoor received the chips and the knockout.

Sanjeev Kapoor605,00045,000
Peter Dorogi0-350,000
Sunday, July 16, 2023 10:01 AM Local Time
Cards are in the Air

Cards are in the air as players begin Day 2 and play down to a winner.

Sunday, July 16, 2023 9:27 AM Local Time
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Sunday, July 16, 2023 9:08 AM Local Time
Two Flights Will Merge for Day 2 of Event #88: $1,500 The Closer

Event #88: The Closer No-Limit Hold'em final day today is kicking off at 10:00 a.m. local time at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas. Day 1a and 1b were filled with action and plenty of big names came to play for one of the last bracelets of the 2023 World Series.

Only 258 players advanced from a total of 3,531 entrants over two starting flights. The total prize pool generated was $4,713,885. Players returning to Day 2 are already guaranteed $2,390.
The players will play down to a winner, reconvening at Horseshoe Ballroom Red section on Sunday, July 16th, at 10 a.m. local time.

Matthew Moore (1,750,000) and Chen Feng Wen (1,750,000) are the two Day 1b chip leaders heading into Day 2 but Benson Tang (2,185,000) and Alan Hamza (1,910,000) were the chip leaders from Day 1a and are the chip leaders overall heading into Day 2.

Top Ten Chip Counts

RankNameCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Benson TangUnited States2,185,00073
2Alan HamzaUnited States1,910,00064
3Jeffrey TanouyeUnited States1,865,00062
4Chen Feng WenChina1,750,00058
5Matthew MooreUnited States1,750,00058
6Cuba LevenberryUnited States1,710,00057
7David BaizeUnited States1,700,00057
8Lisa HamiltonUnited States1,605,00054
9Faizal KhojaUnited States1,580,00053
10Mohommed KhanUnited States1,475,00049

Returning players will be competing against the likes of Michael Noori (1,355,000), Preston McEwen (1,115,000), Chris Moorman (835,000), Ethan Yau (565,000), Niall Farrell (805,000), Pat Lyons (705,000), Ben Yu (535,000) and Kathy Liebert (130,000).

Today will be the final day and start at 10:00 a.m. PDT and will play until a winner is crowned. Levels will last 30 minutes each, with a 15-minute break scheduled after every fourth level and a dinner break prior to the start of the final table. Blinds will resume in Level 23 at 15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 big blind ante.

Be sure to keep it here for the rest of the week as PokerNews will be on hand to provide live updates from the floor on this and other remaining WSOP bracelet events.

Sunday, July 16, 2023 8:00 AM Local Time
Day 2 Seat Draw
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Horseshoe4781Samuel HendricksonUnited States270,0009
Horseshoe4783Preston McEwenUnited States1,115,00037
Horseshoe4784Ryan BossartUnited States980,00033
Horseshoe4785Travis EndersbyUnited States415,00014
Horseshoe4786Byung YangSouth Korea820,00027
Horseshoe4787Brock WilsonUnited States765,00026
Horseshoe4788Niall FarrellUnited Kingdom905,00030
Horseshoe4789Ricardo AmidaniBrazil365,00012
Horseshoe4791Joseph McCarthyUnited States335,00011
Horseshoe4792Ankit WadhawanUnited States330,00011
Horseshoe4793Robert HartUnited States355,00012
Horseshoe4794Marius BogdanRomania400,00013
Horseshoe4795Lisa HamiltonUnited States1,605,00054
Horseshoe4796Nicholas PetittiUnited States1,235,00041
Horseshoe4797Kathy LiebertUnited States130,0004
Horseshoe4798Mateus Carrion De MoraesUnited States1,125,00038
Horseshoe4799Brent EtienneUnited States480,00016
Horseshoe4801Christopher WilliamsUnited States665,00022
Horseshoe4802Michael NooriUnited States1,355,00045
Horseshoe4803Yiannis LiperisUnited Kingdom995,00033
Horseshoe4804Tyler PattersonUnited States265,0009
Horseshoe4805Kharlin SuedUnited States415,00014
Horseshoe4806Kilian LoefflerGermany675,00023
Horseshoe4807Paul BurrowsUnited States165,0006
Horseshoe4808Eloy RiosUnited States580,00019
Horseshoe4809Felipe DepauloBrazil255,0009
Horseshoe4811Brian AronsonUnited States760,00025
Horseshoe4812Marcello DelgrossoCanada625,00021
Horseshoe4813Mihai NisteRomania1,050,00035
Horseshoe4814Jonathan RicciardiSpain515,00017
Horseshoe4815Sammy FarhaUnited States320,00011
Horseshoe4816Nathanael KogelUnited States1,060,00035
Horseshoe4817Richard AlatiUnited States465,00016
Horseshoe4818Anthony PotisUnited States340,00011
Horseshoe4819Michael LiangUnited States525,00018
Horseshoe4821Rudy BarajasUnited States350,00012
Horseshoe4822Pejman NiyatiUnited States260,0009
Horseshoe4823Huai ZhangUnited States595,00020
Horseshoe4824Denny LeeUnited States430,00014
Horseshoe4825Guillermo BonillaUnited States590,00020
Horseshoe4826Ryuta OgawaJapan830,00028
Horseshoe4827Jason LiUnited States190,0006
Horseshoe4828Takao ShimizuJapan1,045,00035
Horseshoe4829Ben YuUnited States535,00018
Horseshoe4831Dan SindelarUnited States505,00017
Horseshoe4832Akihiro KonishiJapan160,0005
Horseshoe4833Haoxin TongUnited States670,00022
Horseshoe4834Theron EichenbergerUnited States280,0009
Horseshoe4835Dinesh AltAustria135,0005
Horseshoe4836Aaron KupinUnited States845,00028
Horseshoe4837Agharazi BabayevAzerbaijan1,100,00037
Horseshoe4838Fernando BritoPortugal540,00018
Horseshoe4839Pete MalesUnited States1,270,00042
Horseshoe4841David McNeieceUnited States930,00031
Horseshoe4843Hanseok KoSouth Korea220,0007
Horseshoe4844Jong KimUnited States395,00013
Horseshoe4845Quincy SealeUnited States760,00025
Horseshoe4846Jesse CohenUnited States350,00012
Horseshoe4847Shaotong ChangChina525,00018
Horseshoe4848Juto MisakaJapan1,175,00039
Horseshoe4849Rogerio RabeloBrazil580,00019
Horseshoe4851Julien LoireFrance1,220,00041
Horseshoe4852Charles LineberryUnited States155,0005
Horseshoe4853Gary HersteinUnited States450,00015
Horseshoe4854Jared GrienerUnited States320,00011
Horseshoe4855Yang LeiUnited States565,00019
Horseshoe4856Massoud EskandariUnited States600,00020
Horseshoe4857Kevin SandersUnited States395,00013
Horseshoe4858Xuming QiChina835,00028
Horseshoe4859Shane RoseUnited States570,00019
Horseshoe4861Esteban GonzalesUnited States395,00013
Horseshoe4862Hyon KimUnited States645,00022
Horseshoe4863Julien LabussiereLuxembourg1,285,00043
Horseshoe4864Amirpasha EmamiCanada755,00025
Horseshoe4865Ricardo GonzalezUnited States335,00011
Horseshoe4866Joseph GordonUnited States445,00015
Horseshoe4867Yuchung ChangUnited States1,360,00045
Horseshoe4868Joshua Frazer JamesCanada480,00016
Horseshoe4869Alvin StaanaUnited States460,00015
Horseshoe4871Daris JusticeUnited States1,530,00051
Horseshoe4872David BaizeUnited States1,700,00057
Horseshoe4873Lucia AntunesUnited States1,050,00035
Horseshoe4874Erwann PecheuxFrance715,00024
Horseshoe4875Yong AnUnited States290,00010
Horseshoe4876Victor DongUnited States1,060,00035
Horseshoe4877Jeffrey LimUnited States255,0009
Horseshoe4878Tai CaoUnited States365,00012
Horseshoe4879Rudy CervantesUnited States480,00016
Horseshoe4881Michel BouskilaAustralia725,00024
Horseshoe4882Armin RezaeiAustria780,00026
Horseshoe4883Ramon FernandezSpain470,00016
Horseshoe4884Andy MillerUnited States445,00015
Horseshoe4885Richard RobertsUnited States1,380,00046
Horseshoe4886Mathew MooreUnited States1,750,00058
Horseshoe4887Shengchao ZhuChina1,020,00034
Horseshoe4888David ChenUnited States860,00029
Horseshoe4889Veselin DimitrovUnited States725,00024
Horseshoe4891Mohommed KhanUnited States1,475,00049
Horseshoe4892Anil AdianiIndia1,230,00041
Horseshoe4893Bin LiuUnited States710,00024
Horseshoe4894Diogo CardosoPortugal550,00018
Horseshoe4895Mark SeidenUnited States235,0008
Horseshoe4896Adam AdlerUnited States300,00010
Horseshoe4897Daniel LourencoPortugal1,175,00039
Horseshoe4898Yita ChoongAustralia780,00026
Horseshoe4899Jeremy NistUnited States500,00017
Horseshoe4901Jason WheelerUnited States1,360,00045
Horseshoe4902Kyle ShiganoUnited States1,335,00045
Horseshoe4903Robert PetronioUnited States825,00028
Horseshoe4904Matthew McEwanUnited States1,050,00035
Horseshoe4905Yann PerronFrance1,445,00048
Horseshoe4906Michael RosamanUnited Kingdom850,00028
Horseshoe4907Richard SeymourUnited States515,00017
Horseshoe4908Samuel TebegeUnited States400,00013
Horseshoe4909Peter NighUnited States610,00020
Horseshoe4911Jin KimUnited States540,00018
Horseshoe4912Patrick HowardUnited States260,0009
Horseshoe4913Aleksandar TrajkovskiNorth Macedonia635,00021
Horseshoe4914Matteo CavelierFrance470,00016
Horseshoe4915Craig JonesUnited States805,00027
Horseshoe4916Marshall WhiteUnited States355,00012
Horseshoe4917Ian RichardsonUnited States1,020,00034
Horseshoe4918Shouyi GaoUnited States610,00020
Horseshoe4919Peter MugarUnited States485,00016
Horseshoe4921Kartik VedIndia480,00016
Horseshoe4922Oliver BilesUnited Kingdom820,00027
Horseshoe4923Nicholas SewardUnited States430,00014
Horseshoe4924John GorsuchUnited States550,00018
Horseshoe4925Scott HallUnited States870,00029
Horseshoe4926John ReadingUnited States850,00028
Horseshoe4927Jason MountsUnited States520,00017
Horseshoe4928David ToscanoUnited States1,400,00047
Horseshoe4929Didier GuerinFrance865,00029
Horseshoe4931Johan Schultz-PedersenAustria645,00022
Horseshoe4932Jefferson GuerreroUnited States1,195,00040
Horseshoe4933Casey HatmakerUnited States250,0008
Horseshoe4934Ido AboudiIsrael425,00014
Horseshoe4935Ethan YauUnited States565,00019
Horseshoe4936Chris MoormanUnited Kingdom835,00028
Horseshoe4937Arunas SapitaviciusUnited States230,0008
Horseshoe4938David YokoyamaUnited States955,00032
Horseshoe4939Eric AlwinUnited States520,00017
Horseshoe4941Ronald SimsUnited States1,340,00045
Horseshoe4942Harvey AlegadoUnited States340,00011
Horseshoe4943Brandon NguyenUnited Kingdom510,00017
Horseshoe4944Derek MolnarUnited States305,00010
Horseshoe4945Eric DoughertyUnited States555,00019
Horseshoe4946Jixue YinUnited States550,00018
Horseshoe4947Matthew McdowellUnited States320,00011
Horseshoe4948Jian FuCanada565,00019
Horseshoe4949Danh HuynhCanada605,00020
Horseshoe4951Moonho SeoUnited States850,00028
Horseshoe4952William JiaUnited States420,00014
Horseshoe4953Gianluca PaceUnited States1,170,00039
Horseshoe4954Kannapong ThanarattrakulThailand575,00019
Horseshoe4955Will BerryUnited States135,0005
Horseshoe4956Stephen BuellUnited States530,00018
Horseshoe4957Joshua RobinsUnited States540,00018
Horseshoe4958Bruno BernardinoPortugal855,00029
Horseshoe4959David SebesfiAustralia350,00012
Horseshoe4961Eric PideritUnited States650,00022
Horseshoe4962Renmei LiuCanada1,445,00048
Horseshoe4963Elvis ToomasUnited States665,00022
Horseshoe4964Ping LiuUnited States195,0007
Horseshoe4965Fedor TruntsevRussia750,00025
Horseshoe4966Andrew WhiteUnited Kingdom700,00023
Horseshoe4967Matthew DabbahUnited States320,00011
Horseshoe4968Anton LuAustralia985,00033
Horseshoe4969Jonathan ThermeFrance665,00022
Horseshoe4971Mitchell WatsonAustralia590,00020
Horseshoe4972Alan HamzaUnited States1,910,00064
Horseshoe4973Rene HochmuthGermany640,00021
Horseshoe4974Lorenzo BosforoUnited States10
Horseshoe4975Talesh PatelUnited States700,00023
Horseshoe4976Dejuante AlexanderUnited States980,00033
Horseshoe4977Ekrem BozkurtUnited States615,00021
Horseshoe4978Brent VaalburgUnited States535,00018
Horseshoe4979Stepan MikhnoRussia440,00015
Horseshoe4981Nishant SharmaUnited States200,0007
Horseshoe4982Samuel GagnonCanada750,00025
Horseshoe4983Peter DorogiRomania350,00012
Horseshoe4984Chen Feng WenChina1,750,00058
Horseshoe4985Daniel SchiffmanUnited States365,00012
Horseshoe4986Sanjeev KapoorUnited States560,00019
Horseshoe4987Kenneth BaimeUnited States860,00029
Horseshoe4988Peter HengsakulUnited States710,00024
Horseshoe4989Jeffrey TanouyeUnited States1,865,00062
Horseshoe4991Z SteinUnited States305,00010
Horseshoe4992Daniel JohnsonNew Zealand595,00020
Horseshoe4993Francisco BenitezUruguay530,00018
Horseshoe4994Timothy GilliamUnited States405,00014
Horseshoe4995Windy RamelUnited States350,00012
Horseshoe4996Rajaee WazwazUnited States605,00020
Horseshoe4997Xiao HuangUnited States445,00015
Horseshoe4998Milad OghabianNetherlands270,0009
Horseshoe4999Mike LeahCanada510,00017
Horseshoe5001Derek KwanUnited States830,00028
Horseshoe5002Jose AguileraMexico435,00015
Horseshoe5003Matt GlantzUnited States705,00024
Horseshoe5004Will JarmanUnited Kingdom665,00022
Horseshoe5005Benson TangUnited States2,185,00073
Horseshoe5006Faizal KhojaUnited States1,580,00053
Horseshoe5007Douglas LadaUnited States565,00019
Horseshoe5008Michael CattUnited States300,00010
Horseshoe5009Negie MarucciUnited States115,0004
Horseshoe5011Cuba LevenberryUnited States1,710,00057
Horseshoe5012Gratien MeylanFrance505,00017
Horseshoe5013Timothy LittleUnited States770,00026
Horseshoe5014Federico MacoriItaly450,00015
Horseshoe5015Pavols XanthopoulosUnited States950,00032
Horseshoe5016Dylan LambeUnited States675,00023
Horseshoe5017Jack DuongUnited States1,485,00050
Horseshoe5018Gyeongbyeong LeeSouth Korea470,00016
Horseshoe5019Alexander BuninIsrael950,00032
Horseshoe5071Pierre ShumUnited States840,00028
Horseshoe5072Joao RochaUnited States1,125,00038
Horseshoe5073Daniel FalkensteinUnited States135,0005
Horseshoe5074Michael TevlinCanada445,00015
Horseshoe5075Gary ChauUnited States505,00017
Horseshoe5076Manh NguyenUnited States210,0007
Horseshoe5077Feng QianChina870,00029
Horseshoe5078Vincent LiChina550,00018
Horseshoe5079Aaron FreiUnited States400,00013
Horseshoe5081Edward PakUnited States1,295,00043
Horseshoe5082Yungyu ChenTaiwan420,00014
Horseshoe5083Josh PalmerUnited States590,00020
Horseshoe5084Hong TranUnited States1,000,00033
Horseshoe5085Roongsak GriffethUnited States1,165,00039
Horseshoe5086Matthew WantmanUnited States360,00012
Horseshoe5087Jason DeWittUnited States425,00014
Horseshoe5088Kieran WalshIreland810,00027
Horseshoe5089David LarsonUnited States355,00012
Horseshoe5091Dylan LemeryUnited States220,0007
Horseshoe5092Nghi TranCanada685,00023
Horseshoe5093Juan NavarroSpain290,00010
Horseshoe5094Michael GoffUnited States675,00023
Horseshoe5095Chih FanUnited States975,00033
Horseshoe5096Steven StolzenfeldUnited States380,00013
Horseshoe5097Haengsun LeeSouth Korea415,00014
Horseshoe5098Jacob SpoonerUnited States1,145,00038
Horseshoe5099Gloria JacksonUnited States632,00021
Horseshoe5101Michael MarderUnited States890,00030
Horseshoe5102Joao Simao PeresBrazil925,00031
Horseshoe5103Andrew GlaubergUnited States400,00013
Horseshoe5104Michael WilklowUnited States1,045,00035
Horseshoe5105Brian SchafferUnited States405,00014
Horseshoe5106Ioannis PentefountasCanada470,00016
Horseshoe5107Pat LyonsUnited States705,00024
Horseshoe5108Cole FerraroUnited States810,00027
Horseshoe5109Furkan BegUnited States405,00014
Horseshoe5111Bradley HenryUnited States260,0009
Horseshoe5112Christopher ConradUnited States200,0007
Horseshoe5113Ruslan NazarenkoUnited Kingdom285,00010
Horseshoe5114Dan StavilaUnited States385,00013
Horseshoe5116Kevin OharraUnited States595,00020
Horseshoe5117Eider CruzBrazil590,00020
Horseshoe5118Daniel PortilloUnited States810,00027
Horseshoe5119Benjamin EctorUnited States390,00013