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2023 54th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, June 30, 2023 to Monday, July 03, 2023

Event #70: $400 COLOSSUS No-Limit Hold’em

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  • Buy-in: $400
  • Prizepool: $5,245,020
  • Entries: 15,894
  • Remaining: 0


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Saturday, July 1, 2023 5:07 AM Local Time
Olga Iermolcheva Bags Big in Event #70: $400 Colossus; Spraggy Well in Contention

Olga Iermolcheva

Droves and droves of both recreational and professional poker players filled the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas at the 2023 World Series of Poker for Event #70: $400 Colossus. An overwhelming 7,705 entries were tallied from the start of the day until the end of dinner break. Of those entries, only 965 remain with a bag and a guaranteed shot at the WSOP gold bracelet. Those unable to find a bag have another opportunity to find one on Day 1b.

Event #70: $400 Colossus Day 1a Top 10 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Chengtzu LaiUnited States1,456,000121
2Alessandro MinasiItaly1,415,000118
3Abraham SerranoSpain1,337,000111
4Alan ChuteUnited States1,326,000111
5Yanfeng WangUnited States1,250,000104
6Ivan StarostinRussia1,228,000102
7Todd GermanUnited States1,202,000100
8Olga IermolchevaUkraine1,105,00092
9Corey DavilaUnited States1,080,00090
10Nadav BittonCanada1,074,00090

One, Olga Iermolcheva, ran a stack of 65,000 to a whopping 1,125,000 over a span of two hours. She has had plenty of deep runs this summer already, including a win at the $500 Ladies Championship at the Orlean's Summer Open for $14,350, as well as a 19th place finish here at the Event #11: $600 NLH Deepstack for $ 13,438. There was one hand she might have talked herself out of risk that may have been pivotal in her arriving where she did.

Alan Chute bagged a tremendous 1,326,000 at the end of the day thanks to cracking the aces of bracelet winner Lori Eisenberg, who had accumulated quite the stack but was thwarted at the end of day. Chute's biggest documented score was for $ 8,920 in a Daily Deepstack this summer and he'll be looking to best that if he can keep up his trajectory going into Day 2.

Marle Spragg and Benjamin Spragg, quite the power couple, were both in attendance and riding a deep run going into the money. Mrs. Spragg bagged this tournament in 2022 but came just short this time, as she was seen heading to the payouts in the last level of the evening. Mr. Spragg did spin his stack up to an impressive 623,000 by night's end.

Benjamin Spragg
Benjamin Spragg

Plenty of big names, including the likes of Alejandro Lococo, Ben Yu, and Allen Cunningham all fell before the end of day.

Player's who bagged will be ineligible to play the next flight but even those that cashed have another opportunity to run the gauntlet if they so choose.

The remaining players will be returning on Sunday, July 2nd at 10 a.m. local time to play a full 15 levels. They'll be joined by the survivors of Day 1b which takes place July 1st at 10 a.m. local time. Stay tuned in to PokerNews to catch it as it happens live.

Saturday, July 1, 2023 2:39 AM Local Time
End of the Night Chip Counts
Chengtzu Lai1,456,0001,456,000
Alessandro Minasi1,415,0001,415,000
Abraham Serrano1,337,000532,000
Alan Chute1,326,000-60,000
Yanfeng Wang1,250,0001,250,000
Ivan Starostin1,228,0001,228,000
Todd German1,202,0001,202,000
Olga Iermolcheva1,105,000885,000
Corey Davila1,080,0001,080,000
Nadav Bitton1,074,0001,074,000
Viktor Mechev1,053,0001,053,000
Bruno Politano1,046,0001,046,000
Bernard Muhire1,032,0001,032,000
James Tomblin1,011,000261,000
Mike Heintschel1,005,0001,005,000
Alex Goulder956,000956,000
Eyal Eshkar943,000943,000
Nicolas Enjamio935,000935,000
Robert Gill933,000933,000
Scott Bohlman924,000924,000
JJ Liu905,000905,000
Salomon Benarroch887,000887,000
Louis Russo884,0000
Victor Paulino863,000863,000
Denis Lee854,000854,000
Charles He844,000844,000
Manish Madan843,000843,000
Thomas Amir836,000836,000
Christopher Bonita821,000821,000
Ross Lecavalier805,000805,000
Roman Matin802,000802,000
William Kassouf800,000800,000
Luiz Torres797,000797,000
Kyle Chang789,000789,000
Eric Tipsword786,000786,000
Sergio Cabreras777,000777,000
Anthony Fay775,000775,000
Julian Menhardt772,000772,000
Chris Mckenna770,000770,000
Ning Li769,000769,000
Jason Wheeler762,000762,000
Adam Hamilton758,000758,000
Andre Clarke755,000755,000
Jan-Henrik Westerhoff755,000755,000
Oscar Alvarez749,000749,000
Brian Mitchell742,000742,000
Samuel Stevens742,000742,000
Yao Yin740,000740,000
Sota Yamashita735,000735,000
Nicolas Moiny725,000725,000
Nikki Woodside722,000722,000
Jeffrey Chory722,000722,000
Victoria Beloff720,000-130,000
Melanie Weisner719,000114,000
Marc Piche708,000708,000
Quoc Nguyen708,000708,000
Michael Bruno705,000705,000
Goichi Kawasaki700,000700,000
Michael Sandler697,000697,000
Pete Chen689,000689,000
Jesse King689,000689,000
Grayr Zograbyan688,000688,000
Robert Lleshi678,000678,000
Jason Ross675,000675,000
Timothy Tower671,000671,000
Daniel Wojcik666,000666,000
Minh Lieu664,000664,000
Robert Gruber663,000663,000
Laurence Samet660,000660,000
Michael Ebert656,000656,000
Christopher Ackerman655,000655,000
Vinh Tran652,000652,000
Philippe Bouche647,000647,000
Katsuhiro Mori645,000645,000
Christopher Mason640,000640,000
Bojan Soskic635,000635,000
Duy Ho630,00020,000
Neil Morrissette630,000630,000
Malyna Bumachenko629,000629,000
Mauricio Aruanno Parodi629,000629,000
Florian Ravel628,000628,000
Michael Jutte627,000627,000
Terry Akers626,000626,000
Gerald Stogner624,000624,000
Benjamin Spragg623,000403,000
Ying Wang620,000620,000
Andreas Tomazoy619,000619,000
Alexis Gilbard616,000616,000
Jeffrey Evans615,000615,000
Viorel Georgescu614,000614,000
Lucas Cortijo611,000611,000
Ian Steinman609,0004,000
Sandip Guha605,000605,000
Timur Khamidullin605,000605,000
Mike Stella604,000604,000
Robert Rowland-Smith600,000600,000
Douglas Parscal600,000600,000
Jeffrey Silverstein599,000599,000
Jiaqi Han598,000598,000
Lawrence Chinery598,000598,000
Jason Daly598,000598,000
Oscar Hernandez591,000591,000
Diandre Robinson591,000591,000
Serhii Holodiuk585,000-114,000
Xunjie Yu582,000582,000
Jeremy Hamey578,000578,000
Christopher Mo576,000576,000
Bryan Bechard575,000575,000
Avery Barker574,000523,000
Behrouz Keshtavar573,000573,000
Joseph Anthony571,000571,000
Jason Foley568,000568,000
Hiroaki Yoshitake566,000566,000
Muaaz Gani566,000566,000
Jerson Seemund562,000562,000
Aidan Reilly562,000562,000
Ricardo Eyzaguirre562,000562,000
Jampa Dothar559,000559,000
Bruce Zhen557,000557,000
Danny Chang555,000555,000
David Carvell554,000554,000
Fernando Galvan543,000543,000
Dannette Mason542,000542,000
Brian Woodbury542,000542,000
James Solomon541,000541,000
Czeslaw Szerszen541,000541,000
Lyle Wong541,000541,000
Malachy Hagan538,000538,000
Eemil Tuominen538,000538,000
Hyunsick Jang537,000537,000
John Gallenberg535,000535,000
Giuseppe Calio534,000534,000
Christian Calcano533,000327,000
Waheed Feda532,000532,000
Marcelo Gary531,000531,000
Renan Maciel531,000531,000
Simon Webster531,000531,000
Rikuto Sashida529,000529,000
Scott Weinstein525,000525,000
Timothy Plater523,000523,000
Ramon Gutierrez521,000521,000
Shaun Zammit520,000520,000
James Farrelly519,000519,000
Hideaki Adachi519,000519,000
Evelyn Iraheta515,000515,000
Andrew Gilmore512,000512,000
Omar Mehmood510,000510,000
Brian Lamanna509,000509,000
Brian Topp508,000508,000
Sergiu Cornea508,000508,000
Richard Gress506,000506,000
Eric Rowen505,000505,000
Philip Chun505,000505,000
Sean Harrigan504,000504,000
Edwin Chang504,000504,000
William Mrochek502,000502,000
Steven Chung501,000501,000
Jeffrey Bolin500,000500,000
Phia Xiong500,000500,000
Kenneth Crosby500,000500,000
Connie Jones499,000499,000
Nathan Pitts495,000495,000
Jonathan McCann494,000494,000
Manuel Bravo Martins494,000494,000
Dunji Weng493,000493,000
Jose Orozcogomez493,000493,000
Massoud Eskandari491,00041,000
Blain Ovind490,000490,000
Tony Huang489,000489,000
Yun Choi488,000488,000
Kentaro Aramaki487,000487,000
Stephane Nadot486,000486,000
Jasven Saigal481,000481,000
Ugur Secilmis476,000476,000
Josh Weiss474,000474,000
Marisa Hancock473,000473,000
Ryan Almond472,000472,000
Cedric Louard472,000472,000
Shawn Stuart465,000465,000
Brittany Rodriguez465,000465,000
Kushal Shirodkar463,000463,000
Yvette Tenorio460,000460,000
Juan Endara456,000456,000
Christopher Hewitt455,000455,000
Robert Masone455,000455,000
Thiago Franco453,000453,000
Robert Immer452,000452,000
David Hilton450,000450,000
Paulo Villena450,000450,000
Stephen Esposito450,000450,000
Thomas Backes448,000448,000
Sang Yi446,000446,000
Miles Barnum446,000446,000
Raja Chirumamilla443,000443,000
Timothy Fuqua441,00021,000
John Nguyen441,000441,000
Amirmohsen Hamzehali441,000441,000
Albyn Bello441,000441,000
Evan Roman441,000441,000
Leon Simmons440,000440,000
Peter Cleven440,000440,000
Victor Park439,000439,000
Brandon In439,000439,000
Tomoyuki Yoshimiya438,000438,000
Patrick Nixon437,000437,000
Michael Taylor437,000437,000
Corey Aronson436,000436,000
Jeremy Abrams436,000436,000
DID NOT REPORT 1436,000436,000
Gary Mccoy435,000435,000
Kfir Nahum434,00023,000
Antonio Graham433,000433,000
Sarah Renko433,000433,000
Derek Shannon431,000431,000
Roei Siman431,000431,000
Jonathon Castellanos431,000431,000
Patrick Ronan431,000431,000
Brett Aman430,000430,000
Adrian Pacheco429,000429,000
Walid Hajj429,000429,000
Max Riesenberg428,000428,000
Mike Chiappetta428,000428,000
Shant Marashlian427,000427,000
Christopher Taylor426,000426,000
Joaquin Beretta425,000425,000
David Nutini425,000425,000
Paul Taylor424,000424,000
Ronald Terrill423,0000
Daniel Coles422,000422,000
Edward Yam422,000422,000
Sayoko Matsumoto421,00051,000
Myeonghwa Kang420,000420,000
Sam Dryden420,000420,000
Chase Davis420,000292,500
Michael Allen420,000420,000
Gloria Jackson419,000256,500
I-Chun Chiu417,000417,000
Guy Rahamin417,000417,000
Alexandre Pagel415,000415,000
Yale Greenfield415,000415,000
David Mccaskill414,000414,000
Joshua Ferguson414,000414,000
Cristian Tuica412,000412,000
Anastas Mukoski412,000412,000
Yaron Zeev Malki411,000411,000
Giuseppe Alvaro411,000411,000
Jacques Ortega410,000410,000
Christopher Smith410,000410,000
Gal Samrai409,000409,000
Abelardo Guda408,000408,000
Yang Lei408,000408,000
Edward Leonard407,000407,000
TJ Thandup407,000407,000
Diena Liu405,000154,000
Cliff Maloney405,00048,000
Takashi Yagura401,000401,000
David Hirst400,000400,000
Owen Currie400,000400,000
Thomas Graupner400,000400,000
Dae Woong Song399,000399,000
Edgar Diaz399,000399,000
Danut Chisu398,000398,000
DID NOT REPORT 3397,000397,000
Kelley Slay397,000397,000
George Scopelianos395,000395,000
Constancio Galang395,000395,000
Chet Sickle394,000394,000
Cornel Roman391,000391,000
Kimlong Lav391,000391,000
Artur Kozlowski391,000391,000
Marc Korner389,000389,000
Amit Gross389,000389,000
Loic Lecharny386,000386,000
Karim Rebei386,000386,000
Vincas Tamasauskas386,000386,000
Arlan Goldberg384,000384,000
Michael Nugent384,000384,000
Jeremy Grayson382,000382,000
Nam Le382,000382,000
Dimitrios Bergos381,000381,000
Peter Vitantonio381,000381,000
Daniel Toffel380,000380,000
Jeremy Ferguson380,000380,000
Markus Ganglbauer380,000380,000
Eric Hayes379,000379,000
Jordan Ramirez378,000378,000
Max Kingstone377,000377,000
Abdulrahim Amer377,000377,000
David Schaerf377,000377,000
Sven Reichardt377,000377,000
Brian Jones376,000376,000
Andrew Chung375,000375,000
Makymo Ferguson375,000375,000
Bon Koo375,000375,000
Xiaowen Xu375,000375,000
Lydia Cugudda374,000374,000
Darryl Huey374,000374,000
Mariana Moraes373,000373,000
Bruce Rodriguez373,000373,000
David Richards373,000373,000
John Conkright372,000372,000
Eric Rivkin372,000372,000
Gary Booth372,000372,000
Anthony Bland371,000371,000
Shawn Glines370,000370,000
Luis Cisneros369,000369,000
Joshua Thumma369,000369,000
Rafiki Brown368,000368,000
Scott Geier367,000367,000
David Rasmussen366,0000
David Valone364,000-216,000
Tracy Germany364,000364,000
David Menosky363,000363,000
Jeff Bryan363,000363,000
Elton Sheffield363,000363,000
Klemi Hagag362,000362,000
Robert Lenz360,000360,000
Blair Postma358,000358,000
Anthony Taillon358,000358,000
William Toy358,000358,000
Jacob Lowery357,000357,000
Evan Muschetto356,0000
Joshua Oneal355,000355,000
Yongqing Yuan355,000355,000
David Boals354,000354,000
Christine Park353,000353,000
William Mouradian352,000352,000
Yuze Ding352,000352,000
Gary Mcgee351,000351,000
Christopher Rottigni351,00051,000
Prashanth Nataraj351,000351,000
Kevin Martin350,000-106,000
Carlos Mendez350,000350,000
Yigit Isilsoy348,000348,000
Thomas Cervino348,000348,000
Sean Gibson348,000348,000
Jonathan Malekpourani346,000346,000
Steven Stillman345,000345,000
Timothy Jordan344,000344,000
Angel Granados344,000194,000
James Rapp344,000344,000
Jesus Garibay343,000343,000
Zurvan Tumboli343,000343,000
David Wintersberger342,000342,000
Akira Ide341,000341,000
Xiaolou Liu341,000341,000
Timothy Gilliam340,000340,000
Alexis Lopez340,000340,000
Skipper Pearson340,000340,000
Robert Van Hoose339,000-1,000
Nicolaus Paszkiewicz339,000339,000
Alex Avdelopoulos338,000338,000
Heith Smith338,000338,000
Dylan Descheneaux337,000337,000
William Henricks337,000337,000
Ryan Simmonds336,000336,000
Junqiang Lyu335,000335,000
Michael Bollar335,000335,000
Jackson Turrentine333,000333,000
Dung Nguyen333,000333,000
Steven Enstine332,000332,000
Jay Hong331,000331,000
Robert Natividad330,000330,000
Abdel Quintas330,000330,000
Caleb Piderit330,000330,000
Brandon Gill330,000330,000
Cody Bartlett328,000328,000
Joel Dalida327,000327,000
Kevin Towler327,000327,000
Darrel Devera326,00071,000
Jean Mastrocola326,000326,000
Nelson Wong325,000325,000
Joshua Gulabovski325,000325,000
Shengchao Zhu324,000324,000
Paul Avery323,000323,000
Tyler Lake323,000323,000
Gabriel Jansen Falcao Baleeiro322,000322,000
Samuel Lindholm321,000321,000
Dustin An320,000320,000
Thomas Quaade317,000317,000
Eric Kim316,000316,000
Ramon Fernandez315,000315,000
Erin Lee314,000314,000
Joseph Holland314,000314,000
Federico Sturzenegger313,000313,000
Guy Mckay313,000313,000
Stephen Anderson312,000312,000
Idris Gencoglu310,000310,000
Akira Sato309,000309,000
Jason Gossard309,000309,000
Matthew Zazaian309,000309,000
Brian Tollett309,000309,000
Sanjay Mayekar308,000308,000
Praise Ogwo308,000308,000
Jacob Fullerton307,000307,000
Royce Baker307,00037,000
Jean Ledoux307,000307,000
Alex Yi306,000306,000
Lukas Gunzel305,000305,000
Carla Fischer305,000305,000
Dmitri Dudakov305,000305,000
Jimmy Kebe305,000305,000
Louis Ganser305,000305,000
Jonathan Braker305,000305,000
Tiahang Zhang305,000305,000
Eduardo Espinosa Diaz305,000305,000
Sabir Rasulov304,000304,000
Joanne Dicarlo301,000301,000
Chang-An Chen301,000301,000
Hector Gonzalez300,000300,000
Tommy Kemter300,000300,000
Chen Song300,000300,000
Idan Theone300,000300,000
Simas Karaliunas300,000300,000
Maurice Hawkins299,00019,000
Samuel Asselin299,000299,000
Hayley Goss298,000298,000
Kenneth Song297,000297,000
Guillermo Fernandez296,000296,000
Christian Schwartz295,000295,000
Royce Kim295,000295,000
Frank Juarez294,000294,000
Kambiz Marvi294,000294,000
Pavel Ignatov294,000294,000
Natalia Passmore294,000294,000
DID NOT REPORT 4293,000293,000
Cedric Angosto292,000292,000
Rhonda Shepek291,000220,600
Gerardo Amezola291,000291,000
Yuta Kobayashi291,000291,000
Sang Le291,000291,000
Tiffany Wong290,000290,000
Sertac Turker290,000290,000
Nirath Rean290,000290,000
Nikola Rujevic289,000289,000
Denis Vladimirov288,000288,000
Gary Banks288,000288,000
Drew Scott287,000287,000
Benjamin Valder287,000287,000
Dann Turner287,000287,000
Darla Garcia286,000286,000
Richard Hallum285,000285,000
Stephane Gauthier285,000285,000
Jeffrey Whitaker284,000284,000
Jason James284,000284,000
Christopher Barnes284,000284,000
Paul Kuchta283,000283,000
John Blanchard282,000282,000
Rytis Strigunas282,000282,000
Ryan Scott282,000282,000
Robert Rafay282,000282,000
Thor Brown281,000281,000
Manuel Rivera280,000280,000
Matthew Pagels280,000-47,000
Feifan Wu280,000280,000
Tanupat Punjarojanakul280,000280,000
Jason Mcdonald279,000279,000
Sean Richard279,000279,000
Dustin Ubrun279,000279,000
Karsten Rahn278,000278,000
Christopher Kojack278,000278,000
Daniel Kelly277,000277,000
Princess Love277,000277,000
Zulfiya Kolgu275,000275,000
Dominique Dunn274,000274,000
Allen Kessler274,000109,000
Paul Hizer274,000274,000
Joseph Melugin274,000274,000
Francois Corouge274,000274,000
Adam Schaffer273,000273,000
James Chavanarojrit273,000273,000
Maria Curta272,000272,000
William Thompson272,000272,000
Ricardo De-Oliveira271,000271,000
Anthony Dubisar271,000271,000
Jonathan Radouan270,000270,000
Akbar Sarraf270,000270,000
Shaotong Chang270,000270,000
Bogdan Munteanu270,000270,000
Christopher Staats269,000269,000
Patrick Naylor269,000269,000
Erwann Pecheux268,000268,000
Antoine Meseguer268,000268,000
Daniel Jordan268,000268,000
Danny Grogan267,000267,000
Mikhail Timoshin267,000267,000
Corey Caeti266,000266,000
John Senycz266,000266,000
Allen Chang265,000265,000
Orlando Barrera265,000265,000
Brian Tolley262,000262,000
Eric Ward262,000262,000
Venkata Muramalla261,000-24,000
Todd Sekli261,000261,000
Eric Sawyer261,000261,000
Samuel Deering260,000260,000
Frank Kharasch258,000258,000
John Mundie258,000258,000
Michael Patton257,000257,000
Edward Doyle257,000257,000
Aaron Pinson257,000257,000
Aramis Bonzini256,000256,000
Daniel Demula255,000255,000
Mikael Gurenius254,000254,000
Shan Jing254,000254,000
Luigi Petrone253,000-22,000
Mark Peters252,000252,000
Harvey Jackson252,000252,000
Mitchell Scholefield252,000252,000
Sebastin Kolman251,000251,000
Z Stein250,000250,000
Christopher Larkin249,000249,000
Nicholas Mullennex248,000248,000
Nicholas Amicucci248,000248,000
Miguel Del Moral248,000248,000
John Stout247,0000
Michael Feinstein247,000247,000
Michael Funaro247,000247,000
DID NOT REPORT 5246,000246,000
Oscar David245,000245,000
Ali Shahni244,000244,000
Gideon Hawley244,000244,000
Yahor Yuzefovich243,000243,000
Bradley Sain242,000242,000
Steven Sterner241,000241,000
Yair Kimhi241,000241,000
Hardey Karem240,000240,000
Noam Freedman239,000239,000
Thomas Stinson239,000239,000
Bradley Gafford239,000239,000
Jefferson Branch239,000239,000
Wellington Araujolopesferreira239,000239,000
Massimiliano Greco238,000238,000
Kazuhiro Shirasawa238,000238,000
Brian Fritz237,000237,000
Den Kim237,000237,000
Ludovic Feret237,000237,000
Zachary Reinbold237,000237,000
James Adkins237,0000
Andrew Sterkel237,000237,000
Michael Huber236,000236,000
Zachary Camp236,000236,000
Hikaru Saito236,000236,000
James Manalang236,000236,000
Leonardo Castro235,000235,000
Mario Niciforo235,000235,000
Juan Pastor235,000235,000
Tamir Saidman235,000235,000
Lucas Tae234,000234,000
Michael Brewer234,000234,000
Mark Bernstein234,000234,000
Paul McMullin234,000234,000
Kevin Bavers234,000234,000
Stacey Jones233,000233,000
Jeramie Moffett233,000233,000
James Snow232,000232,000
John Leathart232,000232,000
Sandro Thalmann232,0000
Deborah Lavigne231,000231,000
Nicholai Dibiagio230,000230,000
Walter Azarevich230,000230,000
Ariel Samuhi230,000230,000
Mykhailo Lendel229,000229,000
Noah Wiseman229,000229,000
Adam Velez228,000228,000
Paul Grande228,000228,000
Joanne Kozel228,000228,000
Peter Brankin227,000227,000
Andrew Meyer225,000225,000
Brian Macnevin225,000225,000
Sumit Bhattacharya225,000225,000
Francesco Micucci225,000225,000
Neville Endo Costa225,000225,000
Justin Pechie225,0000
Brad Siegel225,000225,000
Yevhen Pavlenko225,000225,000
Brandon Horton224,000224,000
Yoshiya Agata224,000224,000
Michael Young222,000222,000
Clifford Huang221,000221,000
William Roche221,000221,000
David Danlag221,0000
Edmund Eng221,000221,000
Guy Cannon221,000221,000
John Monaco220,000220,000
Phong Than Nguyen220,000220,000
Satish Andalam220,000220,000
Robert Laymon220,000220,000
Alan Leon219,000219,000
Abdullah Abdulazeem218,000218,000
Bill Eitze218,000218,000
Anthony Ruttler218,000218,000
Sun Woo Cho218,000218,000
Scott Webber218,000218,000
Trevor Lewis217,000217,000
Didier Georgieff217,000217,000
Kory Lovre216,000216,000
Nicholas Tango216,000216,000
Tom Olson216,000216,000
Felipe De Paulo215,000215,000
Harry Korotki215,000215,000
Mychajlo Semianczuk215,000215,000
Vikenty Shegal215,000215,000
Parris Allison-Greene214,000214,000
Diddy Chen214,000214,000
Richard Robinson214,000214,000
Qinghai Pan214,000214,000
Richard Vilkin214,000214,000
David Minsterman213,000213,000
Brian Burke213,000213,000
Jose Severino213,000213,000
Adel Naoun212,000212,000
James Tian212,000212,000
Chuan Ooi212,000212,000
Sigfrido Cuen212,000212,000
Domonic Cugudda211,000211,000
Vladas Burneikis210,000210,000
Dennis Bantugan210,0000
Scott Yoshizaki209,000209,000
Thomas Laviano209,000209,000
Corey Paul208,000208,000
Rudolf Jozelic208,000208,000
Furkan Beg207,000207,000
Mike Burns207,000207,000
Enrico Hoflehner206,000206,000
Nagib Zammar Cardozo206,000206,000
Kory Miller206,000206,000
Nicholas Wood206,000206,000
Valerie Ross205,000205,000
Michael Adams205,000205,000
Iddar Tueme205,000205,000
Morgan Davies203,000203,000
Brandon Goepfert203,000203,000
Kevin Ward203,000203,000
Jesus Castillo202,000202,000
Gerald Ravotti201,000201,000
Kami Hudson201,000201,000
Leo Lee199,000199,000
Steven Jablonski198,000198,000
Joseph Marchal198,000198,000
Hady Harraka197,000197,000
Bahar Musa197,000197,000
Brian Tansy197,000197,000
Michael Schweider196,000196,000
Lance Jones196,000196,000
Renante Guiao195,000195,000
Eric Mizrachi195,000195,000
Andrew Nemeth195,000195,000
Blaise D'Sylva195,000195,000
Joseph Salvaggi194,000194,000
Stefan Deckert194,000194,000
Sean Greendugh194,000194,000
Jakob Bowers193,000193,000
Allan Dababneh192,000192,000
Thien Nguyen192,000192,000
Ghadi Akari192,000192,000
Brian Lovett192,000192,000
Adam Beyrer191,000191,000
Kenneth Baime191,000191,000
Giovanni Apicella190,000190,000
Sergio Del Corral190,000190,000
Dien Luong190,000190,000
Kristina Cullen190,000190,000
Hidetoshi Ikeda190,000190,000
Martin Saunders189,000189,000
Jacob Gamble189,000189,000
Craig Maggi189,000189,000
Michael Healy189,000189,000
Yufei Zhong189,000189,000
Edwin Lee189,000189,000
Jeffrey Coon188,000188,000
Wernnie Saechao188,00093,400
DID NOT REPORT 2188,000188,000
Eduardo Nejaim188,000188,000
Yian Saelee188,000188,000
Chijen Chen187,000187,000
Luciano Melo187,000187,000
Kai Spindeldreher187,000187,000
Aidan Long187,000187,000
Barry Russell187,000187,000
Danoo Noor186,000186,000
Rafi Elimelech185,000185,000
Myles German185,000185,000
Phuoc Nguyen185,000185,000
Jean-Daniel Champod185,000185,000
Shogo Okazaki183,000183,000
Alexandre Hocquaux182,000182,000
Andrej Nagy182,000182,000
Jeffrey Petsche182,000182,000
Arnold Thornton181,000181,000
Daniel Murphy181,000181,000
Rogerio Nitschke180,000180,000
Darin Wong180,000180,000
Marc Diaz180,000180,000
Michael Webb179,000179,000
Marcelo Lanza178,000178,000
Samuel Renshaw178,000178,000
David Smith178,000178,000
Dustin Gish178,000178,000
Kevin Kansler177,000177,000
Zoe Stout176,000176,000
Connor Teays176,000176,000
David Castranova176,000176,000
Juan Pablo Sanchez Moises175,000175,000
Robert Goldberg175,000175,000
Jonah Rosenberg175,000-114,500
Collin Cheung175,000175,000
Pierre Deville174,000174,000
Matthew Ezrol174,000174,000
Kyle Keating173,000173,000
Lucas Smith173,000173,000
Mark Smith173,00033,000
Matthew Tobin173,000173,000
Zachary Vankeuren172,000172,000
Matthew Becker172,000172,000
Andrew Stirling171,000171,000
Hasan Halil171,000171,000
Stewart Levy171,000171,000
Jean-Francois Alexandre170,000170,000
Steven Cardarelli170,000170,000
Shinichiro Hatakeyama169,000169,000
Sudesh Piyatissa169,000169,000
Muffadal Daginawala169,000169,000
Evan Acker168,000168,000
Paul Guetschow167,000167,000
James Alvarez167,000167,000
Mohammed Suhail167,000167,000
Ron Schindelheim166,000166,000
Michael kinzer166,000-174,000
Michael Vogelsong166,000166,000
Arman Sogomonian166,000166,000
Terry Williams165,000165,000
David Ansay165,000165,000
Larry Mcmillen164,000164,000
Ronald Aguiluz164,000164,000
Jeffrey Leone163,000163,000
Daniel Gabriel162,000162,000
Christopher Hyle162,000162,000
Spencer Liebmann161,000161,000
Claude Gunraj161,000161,000
Walter Bunce161,000161,000
Robert Leboeuf161,000161,000
Euan Blackwood160,000160,000
Ivan Rezzonico160,000160,000
Lucas Fauth157,000157,000
Timothy Cavallin156,000156,000
Christopher Dupuy156,000156,000
Steven Sheinfield155,000155,000
George Diab155,000155,000
Daryl Reed155,000155,000
Boyu Chiang154,000154,000
Leonid Izakson153,000153,000
Alejandro Rodriguez153,000153,000
Edgar Goncalvespereira153,000153,000
John Horrocks152,000152,000
Franck Greaux151,000151,000
Michael Lee151,000151,000
Christopher Mcfarland150,000150,000
William Kim150,000150,000
David Richmond150,000150,000
Rick Whitesell150,00020,000
Gina Bacon150,000150,000
Edan Waldman150,0000
Matthew O'meara149,000149,000
Daniel Mcbrien149,000149,000
Lavern Fross149,000149,000
Oliver White148,000148,000
Travis Hetrick148,000148,000
Russell Blattberg148,000148,000
Matt Affleck148,00081,000
Arthur Rigaud148,000148,000
Brian Colson148,000148,000
Rosario Velazogez147,000147,000
Mark Parrish147,000147,000
Jay Gilbert147,000147,000
Tudor Cristian Bartha Lazar146,000146,000
Misa Mai145,000145,000
Jordan Pelon145,000145,000
Marcelo Araujo145,000145,000
Michael Gainer145,000145,000
Karolis Sereika143,000143,000
Adam Lawler143,000143,000
Damon Jessiman141,000141,000
Ronald Ruhl141,000141,000
Lawrence Furie140,000140,000
Robert Carlile140,000140,000
Roman Afanasenka140,000140,000
Koji Inque140,000140,000
Scott Berman139,000139,000
Douglas Workman139,000139,000
John Marlowe139,000139,000
Robert Flowers138,000138,000
Jason Johnson138,000138,000
Gary Lorgan138,000138,000
James Mcclain138,000138,000
Kenny Velez138,000138,000
Kenneth Asher138,000138,000
Cheng Liu137,000137,000
Michail Kamenev136,000136,000
Celine Diot135,000135,000
Dmitry Blyumin134,000134,000
Michael Salazar133,000133,000
Laurie Swaney133,000133,000
John Duncan132,000132,000
Jesus Alvarez132,000132,000
Hemal Mehta131,000131,000
Jeremy Miner130,000130,000
Connor Belcher130,000130,000
Seyed Hosseini130,000130,000
Youssef Hicham130,000130,000
Assi Levi130,000130,000
David Mittleman129,000129,000
Lawrence Terkel128,000128,000
Nikolay Vorobyev127,000127,000
Yuki Yamasaki127,000127,000
Frank Kelly127,000127,000
Eric Martin127,000127,000
Brett Slezak126,000126,000
Robert Fediuk126,000126,000
Long Nguyen126,000126,000
Shawn Sutton126,000126,000
Guang Chen125,000125,000
Svetlana Gromenkova125,000125,000
Nader Isahac125,000125,000
Suman Chen123,000123,000
Mitchell Collins123,000123,000
Charles Mast123,000123,000
Jason Dunning122,000122,000
Robert Mellon122,000122,000
Meg Zampino122,000122,000
Nikolaos Papadopoulos122,000122,000
Yoshiaki Jorgensen121,000121,000
Christopher Nicolo121,000121,000
Henry Reyes121,000121,000
James Henson121,000121,000
Michael Capener121,000121,000
Stephen Lee120,000120,000
Johann Compagnon120,000120,000
Noel Nadal120,000120,000
Anthony Malarae119,000119,000
Jeannette Mendez119,000119,000
Ryan Brady119,000119,000
Syed Kadri119,000119,000
Robert Bemis118,000118,000
Erlene Geller118,000118,000
David Carleton117,000117,000
Rajeev Mathur117,000117,000
Steven Payten116,000116,000
Grant Campbell116,000116,000
Wayne Brown115,000115,000
Matt Souza114,000114,000
Raphael Tran Dinh113,000113,000
Andrew Ferguson113,000113,000
Amin Chehade113,000113,000
Brian Davis113,000113,000
Nelson Caballero113,000113,000
Michael Crane112,000-12,000
Paul Coyle112,000112,000
Jeffrey Madonia112,000112,000
Kristen Deardorff112,000112,000
Zachary Fischer111,000111,000
John Fergusson111,000111,000
Peter Morris111,000-153,000
Darren Rabinowitz110,000110,000
Anthony Motte109,000109,000
Jason Brown109,000109,000
Einnar Tuazon109,000109,000
Lance Juoszko109,000109,000
Tim Shane108,000108,000
Jason Chung107,000107,000
Jason Li106,000106,000
Kimberlee Lepa106,000106,000
Leandro Foster105,000105,000
Colter Sanders105,000105,000
Brett Wiesner102,000102,000
Clifford Harris102,000102,000
Subhan Anders Ohman101,000101,000
Alon Arbitman101,000101,000
Chien Chih Weng100,000100,000
Thomas Elder99,00099,000
Ken Hodges99,00099,000
Justice Murphy98,00098,000
Noah Wolfe96,00096,000
David Capone95,00095,000
Petru Moraru94,00094,000
Brett Loose92,00092,000
Ari Engel92,000-45,000
Paul Maguire90,00090,000
Matthew Wiseman89,00089,000
Andrew Garcia89,00089,000
Michael Marder88,00088,000
Michael Wagner88,00088,000
Fabio Lopes87,00087,000
Raad Farida87,00087,000
Patrick Bonilla86,00086,000
Christopher Usude86,00086,000
Roy Shimada84,00084,000
Neil Kershaw84,00084,000
Son Ho83,00083,000
Abhishek Paul83,00083,000
Tony Toscano82,00082,000
Karl Pirkopf82,00082,000
Joshua Tulcan81,00081,000
Amandine Moyon81,00081,000
David Millham81,00081,000
Vincent Frigeria81,00081,000
Thomas Simanek78,00078,000
Charles Retamal78,00078,000
Sevak Gevorkyan77,00077,000
Colin Robinson77,00077,000
Maximilien Valente77,00077,000
Vincent German76,00076,000
Sayed Moussavi Nameghi75,00075,000
DID NOT REPORT 675,00075,000
Bradley Johnson74,00074,000
Kuenwai Lo73,00073,000
Joshua Wurmlinger72,00072,000
Amin Hosein72,00072,000
Virginia Arceneaux71,00071,000
George Phiniotis71,00071,000
Shimonmishel Beniam71,00071,000
Paul Birman70,00070,000
Jonathan Tamayo69,00069,000
John Barr-Hamilton68,00068,000
John Goebel67,00067,000
John Rosebrock66,000-101,000
Michael Joe65,00065,000
Archie Knerr64,00064,000
Fernando Brito64,000-478,000
Haruki Mizuno64,00064,000
Stefan Mumm63,00063,000
Matthew Wisniewski63,00063,000
Brian Engbloom62,00062,000
Marko Hirschfelder62,00062,000
Geoffrey Doherty61,00061,000
Richard Miller59,00059,000
Eric Yam58,00058,000
John Drew56,00056,000
Xingbiao Zhu55,00055,000
Fabio Lozano55,00055,000
Kichang Kim55,00055,000
Cesar Jimenez53,00053,000
Derrick Mcneil50,00050,000
Arkado Gadelov47,00047,000
Graham Rock46,00046,000
Christopher Roepke45,00045,000
Dan Serban44,00044,000
Lauren Bunch43,00043,000
Jeffrey Nelson42,00042,000
Sean Kline42,00042,000
Michael Turnbull37,00037,000
Xiu Song17,50017,500
Myles Mullaly13,00013,000
Gregory Sweigard11
Kenneth Donoghue11
Jeffrey Gross11
Juan Maldonado11
Russell Harp11
Markiyan Blahy11
Hejia Gao11
Michael Lamontagne11
Saturday, July 1, 2023 2:19 AM Local Time
Last Three Hands

The tournament director has announced the final three hands before the players bag for Day 2 on Sunday, July 2nd.

Saturday, July 1, 2023 2:19 AM Local Time
Players Elated at the End of NIght

It seems the delays from early in the day have been washed away as the remaining players seem thrilled to still have a chance at this colossal prize pool.

Marle Spragg, however, was seen leaving going to payouts but she will have another opportunity tomorrow if she sees fit.

Marle Spragg0-116,000
Saturday, July 1, 2023 2:03 AM Local Time
Kassouf Takes it on the Flop; Claims to Have Tens

William Kassouf

Ian Steinman raised under the gun to 20,000 and Will Kassouf three-bet to 62,000 from a couple of spots to his left. The action folded back around to Steinman and he made the call.

"You're going to have to hit twice," said Kassouf before the flop came out, "I don't have to hit."

The dealer fanned a flop of     and Steinman check-folded to a continuation bet of 100,000 from Kassouff.

"Pick one, they're both the same."

Steinman replied with a simple, "No."

Kassouff showed the   and claimed to have pocket tens.

Will Kassouf715,000365,000
Ian Steinman605,000205,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Saturday, July 1, 2023 1:55 AM Local Time
Brito Sends Bennett Out on the Bubble

After a series of raises, Michael Bennett was at risk for his tournament life on the stone bubble for 226,000 and it was Fernando Brito looking for the knockout.

Michael Bennett:   
Fernando Brito:   

Bennett's jacks ran into a bigger pair and he couldn't catch up as the board ran out      .

There was an elimination at another table at the same time though, so Bennett and the other player will split the minimum cash of $640.

Fernando Brito542,000
Michael Bennett0
Saturday, July 1, 2023 1:53 AM Local Time
Aces for Some on the Bubble

Allen Kessler called PokerNews over to his table, as he had just gone all in on the direct bubble and once it folded all the way through, he requested a picture of him be taken with the    he had in in the hole.

Just one table over, Kyle Miholich went all in and was called by the commanding stack of Jonathan McAmm.

Kyle Miholich:   
Jonathan McAmm:   

The board ran out without at sweat,       and Miholich.

Jason Olenak was on one of the outer tables, eagerly awaiting to see if he made the money, as he was only left with one big blind.

Jonathan McAmm475,000
Allen Kessler165,00020,000
Kyle Miholich145,00085,000
Jason Olenak8,000
Saturday, July 1, 2023 1:13 AM Local Time

With 1,165 left and 1,156 being paid the $400 Colossus is officially in hand-for-hand until the bubble burst.

Saturday, July 1, 2023 1:12 AM Local Time
Eisenberg's Aces Cracked to be Eliminated

Lara Eisenberg

Alan Chute raised 20,000 in early position and Lara Eisenberg three-bet to 60,000. The table folded back around to Chute and he made the call.

When the flop came    , Chute check-raised the 50,000 bet of Eisenberg to 130,000. Eisenberg jammed for 590,000 and Chute called.

Lara Eisenberg:   
Alan Chute:   

Chute flopped top set to crack the aces of Eisenberg and she couldn't find an ace as the board completed with the   on the turn and the   on the river.

Alan Chute1,386,0001,386,000
Lara Eisenberg0-640,000
Saturday, July 1, 2023 1:09 AM Local Time
Level 17 started
Level: 17
Blinds: 5,000/10,000
Ante: 10,000
Gorilla Gaming
Saturday, July 1, 2023 1:08 AM Local Time
Martin Doubles Nearing the Bubble

Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin raised 16,000 under the gun and he was called by a player a couple of spots to his left, as well as the big blind.

The dealer spread a flop of    , and the big blind check-called a bet of 22,000, while the third player got out of the way.

The   landed on the turn and the big blind check-called another bet, this time Martin fired 37,000.

When the   completed the board, the big blind checked for a final time. Martin paused for about 20 seconds with a stone face and jammed his remaining stack of 139,000.

"This is so sick," said the big blind, "I am so under-repped here."

After about a minute, the big blind dropped a stack across the line to make the call.

Martin quickly showed   , which defeated his opponents    for a big double nearing the bubble.

Kevin Martin456,000331,000
Saturday, July 1, 2023 1:06 AM Local Time
More Updated Counts - All Players in Paris Now
Lara Eisenberg640,00060,000
Maurice Hawkins280,000240,000
Benjamin Spragg220,000167,000
Alejandro Lococo170,000170,000
Allen Kessler145,00099,700
Vivian Saliba120,000-110,000
Heather Turner0-145,000
Saturday, July 1, 2023 1:02 AM Local Time
Aces Amble in for Tomblin

As relayed by James Tomblin and his table mates:

The player on the button raised to 18,000, then the player in the small blind went all in for just over 200,000. James Tomblin went all in from the big blind, and the button called off.

Small Blind:   
James Tomblin:   

The flop rolled out    , the turn paired the board with another  , and the river paired it again with  .

Tomblin's tablemates were flabbergasted, as he had registered late and it wasn't much before this that he had only 70,000 in chips.

James Tomblin750,000704,000
Saturday, July 1, 2023 12:54 AM Local Time
Payouts Announced

Payouts have been announced for Day 1a. There were a total of 7,705 entries, creating a prize pool of $2,542,650 to be combined with Day 1b.

The minimum cash is $640 with 1,156 players making the money.

If a player bags at the end of level 17, they are prohibited from entering Day 1b, however, if a player cashes and does not bag they may play Day 1b and cash again.

Saturday, July 1, 2023 12:44 AM Local Time
Beloff Makes a Full House

The button opened to 20,000 and Victoria Beloff called in the small blind, followed by the big blind.

The dealer spread a flop of     and all three players checked to see the   turn.

Beloff check-called a bet of 26,000, while the big blind check-folded.

When the   landed on the river, both players checked. The button announced he had a seven as he tabled    and Beloff dragged the pot with a rivered full house, showing   .

Victoria Beloff850,000270,000
Gorilla Gaming
Saturday, July 1, 2023 12:33 AM Local Time
Post Break Chip Counts
Abraham Serrano805,000805,000
Melanie Weisner605,000165,000
Lara Eisenberg580,000580,000
Neville Costa510,000510,000
Sayoko Matsumoto370,000-134,000
Chase Land311,000217,000
Peter Morris264,000-57,000
Heather Turner145,000-185,000
Abby Merk96,000-42,000
Saturday, July 1, 2023 12:28 AM Local Time
Level 16 started
Level: 16
Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Ante: 8,000
Saturday, July 1, 2023 12:07 AM Local Time
Final Break of the Night

The players have reached their final break of the night. After this 20-minute break, there will be two more levels of play.

Saturday, July 1, 2023 12:03 AM Local Time
Meyers Survives

Jeff Meyers shoved his last 48,000 under the gun and the player next to act made the call.

"Ah, that could be bad news if you're calling in that spot!" said Meyers as both hands were being tabled.

Jeff Meyers:   

It was not trouble though as he had his opponent dominated. The flop of     gave both players a gutshot straight draw, now needing each other's card. The   turn and   river changed nothing though and Meyers scooped the double up.

Jeff Meyers113,000113,000
Friday, June 30, 2023 11:57 PM Local Time
Martin Puts The Squeeze; Hoose Pot is That

The player on the button limped in an unopened pot, the small blind called, and Kevin Martin put his chips to work, raising it up to 23,000. The button and the small blind both snapped their hands in the muck and he scooped the pot.

Just one hand later, the player on the button lamented raising to 15,000 instead of 12,000 when the player to his left went all in against him.

This next hand took place just two tables over:

A player in middle position raised to 15,000 and was called by Rob Van Hoose on the button, as well as Ari Engel in the big blind.

Three ways, they saw the flop of    . Engel and the initial raiser both tapped the table. Van Hoose took some time before assembling a bet of 23,000.

Engel quickly folded and the initial raiser went deep in the tank, eventually landing on a raise to 64,000. Van Hoose had a long think himself before clicking it to 101,000. The middle-position player pushed the rest of their chips in the middle and Van Hoose made the call.

Rob Van Hoose:   
Middle Position:   

Van Hoose was firmly ahead with his pair of aces with an ace kicker, and when the   rolled, it only left one chance for a seven, but it fell the   instead.

Robert Van Hoose340,000340,000
Ari Engel137,0007,000
Kevin Martin125,00010,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander