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2023 54th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 to Friday, June 02, 2023

Event #5: $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $608,760
  • Entries: 456
  • Remaining: 0


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Friday, June 2, 2023 6:34 PM Local Time
Eveslage Decimates Mozdzen's Stack


Chad Eveslage selected Badeucey and then proceeded to raise the button with Clayton Mozdzen calling out of the big blind. Eveslage discarded four versus trey and Mozdzen check-called a bet do then do so again after the second draw on which both discarded two.

Mozdzen took one on the final draw and Eveslage patted to bet when checked to, picking up a call by the Canadian. Eveslage had a three card with seven low but Mozdzen chopped.

Eveslage then raised for Mozdzen to defend the small blind and the latter took two, Eveslage patted. "Oh wow, good for you," Mozdzen instantly said after that announcement and grinned.

Mozdzen check-called a bet and took one, Eveslage patted and they checked. On the final draw, both patted and Mozdzen check-called another bet. Eveslage tabled the   /      for a nine-nine and scooped a pot, leaving his opponent with just over one big bet.

Chad Eveslage6,100,0001,150,000
Clayton Mozdzen250,000-750,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 6:28 PM Local Time
Racener Hits Perfect Runout

John Racener

Stud 8 or Better

Clayton Mozdzen:    /      folded on sixth
John Racener:    /     

The Stud 8 or Better orbit went by in a breeze with no hand taking longer than 45 seconds and the most notable one saw John Racener bet a favourable runout. Clayton Mozdzen sigh-folded on sixth street as he mentioned to fold aces and tens while Racener flashed a straight with a gutshot straight flush showing on his open board.

John Racener2,800,000500,000
Clayton Mozdzen1,000,000-425,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 6:22 PM Local Time
Eveslage Loses Some to Racener; Takes From Mozden

A-5 Triple Draw

In a duel button versus small blind, chip leader Chad Eveslage took on John Racener. Both took two and Racener bet, Eveslage called. Racener patted the second draw and Eveslage took one for the former to bet and the latter to call.

On the final draw, Racener patted again and Eveslage discarded one. They checked and Racener won the pot with the      .

Both tangled again soon after in a three-bet pot after which Eveslage gave up after the second draw.

Clayton Mozdzen then raised on the button for Eveslage to defend the big blind,. Having discarded three versus one, Eveslage check-called a bet before both checked down the final two draws, discarding one each. Eveslage tabled his       and Mozdzen mucked deuces, mentioning he paired up three times.

Chad Eveslage4,950,000-750,000
John Racener2,300,0001,085,000
Clayton Mozdzen1,425,000-275,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 6:18 PM Local Time
James Johnson Eliminated in 6th Place ($18,428)

James Johnson

2-7 Razz

James Johnson:   /    / 
Clayton Mozdzen:   /    / 

James Johnson was all in on third street against Clayton Mozdzen and in a shining example of the added nuance to 2-7 Razz, by seventh street, Johnson had made a straight, while Mozdzen's queen-ten ended up being the winner.

Clayton Mozdzen1,700,000250,000
James Johnson0-255,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 6:10 PM Local Time
David Levi Eliminated in 7th place ($13,507)

David Levi

2-7 Razz

David Levi:    /     
John Racener:    /    

John Racener completed and then called after getting raised by David Levi.

Racener called a bet on fourth and then an all-in on fifth to put Levi at risk.

in the end, Racener made an eight-five low, while Levi drew to an qualifying six to become the first elimination of the final table.

John Racener1,215,000-230,000
David Levi0-475,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 5:58 PM Local Time
Phil Ivey, Doug Polk in Action at Epic WSOP $25k Heads-Up Tournament

doug polk phil ivey

Two GOATS in their own right, Doug Polk and Phil Ivey, have both officially made their 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) debuts in what is one of the most stacked tournaments of the summer.

Event #8: $25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship began at noon PT on Friday with 64 of the best and most popular players in the game, all just hoping to keep pace with the great John Smith, of course.

Read the Full Story Here

Friday, June 2, 2023 5:54 PM Local Time
Eveslage Strikes Back With Two Scoops

Stud 8 or Better

Nick Kost:    /      /  
Chad Eveslage:     /     

Right after a minor setback with the double of Clayton Mozdzen, Chad Eveslage raised the completion of Nick Kost and bet every further street until sixth. Both checked seventh and Eveslage tabled his jacks up to win the pot.

David Levi:     /     
Chad Eveslage:     /     

David Levi then completed and Eveslage called. Levi bet fourth and Eveslage called, then they checked fifth street. On sixth, Eveslage bet and Levi called. They checked seventh and Eveslage scooped the pot with a pair of nines as Levi had no qualifying low.

Chad Eveslage5,700,0001,100,000
Nick Kost1,050,000-630,000
David Levi475,000-605,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 5:47 PM Local Time
Miracle Double for Mozdzen

Stud Hi-Lo Regular

Clayton Mozdzen:    /      /  
Chad Eveslage:    /      /  

Clayton Mozdzen bet as of fourth street against Chad Eveslage, who called on fifth street as well. Mozdzen then called all-in after sixth street when Eveslage bet.

When the cards were revealed, Mozdzen was trailing with a set of deuces but got there with the final card to make a full house for a full double.

Chad Eveslage4,600,000-340,000
Clayton Mozdzen1,450,000950,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 5:44 PM Local Time
Level 30 started
Level: 30
Blinds: 0/0
Ante: 0
Friday, June 2, 2023 5:42 PM Local Time
Mozdzen Doubles Through Johsnon

Stud 8 or Better

Clayton Mozdzen:    /    
James Johnson:    /   

Clayton Mozdzen got his last 185,000 in on third street and got called by James Johnson.

Mozdzen ended up making a six-high straight to scoop the pot and earn double-up.

Clayton Mozdzen500,000275,000
James Johnson255,000-275,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 5:37 PM Local Time
Redraw of the Unofficial Final Table

The final seven players are back in their seats with under four minutes left in the current level. Their new seat assignments and updated stacks can be found below.

SeatPlayerCountryChip Count
1Andrew KelsallUnited States1,585,000
2Clayton MozdzenCanada225,000
3Nick KostUnited States1,680,000
4James JohnsonUnited States530,000
5Chad EveslageUnited States4,940,000
6John RacenerUnited States1,445,000
7David LeviUnited States1,080,000
Chad Eveslage4,940,0000
Nick Kost1,680,000-270,000
Andrew Kelsall1,585,000285,000
John Racener1,445,000-55,000
David Levi1,080,000-120,000
James Johnson530,000-120,000
Clayton Mozdzen225,000-25,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 5:15 PM Local Time
Andrew Brown Eliminated in 8th Place ($10,157)

Andrew Brown

Stud Hi-Lo Regular

John Racener:    /      /  
Chad Eveslage:    /      /  
Andrew Brown:     /     

Andrew Brown survived two all-in showdowns and was then all-in once more for 50,000 on third street to receive two callers in Chad Eveslage and John Racener. Eveslage bet all the way on each street as Racener called until sixth street and then folded seventh.

Eveslage showed a ten-high straight to scoop, as the aces and nines of Brown ended his run in 8th place after a rough last hour.

The final seven players are now on a short break until 5.30 p.m. local time and then return with 3 minutes left in the current level before playing another two levels. The redraw of the unofficial final table is to follow.

Chad Eveslage4,940,000440,000
John Racener1,500,000-400,000
Andrew Brown0-20,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 5:08 PM Local Time
Chip and a Chair for Brown; Mozdzen Escapes

Stud Hi-Lo Regular

Andrew Brown was down to a mere 70,000 when he was all-in on third street and that also applied for Clayton Mozdzen, who was at risk for 55,000 after both paid their ante. Chad Eveslage had completed and John Racener called as they went four ways.

Chad Eveslage:    /      /  
Andrew Brown:    /      /  
Clayton Mozdzen:    /      /  
John Racener:    /    folded on fourth

With Eveslage applying pressure, Racener got out of the way on fourth street. Mozdzen hit a flush on seventh to win most of the main pot while Brown was left on a nub with a mere 20,000 left for the ante only.

Chad Eveslage4,500,000400,000
John Racener1,900,000-350,000
Clayton Mozdzen250,000130,000
Andrew Brown20,000-50,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 4:58 PM Local Time
Brown Under Pressure

5 Card Draw High

In the last hand of Badacey, Andrew Brown tangled with fellow short stack Clayton Mozdzen and tank-folded after a long time, getting shown deuces before Mozdzen also told him the rest of his hand as well.

The game then switched to 5 Card Draw and Chad Eveslage raised big on his button to force out both short stacks behind him.

Soon after, John Racener opened to 110,000 and Mozdzen defended the big blind. Both discarded three and Mozdzen check-folded to a bet worth 190,000.

Over on the other table, James Johnson chopped when all-in during a Stud 8 or Better hand with Nick Kost, who then continued to add more chips and retained his lead over the other three contenders seated.

Chad Eveslage3,400,000500,000
John Racener2,250,000-150,000
Nick Kost1,950,000450,000
Andrew Kelsall1,300,000-400,000
David Levi1,200,000440,000
James Johnson650,00025,000
Clayton Mozdzen650,000-110,000
Andrew Brown250,000-210,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 4:51 PM Local Time
Levi Doubles Through Johnson

David Levi

Limit 2-7 Triple Draw

David Levi raised in the small blind and got called by James Johnson in the big blind. Levi drew one, while Johnson needed three.

Levi quickly bet and got a call from Johnson. Levi still drew one, but Johnson now also only needed one.

Levi was down to his last 110,000 and put it in, getting a call from Johsnon for the final drawing round. Levi patted and Johnson drew one.

Levi showed his      , but Johnson was drawing live with     , needing a six or a four. Unfortunately for him, he turned over a   to send a full double over to Levi.

David Levi760,00010,000
James Johnson625,000-145,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 4:43 PM Local Time
Racener Wins Multi-Way Pot to Decimate Brown's Stack

Omaha 8 or Better

Clayton Mozdzen raised and John Racener on the button three-bet, Andrew Brown made it four bets out of the big blind and both opponents called. On a flop of    , Brown bet to force out Mozdzen while Racener raised and received a call.

Both checked the   turn and Brown check-called the river. Racener tabled      for a full house and Brown flashed his      with the words "I saved so much money".

Chad Eveslage2,900,000-50,000
John Racener2,400,0001,050,000
Clayton Mozdzen760,000-290,000
Andrew Brown460,000-640,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 4:35 PM Local Time
Racener Loses a Bunch to Eveslage


John Racener lost a heads-up pot to Chad Eveslage when the latter showed a nine-seven with a three-card perfect.

The next three-bet pot between them saw two of Racener and three for Chad Eveslage discarded on the first draw after which they checked. Both discarded two on the second draw and Racener bet, Eveslage called. They patted and checked for Racener to show a seven Badugi with a jack.

Eveslage earned half the pot with    /     for the better low hand.

Chad Eveslage2,950,000350,000
John Racener1,350,000-600,000
Andrew Brown1,100,0000
Clayton Mozdzen1,050,00050,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 4:29 PM Local Time
Racener Doubles Up to Nearly Two Million

John Racener

Big O

Andrew Brown raised to 100,000 on the button and got calls from Clayton Mozdzen on the button and John Racener in the small blind.

The flop came     and after checks from Racener and Brown, Mozdzen bet the pot for 355,000.

Racener took some time deliberating his next move, and after a peek over at the adjacent table and a bit more thought, he moved all in for 800,000. Brown folded and Mozdzen called to put Racener at risk yet again.

John Racener:      
Clayton Mozdzen:      

Each player had the nut-low draw, while Mozdzen had a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw to go against Racener's top pair.

The   on the turn gave Racener a second pair and the best low with his ace-three.

The   on the river cinched the scoop for Racener, who after battling back multiple times is now among the healthiest stacks remaining.

John Racener1,950,0001,610,000
Andrew Brown1,100,000-700,000
Clayton Mozdzen1,000,000-1,150,000
Friday, June 2, 2023 4:18 PM Local Time
Level 29 started
Level: 29
Blinds: 0/0
Ante: 0
Friday, June 2, 2023 4:18 PM Local Time
Johnson Drops to a Short Stack

Stud 8 or Better

James Johnson:     /     
Andrew Kelsall:    /      /  

With 480,000 in bets in the middle, Andrew Kelsall was the one to apply pressure against James Johnson with a low board showing. He bet seventh without seeing his final card and Johnson called to reveal kings up. Kelsall peeled the final card and it was another ace to make aces up to scoop the entire pot.

"Make sure it is right," Johnson told the dealer with regards to the chips and then showed plenty of frustration.

James Johnson:    /      /  
Nick Kost:    /      /  

He then took on Nick Kost and called down with a low to earn half the pot, while Kost clarified "I started with four to a royal" as he earned the high portion with a flush.

Andrew Kelsall1,700,000500,000
Nick Kost1,500,0000
James Johnson770,000-745,000
David Levi750,000-125,000