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2023 54th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 to Friday, June 02, 2023

Event #4: Tournament of Champions

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  • Buy-in: $1
  • Prizepool: $1,000,000
  • Entries: 741
  • Remaining: 0


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Thursday, June 1, 2023 1:49 AM Local Time
WSOP Commentator Lon McEachern Finds a Day 2 Bag in the Tournament of Champions

Lon McEachern

With the Day 1 of the Tournament of Champions at the 2023 World Series of Poker reaching its completion after ten 60-minute levels of play, with Roger Franco bagging the all-important chip lead heading into Day 2.

The road to victory for any player won't be easy as they must navigate the remaining field of 243, who all have their eyes on the bracelet. Many names to look out for still remain in the field, including multi-time bracelet winners Jeff Madsen and Frankie O'Dell,

The freeroll created exclusively for bracelet and Circuit ring winners alike did not disappoint as 727 entrants turned up to claim their share of the $1,000,000 prize pool, up 263 entries from last year.

End of Day 1 Top Nine Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Roger FrancoUnited States393,500197
2Brandon HamletUnited States325,000163
3Richard FolkesUnited States294,000147
4Dakota BrittonUnited States291,000146
5Richard DoyenUnited States284,000142
6Jennifer LinUnited States272,500136
7Julien PerouseFrance268,500134
8Ryan TillmannUnited States256,000128
9Niall CostiganUnited States245,500123

Poker legend and beloved sports commentator Lon McEachern also bagged and tagged a stack for tomorrow's session. McEachern qualified for the event by winning the $400 No Limit Hold'em Seniors Ring Event in the WSOPC in Northern California at the start of the year. McEachern is taking through an above-average stack of 133,000 chips.

Also still in the field is Jeremy Ausmus, who is not only looking to add to his already astounding $14.7 million in live earnings but an addition to his trophy cabinet that already contains four WSOP bracelets.

Throughout today's play, many notable names unfortunately hit the rail including five-time bracelet winner Shaun Deeb, Jeff Platt, Nick Schulman and defending champion Benjamin Kaupp.

Day 2 commences June 1 at 12 p.m. PST and will be in the Horseshoe's Gold section. Day 2 will resume on Level 11, with the blinds at 1,000/2,000 and a 2,000 big blind ante. Late registration is still open until play gets underway, with the money bubble expected to burst in the late afternoon.

As always, keep it locked in with PokerNews to find out the conclusion of this exciting event.

Thursday, June 1, 2023 1:47 AM Local Time
Seat Draw For Day 2
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Horseshoe6532Anthony PitesaUnited States91,50046
Horseshoe6533Richard DoyenUnited States284,000142
Horseshoe6534Shane MelertUnited States18,5009
Horseshoe6535Lauren ShipmanUnited States38,50019
Horseshoe6536Adam DemerssemanUnited States106,00053
Horseshoe6537Xing HeCanada86,00043
Horseshoe6538Michael MercaldoUnited States172,50086
Horseshoe6539Joseph ShinUnited States123,00062
Horseshoe6542Davy StevensNetherlands35,50018
Horseshoe6543David NolanUnited States41,00021
Horseshoe6544Xulong ZhangUnited States75,00038
Horseshoe6545Jose CastilloSpain95,00048
Horseshoe6546Abel GriffithsUnited States24,00012
Horseshoe6547Pete ChenTaiwan151,50076
Horseshoe6548Zachary McDiarmidUnited States79,00040
Horseshoe6549Henry WilcoxUnited States73,00037
Horseshoe6551Joseph DesimoneUnited States58,00029
Horseshoe6552Katelin KoperUnited States118,50059
Horseshoe6553Timothy RutherfordUnited States35,50018
Horseshoe6554Michael CannonUnited States61,00031
Horseshoe6555Michael PerroneUnited States74,50037
Horseshoe6556Emily XieUnited States51,00026
Horseshoe6559Brenton GillUnited States74,50037
Horseshoe6561Scott WilsonUnited States39,00020
Horseshoe6562Michael SabbiaUnited States84,50042
Horseshoe6563Joseph KuczewskiUnited States117,50059
Horseshoe6564Jeffrey StellwagonUnited States111,00056
Horseshoe6565Rosalie PetitFrance101,00051
Horseshoe6566Frank MarascoUnited States219,000110
Horseshoe6568John TophamCanada67,50034
Horseshoe6569Timothy RussUnited States49,00025
Horseshoe6571Justin Hotte-MckinnonCanada137,50069
Horseshoe6572Brent GregoryUnited States119,00060
Horseshoe6574Andrew PorterUnited States43,50022
Horseshoe6575Jeremiah WilliamsUnited States43,50022
Horseshoe6577Jared StraussUnited States92,00046
Horseshoe6578Duy LaiUnited States58,50029
Horseshoe6579Christopher BucceriUnited States73,50037
Horseshoe6583Pedro RamirezColombia41,50021
Horseshoe6584Yercy FernandezUnited States111,50056
Horseshoe6585Michael WolfUnited States97,50049
Horseshoe6586Kenny HuynhUnited States115,00058
Horseshoe6587Timothy BishopUnited States42,00021
Horseshoe6588Sonny FrancoFrance60,50030
Horseshoe6589Alex RochaUnited States72,50036
Horseshoe6592Wissam GahshanUnited States53,00027
Horseshoe6593Jayce PalmerUnited States49,00025
Horseshoe6594Alan SternbergUnited States76,50038
Horseshoe6595Blagojce JakovljevicCanada10
Horseshoe6596David Cossio-RuizUnited States98,50049
Horseshoe6597Victor GuardinoUnited States57,50029
Horseshoe6599Roger FrancoUnited States393,500197
Horseshoe6602Kevin McleskeyUnited States49,50025
Horseshoe6603Nathan RosenkranzUnited States97,50049
Horseshoe6604Miki MurziUnited States93,00047
Horseshoe6606John BeauprezUnited States60,00030
Horseshoe6607Ronnie DayUnited States88,00044
Horseshoe6608Dakota BrittonUnited States291,000146
Horseshoe6609Christopher ZenonosAustralia225,500113
Horseshoe6611Christopher LawrenceUnited States67,00034
Horseshoe6612Bradley MillerUnited States41,50021
Horseshoe6614Brian GatliffUnited States94,00047
Horseshoe6616Marshall WhiteUnited States128,00064
Horseshoe6617Jeff MadsenUnited States94,50047
Horseshoe6618Matthew JavittUnited States57,50029
Horseshoe6619Jordyn MillerUnited States61,00031
Horseshoe6621Zachary PeayUnited States78,50039
Horseshoe6622Brian HeatonUnited States41,50021
Horseshoe6623Anthony ChinUnited States182,00091
Horseshoe6624Xavier PerezUruguay113,50057
Horseshoe6625Ryan DoddUnited States185,50093
Horseshoe6626Christina StegerUnited States10
Horseshoe6627Karapet GalstyanUnited States179,00090
Horseshoe6628Charlie DawsonUnited States144,50072
Horseshoe6629Yotam ShmuelovUnited States33,50017
Horseshoe6631Sultan KhairJordan158,50079
Horseshoe6632Shouyi GaoUnited States71,50036
Horseshoe6633Kwynn RichardsUnited States67,00034
Horseshoe6634Jonathan ThermeFrance133,00067
Horseshoe6635Peter SharplesUnited Kingdom77,50039
Horseshoe6636Dustin WillsUnited States153,00077
Horseshoe6637Michael LavinUnited States108,00054
Horseshoe6638Andrew LawtonCanada36,50018
Horseshoe6639Krystian HadyCanada83,00042
Horseshoe6641Jay HoebeNetherlands73,00037
Horseshoe6642Ryan DellUnited States239,500120
Horseshoe6643Jared GrienerUnited States46,00023
Horseshoe6644Gregory SorokaUnited States30,50015
Horseshoe6645Byung Eun ShinSouth Korea70,00035
Horseshoe6646Richard PeloquinUnited States177,00089
Horseshoe6647Peter KellyUnited States48,00024
Horseshoe6648Dylan LemeryUnited States83,50042
Horseshoe6649Wadih KaawarUnited States20,50010
Horseshoe6651Boshuang GaoUnited States445,000223
Horseshoe6652Collin FantaskeyUnited States146,00073
Horseshoe6653Stephen BartlettUnited States143,00072
Horseshoe6654Anatoly ZharnitskyUnited States140,00070
Horseshoe6655Matthew VolosevichUnited States179,00090
Horseshoe6656Christian LoucasUnited States216,000108
Horseshoe6657Jeremy AusmusUnited States28,50014
Horseshoe6658Tanner BibatUnited States25,50013
Horseshoe6659Glen HickmanUnited States111,50056
Horseshoe6661Greg JenningsUnited States88,00044
Horseshoe6662Soheb PorbandarwalaUnited States45,50023
Horseshoe6663John DuckworthUnited States41,50021
Horseshoe6664Jamin StokesUnited States125,50063
Horseshoe6665Johnie HilinUnited States70,50035
Horseshoe6666Frank LagodichUnited States103,00052
Horseshoe6667Nathan WassonUnited States28,00014
Horseshoe6668Anthony LeoncavalloUnited States63,00032
Horseshoe6669Rachel ChoUnited States17,0009
Horseshoe6671Garry BliesnerUnited States112,50056
Horseshoe6672Justin OuimetteCanada25,50013
Horseshoe6673Michael MarshUnited States35,00018
Horseshoe6674Patrick EskandarUnited States60,50030
Horseshoe6675Elias AebCanada36,00018
Horseshoe6676Richard FowlkesUnited States294,000147
Horseshoe6677Filippos StavrakisUnited States51,00026
Horseshoe6678Patrick WhiteUnited States198,50099
Horseshoe6679Jason McdougallUnited States101,00051
Horseshoe6681Joseph BakunUnited States39,50020
Horseshoe6682Barry SchultzUnited States131,00066
Horseshoe6683Matthew WrightstoneUnited States74,00037
Horseshoe6684Peter HotalingUnited States135,00068
Horseshoe6685Jordan SpurlinUnited States50,00025
Horseshoe6686Christopher RodriguezUnited States159,00080
Horseshoe6687Niall CostiganUnited States245,500123
Horseshoe6688Melinda HarrisUnited States51,50026
Horseshoe6689Theo ArnoldiDenmark122,50061
Horseshoe6691Tsz ShingUnited States74,50037
Horseshoe6692Sean BanahanUnited States85,50043
Horseshoe6693Yuzhou YinChina84,00042
Horseshoe6694Guillermo De La VegaMexico179,00090
Horseshoe6695Rania NasreddineUnited States145,00073
Horseshoe6696Erik KochUnited States121,00061
Horseshoe6697Richard AlatiUnited States80,50040
Horseshoe6698William NunleyUnited States129,00065
Horseshoe6699Roger HendersonUnited States143,00072
Horseshoe6701Corey BierriaUnited States109,00055
Horseshoe6702Jesse KlingerUnited States19,00010
Horseshoe6703Jeremy McdonaldUnited States35,50018
Horseshoe6704Kyle CiccarelloUnited States114,50057
Horseshoe6705Matt StoutUnited States77,50039
Horseshoe6706Florian Da CostaFrance199,000100
Horseshoe6707Christopher StaatsUnited States86,00043
Horseshoe6708David SomersUnited States49,50025
Horseshoe6709Jordan JohnsonUnited States49,00025
Horseshoe6711Christopher ChildersUnited States59,00030
Horseshoe6712Andrew KaganUnited States105,00053
Horseshoe6713Samuel MonksMexico124,00062
Horseshoe6714Anthony MaioUnited States42,00021
Horseshoe6715Michael HauptmanUnited States59,00030
Horseshoe6716Dhimitri LleshiUnited States131,00066
Horseshoe6717William CorvinoUnited States83,50042
Horseshoe6718Joseph AltomonteUnited States50,50025
Horseshoe6719Jacob LongUnited States85,00043
Horseshoe6721Adam KittleUnited States151,00076
Horseshoe6722Hunter McclellandUnited States42,00021
Horseshoe6723Daniel CouzensUnited States120,00060
Horseshoe6724Stuart GreenbaumUnited States243,000122
Horseshoe6725Keith KordowskiUnited States122,00061
Horseshoe6726Greg KoutelidakisUnited States140,00070
Horseshoe6727Nino NataleUnited States68,00034
Horseshoe6728Glen MarshallUnited States38,00019
Horseshoe6729Frankie O'DellUnited States75,50038
Horseshoe6731Vincent MoscatiUnited States72,00036
Horseshoe6732Sergio BensoItaly75,00038
Horseshoe6733Joshua BerardiUnited States35,50018
Horseshoe6734Jonathan GilliamUnited States42,50021
Horseshoe6735Jesse YaginumaUnited States81,50041
Horseshoe6736Grant StokerUnited States37,50019
Horseshoe6737Brandon ZuidemaUnited States60,00030
Horseshoe6738Patrick McculloughUnited States121,00061
Horseshoe6739Michael Scarborough (OH)United States226,000113
Horseshoe6741Ilija SavevskiAustria79,00040
Horseshoe6742Mark PodgurskiUnited States124,00062
Horseshoe6743Brandon HamletUnited States325,000163
Horseshoe6745Caleb PideritUnited States55,00028
Horseshoe6746Zachary ZaretCanada182,50091
Horseshoe6747Jason AlgayerUnited States140,00070
Horseshoe6748Jose MoureUruguay110,50055
Horseshoe6749Michael DuffyUnited States76,50038
Horseshoe6751Scott GriffithsUnited States29,50015
Horseshoe6752Nicholas HobbsUnited States88,00044
Horseshoe6753Michael HoltzUnited States75,00038
Horseshoe6754Joseph DriscollUnited States89,00045
Horseshoe6755Terry HarrellUnited States147,00074
Horseshoe6757Benjamin WioraUnited States148,50074
Horseshoe6758Giuseppe PantaleoGermany120,50060
Horseshoe6759Mark RolandUnited States104,50052
Horseshoe6761Matthew PorterUnited States59,00030
Horseshoe6762Alden PalmerUnited States53,50027
Horseshoe6763Matthew VaughanUnited States95,50048
Horseshoe6764Noah SharpUnited States142,00071
Horseshoe6765Julien PerouseFrance268,500134
Horseshoe6767Richard SmithUnited States91,50046
Horseshoe6768Pablo VialaretArgentina77,50039
Horseshoe6769Joseph BrownUnited States25,00013
Horseshoe6771Jay KwonUnited States36,00018
Horseshoe6773Thomas UlchUnited States134,50067
Horseshoe6774Mark LiedtkeUnited States76,00038
Horseshoe6775Dominick FrenchCanada128,50064
Horseshoe6776Eric MunozFrance53,50027
Horseshoe6777Dimitre DimitrovUnited States108,00054
Horseshoe6778Zachary GrunebergUnited States103,00052
Horseshoe6779Thomas RossUnited States62,50031
Horseshoe6781James RiversUnited States74,00037
Horseshoe6782Khieu ChristopherUnited States28,50014
Horseshoe6783Dennis MckelveyUnited States32,00016
Horseshoe6784George ColemanUnited States46,00023
Horseshoe6785Daniel MarxUnited States92,50046
Horseshoe6786Jonathan DoklerUnited States66,00033
Horseshoe6787Ori HassonIsrael65,50033
Horseshoe6788Ian WaldronUnited States35,50018
Horseshoe6789Adam CotantUnited States192,50096
Horseshoe6791Matthew StoneUnited States35,00018
Horseshoe6792Lon McEachernUnited States133,00067
Horseshoe6793Jennifer LinUnited States272,500136
Horseshoe6794Connor StueweUnited States106,00053
Horseshoe6795Robert YostUnited States60,50030
Horseshoe6796Richard AliUnited States75,00038
Horseshoe6797Ryan TillmannUnited States256,000128
Horseshoe6798Chad JenkinsCanada37,00019
Horseshoe6799Kenneth WillsUnited States52,00026
Thursday, June 1, 2023 1:46 AM Local Time
Official End of Day 1 Chip Counts
Boshuang Gao445,000
Roger Franco393,500500
Brandon Hamlet325,0000
Richard Fowlkes294,000
Dakota Britton291,000
Richard Doyen284,0000
Jennifer Lin272,500
Julien Perouse268,500
Ryan Tillmann256,000
Niall Costigan245,500
Stuart Greenbaum243,000
Ryan Dell239,5001,000
Michael Scarborough (OH)226,000
Christopher Zenonos225,500
Frank Marasco219,000
Christian Loucas216,000
Florian Da Costa199,000
Patrick White198,500
Adam Cotant192,500
Ryan Dodd185,50033,500
Zachary Zaret182,500
Anthony Chin182,000
Matthew Volosevich179,000
Karapet Galstyan179,000
Guillermo De La Vega179,000
Richard Peloquin177,0000
Michael Mercaldo172,500
Christopher Rodriguez159,000
Sultan Khair158,500
Dustin Wills153,000
Pete Chen151,50094,000
Adam Kittle151,000
Benjamin Wiora148,500
Terry Harrell147,000
Collin Fantaskey146,000
Rania Nasreddine145,000
Charlie Dawson144,500
Roger Henderson143,000
Stephen Bartlett143,000
Noah Sharp142,00037,000
Anatoly Zharnitsky140,000
Greg Koutelidakis140,000
Jason Algayer140,000
Justin Hotte-Mckinnon137,500
Peter Hotaling135,000
Thomas Ulch134,50095,500
Lon McEachern133,0000
Jonathan Therme133,000-17,000
Dhimitri Lleshi131,000
Barry Schultz131,000-5,300
William Nunley129,000
Dominick French128,500
Marshall White128,000
Jamin Stokes125,50012,500
Mark Podgurski124,000
Samuel Monks124,000
Joseph Shin123,000
Theo Arnoldi122,500
Keith Kordowski122,000
Erik Koch121,000
Patrick Mccullough121,000
Giuseppe Pantaleo120,500-19,500
Daniel Couzens120,000-7,000
Brent Gregory119,000
Katelin Koper118,500
Joseph Kuczewski117,500-22,500
Kenny Huynh115,000
Kyle Ciccarello114,5004,500
Xavier Perez113,500
Garry Bliesner112,500
Glen Hickman111,500
Yercy Fernandez111,500
Jeffrey Stellwagon111,000-11,300
Jose Moure110,500
Corey Bierria109,000
Dimitre Dimitrov108,000-32,000
Michael Lavin108,000
Adam Demersseman106,000
Connor Stuewe106,00026,000
Andrew Kagan105,000
Mark Roland104,500
Frank Lagodich103,0003,000
Zachary Gruneberg103,000
Rosalie Petit101,000
Jason Mcdougall101,000
David Cossio-Ruiz98,500
Nathan Rosenkranz97,500
Michael Wolf97,500
Matthew Vaughan95,500
Jose Castillo95,00013,000
Jeff Madsen94,5000
Brian Gatliff94,000
Miki Murzi93,000
Daniel Marx92,500
Jared Strauss92,00061,000
Richard Smith91,500-15,800
Anthony Pitesa91,500
Joseph Driscoll89,000
Nicholas Hobbs88,000
Greg Jennings88,000
Ronnie Day88,000
Xing He86,000
Christopher Staats86,000
Sean Banahan85,500
Jacob Long85,000
Michael Sabbia84,500
Yuzhou Yin84,000-3,100
Dylan Lemery83,500
William Corvino83,50047,500
Krystian Hady83,000
Jesse Yaginuma81,500
Richard Alati80,500
Zachary McDiarmid79,000
Ilija Savevski79,00013,500
Zachary Peay78,500
Pablo Vialaret77,500-37,500
Peter Sharples77,500
Matt Stout77,500
Alan Sternberg76,5006,500
Michael Duffy76,50034,500
Mark Liedtke76,000
Frankie Odell75,50075,500
Sergio Benso75,000
Michael Holtz75,000
Richard Ali75,000
Xulong Zhang75,000
Michael Perrone74,500
Philip Shing74,5000
Brenton Gill74,500
James Rivers74,000
Matthew Wrightstone74,000
Christopher Bucceri73,500
Henry Wilcox73,000
Jay Hoebe73,000
Alex Rocha72,500
Vincent Moscati72,000
Shouyi Gao71,500
Johnie Hilin70,500
Byung Eun Shin70,000
Nino Natale68,000
John Topham67,500
Kwynn Richards67,000
Christopher Lawrence67,000
Jonathan Dokler66,00015,000
Ori Hasson65,500-4,500
Anthony Leoncavallo63,000
Thomas Ross62,500
Jordyn Miller61,000
Michael Cannon61,000
Sonny Franco60,5000
Robert Yost60,500
Patrick Eskandar60,500
John Beauprez60,000
Brandon Zuidema60,000
Michael Hauptman59,000
Christopher Childers59,000
Matthew Porter59,000
Duy Lai58,500
Joseph Desimone58,000
Matthew Javitt57,500
Victor Guardino57,500
Caleb Piderit55,000
Eric Munoz53,500
Alden Palmer53,500-96,500
Wissam Gahshan53,000
Kenneth Wills52,000
Melinda Harris51,50010,500
Emily Xie51,000
Filippos Stavrakis51,000
Joseph Altomonte50,500
Jordan Spurlin50,000
David Somers49,500
Kevin Mcleskey49,500
Jordan Johnson49,000
Timothy Russ49,000
Jayce Palmer49,000
Peter Kelly48,000
Jared Griener46,000
George Coleman46,000
Soheb Porbandarwala45,500
Andrew Porter43,500
Jeremiah Williams43,500
Jonathan Gilliam42,500
Anthony Maio42,000
Hunter Mcclelland42,000
Timothy Bishop42,000
Brian Heaton41,500
John Duckworth41,500
Pedro Ramirez41,500
Bradley Miller41,500
David Nolan41,000
Joseph Bakun39,500
Scott Wilson39,000
Lauren Shipman38,500
Glen Marshall38,000
Grant Stoker37,500-112,500
Chad Jenkins37,000
Andrew Lawton36,500
Elias Aeb36,000
Jay Kwon36,000
Joshua Berardi35,500-9,500
Timothy Rutherford35,500
Jeremy Mcdonald35,500
Ian Waldron35,500
Davy Stevens35,500
Matthew Stone35,000
Michael Marsh35,000
Yotam Shmuelov33,500
Dennis Mckelvey32,000
Gregory Soroka30,500-53,500
Scott Griffiths29,500
Jeremy Ausmus28,500-58,000
Khieu Christopher28,500
Nathan Wasson28,000
Tanner Bibat25,500
Justin Ouimette25,500
Joseph Brown25,000
Abel Griffiths24,000
Wadih Kaawar20,500
Jesse Klinger19,000
Shane Melert18,500-44,000
Rachel Cho17,000
Blagojce Jakovljevic1-94,999
Christina Steger1
Thursday, June 1, 2023 12:38 AM Local Time
Play Closes

Day 1a has wrapped up and the players are now bagging and tagging their stacks.

Assorted chip counts and recap to follow.

Thursday, June 1, 2023 12:27 AM Local Time
Sternberg Gets Last Minute Double

The middle position player opened the action before Alan Sternberg three-bet jammed for 33,900. Action folded back to the initial raiser, who called as the bigger stack.

Alan Sternberg:   
Middle Position:   

Sternberg's superior pair remained best as the board ran out with the      .

Alan Sternberg70,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, June 1, 2023 12:14 AM Local Time
Final Six Hands

The 243 remaining players need survive six more hands to bag and tag a stack for Day 2.

Thursday, June 1, 2023 12:03 AM Local Time
Franco Nearing 500K
Roger Franco473,000473,000
Brandon Hamlet310,000130,000
Michael Scarborough220,000-80,000
Ben Wiora140,00076,000
Philip Shing70,00013,000
Ori Hasson70,000-10,000
Tiffany Michelle0-76,300
Thursday, June 1, 2023 12:03 AM Local Time
Castillo Defends and Gets The Pure Double

Jose Castillo

Late position opened to 3,200 at 800/1,600/1,600 blinds. The button called and Jose Castillo defended his big blind.

The flop comes     and the action checked to the button who puts out a wager of 6,000.

Castillo took a moment before cutting out raising chips and putting out 15,500.

The pre-flop raiser got out of the way and action was back on the button who didn't waste too much time before announcing "all in".

Castillo snap called and saw the good news as the button tabled    while he rolled over his flopped straight with   

The board ran out an   and the river   didn't pair the board giving Castillo a full double less than one hour before players bag for Day 2.

Jose Castillo82,00082,000
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:57 PM Local Time
Yin Scores a Late Knock-Out in the Final Level of the Day

Yuzhou Yin in middle position raised to 3,200 finding one caller on the button. The short-stacked small blind shoved all in for the remainder of their stack prompting Yin to isolate the raise with a small four-bet. With the button out the way, the cards went on their backs.

Small Blind:   
Yuzhou Yin:   

The board ran out       providing the much-needed queen for Yin to score this knock-out.

Yuzhou Yin87,100-5,500
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:46 PM Local Time
Schulman Busts in Final Day 1 Level

Nick Schulman

Nick Schulman opened to 3,200 from under the gun and the middle position player called. Eric Baldwin then three-bet to 11,100 from the small blind. The big blind folded and Schulman jammed for 24,800 and only Baldwin called.

Nick Schulman:   
Eric Baldwin:   

Schulman's pair remained ahead on the     flop, but Baldwin paired up to take the lead on the   turn. Baldwin improved to two pair on the   river, which confirmed Schulman's exit.

Eric Baldwin90,00090,000
Nick Schulman0-22,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:35 PM Local Time
Pantaleo's Turn Bet Proves Too Much for his Opponent

Giuseppe Pantaleone

Giuseppe Pantaleo's raise of 2,600 from early position was met with resistance from an in position player who three-bet to 8,000. In response, Pantaleo four-bet to 21,600.

After a call, both players went to a flop of    . Pantaleo maintained the pressure by betting 7,000 which didn't deter his opponent.

The   on the river saw Pantaleo fire 20,000 more chips into the middle finally prompting a fold and winning the hand.

Giuseppe Pantaleo140,000140,000
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:29 PM Local Time
Final Level

Day 1 has now reached Level 10, and play will close upon its completion.

So far, there have been 724 entries, but just 279 remain. Anybody who survives the next level will bag and tag their stacks for tomorrow's Day 2, which begins at 12 p.m. local time. Late registration is open until Day 2 gets underway, so expect the number of entries to continue to grow.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:27 PM Local Time
Level 10 started
Level: 10
Blinds: 1,000/1,500
Ante: 1,500
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:27 PM Local Time
Queen-High Good for Peloquin Against Madsen

Jeff Madsen

Jeff Madsen limped in from the button and was joined in the pot by the small blind and Richard Peloquin, who was in the big blind.

Peloquin led out for 3,500 on the     flop before Madsen raised to 11,100. The small blind folded but Peloquin called.

The   turn and the   river checked through to showdown.

"You win; I was on a draw," said Peloquin as he tabled his   , which was good for just queen-high.

However, Madsen slid his cards into the muck and Peloquin took in the pot to his surprise.

Richard Peloquin150,000150,000
Jeff Madsen75,000-6,000
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:07 PM Local Time
Ciccarello Gets Sneaky with Big Slick

Kyle Ciccarello opened under the gun to 2,700 and only the button called.

The     flop was quickly checked by Ciccarello and the button player decided on a sizing of 2,500. Ciccarello called.

The turn   brought in the front door flush and the action checked around.

The river rolled off a   and the action once again checked through.

Ciccarello tabled    for a flopped top/top and the button mucked.

Ciccarello earned his seat in the 2023 Tournament of Champions by way of an online circuit ring on Pennsylvania

Kyle Ciccarello110,00025,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:06 PM Local Time
Dimitrov's Jacks Hold

Dimitre Dimitrov opened from middle position and called the 26,000 jam from the opponent on his direct left.

Dimitre Dimitrov:   

The jacks remained best as the board ran out with the      .

Dimitre Dimitrov140,000
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 11:05 PM Local Time
Sharp Avoids Showdown with River Jam

Noah Sharp started the action by raising 2,400 from the cutoff only to be met by a three-bet to 10,800 from a player in the big blind.

Sharp's call sent both players to flop of     to which the big blind continued for 4,800. Sharp called.

The   saw no more additional chips added to the pot and both players reached the   river. The big blind retook the lead betting out 11,500. Sharp mulled over his options before jamming all in on this double-paired board forcing a fold and claiming this pot.

Noah Sharp105,000105,000
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 10:51 PM Local Time
Lagodich Hits 100K

Frank Lagodich

The middle position player opened to 2,400 and was called by the hijack, The small blind then three-bet to 10,000, Frank Lagodich, in the big blind, made it 22,000 and only the small blind called.

On the     flop, the small blind check-jammed for 19,500 after Lagodich bet 8,000. The latter called.

Small Blind:   
Frank Lagodich:   

The   turn and   river confirmed Lagodich's hand as the winner.

Frank Lagodich100,00043,000
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 10:45 PM Local Time
Michelle Takes on Three Players with Her Four-Bet Jam

Tiffany Michelle

A player in middle position started proceedings with a raise to 2,400 which was called by the cutoff and squeezed to 7,500 by the button. Tiffany Michelle fearlessly jammed the entirety of her stack in the middle and successfully achieved a fold from every player at the table.

Michelle earned her spot in the Tournament of Champions by taking down the $400 No Limit Hold'em WSOPC Ring Event 14 in 2022 at Lake Tahoe and clearly has her eyes on her first bracelet.

Tiffany Michelle76,30076,300
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 10:37 PM Local Time
Updated Counts and Eliminations
Michael Scarborough300,000130,000
Richard Doyen255,000
Ryan Dell215,00090,000
Brandon Hamlet180,000
Alden Palmer150,000
Jonathan Therme150,000
Robert Conner0-30,000
Max Kruse0-11,000
Justin Saliba0-12,000
Shaun Deeb0-58,200
Playtika - Jason Alexander