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2022 53rd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Sunday, July 03, 2022 to Sunday, July 03, 2022

Event #70: $10,000 MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold'em World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $80,782,475
  • Entries: 8,663
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, July 11, 2022 1:45 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 5 hours ago)
Fewer than 400 Remain After Action-Packed Day 4 of the Main Event

Taylor von Kriegenbergh

The day began with 1,299 players guaranteed at least $15,000 and after ten hours of fast-paced play, just 380 remain to continue to Day 5 of the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Taylor von Kriegenbergh is the player to catch on Monday as he finished the day with 5,305,000 chips. Not far behind him is Dan Colpoys with 4,835,000 and Day 3 chip leader Aaron Mermelstein with 4,285,000.

Event #70: $10,000 Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Taylor von KriegenberghUnited States5,305,000212
2Dan ColpoysUnited States4,835,000193
3Johan SchumacherBelgium4,600,000184
4Aaron MermelsteinUnited States4,285,000171
5Victor LiCanada4,200,000168
6Rafael MotaBrazil4,050,000162
7Carlos LeivaAustralia3,860,000154
8Shelby WellsUnited States3,840,000154
9Jorge HouParaguay3,800,000152
10Dingxiang OngSingapore3,630,000145

While six former Main Event champions started the day, only 2020 champ Damian Salas (2,355,000) and defending champion Koray Aldemir (1,285,000) survived, as Ryan Riess, Chris Moneymaker, Greg Merson, and John Cynn fell at various points of the day.

Main Event Champions Moving on to Day 5

RankPlayerCountryYear WonChip CountBig Blinds
51Damian SalasArgentina20202,355,00094
168Koray AldemirGermany20211,285,00051

Plenty of other big names navigated their way through the day to bag healthy stacks for Day 5 including two-time bracelet winner Yuliyan Kolev (3,500,000), Alex Keating (3,000,000), and PokerStars Ambassador and 2021 seventh place Main Event finisher Alejandro Lococo.

Asked about how he felt at the end of an impressive day, the man known as "Papo MC" said, "I feel amazing. Last year, I made Day 5 with 100,000. I just bagged 3,200,000 so I am really happy, really excited about that, still dreaming."

Table of the Day

Zilong Zhang
Zilong Zhang

While plenty of tables provided an abundance of high-quality play and entertainment, one stood out the entire day and was moved to the mothership by day's end. That table featured Ali Imsirovic and the chatty Zilong Zhang, who provided several big pots with his wild and aggressive play. Zhang held the chip lead for much of the day and finished with 2,970,000 after using his big stack mostly to his advantage.

"With over 400 big blinds, I think that means I need to see flops as much as I can. Even if I miss the board, I'll give as much pressure as I can to the other players."

Along with Imsirovic, Zhang had Dan Smith to his immediate left for the last few hours of the day, but Zhang said that didn't really impact how he played.

"I was just enjoying my Day 4. I didn't really care who I played with. I just wanted to make Day 5 with a deep stack. Right now I'm near three million, still a good stack."

Smith initially made the most of his time at Zhang's table, growing his stack significantly to more than 2,500,000, thanks to a triple up versus Zhang and Imsirovic, but a hand late in the day where he ran his queens into aces preflop nullified his progress and left him with just 390,000 to end the day.

Stars Hui, Baumann Among Remaining Women in the Field

Loni Hui
Loni Hui

Several notable women are also advancing to Day 5 with healthy to large stacks including Loni Hui (1,900,000) and Gaelle Baumann (665,000), who was pleased with how her day turned out despite a dip from her high point in chips.

"I'm feeling pretty good, obviously. I had an amazing day. I started with 370,000 and went up to 1,700,000. I got moved to a new table and went all the way down. I have less than I would have liked, but it's good. Tomorrow, I'll have around 30 big blinds. I'll try to fight, play well. Eat some good breakfast tomorrow, and have a good night's sleep tonight."

Several qualifiers from GGPoker also finished the day with strong stacks, including Espen Jorstad, who finished the day with 1,335,000 after a steady day at the table.

"My day wasn't super eventful, to be honest, I started with 800,000, and then I went up a million and been hovering around that all day. I think the biggest pot I played was worth around 20 big blinds. A lot of small pots, I am bagging around 1,300,000."

With so many players eliminated throughout the day there were plenty of big names that weren't immune to an early exit, including multi-time bracelet winners Adrian Mateos, David Peters, Upeshka De Silva, Benny Glaser, Phillip Hui, Robert Mizrachi, and Mike Matusow who went home after an old-school "Mike Matusow blowup".

Day 5 Monday

Dan Colpoys
Dan Colpoys

The Main Event is getting to the meat of the tournament and each elimination will mean that much more on Day 5 as the field is thinned to roughly 100 players. The final 380 will return at noon local time Monday to try to earn their way to that final group, who will have the final table, the champions bracelet, and the $10,000,000 top prize in their sights.

PokerNews will be there for all the action as the march toward history continues from the 53rd World Series of Poker in its new home at Bally's and Paris Las Vegas.

Monday, July 11, 2022 12:41 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Seat Draw For Day 5
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Bally's6051Braxton DunawayUnited States1,265,00051
Bally's6052Alexandre MantovaniBrazil485,00019
Bally's6053Marek LiyanageUnited States565,00023
Bally's6054Scotter ClarkUnited States985,00039
Bally's6055Tyler HirschfeldUnited States380,00015
Bally's6056Gary WaldoUnited States295,00012
Bally's6057Cory GogertyUnited States2,340,00094
Bally's6058Yong WangChina805,00032
Bally's6059Sarah HerzaliFrance265,00011
Bally's6061Adrian AttenboroughAustralia2,540,000102
Bally's6062Erikas LaugzemysLithuania10
Bally's6063Jonathan RosaUnited States1,200,00048
Bally's6064Imran BhojaniSouth Africa2,170,00087
Bally's6065Levi KlumpUnited States1,490,00060
Bally's6066Sean TrohaUnited States1,450,00058
Bally's6067Terry BreedenUnited States960,00038
Bally's6068Zachary McDiarmidUnited States505,00020
Bally's6069Adam DemerssemanUnited States1,010,00040
Bally's6071Maxime ChilaudFrance1,835,00073
Bally's6072Jon GislerUnited States1,910,00076
Bally's6073Ken LeUnited States770,00031
Bally's6074Steve ChanthabouasyUnited States2,840,000114
Bally's6075Christoph CsikUnited States950,00038
Bally's6076David LevineUnited States2,325,00093
Bally's6077Van NguyenUnited Kingdom370,00015
Bally's6078Angela JordisonUnited States500,00020
Bally's6079Brian RastUnited States1,795,00072
Bally's6081Gaelle BaumannFrance665,00027
Bally's6082William NunleyUnited States1,660,00066
Bally's6083Zilong ZhangUnited States297,00012
Bally's6084Adam GoldsteinUnited States360,00014
Bally's6085Ramon ColillasSpain935,00037
Bally's6086Andrew BarfieldUnited States3,240,000130
Bally's6087Marco DamicoItaly530,00021
Bally's6088Jack AllenUnited Kingdom1,960,00078
Bally's6089Chanracy KhunCanada1,070,00043
Bally's6091Padraig O'NeillIreland780,00031
Bally's6092Amit SharmaUnited States270,00011
Bally's6093Adam KharmanUnited States1,850,00074
Bally's6094Giovanni PetroniItaly1,975,00079
Bally's6096Tom KunzeGermany1,615,00065
Bally's6097Victor ParedesUnited States1,365,00055
Bally's6098Vincent PontrelloUnited States1,425,00057
Bally's6099Cameron BlazevichUnited States1,360,00054
Bally's6101Danny LavoieCanada915,00037
Bally's6102Mack KhanUnited States350,00014
Bally's6103Mark EgbertUnited States585,00023
Bally's6104Frank FunaroUnited States1,780,00071
Bally's6105Brandon LulovUnited States1,815,00073
Bally's6106Douglas Arauj FerreiraBrazil895,00036
Bally's6107David DiazUnited States1,510,00060
Bally's6108Sebastiaan de JongeNetherlands865,00035
Bally's6109Joey WeissmanUnited States1,445,00058
Bally's6111Jake AbdallaUnited States770,00031
Bally's6112German DanskerArgentina1,225,00049
Bally's6113Bruce PeeryUnited States1,600,00064
Bally's6114Antonio LievanoUnited States2,815,000113
Bally's6115Austin WilsonUnited States840,00034
Bally's6116Ondrej DrozdCzech Republic1,215,00049
Bally's6118Lucia Navarro MartinezSpain550,00022
Bally's6119Koichi NozakiJapan860,00034
Bally's6121Lander LijoSpain2,565,000103
Bally's6122Jonathan GaviaoUnited States250,00010
Bally's6123Sang HoUnited States1,675,00067
Bally's6124Jamie ArmstrongUnited States1,100,00044
Bally's6125Kenneth BaimeUnited States2,150,00086
Bally's6126Boutros AwadUnited Kingdom860,00034
Bally's6127Aleksandar TrajkovskiMacedonia780,00031
Bally's6128Andrew HawksbyUnited Kingdom605,00024
Bally's6129Terence ReidUnited States1,720,00069
Bally's6131Florian GuimondFrance1,490,00060
Bally's6132Andres JeckelnArgentina1,635,00065
Bally's6133Ryutaro SugitaUnited States715,00029
Bally's6134Cedrric TrevinoUnited States2,105,00084
Bally's6135Eric SuttonUnited States2,955,000118
Bally's6136Chris Da-SilvaUnited Kingdom1,725,00069
Bally's6137Dan SmithUnited States390,00016
Bally's6138Denis GnidashUnited States1,280,00051
Bally's6139Seng SaephanUnited States500,00020
Bally's6161Robert MinorUnited States1,000,03040
Bally's6162Abdullah Al-ShantiUnited States1,065,00043
Bally's6163Daniel RodriguezUnited States760,00030
Bally's6164Benjamin MoonUnited States1,310,00052
Bally's6165Thomas AllanabkerUnited States535,00021
Bally's6166Stuart YoungUnited States1,040,00042
Bally's6167Antoine LabatFrance1,185,00047
Bally's6169Alex KeatingUnited States3,005,000120
Bally's6171Jimmy TranUnited States635,00025
Bally's6172Eshaan BhallaUnited States870,00035
Bally's6173Koray AldemirAustria1,285,00051
Bally's6174Timothy LittleUnited States400,00016
Bally's6175Martin FingerAustria485,00019
Bally's6176Merijn van RooijNetherlands1,080,00043
Bally's6177Bruce KneeUnited States860,00034
Bally's6178Jeremie BilodeauCanada855,00034
Bally's6179Atsushi UmedaJapan470,00019
Bally's6181Jeffrey FarnesUnited States1,840,00074
Bally's6182Cliff MaloneyUnited States785,00031
Bally's6183Andrew KaplanUnited States465,00019
Bally's6184Maximiliano GallardoArgentina2,145,00086
Bally's6185Sebastian HoyosColombia900,00036
Bally's6186Jacob MeeksUnited States1,430,00057
Bally's6187Steven BucknerUnited States400,00016
Bally's6188Henry FischerBrazil1,320,00053
Bally's6189Maxim UrvantsevUnited States1,175,00047
Bally's6191Alexandre GirardinFrance920,00037
Bally's6192Joseph AltmanUnited States2,770,000111
Bally's6193Ronan SweeneyIreland520,00021
Bally's6194Nicholas HowardUnited States1,730,00069
Bally's6195Kristen DeardorffUnited States970,00039
Bally's6196Shelby WellsUnited States3,840,000154
Bally's6197Stephen JaegerUnited States1,535,00061
Bally's6198Dorian RiosVenezuela675,00027
Bally's6199Harold RosenthalUnited States500,00020
Bally's6201Demetrios PetrouUnited States1,150,00046
Bally's6202Stanley LeeUnited States1,355,00054
Bally's6203Rahul RastogiAustralia905,00036
Bally's6204Artem SuhakUkraine1,500,00060
Bally's6205Thu NguyenUnited States2,240,00090
Bally's6206Michael RuaneUnited States510,00020
Bally's6207Gianluca SperanzaItaly123,0005
Bally's6208Exequiel FernandoUnited States625,00025
Bally's6209Christopher KojackUnited States885,00035
Bally's6211Ian ArmstrongUnited Kingdom870,00035
Bally's6212Michael StashinUnited States735,00029
Bally's6213Shaun GillianUnited States1,700,00068
Bally's6214Pierre De AlmeidaFrance2,950,000118
Bally's6215Ali ImsirovicUnited States2,340,00094
Bally's6216Roman PumpernickAustria800,00032
Bally's6217William McgrottyUnited States890,00036
Bally's6218Stuart RuffUnited States2,960,000118
Bally's6219Shijia LiuUnited States990,00040
Bally's6241Kevin CampbellUnited States795,00032
Bally's6242Leonid YanovskiIsrael1,545,00062
Bally's6243Christophe De MeulderBelgium750,00030
Bally's6244Robert JamesUnited States890,00036
Bally's6245Seungmook JungKR2,980,000119
Bally's6246Grant EllisCanada1,180,00047
Bally's6247Yuliyan KolevSOFIA, , BG3,500,000140
Bally's6248Aaron DuczakCanada2,355,00094
Bally's6249Philippe SoukiGB1,180,00047
Bally's6251Michael MoncekUnited States2,900,000116
Bally's6252Michael BanducciUnited States380,00015
Bally's6253Mauricio Ferreira PaisGermany1,095,00044
Bally's6254Ming XiChina570,00023
Bally's6255Haim OrUnited States715,00029
Bally's6256Rodrigo SemeghiniBrazil690,00028
Bally's6257Darius HastingsUnited States875,00035
Bally's6258Robert PaddockUnited States2,700,000108
Bally's6259Asher ConniffUnited States1,500,00060
Bally's6261Adria DiazSpain3,010,000120
Bally's6262Matteo CavelierFrance1,580,00063
Bally's6263Tony SandquistUnited States280,00011
Bally's6264Nikola GunchevBulgaria1,190,00048
Bally's6265Antonio Mallol HerediaSpain865,00035
Bally's6266Kenny TranUnited States1,270,00051
Bally's6267Carlos DoladerSpain805,00032
Bally's6268Steve McKoyUnited States1,625,00065
Bally's6269Philip NeimanUnited States1,000,00040
Bally's6271Caleb KingUnited States435,00017
Bally's6272Patrick ClarkeIreland820,00033
Bally's6273James HobbsUnited States2,455,00098
Bally's6274Brian ChikeUnited States795,00032
Bally's6275Wilson LuongAustralia2,585,000103
Bally's6276Laurynas LevinskasLithuania1,300,00052
Bally's6277Pierce McKellarUnited States1,900,00076
Bally's6278Marius JohansenNorway2,704,000108
Bally's6279Matthew SuUnited States910,00036
Bally's6281Edmund ChanCanada1,630,00065
Bally's6282Marius PospiechGermany935,00037
Bally's6283Neil BeckermanUnited States2,125,00085
Bally's6284Alex KulevBulgaria1,275,00051
Bally's6285Aaron MermelsteinUnited States4,285,000171
Bally's6286Johan SchumacherBelgium4,600,000184
Bally's6287Michael AllenbergUnited States430,00017
Bally's6288Hamza FirdawcyCanada1,000,05540
Bally's6289Raymond HoUnited States575,00023
Bally's6291Casey CoughlanUnited States850,00034
Bally's6292Matija DobricCroatia1,880,00075
Bally's6293Maximilian EberhardtGermany860,00034
Bally's6294Stefan ReiserAustria670,00027
Bally's6295Andrew GrayUnited Kingdom830,00033
Bally's6296Lawrence MaUnited States435,00017
Bally's6297Timur MargolinIsrael1,990,00080
Bally's6298Ryan HallUnited States805,00032
Bally's6299Max AltergottGermany380,00015
Bally's6301Roland RokitaAustria1,290,00052
Bally's6302Jake SchindlerUnited States1,090,00044
Bally's6303Dean BaranowskiUnited States255,00010
Bally's6304Jimmy SetnaCanada485,00019
Bally's6305Dominic ChomaUnited States2,030,00081
Bally's6306Jonathan BryanUnited States195,0008
Bally's6307Troy LombardoUnited States680,00027
Bally's6308Manh NguyenUnited States1,320,00053
Bally's6309Evan KrentzmanUnited States1,605,00064
Bally's6311Tibor NyuliHungary800,00032
Bally's6312Anthony OrtegaUnited States1,390,00056
Bally's6313Charles TaborUnited States1,350,00054
Bally's6314Jordyn MillerUnited States2,990,000120
Bally's6315Talal ShakerchiUnited Kingdom1,620,00065
Bally's6316Rafael MotaBrazil4,050,000162
Bally's6317Matthew EzrolUnited States990,00040
Bally's6318William SmithUnited States2,745,000110
Bally's6319Antun TopicCzech Republic65,0003
Bally's6321Andre DyonisioUnited States775,00031
Bally's6322Jeremy SteelAustralia775,00031
Bally's6323Brian KimUnited States2,085,00083
Bally's6324Joseph HannaUnited States615,00025
Bally's6325Joshua SuyatUnited States655,00026
Bally's6326Gerald CohenUnited States675,00027
Bally's6327Anthony MaioUnited States1,360,00054
Bally's6328John ReadingUnited States1,070,00043
Bally's6329Michael LavenburgUnited States2,820,000113
Bally's6331Lois DufouleurFrance595,00024
Bally's6332David CabreraSpain550,00022
Bally's6333Loni HarwoodUnited States1,900,00076
Bally's6334Raymond RossUnited States1,400,00056
Bally's6335Gerald MorrellUnited States3,540,000142
Bally's6336Brian KirschnerUnited States1,050,00042
Bally's6337Serge ChechinFrance1,635,00065
Bally's6338Eddy SabatUnited States715,00029
Bally's6339Daniel SewnigUnited States700,00028
Bally's6341Mohammed RadwanUnited States605,00024
Bally's6342Taylor von KriegenberghUnited States5,305,000212
Bally's6343Itai LevyIsrael845,00034
Bally's6344Luke TavisUnited States1,020,00041
Bally's6345Damian SalasArgentina2,355,00094
Bally's6346Brant JollyUnited States1,700,00068
Bally's6347Takahiro SasabeJapan870,00035
Bally's6348John EamesUnited Kingdom1,960,00078
Bally's6349Elliot SternUnited States815,00033
Bally's6391Mikiya KudoJapan665,00027
Bally's6392Max PescatoriItaly580,00023
Bally's6393John JuandaUnited States975,00039
Bally's6394Fernando Witt VivanBrazil575,00023
Bally's6395Michael RoccoUnited States2,235,00089
Bally's6396Bob BuckenmayerUnited States610,00024
Bally's6397Oliver BithellUnited Kingdom3,155,000126
Bally's6398Andrew WatsonUnited States1,610,00064
Bally's6399Oliver WeisGermany2,470,00099
Bally's6401Kristopher TongUnited States2,300,00092
Bally's6402Kenneth HicksUnited States590,00024
Bally's6403Luke GrahamUnited States550,00022
Bally's6404Jorge HouPanama3,800,000152
Bally's6405Michael KapernarosUnited States1,110,00044
Bally's6406Jeremy BarronUnited States840,00034
Bally's6407Andrew YehUnited States1,560,00062
Bally's6408Mehmet KolguTurkey395,00016
Bally's6409Muhammad Abdel RahimUnited States910,00036
Bally's6461Alan MasticUnited States285,00011
Bally's6462John KaravasUnited States985,00039
Bally's6463Kyle CollinsUnited States1,245,00050
Bally's6464Jose JaraizSpain1,820,00073
Bally's6465Rene KnappGermany450,00018
Bally's6466Christopher KlineUnited States1,135,00045
Bally's6467Fabrice BigotFrance2,205,00088
Bally's6469Daniel Triana RuizSpain1,600,00064
Bally's6471Matthew ShepskyUnited States1,485,00059
Bally's6472Richard TroendlyUnited States990,00040
Bally's6473Stevan ChewAustralia440,00018
Bally's6475Tyler CornellUnited States1,280,00051
Bally's6476Casey HatmakerUnited States65,0003
Bally's6477Terry ShortlandUnited States535,00021
Bally's6478Francis CruzDominican Republic1,740,00070
Bally's6479Robert NehorayanUnited States405,00016
Bally's6481Gerardo GriffaUnited States825,00033
Bally's6482James StitzelUnited States705,00028
Bally's6483David RothschildFrance1,615,00065
Bally's6484Mikael GuenniFrance1,200,00048
Bally's6485Igor DurselUnited Kingdom1,500,00060
Bally's6486Michael DwyerIreland405,00016
Bally's6487Kamal BittarParaguay3,125,000125
Bally's6488Matthew BushellUnited Kingdom1,380,00055
Bally's6489Rudy CervantesUnited States1,505,00060
Bally's6491Alejandro LococoArgentina3,210,000128
Bally's6492Joshua SteinerUnited States435,00017
Bally's6493George TurnerUnited Kingdom2,930,000117
Bally's6494Benjamin ConstantUnited States1,210,00048
Bally's6495Sundiata DevoreUnited States545,00022
Bally's6496Paul SpitzbergUnited States1,880,00075
Bally's6497Thomas SullivanUnited States1,330,00053
Bally's6498Samuel DrayUnited States705,00028
Bally's6499Jeremy WienUnited States2,295,00092
Bally's6501Jon OmaraUnited States1,765,00071
Bally's6502Quentin GuivarchFrance500,00020
Bally's6503Marco JohnsonUnited States380,00015
Bally's6504Hollis HolcombUnited States650,00026
Bally's6505Aaron ThivyanathanUnited States1,995,00080
Bally's6506Mathieu HisFrance730,00029
Bally's6507Keith CanterburyUnited States1,405,00056
Bally's6508Jay MajmudarUnited States455,00018
Bally's6509Shahin ShojaeyanUnited States635,00025
Bally's6541Todd SekliAustralia1,355,00054
Bally's6542Theo TranUnited States515,00021
Bally's6543Jacob BeckUnited States840,00034
Bally's6544Hrayr GrigoryanArmenia575,00023
Bally's6545Justin LapkaUnited States1,975,00079
Bally's6546Joshua MullinsUnited States1,075,00043
Bally's6547Tzur LevyIsrael1,385,00055
Bally's6548Baseem NsierUnited States2,400,00096
Bally's6549Ognyan DimovBulgaria2,090,00084
Bally's6551Jose BarbosaBrazil855,00034
Bally's6552Bassam EliaUnited Kingdom1,150,00046
Bally's6553Nicholas RamseyUnited Kingdom1,440,00058
Bally's6554Matthew PaolettiUnited States2,595,000104
Bally's6555Konstantinos ManousoudakisGreece105,0004
Bally's6556Mayank MadanUnited States1,730,00069
Bally's6557Bruno DesimoniBrazil2,000,08580
Bally's6558Christian BergSwitzerland535,00021
Bally's6559Raja ChirumamillaUnited States470,00019
Bally's6561Andrew OstapchenkoUnited States1,375,00055
Bally's6562Dingxiang OngSingapore3,630,000145
Bally's6563Robert ReedUnited States2,365,00095
Bally's6564Fabian Schaefer CarrenoUnited States1,595,00064
Bally's6565Danny HannawaUnited States1,290,00052
Bally's6566Mike SowersUnited States795,00032
Bally's6567Kenneth O'DonnellUnited States1,860,00074
Bally's6568Vikenty ShegalUnited States1,700,00068
Bally's6569Pierre Paul PaulinCanada1,185,00047
Bally's6571Nico SchubertGermany1,500,00060
Bally's6572Matas CimbolasUnited Kingdom225,0009
Bally's6573Nir LevyIsrael1,060,00042
Bally's6574Dan ColpoysUnited States4,835,000193
Bally's6575Mikolaj ZawadzkiPoland1,735,00069
Bally's6576Pavlin KarakikovBulgaria525,00021
Bally's6577Karim RebeiAlgeria3,340,000134
Bally's6578Gabi LivshitzIsrael2,945,000118
Bally's6579Giuseppe VassalloGermany540,00022
Bally's6581Sriharsha DoddapaneniIndia1,025,00041
Bally's6582Jose NadalMexico530,00021
Bally's6583Juliet HegedusUnited States1,000,00040
Bally's6584Michael DuekUnited States1,895,00076
Bally's6585Victor RamdinUnited States205,0008
Bally's6586Stefan LehnerAustria205,0008
Bally's6587Andrew TaylorUnited States2,500,000100
Bally's6588Dave StefanskiUnited States1,660,00066
Bally's6589Robert CorreaUnited States1,385,00055
Bally's6621William ReynoldsUnited States215,0009
Bally's6622Ramiro PetroneArgentina3,210,000128
Bally's6623Austin ApicellaUnited States2,420,00097
Bally's6624Matthew LevineUnited States1,385,00055
Bally's6625Michael PickettUnited States625,00025
Bally's6626Stephen DeutschUnited States780,00031
Bally's6628Daniel VampanUnited States1,475,00059
Bally's6629Igor IoffeUnited States615,00025
Bally's6631Antoine LapeyreFrance1,290,00052
Bally's6632Sergio BensoItaly630,00025
Bally's6633Tommi LankinenUnited States2,490,000100
Bally's6634Victor LiCanada4,200,000168
Bally's6635Efthymia LitsouUnited States1,790,00072
Bally's6636Clayton MozdzenCanada1,180,00047
Bally's6637Yonatan KokoUnited States515,00021
Bally's6638Justin LibertoUnited States840,00034
Bally's6639Tony LeCanada640,00026
Bally's6641Rok GostisaSlovenia3,255,000130
Bally's6642Henry StrasserCanada460,00018
Bally's6643Noah SchwartzUnited States1,255,00050
Bally's6644Aram OganyanUnited States755,00030
Bally's6645James RodriguezUnited States590,00024
Bally's6646Matthew McEwanUnited States1,335,00053
Bally's6647Glenn FishbeinUnited States1,950,00078
Bally's6648Espen JorstadNorway1,335,00053
Bally's6649Aaron LiAustralia1,115,00045
Bally's6651Timothy McDermottUnited States940,00038
Bally's6652Vuong DoUnited States520,00021
Bally's6653Dean SandersonUnited States2,075,00083
Bally's6654Elliott KampenUnited States1,900,03576
Bally's6655Ari EngelUnited States1,520,00061
Bally's6656Carlos LeivaArgentina3,860,000154
Bally's6657Nathanael KogelUnited States3,485,000139
Bally's6658Anthony BogardUnited States2,000,05080
Bally's6659Robert WelchUnited States2,700,000108
Bally's6662Jacqueline BurkhartUnited States875,00035
Bally's6663Gilbert CruzDomincan Republic1,370,00055
Bally's6664Thiago PiraniBrazil1,150,00046
Bally's6665Matt BondUnited States1,390,00056
Bally's6666Seth BergerUnited States1,290,00052
Bally's6667Phuoc NguyenUnited States460,00018
Bally's6668Moshe RefaelowitzIsrael1,950,00078
Bally's6669Vadim RozinCanada2,225,00089
Monday, July 11, 2022 12:40 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Official End of Day Chip Counts
Taylor von Kriegenbergh5,305,000975,000
Dan Colpoys4,835,000235,000
Johan Schumacher4,600,000900,000
Aaron Mermelstein4,285,000-15,000
Victor Li4,200,0000
Rafael Mota4,050,0003,807,000
Carlos Leiva3,860,0003,434,000
Shelby Wells3,840,000840,000
Jorge Hou3,800,0000
Dingxiang Ong3,630,0002,330,000
Gerald Morrell3,540,0002,801,000
Yuliyan Kolev3,500,0002,906,000
Nathanael Kogel3,485,00085,000
Karim Rebei3,340,0001,800,000
Rok Gostisa3,255,0001,530,000
Andrew Barfield3,240,000-135,000
Alejandro Lococo3,210,0000
Ramiro Petrone3,210,0001,510,000
Oliver Bithell3,155,0001,965,000
Kamal Bittar3,125,0002,293,000
Adria Diaz3,010,000-5,000
Alex Keating3,005,000-295,000
Jordyn Miller2,990,00090,000
Seungmook Jung2,980,0002,502,000
Stuart Ruff2,960,000-50,000
Eric Sutton2,955,000755,000
Pierre De Almeida2,950,0002,304,000
Gabi Livshitz2,945,000595,000
George Turner2,930,000-70,000
Michael Moncek2,900,0000
Steve Chanthabouasy2,840,000-260,000
Michael Lavenburg2,820,00060,000
Antonio Lievano2,815,000-485,000
Joseph Altman2,770,00020,000
William Smith2,745,0002,745,000
Marius Johansen2,704,0002,354,000
Robert Paddock2,700,0000
Robert Welch2,700,000-100,000
Matthew Paoletti2,595,0001,869,000
Wilson Luong2,585,000885,000
Lander Lijo2,565,000390,000
Adrian Attenborough2,540,000-1,660,000
Andrew Taylor2,500,0000
Tommi Lankinen2,490,0001,210,000
Oliver Weis2,470,0001,499,000
James Hobbs2,455,0001,149,000
Austin Apicella2,420,0001,202,000
Baseem Nsier2,400,000700,000
Robert Reed2,365,000815,000
Aaron Duczak2,355,000155,000
Damian Salas2,355,000185,000
Cory Gogerty2,340,00040,000
Ali Imsirovic2,340,00040,000
David Levine2,325,0001,657,000
Kristopher Tong2,300,0001,149,000
Jeremy Wien2,295,000-55,000
Thu Nguyen2,240,0001,775,000
Michael Rocco2,235,000335,000
Vadim Rozin2,225,0002,133,000
Fabrice Bigot2,205,0001,299,000
Imran Bhojani2,170,000520,000
Kenneth Baime2,150,000650,000
Maximiliano Gallardo2,145,000595,000
Neil Beckerman2,125,0001,773,000
Cedrric Trevino2,105,000105,000
Ognyan Dimov2,090,000-110,000
Brian Kim2,085,000933,000
Dean Sanderson2,075,0001,238,000
Dominic Choma2,030,0001,474,000
Bruno Desimoni2,000,0851,659,085
Bart Bogard2,000,050-500,000
Aaron Thivyanathan1,995,0001,600,000
Timur Margolin1,990,00090,000
Giovanni Petroni1,975,0001,539,000
Justin Lapka1,975,000-425,000
Jack Allen1,960,000260,000
John Eames1,960,000510,000
Moshe Refaelowitz1,950,000650,000
Glenn Fishbein1,950,0001,349,000
Jon Gisler1,910,0001,295,000
Elliott Kampen1,900,035-74,965
Pierce Mckellar1,900,0001,327,000
Loni Hui1,900,000-950,000
Michael Duek1,895,0001,181,000
Matija Dobric1,880,0001,102,000
Paul Spitzberg1,880,0000
Kenneth O'Donnell1,860,000891,000
Adam Kharman1,850,0001,702,000
Jeffrey Farnes1,840,000190,000
Maxime Chilaud1,835,000235,000
Jose Jaraiz1,820,0001,286,000
Brandon Lulov1,815,000362,000
Brian Rast1,795,0001,370,000
Efthymia Litsou1,790,0001,270,000
Frank Funaro1,780,000-265,000
Jon Omara1,765,0001,013,000
Francis Cruz1,740,000764,000
Mikolaj Zawadzki1,735,000235,000
Mayank Madan1,730,0001,541,000
Nicholas Howard1,730,000-840,000
Chris Da Silva1,725,000-485,000
Terence Reid1,720,000220,000
Shaun Gillian1,700,000955,000
Vikenty Shegal1,700,000200,000
Brant Jolly1,700,000175,000
Sang Ho1,675,0001,225,000
William Nunley1,660,000986,000
Dave Stefanski1,660,0001,201,000
Andres Jeckeln1,635,000-365,000
Serge Chechin1,635,000538,000
Edmund Chan1,630,000844,000
Steve McKoy1,625,0001,134,000
Talal Shakerchi1,620,0001,125,000
Tom Kunze1,615,0001,134,000
David Rothschild1,615,0001,294,000
Andrew Watson1,610,000-70,000
Evan Krentzman1,605,0001,429,000
Bruce Peery1,600,000500,000
Daniel Triana Ruiz1,600,0001,600,000
Fabian Schaefer Carreno1,595,0001,285,000
Matteo Cavelier1,580,000-850,000
Andrew Yeh1,560,0001,277,000
Leonid Yanovski1,545,000-285,000
Stephen Jaeger1,535,00095,000
Ari Engel1,520,000720,000
David Diaz1,510,00010,000
Rudy Cervantes1,505,0001,117,000
Artem Suhak1,500,000770,000
Igor Dursel1,500,000299,000
Asher Conniff1,500,000750,000
Nico Schubert1,500,000740,000
Florian Guimond1,490,000674,000
Levi Klump1,490,0000
Matthew Shepsky1,485,000866,000
Daniel Vampan1,475,000215,000
Sean Troha1,450,000260,000
Joey Weissman1,445,000455,000
Nicholas Ramsey1,440,0001,162,000
Jacob Meeks1,430,0001,034,000
Vincent Pontrello1,425,0001,012,000
Keith Canterbury1,405,0001,063,000
Raymond Ross1,400,000976,000
Matt Bond1,390,000867,000
Anthony Ortega1,390,000768,000
Matthew Levine1,385,000792,000
Robert Correa1,385,000735,000
Tzur Levy1,385,0001,247,000
Matthew Bushell1,380,0001,122,000
Andrew Ostapchenko1,375,000-925,000
Gilbert Cruz1,370,000691,000
Victor Paredes1,365,000844,000
Cameron Blazevich1,360,000569,000
Anthony Maio1,360,000902,000
Todd Sekli1,355,0001,130,000
Stanley Lee1,355,000805,000
Charles Tabor1,350,0001,130,000
Matthew McEwan1,335,000841,000
Espen Jorstad1,335,000345,000
Thomas Sullivan1,330,000600,000
Henry Fischer1,320,000225,000
Manh Nguyen1,320,000134,000
Benjamin Moon1,310,0000
Laurynas Levinskas1,300,000-50,000
Antoine Lapeyre1,290,0001,290,000
Danny Hannawa1,290,000400,000
Seth Berger1,290,000519,000
Roland Rokita1,290,000521,000
Koray Aldemir1,285,000-585,000
Denis Gnidash1,280,000403,000
Tyler Cornell1,280,000955,000
Alex Kulev1,275,000-175,000
Kenny Tran1,270,000670,000
Braxton Dunaway1,265,000-290,000
Noah Schwartz1,255,000-45,000
Kyle Collins1,245,0000
German Dansker1,225,000695,000
Ondrej Drozd1,215,000822,000
Benjamin Constant1,210,000736,000
Mikael Guenni1,200,000988,000
Jonathan Rosa1,200,000-450,000
Nikola Gunchev1,190,000732,000
Pierre-Paul Paulin1,185,0000
Antoine Labat1,185,000730,000
Philippe Souki1,180,000399,000
Clayton Mozdzen1,180,000-53,000
Grant Ellis1,180,0001,100,000
Maxim Urvantsev1,175,000693,000
Bassam Elia1,150,0001,014,000
Demetrios Petrou1,150,000260,000
Thiago Pirani1,150,000-31,000
Christopher Kline1,135,000551,000
Aaron Li1,115,000385,000
Michael Kapernaros1,110,000601,000
Jamie Armstrong1,100,000735,000
Mauricio Ferreira Pais1,095,0001,095,000
Jake Schindler1,090,000-70,000
Merijn van Rooij1,080,000-600,000
Joshua Mullins1,075,000418,000
John Reading1,070,000820,000
Chanracy Khun1,070,000503,000
Abdullah Alshanti1,065,00055,000
Nir Levy1,060,000615,000
Brian Kirschner1,050,000661,000
Stuart Young1,040,000130,000
Sriharsha Doddapaneni1,025,000184,000
Luke Tavis1,020,000135,000
Adam Demersseman1,010,00010,000
Hamza Firdawcy1,000,055427,055
Robert Minor1,000,030573,030
Juliet Hegedus1,000,000-50,000
Philip Neiman1,000,000763,000
Matthew Ezrol990,000790,000
Shijia Liu990,000865,000
Richard Troendly990,000385,000
Scotter Clark985,000255,000
John Karavas985,000270,000
John Juanda975,000235,000
Kristen Deardorff970,000250,000
Terry Breeden960,000445,000
Christoph Csik950,000708,000
Timothy McDermott940,000-20,000
Marius Pospiech935,00027,000
Ramon Colillas935,000285,000
Alexandre Girardin920,000406,000
Danny Lavoie915,000790,000
Muhammad Abdel Rahim910,000-440,000
Matthew Su910,0005,000
Rahul Rastogi905,000-595,000
Sebastian Hoyos900,000296,000
Douglas Arauj Ferreira895,000509,000
Robert James890,000-145,000
William Mcgrotty890,000645,000
Christopher Kojack885,000-275,000
Darius Hastings875,000727,000
Jacqueline Burkhart875,000145,000
Ian Armstrong870,000-693,000
Takahiro Sasabe870,000-551,000
Eshaan Bhalla870,000170,000
Antonio Mallol Heredia865,000865,000
Sebastiaan de Jonge865,000865,000
Boutros Awad860,000174,000
Koichi Nozaki860,000563,000
Bruce Knee860,000109,000
Maximilian Eberhardt860,000-165,000
Jose Barbosa855,000417,000
Jeremie Bilodeau855,000524,000
Casey Coughlan850,000275,000
Itai Levy845,000603,000
Jeremy Barron840,000279,000
Justin Liberto840,000395,000
Austin Wilson840,000378,000
Jacob Beck840,000381,000
Andrew Gray830,000308,000
Gerardo Griffa825,000673,000
Patrick Clarke820,0000
Elliot Stern815,000332,000
Yong Wang805,000600,000
Ryan Hall805,000805,000
Carlos Dolader805,000473,000
Roman Pumpernick800,000-400,000
Tibor Nyuli800,000800,000
Mike Sowers795,000647,000
Kevin Campbell795,00045,000
Brian Chike795,000482,000
Cliff Maloney785,0000
Stephen Deutsch780,000-630,000
Padraig O'Neill780,000471,000
Aleksandar Trajkovski780,000522,000
Jeremy Steel775,000700,000
Andre Dyonisio775,000401,000
Ken Le770,000371,000
Jake Abdalla770,000-1,130,000
Daniela Rodriguez760,000370,000
Aram Oganyan755,00023,000
Christophe De Meulder750,000334,000
Michael Stashin735,000-272,000
Mathieu His730,000-1,670,000
Ryutaro Sugita715,000-664,000
Eddy Sabat715,000233,000
Haim Or715,000715,000
Samuel Dray705,000323,000
James Stitzel705,000-1,195,000
Daniel Sewnig700,000535,000
Rodrigo Semeghini690,000-1,220,000
Troy Lombardo680,00085,000
Dorian Rios675,000-925,000
Gerald Cohen675,000675,000
Stefan Reiser670,00020,000
Gaelle Baumann665,000-285,000
Mikiya Kudo665,00083,000
Joshua Suyat655,000-155,000
Hollis Holcomb650,000419,000
Tony Le640,000350,000
Jimmy Tran635,000407,000
Shahin Shojaeyan635,00015,000
Sergio Benso630,000-268,000
Michael Pickett625,000258,000
Exequiel Fernando625,000166,000
Igor Ioffe615,000-635,000
Joseph Hanna615,000189,000
Bob Buckenmayer610,00080,000
Andrew Hawksby605,00067,000
Mohammed Radwan605,000497,000
Lois Dufouleur595,000423,000
Kenneth Hicks590,000392,000
James Rodriguez590,000375,000
Mark Egbert585,000-615,000
Max Pescatori580,00080,000
Fernando Witt Vivan575,000-195,000
Raymond Ho575,000105,000
Hrayr Grigoryan575,000537,000
Ming Xi570,000226,000
Marek Liyanage565,000-87,000
Luke Graham550,000-722,000
Lucia Navarro Martinez550,000-250,000
David Cabrera550,000332,000
Sundiata Devore545,000105,000
Giuseppe Vassallo540,000-140,000
Thomas Allanabker535,000208,000
Christian Berg535,000188,000
Terry Shortland535,000-70,000
Marco Damico530,00030,000
Jose Nadal530,000-250,000
Pavlin Karakikov525,000373,000
Ronan Sweeney520,000-70,000
Vuong Do520,000456,000
Yonatan Koko515,000242,000
Theo Tran515,00033,000
Michael Ruane510,000-211,000
Zachary McDiarmid505,000324,000
Quentin Guivarch500,000-650,000
Seng Saephan500,00010,000
Harold Rosenthal500,000-412,000
Angela Jordison500,000-160,000
Jimmy Setna485,000-248,000
Martin Finger485,000-300,000
Alexandre Mantovani485,000-193,000
Raja Chirumamilla470,00080,000
Atsushi Umeda470,000170,000
Andrew Kaplan465,000141,000
Henry Strasser460,000277,000
Phuoc Nguyen460,000-2,240,000
Jay Majmudar455,000-317,000
Rene Knapp450,000-360,000
Stevan Chew440,000-640,000
Joshua Steiner435,00058,000
Caleb King435,000161,000
Lawrence Ma435,000-414,000
Michael Allenberg430,000-90,000
Robert Nehorayan405,000-95,000
Michael Dwyer405,00080,000
Steven Buckner400,000-50,000
Timothy Little400,000-300,000
Mehmet Kolgu395,000147,000
Dan Smith390,00030,000
Tyler Hirschfeld380,000-35,000
Michael Banducci380,000-557,000
Max Altergott380,000-470,000
Marco Johnson380,000-402,000
Van Nguyen370,000206,000
Adam Goldstein360,000210,000
Mack Khan350,00048,000
Zilong Zhang297,000-2,758,000
Gary Waldo295,00072,000
Alan Mastic285,000-1,001,000
Tony Sandquist280,000-380,000
Amit Sharma270,000-1,305,000
Sarah Herzali265,00047,000
Dean Baranowski255,000-50,000
Jonathan Gaviao250,000-356,000
Matas Cimbolas225,000-265,000
William Reynolds215,000-225,000
Victor Ramdin205,000-120,000
Stefan Lehner205,000-395,000
Jonathan Bryan195,000-396,000
Gianluca Speranza123,000-1,127,000
Konstantinos Manousoudakis105,000-1,436,000
Antun Topic65,00010,000
Casey Hatmaker65,000-391,000
Erikas Laugzemys1-419,999
Monday, July 11, 2022 12:36 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Lococo Knocks Galfond Out in Final Hand of the Night

Farah Galfond

The player in the under-the-gun position raised to 40,000 and Alejandro Lococo three-bet to 140,000 from the early position. Farah Galfond immediately four-bet shoved from the hijack when it was her turn. The action folded back to the initial raiser who folded. Lococo asked for a count and the dealer confirmed Galfond had 630,000 behind. Lococo took some time and then made the call with the bigger stack.

Farah Galfond:   
Alejandro Lococo:   

The flop came     for Lococo to hit a set immediately but Galfond picked up the gutshot to a straight.

The turn was the   which didn't help her and neither did the   on the river as she busted just before the remaining players could bag up their chips for Day 5 of the Main Event.

Alejandro Lococo3,210,000210,000
Farah Galfond0-560,000
Monday, July 11, 2022 12:35 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Smith on Fumes after Preflop Cooler

Dan Smith

Stuart Ruff opened to 50,000 from early position with   . Dan Smith, also had a premium as he was holding the   . The 2020 $25K Heads-Up bracelet winner made it 175,000 from the hijack.

Ruff wasted little time before four-betting to 525,000. Smith put in the call to build the pot to 1,100,000.

The     flop prompted Ruff to jam for 955,000 and Smith was in an uncomfortable position with his overpair. He asked for a count before calling.

Ruff would catapult up the leaderboard as the   turn and   river confirmed his double up. Smith on the other hand was left with less than 20 big blinds.

Stuart Ruff3,010,0001,595,000
Dan Smith360,000-1,575,000
Monday, July 11, 2022 12:26 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Sweeney Doubles Late On

Ronan Sweeney was all-in with    and at risk against Ali Imsirovic with   .

Sweeney secured the late night double on the      .

Ali Imsirovic2,300,000-115,000
Ronan Sweeney590,000515,000
Monday, July 11, 2022 12:23 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Alshanti Not Convinced By Zhang

Zilong Zhang three-bet to 145,000 from the small blind after Abdullah Alshanti opened from the hijack. Alshanti called the raise.

Zhang, with   , bet 85,000 on the     flop and Alshanti called with his   . The   came on the turn and Zhang fired a second barrel of 185,000. Again, Alshanti called.

The   river paired the board, giving both players the same best five-card hand. Zhang not content with sharing the pot added an extra 575,000 to the pot. Alshanti and Zhang had been at the same table for most of Day 4 and began the table chat.

"You never have a seven or an ace," chimed Zhang.

"Why are you so confident? Stop talking," Alshanti joked. The pair had developed a good rapport throughout the day.

Alshanti had seen Zhang show many bluffs throughout, but Alshanti was convinced Zhang had it this time around.

"This is so sick man," Alshanti continued.

Zhang tried to a few more lines but Alshanti took a stand and called to receive half of the pot.

Zilong Zhang3,055,000135,000
Abdullah Alshanti1,010,00020,000
Monday, July 11, 2022 12:17 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Lewis Eliminated With Boat Versus Quads

Toby Lewis

As recounted by Joe Altman, four players went to a flop, including an early position player, Toby Lewis in the cutoff, a button player, and Altman in the big blind.

The     flop was checked to the   turn. The early position player bet 55,000, Lewis called, the button called, and Altman raised to 200,000. Only Lewis continued to the river.

The   completed the board and Altman bet 350,000. Lewis moved all in for around 1,000,000, and Altman called.

Lewis had   , but it was no good against Altman's    flopped quads, and Lewis' Main Event run came to an end as a result of the massive cooler.

Joseph Altman2,750,0002,373,000
Toby Lewis0-2,050,000
Monday, July 11, 2022 12:11 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Four More Hands

The floor has announced four more hands before play ends for the day. Day 5 restart will be at noon local time.

Monday, July 11, 2022 12:07 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Alshanti Doubles Through Imsirovic

Angela Jordison raised to 40,000 from the cutoff with    beofre Ali Imsirovic three-bet to 100,000 from the button with   . Abdullah Alshanti jammed for 455,000 from the big blind. Imsirovic called.

The sevens were still good on the     flop and even better on the   turn. The   completed the board and Alshanti found himself with nearly one million chips.

Ali Imsirovic2,415,000-575,000
Abdullah Alshanti990,000-130,000
Monday, July 11, 2022 12:04 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Allen Doubles as Day 4 Nears the End

There was a raise to 40,000 from early position and Jack Allen three-bet to 140,000 in the cutoff. The action folded back to the initial raiser who shipped all in. Allen instantly called off his stack of 825,000 and the cards were tabled.

Jack Allen:   

The flop came     and Allen looked poised for a double up. The turn was the   and the river was the   as Allen earned a late-night double up.

Jack Allen1,700,000300,000
Monday, July 11, 2022 12:02 AM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Trevino Calls River Overbet with Second Pair, Up to Two Million

Ceddric Trevino

On the       board with a little less than 200,000 in the pot, Cedrric Trevino checked over to his opponent in the cutoff, who overbet the pot for 250,000 after about 90 seconds of deliberation.

Trevino, in the big blind, thought about his decision for about a minute before making the call with    for second pair.

His opponent shrugged and said "Nice hand", showing   . Trevino is now at exactly 2,000,000.

Cedrric Trevino2,000,000330,000
Sunday, July 10, 2022 11:58 PM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Zhang Gets Smith to Fold Two Pair

On the PokerGO stream, action picked up on the      board with Zilong Zhang checking in the cutoff with   . Dan Smith, with the   , bet 215,000 from the button. Zhang then put his stack to use and raised to 675,000, Smith called.

The   river put a four to a straight on the board and Zhang fired for 780,000. Smith went into the tank but opted to fold and awarded the pot to Zhang.

Zilong Zhang2,920,000645,000
Dan Smith1,935,000-630,000
Sunday, July 10, 2022 11:50 PM Local Time (about 37 days and 6 hours ago)
Kulev Takes One From Colpoys

Alex Kulev opened to 40,000 from early position and Dan Colpoys three-bet to 125,000 in middle position. Action folded back to Kulev who called.

The dealer fanned the     flop and Kulev check-called for 75,000. Both players checked the   turn to the   river and Kulev bet 425,000.

"Not the best runout for this hand," noted Colpoys as he mucked his    face-up. Kulev took the pot to add to his stack while Colpoys retained the chip lead even after folding his cowboys.

Dan Colpoys4,600,000-140,000
Alex Kulev1,450,000800,000
Sunday, July 10, 2022 11:42 PM Local Time (about 37 days and 7 hours ago)
Some Big Stacks as the Night Winds Down
Dan Colpoys4,740,0001,840,000
Taylor von Kriegenbergh4,330,000730,000
Aaron Mermelstein4,300,000310,000
Adrian Attenborough4,200,0002,000,000
Jorge Hou3,800,0003,435,000
Johan Schumacher3,700,0001,100,000
Antonio Lievano3,300,000-435,000
Alex Keating3,300,000500,000
Steve Chanthabouasy3,100,00030,000
Adria Diaz3,015,0002,280,000
Alejandro Lococo3,000,000450,000
George Turner3,000,0002,567,000
Shelby Wells3,000,000-330,000
Jordyn Miller2,900,00075,000
Loni Hui2,850,000-250,000
Robert Welch2,800,000900,000
William Scott Smith2,700,000650,000
Robert Paddock2,700,0002,263,000
Michael Moncek2,700,000600,000
Cory Gogerty2,300,000-90,000
Aaron Duczak2,200,0001,844,000
Sunday, July 10, 2022 11:40 PM Local Time (about 37 days and 7 hours ago)
Wien Correctly Calls Off Stack, Earns Full Double Up

Jeremy Wien

A player under the gun opened to 40,000 and Jeremy Wien three-bet to 130,000 from the button. The original raiser called.

The flop came     and Wien continued for 105,000. The under-the-gun player called.

On the   turn, Wien bet once again, this time for 180,000. His opponent called a second time.

The river brought the   and after his opponent checked, Wien bet for 260,000, leaving 500,000 behind. His opponent, who had Wien covered, deliberated for a few seconds before announcing all in.

Wien stood up immediately and muttered "This is so sick" and questioned whether or not his opponent had the same hand or queen-jack of diamonds.

Finally, after a few minutes and apologizing to the table for taking his time, Wien announced "If this is the way I go out, then this is the way I go out" and made the call, turning over   .

His opponent tapped the table and said "Nice call", showing    to double Wien up.

Jeremy Wien2,350,0001,370,000
Sunday, July 10, 2022 11:37 PM Local Time (about 37 days and 7 hours ago)
Rezaei Jams with King-High

Action panned to the outer table with Andrew Barfield betting 75,000 on the       board from the big blind. Daniel Rezaei, with   , then jammed for 1,190,000 from the hijack.

Barfield had his opponent covered and called as the covering stack with his   , which was good for a flopped set.

Andrew Barfield3,375,0002,413,000
Daniel Rezaei0-790,000
Yao Yin0-385,000
Sunday, July 10, 2022 11:34 PM Local Time (about 37 days and 7 hours ago)
Kanchi Quadruples, Moraes Wins the Side

Rafael Moraes

Mitchell Halverson raised it up from under the gun and was flat-called by the player on his left. Ranganath Kanchi also called from the small blind and Rafael Moraes shoved all in for 590,000 in the big blind. Halverson stuck in the last of his chips for around 400,000, the player on his left also called having everyone covered, and Kanchi put in the last of his 205,000 chips as well. A crowd gathered as the players rose to their feet for this four-way all in.

Ranganath Kanchi:   
Mitchell Halverson:   
Rafael Moraes:   

The flop came     as Moraes flopped a set of kings to take a huge lead. The turn was the   as now three players made a set. The river happened to be the   and Kanchi emerged as the winner with the only straight.

"What a stupid f***ing hand," one player noted as the rest of the table laughed.

Rafael Moraes950,000270,000
Ranganath Kanchi840,000160,000
Mitchell Halverson0-220,000
Sunday, July 10, 2022 11:28 PM Local Time (about 37 days and 7 hours ago)
Margolin Up and Down; Von Kriegenbergh Concedes Lead

Timur Margolin

In a bloated pot with over 1,200,000 in the middle on a       completed board, Timur Margolin had bet 420,000 on the button. Taylor von Kriegenbergh thought for some time in the middle position before the clock was called, and he ultimately put in the chips.

Margolin turned over   , causing Von Kriegenbergh to toss his cards up in the air and into the muck as he took a hit to his big stack. Margolin was up to approximately 2,800,000 at the conclusion of the hand, but lost a sizable pot shortly after to move to just under 2,000,000.

Taylor von Kriegenbergh3,600,000-1,080,000
Timur Margolin1,900,000200,000
Sunday, July 10, 2022 11:19 PM Local Time (about 37 days and 7 hours ago)
Allenberg Looks Down at His Version of "Aces"

A player in late position opened to 40,000. Action folded around to Michael Allenberg in the small blind who moved all in for about 250,000. After some thought, his opponent made the call.

Michael Allenberg:   

"Oh, I'm dead," said Allenberg. "No, no, king-six is the nuts," he reassured himself.

The flop came out    .

"Let's go!" said Allenberg. "I looked down at king-six, it looked like aces," he said.

The board finished with the   and   to lock up the double for Allenberg. Apparently a player at the table earlier told Allenberg that king-six was a strong hand, Allenberg took that as truth, and it lived up to the reputation.

Michael Allenberg520,000385,000