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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, November 15, 2021 to Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Event #75: Freezeout No-Limit Holdem

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $1,589,985
  • Entries: 1,191
  • Remaining: 0


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Tuesday, November 16, 2021 1:23 AM Local Time
Asi Moshe Bags Third in Chips after Day 1 of Event #75: $1,500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em

Asi Moshe

The action was fast and furious on Day 1 of Event #75 $1,500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em. A total of 1,191 players joined the field for this event to generate a $1,589,985 prize pool, with just one shot to run up a stack. By day's end, there were only 118 players remaining and it was Renmei Liu (887,000) who bagged the lead.

Other players to bag include Bin Liu (610,000), Asi Moshe (604,000), Joe Serock (436,000), Nadya Magnus (414,000), Patrick Tardif (239,000), Gabriel Andrade (180,000), Sherry Hammers (139,000) and Angelina Rich (124,000).

Event #75 Day 1 Top 10 Chip Counts

RANKPLAYERCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Rennei LiuCanada889,00089
2Bin LiuUnited States610,00061
3Asi MosheIsrael604,00060
4David PhamUnited States572,00057
5Stefan ReiserAustria537,00054
6Armin RezaeiAustria529,00053
7Kartik VedIndia523,00052
8Nicholas HubersUnited States510,00051
9Naor SlobodskoyIsrael505,00051
10Artan DedushaUnited Kingdom504,00050

The blind structure caught up to the field fairly quickly in the early levels of the day and many of the top names from the poker world fell in the aftermath. Some of those to miss the money included Phil Laak, Barry Greenstein, Craig Varnell, Allen Kessler, and Tony Dunst.

Although there were no rebuys, players were allowed to buy-in by the end of the dinner break. Some of the late entries to fall included Ryan Leng, Stephen Song, Josh Arieh, Mustapha Kanit, Barry Shulman, and Landon Tice.

A total of 179 players made the money for a guaranteed $2,408 but everyone is vying for the top prize of $270,877 and the gold World Series Of Poker bracelet.

Once the bubble burst players continued to drop at a rapid pace in the final level of the night. Players to make the money but not find a bag included Randy Bullen, Cate Hall, Bin Weng, and Esther Taylor.

Players who bagged will return at noon on Tuesday, Nov 16 to the Amazon room purple section to play ten more levels. The blind structure will be increased to 60-minute levels for Day 2.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be there for all the action in this tournament and each bracelet event, for our continuing coverage of the WSOP at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 1:22 AM Local Time
Day 2 Seat Draw
ROOMTABLESEATPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Amazon4561Arnaud EnselmeFrance187,00019
Amazon4562Carl FreyUnited States267,00027
Amazon4563Tarun GulatiUnited States255,00026
Amazon4564Paulo JoanelloBrazil431,00043
Amazon4565Wayne HarmonUnited States296,00030
Amazon4566Harald SammerAustria151,00015
Amazon4567Lisa TanSingapore423,00042
Amazon4568Yiannis LiperisUnited Kingdom198,00020
Amazon4571Naor SlobodskoyIsrael505,00051
Amazon4572Bogdan MunteanuRomania339,00034
Amazon4573Seth EvansUnited States109,00011
Amazon4574Gregory BockUnited States248,00025
Amazon4575Bruno Kreusch De SouzaUnited States293,00029
Amazon4576Tom KoralUnited States291,00029
Amazon4577Chad HimmelspachUnited States94,0009
Amazon4578Jonathan WangUnited States264,00026
Amazon4579Kaue De SouzaBrazil383,00038
Amazon4581Kennii NguyenUnited States169,00017
Amazon4582Charles CoultasUnited States175,00018
Amazon4583Patrick TardifCanada234,00023
Amazon4584Carlos LovingUnited States100,00010
Amazon4585Mohammed SuhailUnited Kingdom140,00014
Amazon4586Angelina RichUnited States124,00012
Amazon4588Christian HarderUnited States162,00016
Amazon4589Dave AlfaUnited States107,00011
Amazon4591Ralph MasseyUnited States118,00012
Amazon4592Ori HassonIsrael241,00024
Amazon4593David WoodUnited States86,0009
Amazon4594Paulo VillenaSpain380,00038
Amazon4596Brandon HamletUnited States294,00029
Amazon4597Terence ReidUnited States398,00040
Amazon4598James MeonoUnited States131,00013
Amazon4599Karolis SereikaLithuania259,00026
Amazon4631Simon LofbergSweden293,00029
Amazon4632Brent BurrowsUnited States339,00034
Amazon4633Brandon BerginUnited States353,00035
Amazon4634Vladimir GeshkenbeinRussia350,00035
Amazon4635Andrew GonderUnited States236,00024
Amazon4636Micha HoedemakerNetherlands180,00018
Amazon4637Wesley GrahamUnited States150,00015
Amazon4638Clemen DengUnited States190,00019
Amazon4639Joe SerockUnited States436,00044
Amazon4641Stefan ReiserAustria537,00054
Amazon4642Hlib KovtunovUkraine212,00021
Amazon4643Yannick SchumacherGermany331,00033
Amazon4644Mike AllisUnited States368,00037
Amazon4645Kent WalterUnited States52,0005
Amazon4646Ian SteinmanUnited States252,00025
Amazon4647Joonas HelinFinland132,00013
Amazon4649Tom MiddletonUnited Kingdom278,00028
Amazon4651Denys ChufarinUnited Kingdom128,00013
Amazon4652Emanuel SantiagoUnited States228,00023
Amazon4653Kartik VedIndia523,00052
Amazon4654Joao VieiraPortugal252,00025
Amazon4655Daniel MarcusUnited States285,00029
Amazon4656Alexandre RabusseauFrance174,00017
Amazon4657Nicholas HubersUnited States510,00051
Amazon4658Tyler PayneUnited States374,00037
Amazon4659Sherry HammersUnited States139,00014
Amazon4661John MoresiUnited States175,00018
Amazon4662Luis KameiBrazil310,00031
Amazon4664Anthony MarquezUnited States109,00011
Amazon4665Gabriel AndradeEcuador180,00018
Amazon4666Bin LiuUnited States610,00061
Amazon4667Artan DedushaLondon, , GB504,00050
Amazon4668Fadi AfechUnited States121,00012
Amazon4669Marius KudzmanasLithuania350,00035
Amazon4701Joshua FarisUnited States139,00014
Amazon4702Saulo GalvaoBrazil211,00021
Amazon4703Sebastian GahlGermany89,0009
Amazon4704Manny PerezUnited States26,0003
Amazon4705Rennei LiuCanada889,00089
Amazon4706Keith PomonisUnited States206,00021
Amazon4707Christopher FrankGermany279,00028
Amazon4708Robert ReistUnited States231,00023
Amazon4709Ronald SullivanUnited States303,00030
Amazon4711Jun ObaraJapan61,0006
Amazon4712Oskar PrehmAustria104,00010
Amazon4713Aiman AbdelkarimUnited States80,0008
Amazon4714Mike WatsonCanada266,00027
Amazon4715Vlad DarieRomania370,00037
Amazon4716David PhamUnited States572,00057
Amazon4717Robert ChorlianUnited States65,0007
Amazon4718Carlos GuerreroUnited States327,00033
Amazon4719Patrick SmythUnited States85,0009
Amazon4721Steven OlsonUnited States128,00013
Amazon4722Ryan PerezUnited States102,00010
Amazon4723Carlos Chadha-VillamarinUnited States467,00047
Amazon4724Milos IvanovicUnited States269,00027
Amazon4725Manoel FilhoBrazil129,00013
Amazon4726Daniel JamesUnited Kingdom107,00011
Amazon4727Adam MonaghanUnited Kingdom76,0008
Amazon4728Armin RezaeiAustria529,00053
Amazon4729Kyrylo KobzyevUnited States220,00022
Amazon4771Besnainou AngeFrance70,0007
Amazon4772Asi MosheIsrael604,00060
Amazon4773Lance MartinezUnited States503,00050
Amazon4774Scott BaumsteinUnited States222,00022
Amazon4775Kevin PitstockUnited States138,00014
Amazon4776Shirin OskooiUnited States236,00024
Amazon4777Daniel DealmeidaBrazil138,00014
Amazon4779Dalton BrinkerUnited States199,00020
Amazon4781Yuliyan KolevBulgaria237,00024
Amazon4783Jessica VierlingUnited States218,00022
Amazon4784Loc NguyenUnited States366,00037
Amazon4785Dan ColpoysUnited States215,00022
Amazon4786John GorsuchUnited States44,0004
Amazon4787Nadya MagnusUnited States414,00041
Amazon4788Michael MarderUnited States298,00030
Amazon4789Totti ArosuoFinland196,00020
Amazon4791Cameron BarberUnited States367,00037
Amazon4792Artem SloitsevRussia253,00025
Amazon4794Theo TranUnited States455,00046
Amazon4795Sammy LafleurCanada196,00020
Amazon4796Stefan FabianUnited Kingdom106,00011
Amazon4797Louison VincentFrance386,00039
Amazon4798Antonin TeisseireFrance103,00010
Amazon4799Peter HengsakulUnited States175,00018
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 1:13 AM Local Time
End-of-Day 1 Chip Counts
Rennei Liu889,000889,000
Bin Liu610,000610,000
Asi Moshe604,0000
David Pham572,0007,000
Stefan Reiser537,000537,000
Armin Rezaei529,000529,000
Kartik Ved523,000523,000
Nicholas Hubers510,000510,000
Naor Slobodskoy505,000505,000
Artan Dedusha504,000504,000
Lance Martinez503,000503,000
Carlos Chadha-Villamarin467,000467,000
Theo Tran455,000455,000
Joe Serock436,0000
Paulo Joanello431,000431,000
Lisa Tan423,000423,000
Nadya Magnus414,0000
Terence Reid398,000398,000
Louison Vincent386,000386,000
Kaue De Souza383,000383,000
Paulo Villena380,000380,000
Tyler Payne374,000374,000
Vlad Darie370,000370,000
Mike Allis368,000368,000
Cameron Barber367,000367,000
Loc Nguyen366,000366,000
Brandon Bergin353,000353,000
Vladimir Geshkenbein350,000350,000
Marius Kudzmanas350,000350,000
Bogdan Munteanu339,000339,000
Brent Burrows339,000339,000
Yannick Schumacher331,000331,000
Carlos Guerrero327,000327,000
Luis Kamei310,000310,000
Ronald Sullivan303,000303,000
Michael Marder298,000298,000
Wayne Harmon296,000296,000
Brandon Hamlet294,000294,000
Bruno Kreusch De Souza293,000293,000
Simon Lofberg293,000293,000
Tom Koral291,000291,000
Daniel Marcus285,000285,000
Christopher Frank279,00049,000
Tom Middleton278,000278,000
Milos Ivanovic269,000269,000
Carl Frey267,000267,000
Mike Watson266,000266,000
Jonathan Wang264,000264,000
Karolis Sereika259,000259,000
Tarun Gulati255,000255,000
Artem Sloitsev253,000253,000
Joao Vieira252,000252,000
Ian Steinman252,000252,000
Gregory Bock248,000248,000
Ori Hasson241,000131,000
Yuliyan Kolev237,000237,000
Shirin Oskooi236,000236,000
Andrew Gonder236,000236,000
Patrick Tardif234,000-5,000
Robert Reist231,000231,000
Emanuel Santiago228,000228,000
Scott Baumstein222,000222,000
Kyrylo Kobzyev220,000220,000
Jessica Vierling218,000218,000
Dan Colpoys215,000215,000
Hlib Kovtunov212,000212,000
Saulo Galvao211,000211,000
Keith Pomonis206,000206,000
Dalton Brinker199,000199,000
Yiannis Liperis198,000198,000
Sammy Lafleur196,000196,000
Totti Arosuo196,000196,000
Clemen Deng190,000190,000
Arnaud Enselme187,000187,000
Gabriel Andrade180,0000
Micha Hoedemaker180,000180,000
Peter Hengsakul175,000175,000
Charles Coultas175,000175,000
John Moresi175,000175,000
Alexandre Rabusseau174,000174,000
Kennii Nguyen169,000169,000
Christian Harder162,000162,000
Harald Sammer151,0004,000
Wesley Graham150,000150,000
Mohammed Suhail140,000140,000
Joshua Faris139,000139,000
Sherry Hammers139,0000
Kevin Pitstock138,000138,000
Daniel Dealmeida138,000138,000
Joonas Helin132,000132,000
James Meono131,000131,000
Manoel Filho129,000129,000
Denys Chufarin128,000128,000
Steven Olson128,000128,000
Angelina Rich124,0000
Fadi Afech121,000121,000
Ralph Massey118,000118,000
Seth Evans109,000109,000
Anthony Marquez109,000109,000
Daniel James107,000107,000
Dave Alfa107,000107,000
Stefan Fabian106,000106,000
Oskar Prehm104,000104,000
Antonin Teisseire103,000103,000
Ryan Perez102,000102,000
Carlos Loving100,000100,000
Chad Himmelspach94,00094,000
Sebastian Gahl89,00089,000
David Wood86,00086,000
Patrick Smyth85,00085,000
Aiman Abdelkarim80,00080,000
Adam Monaghan76,00076,000
Besnainou Ange70,00070,000
Robert Chorlian65,00065,000
Jun Obara61,000-12,000
Kent Walter52,00052,000
John Gorsuch44,00044,000
Manny Perez26,00026,000
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 1:08 AM Local Time
End of Day 1

Players have bagged and tagged.

Play will resume at noon tomorrow at the Amazon room in the purple section.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 12:54 AM Local Time
Three More Hands

With 10 minutes left on the clock, three more hands have been announced before bagging.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 12:48 AM Local Time
Taylor Goes Busto

Esther Taylor

Esther Taylor was all in and at risk preflop.

Esther Taylor:   

The board came       and Taylor headed to the payout desk.

Esther Taylor0-55,000
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 12:40 AM Local Time
Late Night Updated Chip Counts
David Pham565,00067,000
Joe Serock415,000134,000
Nadya Magnus380,000-10,000
Christopher Frank230,000120,000
Angelina Rich170,00010,000
Sherry Hammers170,000-10,000
Asi Moshe160,000-5,000
Patrick Tardif151,000-9,000
Gabriel Andrade150,000-50,000
Bin Weng140,000-105,000
Esther Taylor55,000-12,000
Cate Hall47,000-48,000
Daniel Strelitz33,000-112,000
Randy Bullen0-76,000
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 12:29 AM Local Time
Level 17 started
Level: 17
Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Ante: 8,000
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 12:26 AM Local Time
Labat Shares the Bubble, Liu in the Chip Lead

Antoine Labat was all in and at risk for about 40,000 against Renmei Liu.

Antonie Labat:   
Renmei Liu:   

Labat was behind he found some help on the flop    , with a straight flush draw. However, the   turn and   river would brick out for him and he was eliminated.

It wasn't all bad for Labat though as two other players were eliminated on the same hand. Those players were whisked away by the floor and they will share a small payout.

Meanwhile, Renmei Liu appears to have the chip lead with just short of 700,000.

Renmei Liu697,000697,000
Antoine Labat0-25,000
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 12:10 AM Local Time

With the board reading 181 players remaining and 179 paid, hand-for-hand play has begun.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 12:01 AM Local Time
Magnus Drops a Couple of Pots

Nadya Magus opened to 12,000, a player in the blinds shoved all in and Magnus folded.

On the next hand, Magus raised to 12,000 again and only the big blind called.

Both players checked the     flop and the turn was the  . The big blind check-called a bet of 16,000 and they saw the river  .

The big blind checked a third time and Magnus sized up to 38,000. The big blind then woke up with a raise to about 132,000 and Magnus quickly folded.

Nadya Magnus390,000-75,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 11:58 PM Local Time
More Chip Counts
Gabriel Andrade200,000200,000
Sherry Hammers180,000-13,000
Patrick Tardif160,000-26,000
Daniel Strelitz145,000-63,000
Ori Hasson110,000-35,000
Cate Hall95,000-50,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 11:38 PM Local Time
A Few Counts Out of the Break, Pham and Magnus on Top
David Pham498,000193,000
Nadya Magnus465,000220,000
Joe Serock281,000-22,000
Bin Weng245,00051,000
Angelina Rich160,000-155,000
Paulina Loeliger154,000-25,000
Esther Taylor67,000-21,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 11:38 PM Local Time
Level 16 started
Level: 16
Blinds: 3,000/6,000
Ante: 6,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 11:24 PM Local Time
Australian Sean Ragozzini Looks to Follow in Joe Hachem’s Footsteps in WSOP Main Event
Sean Ragozzini
Sean Ragozzini

In 2005, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) relocated to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. That year, Australia's Joe Hachem topped a 5,619-entry field to win the $10,000 Main Event for $7.5 million, which sparked a poker boom in his home country.

Now, 16 years later in what's rumored to be the WSOP's last year at the Rio, 35-year-old Sean Ragozzini is seeking to follow in his fellow countryman's footstep.

"I just learned with friends. I think it was after Moneymaker, especially in Australia after Hachem won it," Ragozzini told PokerNews. "A lot of guys my age, I guess I was 18 or 19 at the time, got involved and started playing home games. I kind of had a knack for the strategy part of it. I enjoyed it and it was fun taking money off my friends."

Ragozzini, who has dual citizenship in the United Kingdom, qualified for the 2021 WSOP Main Event online at GGPoker via a $1,000 satellite. With just two tables remaining in the tournament, Ragozzini is guaranteed a nice six-figure score with a good shot at millions.

Heater Continues

"Not a real job, just play a lot of poker," Ragozzini told PokerNews when asked what he does. "I play a bit of both live and online."

According to The Hendon Mob, Ragozzini had $576,448 in lifetime earnings before the 2021 WSOP. Back in May, he won the WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast A$5,000 Challenge for $108,790, and just a few days later he won the A$3,000 Quartetly Poker Championship Gold Coast for $53,769, which he chopped with his good friend Vincent Huang. Those scores came two years after he took down the 2019 Star Sydney Champs A$20,000 High Roller for a previous career-best $153,826.

"I've probably taken it more serious the last few years, have had some good results, can't complain," Ragozzini said when asked about his recent success.

If Ragozzini continues to make a run for the bracelet, he'll be cheered on by both family and friends.

"I've got a few friends, about five or six guys, who are playing a lot as well. We kind of came together, it's been good," said Ragozzini, who said he is single but has half a dozen nieces and nephews.

Only time will tell if cheers of "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!" ring throughout the Main Event once again, and if Australian victories can bookend the Rio era of the World Series of Poker.

Follow PokerNews Live Updates of the WSOP Main Event here!

Monday, November 15, 2021 11:18 PM Local Time
Break Time

Players are on their final 20-minute break. Play will continue for two more 40-minute levels and the bubble is approaching. The board reads 185 left and 179 players will be paid.

Monday, November 15, 2021 11:11 PM Local Time
Moshe Defends the Blind

Asi Moshe

Asi Moshe defended his big blind after a player in middle position opened for 11,000.

Moshe check-called a bet of 8,000 after the     landed on the flop and the turn brought the  .

Both players checked to the   river and Moshe won the pot with a bet of 11,000 after his opponent folded.

Asi Moshe165,00050,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 11:04 PM Local Time
Weng Raises Serock

Joe Serock bet 30,000 into 46,000 on the      board after the turn and Bin Weng tanked.

After a couple minutes Weng raised it up to about 72,000 and Serock quickly folded.

Joe Serock303,000-57,000
Bin Weng194,000-1,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 10:55 PM Local Time
Tice Busts, Updated Stacks
Joe Serock360,00020,000
David Pham305,00018,000
Daniel Strelitz208,00060,000
Sherry Hammers193,000-2,000
Ori Hasson145,000-10,000
Asi Moshe115,000115,000
Landon Tice0-48,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 10:39 PM Local Time
More Chip Counts and Bustouts
Angelina Rich315,000155,000
David Pham287,000124,000
Nadya Magnus245,00017,000
Sherry Hammers195,00020,000
Bin Weng195,000-124,000
Patrick Tardif186,00021,000
Paulina Loeliger179,000-21,000
Daniel Strelitz148,0003,000
Cate Hall145,00087,000
Esther Taylor88,00027,000
Randy Bullen76,000-45,500
Jun Obara73,000-47,000
Landon Tice48,000-47,000
Ryan Leng0-25,000
Justin Arnwine0-19,500
Kris Steinbach0-155,000
Gabriel Andrade0-104,000
Barry Greenstein0-85,000
Ole Schemion0-48,000