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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, November 12, 2021 to Friday, November 12, 2021

Event #70: CRAZY EIGHTS No-Limit Hold'em 8-Handed

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  • Buy-in: $888
  • Prizepool: $4,150,761
  • Entries: 5,252
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, November 15, 2021 2:30 AM Local Time
Davoudzadeh Bags the Chip Lead in Day 1d of Event #70: $888 Crazy Eights; Wheeler Flying High

Jason Wheeler

Day 1d of Event #70: $888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold'em had come to an end. Day 1d drew a total of 2,241 entrants, with 337 players making the money, with a minimum payout being $1,421. After a long 14 hours of play, only 100 players remain.

Among the top stacks are Timo Kamphues (2,100,000), Farhad Davoudzadeh (2,410,000), Cole Ferraro (2,290,000), Leonid Yanovski (2,205,000) and Jason Wheeler (2,100,000).

End of Day 1d Top 10 Chip Counts

1Farhad DavoudzadehUnited States2,410,000
2Miklos ZsuffaHungary2,405,000
3Cole FerraroUnited States2,290,000
4Leonid YanovskiIsrael2,205,000
5Jason WheelerUnited States2,100,000
6Timo KamphuesGermany2,055,000
7Lipei XuUnited States1,975,000
8John SimonianUnited States1,850,000
9Pierre MerlinFrance1,850,000
10Joseph LibertaUnited States1,835,000

This event drew many notables such as three-time bracelet winner and Hall of Famer Barry Greenstein, bracelet winner Karolis Sereika, Women Hall of Famer Allyn Shulman, popular YouTube content creator, and online bracelet winner Ethan Yau, and the 2013 Main Event champion Ryan Riess , but at the end of the night, only Aaron Massey with over $4.5 million in live earnings bagged (1,155,000).

All remaining players who bagged will return for Day 2 on November 15th at noon in the Amazon Room at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Stay tuned for more coverage of this event and the entire 2021 World Series of Poker from the PokerNews Live Reporting Team

Monday, November 15, 2021 2:29 AM Local Time
Day 2 Seat Draw
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Amazon4911Adam CroffutUnited States1,975,00049
Amazon4912Alex VisbiskyUnited States1,775,00044
Amazon4913Eric BaldwinUnited States2,825,00071
Amazon4914Andrew WilmotUnited States650,00016
Amazon4915Harsukhpaul SanghaCanada700,50018
Amazon4916David MosesUnited States1,395,00035
Amazon4917Casey HatmakerUnited States685,00017
Amazon4918Sami RustomUnited States1,310,00033
Amazon4921Joseph HebertUnited States2,100,00053
Amazon4922Rui BouquetPortugal245,0006
Amazon4923Lee AlejandroUnited States495,00012
Amazon4924Jason WheelerUnited States2,100,00053
Amazon4925Natalie HofGermany1,700,00043
Amazon4926Azim OrunovUAE420,00011
Amazon4927Jakob MiegelGermany940,00024
Amazon4928Maksym LavrovUkraine655,00016
Amazon4931Stefan FabianUnited Kingdom825,00021
Amazon4932Sergio OchoaUnited States845,00021
Amazon4933Sumit SapraIndia660,00017
Amazon4934Lousine KalajianUnited States250,0006
Amazon4935Mike AllisUnited States300,0008
Amazon4936Tuan PhanUnited States850,00021
Amazon4937Lander LijoSpain445,00011
Amazon4938Andy FinkelbergUnited States940,00024
Amazon4941Henry FischerUnited States630,00016
Amazon4942Yan NeimanCanada745,00019
Amazon4943Cole FerraroUnited States2,290,00057
Amazon4944Mans MontgomeryUnited States675,00017
Amazon4945Stephane AbehasseraFrance1,275,00032
Amazon4946Yuki HamadaUnited States790,00020
Amazon4947Julian BonorrisUnited States910,00023
Amazon4948Sean HoesingUnited States770,00019
Amazon4951Igor LeshchinskiyUnited States360,0009
Amazon4952Christian LielGermany420,00011
Amazon4953Raffaele SorrentinoItaly950,00024
Amazon4954Derek KwanUnited States777,00019
Amazon4955Eder MurataBrazil355,0009
Amazon4956Steven SmithUnited States1,055,00026
Amazon4957Quirin HeinzGermany405,00010
Amazon4958Frank KellyUnited States705,00018
Amazon4981Daniel StrelitzUnited States140,0004
Amazon4982Michael CordellUnited States940,00024
Amazon4983Marius HeieneNorway400,00010
Amazon4984John ReadingUnited States1,205,00030
Amazon4985Terence ReidUnited States550,00014
Amazon4986Zoltan LanszkiHungary1,270,00032
Amazon4987Tijan TepehUnited States2,050,00051
Amazon4988Lisa FongUnited States305,0008
Amazon4991Borja GrossSpain1,020,00026
Amazon4992Johnson PhanyasengUnited States965,00024
Amazon4993Vincent BartelloUnited States480,00012
Amazon4994Joseph LibertaUnited States1,850,00046
Amazon4995Luiz Hota NetoBrazil605,00015
Amazon4996David GalyeanUnited States210,0005
Amazon4997Jonathan WangUnited States870,00022
Amazon4998Jesus MartinezUnited States565,00014
Amazon5001Edward KonarskeUnited States805,00020
Amazon5002David LappinIreland1,940,00049
Amazon5003Alexander WoodUnited States730,00018
Amazon5004Philip TomUnited States1,045,00026
Amazon5005Kai OkiUnited States855,00021
Amazon5006Rolf NordstromUnited Kingdom725,00018
Amazon5007Florian LoehnertAustria660,00017
Amazon5008Silvio CrisariItaly555,00014
Amazon5011Bence Tamas MajorHungary1,060,00027
Amazon5012George WolffUnited States815,00020
Amazon5013Keven StammenUnited States800,00020
Amazon5014Venkatara GanneUnited States465,00012
Amazon5015Katsushi YoshidaUnited States1,285,00032
Amazon5016Joel BakerUnited States650,00016
Amazon5017Dalibor DulaCzech Republic1,345,00034
Amazon5018Kyle MontgomeryUnited States1,420,00036
Amazon5021Kharlin SuedUnited States1,675,00042
Amazon5022Siddharth KariaIndia285,0007
Amazon5023Christian LyFrance615,00015
Amazon5024Vladimir GeshkenbeinRussia425,00011
Amazon5025Thomas LarsonUnited States1,825,00046
Amazon5026Kevin WangUnited States960,00024
Amazon5027Justin BarnumUnited States245,0006
Amazon5028Ran KollerIsrael210,0005
Amazon5051Yin WuChina795,00020
Amazon5052Bladimir MercedesUnited States1,125,00028
Amazon5053Jacob RichUnited States1,550,00039
Amazon5054Payam KaramiUnited States285,0007
Amazon5055Lisa TanSingapore800,00020
Amazon5056Alan FerraroItaly1,710,00043
Amazon5057Serhii HolodiukUnited States645,00016
Amazon5058Tri DaoUnited States780,00020
Amazon5061Yingge YanUnited States500,00013
Amazon5062Robert LofasoUnited States855,00021
Amazon5063Andros IoakimidesUnited States705,00018
Amazon5064Jesse YaginumaUnited States755,00019
Amazon5065Max PinnolaUnited States735,00018
Amazon5066Judith BielanUnited States405,00010
Amazon5067Eugenio GiordanoUnited States820,00021
Amazon5068Josue AguirreMexico1,930,00048
Amazon5071Burton RubinUnited States965,00024
Amazon5072John SimonianUnited States1,975,00049
Amazon5073Christian BuergerGermany1,035,00026
Amazon5075Farhad DavoudzadehUnited States2,410,00060
Amazon5076Jerry RobinsonUnited States1,065,00027
Amazon5077Lich BuiUnited States1,160,00029
Amazon5078Ismael BojangAustria1,010,00025
Amazon5081John GribbenUnited States160,0004
Amazon5082Landon TiceUnited States965,00024
Amazon5083Shashank JainIndia630,00016
Amazon5084Bruno DesimoniBrazil355,0009
Amazon5085Dylan WilkersonUnited States1,205,00030
Amazon5086Dhimitri LleshiUnited States520,00013
Amazon5087Daniel MarxUnited States250,0006
Amazon5088Sanford PankinUnited States125,0003
Amazon5091Ludovic PoulletBelgium410,00010
Amazon5092Christopher OneilUnited States1,257,00031
Amazon5093Pierre MerlinFrance1,850,00046
Amazon5094Marco SanchezUnited States660,00017
Amazon5095Marc TokushigeUnited States460,00012
Amazon5096Samuel BrownUnited States495,00012
Amazon5097Jamie DavisUnited States280,0007
Amazon5098Jean-Louis SantoniFrance435,00011
Amazon5121Brian BumpasUnited States390,00010
Amazon5123David LascarFrance950,00024
Amazon5124Kris LeeUnited Kingdom505,00013
Amazon5125Gediminas UselisLithuania395,00010
Amazon5126Sejin ParkSouth Korea1,350,00034
Amazon5127Bernhard MunksUnited Kingdom570,00014
Amazon5128Jacob MillerUnited States525,00013
Amazon5131Marius KudzmanasLithuania1,085,00027
Amazon5132Jonathan RosenthalUnited States425,00011
Amazon5133Kevin GlennUnited States1,020,00026
Amazon5134John JenkinsUnited States1,740,00044
Amazon5135David KangUnited States1,045,00026
Amazon5136Leonard VancruchtenNetherlands380,00010
Amazon5137Joseph LinvilleUnited States1,625,00041
Amazon5138Giacomo TagliaroItaly600,00015
Amazon5141Wilbert ChunUnited States1,660,00042
Amazon5142Pervez AhmedUnited States755,00019
Amazon5143Nolan BrowerUnited States1,500,00038
Amazon5144Deer KimUnited States955,00024
Amazon5145Chun LiUnited States790,00020
Amazon5146Renato De PaulaBrazil485,00012
Amazon5147Ashton AlfredUnited Kingdom1,175,00029
Amazon5148Alan SternbergUnited States435,00011
Amazon5151Leonid YanovskiIsrael2,205,00055
Amazon5152Miklos ZsuffaHungary2,405,00060
Amazon5153Maria McalpinUnited States370,0009
Amazon5154Aaron MasseyUnited States1,155,00029
Amazon5155Renzo TuSingapore260,0007
Amazon5156Micha HoedemakerNetherlands440,00011
Amazon5157Lymor Nahshon DavidsonIsrael235,0006
Amazon5158Jerry HumphreyUnited States1,095,00027
Amazon5161Wayne HarmonUnited States1,800,00045
Amazon5162Minh TranFrance280,0007
Amazon5163Nathanael KogelUnited States510,00013
Amazon5164Rodeen TalebiUnited States930,00023
Amazon5165Jacob ThibodeauUnited States715,00018
Amazon5166Tarun GulatiUnited States760,00019
Amazon5167Tom HallUnited Kingdom740,00019
Amazon5168Cate HallUnited States310,0008
Amazon5191Paul FehligUnited States1,880,00047
Amazon5192Lucas TaeUnited States1,250,00031
Amazon5193Junghyun CheonUnited States880,00022
Amazon5194Phuoc NguyenUnited States1,125,00028
Amazon5195Marco BognanniItaly600,00015
Amazon5196Simon BeneteauCanada730,00018
Amazon5197Lion LeeUnited States1,005,00025
Amazon5198Rommel LiscanoUnited States1,230,00031
Amazon5201Duane BlanchardUnited States585,00015
Amazon5202Georgios SotiropoulosGreece520,00013
Amazon5203Lipei XuUnited States2,055,00051
Amazon5204Corey WadeUnited States740,00019
Amazon5205Vangelis KaimakamisGreece1,330,00033
Amazon5206Derek TraversUnited States765,00019
Amazon5207Laurent CarbonnelFrance730,00018
Amazon5208Chanhee YeaSouth Korea435,00011
Amazon5211Tam Nguyen (OR)United States555,00014
Amazon5212Tuan NguyenUnited States770,00019
Amazon5213Artur KorenAustria1,615,00040
Amazon5214Kenny HallaertBelgium590,00015
Amazon5215Matthew O'mearaUnited States950,00024
Amazon5216Peter KaemmerlenUnited States740,00019
Amazon5217Zachary DonovanUnited States1,835,00046
Amazon5218Ngoc (Angel) VuUnited States635,00016
Amazon5221Timothee ScottiFrance1,135,00028
Amazon5222Alexander FarahiUnited States445,00011
Amazon5223Travis NewberryUnited States800,00020
Amazon5224James CornellUnited States275,0007
Amazon5225Mihai ManoleRomania535,00013
Amazon5226Egidio AragnoItaly680,00017
Amazon5227Mikayel HarutunyanUnited States255,0006
Amazon5228Ari EngelUnited States725,00018
Amazon5231Scott FitzhughUnited States565,00014
Amazon5232Hiroki YokoyamaJapan545,00014
Amazon5233Rafael GonzalezUnited States155,0004
Amazon5234Tyler PhillipsUnited States990,00025
Amazon5235Chung HoUnited States620,00016
Amazon5236Matt KramerUnited States540,00014
Amazon5237Drew SoikUnited States470,00012
Amazon5238Phachara WongwichitAustria460,00012
Amazon5261Juan Pardo DominguezSpain1,200,00030
Amazon5262Tamer AlkamliUnited States1,170,00029
Amazon5263Javier FernandezUnited Kingdom375,0009
Amazon5264Dario VeneriSwitzerland1,045,00026
Amazon5265Brian ShamUnited States550,00014
Amazon5266Richard KirschUnited States1,720,00043
Amazon5267Rachel GardnerUnited States655,00016
Amazon5268Thao YangUnited States1,230,00031
Amazon5271Orlando BarreraUnited States855,00021
Amazon5272Eric SiegelUnited States470,00012
Amazon5273Oliver PosatiFrance340,0009
Amazon5274Andrew RobinsonUnited States500,00013
Amazon5275Sebastien GuidezFrance1,540,00039
Amazon5276Patrick EskandarUnited States640,00016
Amazon5277Justin ArnwineUnited States3,280,00082
Amazon5278Shijia LiuUnited States585,00015
Amazon5281Liran BetitoIsrael860,00022
Amazon5282Eyal EshkarIsrael585,00015
Amazon5283Paul BeckerUnited States380,00010
Amazon5284Mark WahbaUnited States1,600,00040
Amazon5285Patrick TruongUnited States370,0009
Amazon5286Chino RheemUnited States1,200,00030
Amazon5287James NixonUnited Kingdom550,00014
Amazon5288Kazuhiko YotsushikaJapan1,170,00029
Amazon5291Pierre CalamusaFrance590,00015
Amazon5292Rupom PalUnited Kingdom650,00016
Amazon5293Michael RossittoUnited States745,00019
Amazon5294Eric JarochUnited States510,00013
Amazon5295Michael LechUnited States930,00023
Amazon5296Edgardo RosarioPuerto Rico560,00014
Amazon5297Alan GoasdoueFrance1,520,00038
Amazon5298Aaron WallaceUnited States1,120,00028
Amazon5302Timo KamphuesGermany2,100,00053
Amazon5303David SchaerfUnited States390,00010
Amazon5304Theo TranUnited States1,125,00028
Amazon5305Matthew BlaggUnited States515,00013
Amazon5306Toby BoasUnited States420,00011
Amazon5307Thor William MorstoelNorway350,0009
Amazon5308Alexandre SakoBrazil530,00013
Monday, November 15, 2021 2:29 AM Local Time
Official End of Day Chip Counts
Farhad Davoudzadeh2,410,0009,990
Miklos Zsuffa2,405,0002,405,000
Cole Ferraro2,290,0000
Leonid Yanovski2,205,0002,205,000
Jason Wheeler2,100,0000
Timo Kamphues2,100,000-600,000
Lipei Xu2,055,0000
John Simonian1,975,0001,975,000
Pierre Merlin1,850,0001,190,000
Joseph Liberta1,850,0001,850,000
Zachary Donovan1,835,0000
Richard Kirsch1,720,0001,150,000
Joseph Linville1,625,0001,625,000
Artur Koren1,615,0001,615,000
Mark Wahba1,600,0000
Alan Goasdoue1,520,0000
Nolan Brower1,500,0001,500,000
Vangelis Kaimakamis1,330,0001,330,000
Christopher Oneil1,257,0001,257,000
Rommel Liscano1,230,0001,230,000
Kazuhiko Yotsushika1,170,0000
Lich Bui1,160,0001,160,000
Aaron Massey1,155,000-95,000
Bladimir Mercedes1,125,0001,125,000
Theo Tran1,125,0001,125,000
Phuoc Nguyen1,125,0001,125,000
Aaron Wallace1,120,0001,120,000
Jerry Humphrey1,095,0001,095,000
Marius Kudzmanas1,085,0001,085,000
Jerry Robinson1,065,0001,065,000
Philip Tom1,045,000662,000
David Kang1,045,0001,045,000
Christian Buerger1,035,0001,035,000
Kevin Glenn1,020,0001,020,000
Johnson Phanyaseng965,000965,000
Deer Kim955,0000
David Lascar950,000950,000
Rodeen Talebi930,000930,000
Junghyun Cheon880,000880,000
Jonathan Wang870,000380,000
Liran Betito860,000860,000
Robert Lofaso855,000855,000
Sergio Ochoa845,000845,000
Eugenio Giordano820,000820,000
George Wolff815,000415,000
Keven Stammen800,000800,000
Chun Li790,000790,000
Tuan Nguyen770,000770,000
Sean Hoesing770,000770,000
Tarun Gulati760,000760,000
Pervez Ahmed755,000755,000
Yan Neiman745,00070,000
Michael Rossitto745,000745,000
Corey Wade740,000740,000
Simon Beneteau730,000-720,000
Rachel Gardner655,000655,000
Joel Baker650,000650,000
Rupom Pal650,000650,000
Serhii Holodiuk645,000645,000
Ngoc (Angel) Vu635,000635,000
Shashank Jain630,000630,000
Luiz Hota Neto605,000605,000
Giacomo Tagliaro600,0000
Marco Bognanni600,000600,000
Kenny Hallaert590,000-190,000
Pierre Calamusa590,000-310,000
Eyal Eshkar585,000585,000
Edgardo Rosario560,000560,000
Silvio Crisari555,000555,000
Brian Sham550,000550,000
Terence Reid550,000550,000
Hiroki Yokoyama545,000545,000
Matt Kramer540,000540,000
Mihai Manole535,000535,000
Eric Jaroch510,000510,000
Kris Lee505,000505,000
Yingge Yan500,000500,000
Lee Alejandro495,000495,000
Drew Soik470,000470,000
Venkatara Ganne465,000465,000
Phachara Wongwichit460,000-258,000
Jean-Louis Santoni435,000435,000
Christian Liel420,000420,000
Toby Boas420,000420,000
Quirin Heinz405,000405,000
David Schaerf390,000390,000
Paul Becker380,000380,000
Javier Fernandez375,000375,000
Igor Leshchinskiy360,000360,000
Bruno Desimoni355,000-235,000
Cate Hall310,000270,000
Payam Karami285,000285,000
Jamie Davis280,000280,000
Minh Tran280,000280,000
Renzo Tu260,000260,000
Lousine Kalajian250,000250,000
Daniel Marx250,000250,000
Justin Barnum245,000245,000
John Gribben160,000160,000
Rafael Gonzalez155,000155,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 2:04 AM Local Time
Play Has Ended

Play has ended for the night. End of day chip counts and recap to follow.

Monday, November 15, 2021 1:35 AM Local Time
Aaron Massey Now with Over 1.2 Million in Chips

Aaron Massey

Aaron Massey was involved in a hand with a pot of around 400,000 in chips and only one other opponent.

The flop read     and Massey bet 60,000 from the small blind. His opponent went all-in for about 160,000 and Massey quickly called to put his opponent at risk.

Aaron Massey:   

The rest of the board would run out    giving Massey a full house and eliminating another player from the field.

Aaron Massey1,250,000770,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Monday, November 15, 2021 1:29 AM Local Time
Assorted Chip Counts
Jason Wheeler2,300,0002,270,000
Zachary Donovan2,100,000
Cole Ferraro1,100,000850,000
Pierre Calamusa900,0000
Ryan Riess0-31,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 1:26 AM Local Time
Level 22 started
Level: 22
Blinds: 15,000/30,000
Ante: 30,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 1:15 AM Local Time
Reskallah Gets Value On the River

Aladin Reskallah

A player from the cutoff position raised to 8,000, and it folded to Aladin Reskallah in the big blind who made the call.

The flop was    , and both players checked to the turn  . Again both players checked, and the river was  .

Reskallah bet 75,000 and was called by the cutoff. Reskallah showed    for two pair, and his opponent mucked.

Aladin Reskallah865,000115,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 12:59 AM Local Time
Chip Counts
Timo Kamphues1,500,0001,500,000
Simon Beneteau1,450,0001,450,000
Kenny Hallaert780,000-240,000
Aladin Reskallah750,000380,000
Kelly Minkin500,000-100,000
George Wolff400,000110,000
Ryan Reiss380,000180,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 12:56 AM Local Time
Level 21 started
Level: 21
Blinds: 10,000/25,000
Ante: 25,000
Gorilla Gaming
Monday, November 15, 2021 12:50 AM Local Time
Neiman Scores A Knockout

The action was picked up with both players' hole cards face up on a board reading      

Yan Neiman:   

Neiman scored the knockout with a pair of threes.

Yan Neiman675,000675,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 12:31 AM Local Time
Level 20 started
Level: 20
Blinds: 10,000/20,000
Ante: 20,000
Monday, November 15, 2021 12:30 AM Local Time
Assorted Big Stacks
Phachara Wongwichit718,0000
Pierre Merlin660,0000
Bruno Desimoni590,0000
Richard Kirsch570,0000
Mira Cyril540,0000
Jonathan Wang490,0000
Craig Schauer490,0000
Luciano Hollanda460,0000
Monday, November 15, 2021 12:07 AM Local Time
Break Time

Players are now on a 20-minute break and the 1,000 yellow chips will be colored up.

Monday, November 15, 2021 12:01 AM Local Time
Level 19 started
Level: 19
Blinds: 8,000/16,000
Ante: 16,000
Gorilla Gaming
Sunday, November 14, 2021 11:39 PM Local Time
Notable Chip Counts
Kenny Hallaert1,020,000520,000
Pierre Calamusa900,000100,000
Kelly Minkin600,000-50,000
Aaron Massey480,00080,000
Aladin Reskallah370,000300,000
Karolis Sereika170,00020,000
Tony Miles150,0000
Sunday, November 14, 2021 11:27 PM Local Time
Kelly Minkin With 650K in Chips

Kelly Minkin

Kelly Minkin was involved in a hand in which she was in the big blind and the board read    .

She checked to her only other opponent and he bet 18,000 in the pot of already 65,000 and she quickly called.

The turn was   and she once again checked and her opponent bet 33,000. Minkin went all-in for 400,000 putting her opponent all-in for his remaining 145,000, but he quickly mucked.

Minkin scooped in the pot, and she now sits with about 650,000 in chips.

Kelly Minkin650,000170,000
Sunday, November 14, 2021 11:10 PM Local Time
Reeves With Crazy Eights

Thomas Reeves shoved all-in for his tournament life over an early position open for about 125,000 and the player under the gun called, covering him.

Reeves shouted "Crazy Eights!" right before flipping his hand over.

Thomas Reeves:   
Under The Gun:   

The board ran out       and Reeves secured the double up with a full house, eights over kings. The very next hand Reeves folded    face up when a player shoved all-in covering him.

Thomas Reeves250,000250,000
Sunday, November 14, 2021 11:05 PM Local Time
Level 18 started
Level: 18
Blinds: 6,000/12,000
Ante: 12,000
Sunday, November 14, 2021 11:02 PM Local Time
All Remaining Players are in the Money

The bubble has burst and all remaining players are now in the money and guaranteed at least $1,421.

Playtika - Jason Alexander