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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, November 04, 2021 to Thursday, November 04, 2021

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold'em World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $62,011,250
  • Entries: 6,650
  • Remaining: 0


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Friday, November 12, 2021 2:14 AM Local Time
Moneymaker Bags Big on Day 3 as the 2021 WSOP Main Event Bubble Bursts

Chris Moneymaker

The 2021 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event has concluded Day 3 by bursting the money bubble, sending all 1,000 survivors home with a guaranteed min-cash of $15,000. No portion of the $62,011,250 prize pool has been awarded yet in the pinnacle live poker event of the year at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, as all survivors bagged and tagged their chips for the night.

Jessica Cai claimed the Day 3 chip lead with a stack of 1,796,000 with Natural8 ambassador Phachara Wongwichit (1,773,000) hot on her heels. Several other contestants bagged up more than 1.5 million in chips such as Joshua Paige Remitio (1,671,000), Ehsan Amiri (1,574,000), Stephen Song (1,557,000), Neel Choksi (1,552,000), and Andreas Kniep (1,509,000).

The early spotlight on Day 3 belonged to the 2003 WSOP Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker, who was among the first players to run up a seven-figure stack. Moneymaker spent the last levels of the night on the feature table and advanced with one of the biggest stacks in the room as he bagged up 1,432,000. Among the victims of his early hot run was also Robert Kuhn, who ran into pocket aces. Fellow Main Event champions Qui Nguyen (659,000) and Martin Jacobson (142,000) survived the day as well.

Jessica Cai
Day 3 chip leader Jessica Cai

Cai was spotted mid-way through the day with a big stack and she continued to rake in big pots to become a contender for the overnight lead. She knocked out several opponents, one of which ran with an overpair into her flopped full house, and she eventually claimed the top spot once the money bubble had burst. Dragana Lim chipped up throughout the day and bagged up a top ten stack as well after claiming 1,539,000 to her name. Other female contenders to advance with above average stacks were JJ Liu (765,000), Laura Desantis (686,000), Mimi Luu (682,000), and Kitty Kuo (528,000) while at least two dozen more will return for the money stages.

2021 WSOP Main Event Day 3 Top 10 Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Jessica CaiUnited States1,796,000225
2Phachara WongwichitThailand1,773,000222
3Joshua Paige RemitioUnited States1,671,000209
4Ehsan AmiriAustralia1,574,000197
5Roman ValersteinUnited States1,560,000195
6Neel ChoksiUnited States1,552,000194
7Stephen SongUnited States1,551,000194
8Dragana LimUnited States1,539,000192
9Jordan JayneUnited States1,525,000191
10Andreas KniepGermany1,509,000189

Notables with big stacks outside of the top 10 include Chris Dowling, Gianluca Speranza, Day 2abd chip leader Rameez Shahid, Stephen Chidwick, Dillon Ott, Toby Lewis, Aristeidis Moschonas, Nick Petrangelo, Chance Kornuth and Tim Reilly.

Less fortunate were familiar names such as Anthony Zinno, Justin Bonomo, Ben Lamb, Ole Schemion, Greg Mueller, Faraz Jaka, Andy Black, Niall Farrell, the 2007 WSOP Main Event champion Jerry Yang, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Pat Lyons, Joseph Hebert, and Chris Hunichen to name all but a few.

During hand-for-hand play which commenced with 1,005 hopefuls remaining, eight hands were completed to whittle down the field to the 1,000 survivors. The bubble burst in painful fashion when Kevin Campbell saw his aces cracked by the ace-nine of Chris Alafogiannis, triggering cheers from all corners of the Amazon room. While Campbell missed out on the $15,000 payday, he was given a seat for the 2022 WSOP Main Event as consolation prize.

Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell

Day 4 Seat Draws

Click here for full details of the Day 4 Seat Draw;

All players that bagged and tagged their chips will return at noon local time and play one hour and 50 minutes of level 16 along with another four levels of two hours each. The blinds will resume at 4,000 / 8,000 with a big blind ante of 8,000 and the field will be reduced significantly en route to determine the new World Champion in the days to come. Stay tuned for more exclusive updates from the live poker event of the year as the PokerNews live reporting team will be on the floor from start to finish.

Friday, November 12, 2021 1:48 AM Local Time
End of Day 3 Chip Counts
Jessica Cai1,796,00036,000
Phachara Wongwichit1,773,000483,000
Joshua Remitio1,671,00071,000
Ehsan Amiri1,574,0000
Roman Valerstein1,560,0001,085,100
Neel Choksi1,552,0001,164,300
Stephen Song1,551,000201,000
Dragana Lim1,539,000279,000
Jordan Jayne1,525,000400,000
Andreas Kniep1,509,00069,000
Chris Dowling1,485,000385,000
Chris Moneymaker1,432,000232,000
Daniel Lowery1,415,000215,000
Andrew Watson1,401,000961,000
Martin Pineiro1,395,000745,000
Fernando Rodriguez1,390,0001,144,900
Chris Vezzetti1,390,0001,283,700
Keith Lehr1,379,000189,000
Johan Martinet1,365,000675,000
Gianluca Speranza1,347,000639,000
Charbel Kanterjian1,341,0001,181,900
Jeremy Joseph1,317,000986,800
Rameez Shahid1,299,000-26,000
Matthew Jewett1,286,000-64,000
Jack Oliver1,271,000854,000
Swadeep Mishra1,267,000437,000
Stephen Chidwick1,258,000308,000
Michael Lavin1,249,000241,000
Vangelis Kaimakamis1,230,000755,000
Andrew Yakubovich1,190,00020,000
Clement Van Driessche1,189,000847,600
Ugur Secilmis1,181,000181,000
Brian Frasca1,178,000839,000
David Williams (NV)1,175,000675,900
Marcos Exterkotter1,167,000173,500
Rittie Chuaprasert1,165,0000
Kyle White1,151,000815,100
Jeffrey Trudeau1,143,000775,300
Dae Woong Song1,108,000820,300
Matija Dobric1,107,000983,100
George Wong1,101,00051,000
Christoph Strehl1,069,000713,000
Zachary Grech1,065,000285,000
Eddie Ochana1,061,000461,000
Adam Walton1,057,0007,000
Jason Koon1,049,000475,000
Vasu Amarapu1,047,000769,500
Robert Mitchell1,043,00048,000
Christian Pham1,035,000675,000
Breno Diniz Campelo Silva1,030,0001,030,000
Christopher Trang1,027,000914,900
Chris Sandrock1,023,000783,000
Raul Martinez1,017,000461,000
Keyu Qu1,012,000-88,000
Benjamin Armstrong1,012,000252,000
Toby Lewis1,010,000210,000
Julian Sacks1,010,000717,700
Denys Prydvor1,004,000134,000
Dillon Ott1,004,00044,000
Jonas Hagstrom1,003,200153,200
Andy Spears1,000,000773,000
Daniel Swartz996,000821,000
Aristeidis Moschonas989,00069,000
Craig Schauer988,00047,000
Steve Merrifield963,000767,800
Maxx Holland962,000642,600
Marcel McGray950,000687,700
Roman Hrabec941,000555,100
Niko Koop940,000553,600
Heng Zhang938,000530,500
Mitchell Halverson927,000309,400
Rory Brown924,000-26,000
Steve Yea924,000758,100
Dave Stefanski918,000513,200
Daniel Sewnig917,000688,000
Brian Hu917,000692,900
Pavlo Veksler909,000304,000
Trace Henderson907,000857,300
Levon Khachatryan897,000698,500
Colby Kinder894,000894,000
Kalyan Cheekuri893,000624,500
Benjamin Herman891,000371,000
Robert Lipkin880,000605,000
Jareth East879,000683,600
Jose Wong876,000648,400
David Levy871,000258,000
Jorge Arriola868,000-92,000
Nick Petrangelo860,000518,000
Koray Aldemir859,000-41,000
Jacob Powers854,000775,600
Ruslan Dykshteyn850,000-70,000
Arkadi Onikoul849,00049,000
Sean Ragozzini844,000737,700
Ryan D'Angelo844,000482,800
Jerry Winn843,000419,900
Martin Gavasci841,000481,000
Chris Alafogiannis839,000-5,000
Sergio Fernandez836,00041,000
Ryan Gittleson836,000-24,000
Chase Bianchi834,000404,000
David Tuchman831,00061,000
Joshua Suyat831,000161,000
Jonathan Dwek830,000250,000
Conrad De Armas830,000-80,000
Philipe Pizzari Pinto828,000553,600
John Wellendorf827,000554,000
Alex Goulder826,000-144,000
Connor Stuewe808,0000
Ryan Roeder806,000555,100
George Holmes803,000651,100
Bradley Rogoff802,000682,900
Selahaddin Bedir800,000-50,000
John Dolan799,000713,300
Evan Cutler799,000595,600
Isaac Kempton795,000585,500
Keith Kordowski793,000418,600
Daniel Soltys792,000251,300
Steven Rivero789,000490,000
Alan Merdita788,000589,400
Chance Kornuth787,00047,000
Brian Mancilla785,000634,400
Olivier Rebello785,000557,400
Shane Raikes783,000-112,000
Georgios Sotiropoulos781,000591,000
Wojciech Barzantny771,000536,800
Ryan Clark770,000588,000
Tim Reilly770,00030,000
Glen Keogh770,000-119,500
Richard Alati770,000470,900
Derek Sudell769,000506,000
JJ Liu765,000-135,000
David Cabrera765,000580,000
Tatsuya Seki762,00022,000
Alex Livingston758,000158,000
Steve Foutty758,000218,000
Richard Lee757,000632,700
Dante Goya757,000-3,000
Nikolay Fal756,000276,000
Eyal Eshkar756,000206,000
Ben Yu755,000-45,000
John Akin754,000570,400
Christoph Csik751,000628,600
Ayodesi "Azeez" Coker751,000
William O'Neil750,000204,900
Demosthenes Kiriopoulos749,000276,000
Peter Jetten748,00028,000
Ricky Tang748,000577,600
Kyle Arora747,000205,000
Ignacio Sanchez745,000307,000
Andy Talbot737,000737,000
Michael Schneider732,000441,600
Brian Ganon732,000496,200
John Song731,000469,200
Dwayne Sluis725,000648,100
Phillip Wright722,000453,500
Matthew Schulte719,000500,000
Joon Park718,000455,500
Abhinav Iyer717,000306,100
Shai Arbel716,000334,600
Kevin Gerhart715,00040,000
Christopher Basile715,000328,600
Ronald Jensen715,000508,800
Tanner Millen713,000603,600
Pete Skyllas709,000274,800
Nicolas Vayssieres709,000423,200
Farhad Jamasi708,00076,000
Elilton Gouveia708,000433,000
David Novosel706,000520,200
Jake Toole705,000555,000
Luis Pinho704,000387,800
Jimmy Setna702,000384,300
Hennock Fessehaie700,000468,000
David Mock700,0000
Ran Shahar699,000349,000
Cody Espeseth699,000419,200
Daniel Babb696,000412,000
Eliot Hudon695,000695,000
Pierre De Almeida691,000550,200
Laura Desantis686,0000
Joe Cook682,000343,300
Jarod Minghini682,000608,400
Mimi Luu682,000555,000
Freddy Darakjian681,000358,900
Stephen Gerber675,000455,800
Todd Ivens670,000100,000
Andrew Ostapchenko666,000-119,000
Brock Squire661,000286,000
Ignacio Molina660,000384,200
Michael Faulkner660,000285,000
Hieu Tran660,000449,700
Qui Nguyen659,000-21,000
Eric Blair657,000319,200
Jameson Painter650,000443,800
Dominic Wells649,000270,800
Eshaan Bhalla647,000270,400
David Prociak645,000285,000
Aaron Gunn644,000361,800
Michael Nugent642,000466,800
Chad Eveslage642,000382,000
Kenneth Johnson641,000-209,000
Connor Arlia640,000579,200
Ryan Eriquezzo633,000364,900
Ran Ilani631,000631,000
Dale Jones631,000441,300
DID NOT REPORT 3630,000630,000
Vidur Sethi624,000440,600
Champie Douglas623,000601,500
Matthew Ernst621,000269,000
Tristan Wade620,00060,000
Anthony Ortega618,000424,900
Rami Boukai614,000401,300
Matt Waxman613,000427,500
Frank Funaro612,00042,000
Pavel Plesuv611,00081,000
Jason Mann611,000161,000
Felix Weis609,000429,000
Glynn Beebe607,000607,000
Tonio Roder605,000284,900
Artashes Kartalyan605,000253,000
Ranganath Kanchi604,000284,000
Bryan Ercolano602,000-47,000
Jonas Kronwitter600,000320,000
Allan Le600,000420,000
Jorden Fox599,000358,300
Bryan Braswell598,000203,000
Scott Allacher597,000446,900
Jevon Lam593,000381,600
Noel Eicher592,0000
Jimmy Zhou591,000549,000
Matthew Gawel590,000-78,000
David Pham590,000-120,000
Maximilian Wieser586,000291,500
Asher Conniff582,000152,000
Marty Zabib582,000459,700
Andrew Dick579,000335,000
Arnaud Mattern579,000473,000
Adrian State575,000425,000
Yiming Cao574,000190,800
Jameel Harris573,000247,100
Yuri Dzivielevski569,000224,000
Ivan Deyra565,000230,000
Benjamin Diebold559,000314,000
Russell Dohan559,000437,800
Roussos Koliakoudakis558,000343,900
Bart Lybaert555,000205,000
Srinivasa Godavarthy555,000470,600
Anthony Kalanj554,000314,200
Joshua Mullins549,000287,300
Tzu Yen548,000397,000
Ion Godoroja548,000399,000
Robert Gentile547,000419,900
Kenneth Traut547,000321,000
Joshua Field547,000472,600
Fatima Nanji545,0000
Phong Chau545,000135,200
Steven Loube544,000283,800
Robert Cowen541,000-65,000
Zachary Okin540,000166,500
Dan Heimiller539,000-316,000
Thomas Ward539,000345,100
Hye Park538,000311,100
Daniel Weinman537,00068,000
Kayvon Shahbaz536,000-63,200
Kathrine Weir536,000536,000
David Fong534,000211,300
Lewe Thiessen534,000300,900
Brayden Gazlay533,000372,200
Josh Kay532,000289,300
Matt Berkey531,000311,000
Santiago Plante529,0009,000
Christopher Makiri528,000204,600
Jerwin Pasco528,000245,000
Kitty Kuo528,000118,000
Carlos Matos525,00025,000
Richard Chevalier524,000137,000
Francis Cruz524,000322,100
Mark Mazza520,000343,500
Jose Ferro520,00028,500
Rick Stockfield519,0000
Hayden Fortini518,000295,000
Scott Thompson518,000417,500
Ivan Demidov518,000326,800
Don Nguyen517,000360,700
Sammy Lafleur515,000288,900
Joshua Tam514,000325,500
Mike Vanier512,000257,500
Mike Matusow510,00030,000
Florian Fuchs509,000-131,000
Rui Milhomens507,000172,600
Mark Liedtke506,000296,000
Erik Gorman506,000411,500
Nicholas Rigby504,000-354,000
Santiago Nadal504,000110,500
Carl Masters502,000330,700
Ryan Riske501,000438,000
Farhad Davoudzadeh500,000334,500
Joseph Seimas500,000-6,000
Ognyan Dimov498,00093,000
Chang Luo498,00048,000
Sebastian Gahl497,000117,000
Matthew Hopkins496,000216,600
Pedro Madeira496,000496,000
Sondre Bjornebekk494,000202,000
Clifford Conners494,000-85,000
Masashi Fujiike493,000341,500
Jose Duarte Vieira492,000492,000
Alex Outhred490,00038,000
Gary Cheng488,000173,100
Joshua Ray487,000143,900
Avi Mukherjee486,000261,900
James Anderson486,000486,000
Mikiya Kudo486,000144,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier485,00085,000
Ramon Colillas484,000-246,000
Jeffrey Tanouye481,000290,900
Brian Yoon477,000-33,000
Pete Chen475,000-40,000
Robert Hover475,000353,600
Stephen Deutsch475,000326,100
Ben Landowski474,000339,400
Austin Lewis473,000193,000
Robert Lee471,000329,100
Michael Jensen470,000213,400
Nilesh Choudhary470,00050,000
Anton Wigg469,000-31,000
Gareth Mcmahon469,000337,800
Jordan Semel467,000238,400
Chairud Vangchailued465,000258,500
Brian Berlin465,000225,000
Christian Christner464,000229,000
Thissa Desilva462,000251,900
Marle Spragg462,000147,000
Morgan Machina462,000356,900
Joseph Roh460,000155,100
Jeanbaptiste Dequengo458,000217,400
John Gravagna454,000334,000
Taylor Deane452,000283,500
William Benson452,000109,000
Jacob Connelly451,000303,000
Charlie Dawson451,000335,900
Dustin Leary449,00039,000
Lukas Volman448,000195,700
Joao Simao445,000-8,000
Alessandro Siena442,000219,600
Jacob Thibodeau440,00080,000
Johan Schumacher440,000-260,000
Lautaro Guerra440,00058,000
Jacob Millstein440,000209,000
Dominic Picinic438,000198,500
Danny Chang438,000210,000
Matthew Mcfarland437,000437,000
Jung Woo435,000311,500
Robin Guillaumot435,000-35,000
Oliver Biles433,00018,000
Timothy Mina433,000214,200
Justin Turner432,000275,000
Yulia Lisichkina432,000-38,000
Andrew Mcilvain431,000201,700
Masam Aslanpour431,000161,000
Yehoram Houri430,000120,000
Hiren Patel428,000231,100
Ian Tang423,000213,000
Timothy Cramer420,000352,700
Tyler Cornell420,000155,000
Daegeon Shon415,000115,000
Michael Graffeo413,000153,400
John Reading412,000368,600
Florin Haiduc411,000357,500
Vladas Tamasauskas411,000245,000
Rich Alsup [Richard Alsup]411,000273,600
Erik Koch409,000247,200
Sampo Ryynanen408,000269,300
Joseph Cutler408,000196,700
Young Phan406,000302,900
Andre Butler406,000232,000
Jordan Redavid406,00027,000
Brandon Schweitzer405,000152,600
Jeanphilippe Goulet-Ratelle404,000238,400
John Morgan404,000404,000
Jose Severino403,0000
Gary Hasson402,00092,000
Robert Shega402,00014,900
Ben Keeline401,000319,800
Marco Guibert400,00060,000
Josh Prager400,000216,900
Andrew Wilson400,000400,000
Luis Torres400,000210,000
Tuan Huynh399,00033,300
Breixo Gonzalez398,00099,000
He Huang397,000301,000
Punnat Punsri395,00083,000
Ben Palmer393,000308,500
Taras Manko393,000241,100
Aneris Adomkevicius391,000-199,000
Ross Feldman391,000166,000
Hamid Nourafchan389,000253,400
Yingge Yan388,000168,500
Jeremy Heiskanen385,000-53,000
Jeffrey Reardon385,000216,700
Raul Manzanares385,000228,600
Benedikt Eberle384,000237,700
Tommaso Briotti384,00067,500
Marshall White383,000112,900
Daniel Dangoor383,00067,200
Jeonggyu Cho383,00047,700
Jon Shoreman381,000-41,000
Eddy Nedialkov380,000235,200
Jose Astima380,000231,300
Russell Thomas378,000147,000
Mark Zullo378,000-128,600
Yuhei Sanada376,00055,500
Oskar Prehm374,000141,900
Scott Davies374,00024,000
Timothy Garles373,000162,600
Carlo Solerti373,000195,300
James Frank372,000173,200
William Pierce371,000174,100
Benjamin Steinwachs366,000209,500
Joey Weissman365,000-10,000
Curtis Phelps364,000-106,000
Thomas Lipka363,000234,700
Massoud Eskandari362,000174,700
Preston McEwen360,00049,000
Billy Baxter359,000259,000
Kenneth Neri358,000193,000
Patrick Garrett357,000226,500
Renan Bruschi355,000115,900
Adedapo Ajayi354,0009,700
Thomas Mccabe353,000197,400
Aaron Steury353,000242,100
Alan Krassowski351,00096,000
Shyam Ravindran351,000237,200
John Rock351,000121,800
Zach Nguyen350,000107,000
Theodoros Tsianos347,000-30,000
Andy Li346,000191,700
Atanas Kodinov345,000140,000
Patrick Stacey345,000-295,000
Harrison Gimbel344,000-6,000
Randy Ohel344,00019,000
Cole Ferraro343,000-42,000
John Stolzmann342,000250,600
Daniel Tafur339,000135,500
Mark Gunterman337,000226,500
Aaron Hernandez336,000-304,000
Benoit Coulombe336,00035,300
Franck Kalfon335,000254,000
Nghia Le334,000212,900
Julian Milliard-Feral334,000-226,000
Steven Kirton333,000-73,200
Stefan Reiser333,000-31,900
Sonny Franco332,000-83,000
Ubaid Habib332,00014,600
Max Avela330,000169,900
Hrayr Grigoryan328,0000
Hyung Sun Jung327,000160,800
Robert Mizrachi326,000-194,000
Jeff Lennon326,000126,700
Atrayon Trevino326,000-174,000
Johnny Skeens325,000129,400
Mark Patterson325,00077,400
Yulian Bogdanov325,000-9,200
Radoslav Stoyanov325,000265,000
Eralio Villarreal324,000162,400
Felix Bleiker324,00025,500
Corey Lieblein323,00093,300
Guo Chen323,000193,200
Justin Liberto323,000118,000
Andre Akkari323,00013,000
Brandon Hall323,000125,800
Rhett Wiseman323,000266,100
Robert Brown322,00094,000
Keith Carter322,00049,000
Kyle Chang322,00010,900
Nicolas Dumont322,000-213,000
Lawrence Brandt321,000183,600
Jason Osser321,00041,200
Jesse Lonis320,00050,000
Francis Anderson320,000-134,000
Roongsak Griffeth319,00028,500
Jacob Marples317,000101,800
Barry Greenstein317,000-38,000
Colin McHugh317,00090,100
Jason Picciolo316,000136,000
Brian Haveson316,000133,300
Brent Mutter315,000227,800
Samuel Gagnon315,000-255,000
Jeremy Pekarek315,00010,000
Sergio Coutinho314,00068,400
Miles Reinhard313,000232,000
Danila Kornilov313,000223,100
Philip Shing313,000313,000
Joe Nalbandyan312,000218,800
Bobby Oboodi310,00074,600
Mark Buse309,000196,000
Anna Wroblewski309,000210,700
Jerry Wong309,000-111,000
Jeffrey Weil307,000183,700
Daniel Jordan307,00097,900
Adam Monaghan307,000-130,200
Daniel Spring307,000227,200
David Rich307,00050,300
Ken Aldridge303,00057,000
Steven Sauser301,00042,100
Nicholas Manganaro301,000178,800
Robert Cunha301,000-113,800
Patrick Wall300,00048,400
Sarah Casey300,000139,700
Hyunshik Yun298,000145,000
Maury Barrett297,0007,000
Hoa Pham296,000147,200
Gary Blackwood296,000-88,600
Lewis Spencer295,00085,500
Benjamin Mccoy295,000-155,000
Francisco Fragoso294,000-31,000
Andrea Buonocore292,000-40,900
Shawn Gill292,000109,000
Leo Margets289,000-89,000
Hwany Lee288,000-97,000
Jason Marshman287,000127,200
Tyler Sigman286,000138,100
Marc Bernal286,00038,400
Mario Arribas285,000220,700
Kevin Ho285,000112,500
Keir Sullivan285,000-55,200
Brian Saslavchik285,00020,500
Anthony Hugenberg283,000213,000
Jared Bleznick282,000-278,000
Robert Feathers281,000-125,300
Adam Adler280,00080,000
James Alexander280,000163,200
Martin Mathis280,000101,400
Frank Weigel279,000-24,300
Brandon Fishman279,0000
Lachezar Petkov278,00022,300
David Powers278,00066,300
Paul Balzano277,000130,000
Hogyun Kang276,0003,000
James Gregg276,00099,200
Adam Duong275,000103,500
Alberto Meran274,000119,400
David Ring274,0004,000
Jeffrey Chang274,000-89,000
Ryan Delgros274,000-176,000
Zachary Mcdiarmid273,000-26,100
Daniel Jones273,000-62,400
Ryan Buckholtz273,00018,800
Jean-Luc Adam272,000-48,000
Jonathan Borenstein272,00085,100
Hayden Toole272,0000
Jeremy Meacham272,000-176,300
Yaniv Peretz271,00092,000
Rajvir Dua271,000122,600
Maurice Amsellem271,000209,900
George Petten271,00075,900
Niovel Chirino Alvarez266,000194,500
Jeremy Brown265,000-6,300
Boris Kasabov265,00047,100
Xing Wei265,0007,400
Mohammad Siddiqui264,00094,600
Dhimitri Lleshi262,00042,400
Ryan Messick261,000108,000
Antoine Labat260,000-80,000
Peter Mugar260,000-6,100
Louis Barlow260,000-213,400
Aleksandr Shevliakov257,000-20,000
Raja Sekhar257,000212,100
Stefan Huber257,000144,000
Craig Trost257,000-11,400
Peter Deramo257,000-12,500
Ao Chen256,000118,000
Ryan Hohner255,000201,800
Michael Delvecchio254,00018,000
Jeremy Levin253,000117,900
Mike Ruter253,000-22,000
Kevin Malis252,000128,100
Ryan Silva252,000156,900
Eugenio Pernia252,000-61,200
Joshua Stubbs251,000123,300
Byambajav Bandi251,00088,100
Srinivasa Vemulamada251,000195,300
Moshe Vaizman251,00070,800
Cody Wiegmann248,000166,000
David Gutfreund248,00087,500
Yale Greenfield248,00072,500
Brad Zusman248,00040,800
Gregory Robbins247,00066,600
Samuel Haber246,000-28,500
Oliver Thomas245,00088,800
Chris Conrad244,0004,000
Norbert Pa243,000243,000
Hunter Frey243,000143,000
David Lu243,000-27,600
David Sheinin241,000157,000
John Sun240,000240,000
Nang Mak239,00028,000
Mike Chang239,000-79,900
Matthew Sullivan238,00064,500
Victor Ramdin237,000-13,000
Janelle Jacobson237,00055,700
Omar Saeed237,000-126,000
Weston Pring237,000-6,000
Will Molson236,00029,000
Ben Wallace236,00092,100
Ryan Smith (CAN)236,000-93,000
Eben Kurtzman233,000104,700
Ralf Asplund231,000231,000
Anton Grinkevich231,0007,800
Ido Aboudi230,00048,100
Sejin Park230,000-120,000
Josh Arieh229,000-81,000
Thomas Harvey229,00089,200
Oscar Montalvo228,000-12,000
Suk-Kyu Koh228,000-181,400
Robert Wilson228,000-142,600
Ivan Obradovic228,000-94,300
Christoph Vogelsang228,000-18,000
John Gonzalez227,00025,000
Starr Bridge227,00088,500
David Coleman225,000-122,000
Craig Welko225,000-50,000
Ravid Garbi225,000-105,000
Lion Lee224,00045,000
Brian Kim224,00088,600
Oleksii Kravchuk224,000-43,400
Kevin Schulz224,000-102,300
Jean Guillette224,000-200
Robert Fikac223,000-21,600
Thanh Lam222,000141,500
Ana Freitas222,000-17,100
Jae Lee222,000222,000
Andrew Smith221,00082,400
Gerald Cohen221,000146,700
JJ DeLaGarza221,000-33,900
Jeanpaul Norero220,00098,900
James Calderaro219,000-261,000
Roy Chang218,00018,700
Kenneth Neely217,00057,500
Henry Fischer217,000-42,400
Boshuang Gao217,00052,200
William Koenig217,00067,200
Chase Fredensburg216,000-211,500
Michael Amato214,000181,800
Michael Rhodes214,000-28,700
Fabrice Bigot214,00083,700
Oleksandr Trokhymenko214,000118,700
Brett Halan212,00029,300
Matthew Myers212,000157,500
Mickael Lacaze211,000-39,000
Benjamin Underwood211,000-82,000
Bruno Lopes211,00011,000
Pierre Deissler210,000135,000
Andrew Boccia210,000-153,100
Slimane Mameche209,0007,900
Garry Bliesner208,0000
Matthew Shaw207,000-126,200
Todd Melander207,000-45,000
Tanner Lefferts206,000-28,000
Dominykas Karmazinas206,00026,000
Brett Bader205,000-10,800
Joshua Jackson204,00059,000
Matthew Voorhees203,000203,000
Sean Swingruber202,00022,200
Nikolas Metaxas202,0007,300
Ryan Gianquitti201,00048,400
Vito DiStefano201,000-33,000
Raul Lozano201,000134,200
John Young201,000-59,000
Will Failla200,0005,000
Adam Owen200,000-5,000
Ricardo Mateo200,000-231,000
Mohsin Virani200,000-125,000
Ronnie Abro199,000-27,000
Matthew Hunt198,000-2,000
Drew Abbadessa198,00059,300
Gary Friedman198,00093,100
Elio Saade197,00080,800
Alisson Piekazewicz197,000155,800
Joel Worcester197,000-383,000
Steven Sobel197,000-73,200
Simon Burns197,00029,400
Ziad Alameddine197,00031,100
Joseph Drory196,000-165,800
Tom Midena193,000-51,300
Thomas Mcgaffigan191,000-33,100
David Ormsby190,00050,000
Mark Bramley190,000-116,400
Jagdeep Bal190,000-124,100
Gustavo Morales190,00019,900
Michael Berland189,000-53,000
Jarrett Hlavaty189,000-140,600
Alejandro Lococo188,00014,000
Kenn Pluard188,0000
Kennon Perez188,00048,100
Dylan Collingwood187,0007,400
Brian Foley187,000-91,000
Nam Phan187,000-21,400
James Kasputis187,000-159,300
Miguel Use186,000-164,000
Joel Grunberger183,00086,300
PJ Cha182,000-4,000
Philip Neiman182,000-23,000
Matthew Higgins181,00041,000
Garry Gates180,00019,000
Raymond Lui180,000-26,000
Simas Karaliunas180,00021,600
Mehdi Anooshahr179,000-187,100
Francisco Benitez179,00097,800
Masoud Jafari178,000-32,500
Yueqi Zhu178,000-60,000
Ryan Vanderpoorten178,000-39,200
Ayaz Mahmood178,000-3,000
Jay Romano177,00032,600
Dmitrii Kamalov177,000-800
Keith Mendonsa176,000-57,700
Shawn Sparks175,000-114,600
Mark Newhouse175,000100,000
DID NOT REPORT 2174,000174,000
Huihan Wu173,000-27,300
Cosmin Joldis173,000144,200
Michael Schwartz172,00049,300
Chad Thomsen172,00054,000
William Nichols171,000-45,800
Joshua Steiner171,00035,600
Lisa Fong169,000111,700
Alex Jim169,000109,900
Andrew Gonder169,00035,700
Trevor Keller169,00099,800
Matthew Traylor169,000-58,400
Haim Gabay169,00070,900
Steve Zolotow168,0002,000
Jason Hickey165,000-34,900
Robert Mullaney165,000-14,400
Brett Rosen164,00071,300
John Skrovan164,000-272,000
Griffin Paul163,000-6,600
Hassan Mechammil163,000-7,500
Melissa Bryne163,000-58,000
Andrew Donabedian162,000-168,000
Uwe Matthias162,000121,200
Rick Marting162,00071,400
Joshua Schindler161,000-32,300
Will Givens160,000-130,000
Cole Chait160,000-102,900
Robert Slezak160,00095,100
Yi Klassen160,00051,900
Eric Mizrachi159,000-56,000
Emilio Nunez159,000-116,000
Barry Wiedemann159,000-29,300
Steven Snyder156,00025,700
Brian Cooper156,000-122,000
Dietrich Fast156,000-169,000
Michal Wywrot155,000-19,500
Sonia Shashikhina155,000-160,000
Ziao Guo154,000-96,000
Dong Suh152,00043,500
Gabriel Sack151,00012,900
Peter Nigh151,000-8,000
Anar Khalilov151,0003,300
Hong Lin150,00027,400
Michael Noor149,000-72,400
Robert Hsu149,00020,600
Shawn Silber148,0002,400
Shalev Halfa147,000-85,600
Eric Inderrieden146,00048,300
Harry Ross146,000-204,000
Gary Patanjo146,00058,200
Paul Mattioda146,00080,100
Paul Ephremsen146,00061,800
Thomas Butler146,000-48,000
Heath Mendelsohn145,000-41,000
Bogdan Munteanu145,000-52,700
Ethan Foxman144,00024,400
Gal Erlichman143,00046,400
Bradley Crandall143,00026,800
Eric Salazar143,000-151,000
Feizal Satchu142,000-25,000
Martin Jacobson142,000-11,000
Alejandro Jaureguireynoso141,000-114,000
Charles Michna141,00025,000
James Harrison141,00045,200
DID NOT REPORT 1140,000140,000
Viliyan Petleshkov140,000-260,000
Michael Stonehill140,000-24,000
Casey Coughlan140,000-63,500
Chase Turner139,000-276,500
Christopher Bolio139,00055,800
Gary Margolis138,000-62,900
Rafi Elharar137,000-216,000
Brian Metter137,00064,200
David Chung136,000-41,300
Christopher Canan134,00047,100
Ross Santos134,00049,100
Alexandre Servies134,000-85,000
Yanki Koppel134,000800
Adam White133,00083,000
Chris Moorman133,000-1,517,000
Yudhishter Jaswal132,00024,100
David Lung132,000132,000
Andres Morales132,00039,000
Tobias Anttila131,000-64,000
Antonin Teisseire130,00030,000
Paul Baksi130,000-16,700
Fabian Gumz130,000-125,000
Robert Constable129,000-26,000
Juan Carlos Ramirez Parodi127,000-133,000
Amir Mirrasouli127,000-346,200
Kyle Burnside126,000-79,800
Anthony Carbone125,500-204,500
Mohammad Khan125,000-143,000
Christopher Battenfield125,00037,400
Michael Zulker125,000-217,000
Artan Dedusha125,000-452,100
Robert French124,000-14,200
David Lappin123,000-37,000
Behrooz Jamshidi122,000122,000
Niv Decalo122,000-38,000
Dominick Giovanniello121,000-10,100
Jonathan Aguiar121,0004,400
Alireza Amiri120,000-76,100
Kevin Pitstock120,000-26,700
Garrett Greer119,00025,600
Christina Renz119,000-26,800
DJ Buckley118,000-47,000
Meikat Siu118,00048,000
Tim Burt117,000-16,000
Michael Katz117,000-123,400
Marton Czuczor116,000-20,000
Ryuji Aoki115,000-21,900
Bryan Pimlott115,0004,600
Jonas Mackoff115,000-110,000
Andrew Kaplan115,00041,900
Nicholas Lore115,0003,200
James Ickes115,000-93,200
Joshua Zucchet114,00055,000
Steven Josephsen111,000-24,000
Takashi Yagura110,00015,100
Jordan Spurlin110,000-80,000
Jefferey Tench109,000-112,800
Craig Varnell109,00039,000
Howard Arotsky109,000-107,700
Clayton Saliba109,000-58,500
Andrew Robinson108,000-180,700
Patrick Keogan108,000-292,000
Eli Frenkel107,000-44,900
Kosaku Akashi107,000-173,000
Roland Israelashvili107,000-81,000
Ross Novak107,000-32,600
Gary Marinez107,000-81,700
James Little106,000-201,300
Dean Freedlander106,000-4,100
William McMahon105,000-349,200
Mike Kachan105,000-170,000
Joseph Delucia105,000-20,300
Tibor Nagygyorgy105,000-22,600
Danny Nguyen103,000-29,500
Mike Kinney101,000101,000
Patrick Prothro101,000-68,300
David Flood100,200-150,800
Karim Lehoussine100,000-192,500
Giuseppe Liantonio100,000-145,900
Brock Wilson100,000-125,000
Tamer Alkamli99,000-176,400
Lu Huang99,000-34,900
Tracy Sibson98,00013,600
Stephen Chimelski95,000-52,000
Ryan Hazzard95,000-10,500
Shashank Jain95,000-8,600
Alan Howard95,000-24,000
Gilles Lamy94,00046,200
Mustapha Kanit94,000-106,000
Joseph Marincola94,0002,100
Ronnie Bardah93,000-17,000
Harijs Broza91,000-66,600
Scott Fitzhugh90,000-111,700
Omer Gabay90,000-97,000
Ryan Lenaghan90,000-66,100
Johnnie Moreno87,000-15,000
Joshua Harrison87,000-56,100
Andreas Zervas85,000-99,800
Jamey Kramer85,000-208,500
Ted Gonzalez85,000-66,100
Kathy Liebert85,000-47,000
Michael Belov85,000-73,000
Steve Karp84,00084,000
Derek Worley84,000-318,000
Sarah Stefan84,000-45,400
Robert Warstler83,000500
Kirk Yancey83,000-35,600
Scott Eskenazi81,000-29,000
Lars Jurgens80,000-60,100
Clifford Jacobson79,000-3,000
Anuj Kwatra79,000-48,600
Atanas Pavlov78,000-183,200
William Cyr78,000-48,200
Salko Imsirovic78,00010,500
Roland Shen77,00011,300
Kenja Wiseman77,000-59,600
Christopher Schaler77,000-249,000
William Rizzuto76,00021,300
Anton Panelo76,000-20,600
Michael Melone75,000-100,800
Anthony Potis75,0000
Louison Vincent73,000-157,100
David Marcoullier73,000-67,900
Terry Boutcher73,000-85,400
William Toler73,000-178,200
Cary Koedyker72,00071,999
Alberto Stegeman71,000-79,000
Manny Olszynko71,000-245,300
Dan Dyke71,000-216,400
Stephen Pirri70,00021,500
Michael Kenny69,000-184,200
Marc Wolpert69,000-89,500
Christopher Perkins69,000-48,700
Dennis Richardson69,000-19,200
Thomas Barnes69,000-107,000
Brandon Cutsinger68,000-137,200
David Santucci67,000-30,400
Michael Hew67,000-7,000
Adam Krosser66,000-286,400
Filip Nechansky66,000-20,000
Smith Collins66,000-126,000
Drew Soik66,000-385,000
Rishi Makkar65,000-14,200
Daniel Papendick63,000-7,300
Samy Dubonnet63,000-233,500
Jerry Robinson63,000-140,000
Philippe Souki62,000-68,000
Dario Marinelli62,000-347,500
Michael Noori62,000-24,000
Matthew Kaplan62,000-115,000
Anthony Schutter61,000-121,600
Kenny Nguyen60,0000
John Thornton60,000-54,100
Angel Garcia60,000-40,000
Shaun O'Donnell59,000-88,300
Michail Grigorev59,000-135,500
Casey Glick59,000-211,000
Kevin Fitzgibbons59,000-67,800
Sam Abernathy59,00059,000
Michael Krasienko58,000-32,000
Paul Ranola58,000-6,800
Romain Lewis57,000-3,000
Jackob Datashvili57,000-126,500
Dustin An56,000-68,000
James Gilbert56,000-233,600
Francisco Estrada55,000-159,500
Alexander Dmytraczenko55,000-248,500
Ulysse Harry54,000-233,000
Kevin Avin53,00016,800
Bobby Letbetter52,00052,000
Fares Santana52,000-137,100
Nolan Brower51,000-51,700
Tamas Lendvai49,000-10,600
Tzur Levy48,000-302,000
Robert Schmidt48,000-118,100
Bobby Sanoubane48,000-132,000
Jay Majmudar47,000-193,800
Young Choi46,00046,000
Steven Stowe45,000-122,800
Matias Salas45,000-122,500
Kelley Slay44,000-8,000
Maxi Lehmanski44,000-174,200
Benton Blakeman42,000-147,000
Deryl Taylor42,000-87,800
Jesse Capps41,000-523,000
Mark Bryan41,000-248,300
Michael Lech40,000-30,000
Michael Pedulla40,000-198,400
Christopher Lastiwka39,000-129,100
Jana Vondach39,000-32,000
Ben Hamnett36,000-155,500
Matthew Romero36,0003,900
Payman Arjang33,000-144,400
Fabian Bernhauser33,00032,999
Eliott Kessas32,000-113,200
Jeramiah Daugherty32,000-218,400
Ryan Buchardt29,000-16,300
Junga Choi28,000-170,600
Melisa Singh26,000-50,900
Dong Kim25,000-138,000
Peter Robinson23,000-127,000
Jensen Bernard21,700-164,600
Robert Lenhart18,200-54,200
Tomomitsu Ono18,000-108,300
Christina Read10,000-110,000
Jeffery Esterling8,000-99,200
Michael Aukerman7,000-175,400
Ron Fetsch1-509,999
Conrad Simpson1-554,999
Harold Evans1-152,499
Justin Young1-194,999
Harrison Ashdown1-225,999
Frederico DOS SANTOS SILVA1-369,999
David Manikos1-159,999
DID NOT REPORT 81-118,099
Nachman Berlin1-339,999
Friday, November 12, 2021 1:35 AM Local Time
Day 3 Completed

As the money bubble has burst, the remaining 1,000 players are now bagging and tagging their chips. Assorted counts and a recap of today's action are to follow.

Friday, November 12, 2021 1:22 AM Local Time
Campbell Suffers Heartbreak on the Bubble

Chris Alafogiannis and Kevin Campbell

Chris Alafogiannis raised to 16,000 and Kevin Campbell shoved his last 93,000 into the middle. Alafogiannis called.

After waiting for another all-in player to double up, the players turned their cards over.

Kevin Campbell:   
Chris Alafogiannis:   

The flop ran out     and the nine sent a wave of electricity through the large crowd that had gathered around the table.

The turn was   and another wave of energy went through the crowd as Alafogiannis picked up a flush draw.

The river was   and a large roar ripped through the crowd for the three nines of Alafogiannis. Campbell's aces were cracked and he was eliminated on the stone bubble.

"It's all good. What are you gonna do?" Campbell said as WSOP Vice President Jack Effel offered his condolences and an opportunity to return for the 2022 Main Event.

Chris Alafogiannis844,000774,400
Kevin Campbell0-248,400
Friday, November 12, 2021 1:13 AM Local Time
Schauer Doubles on the Bubble

Craig Schauer raised to 18,000 from the small blind and Matthew Hunt three-bet to 75,000 from the big blind. Schauer contemplated for a bit and then opted to make the call.

Schauer checked blind before the flop came down with the    . Hunt bet 45,000 for Schauer to raise to 120,000 which Hunt called.

The turn was the   and Schauer checked again. This time, Hunt shoved for Schauer to snap-call for the 272,000 he had behind.

Hunt accidentally revealed his cards but flipped them over again. They waited a while for all the action on the other tables to finish while Hunt was visibly regretting all the decisions he made leading up to this moment.

"Am I drawing dead?" Hunt asked Schauer.

"If I saw your cards right, yes." Schauer replied.

Dreading the moment of the reveal, it did come in the end.

Craig Schauer:   
Matthew Hunt:   

Hunt had flopped bottom pair while Schauer had hit a set for Hunt to be left drawing dead indeed to burst the bubble on this table.

The river completed the board with the   to seal the deal and for Schauer to double on the bubble.

Craig Schauer941,000780,900
Matthew Hunt200,000-144,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:59 AM Local Time
Fernandez Takes Advantage of a Juicy Turn Card

Sergio Fernangez

Pavel Plesuv opened to 20,000 in early position and was called by Sergio Fernandez in the hijack along with the cutoff. The flop came     and Plesuv checked to Fernandez who bet 22,000. The cutoff raised to 62,000 which got Plesuv to fold but Fernandez called.

The turn brought the  , putting three clubs on the board. Fernandez led out with a bet of 65,000 which put his opponent into the tank for a bit. After a little over a minute, his opponent decided to fold and Fernandez chipped up even more.

Sergio Fernandez795,000385,000
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:51 AM Local Time
Gahl Survives Stone Bubble

On a board of      and about 100,000 in the pot, Randy Ohel had jammed on the button to put Sebastian Gahl at risk of being the bubble boy if he were to call off his 140,000 remaining stack.

Gahl tanked and a crowd formed before he even made a decision. Eventually, he called for his tournament life. Once the cameras and Jack Effel arrived at the spectacle, the hands were revealed.

Sebastian Gahl:   
Randy Ohel:   

Gahl was ahead with top pair and a flush draw, but still had outs to fade. The dealer burned and turned, and put down the  , which cause many in the crowd to erupt, possibly thinking the bubble had burst as Ohel made a set. Instead, Gahl made a flush to stay alive and upon that realization, the room once again erupted into a sea of boos and another hand was to be played on the bubble.

Sebastian Gahl380,00092,500
Randy Ohel325,000-125,000
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:32 AM Local Time
Guillaumot Doubles Through Song

On the river of a board      , Robin Guillaumot was at risk out of the big blind for the last 156,000. By then, there were some 130,000 in the middle and Stephen Song had called the shove. While all other hands were completed, Song already joked "he will double". Once the camera crew and dozens of players gathered around the table, the cards were revealed.

Song had the    for the nut flush but Guillaumot doubled with    for quads.

Stephen Song1,350,000-300,000
Robin Guillaumot470,000137,000
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:32 AM Local Time
Flaherty Eliminated Just Off Money

Andrew Flaherty

Andrew Flaherty was all-in for 8,000 from under the gun and Ryan Gittleson called from the big blind for just 2,000 more.

Andrew Flaherty:   
Ryan Gittleson:   

Flaherty needed help and the flop of     didn't help him much, but the   on the turn gave him straight and flush outs. Unfortunately for him, the river bricked out with the   and Flaherty was eliminated one spot away from the money.

Ryan Gittleson860,000615,500
Andrew Flaherty0-98,100
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:31 AM Local Time
Cowen Busts Jaffee Before the Money

Jared Jaffee

The player from the cutoff raised and Jared Jaffee three-bet jammed his last 106,000 in from the button. Rob Cowen four-bet shoved for more from the big blind for the initial raiser to get out of the way.

Once it was their turn to reveal their hole cards, Cowen flipped them over quickly but Jaffee waited until Jack Effel told him to do so.

Jared Jaffee:   
Rob Cowen:   

The flop came     to not help Jaffee.

The turn was the   for Jaffee to add some extra outs as he could counterfeit the two pair of Cowen but the river completed the board with the   instead to send Jaffee away without a Main Event cash as there are now 1,001 players left in the field.

Oshri Lahmani620,000100,000
Robert Cowen606,000-134,000
Jared Jaffee0-200,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:28 AM Local Time
Level 16 started
Level: 16
Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Ante: 8,000
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:24 AM Local Time
Abuhadba Eliminated as Bubble Gets Closer

According to players at the table, Andrew Yakubovich was in the small blind and check-called a bet by Mojahed Abuhadba in the big blind on the     flop.

The   turn saw a bet by Yakubovich, a raise by Abuhadba, and a call.

The   completed the board and after Yakubovich checked, Abuhadba jammed, and Yakubovich called.

After waiting for Jack Effel and the television cameras to arrive, the players revealed their hands.

Mojahed Abuhadba:   
Andrew Yakubovich:   

Yakubovich made trips on the river and that sent Abuhadba to the rail just before the money.

Andrew Yakubovich1,170,000978,400
Mojahed Abuhadba0-158,400
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:20 AM Local Time
Amiri Busts Chun in Hand-for-Hand Play

With 100,000 in the pot and      on the board, Philip Chun was all-in for his last 195,000 against Ehsan Amiri.

Once the remaining hands around the room were complete, WSOP Vice President Jack Effel made his way over to the corner of the Orange section in the Amazon room to call out the action.

Philip Chun:   
Ehsan Amiri:   

The river was a brick   for Chun and the crowd cheered as the elimination brought the money bubble one step closer to bursting.

Ehsan Amiri1,481,0005,000
Philip Chun0-135,600
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:19 AM Local Time
Foutty Finds a Double Up

A completed board of       was spread across the table and Steve Foutty had the all-in button in front of him. Foutty was all in for 218,000 with around 100,000 in the middle. His opponent called and the cards were kept face down until all other hands were finished.

Once it was time to turn the cards over, Foutty showed    for a pair of aces while his opponent held    for a pair of nines. Foutty was able to score the double up and survive the money bubble.

Steve Foutty540,000-650,000
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:16 AM Local Time
Vogelsang Pays Off Onikoul

On the river of a board      , Christoph Vogelsang checked out of the small blind. Arkadi Onikoul in the cutoff bet 78,000 and that sent Vogelsang into the tank. More than three minutes passed and he then tossed in a single chip for the call.

Onikoul tabled the    for the straight and Vogelsang mucked.

Arkadi Onikoul800,000150,000
Christoph Vogelsang246,000-54,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:11 AM Local Time
Burt Doubles, Crowd Boos

Tim Burt was all in and at risk against Robert Mitchell as a crowd of cameras and players swarmed his table.

Tim Burt:   
Robert Mitchell:   

Jack Effel himself announced the hand to the room as the board came      , to the disappointment of the room. A chorus of boos echoed in the gold section at the news of the double. Five more players need to bust to make the money.

"I've cashed the main four out of six times," said Burt. "I'm playing to win."

Robert Mitchell995,000668,000
Tim Burt133,00041,400
Friday, November 12, 2021 12:04 AM Local Time
Liu Applies the Bubble Pressure

Picking up the action on the turn with the board reading     , JJ Liu led out with a bet of 32,000. Her opponent pushed out a stack of chips which turned out to be a raise to 115,000.

Liu went into the tank for a minute, counting out her chips, and eventually slid out a raise to over 600,000. Her opponent had around 255,000 chips behind and had to let his hand go.

JJ Liu900,000310,000
Thursday, November 11, 2021 11:49 PM Local Time
Fearless Bedir Scores a Double

Selahaddin Bedir raised and earned two callers. The big blind then moved all-in with the superior stack and Bedir called.

Selahaddin Bedir:   
Big Blind:   

The       board delivered a set for Bedir and he doubled for 410,000. In the table chat, Bedir admitted not to care about the min-cash of $15,000 but he now holds an above-average stack to go much further than just the first payout step.

Selahaddin Bedir850,000385,000
Thursday, November 11, 2021 11:47 PM Local Time

With 1,005 players remaining in the tournament, the announcement has been made for all dealers to stop at the end of this hand and await instructions.

The tournament will be played hand-for-hand until the money bubble bursts.

Thursday, November 11, 2021 11:46 PM Local Time
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