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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, November 04, 2021 to Thursday, November 04, 2021

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold'em World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $62,011,250
  • Entries: 6,650
  • Remaining: 0


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Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:52 PM Local Time
Day 3 Roster Set With Conrad De Armas Bagging Heaps After Final Day 2 of the Main Event

Conrad De Armas

For the past week, the flagship tournament of the 2021 World Series of Poker has witnessed 6,650 players take to the felt in a quest to call themselves poker's champion, and now the Day 3 roster for the WSOP Main Event is finally set.

There were more than 1,800 hopefuls who took to their seats today looking to find a pick slip by day's end, but after another full day of action, only half were able to achieve that goal.

Sitting near the top at the end of the night was Conrad De Armas, who bagged a whopping 744,000, which was good enough to pass Rameez Shahid, who bagged 731,700 in yesterday's Day 2.

Others to bag big were Adam Walton (673,100), nine-time circuit ring winner Daniel Lowery (625,200), Matt Glantz (580,000), and Artan Dedusha (577,100).

Moneymaker Steals the Show of Former Champs In Day 2 Field

Chris Moneymaker
Moneymaker Soars At Featured Table

With the Amazon and Pavilion rooms flooded with players looking to make a Day 3 birth, the day may have been highlighted by the seven former Main Event champions who sat in the vast field in the quest for another Main Event title.

The 1998 champ Scotty Nguyen came in with the shortest stack of the seven formers and couldn't get anything going as his Main Event ended shortly after returning from dinner break.

The 2019 champ Hossein Ensan had a rollercoaster of a day after almost building up to a 300K stack to have it all come crashing down after failing to complete his nut flush draw against Neel Choksi's top two-pair.

Joe Hachem started with a healthy 78 big blind stack and was able to run that up for most of the day until running his pocket tens into pocket kings late in the night but still bagged to take into Day 3.

Scotty Nguyen
Scotty Nguyen Makes the Most Out of Day 2

The man who started the poker boom, Chris Moneymaker, took his seat with a little over thirty big blinds and slowly accumulated chips until being moved to a featured table. It was there he started gaining traction after he flopped a set of deuces and cracked aces to soar past 300K. He then was on the right side of a cooler after picking aces against Bryan Reyes' pocket kings to climb past the half-milly mark.

Just like Moneymaker, 2016 champion Qui Nguyen saw his name inching up the chip counts after each level. It started with him out-kicking one opponent to the rail early in the day and ended with his dropping another with cowboys late to finish with 479,100.

While the former winners saw a fluctuation of chips throughout the day, both Scott Blumstein (50,800) and Phil Hellmuth (25,400) coasted with roughly the same stack throughout the entirety until the end.

Qui Nguyen
Qui Nguyen Looks to Capture Another Main Event Title

Not As Fortunate For Some

With many notables in the field, not all were fortunate to make a Day 3 birth, some of which included with nine-time bracelet winner Erik Seidel, 2018 runner-up finisher Tony Miles, along with two-time bracelet winners Brandon Adams and Nathan Gable.

Two-time bracelet winner David "ODB" Baker was also eliminated after he was set up holding a pair of ladies.

Another two-time bracelet winner, Shankar Pillai, was also eliminated brutally after his pocket queens were flushed out by four-time WSOP bracelet winner Robert Mizrachi's pocket jacks.

David "ODB" Baker
\"ODB\" Set Up

Day 3 Set

Today's survivors will combine with the 1,400 players that made it through yesterday's Day 2 for Day 3 tomorrow, Thursday, November 11, at 11 am local time.

When the action for Day 3 resumes with blinds starting at 1,200/2,400 with a big ante of 2,400, the prize pool information will be known already, and the money bubble is expected to burst early on Day 4.

FlightEntriesAdvancing to Day 3
Day 2abd2,9001,440
Day 2cef1,810915

The 6,650 players Main Event players created a $62,011,250 prize pool that will be paid out to the top 1,000 finishers, with a min-cash being worth $15,000.

Everyone that makes the final table will become a poker millionaire, while the eventual winner will walk away with an $8,000,000 first-place prize.

Here's a look at the final table payouts (click here to see a list of all payouts):


Play resumes at 11 a.m. on November 11th with fewer than 3,000 players remaining. You won't want to miss a single minute of the action, so stay tuned to PokerNews for continued live updates as the Main Event continues.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:50 PM Local Time
End of Day 2cef Official Chip Counts
Conrad De Armas744,000142,800
Adam Walton673,100238,100
Keyu Qu664,900466,400
Cameron Mitchell642,000641,999
Daniel Lowery625,600152,600
Jorge Arriola594,200476,300
Matt Glantz580,0000
Artan Dedusha577,100449,100
Aristeidis Moschonas555,400473,600
Daniel Soltys540,700381,000
Chris Moneymaker531,6009,100
David Gerassi524,5006,500
Arkadi Onikoul515,700249,400
Jose Ferro491,500408,800
Jaeyoung Choi490,500490,500
Tyler Cornell487,00057,500
Qui Nguyen479,100-900
Louis Barlow473,400402,900
Glen Keogh465,50035,500
Drew Soik451,000451,000
Ryan Delgros450,000226,600
Swadeep Mishra445,900133,900
Gianluca Speranza442,500314,600
Andrew Watson440,000380,400
Ignacio Sanchez438,000361,400
Victor Ramdin437,400202,900
Daegeon Shon434,000312,400
Ricardo Mateo431,000331,100
Brett Kennedy429,400219,400
Chase Fredensburg427,500115,500
Jerry Winn423,100173,100
Axel Hallay412,900299,200
Dustin Leary410,000121,300
Phong Chau409,80029,800
Suk-Kyu Koh409,400171,500
Heng Zhang407,500298,300
Javier Gorgolas407,100290,000
James Mendoza397,800242,800
Johan Martinet393,60018,600
Neel Choksi387,700-42,300
David Manikos387,000157,000
Richard Chevalier387,000208,500
Christopher Basile386,400271,500
Benjamin Souriau386,000323,000
Hwany Lee385,000-75,000
Yiming Cao383,200155,200
Julian Milliard-Feral382,50038,500
Keith Lehr382,100282,600
Lautaro Guerra382,000179,000
Shai Arbel381,40091,400
Dominic Wells378,200297,400
Craig Seddon373,500221,000
Zachary Okin373,500230,800
Robert Wilson370,60079,700
Frederico DOS SANTOS SILVA370,000228,700
Jeffrey Trudeau367,700367,700
Matthew Jewett367,500367,500
Balakrish Patur366,400215,600
Mehdi Anooshahr366,100366,100
Stefan Reiser364,900271,800
Charles Leonard363,300269,400
Andrew Boccia363,100363,100
David Mccaw362,500201,500
Ryan Hartmann361,800-28,200
Marc Rangel360,7000
Filmon Ghebreegzabheir360,400267,500
Christian Pham360,00035,000
Joseph Reddick359,000-76,600
Christoph Strehl356,000264,000
Adam Krosser352,400292,000
Angel Garcia349,0009,000
Harrison Gimbel347,800293,700
Joshua Ray343,100212,300
James Calderaro343,10093,100
Nicholas Immekus340,800213,700
Vishnu Pabbathi339,900106,500
Jeff Dumas338,700160,500
Joe Cook338,700203,700
Brandon Becker336,900156,900
Brian Cooper336,4000
Kyle White335,900269,900
Corey Zedo335,400274,700
Schwan Pauls333,700232,200
Jacob Thibodeau333,60078,600
Joshua Suyat333,400162,700
Robin Guillaumot333,000275,300
Andrea Buonocore332,900295,200
Robert Mitchell327,000188,300
Christopher Schaler326,000271,700
Jameel Harris325,900153,800
Jordan Jayne325,80050,800
Mohsin Virani325,000215,000
Christopher Makiri323,400191,400
Antoine Labat323,000130,600
Freddy Darakjian322,100142,100
Ognyan Dimov321,300259,100
Behzad Teranie320,000231,000
Mike Chang318,900227,000
Jimmy Setna317,700159,600
DID NOT REPORT 17317,600317,600
Blake Estrada316,400253,400
Daniel Dangoor315,800125,800
Jagdeep Bal314,100243,800
Eugenio Pernia313,200219,900
Robert Mizrachi311,30011,300
Dietrich Fast310,900198,300
Nicolas Dumont306,900202,400
Mark Bramley306,400223,500
Stanley Webb306,300253,600
Mark Groner302,600184,400
Richard Alati299,100139,200
Dilip Das298,60098,600
Zachary Schwartz298,300193,600
Ted Forrest298,10028,100
Daniel Blum297,600166,600
Curtis Longman296,8000
Andrew Hawksby295,700198,000
Maximilian Wieser294,500197,300
Eric Salazar294,000-10,500
Peter Jetten293,000-32,000
Yueqi Zhu292,800110,800
Sondre Bjornebekk292,00012,000
Scott Eskenazi291,800155,800
Roongsak Griffeth290,500244,800
Shawn Sparks289,600202,500
Liv Boeree289,5009,500
Mark Bryan289,300134,600
Christopher Frank289,200-25,800
Andrew Robinson288,700227,700
Sebastian Gahl287,500127,200
Corey Belair284,300284,299
Jerwin Pasco283,000185,600
Kyle Arora280,50024,500
Cody Espeseth279,800184,200
Thomas Gabriel279,600134,800
Vasu Amarapu277,500138,400
Aleksandr Shevliakov277,000277,000
Ignacio Molina275,800275,800
Sochetra Chansan274,000165,000
Andros Ioakimides272,00071,870
Jeremy Brown271,300150,700
Kyung Cha271,100-48,900
David Lu270,600148,700
Steven Sobel270,200270,200
Jaroslaw Jaskiewicz269,900-55,100
Phillip Wright268,500157,200
Kalyan Cheekuri268,500111,900
Jean-Luc Adam268,400190,300
Mohammad Khan268,000186,200
Koki Kudo263,50023,500
Derek Sudell263,000141,400
Joon Park262,50080,700
Rory Brown262,300168,400
Joshua Mullins261,700144,300
Atanas Pavlov261,20016,200
Caleb Furth259,100186,900
Michael Mendibles258,400215,500
David Espinola258,300197,000
Nikolay Fal258,000179,500
John Campbell257,200179,200
David Rich256,70021,700
Marios Savvides256,500125,300
Yehoram Houri255,200146,700
Alejandro Jaureguireynoso255,00082,800
Ryan Buckholtz254,200254,200
Michael Kenny253,20050,700
Niki Nurmisto252,500252,500
Andrew Martin252,5000
Brandon Schweitzer252,400198,400
Patrick Wall251,600103,200
Samuel Brown251,50083,800
Kenn Pluard251,4000
Jason DeWitt251,300251,300
William Toler251,200109,500
Justin Galifi250,100155,200
Jason Mann250,000132,600
Steven Madara249,90085,500
Jacob Carbone249,200130,200
Travis Preng248,90016,100
Barry Greenstein248,300-9,900
Marc Bernal247,600168,700
Mark Patterson247,600155,500
Jorge Ribeiro247,200-12,800
Jack Melki246,300107,900
Giuseppe Liantonio245,900165,500
Fernando Rodriguez245,100113,000
Ryan Gittleson244,500177,200
David Melius244,500111,700
Zach Nguyen243,000243,000
Nikolaos Platis242,00096,300
Gilbert Diaz242,000101,000
Jon Shoreman241,9000
Huy Nguyen241,800101,800
Yujian Song241,200146,900
Jay Majmudar240,80070,400
Rick Stockfield240,3000
David Butkus240,20052,200
Michael Wilklow239,600122,600
David Litt238,90078,500
Theodore Driscoll238,800238,800
Maher Abdulnoor238,300103,900
Shawn Stuart236,700135,400
John Frenz236,600-23,400
Dante Goya Fenandes236,400236,400
Mario Lopez236,00026,000
Bobby Oboodi235,400235,400
Zoltan Lanszki233,500178,800
Pedro Oliveira233,10024,500
Oskar Prehm232,10094,000
Hennock Fessehaie232,000201,400
Roger Tondeur232,0002,000
Seungyeol Kim231,100133,000
Louison Vincent230,100189,600
Soo Jo Kim230,100-43,300
Ying Wong230,000149,000
Eyal Eshkar229,90059,900
Corey Lieblein229,700-25,700
Christophe Benzimra229,600132,400
Andrew Mcilvain229,30090,400
John Rock229,200157,600
Ryan Phan228,30095,100
Jose Wong227,600131,700
Olivier Rebello227,600133,800
John May226,90027,200
Kenneth Traut226,00062,200
Ronnie Abro226,00092,200
Andrew Wilson225,700109,700
Carlos Matos-Erarte225,50060,700
Per Hildebrand225,400225,400
Ross Feldman225,00085,000
Thomas Mcgaffigan224,100224,100
Dapreesch Scates223,900223,899
Reagan Leman223,800170,500
Lionel Lacolas223,60068,200
Phuong Ta223,600180,100
Hayden Fortini223,00087,100
Jefferey Tench221,800171,700
Michael Noor221,40072,000
Kathrine Brandt220,80050,800
Andrew Kim220,200201,200
Stephen Gerber219,200128,100
Matthew Schulte219,000100,200
Pedro Fernandez218,400137,100
Demosthenes Kiriopoulos217,600132,800
Howard Arotsky216,7001,100
Nilesh Patel216,400101,000
Peter DeBest216,200112,900
Didrik Mantor215,0008,500
Dylan Lindsey214,30023,300
Yasin Ahmady213,90087,700
Niklas Asplund213,600170,500
Benedetto Bianco213,20076,200
Frank Lagodich212,50071,800
Moundir Zoughari212,50039,900
William Byrnes211,800175,700
David Powers211,7001,400
Jason Bradley211,60097,800
Nang Mak211,00058,700
Masoud Jafari210,500120,100
Ramon Colillas210,00072,300
Mattia Festa209,700121,900
Daniel Jordan209,100123,100
Martin Zamani209,00083,500
David Pham208,800-12,700
Daniel Park208,600132,800
James Ickes208,20083,100
Douglas Pappan207,600110,000
Brad Zusman207,200113,100
Szabolcs Kukucska207,10046,900
Pete Chen206,50071,500
Kyle Burnside205,800115,500
Igor Ioffe205,200-20,300
Casey Coughlan203,500102,200
Fei Li203,500133,600
Bryan Ercolano201,70075,000
Matthew Belcher201,600109,500
Daniel Smiljkovic201,3004,600
Slimane Mameche201,100122,800
Benjamin Underwood201,100100,300
Akash Seth200,700136,100
Tony Sinishtaj200,4003,700
Michael Menzer200,3003,300
Huihan Wu200,300123,300
Mikiya Kudo200,300105,900
DID NOT REPORT 13200,10081,600
Jeffrey Yarchever200,00062,000
Roy Chang199,300199,300
James Frank198,800150,800
Levon Khachatryan198,50056,300
Jonas Hagstrom198,300125,500
Taylor McFarland198,300146,300
John Carey197,90078,800
Zachary VanKeuren197,60087,600
Terry Lunder197,400162,100
Brandon Hall197,200-6,500
Yannick Galley197,10083,100
Boulos Estafanous196,800122,400
Michael Leanos196,30074,600
Alireza Amiri196,100103,300
Johnny Skeens195,60078,400
Whitney Langwell195,600195,600
Kunal Punjwani195,60046,100
Jareth East195,4005,300
Hamid Mezhoud195,200147,800
Dennis Phillips194,70024,700
Michael Mcnicholas194,500112,800
Thomas Ward193,900118,500
David Tuchman193,6001,600
Joshua Schindler193,30038,200
Juan Moralasso193,20099,200
Gustavo Kamei192,000117,500
Adnan Mohammad191,400104,300
Joni Jouhkimainen191,000-74,400
Jeffrey Tanouye190,10095,000
Luis Torres190,000130,000
Gary Marinez188,70075,600
Barry Wiedemann188,30058,100
Darin Ann Parker188,10049,900
Donald Boyer186,80061,600
Jensen Bernard186,30060,400
Heath Mendelsohn186,000186,000
Pal Zagreda185,70026,000
Juliet Hegedus185,60021,600
Eli Ross185,20016,700
Frank Funaro183,900-56,700
Michael Thach183,10085,900
Josh Prager183,10018,100
Christoph Vogelsang182,90076,900
Karo Davtyan182,800141,500
Brian Haveson182,70058,100
Anthony Schutter182,60067,800
Daniel Sheetz182,20033,000
Ryan Clark182,000130,400
Matthew Zazaian181,900109,200
Jesse Lonis181,900146,900
Bo Hu181,800103,300
Lorenzo Adams181,50091,600
Janelle Jacobson181,30057,800
Ben Lamb180,60048,200
Viliyan Petleshkov180,50070,100
Moshe Vaizman180,200149,800
Bobby Sanoubane180,00048,800
Felix Weis180,00071,400
Sean Swingruber179,80095,300
Robert Mullaney179,400127,400
Samir Bhatia179,100132,100
Patrick McCullough179,10061,600
Mark Gregorich178,600-21,400
Josh Arieh177,80066,800
Erind "Froste" Puka177,80084,900
Carlo Solerti177,70067,000
Lan Gu177,20096,400
Ivan Deyra177,000135,700
Anthony Carbone176,700176,700
Mark Mazza176,50052,800
Jose Jaraiz176,50021,500
Gabe Paul176,30078,000
Thomas Barnes176,000128,400
Jesse Capps175,100-2,600
Ran Shahar174,40084,900
Angela Shade174,00086,400
Matthew Sullivan173,500129,700
Paul Mannoni173,30079,000
Daniel Chambers173,20048,200
Raymond Tsang173,000103,900
Remi Ducros172,800172,800
Kevin Ho172,500-3,900
Christopher Dowling171,800101,900
Steven Russo171,300112,000
Michael Mizrachi171,200-13,800
Christina Renz170,70095,100
Carlos Guerrero170,600-50,700
Ricky Tang170,40010,000
Armin Ghojehvand169,800120,400
Antonin Teisseire169,500-40,500
Patrick Prothro169,30069,300
Peter Neff168,80025,100
Ron Jenkins168,800168,800
Sonny Franco168,00017,200
Steven Stowe167,80039,600
Joseph Salvaggi167,70084,300
Simon Burns167,60036,500
Clayton Saliba167,500167,500
Jacob Baumgartner167,100148,800
Dieter Dechant167,000-58,000
Robert Schmidt166,100166,100
Vladas Tamasauskas166,00055,800
Ziad Alameddine165,90034,300
Jeremy Pekarek165,90030,200
Corey Dodd165,60021,600
Pat Lyons165,40015,400
Rami Owera164,900164,900
Michael Stonehill164,0003,900
James Farley163,600-900
Erick Lindgren163,10015,000
Dong Kim163,00044,200
Stuart Breakstone162,70065,600
Gary Hasson162,50060,500
Erik Koch161,80053,900
Eralio Villarreal161,600104,900
Anuy Voong161,60011,600
Michael Doherty161,5000
Mark Marasco161,30096,200
Joseph Krasner161,20088,700
Thomas Wheaton160,800160,800
Marcus Mizell160,40036,100
Lawrence Pettit160,40084,800
Sarah Casey160,30040,100
Niv Decalo160,00052,500
Kenneth Neely159,50061,000
Ravid Garbi159,50012,500
Steven Grady158,60080,700
Simas Karaliunas158,400-40,200
Terry Boutcher158,40025,300
Harijs Broza157,60073,600
Sindre Hansen157,400-62,600
George Pappas156,400137,700
Pejman Niyati156,00072,700
Kenny Tran155,6005,600
Dillon Ott155,40084,600
Robert Constable155,00075,500
Amir Sahebdivani154,10044,100
Timothy Kenyon153,80019,700
Luvigji Nikci153,60086,400
Paul Dhaliwal153,40075,600
Ha Diep153,400101,600
Andres Rodriguez152,80066,900
Prashray Rai152,50011,000
Dawn Morton152,30048,000
Allen Feldman152,20074,200
Oliver Posati151,70075,700
Tom Fuchs151,30082,200
Caleb Larsen151,00012,000
Tzu Yen151,000-109,000
Go Saito150,50045,200
Scott Allacher150,100105,300
Julie Dang149,900149,900
Hoa Pham148,80042,700
Adam Bromley148,800119,700
Jose Astima148,70035,600
Ben Morrison148,000148,000
Alberto Morales147,80039,700
Duy Phan147,50096,500
Shaun O'Donnell147,30043,400
Jared Morrison147,00012,000
Paul Balzano147,00072,400
Andre Akkari146,900-78,100
Fabien Motte146,900-14,400
Paul Baksi146,700-68,700
Paulo Joanello146,400-1,800
Eliott Kessas145,20098,000
Young Ko144,000-96,300
Ben Wallace143,900108,100
Mario Quijano143,50045,700
James Miller143,00093,000
Jamey Kramer142,700-39,000
Anirban Roy142,70075,600
Steven Kelly142,60076,600
Frank Dyska142,40047,800
Robert Lee141,900102,400
Alex Ngo141,80086,600
Toby Lewis141,60082,600
Jonas Lauck141,500-69,400
Andrew Mccleery141,50063,100
Mans Montgomery141,200141,200
Ran Shapira141,20069,200
Pierre Merlin141,00085,400
David Marcoullier140,900-11,800
Pierre De Almeida140,800140,800
Jon Gottlieb140,60061,200
Yannick Cardot140,40045,500
Juan Ramirez140,40039,000
Isaac Settle140,400140,400
Lars Jurgens140,10021,700
David Ormsby140,00060,000
Jeffry Casey140,00095,100
Kennon Perez139,90039,900
Thomas Harvey139,800139,800
Christophe Panetti139,60065,700
Gregory Wafford139,6008,300
Peter Van Der Poel139,400139,400
David Prociak139,300-37,500
Drew Abbadessa138,70023,400
Sampo Ryynanen138,70065,000
Andrew Smith138,60026,900
Brian Niekerk138,600138,600
Samantha Abernathy138,400400
Ryan Dersch138,40023,200
Robert French138,20059,800
Kurt Jewell138,000-3,000
Ao Chen138,00056,400
Paul Hofer137,000137,000
Evan Wirsch136,800-58,200
Lucio Procopio136,60033,400
Kenja Wiseman136,600400
Marco Johnson136,400-103,600
Xai Vang135,90064,700
Brian Kim135,40019,300
Chris Karambinis135,20061,100
Jeremy Levin135,10011,500
Guifang Liu135,00036,300
David Frazee134,800117,500
Ben Landowski134,60014,600
Cate Hall133,800800
Simas Jakubenas133,500133,500
Barbara Enright133,40089,000
Andrew Gonder133,30043,000
Kenna James133,10017,900
Chase Turner133,00035,200
Michael Federico132,80058,000
Arturo Ortuno132,30068,400
Gareth Mcmahon131,20089,100
Dominick Giovanniello131,10048,200
Abbas Moradi130,60015,600
Patrick Garrett130,50026,500
Louis Lynch130,10086,000
Sean Ruane130,000130,000
Will Givens130,00073,000
Robert Masone129,400-600
Seyedmohamma Sadatkhonsari129,10050,400
Loukas Michael128,20090,100
Ted Leva127,900-38,500
Daniel Barry127,600-149,900
Tibor Nagygyorgy127,60027,700
James Burns127,1000
Robert Gentile127,100-5,000
Matthew Moss127,000-26,200
Ian Modder127,00051,900
Jeffrey Sarkis126,900-41,200
Kevin Fitzgibbons126,80029,100
Adam Demersseman126,500-14,500
Smith Collins126,4002,400
Tomomitsu Ono126,30077,000
Jessica Perez125,90034,600
Jordan Siegel125,7000
Joseph Delucia125,30052,900
Jon Shirazi125,100-51,600
Stuart Rutter124,80055,100
Luis Espitia124,50076,700
Richard Lee124,30093,400
Dustin An124,000-21,000
Adam Knepp123,60051,000
Jung Woo123,500-108,400
Jeffrey Weil123,30070,900
Natalie Hof122,800-34,200
Michael Schwartz122,70047,500
Hong Lin122,600-55,600
Nicholas Manganaro122,20033,300
Brynjar Gigja121,500-21,500
Rex Mendoza121,500-17,400
JC Tran121,100-68,900
Scott Castelluccio120,90026,900
Grant Juric120,80032,400
Thomas Choi120,600-70,800
Matthew Friendly120,300120,300
Kawaguchi Akihiro120,30043,800
Patrick Quinn120,300-4,500
LaDarren Banks120,20014,900
Mateusz Moolhuizen120,00016,800
John Gravagna120,00091,400
Ethan Foxman119,60020,300
Kim Livensparger119,20043,400
Eric Mizrachi119,10061,800
Paul Nofer118,6003,100
Brice Cournut118,500118,500
Michael Dean118,00025,600
Chad Thomsen118,00049,000
Ian Gavlick117,900-48,600
Joel Nimmo117,70083,700
Jason Obinger117,600-21,000
James Alexander116,80073,100
Yuval Bronshtein116,6006,600
Bradley Crandall116,200101,600
Elio Saade116,200116,200
Asvin Ganesh114,60095,800
Daniel Zack114,500-15,500
Nika Kharadze114,20032,200
Masatoshi Tanaka114,20064,200
Michael Lech114,10044,100
Patrick Keogan114,10056,800
Jeffrey Mahoney113,30033,500
Roscoe Light113,2007,800
Manish Vaswani113,00019,800
Hannes Speiser113,000-169,100
Dan Heimiller112,900-97,100
Adrian Naggy112,60054,500
Travis Yeske112,500-13,500
Michael Fallas112,00053,500
Matthew Smith111,800-2,600
Mark Gunterman110,50041,900
Bryan Pimlott110,40027,200
Dean Freedlander110,10063,000
Lindsay Kido109,900-20,500
Michael Pempin109,700-21,400
Jimmy Zhou109,70012,100
Tanner Millen109,400-700
Marc Remmes109,3000
Tyler Smith109,100109,100
Benjamin Reason108,600-35,400
Emilio Nunez108,600-5,700
Kao Saechao108,60084,500
Jonathan Poche108,500-200
Dong Suh108,500-25,900
Bruce Bowers108,10051,700
Paul Lieu108,00060,000
Yudhishter Jaswal107,90022,900
Charles Gill107,80085,100
Barak Wisbrod107,500-36,900
Matthew Shepsky107,30057,100
Jeffery Esterling107,200107,200
Russell Green107,2000
Nakia Clark106,80048,300
Dayane Kotoviezy106,60071,100
Mike Kachan106,500-5,700
Chris Vezzetti106,300-800
Peter Pepaj106,00048,500
Arnaud Mattern106,00046,000
Hiroki Karatsu105,8006,100
Kazuki Ikeuchi105,80033,500
Anthony Ibrahim105,70051,900
Alexandre Sako105,70028,700
David Solomon105,50033,400
William Fagerbakke105,50046,800
Sarah Lee105,200-44,800
Alemu Makonen104,10029,900
Paul Chauderson104,00053,900
Thadd Wolff103,50021,400
Shawn Gill103,500-17,400
Jonas Mackoff103,40039,600
Neil McFayden103,2006,500
Samy Dubonnet103,10031,500
Chad Brown103,000-12,500
Nolan Brower102,70027,800
David Sutherland102,600-5,300
Craig Benson102,5007,000
Marc Carpentier102,20052,000
Robert Randall101,700-300
Don Nguyen100,600-40,200
Matthew Schwagler100,50021,500
Yuuki Usui100,30020,400
Noah Goldman100,100-31,500
Chii Sun99,9007,200
Steven Stone99,800-15,000
Joshua Herman99,70014,200
Chris Back98,80098,800
Jordan Meltzer98,70098,700
Arthur Conan98,60098,600
Anna Wroblewski98,3007,000
Michael Webb98,2009,100
Andrew Flaherty98,10034,800
Huicun Qiao97,90026,400
Eric Inderrieden97,700-18,900
Ole Schemion97,00069,000
Dylan Nguyen96,900-64,800
Michael Noori96,500-38,000
Gaurav Raina96,5001,500
David Sheinin96,20033,300
He Huang96,00045,800
Joseph Muldoon95,900-500
Mickael Lacaze95,90029,500
Brock Wilson95,800-24,200
Danny Chang95,700-79,300
Cindy Kerslake95,500-3,900
Vasco Morgado95,40052,000
Oleksandr Trokhymenko95,30031,700
Ryan Silva95,100-5,100
Muskan Sethi95,00010,300
Walter Soho94,700-81,500
Nick Jivkov94,20013,100
Xuan Zhang93,200-92,800
Joe Nalbandyan93,200-69,400
Kevin Kwak93,20041,200
Hojin Kim93,200-39,100
Andy Frankenberger93,0004,500
Andres Morales93,00093,000
Colin Maneval92,900-23,200
Oliver Renick92,60011,200
Michael Dwyer92,500-14,500
Anthony Askey92,4002,400
Tim Burt91,600-4,000
Raj Singh91,100-53,800
Youcef Zalagh91,000-5,000
Altanulzii Onom91,00040,800
Ryan Smith (CAN)90,50034,100
Eric Hershler90,50054,400
Andrew Chud89,30010,000
Jason Trezak89,30089,300
Kilian Kramer89,20069,200
Ronald McGinnity87,9008,900
Richard Ma87,700-112,500
Jorge Martinez87,600-3,200
Christopher Battenfield87,60040,200
Veselin Dimitrov87,500-147,500
Brent Mutter87,20018,000
Shane Pacheco87,10028,900
Zachary Walker86,700-26,000
Andy Black86,600-14,900
Michael Moreno86,10086,100
Mark Vanderloo86,00043,500
Ben Palmer84,500-9,000
Tracy Sibson84,4002,400
Vijayan Shanmugam83,800-73,700
Joshua Lessner83,5002,900
Jason Picciolo83,20049,000
Murat Muftari83,200-26,800
Richard Cray83,10042,000
Krista Farrell83,100-62,900
Marius Kudzmanas83,00083,000
Cameron Hamilton81,800-19,600
Andrew Gilmore81,700-142,900
Ryan Scully81,500-19,400
Scott Roberts81,40031,400
Jungwon Kim81,000-40,800
Miles Reinhard81,000-9,700
Franck Kalfon81,000-41,000
Peter Charalambous80,80023,200
Benjamin Morgan80,300-15,700
Marta Miquelmunoz80,00020,400
Daniel Spring79,80010,600
Rishi Makkar79,20016,200
Oscar Montalvo79,20079,200
Uzi Zilka78,80014,700
Ayman Mahfoud78,60012,200
David Dibernardi78,60016,600
Romain Lewis78,500-94,500
Jacob Powers78,400-106,800
Henrik Hecklen78,300-106,700
Benjamin Moon78,2000
Michael Cagliuso78,10016,000
Michael Koh78,0009,700
Khamsy Bowles77,80022,100
Bernard Larabi77,70027,900
Jacob Brundage77,6004,200
David Simon77,200-13,600
Leo Margets77,20034,000
Andrew Ross (AZ)77,00039,700
Melisa Singh76,900-3,100
Kao Chieng Saechao (OR)76,90076,900
Dwayne Sluis76,900-53,200
Grant Maruya76,700-18,300
Selim Oulmekki76,50018,700
Michael Vierheller75,90037,100
Denise Pratt75,700-58,300
Mark Kornfeld75,000-37,400
Griffin Benger74,900-10,100
Eli Elezra74,700-45,300
Aaron Been73,7008,800
Koray Aldemir73,300-6,700
Andrew Kaplan73,100-400
Jason Kim (LA)72,700-29,800
Robert Lenhart72,400-20,900
Matthew Pedersen72,200-12,600
Alexander Gittings72,10025,900
Niklas Astedt72,000-53,000
Jeff Beckley71,800-29,600
Dane Canelas-Miller71,80032,500
Niovel Chirino Alvarez71,500-48,100
Thao Le71,300-97,700
Chi Sing Steven Au71,00071,000
Darrell Haywood70,400-115,600
Daniel Papendick70,300-36,200
Orlando Romero70,20070,200
Bradley Howard69,10069,100
Joel Micka69,000-36,000
John Hewgill69,000-32,000
Michael Cannon68,900-6,200
Jake Daniels68,700-271,300
Patrick Kennedy67,90012,600
Robbi Jade Lew67,70067,700
Haribhai Gopaul67,7002,000
Michael Letal67,500-35,700
Henri Puustinen67,50010,000
Czeslaw Szerszen67,400500
Timothy Cramer67,300-84,900
Tony Ma67,3002,500
Raul Lozano66,8007,300
Yossef Ifergan66,000-15,400
Mariia Levseieva65,90020,900
Ali Alawadhi65,900-28,200
Rosalie Petit65,800-79,200
Victor Li65,300-41,300
DID NOT REPORT 1265,30065,299
Michael Bohmerwald65,100-34,900
Sebastien Lebaron65,0001,400
Roy Thung65,00065,000
Max Greenwood64,600-70,900
Jasthi Kumar64,300-37,000
Thiago Macedo64,200-100,400
Kane Lai64,100-67,800
Hans Erlandsson63,800-700
Siddharth Karia63,60024,100
Mark Buse63,500-23,700
Louis Linard63,300-2,800
George Scopelianos62,900-60,400
Paul Radford62,500-30,500
Tristan Forge61,000-24,400
Connor Arlia60,80060,800
James Oconnor60,00038,600
DID NOT REPORT 1559,800-11,300
Dominic Lopez59,500-12,100
Benjamin Herman59,2006,600
Stanislovas Norkus59,100-29,200
Michael Taylor (AZ)58,800-53,000
Eric Wulff58,400-13,100
Anthony Huntsman58,20023,200
Tawab Hessam57,80028,200
Pfizer Jordan57,70027,700
Manuel Porras57,000-21,500
Felipe Ramos57,000-70,500
Jason Lipiner56,900-15,000
Scott Hempel56,0004,000
Chris Hunichen56,000-51,000
Srinivasa Vemulamada55,700400
Victor Espinal55,6001,800
Rolf Nordstrom55,600-35,800
Jean Montury55,000-36,000
William Rizzuto54,7007,400
Alexander Mazzola54,500-34,700
Albertus Stegeman54,200-32,100
Benjamin Jackson53,900-24,000
Dave Alfa53,800-9,100
Phaly Nou53,3009,100
Matthew Mumford53,2001,200
Vincent Griboski52,500-49,500
Johan Guilbert52,400-67,600
Giuseppe Zarbo52,200-38,900
Kelley Slay52,00032,300
Himmat Singh51,900-41,200
Mitchell Towner51,900-88,100
Pieterjan Vermeire51,800-66,100
Robert Gilbert51,700-6,000
Marcus Agne51,00019,400
Scott Blumstein50,800-39,200
Joe Hachem50,8008,800
Talal Shoush50,10019,700
Adam White50,0009,500
Trace Henderson49,700-45,400
Brian Foley49,200-3,800
Matthew Schiavo48,700-54,100
Bobby Law48,300-3,700
Jaime Godoy47,900-41,600
Andre Barrett47,800-122,200
Jonathan Crowley46,700-110,700
Wataru Miyashita46,200-5,800
Scott Meyers46,100-21,300
Fernando Viana Da Costa45,000-100,400
Raja Sekhar44,900-109,100
Mihai Niste44,800-48,600
Gregory Kukowski44,600-65,900
Meddi Ferrah44,200-55,800
Paul Dewald43,8000
Kamran Zarghouni43,600-28,000
June Cuervo43,500-30,700
Farhan Pirzada43,40015,000
Adam Pepper43,40010,700
Valentyn Shabelnyk43,300-88,700
William Jennings42,500-20,700
Ryan Pignatelli42,500-161,100
Michael Erianne42,100-3,600
Robert Fried42,000-92,100
Jamie Vela42,000-6,100
Kien Tran41,800-36,800
Madison Bergeron41,400-80,600
Boutros Awad41,30023,900
Nikita Kalinin41,300-37,700
Alisson Piekazewicz41,20041,200
Larry Smart41,200-15,200
Justin Chock41,20041,200
Michael Lane41,100-60,800
Uwe Matthias40,80017,200
Gregoire Boissenot40,60040,600
Michael Stanko39,3008,300
Jake Bazeley39,200-50,800
Tuan Nguyen37,60037,600
Nikhil Autar37,60037,600
Greg Pohler37,500-211,000
Robert Bassuk37,400-107,600
Chad Moore37,00023,000
Paul Spitzberg36,9000
Rodney Cotta36,400-107,600
Kevin Avin36,200-2,000
Christoph Bilinsky35,300-66,000
Denilson Shikako35,20035,200
Craig Crivello35,100-27,400
James Sileo34,00014,400
Russell Vaughn33,900-72,400
Ryan Beckwith32,700-18,100
Brett Brucaleri31,500-56,900
Craig Chait31,200-191,200
David Bonadio30,40010,400
Endrit Geci30,000-124,500
Richard Gress28,600-122,600
Lymor Nahshon Davidson28,300-23,900
Jay Sharon28,300-38,700
Maximiliano Katz27,200-97,800
Stephen Sweatt26,700-75,100
Krisha Augerot25,900-20,000
Mohsin Charania25,90025,900
Phil Hellmuth25,400400
Antonio Martins25,300-56,700
Joseph Russo24,300-47,600
Greg Holsten23,900-65,100
Daniel Moravec23,100-154,600
Christopher Aaron22,400-83,400
Nesli Ohare22,000-22,100
Ken Han21,90021,900
Abdul Thonduru21,800-49,400
Pierre Deissler21,600-67,100
Giuseppe Corapi21,500-107,900
Thanh Nguyen21,300-143,700
Christopher Milano20,100-33,200
Kevin Mcbarron19,800-67,500
Jeremy Lyons18,400-19,600
Anka Tezcan17,800-43,100
Christopher Shebat17,000-79,900
Benjamin Parker16,300-86,300
Gregory Shuda9,000-37,900
Ian Hamilton1-110,999
Kristy Duong1-194,299
DID NOT REPORT 161-50,099
DID NOT REPORT 141-61,999
Cary Koedyker1-109,499
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:34 PM Local Time
Pavlov Shoves on Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth and Atanas Pavlov saw the river on a board of      . Pavlov, from under the gun, bet enough to put Hellmuth all in for his last 25,000.

"Is this for real," Hellmuth said. He went into the tank for about four minutes as PokerGo cameras and a large crowd surrounded the table. Hellmuth eventually slid his cards back to the dealer.

"Show the bluff," tablemate Jacob Thibodeau said, but Pavlov calmly returned his cards face down and gathered the pot.

Atanas Pavlov245,00058,200
Phil Hellmuth25,000-47,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:31 PM Local Time
Greenstein Coolers Two Opponents

Barry Greenstein

(Hand took place during 1,000/2,000 blind levels on the PokerGO stream, which is on a 45-minute delay)

Erick Lindgren raised to 4,000 with    and Barry Greenstein called with   , along with Dylan Nguyen, who was holding   .

The flop came out    , giving Greenstein top two and Lindgren top-top. Greenstein led for 7,000 and both players called. The turn was the  , giving Nguyen an inferior two pair.

Greenstein again led, this time for 20,000. Nguyen called and Lindgren, with the worst hand, was able to find the tough fold. The river was the  . Greenstein bet out 30,000 and Nguyen pondered his move for a minute before deciding on the call, and Greenstein shipped the sizeable pot.

Barry Greenstein258,20033,200
Dylan Nguyen161,700-78,300
Erick Lindgren148,10012,500
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:24 PM Local Time
Lieblein Spikes River Ace to Triple

A three-way all-in occurred preflop between Corey Lieblein, another player, and Qui Nguyen who had both of the other players covered.

Corey Lieblein:   
Qui Nguyen:   

"Ace one-time dealer!" Lieblein pleaded. The     flop and   turn changed nothing. Lieblein was still pleading for the dealer to put out his needed three-outer, and the dealer put down the   indeed to keep Lieblein alive and triple up.

"Yes! Yes!", Lieblein jumped out of his chair and shouted, along with some other words of his choosing.

Lieblein took the main pot, while Nguyen took the side pot which eliminated the other player and still appeared to give Nguyen a slight profit on the hand.

"You owe me dinner," Nguyen joked.

"Anytime," Lieblein happily responded.

Qui Nguyen480,00060,000
Corey Lieblein255,400112,500
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:19 PM Local Time
Three More Hands

Players will play three more hands before bagging and tagging for the night.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:18 PM Local Time
Moneymaker on Adjusting Game for Feature Table Play

Shortly before getting moved to today's feature table, 2003 Main Event champ Chris Moneymaker shared his strategy for feature table play and how he adjusts his game to exploit opponents acclimating to the TV cameras, stage lights and added pressure.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:16 PM Local Time
Two Pair Takes it For Forrest

A player in middle position opened to 4,000 and was called by the cutoff and Ted Forrest in the big blind.

Forrest led out for 4,000 on the     flop and only the cutoff called.

The   fell on the turn and Forrest bet again — this time for 6,000. His opponent again called.

Both players checked on the   river and Forrest tabled    for kings and sixes. It was good, as the cutoff mucked without showing — conceding the pot to Forrest.

Ted Forrest270,00036,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:10 PM Local Time
Empty Seats From Purple
Dave Orvis0-86,100
Eddie Blumenthal0-209,100
David Gonzalez0-61,500
Keith Heine0-63,200
Chiragkumar Patel0-75,500
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:08 PM Local Time
Hachem Left Short by Becker

Joe Hachem raised to 5,000 preflop and was called by Brandon Becker to his immediate left. The flop came     and Hachem bet another 4,000.

Becker called, then called another bet of 6,500 from Hachem on the   turn. The river came the   and Hachem led out for 10,000.

Becker then raised to 25,000, sending Hachem into the tank. After nearly five minutes, Hachem slid his cards back to the dealer as Becker, joined by his Beanie Baby panda Bamboo, raked in the pot.

Brandon Becker180,00098,400
Joe Hachem42,000-30,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:08 PM Local Time
Tuchman Three-Bets and Smashes Flop

David Tuchman

A player opened in early position to 4,600 and David Tuchman three-bet to 13,500 in the hijack. The table folded back around to the original raiser and he made the call.

The dealer spread a flop of     and once checked to Tuchman continued for 10,000. His opponent called quickly.

When the   hit the turn it was checked to Tuchman once again and he fired out 30,000 and stared his opponent down. The opponent eyed up Tuchman's stack who pushed his chips forward slightly to help him see his remaining stack of roughly 90,000 before he made the call.

The   landed on the river and after it was checked to Tuchman he paused for about 30 seconds deciding what to do. Eventually, Tuchman checked back and tabled    for trip tens and his opponent mucked his hand.

David Tuchman192,00022,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:06 PM Local Time
Glantz Gets One Through

Matt Glantz

Matt Glantz was in position in a heads-up pot on a board reading      with approximately 95,000 already in the middle.

Glantz opponent threw out a hefty turn bet of 55,000 and Glantz called. The opponent slowed down and checked on the   river and Glantz took a minute before betting 100,000 to put his opponent all-in. The opponent sheepishly slid his hand to the dealer.

Glantz showed a non-paint diamond in his hand and claimed he was bluffing, noting that the queen of clubs was a good river for him to make a move on.

Matt Glantz500,00065,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 11:00 PM Local Time
Ace on the River for Cornell

Tyler Cornell

A player opened in middle position to 4,500 and Tyler Cornell called in the small blind.

The flop came     and both players checked to see the  . Cornell check-called a bet of 4,000 from his opponent.

The   landed on the river, completing the board and Cornell led out for 6,000, and his opponent snap-called. Cornell tabled    for a pair of aces on the river and his opponent showed the   before mucking his other card.

Tyler Cornell429,500-16,500
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 10:59 PM Local Time
Some PokerGO Feature Table Updated Chip Counts

(Chip counts based on currently airing on PokerGO stream, which is on a 45-minute delay.)

Igor Ioffe225,5004,500
Barry Greenstein225,000-20,000
Erick Lindgren135,600-400
Juan Mora108,000
Tim Burt95,600-18,400
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 10:53 PM Local Time
Blumstein Three-Bets, Hunichen Four-Bets

Scott Blumstein

Chris Hunichen raised under the gun to 4,200 and he was met by a three-bet to 18,000 from Scott Blumstein in the big blind.

"What do you have like 100,000?" asked Hunichen.

"Big Huni" then four-bet to 35,000, which sent Blumstein into the tank.

A cameraman rushed over to capture the action but Blumstein decided to let it go.

"Nothing to see here," said Blumstein.

Chris Hunichen107,00017,000
Scott Blumstein90,000-20,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 10:53 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts Amazon Orange
Dan Heimiller210,000-45,000
Mark Gregorich200,00028,000
Pat Lyons150,0000
Daniel Zack130,00051,500
Ben Landowski120,000-100,000
Phil Hellmuth72,000-3,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 10:52 PM Local Time
Some Updated Amazon Gold Stacks
Qui Nguyen420,000-10,000
Dennis Phillips170,00050,000
Samantha Abernathy138,00013,000
Pete Chen135,000-4,000
Cate Hall133,000-29,000
Niklas Astedt125,000-195,000
Eli Elezra120,000-65,000
Koray Aldemir80,00040,000
Farzad Bonyadi0-61,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 10:47 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts in Amazon Orange
Hwany Lee460,000253,500
Phong Chau380,000-70,000
Johan Martinet375,000234,400
Jordan Jayne275,000-180,000
Michael Mizrachi185,000-10,000
Pat Lyons150,00051,000
Scott Blumstein110,0005,000
Chris Hunichen90,00031,500
Joe Hachem72,000-13,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 10:47 PM Local Time
Boeree Fires River

Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree opened in early position and a middle position opponent flat-called.

Boeree checked on the flop reading     and called a bet of 7,000 from her opponent. Boeree checked again on the   turn and her opponent checked back.

The river brought the   and Boeree led out with a bet of 18,000. The opponent folded without much thought.

Liv Boeree280,00011,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 10:44 PM Local Time
PokerNews Podcast: Negreanu & Bilzerian at GGPoker Party, WSOP Main Event in Full Force
PN Podcast
PN Podcast

On the latest episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring and Chad Holloway come to you from the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP)!

Registration on the 2021 WSOP $10,000 Main Event is closed and Day 3 is approaching. Who is thriving and who has failed to survive? What did Phil Hellmuth wear during his grand entrance? What does Mike "The Mouth" Matusow think about late registration? Find out in this episode.

Also, hear stories from the GGPoker Party that saw Daniel Negreanu and Dan Bilzerian attend, find out where Chad spotted Phil Ivey playing poker, and learn about Lon McEachern & Norman Chad unveiling a new signature poker table by BBO Poker Tables.

Click here to listen to the new PN Podcast!