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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, November 04, 2021 to Thursday, November 04, 2021

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold'em World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $62,011,250
  • Entries: 6,650
  • Remaining: 0


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Wednesday, November 10, 2021 1:48 AM Local Time
Walton Bags Lead on Day 1f of Event #67: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event World Championship

Adam Walton

The 2021 World Series of Poker has drawn its curtains on the sixth and final flight of Event #67: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event World Championship. After five levels and over 12 hours, Day 1f attracted a field of 1,045 players, and only 782 will be moving on to Day 2cef.

Adam Walton topped the Day 1f leaderboard after bagging up a whopping 334,000 chips. The majority of Walton's chips came from two hands against Frederic Normand, one where Walton got a fold from Normand and the other when Walton's kings overpowered Normand's ace-king in the last level of the night.

Some other big stacks to end the day included Tung Nguyen who finished with 328,200. Nguyen was the only other player with a stack of over 300,000 chips with Hannes Speiser (282,100) bagging the third biggest Day 1f stack. Ryan Hartmann (243,000) also bagged a big stack but was overheard stating that his stack could have been much larger if it weren't for a bad beat in the last moments of the night.

Day 1f Top 10 Chip Counts

1Adam WaltonUnited States334,000418
2Tung NguyenUnited States328,200410
3Hannes SpeiserAustria282,100353
4Arkadi OnikoulUnited States266,300333
5Ryan HartmannUnited States243,200304
6Young KoUnited States240,300300
7Jung WooUnited States231,900290
8John BagosyUnited States224,700281
9Christopher FischerUnited States219,000274
10Terence CleeAustralia218,700273

Hellmuth Makes Grand Entrance

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

The highlight of the day came just before the dinner break when Phil Hellmuth made his grand entrance into the Amazon Room. With cameras surrounding the 16-time bracelet winner, Hellmuth was dressed as Gandolf The White and he captured the eyes of everyone in the room. Hellmuth only played two levels of poker on Day 1f and managed to turn his starting stack of 60,000 chips into 94,500 for tomorrow.

Some other notables to enter the last starting flight include Fedor Holz (161,600), Scotty Nguyen (52,200), Michael Mizrachi (212,300), and Chris Moneymaker (75,800). Nguyen and Mizrachi played at the same table throughout the day, also known as the 'Table of Death'. It included Felipe Ramos and Harald Sammer who somehow also managed to weave their way through the day with above starting stacks.

Holz entered the day at the start of the second level and never once fell below his starting stack. An aggressive start followed by some made hands in the last level resulted in Holz bagging an above-average stack for Day 2. He was joined by many other international players who made the trek to Las Vegas now that the international travel ban has been lifted. The last two starting flights were added to the schedule to accommodate those that were not able to fly across the Atlantic Ocean due to the pandemic.

2021 WSOP Main Event So Far in Numbers

FlightEntriesSurvivorsAdvanced to Day 2
Day 1a52334866.54%
Day 1b84561172.31%
Day 1c60043372.17%
Day 1d2,5501,93375.80%
Day 1e79759274.28%
Day 1f1,04578274.83%

Unfortunately, there were some players who were unable to find a bag by the end of the day and they will not be returning for Day 2 and a shot at glory. Rainer Kempe, Dominik Nitsche, David Benyamine, and the 2021 WSOP Seniors Champion Robert McMillan were all forced to the rail throughout the day.

McMillan was the victim of a former WSOP Senior's Champion James Hess who won that title back in 2011. The two bracelet winners collided in a hand that saw Hess come out on top to eliminate McMillan. Kempe was just flat-out unlucky after turning the nut straight only to see the board pair on the river and Vinny Ta's full house ended Kempe's short-lived tournament. As for Benyamine, he fell by the wayside in the fourth level of the day when his ace-king flopped a pair of kings but he was up against pocket aces.

For all those players advancing from Day 1f, they will return bright and early Wednesday morning for Day 2cef that begins at 11 a.m. local time throughout the Pavillion and Amazon rooms. Another five two-hour levels will be on the schedule before all the remaining players gather for Day 3 on Thursday, November 11.

Be sure to keep it here throughout the 2021 World Series of Poker for all of the latest updates on the Main Event and many other tournaments brought to you by the PokerNews live reporting team.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:59 AM Local Time
End of Day 1f Chip Counts
Adam Walton334,000-4,500
Tung Nguyen328,200328,200
Hannes Speiser282,100282,100
Arkadi Onikoul266,300266,300
Ryan Hartmann243,200243,200
Young Ko240,300240,300
Jung Woo231,900231,900
John Bagosy224,700224,700
Christopher Fischer219,000219,000
Terence Clee218,700218,700
Michael Mizrachi212,30032,300
Jonas Lauck210,90012,900
Pedro Oliveira208,600208,600
Mario Lopez208,500208,500
Didrik Mantor206,500206,500
Jeremy Kottler201,600201,600
Ted Woolridge201,500201,500
Richard Ma200,200200,200
Henrik Hecklen200,100-9,900
Antoine Labat192,4005,900
Dylan Lindsey191,000191,000
Jareth East190,100190,100
Xuan Zhang186,000186,000
Venkata Tayi185,700185,700
Jacob Powers185,200185,200
Ramon Miquel Munoz183,400183,400
Joon Park181,800181,800
Jake Daniels179,500-5,500
Armin Rezaei178,900178,900
Vasilios Hrisafinis178,600178,600
Hong Lin178,200178,200
Jon Shirazi176,700176,700
Kevin Ho176,400176,400
Walter Soho176,200176,200
David Manikos174,500174,500
Moundir Zoughari172,600-25,400
Alejandro Jaureguireynoso172,200172,200
Cate Hall172,000-25,000
Amadeusz Roślik171,10028,100
Andre Barrett170,000170,000
Jeffrey Sarkis168,100168,100
Samuel Brown167,700167,700
Nick Palma167,100167,100
Barry Greenstein166,80026,100
Ian Gavlick166,500166,500
Ted Leva166,400166,400
Dominic Ricciardi165,3002,300
Carlos Matos-Erarte164,800164,800
Dennis Wilke164,400164,400
Randy Gordon163,200163,200
Joe Nalbandyan162,600162,600
Natalie Hof162,500-19,500
Fedor Holz161,60036,600
Christian Pham161,200161,200
David Litt160,400160,400
Sebastian Gahl160,300160,300
Szabolcs Kukucska160,200160,200
Michael Stonehill160,100160,100
Richard Alati159,900159,900
Pal Zagreda159,700159,700
Vijayan Shanmugam157,500157,500
Jonathan Crowley157,400157,400
Christopher Hull157,400157,400
Lionel Lacolas155,400155,400
Mark Bryan154,700154,700
Endrit Geci154,500154,500
David Pham153,80035,800
Matthew Moss153,200153,200
Craig Seddon152,500152,500
Timothy Cramer152,200152,200
Jason Loehrs152,000152,000
Marc Lange151,006151,006
Kunal Punjwani149,50013,500
Daniel Sheetz149,200149,200
Paulo Joanello148,200148,200
Christopher Frank147,2002,800
Nikolaos Platis145,700145,700
Tony Gargano144,300144,300
Levon Khachatryan142,200142,200
James White141,700141,700
Thanh Nguyen141,30021,400
Frederico DOS SANTOS SILVA141,300141,300
Gilbert Diaz141,00032,000
Kurt Jewell141,000141,000
Ramiro Petrone140,60015,600
Jeffrey Trudeau Jr.140,400140,400
Ravid Garbi140,10035,100
Roberto Romanello139,50029,500
Rex Mendoza138,900138,900
Heng Zhang138,900138,900
Andrew Mcilvain138,900138,900
Robert Mitchell138,700138,700
Oskar Prehm138,100138,100
Jeffrey Yarchever138,000138,000
Ramon Colillas137,70030,700
Benedetto Bianco137,000137,000
Marco Johnson136,500136,500
Jason Wasser136,200136,200
Kenja Wiseman136,200136,200
Scott Eskenazi136,00030,000
Joe Cook135,000-16,000
Ronnie Abro133,800133,800
David Melius132,800132,800
Rommel Liscano132,400132,400
Robert Gentile132,100132,100
Sindre Hansen131,700131,700
Noah Goldman131,600131,600
Ziad Alameddine131,600131,600
Gregory Wafford131,300131,300
Bobby Sanoubane131,200131,200
Michael Pempin131,100131,100
Joshua Ray130,800130,800
JeWook Oh130,50023,500
Glen Keogh130,200130,200
Julian Galvan128,300128,300
Artan Dedusha128,000128,000
Gianluca Speranza127,900127,900
Ryan Conrad127,700127,700
Felipe Ramos127,5008,900
Nicholas Immekus127,100127,100
Kathrine Brandt126,900126,900
Marc MacDonnell126,100-8,400
Jensen Bernard125,900125,900
Daniel Corbett125,400125,400
Larry Hirschfield125,100125,100
Maximiliano Katz125,000125,000
John Phan124,90014,900
Patrick Quinn124,800124,800
Brian Haveson124,600124,600
Paul-François Tedeschi124,500124,500
Serhii Holodiuk124,400124,400
Marcus Mizell124,30043,800
Joe Choi124,000124,000
George Scopelianos123,300123,300
Franck Kalfon122,000-31,000
Derek Sudell121,600-7,400
Sung Yi121,200121,200
Vuong Do120,400120,400
David Rich120,100120,100
Johan Guilbert120,000-5,000
Christopher Williams119,200119,200
Matthew Schulte118,800118,800
Vinny Ta118,8008,800
DID NOT REPORT 13118,500118,500
Lars Jurgens118,400118,400
Pieterjan Vermeire117,900117,900
Jorge Arriola117,900117,900
John Seyferth117,600117,600
Jaroslaw Jaskiewicz117,500117,500
Jason Mann117,400117,400
Javier Gorgolas117,100117,100
Mohamed Azzahti117,000117,000
Vishnu Pabbathi116,700116,700
Colin Maneval116,100116,100
Andrew Wilson116,000116,000
Erez Naaman115,400115,400
Ryan Dersch115,200115,200
Anthony Schutter114,800114,800
Troy Donaldson114,200114,200
Yannick Galley114,000114,000
Axel Hallay113,700113,700
Maxwell Franklin113,600113,600
Alex Rivera113,500113,500
Gary Marinez113,100113,100
Jose Astima113,100113,100
Rodney Assous113,100113,100
Michael Cordell112,800112,800
Harris Soetikno112,500112,500
Ronen Ohayon112,000112,000
Viet Vo112,000112,000
Andrew Smith111,700111,700
Robert Masone111,500111,500
Jerri Thomas111,300111,300
Ian Hamilton111,000111,000
Brian Bumpas110,800110,800
Kyle Loman110,500110,500
Andrew Martin110,300110,300
Daniel Dealmeida110,200110,200
Tanner Millen110,100110,100
Mohsin Virani110,000110,000
Peter Gilmore110,000110,000
Alemu Makonen109,900109,900
Joseph Ranciato109,700109,700
Sochetra Chansan109,000109,000
Felix Weis108,600108,600
Erick Lindgren108,600-6,400
hesam Alagha108,3000
Alberto Morales108,100108,100
Liv Boeree107,30017,300
Chris Vezzetti107,100107,100
Larisa Evloeva107,000107,000
Michael Dwyer107,000107,000
Raj Singh106,700106,700
Christopher Aaron105,800105,800
Roscoe Light105,400105,400
Vinh Ho105,4001,400
LaDarren Banks105,300105,300
Eric Hall104,500104,500
Patrick Garrett104,000104,000
Peter DeBest103,300103,300
Mateusz Moolhuizen103,200103,200
Thierry Gogniat103,000103,000
Ross Tyler102,900102,900
Christina Gollins102,800102,800
Shai Arbel102,600600
Mark Lillge102,600102,600
Jason Kim (LA)102,500102,500
Zaher Sayegh102,100102,100
Jose Jaraiz102,000-15,500
Jaakko Maenpaa102,000102,000
Jeff Beckley101,400101,400
Juan Ramirez101,400101,400
Shawn Stuart101,300101,300
Jasthi Kumar101,300101,300
John Hewgill101,000101,000
Ryan Scully100,900100,900
Donald Maloney100,800100,800
Hector Gerar Hernandez Olivare100,800100,800
Kennon Perez100,000100,000
Meddi Ferrah100,000100,000
Tibor Nagygyorgy99,90099,900
Ricardo Mateo99,90099,900
Damien Luis99,90099,900
Jurgen Wenigwieser99,70099,700
Paul Arnautoff99,50099,500
Keith Lehr99,50099,500
Ethan Foxman99,30099,300
Walter Atwood98,60017,600
Cody Dragoo98,50098,500
Sam Chartier98,30038,300
Gabe Paul98,30098,300
Chase Turner97,80097,800
Kevin Fitzgibbons97,70097,700
Douglas Pappan97,60097,600
Jerwin Pasco97,40097,400
Maximilian Wieser97,20097,200
Benjamin Morgan96,00096,000
Youcef Zalagh96,00096,000
Thomas Mullen95,80095,800
Marc Levy94,90094,900
Yannick Cardot94,90039,900
Enrico Rudelitz94,80094,800
John Yiovanakos94,70094,700
Phil Hellmuth94,500-6,500
Ana Marquez94,30094,300
Charles Leonard93,90093,900
Sal Lim93,80093,800
Matt Valeo93,60093,600
Michael Doherty93,5000
Mihai Niste93,40093,400
Robert Lenhart93,30093,300
Manish Vaswani93,20093,200
Stefan Reiser93,10093,100
Himmat Singh93,10093,100
Paul Radford93,00093,000
Christopher England92,90092,900
William Young92,20092,200
Mark Patterson92,10092,100
Christoph Strehl92,00092,000
Stephen Johnson91,90091,900
Mike Chang91,90091,900
Rolf Nordstrom91,40091,400
Anna Wroblewski91,30018,300
Jessica Perez91,3007,300
Giuseppe Zarbo91,10025,100
Leif Force91,10029,600
Stephen Gerber91,10091,100
Maxwell Green91,10091,100
Jussi Nevanlinna91,10091,100
Jean Montury91,00091,000
Evan Bethyo90,60090,600
Freddy Darakjian90,60090,600
Alexandros Takounakis90,30090,300
Andrew Gonder90,30090,300
Richard Kellett90,20090,200
Charles Martell90,00090,000
Mark Camarra90,00090,000
Lorenzo Adams89,90089,900
Ran Shahar89,50089,500
Alexander Mazzola89,20089,200
Jaime Esquivel89,00089,000
Erik Koch89,00089,000
Behzad Teranie89,00089,000
Greg Holsten89,00089,000
Shawn Buchanan88,80017,800
Pasquale Grimaldi88,50088,500
Softan Benaissa88,50088,500
Mattia Festa87,80087,800
Mark Buse87,20087,200
Ernest Smith86,80086,800
Thomas Brinley86,80086,800
Paul Kozusko86,6000
Joseph Parrish86,40086,400
Albertus Stegeman86,30086,300
Andres Rodriguez85,90085,900
Joshua Herman85,50085,500
Randal Heeb85,10085,100
Yudhishter Jaswal85,00085,000
Matthew Pedersen84,8000
Demosthenes Kiriopoulos84,80011,300
Muskan Sethi84,700-300
Denilson Menezes84,60084,600
Sean Swingruber84,50084,500
Christoph Vogelsang84,000-8,000
Gilad Gutkin84,00084,000
Min Sung83,80083,800
Sondre Bjornebekk83,70083,700
Ben Gilbert83,60083,600
Mike Feurer83,20083,200
Fred Lavassani82,80082,800
Michael Harvey82,70082,700
Chris Bach82,20082,200
Aristeidis Moschonas81,80081,800
Mohammad Khan81,80081,800
Ao Chen81,60081,600
Yossef Ifergan81,40081,400
Jaren Briggs81,20081,200
Mike Kinney81,10081,100
Linh Le81,10081,100
Mearl Wisehart81,00081,000
Lan Gu80,80080,800
Dominic Wells80,80080,800
Jameel Harris80,0009,500
David Ormsby80,00080,000
John Ranck79,90079,900
Jeffrey Mahoney79,80079,800
Quentin ROUSSEY79,70079,700
Nancy Anderson79,60079,600
Robert Constable79,50079,500
Egidio Aragno79,50079,500
Jon Gottlieb79,40079,400
Larry Quang79,20079,200
Marc Bernal78,90078,900
Kien Tran78,60078,600
Manuel Porras78,50078,500
Slimane Mameche78,30078,300
Randy Humphries78,20078,200
Steven Grady77,90077,900
Syed Raza77,70077,700
Armando Rojas77,10077,100
Alexandre Sako77,00077,000
Ignacio Sanchez76,600-900
Gregory Reddock76,50076,500
Jason Seitz76,10076,100
Oliver Posati76,00076,000
Chris Moneymaker75,80020,800
Daniel Park75,80075,800
Luis Fabio Fonseca Freitas75,80075,800
Ankit Ahuja75,50075,500
Amir Sahebdivani75,20075,200
Michael Schwartz75,200-47,500
Boulos Estafanous74,40074,400
Adam Krach74,400-20,600
June Cuervo74,20074,200
Clifford Pappas74,10074,100
Chris Karambinis74,10074,100
Sampo Ryynanen73,70073,700
Jacob Brundage73,40073,400
Jianwei Chen73,20073,200
Jonas Hagstrom72,80072,800
Gary Hasson72,80072,800
Domyo Aqmelli72,70072,700
Michael Binger72,6001,800
Adam Knepp72,60072,600
Joseph Krasner72,50072,500
Joseph Delucia72,40072,400
Konstantin Hammermuller72,20072,200
Albert Kinder71,700-12,300
John Rock71,60071,600
Huicun Qiao71,50071,500
Rafael Mota71,50071,500
Abdul Thonduru71,20071,200
DID NOT REPORT 1571,10071,100
Johnny Chen71,10071,100
Henry Fewster70,90070,900
Robert Bassuk70,800-19,200
Jeremy Baldisseri70,80070,800
Ryan Phan70,800-6,200
Juan Arango70,80070,800
Adrian Bertini70,70070,700
Caio Almeida70,40070,400
Jose Becerra70,30070,300
Jagdeep Bal70,30070,300
Robert Haigh70,30070,300
Joonas Helin70,10070,100
David Castranova69,90069,900
Fei Li69,90069,900
Christopher Dowling69,90069,900
Paul Hoefer69,90069,900
Stuart Rutter69,70069,700
Alexandre Rabusseau69,50069,500
Jeremy Eyer69,50069,500
Juan Rua69,30069,300
Daniel Spring69,20069,200
Tom Fuchs69,10069,100
Jay Sharon69,10069,100
Chad Thomsen69,00069,000
Joffrey Esteve68,70068,700
Mindy Threet68,60068,600
David Tuchman68,5008,500
Youcef Benzerfa68,50068,500
Oscar Antu68,30068,300
Daniel Scroggins68,30068,300
John Sacha68,10068,100
Filip Cvetinovic67,90067,900
Eric Salazar67,90067,900
Joseph Parys67,70067,700
David Inselberg67,50067,500
Ryan Gittleson67,30067,300
Tho Nguyen67,20067,200
Pardha Panchananam67,20067,200
Luvigji Nikci67,20067,200
Anirban Roy67,10067,100
Czeslaw Szerszen66,90066,900
Miklos Zsuffa66,90066,900
Damien Rhodes66,90066,900
Ramzi Alrashid66,50066,500
Louis Linard66,100-900
Kyle White66,000-2,000
Haribhai Gopaul65,70065,700
Mark Marasco65,10065,100
Paul Krok65,10065,100
Bosu Avunoori65,00065,000
Harald Sammer65,000-37,000
Tony Ma64,80064,800
Ben Landowski64,6002,300
Bernard Vu64,600-2,400
Jeaho Lee64,60064,600
Hans Erlandsson64,50064,500
Veronica Shireman64,40064,400
Jay Lee64,30064,300
Tyler Dickinson64,20064,200
Tara Kittle64,00064,000
Joseph Finocchaiaro63,90063,900
Arturo Ortuno63,90063,900
Richard Bruning63,90011,400
Christopher Ball63,70063,700
Sebastien Lebaron63,60063,600
Oleksandr Trokhymenko63,60063,600
Joshua Robertson63,10063,100
Eric Cloutier63,00063,000
Benjamin Souriau63,00063,000
Dave Alfa62,90062,900
Juan Latuff62,80062,800
Ryan Smith (CAN)62,40062,400
Cory Jacobsen62,40062,400
Farzad Bonyadi62,400-9,600
DID NOT REPORT 1462,00062,000
Trung Tran61,70061,700
Oysein Kristoffersen61,60061,600
Brandon Colburn61,50061,500
Jia Liu61,50061,500
Joseph Lacarrubba61,30061,300
David Espinola61,30015,800
Curtis Longman61,200200
Yang Yang61,20061,200
Matthew Clark61,20061,200
Tuan Le61,20061,200
Andrew Robinson61,00061,000
Steve Berdah60,90060,900
Anka Tezcan60,90060,900
Zachary VanKeuren60,80060,800
Joerg Winterhoff60,70060,700
Steven Kelly60,70060,700
Tyler Russell Mccusker60,40060,400
Rupom Pal60,10060,100
Tony Toscano60,00060,000
Patrick Naylor60,00060,000
Jeffrey Mitseff60,00060,000
Luis Torres60,00060,000
Rami Ilyasov59,70059,700
Marta Miquelmunoz59,60059,600
Andrew Watson59,60059,600
Raul Lozano59,50059,500
Anthony Harnden59,20059,200
Rajendra Ajmani59,10059,100
Tiffany Lee59,10059,100
Thomas Kalaway59,10059,100
Kevin Hamacher59,10059,100
Simon Burns59,100-20,900
Gregory Benac58,800-1,900
Anne Bui58,80058,800
Stephen Graner58,80058,800
William Fagerbakke58,70058,700
Andrey Malinin58,70058,700
Daniel Frischman58,70058,700
Bao Tran58,70058,700
Jean-Paul Pasqualini58,600-15,400
Michael Fallas58,50058,500
Jesse Shotwell58,50058,500
Javier Nunez58,40058,400
Peter Dykes58,20058,200
Myles German58,10058,100
Bruno Benveniste58,00058,000
Selim Oulmekki57,80057,800
Daniel Dangoor57,80057,800
Joseph Rossi57,70057,700
Peter Charalambous57,60057,600
Peter Pepaj57,50057,500
Henri Puustinen57,50057,500
John Fones57,50057,500
Rory Campbell57,50057,500
Dominic Cullen57,40057,400
Patrick Keogan57,30057,300
Eric Mizrachi57,30057,300
Paul Corlett57,20057,200
Rodney Horton57,10057,100
Will Givens57,00057,000
Kevin Zhang56,70056,700
Ruslan Evloev56,40056,400
Larry Smart56,40056,400
Ryan Mcclintock56,20056,200
Paul Beckler55,90055,900
Khamsy Bowles55,70055,700
Pierre Merlin55,600-1,400
Jeannette Mendez55,60055,600
Alexander Wasdahl55,60055,600
Patrick Kennedy55,30055,300
Remus Marele55,20055,200
Alex Ngo55,20055,200
Carl Shaw55,00055,000
Michael Rodrigues54,90054,900
Daniel Holmedahl54,70054,700
Zoltan Lanszki54,70054,700
Yannick Lahaie54,50054,500
Xizhe Yuan54,40054,400
Christopher Usude54,40054,400
Christopher Schaler54,30054,300
Allan Dyrstad54,30054,300
Shane Schleger54,20054,200
Harrison Gimbel54,1003,100
Brandon Schweitzer54,00028,100
Cedrric Trevino54,00054,000
George Karambinis53,90053,900
Victor Espinal53,80053,800
Rex Clinkscales53,500-36,500
Reagan Leman53,30053,300
Igor Borukhov53,20053,200
Yan Lavrovsky52,90052,900
Mason Vieth52,90052,900
Stanley Webb52,70052,700
Roger Taieb52,20052,200
Scotty Nguyen52,200200
David Abecassis52,20052,200
Matthew Mumford52,00052,000
Totti Arosuo51,90051,900
Tom Dekkers51,90051,900
David Mcnally51,90051,900
Brian Falcone51,90051,900
Buudang Nguyen51,70051,700
Ryan Clark51,600-1,000
Kenna James51,10051,100
Ke Chen51,10051,100
Duy Phan51,00051,000
Austin Welch50,70050,700
Kilian Kramer50,70050,700
Rayz Rayl50,30050,300
Tuan Phan50,30050,300
Marc Carpentier50,20050,200
He Huang50,20050,200
Matthew Shepsky50,20050,200
DID NOT REPORT 1650,10050,100
Dennis Stevermer50,10050,100
Matthew Cuddahee50,10050,100
James Miller50,00050,000
Masatoshi Tanaka50,00050,000
Bernard Larabi49,800-200
Reem Kazaz49,60049,600
Veerachai Vongxaiburana49,50049,500
Armin Ghojehvand49,40049,400
Marcel Vonk49,400-18,600
Chisung Kong49,30049,300
Tomomitsu Ono49,30049,300
Rijad Hasani49,20049,200
David Plastik49,20049,200
Michael Haddad49,00049,000
Randall Amon49,00049,000
Gennadiy Dvosis48,90048,900
David Daciolas48,70048,700
Dung Le48,60048,600
Quinton Williams48,50048,500
Luis Vazquez48,1000
Paul Lieu48,00048,000
Edwin Lau48,00048,000
Ole Schemion47,900-9,100
Luis Espitia47,80047,800
Thomas Barnes47,60047,600
Danny Noam47,60047,600
Christopher Battenfield47,40047,400
William Rizzuto47,30047,300
Eliott Kessas47,20047,200
Samir Bhatia47,00047,000
James Hess46,90046,900
Joseph Moore46,80046,800
Murat Muftari46,80046,800
Ronnie Ballantyne46,70046,700
William Marcavish46,70046,700
Nam Le (Tustin)46,50046,500
Alexander Gittings46,20046,200
Kiarash Hamadani46,10046,100
Hakim Zoufi45,70045,700
Raj Jain45,50045,500
Michael Moncek45,40045,400
Rellie Sigua45,20045,200
John Silva45,00045,000
Abu Hamza Bin Khalek44,60044,600
Barbara Enright44,40044,400
Dion Flores44,30044,300
Dominic Staniscia44,300-44,200
Louis Lynch44,10044,100
Matthew Su44,10044,100
Nesli Ohare44,10044,100
Hugo Naya44,00044,000
Stephen Thompson44,000-30,900
Deanna Shoup43,70043,700
Satish Andalam43,50043,500
Vasco Morgado43,40043,400
Roberto Musu43,30043,300
Christopher Grove43,20043,200
Mikael Guenni43,20014,500
Leo Margets43,20043,200
Niklas Asplund43,10043,100
Sunny Wong42,90042,900
Rui Bouquet42,60042,600
Kent Roed42,40042,400
Erik Cajelais42,30042,300
Borja Gross42,200-7,800
Brian Kent42,10042,100
Gareth Mcmahon42,10042,100
Laurance Essak42,00042,000
Karanvir Singh42,00042,000
Nicolas Halvorson41,70041,700
Adam Sowell41,60041,600
Mark Monzones41,40041,400
Jason Paradis41,10041,100
Bohdan Slyvinskyi40,90040,900
David Wells40,80040,800
Juan Moralasso40,30040,300
Kristijonas Andrulis40,10040,100
Mark Pender39,90039,900
Shota Nakanishi39,90039,900
Mirza Nagji39,90039,900
Shane Delaney39,90039,900
Joshua Maskell39,80039,800
Gintautas Putinas39,60039,600
Siddharth Karia39,50039,500
Kareem Marshall39,30039,300
Jared Solomon38,80038,800
Joseph Taylor38,20038,200
Jeremy Dresch38,100-48,100
Loukas Michael38,10038,100
Brian Paneth38,10038,100
Jeremy Lyons38,00038,000
Dana Kellstrom37,90037,900
Brett Robinson37,80037,800
Armand Alvarado37,60037,600
Niki Sharirli37,00037,000
Chase Fredensburg36,80036,800
Luke Graham36,50036,500
Sherif Elmessiri36,50036,500
Isai Alejandro Coello Ledezma36,20036,200
Hugo Nazar36,20036,200
Eric Hershler36,10036,100
Frederick Dattel36,00036,000
Ryan Fetherkile36,00036,000
Ben Wallace35,80035,800
Liraz Weiman35,70035,700
Sebastien Grax35,00035,000
Mrityunjay Jha34,30034,300
Lisa Costello34,2009,700
Randy Marker34,00034,000
Pedram Bouzarjomehri33,70033,700
Francois Evard33,10033,100
David Zarrin33,00033,000
Stephane Revelly32,90032,900
Allen Nielson32,20032,200
Daniel Smyth31,90031,900
Michael Mathews31,80031,800
Edward Pina31,60031,600
Marcus Agne31,60031,600
Thomas Carney31,00031,000
Hennock Fessehaie30,60030,600
Young Choi30,60030,600
Frederic Hwang30,50030,500
Scott Stevens30,50030,500
James Nixon30,20030,200
Jordan Cristos29,90029,900
Samuel Wynder29,80029,800
Julien Achard-Stropoli29,70029,700
Daniel Holmes29,40029,400
Orso Locatelli29,40029,400
Adam Bromley29,10029,100
Idris Ambraisse29,1002,100
Guillermo Nunez29,10029,100
Jonathan Benner29,000-13,000
Bleron Maliqi28,90028,900
John Gravagna28,600-40,200
Farhan Pirzada28,40028,400
Ricardo Eyzaguirre28,10028,100
Carlos Loving27,90027,900
Niel Mittelman27,60027,600
Sarkis Paronyan27,20027,200
John Marlowe27,10027,100
William Mclaughlin27,10027,100
Erle Mankin27,00027,000
Taha Maruf26,80026,800
William Tinoco26,60026,600
Amarender Puri26,50026,500
Dustin Dirksen26,30026,300
Byron Hubert26,20026,200
Roberly Felicio26,10026,100
Kellina Sanders26,00026,000
Daniel Studer26,00013,000
Davidi Kitai25,600-16,400
Benoit Lam25,400-13,600
Gaelle Baumann25,100-13,400
Johnathan Dempsey24,300-23,700
Isabelle Goncalves-Clement23,90023,900
Cobi Cobian23,90023,900
Jason Darland23,70023,700
Uwe Matthias23,60023,600
Jason White23,00023,000
Blue Rannefeld22,90022,900
Clint Riley22,70022,700
Charles Gill22,70022,700
David Hoag22,30022,300
Huilin Chen22,10022,100
David Bradshaw22,00022,000
James Kousouros21,90021,900
Paul Sokoloff21,80021,800
Yueqi Wang21,70021,700
David Funkhouser21,40021,400
Ioannis Angelou Konstas21,00021,000
Joshua Skaggs21,00021,000
James Baronian21,00021,000
Dominick Minaya20,80020,800
Brandon Crawford20,50020,500
Amitabh Mehra20,50020,500
Dien Le20,40020,400
Mark Vanderloo20,30020,300
Ryan Beckwith20,20020,200
Lawrence Lakatosh20,10020,100
Ludovic Sultan20,00020,000
John Morgan19,200-97,400
Mike Takayama18,80018,800
Guilherme Garcia18,40018,400
Lonnie Hallett18,20018,200
Michael Doverklint18,00018,000
Boutros Awad17,40017,400
David Frazee17,30017,300
Franck Makaci16,60016,600
John Roh16,50016,500
Cliff Kettinger16,30016,300
Barry Curran16,10016,100
Bruno Fitoussi16,000-14,000
Marco Zaurrini15,80015,800
Julien Veyssiere15,60015,600
Kevin Pollak15,300-2,300
Robin Hegele15,20015,200
Ishak Noyan15,00015,000
Aaron Orourke14,50014,500
David Dao14,30014,300
Andrew Ahn14,30014,300
Christopher Hyden14,10014,100
Chad Moore14,00014,000
Mark Flagel13,50013,500
Jonathan Azoulay13,40013,400
Samuel Von Kennel12,00012,000
Matthew Silberzweig12,00012,000
Jakob Miegel11,80011,800
Dan Heimiller11,600-1,000
Alexandros Kolonias11,200-21,800
Robin Sjogren Knutas10,50010,500
Surrinder Ahluwalia9,6009,600
Norman Nelson9,5009,500
Jun Li6,6006,600
Jesus Espinosa3,3003,300
Pluria Marshall11
Shawn Sheikhan1-79,999
Dapreesch Scates11
Cameron Mitchell11
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:51 AM Local Time
Four More Hands

The tournament clock has stopped with 10 minutes left on the clock and announced four more hands. After that the players will bag and come back tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:46 AM Local Time
Flopped Straight for Sethi

The action was picked up on the      board after the turn with three players involved. Muskan Sethi checked from the blinds, followed by Idris Ambraisse. The button bet 5,800 and Sethi called. Ambraisse tanked for a minute and eventually folded.

The river showed the   and Sethi checked. The button sent 21,500 in the middle and Sethi quickly called, revealing the    for a flopped straight. Her opponent sent the    into the muck.

Muskan Sethi85,00020,000
Idris Ambraisse27,00010,700
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:44 AM Local Time
GGPoker Qualifiers From Amazon Orange Are Thriving
Christopher Frank144,4002,100
Amadeusz Roślik143,0001,000
Kunal Punjwani136,00028,200
Michael Doherty94,5008,500
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:43 AM Local Time
Daniels Shows a Bluff

The board read the      after the turn with a little over 30,000 in the middle of the pot. Ryan Clark led out with a bet of 13,500 in middle position only to have Jake Daniels shove all in on the button.

Clark was put to the test for his remaining 50,000 plus chips and needed some time. After a couple of minutes, Clark finally ditched his cards and Daniels showed the    for complete air.

Jake Daniels185,0002,000
Ryan Clark52,600-5,500
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:42 AM Local Time
Mizrachi Puts Pressure

Harald Sammer started the action with a raise to 1,500 and it was called by Michael Mizrachi before the cutoff three-bet to 5,600. Sammer let it go but Mizrachi decided to call.

Mizrachi checked after the     came on the flop. The cutoff fired 38,000 and Mizrachi thought about his move for a minute and moved all-in for 126,100. His opponent didn't take long to fold his hand.

Michael Mizrachi180,00036,500
Harald Sammer102,00032,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:40 AM Local Time
Kiriopoulos Gets Paid With Two Pair

A completed board of the       was spread across the felt with three players still in the hand. Demosthenes Kiriopoulos led out for 10,000 from the small blind and got called by the big blind while the button folded.

Kiriopoulos turned over the    for two pair and his opponent mucked his cards.

Demosthenes Kiriopoulos73,500-5,500
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:38 AM Local Time
Pollak's Ace High Is Good

Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak raised to 1,200 under the gun which got folds from every position except for the big blind.

The board ran out the       with action checking on every street and Pollak declaring at the end "ace high." The big blind mucked his hand and Pollak took down a late-night pot.

Kevin Pollak17,600-1,400
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:26 AM Local Time
Hecklen Moving Up the Leaderboard

There was a raise to 1,500 from the cutoff and Henrik Hecklen three-bet to 4,500 on the button. Both the small and big blinds called while the cutoff folded.

The flop came the     and the action checked around to the   on the turn. The blinds checked again and Hecklen threw in a bet of 11,000. Both of his opponents released their cards and Hecklen scooped another pot.

Henrik Hecklen210,00022,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:24 AM Local Time
Queens Are Not Good for Linard

In a heads-up situation with the flop    , Louis Linard check-called from the big blind seat a bet worth 4,000 from his opponent.

The turn showed the   and this time Linard led out for 12,000. His opponent tanked for some time and eventually called.

The river was the   and both players quickly checked. Linard revealed the    but his opponent tabled the    to claim the pot with two pair.

Louis Linard67,000-17,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:22 AM Local Time
Walton Soars After Sending Normand to the Rail

Adam Walton raised it up from the hijack and Frederic Normand three-bet on the button. Walton stuck in a four-bet and within moments the two players had all their chips in the middle with Normand at risk.

Norman flipped over    but ran right into Walton's   . A king-high flop gave Walton a set of kings and Norman was unable to recover as he was seen heading for the tournament doors.

Adam Walton338,50050,500
Frederic Normand0-42,500
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:19 AM Local Time
A Round of Counts From Amazon Orange
Dominic Ricciardi163,0002,000
Ramiro Petrone125,00054,500
Erick Lindgren115,00029,000
Vinny Ta110,000-14,200
Liv Boeree90,00016,000
David Tuchman60,0006,000
Ole Schemion57,00026,500
Chris Moneymaker55,0003,000
Pat Lyons16,200-38,800
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:17 AM Local Time
Schweitzer Finds Life

An under-the-gun player raised to 1,400 and the players on the button and in the small blind called. In the big blind, Brandon Schweitzer went all in for 10,400 and the initial raiser called. The other players folded and the cards were turned on their backs.

Brandon Schweitzer:   

The flop and turn came out      which had Schweitzer drawing slim, to either a straight or a set. Luckily for him, the river came a   which gave Schweitzer a set of threes for the full double.

Brandon Schweitzer25,90011,300
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:08 AM Local Time
Remaining Tan Counts

The Tan section of the room is breaking, with only four tables left in play.

Joe Cook151,000-16,000
Barry Greenstein140,700-4,300
Andy Black73,00012,000
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:07 AM Local Time
Ho Steals the Pot

The action was picked up in a three-way raised pot with around 15,000 in the middle.

The     flop was dealt and it was checked by a player and Vinh Ho. The cutoff sent 7,000 in the middle and the first player called. Ho decided to check-raise to 30,000 and the cutoff folded. The first player tanked for a long time before folding as well and Ho grabbed the pot.

Vinh Ho104,000104,000
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:55 PM Local Time
Vogelsang Steadily Climbing

Christoph Vogelsang

Christoph Vogelsang and his opponent in seat one each put in 1,800 on the     flop to see the   turn. Seat one check-called a bet of 7,000 from Vogelsang and they went to the river  .

Seat 1 checked again and Vogelsang slid out 20,000. His opponent thought it over for a minute and let it go as Vogelsang dragged the pot with a smile on his face.

"King-queen of hearts," asked his opponent?

"I'll tell you at the end of the day if you want," said Vogelsang.

Christoph Vogelsang92,00020,500
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:48 PM Local Time
More Chip Counts from Amazon Purple
Moundir Zoughari198,000-17,000
Natalie Hof182,00018,000
Franck Kalfon153,000-29,000
Fedor Holz125,00011,000
Bernard Vu67,00011,000
Muskan Sethi65,000200
Laurence Grondin42,000-6,500
Gaelle Baumann38,500-12,000
Mikael Guenni28,700-10,300
Lisa Costello24,500-13,500
Idris Ambraisse16,300300
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:48 PM Local Time
Jaraiz Cracks Aces with Kings

It only took a couple of raises for Jose Jaraiz and his opponent to get all of the chips in the middle preflop. Jaraiz had his opponent covered who was all in for a little over 20,000.

Jose Jaraiz:   

The flop came     and Jaraiz took the lead with a set of kings. The   on the turn and the   on the river changed nothing as Jaraiz eliminated his opponent.

Jose Jaraiz117,500
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:46 PM Local Time
Counts From Amazon Orange
Johan Guilbert125,0009,000
Michael Binger70,800-1,500
Frederic Normand42,500600
Daniel Studer13,000-11,400