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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, November 04, 2021 to Thursday, November 04, 2021

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold'em World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $62,011,250
  • Entries: 6,650
  • Remaining: 0


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Wednesday, November 10, 2021 1:00 AM Local Time
Shahid, Martinez, and Davies Among the Big Stacks on Day 2abd

Rameez Shahid

The 2021 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event has concluded the first of two Day 2s. All survivors of Day 1a, 1b, and 1d returned to their seats in the Brasilia and Pavilion Room and along with the late entrants, that made for more than 3,000 hopefuls from all over the world back in action in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. After the completion of five two-hour levels, that field was cut down to more than half on Day 2abd.

Two Canadians can be found near the top of the leaderboard as Rameez Shahid (731,700) and Damien Steel (649,000) emerged among the chip leaders. Not far behind Shahid are David Mock (679,700), Farhad Jamasi (635,000), Raul Martinez (628,100), Steve Foutty (620,000), and Mitchell Halverson (617,600).

2014 WSOP APAC Main Event champion Scott Davies started his journey on Day 2abd with just 17,600. However, he became one of several contestants who finished the night with a stack of more than half a million in chips, as he wrapped up the night inside the top ten (615,100).

Scott Davies
Scott Davies

WSOP Main Event Day 2abd Top 10 Chip Counts

1Rameez ShahidCanada731,700305
2David MockUnited States679,700283
3Damien SteelCanada649,000270
4Farhad JamasiUnited States635,000265
5Raul MartinezSpain628,100262
6Steve FouttyUnited States620,000258
7Mitchell HalversonUnited States617,600257
8Scott DaviesUnited States615,100256
9David ColemanUnited States613,500256
10Kayvon ShahbazUnited States599,200250

Other notables who advanced with healthy stacks are David Coleman (613,000), Johan Schumacher (597,000), Robert Cowen (596,400), Nick Petrangelo (490,200), Anton Wigg (490,000), Mustapha Kanit (473,300), Brian Altman (440,100), Roman Valerstein (424,400), Japanese vlogger Masato Yokosawa (365,700), and GGPoker ambassador Jason Koon (361,200).

The women in the field also had a strong showing as Brittney Stout (394,900), Nadya Magnus (353,400), Jessica Cai (303,000), Kathy Liebert (285,500), Ana Freitas (239,100), 2021 Ladies Event champion Lara Eisenberg (229,300), Kitty Kuo (203,100), Maria Ho (199,000), and Sarah Stefan (129,400) all made it through to Day 3.

It was one of the busiest days of the 2021 WSOP so far as the constant riffling of chips could be heard throughout the entire Pavilion Room. For the first time, the flagship tournament allowed late registration on Day 2, and players could enter for the first two levels and the following break.

Some 145 contenders opted to buy into Day 2abd during the first two levels instead of jumping into Day 1f, which kicked off one hour later in the Amazon Room. Along with all of the Day 1 entries across the six starting days, the flagship event of the festival has attracted more than 6,500 entries already.

When the dust had settled upon completion of Level 10, more than half of the field was gone and all those still in the mix condensed into four different areas in the Pavilion Room bagged up their chips. Some notables who failed to make it that far were Jeff Hakim, Asi Moshe, Adam Friedman, Rep Porter, Mikita Badziakouski, Sam Grafton, Jeff Gross, as well as the GGPoker online streamers Patrick Tardif and Kevin Martin.

Maria Konnikova saw her Main Event run come to an end when she was involved in a three-way all-in with pocket jacks. Pete Skyllas flopped an inferior set of tens but spiked the one-outer to score a double knockout. Melanie Weisner, Lexy Gavin, Lena Evans, and Kelly Minkin, Kyna England, and Danielle Andersen were also sent to the rail.

Among the former WSOP Main Event champions, Tom McEvoy, Jerry Yang, Ryan Riess, and Doyle Brunson all saw their hopes of a repeat victory end.

The survivors of Day 2abd now have one day off before returning to their seats on Thursday, November 11, at 11 am local time. They will then be joined by all those who make the cut for the second Day 2, which features all survivors of Day 1c, Day 1e, and Day 1f along with the players who enter during the late registration period.

When the action for Day 3 resumes with blinds starting at 1,200/2,400 with a big ante of 2,400, the prize pool information will be known already and the money bubble is expected to burst early on Day 4. Stay tuned for more action from Las Vegas, as the PokerNews live reporting team will be on the floor from start to finish for the pinnacle live poker event of the year.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 12:17 AM Local Time
Full End of Day 2abd Chip Counts
Rameez Shahid731,7000
David Mock679,7000
Damien Steel649,0000
Farhad Jamasi635,000305,000
Raul Martinez628,1000
Steve Foutty620,0000
Mitchell Halverson617,6000
Scott Davies615,1000
David Coleman613,500500
Kayvon Shahbaz599,200360,700
Johan Schumacher597,0000
Robert Cowen596,4000
Sasa Ikac583,900583,900
Nick Petrangelo580,00089,800
David Levy561,5000
Dragana Lim559,8004,800
William O'Neil545,1000
Stephen Song540,30048,300
Andrew Ostapchenko538,4000
Noel Eicher517,500500
Ruslan Dykshteyn513,000372,000
Mark Zullo506,6000
Martin Pineiro503,200432,000
David Williams499,100499,100
Anton Wigg490,0000
Roman Valerstein474,90050,500
Mustapha Kanit473,3000
Amir Mirrasouli473,200419,200
Russell Thomas469,400209,400
Mike Linster467,500306,300
Matthew Gawel465,300145,300
Yehoshua Saadon461,7000
Greg Mueller456,500-28,500
William McMahon454,200454,200
Todd Ivens452,20038,700
Alex Outhred450,3000
Jeremy Meacham448,3000
Alex Livingston442,700-12,300
Brian Altman440,100100
Benjamin Mccoy439,1000
Lion Lee438,2000
Adam Monaghan437,200-2,800
Pete Skyllas434,20034,200
Brian Wood432,700215,400
Marcos Exterkotter426,700253,100
Shaun Oneil422,300-400
Jack Oliver417,000211,200
Zachary Donovan415,000293,600
Robert Cunha414,800414,800
Rittie Chuaprasert414,0000
Abhinav Iyer410,900320,400
Alex Goulder410,200125,200
Dario Marinelli409,500339,100
Robert Feathers406,300349,700
Steven Kirton406,200268,700
Ugur Secilmis405,000145,000
Dave Stefanski404,800-15,200
Matt Affleck404,10064,100
Derek Worley402,000265,000
DID NOT REPORT 4401,300338,300
Sergio Fernandez397,400397,400
Eddie Ochana396,500146,500
Blair Hinkle396,200281,200
Brittney Stout394,9000
Bryan Brozman394,400263,600
Santiago Nadal393,50088,500
Matthew Ernst388,200290,700
Yifu He387,600191,000
Robert Shega387,100329,600
Niko Koop386,4006,400
Roman Hrabec385,900-34,100
Gary Blackwood384,600208,900
Shane Raikes383,900310,400
Daniel Fuhs382,000-8,000
Masashi Fujiike380,20048,200
Seth Evans380,0000
Jordan Redavid379,000-73,500
Nicholas Rigby378,000206,600
Theodoros Tsianos377,000239,300
Eshaan Bhalla376,600101,600
Keith Kordowski374,400189,900
Bryan Braswell373,900269,800
Chang Liu372,6002,600
Tuan Huynh365,700239,400
Masato Yokosawa365,7000
Kunal Shah364,200243,000
Rayan Chamas363,900253,200
Kenneth Johnson363,300225,100
Chad Eveslage363,300-2,700
Omar Saeed363,000271,000
Joseph Drory361,800302,800
DID NOT REPORT 5361,700277,600
Jason Koon361,200207,200
Ryan D'Angelo361,200189,700
Benjamin Heath360,800360,800
John Leathart360,500276,700
Maury Barrett358,400-31,600
Vojtech Ruzicka357,500101,500
Joshua Paige Remitio356,600223,600
Andrew Talbot356,200277,200
Rahul Deevara354,100178,300
Nadya Magnus353,4000
Aaron Earthman353,200126,400
Artashes Kartalyan352,000285,400
Clayton Maguire346,400133,400
Sejin Park345,700202,500
Adedapo Ajayi344,3004,000
Matthew Hunt344,000156,200
Michael Faulkner343,000-800
Rafal Michalowski342,270300,570
Michael Zulker342,000235,900
Clement Van Driessche341,400232,600
Keir Sullivan340,200179,700
Nachman Berlin340,000244,000
Selahaddin Bedir339,900139,900
Andy Miller339,200185,500
Eric Blair337,800153,500
Daniel Jones335,400180,100
Jeonggyu Cho335,300182,700
Rui Milhomens334,400334,400
Yulian Bogdanov334,200231,200
Matthew Shaw333,200-87,800
Miculitzki Gaston333,000333,000
Tamon Nakamura332,100138,200
Laura Desantis331,8000
Jeremy Joseph330,200222,700
Jarrett Hlavaty329,600237,000
Kevin Schulz326,300215,300
Phachara Wongwichit325,500135,500
Francisco Fragoso325,000165,000
David Fong322,70037,700
Ivan Obradovic322,300121,600
Yuhei Sanada320,500198,300
Tonio Roder320,100264,200
Ranganath Kanchi320,000190,000
Chuc Nguyen320,000242,800
Maxx Holland319,400295,600
Thomas Zanot317,800221,700
Jose Severino317,4000
Christian Christner317,400217,400
Ubaid Habib317,400152,400
Oliver Biles317,200157,200
Eliran Yamin316,90021,900
Tommaso Briotti316,500182,500
Manny Olszynko316,300165,900
Luis Pinho316,200249,900
Gary Cheng314,9000
Joel Worcester314,600198,400
Brian Frasca313,900180,400
Daniel Sewnig312,900261,300
Audrius Stakelis312,400198,800
Chance Kornuth312,200-7,800
Punnat Punsri312,000217,400
Andrew Cooper311,3000
Kyle Chang311,100255,600
Andjelko Andrejevic309,900109,900
Michael Farrow309,800166,000
Anthony Zinno309,40074,400
James Little307,300286,300
Joshua Greenberg305,300211,100
Rafi Elharar305,1000
Samuel Gagnon305,100225,100
Joseph Roh304,900155,600
Ben Yu304,8000
Faraz Jaka304,0000
Alexander Dmytraczenko303,500240,000
Frank Weigel303,300174,800
Jessica Cai303,0000
Michael Lavin300,800183,100
Benoit Coulombe300,700141,800
Richard Munro299,500187,700
Zachary Mcdiarmid299,100247,500
Steven Rivero299,00011,400
Breixo Gonzalez299,000229,200
Simeon Spasov298,800298,800
Felix Bleiker298,50083,500
Stephen Chidwick296,2000
Gary Fessia295,600259,800
Craig Welko294,60088,600
Nicholas Lepore294,000165,800
Conrad Simpson293,00078,000
Karim Lehoussine292,500215,900
Julian Sacks292,300197,400
JJ Liu292,20065,200
Feng Li291,70078,400
Yuri Dzivielevski291,30076,300
Ron Fetsch290,600-40,600
Michael Schneider290,400181,300
James Gilbert289,600119,000
Andreas Kniep289,20094,500
Eric Pfenning289,100115,800
Ronnie Bardah288,8006,800
Martin Jacobson288,100-700
Dae Woong Song287,700184,000
Dan Dyke287,400162,700
Dan Gannon287,400178,600
Ulysse Harry287,000139,600
Nicolas Vayssieres285,800235,500
Benjamin Armstrong285,700239,100
Onur Unsal284,50044,500
Robert Guzman284,400150,600
Daniel Babb284,000190,600
Chase Bianchi282,80092,800
Aaron Gunn282,200167,500
Andrew Donabedian281,5000
Georgios Sotiropoulos280,100-99,900
Austin Lewis280,000170,000
Jonas Kronwitter280,000-50,000
Jason Osser279,800176,100
Kasparas Klezys279,50059,500
Matthew Hopkins279,40083,400
Michael Walsh279,400209,200
Michael Womack279,200145,600
PJ Cha278,70013,700
Ping Liu277,500182,500
Preston McEwen275,90051,900
Tamer Alkamli275,400129,900
Elilton Gouveia275,000125,000
Robert Lipkin275,000220,000
Samuel Haber274,500203,600
Philipe Pizzari Pinto274,400198,900
David Kilmartin Lappin274,000274,000
Nick Schwarmann273,400202,500
John Wellendorf273,00093,000
Keith Carter273,000140,000
Hogyun Kang273,000187,600
Elanit Hasas272,300198,300
Cole Ferraro272,000167,000
Joseph Brumpacheco271,100168,000
Marshall White270,100171,500
Colin Phoenix270,000117,300
Masam Aslanpour270,000186,700
Jose Montes270,000105,000
Robert Downs269,5000
Peter Deramo269,500134,100
James Kasputis Jr.269,100208,800
Kamal Bittar268,600-81,400
Craig Trost268,400-9
Ryan Eriquezzo268,100171,500
Jaime Cervantes267,500-27,500
Oleksii Kravchuk267,40071,400
Atrayon Trevino267,0000
Peter Mugar266,100104,600
Ayodesi Coker265,00096,000
Brian Saslavchik264,500181,200
Jamil Kanji264,500207,000
Joshua Merrin263,200101,600
Paul Yi263,10047,600
Cole Chait262,90086,900
Nabil Cardoso262,900122,900
Marcel McGray262,300183,900
John Song261,800156,300
Steven Loube260,200129,600
Chris Moorman259,7000
Michael Graffeo259,600151,900
Marco Zevola259,600149,500
Vincas Tamasauskas259,600188,600
Henry Fischer259,400190,000
Steven Sauser258,900178,100
Sai Ming Poon258,200155,200
Xing Wei257,600149,100
Michael Jensen256,600164,100
Lachezar Petkov255,70063,400
Ivan Galinec255,50044,200
JJ DeLaGarza254,900131,000
Mike Vanier254,50097,500
Robert Matos254,20071,100
Brandon Hamlet253,50095,500
Harry Ross253,50068,500
Vinh The Nguyen253,5000
Martin Gavasci252,600197,700
Kenny Smaron252,500252,500
Jake Toole252,500142,600
Lukas Volman252,300171,700
Joao Simao251,9000
Danny Wong251,30012,300
David Flood251,00057,700
Ryan Roeder250,900185,500
Jeramiah Daugherty250,400152,700
Ilyas Muradi249,6000
Hayden Toole248,8000
Kevin Campbell248,40090,700
Jon Gisler247,500106,600
Josh Pollock245,600150,000
Sergio Coutinho245,600245,600
Marle Cordeiro245,000135,900
Robert Fikac244,600171,800
Tom Midena244,300142,300
Andrew Dick244,00066,700
Mauricio Solano243,500243,500
Jerry Wong243,500500
Michael Rhodes242,700163,400
Josh Kay242,700242,700
Sonia Shashikhina242,10022,100
Omer Gabay240,9000
Jorden Fox240,700240,700
Jeanbaptiste Dequengo240,600240,600
Michael Katz240,400197,800
Anthony Kalanj239,80097,300
Dominic Picinic239,500108,800
Martin Finger239,1000
Renan Bruschi239,100206,700
Ana Freitas239,1000
Kevin Gerhart238,9000
Michael Pedulla238,400166,600
Justin Harvell238,200171,300
Isaiah Goldman237,100179,900
Jeffrey Thoney236,400236,400
Justin Bonomo236,2000
Takashi Matsushita236,000162,200
Elton Beebe236,00077,600
Michael Delvecchio236,000130,400
Brian Ganon235,80049,200
Hyung Sun Jung234,400208,400
Bryan Fowler234,200189,000
Hlib Kovtunov234,20073,500
Florian Duta234,2000
Wojciech Barzantny234,2004,200
Tanner Lefferts234,000109,300
Keith Mendonsa233,700155,100
Zachary Grech233,5000
Lewe Thiessen233,10067,100
Edward Harris233,000183,000
Tatsuya Seki232,700-57,300
Shalev Halfa232,600174,900
Jacob Millstein231,000176,900
John Gonzalez230,400217,100
Weston Pring230,30093,300
Nicholas Marsico230,1000
Robert Kuhn229,4000
Lara Eisenberg229,3000
Yashuo Chin229,10065,400
Peter Chu229,0006,700
Maksims Gorbacs228,900800
Jordan Semel228,60092,600
Jason Welch228,600115,600
Robert Brown228,000122,300
Paul Lewis228,000198,200
Matthew Traylor227,400-36,200
David Swift227,000226,999
Andy Spears227,00067,100
Colin McHugh226,90089,300
Hye Park226,900109,100
Sean Mcdonald226,100132,000
Ronald Peterson226,100154,600
Sammy Lafleur226,100131,400
Randy Ohel226,000-34,000
Jordan Scott226,000146,500
Harrison Ashdown226,000226,000
Ryan Goldenberg225,000101,500
David Ring224,300118,200
Parminder Kumar224,300110,800
Jean Guillette224,2001,000
Avi Mukherjee224,10087,200
Brian Hu224,100189,700
Anton Grinkevich223,200166,500
Sterling Lopez223,200223,200
Matthew Nemitoff223,000-185,000
Alessandro Siena222,40085,600
Tim Reilly222,20060,200
Keith Mclaurin221,700121,000
Byungjin Kang221,500144,200
Charles Balint221,10075,900
Hao Sun220,900220,900
Nicholas Sena-Hopkins220,600169,500
Connor Stuewe220,500-9,500
Ardit Kurshumi220,300-8,700
DJ Buckley219,7000
Dhimitri Lleshi219,600123,600
Yingge Yan219,500134,300
Alexandre Servies219,00098,800
Miguel Use219,00024,000
Timothy Mina218,800-7,500
Daniel Enright218,60056,800
Raymond Latinsky218,500120,400
Anthony Potis218,4000
Max Lehmanski218,200165,200
Boris Kasabov217,900-3,100
Sebastian Hoyos217,700156,800
Jordan Spurlin217,400-20,100
Ryan Vanderpoorten217,200116,100
Saya Ono217,10027,100
Frank Bastow217,00038,800
Aditya Agarwal217,00087,000
William Nichols216,800143,000
Oscar Blanco216,800170,100
Brandon Fishman216,0000
Brett Bader215,800103,900
Jacob Marples215,200122,500
Aneris Adomkevicius215,100168,000
Will Failla215,000105,000
Francisco Estrada214,500-69,500
Dominykas Karmazinas214,20069,200
Roussos Koliakoudakis214,10092,100
Rumen Nanev213,80048,800
Jared Jaffee213,6000
Rami Boukai212,70082,100
Bawoo Yun212,300151,700
Avi Zikry212,300130,900
Pavel Plesuv211,90076,500
Jevon Lam211,400152,900
Eugene Chung211,400900
James Angelo211,400114,100
Joseph Cutler211,300113,200
Timothy Garles210,400210,400
Hieu Tran210,300100,900
Thissa Desilva210,10042,100
Benjamin Ezer209,60076,100
Lewis Spencer209,500-15,600
Isaac Kempton209,50090,500
Nam Phan208,400118,100
Keith Kaiser208,200152,500
Ehsan Amiri208,1000
Taus Lilius208,000-113,000
Steven Gomric207,200163,700
Will Molson207,000126,600
Chairud Vangchailued206,500109,500
Matthew Volosevich206,200119,700
Thu Tran206,20089,200
Jameson Painter206,20039,900
Ronald Jensen206,200125,700
Raymond Lui206,000132,200
Brandon Cutsinger205,200111,000
Atanas Kodinov205,000180,100
Ian Tang204,600143,400
Brian Yoon204,6000
Julian Sanchez204,50060,500
Michael Pearson204,000111,400
Vangelis Kaimakamis204,000103,800
Bobby Ledtetter203,800141,000
Daniel Tafur203,500126,000
Evan Cutler203,400191,400
Justin Lunin-Pack203,10026,500
Kitty Kuo203,1000
Jerry Robinson203,000203,000
Mike Ruter202,900138,800
Jeffrey Chang202,800150,600
Federico Quevedo202,600202,600
Adam Richardson202,0002,300
Francis Cruz201,900105,600
Scott Fitzhugh201,700-69,300
Jeremy Heiskanen201,6000
Kou Vang201,20098,900
Gary Margolis200,90065,300
Andy Finkelberg200,10087,100
Adam Adler200,000200,000
Ronald Sullivan200,000133,900
Jason Hickey199,900157,900
Jeff Lennon199,300148,600
Chad Schneider199,3000
David Fuss199,100140,300
Maria Ho199,000152,000
Mcdonald Ledbetter199,00039,000
Junga Choi198,600138,200
Alan Merdita198,600121,100
Tobias Anttila198,10085,100
Bogdan Munteanu197,70083,000
Roland Israelashvili197,20023,500
Hiren Patel196,90088,700
William Pierce196,900149,900
Matt Waxman196,80091,400
Ofir Mor196,400119,900
Emmanuel Okrah Jr196,000132,400
Richard Mullen195,60064,700
Steve Merrifield195,20084,900
George Petten195,100165,900
Brent Ballentine195,000147,000
Nikolas Metaxas194,70079,700
Jorden Helstern194,500139,200
Michail Grigorev194,500121,200
Kevin Palmer194,40028,100
Thomas Butler194,00058,500
Ziao Guo194,00046,400
Albert Morrow193,80067,700
Stephen Hesse193,400193,400
Anthony Ortega193,100108,100
Andrew Yakubovich191,60061,500
Ben Hamnett191,50045,700
Junhyoung Ki191,30024,500
Ivan Demidov191,200143,200
Michael Morgan190,500190,500
Billy Baxter190,3000
Seungmook Jung190,100190,100
Florian Fuchs190,000120,000
Chris Sandrock190,000-5,000
Dale Jones189,70072,700
Erwin Dewald189,50063,700
Jordan Rapoport189,40079,600
Kevin Alexander189,20041,600
Adam Owen189,1000
Fares Santana189,10052,100
Joshua Tam188,50016,500
Wayne Lippman188,40016,700
Lisa Xie188,000101,600
Neil Deutsch188,000141,000
Alen Patatanyan187,800134,800
Travis Maly187,300100,300
Massoud Eskandari187,300187,300
Fatima Nanji187,2000
Arie Zinger187,00095,800
Uke Dauti187,000136,300
Jonathan Borenstein186,90086,300
Vladimir Vasilyev186,400-45,600
Barny Boatman186,200-3,800
Chris Wallace186,100-30,600
David Novosel185,800120,800
Hrayr Grigoryan185,700-1,800
Anthony Giliberti185,20095,300
David Cabrera185,00063,200
Andreas Zervas184,80085,400
Idan Greenberg184,20095,400
John Akin183,600143,600
Sylvain Naets183,500147,500
Jackob Datashvili183,500183,500
Vidur Sethi183,400-42,800
Alphonsus Yoon183,00011,000
Breno Silva182,80078,500
Brett Halan182,700155,200
Michael Aukerman182,40082,200
Dustin Hufnagel182,40073,400
David MacLeod182,20064,500
Ken Aldridge182,0000
Ido Aboudi181,900-106,100
Craig Varnell181,0000
Ayaz Mahmood181,000-95,500
Fabian Gumz180,60055,600
Gregory Robbins180,40052,900
Jonathan Dwek180,400180,400
Allan Le180,0004,000
Dylan Collingwood179,600137,600
Andrew Marson179,500179,500
Michael Young179,40067,400
Yaniv Peretz179,000143,500
Yevgeniy Timoshenko179,00094,000
Yudai Goto178,9000
Matt Kramer178,90084,500
Martin Mathis178,60086,400
Diego Sobrino178,100115,300
Dmitrii Kamalov177,80058,200
Bruno Lopes177,40083,800
Payman Arjang177,400115,300
David Chung177,30076,098
Matthew Kaplan177,00042,400
James Gregg176,80062,900
Bertrand Grospellier176,500176,500
John Simonian176,100121,500
Blake Napierala176,00083,000
Luke Iorio175,900-94,100
Michael Melone175,800108,500
Yale Greenfield175,50098,900
Michael Nugent175,20074,300
Christopher Andler175,10036,300
Garry Bliesner175,1000
Daniel Swartz175,00024,800
John Corning174,800123,600
Brock Parker174,70088,700
Michal Wywrot174,50099,800
Patrick Stacey174,400121,300
Michael Leick174,300101,500
Alejandro Lococo174,00085,700
Andre Butler174,00027,400
SheLok Wong173,80062,300
Gary Leibovitz173,7002,800
Vincent Giuliano173,40068,600
Antoine Sankari173,30032,300
Jennifer Noone173,00075,200
Mike Shariati172,800103,600
Matt Berkey172,6000
Ian O'Hara172,30045,800
Wai Ngai172,20015,500
Shi Chen172,20062,200
Akihide Shimizu171,90032,100
Adam Duong171,50062,600
Carl Masters171,30089,600
Nate Silver171,000-4,000
Sean Downs171,000130,100
Mark Miele170,5000
Hassan Mechammil170,50033,500
Gustavo Morales170,100122,300
Adrian Buckley170,000-25,000
Griffin Paul169,600169,600
Mohammad Siddiqui169,40097,500
John Young169,3000
Alexandre Vuilleumier169,10080,400
Alexander Wong169,00016,200
Cristian Paco168,60040,600
Taylor Deane168,50027,600
Sean Legendre168,40064,600
Jeffrey Reardon168,30083,700
Chase Turnquest168,20060,200
Christopher Lastiwka168,100-6,900
Robert Campbell (AU)168,100168,100
Matias Salas167,50023,600
Feizal Satchu167,00054,000
Sirous Jamshidi166,100166,100
Vijaya Rakesh Madala166,00020,000
Steve Yea165,900-154,100
Jeanphilippe Goulet-Ratelle165,600-2,300
Farhad Davoudzadeh165,50093,500
Justin Arnwine165,20032,800
Edo Zucker165,10054,100
Kenneth Neri165,00037,200
Boshuang Gao164,800164,800
Keegan Westover164,700-100,300
Adam Grossack164,300100,100
Michael Krasienko164,3000
Robert Mather164,10034,100
Kory Mitchell164,000149,600
Noah Schwartz163,80041,200
Roberto Begni163,800104,400
Jeffrey Baker163,20044,200
Eric Lange163,00033,000
Daniel Wagner163,00042,600
Paulo Villena163,00080,000
Byambajav Bandi162,90045,700
Mike Sowers162,60022,200
David Farber162,50091,400
Jason Bigelow162,400100,000
Jared Bleznick161,200-7,000
Denys Chufarin160,80068,600
Brayden Gazlay160,800160,800
Matthew Higgins160,50014,500
David Gutfreund160,500160,500
Craig Schauer160,10054,100
Max Avela160,10082,500
Jason Marshman159,80048,700
Albert Ng159,70060,800
Sara Cholhagian159,70096,000
Ryan Awwad159,50064,100
Scott Baumstein159,500-20,500
Kosaku Akashi159,300-5,700
Charbel Kanterjian159,10071,800
Peter Nigh159,00067,400
Russell Vulpio158,70090,900
Junsheng Han158,70087,200
Jeremy Becker158,60055,900
Marc Wolpert158,500-91,500
Micha Hoedemaker158,500-16,500
Mojahed Abuhadba158,40011,200
Michael Belov158,00093,900
Alan Krassowski157,90057,100
Cheryl Spencer-Nejtek157,800-11,700
Marcell Csata157,300157,300
Daniel Bunce157,30079,000
Slaven Popov157,20062,000
David "Bakes" Baker157,100-90,200
Justin Turner157,00071,700
Philippe Souki156,8000
Phi Hong156,60076,200
Erikas Laugzemys156,50026,500
Benjamin Steinwachs156,500130,900
Raul Manzanares156,40092,400
Brock Squire156,300103,500
Oliver Thomas156,20062,400
Ryan Lenaghan156,100156,100
Bart Lybaert155,90017,900
Bruce Knee155,60097,300
Sean Mehan155,60010,400
Thomas Mccabe155,60013,800
Kevin Chan155,50057,400
Christopher Paolino155,20032,500
Daniel Montagnolli155,20018,400
Mike Wattel154,900-15,100
Alberto Meran154,60037,700
Derek Lapan154,30049,900
Andy Li154,300-2,300
Jesus Martinez154,20069,000
Sanjeev Kapoor154,000106,300
Peter Hong154,000154,000
Joseph Jean153,70071,900
Kevin Sun153,10027,800
Philip Neiman153,100153,100
Josip Simunic153,10088,100
Patrick Testoni152,6000
Ryan Gianquitti152,600114,000
Harold Evans152,50033,800
Nicolas Betbese152,10014,700
Eli Frenkel151,90062,600
Taras Manko151,900-8,100
George Holmes151,900-16,600
David Berman151,4002,400
Parmod Soni151,30080,800
William Benson151,20064,900
Ran Ilani151,10057,100
Paul Avezzie151,10027,800
Ted Gonzalez151,10014,600
Brian Mancilla150,60087,000
Daniel Oneill150,50078,600
Colin Wickersheim150,50087,300
Devon Ballard150,10015,500
Maros Lechman150,0001,500
Adrian State150,00040,000
William Koenig149,8004,500
Jonathan Kramer149,50049,300
Ion Godoroja149,00096,600
Stephen Deutsch148,90065,200
Joao Vieira148,700148,700
Ryan Torgersen148,700109,200
Rajvir Dua148,40053,800
James Morgan (CAN)148,30071,700
Joseph Liberta148,00094,300
Jacob Connelly148,00085,800
Tyler Sigman147,90024,200
Anar Khalilov147,70038,500
Stephen Chimelski147,00095,000
Kevin Pitstock146,70021,700
Aristoteles Neto146,70023,200
Vito DiStefano146,50095,500
Tzur Levy146,500-18,400
Jeffrey Smith146,50062,900
Aaron Thivyanathan146,500146,500
Benedikt Eberle146,30065,300
Matthew Giametta146,00081,600
Bob Shao145,800115,600
Robert Bob Barber145,80095,600
Shawn Silber145,600145,600
Michael Scarborough (OH)145,300109,100
Michael Liang145,10089,700
Stanley Lee145,0001,500
Joshua Jackson145,00041,500
Eddy Nedialkov144,800144,800
Michael Dollins144,600122,700
Ryan Thorpe144,500-38,700
Jay Romano144,400-21,600
Daniel James144,400144,400
David Berck144,10083,600
Thomas Conway143,90063,400
Bradley Rhodes143,60078,800
Chang Luo143,60051,000
Vinny Pahuja143,50023,500
Joshua Harrison143,100143,100
Peter Robertson143,000125,000
Gordon Granger142,50050,300
Kevin Dicke142,10068,300
David Dean142,10074,100
Matthew Franklin141,90060,400
Daniel Wokoun141,600110,200
Juan Carlos Ramirez Parodi141,500141,500
Ahmed Amin141,400110,800
Casey Glick141,10038,200
Tristan Wade141,0000
Lukas Robinson141,0000
David Bourgoyne139,800-34,700
Ross Novak139,60062,600
Austin Ecret139,400-41,600
Kevin Rand139,200900
Daniel Weinman139,10042,500
Justin Liberto139,100-170,900
Guilebaldo Flores139,100-69,900
Blake Bohn138,8008,800
Steven Stout138,80094,100
Starr Bridge138,50083,200
Cliff Josephy138,400-100
Gabriel Sack138,10062,700
David Rozas138,00062,100
Daniel Marx137,70020,300
Gabriel Post137,50065,700
Marton Czuczor137,5000
Richard Alsup137,400104,800
James Stansbury137,400137,400
Lawrence Brandt137,40036,000
Melissa Bryne137,100-64,200
Ryuji Aoki136,90041,400
Adrien Delmas136,10077,000
Arthur Harb136,000-15,300
David Smith135,70074,000
Hamid Nourafchan135,600-53,400
Philip Chun135,60021,000
Rodney Hurlbut135,50050,300
Michael Debs135,50098,000
DID NOT REPORT 10135,400135,399
Joshua Steiner135,400-25,700
Theodore Nenov135,30061,500
Adam Reynolds135,10055,900
Steven Josephsen135,00058,700
Joe Serock134,900111,300
Francis Anderson134,6004,600
Scott Ross134,10061,600
Gregory Gratton134,0000
Lu Huang133,90080,100
Jose Ruiz133,60051,400
Alexander Turyansky133,500133,500
Jason Riesenberg133,50075,300
Joshua Martin133,40030,500
Travis Herzing133,4000
Yanki Koppel133,20031,600
Yosef Fox133,100133,100
James Jewell132,80049,400
Norbert Koh132,7007,100
Michael Rossitto132,600-26,500
Danny Nguyen132,5007,900
Vicky Maus132,50086,400
Raymond Henson132,30086,300
Ali Ahmad132,10030,300
Blaise Hom132,10057,400
Chuanhao Zhang131,80089,100
Mike Matusow131,7008,700
Christian Dressler131,70087,700
Osman Ihlamur131,600-28,400
Dan Barker131,30026,000
Benjamin Ludlow131,200131,200
Narimaan Ahmadi130,500-79,000
Fabrice Bigot130,30086,900
Steven Snyder130,300-29,000
Bradley Harris130,200-12,600
Jason Barnett129,9000
Deryl Taylor129,80023,900
Guo Chen129,80022,300
Brannon Cashion129,60047,500
Sarah Stefan129,4000
Jeffrey Early129,40036,300
Greg Collins129,30055,600
Michael Woo129,200129,200
Thomas Kawamura128,40075,300
Robert Hsu128,40068,500
Eben Kurtzman128,300-18,500
Thomas Lipka128,30075,800
Justin Pechie127,90050,400
Joshua Stubbs127,70082,600
Mathieu Papineau127,7008,900
Anuj Kwatra127,60049,800
David Baldanza127,30067,900
Tom Hall127,10032,100
Steve Zolotow127,100-7,900
Mimi Luu127,0004,700
Kenny Nguyen127,0000
Ihor Kotyk126,80034,600
William Cyr126,2004,900
Marco Guibert126,1000
Timothy Smith126,00010,500
Joseph Clark126,00090,800
Elliot Smith125,7007,900
Nilesh Choudhary125,70069,800
Jonathan Lawson125,400-70,300
Julio Cacoilo125,40068,900
ivan zarate125,400-4,500
Giovanni Di Donato125,200-97,900
Ray Foley125,20089,300
Blair Boze125,10032,000
John Krpan125,00030,000
Curtis Phelps125,00075,300
Joseph Shoemaker124,800-5,900
Benton Blakeman124,80095,900
Michael Sugg124,70055,700
Dwain Kinder124,00050,800
Wang Lee124,000124,000
Kevin Malis123,90051,100
Matija Dobric123,90024,600
Brad Anderson123,200-7,100
David Kaleel123,0000
Christina Read123,0009,500
Allison Hollander123,000-90,200
Scott Goldstein122,90037,300
Igor Yaroshevskyy122,900-7,100
Michael Schwartz122,70035,200
Adam Croffut122,60032,900
Christoph Csik122,40069,700
Clemen Deng122,3009,700
Marty Zabib122,300122,300
Scott Adams122,3000
Grzegorz Kozacki122,10052,600
Soheb Porbandarwala122,000122,000
Conrad Bowens122,00088,500
Robert Hover121,40076,300
Jeremy Schoenberg121,30057,200
Johnykutty Sam121,300-21,700
Russell Dohan121,20066,200
Nghia Le121,100103,600
Jeanpaul Norero121,10026,300
Hanna Khalaf121,1000
Roderick Chavez121,00049,400
Josiah Godbey120,900-19,900
Bryce Welker120,400-9,600
Florian Ribouchon120,30017,200
Niall Farrell120,300-29,700
Curt Kohlberg120,00033,000
Timo Kamphues120,000-125,000
Thanh Nguyen119,900-3,600
Thomas Winters119,800119,800
Ivin Arquiza119,50024,300
Ankush Mandavia119,500-58,100
Justin Garcia119,200-124,300
Jeffrey Cullis119,200119,200
Sean Loring119,1006,200
Bradley Rogoff119,1007,700
Daniel Gagne118,70011,700
Kirk Yancey118,60057,700
Raja Chirumamilla118,50043,900
Gary Gelman118,10016,200
Tye Smoole118,10013,800
DID NOT REPORT 8118,10052,700
DID NOT REPORT 11117,900117,899
Christopher Perkins117,70086,200
Brian Berlin117,60023,800
Kfir Tubi117,60049,500
Pavlo Veksler117,400-8,200
Michael Blomstrand117,200-3,800
Russell Rosenblum117,200-44,400
David Moll116,80073,900
Joel Casper116,600-32,500
Jonathan Aguiar116,600116,600
John Morgan116,600-62,400
Erik Rensch116,2006,200
Brian Kim116,100-92,900
Ryan Tillmann115,300300
Charlie Dawson115,100115,100
Franco Gasparini114,700-44,800
Michael Hew114,6000
Ori Goldman114,50056,800
Xuan Liu114,50024,500
Thong Tran114,200114,200
John Thornton114,10013,700
Shandhy Sitepu114,000-41,000
Todd Witteles114,0000
Nathan Swanson113,90063,200
Shyam Ravindran113,80032,700
Alexander Jones113,800-47,800
Alan Percal113,300300
Michael Gross113,20071,900
Stefan Huber113,000-32,000
Steve Bogatz113,00028,800
Tsz Shing112,900-65,300
Shai Zurr112,90085,400
Jacob Miller112,10061,200
Christopher Trang112,10033,900
William Blais112,100-36,600
Andrea Vezzani112,00062,400
Milagros Peterson111,90026,600
Nicholas Lore111,800-55,200
Mark Newhouse111,700-35,300
Parker Rodriguez111,40065,500
Brian Batt111,300-50,500
Scott Bain111,20033,400
Lance Steinberg111,20040,000
Brent Roberts111,100-85,000
Junseok Oh111,00045,100
Aaron Steury110,90036,100
DJ MacKinnon110,6005,200
Mark Feinberg110,40035,500
Jaime Ayerbe110,00042,000
Stephen Buonomo109,900-26,600
Frank Evans109,700109,700
Fredrik Kaarem109,50042,600
Ronald Mcclellan109,10050,800
Kristopher Burchfield108,900-26,600
Ricardo Lopez108,500-96,500
Timothy Flattery108,40034,800
Lawrence Kroch108,300-58,500
Brian Kirchhoff108,30059,500
Taylor Pollard108,20053,700
Yi Klassen108,100-12,100
Orson Young107,80035,500
Michael Berland107,700-26,300
Nicholas Desmedt107,60024,000
Duane Kilgus107,50025,100
Brandon Merrill107,300100
Fabian Quoss107,100-27,900
Andrew Rosen106,60065,900
Dmitrii Perfilev106,600-39,400
Lisa Hamilton106,400106,400
Sean Ragozzini106,300106,300
Denys Prydvor106,20078,500
Edward Konarske106,20015,700
Brian Burney106,20049,200
Brian Goble106,100-5,900
Ian Chan106,00045,000
Joseph Seimas106,0000
Lika Gerasimova105,90025,200
Jonathan Gilliam105,60023,200
Ryan Hazzard105,50014,600
Jason Hamernick105,40035,700
Morgan Machina105,100105,100
Javier Fernandez105,00043,700
Clement Richez105,000-30,000
Michael Wang105,0000
Gary Friedman104,9003,800
Eric Stamey104,200-85,700
William Joyner104,10029,200
Gregory Roberts104,00037,600
Kathy Liebert103,700-181,800
Shashank Jain103,600-20,400
Matthew Mlsna103,50039,400
Tony Hoang103,30013,300
Edward Pak103,200-66,500
Ronald Katz103,100-81,700
Young Phan103,10052,600
Johnathan Theisen102,70010,900
Randy Sim102,500-43,000
Victor Dong102,50088,200
Ayman Qutami102,4005,300
Sean Mcnulty102,30039,500
Andrew Jenkins102,10073,500
Thomas Chapman102,0000
Anthony Newman101,90038,300
Justin Nguyen101,80038,300
Michael Hauptman101,60014,300
Joaquin Melogno101,500101,500
Matt Livingston101,40030,600
Hrand Valijani101,2007,600
Adam Hendrix100,8000
Aaron Kramer100,60058,500
Scott Thompson100,50043,300
Rassoul Malboubi100,1005,570
Scott Dobbs100,00064,700
Hunter Frey100,000-4,000
Lee Markholt99,5004,900
Christopher Avino99,40066,000
Shawn Wilson98,700-25,700
Vlada Stojanović98,700-46,300
Gary Otake98,60017,600
Bernadeta Wisniewska98,50031,800
Alex Bolotin98,20020,000
Wayne Windholz98,200-10,300
Haim Gabay98,10046,500
Andra Zachow98,000-22,000
Yulia Lisichkina97,900-67,100
David Santucci97,40013,800
Rafael Reis97,40097,400
Vytautas Semaska97,10029,100
Adam Greenberg97,00050,000
David Botcowsky96,70060,200
Joel Grunberger96,70038,300
Gal Erlichman96,60096,600
Anton Panelo96,60015,000
John Zentner96,600-24,400
Soren Vohrs96,600-20,400
Benjamin Earley96,30096,300
James Harrison95,80022,100
Jorge Confesor95,50073,700
Erkut Yilmaz95,100-64,900
Vincent Masino95,0002,100
Takashi Yagura94,90012,600
Gytis Bernatavicius94,80031,000
Erik Gorman94,5006,100
Doyle Elliott94,000-108,200
Christopher Costa94,000-14,300
Noam Fliegelman93,90061,200
Santiago Plante93,800-120,200
Matthew Godbey93,800-2,200
Ali Hasan93,5007,300
Garrett Greer93,400-30,500
Garry Gates93,10032,400
Steve Stolzmann93,100-7,000
Bas Woudstra92,90021,300
Christopher Simone (CA)92,90018,300
Brett Rosen92,700-55,100
Tom Macey92,60019,600
Kenneth Cleeton92,2000
Jim Anderson92,20092,200
Filip Nechansky92,1000
George James92,000-22,500
Joseph Marincola91,90061,400
William Black91,60055,700
Robert Strano91,60066,800
Douglas Adkins91,40010,400
John Stolzmann91,400-27,900
Kevin Mckenzie91,10012,100
Anthony Augustino91,100-38,900
Gregory Defeo91,100-29,900
David Guay91,000-12,000
Brian Yee91,00020,400
Aaron Frei91,00026,800
Eitan Borreda90,700-2,400
March Schwartz90,60090,600
Rick Marting90,60022,600
Christopher Barton90,500-26,800
Marcelo Fernandez90,40038,000
Ryan Messick90,300-90,600
Paul Tschernia90,10025,300
Joseph Di Chiaro89,900-27,600
Danila Kornilov89,9002,400
Benjamin Luber89,800-10,700
Kyriakos Papadopoulos89,800-11,400
Zu Zhou89,600-3,400
William Criego89,30089,300
Clifford Conners88,700-48,300
Fred Travis88,60050,500
Markus Gonsalves88,400400
Olav Prinzvonsachsen88,300-20,100
Kazuki Aiuchi88,200-77,000
Dennis Richardson88,20060,700
Christian Hasou88,2000
Gary Patanjo87,80066,600
David Ivers87,600-51,900
Sahak Khachatryan87,300-11,900
Lawrence Ma87,000-58,000
Aditya Prasetyo86,90086,900
Christopher Canan86,9003,500
Rod Danger86,60065,500
Jonathan Pransky86,200-18,100
Irek Sharifullin86,100-15,100
Todd Melander86,0000
Bradley Coultas85,80085,800
Tatsuya Nishikawa85,700-42,300
Derek Chang85,700-143,900
John Dolan85,70021,100
Deividas Daubaris85,500-23,600
Stephen Moreschi85,50033,800
Jim McCrink85,40085,400
Meikat Siu85,30061,400
Robert Rasmussen85,10034,200
Ross Santos84,90084,900
Martynas Vitkauskas84,90024,000
Gary Floyd84,500-22,100
Srinivasa Godavarthy84,40021,800
Nathan Zimnik84,3000
Cristobal Luna84,200-28,600
Paul Ephremsen84,200-3,400
Kevin Theodore83,900-8,100
Ryan Samson83,600-13,400
Ronald Jacques83,500400
Jimmy D'Ambrosio83,300-136,700
Christopher Bolio83,200-131,800
Justin Young82,90037,900
Mark Davidoff82,80020,800
Guillermo Bella82,700-54,600
Jason Min82,6009,400
Robert Warstler82,50017,400
Brian Deutschmeister82,20024,200
Clifford Jacobson82,00020,200
Cody Wiegmann82,000-15,000
Zachary Peay81,400-47,200
Ben Keeline81,200-83,200
Francisco Benitez81,20022,600
John Weiss80,50020,500
Thanh Lam80,500-32,600
Edmund Mokrzycki80,40021,800
Ahmad Abghari80,30080,300
Aladin Reskallah80,00045,000
Gary Benson79,500-38,700
Daan Mulders79,300-72,900
Josep Galindo78,30043,700
Joshua Adkins78,30030,600
Alexander Klupchak77,900-27,200
Michael Kapernaros77,80026,800
Ezra Abu Gazal77,700-19,300
Todd Hovenden77,100-38,800
Andrew Whitaker76,700-2,000
Michael Tieu76,300-19,700
Joseph Casale76,0005,300
Kevin Bayer76,000-26,300
Mark Dumonski75,80037,700
Aaron Mermelstein75,80025,400
Chad Salswedel75,600-25,800
Phillip Dwek75,300-29,900
Terry Thomason75,1000
Thomas Bauer75,000-108,800
Ronnie Day74,80029,200
Deon Mills74,800-34,000
Timothy Mcgowan74,70074,700
Nicholas Cushman74,700-44,700
Robert Hughes74,600-41,100
Hiroyuki Noda74,400-50,600
Joshua Field74,40032,900
Gerald Cohen74,300-82,600
James Karamanis74,10030,400
Tiahang Zhang74,00074,000
Robel Andemichael73,800-9,900
Mark Thompson73,700-8,300
Andrew Wu73,70073,700
Jarod Minghini73,600-6,000
Tim Converse73,3004,800
Christopher Hovey73,200-16,700
Adam Volen73,200-22,500
Bryan Leskowitz73,0000
Brian Metter72,80022,800
Sameer Aljanedi72,8008,600
Mitch Schock72,5006,300
Viken Artinian72,300-23,400
Alvaro Puchol-Vina72,00053,600
Marco Dittmann72,00048,200
Kim Schinco72,000-18,900
Eric Froehlich71,300-86,700
Pedram Shokouhi71,20015,400
Ori Eshel71,00010,400
Colten Yamagishi70,400-17,000
Anthony Hugenberg70,00030,900
Tony Hartmann69,90022,600
Sandeep Pulusani69,90028,700
Nicholas Zautra69,80022,100
Adrian Jimenez69,700-35,300
Scott Drobes69,600-83,700
Chris Alafogiannis69,600-28,400
Marius Heiene69,600-84,700
Matthew Vignali69,30039,000
Peter Robinson69,300300
Tim Seidensticker69,200-6,400
Trevor Keller69,2006,400
Joshua Gordon68,70032,700
Johnnie Moreno68,400-77,600
Anant Patel68,000-38,800
Ismael Bojang68,000-84,000
Nick Vavalle67,900-37,000
James Barnett67,90014,900
Rick Whitesell67,700-35,600
Benjamin Diebold67,600-45,000
Salko Imsirovic67,50010,000
David Feigenbaum67,00011,500
Larry Ribaudo66,800-63,600
Melissa French66,700-34,800
Donald Peterson66,400700
Anthony Spinella66,1000
Paul Mattioda65,90025,200
Roland Shen65,70046,900
Vincent Moscati65,6007,000
Yuriy Starobinets65,500-8,900
Nithin Eapen65,40065,400
Vladimir Peck65,4000
Patrick Truong65,2006,500
Emmanuelle Perrin65,00065,000
Christopher Conrad65,000-39,700
Nick Guagenti65,00010,000
Robert Slezak64,900-78,700
Paul Ranola64,80020,000
Mario Arribas64,300-29,700
Frank Williams64,000-30,100
Sang Yeon Hwang64,00026,100
Shahram Rezaiamiri63,400-26,000
Ryan Riske63,000-45,900
Montgomery Cole62,900-68,900
Jeffery Taylor62,800-34,900
Justin Jordan62,70042,700
Jeremy Mintz62,7005,600
Chun Law62,70018,500
Shahriar Fahim62,600-9,900
Dan Stavila62,100-59,200
Nalin Gadhia62,00062,000
John Gulino62,000-31,000
Colton Blomberg61,90017,500
David Weinstein61,8001,600
Itay Mashid61,800-9,000
Andrew Kagan61,700-17,400
Matan Krakow61,6006,200
Yuhyun Sung61,500-44,000
Kristina Holst61,50035,200
Maurice Amsellem61,100-32,500
James Jones60,90016,200
Tai Tran60,80034,300
John Newman60,400-31,600
Michael Shanahan60,200-100,600
Vanessa Alvarez60,20017,600
Radoslav Stoyanov60,000-69,300
Jeremy Saderne60,000-29,000
Christine Familetti59,800-22,000
Shawn Vance59,7001,000
Gabor Szabo59,700-120,200
Mike Shin59,60059,600
Tamas Lendvai59,600-10,000
Asher Conniff59,500-52,800
Mark Liedtke59,5003,100
Yuki Yamasaki59,20012,900
Alex Jim59,10021,100
Gregor Sverko59,00059,000
Allen Kessler59,0000
Joshua Zucchet59,000-7,800
Joey Weissman58,40011,400
Richard Hasnip58,400-44,300
Tarun Gulati58,30012,400
Gregory Wilhelm57,900-40,100
Daniel Shiff57,800-13,300
Dennis Wamsley57,800-17,900
Rodrigo Rishmague57,8009,300
Jerry Yang57,500-3,500
Nuno Capucho57,40057,400
Lisa Fong57,30031,100
Chulhan Choi57,200-15,800
Maurice Tan57,100-20,700
David Goscinak57,10057,100
Michael Smith57,000-17,600
Rhett Wiseman56,900-121,900
Jeff Blenkarn56,300-27,700
Michael T McGrath56,2008,300
Alexandros Theologis56,20021,900
Charles Lampe56,100-82,000
Jim Collopy55,900-39,100
Matthew Mueller55,70013,800
Tom Koral55,7007,500
Tony Palermo55,60027,600
Philip Beck55,200-100
Richard Alexander54,700-37,300
Matthew Myers54,500-20,100
Aleks Dimitrov54,400-22,400
Andrew Nagy54,200-146,700
Joseph Rogers54,200-46,800
Alan Spotts54,000-43,700
Rambo Halpern53,800-150,900
Florin Haiduc53,5007,300
Jordan Pailha53,400-46,600
John Skrovan53,300-92,100
Ryan Hohner53,200-169,100
Jesse Cohen53,000-10,500
Ted Lawson52,5002,500
Jimmy Lee52,400-28,900
Reuben Hoang52,300-129,200
Alan Howard52,100-22,900
Michael Anvari51,700-70,400
Patricia Calkins51,700-4,800
Joseph Young51,00020,200
Lander Lijo50,800-54,200
Jed Hoffman50,500-34,000
Jason Klapman50,400-4,800
Yingzheng Shi50,400-7,200
Orpen Kisacikoglu50,200-34,800
Nipun Java50,100-6,500
Young Ryu49,900-14,500
Jonathan Wil Pardy49,900-46,500
Vito Geruzzi49,700-27,800
Michael Byers49,400-11,600
Michael Kassem49,30049,300
Steve Ryan49,200-32,000
Orestis Kanakopoulos48,70014,700
Stephen Pirri48,500-8,500
John Andress48,400-38,100
Daniel Cai48,200-31,700
Ronny Dennis48,20012,500
Gilles Lamy47,800-73,200
Brian Hunkins47,80010,800
Fred Goldberg47,70047,700
Bradley Moskowitz47,300-16,200
Daniel Wellborn46,500-41,300
David Montoyamancera46,200-60,800
Jim Willerson46,100-47,000
Oleksii Kovalchuk45,900-35,400
Zachary Fischer45,700-40,000
David Mirth45,300-26,700
Ryan Buchardt45,300-45,900
Robert McLaughlin45,100-59,900
William Wolf44,900-27,100
Pablo Rodriguez44,700-112,900
Adam Johnson (NH)44,70044,700
Marc-Etienne McLaughlin44,400-33,100
Michael Gagliano44,000-76,000
Daniel Couzens44,000-111,000
Raymond Ho43,800-26,300
Oliver Entine43,700-26,300
Jesse Kertland43,500-25,800
John Reading43,400-50,000
David Hagmann43,3004,700
Diogo Veiga43,300-42,200
Neil Yekell43,200-41,400
Stefan Schillhabel43,200-51,800
Jana Vondach43,100-30,900
Benjamin May43,000-58,300
Charles Lee42,9000
Joseph Barnard42,700-64,900
Gary Dolenga42,60023,000
Andrew Brinkley42,30022,900
Patrick Brown42,20011,400
Jacek Pustula42,1000
Troy Acton42,000-8,400
Tyler Mathers41,90041,900
Jacob Perry41,8003,500
Jonathan Fader41,800-36,200
Alexandre Raymond41,60041,600
Matthew Mich41,400-11,000
John Lohmann41,30011,200
Hoby Shapiro41,300-38,700
Daniel Thomas41,300-89,100
Blaine Neufeld41,000-26,000
Ralph Wong40,9009,400
Angelina Rich40,800-74,200
Jeff Shulman40,50040,500
Tam Nguyen (AZ)40,5001,600
Todd Studenicka40,500-83,700
Dara O'Kearney40,5002,000
Janet Kosloff40,000-114,000
Andony Wasaya40,000-78,000
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick39,80032,400
Andrew Wilmot39,800300
Joshua Bobrosky39,300-53,700
Andrew Robbins39,300-31,300
Daryn Brush39,100-39,000
Peter Hengsakul39,0005,100
Christopher Lindner38,600-31,400
Liina Vark38,60015,100
William Draper38,2000
Claudio Kalili38,100-88,400
Amnon Filippi38,0005,000
Pheng Vang37,600-33,100
Hui Liu37,500-20,100
Daniel Vargas37,500-105,700
Matthew Mcneil37,200-28,000
Raymond Rife36,200-23,400
Don Huffman35,900-43,900
Brian Durr35,800-24,400
Brett Richey35,000-15,000
Sohale Khalili34,700-20,600
Michael Marder34,600-8,900
Chad Gallimore34,500-39,600
Daxesh Patel34,3006,500
Filippos Stavrakis33,400-10,800
Samantha Branch33,1004,000
Michael Amato32,200-27,600
Matthew Romero32,1007,900
Bryan Ngo32,000-47,700
Aaron Hernandez31,700-60,900
Kenny Hsiung31,700-60,300
Yuan Ting31,700-9,700
Joseph Hebert31,6000
Shawn Puri31,10031,100
Randall Robinson30,000-105,000
Mark Darner29,700-38,500
Shyam Srinivasan29,700-195,300
Ramon Diaz29,400-31,900
Paul Greenberg28,800-117,300
Cosmin Joldis28,800-91,300
William Zgorski28,500900
Marco Bognanni28,400-57,200
Joseph Haddad28,400-56,700
Charles Michna28,300-17,000
Kilo Krahn28,000-53,800
Marc Evanier28,000-34,300
Shayna Bott27,900-23,300
Andy Wagner27,500-124,200
Matthew Letzring27,500-20,600
Ashly Butler27,500-73,300
Matthew Doran26,700-21,400
Troy Brandwein25,100-23,000
Stephen Hemsworth24,700-47,900
Gary Olson24,500-88,100
Drew Geiger23,900-30,200
David Wang23,70023,700
Liyingxue Ji23,60023,600
Juan Sosa23,20023,200
Masaaki Izushima23,100-56,200
Champie Douglas21,500-76,600
Hernan Crespin20,600-50,000
Marie Harrell20,400-49,800
Philip Yeh16,900-23,700
Joshua Larkin15,500-91,700
Thomas Abbas15,200-74,900
Lauren Carter10,800-62,200
DID NOT REPORT 91-88,599
DID NOT REPORT 61-42,499
Fabian Bernhauser1-80,499
Nancy Matson1-190,099
Mike Gao1-209,999
Neo On1-59,699
Goran Mandic1-277,299
David Szafarz1-127,599
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:46 PM Local Time
First Time in History Main Event Offers Day 1 or Day 2 Reg

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:45 PM Local Time
Day 2abd Has Ended

Day 2abd of Event #67: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event World Championship has ended after five two-hour levels of play. Stay tuned for a recap of the day's events.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:37 PM Local Time
Three More Hands

The tournament director has just announced each table will be dealt three more hands before bagging and tagging for the day.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:31 PM Local Time
A Summation of Several Pavilion Green Situations
Chang Liu370,000-47,000
Matt Berkey300,000158,800
Masato Yokosawa287,300-12,700
PJ Cha265,000-5,000
Danny Wong239,00058,000
Jordan Spurlin237,500-109,400
Chris Sandrock195,00015,000
Cheryl Spencer-Nejtek169,50050,500
Blake Bohn130,000-15,000
Lara Eisenberg119,300-90,700
Robert Campbell115,500-4,500
Thomas Chapman115,00010,600
Benjamin Diebold112,60020,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier111,400-18,600
Brent Hanks92,500-17,500
Adam Hendrix81,8003,800
Jimmy Lee81,300-103,700
Allen Kessler35,900-7,100
Jesse Yaginuma0-32,100
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:30 PM Local Time
One More Run Through Pavilion Black
Anton Wigg522,000-8,000
David Levy480,000130,000
Adedapo Ajayi415,000-5,000
Chad Eveslage366,000141,000
Stephen Chidwick295,00045,000
Ben Yu287,000102,000
Keegan Westover265,00020,000
Craig Varnell221,00099,000
Ken Aldridge149,00049,000
Kenneth Cleeton102,00022,000
Ray Henson88,00030,000
Jon Pardy62,000-8,000
Dara O'Kearney38,500-23,500
Amnon Filippi33,000-37,000
Frank Kassela0-53,000
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:28 PM Local Time
Eisenberg Busts Horiuchi

Lara Eisenberg raised to 4,000 and table big stack Robert Cowen then three-bet to 14,000. Masato Horiuchi four-bet jammed for around 50,000 and Eisenberg rejammed to force a quick fold from Cowen.

Masato Horiuchi:   
Lara Eisenberg:   

The kicker played on the       as neither player hit anything for Eisenberg to notch up the elimination.

Robert Cowen480,000362,100
Goran Mandic330,00070,000
Lara Eisenberg210,00090,700
Tristan Wade185,000107,000
Masato Horiuchi0-88,800
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:26 PM Local Time
Shashikhina Chips Up Through Aggression

Sonia Shashikhina

Sonia Shashikhina was in the big blind and three-bet when facing an open from the under-the-gun player, who called the raise.

Shashikhina continued with a bet of 13,000 on the flop reading     and her opponent called.

Shashikhina sized up to 50,000 on the   turn to put her opponent all-in and he folded after some deliberation.

Sonia Shashikhina220,00075,000
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:25 PM Local Time
Outhred Doubles Up Carlton

Alex Outhred

Alex Outhred had been running smoothly most of the day, but has taken a small hit near the end of the night.

As told by Outhred, he raised to 5,500 on the button and was three-bet all in by Donny Carlton in the small blind for 43,000. Outhred called and was in good shape to start.

Donny Carlton:   
Alex Outhred:   

The flop was even better for Outhred, giving him a set on    , but Carlton still had a backdoor flush draw, which came home with the rest of the    runout, to give him a chance of surviving the night and making Day 3.

Alex Outhred468,000-82,000
Donny Carlton86,00037,800
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:22 PM Local Time
A Few More From the Green Part of Town
Stephen Song492,000302,000
Dave Stefanski420,000206,100
Matt Affleck340,000-15,000
Jaime Cervantes295,00015,000
Ana Freitas260,000130,700
Chris Sandrock180,000-15,000
Scott Baumstein180,000-45,000
Tim Reilly162,000-23,000
Clement Richez135,00025,000
Brent Hanks110,00017,500
Adam Owen104,00021,700
Adam Hendrix78,000-3,800
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:21 PM Local Time
Late Night Counts
Raul Martinez640,000558,200
Scott Davies590,000572,400
Anton Wigg530,000240,000
David Coleman520,000391,800
Yehoshua Saadon480,00020,000
Roman Hrabec420,000-19,000
Daniel Fuhs390,00075,000
Brian Altman310,000-165,000
Santiago Nadal305,00095,000
Matthew Wantman300,000255,900
Brian Yoon215,000-10,000
Mike Wattel170,000110,000
Todd Witteles124,0008,500
Angelina Rich115,000-35,000
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:20 PM Local Time
Augustino Doubles Through Outhred

The hot streak of Alex Outhred was halted for a moment when he admittedly "missclicked" and had to call the shove of Anthony Augustino for just 29,000 on the three-way flop of    . Augustino tabled the    and Outhred had some outs with the   .

However, two blanks followed on the   turn and   river for Augustino to more than double.

Alex Outhred550,00015,000
Anthony Augustino130,00030,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier130,00018,600
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:09 PM Local Time
Ladies Hold Strong for Hohner

Ryan Hohner

Ryan Hohner raised to 4,500 from under the gun and found three callers which included Kitty Kuo from the button.

The     flop was checked to the button who fired out 6,500. The small blind called, as did Hohner and Kuo folded her hand taking action three-ways to the   turn.

All three players checked and then did the same after the   completed the board on the river.

Hohner quickly rolled over    and the pair of ladies were good enough to win the pot.

Kitty Kuo256,70085,500
Ryan Hohner222,30093,000
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:05 PM Local Time
Chidwick Puts Opponent to the Test

Stephen Chidwick

PokerNews witnessed Stephen Chidwick put one of his opponents in a tough spot in a heads-up pot.

Picking up the action on the river on a board reading       with approximately 80,000 in the middle, Chidwick's opponent led out with a bet of 53,500 and Chidwick moved all-in with his opponent covered.

The opponent tanked for several minutes as he contemplated calling off with his last 70,000. He eventually folded and Chidwick showed the   in his hand before pulling in the pot.

Stephen Chidwick250,00070,000
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 11:01 PM Local Time
Jacobson and Josephy Sharing a Table

Two players who have experience making a very deep run in the Main Event were spotted sharing the same table late in Day 2abd.

Both Martin Jacobson and Cliff Josephy have healthy stacks as the end of the night draws near.

Martin Jacobson341,00091,200
Cliff Josephy268,00013,700
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 10:58 PM Local Time
Some Chip Counts Before the Night Ends
Nadya Magnus225,0000
Jimmy D'Ambrosio220,00085,000
Nate Silver175,00065,000
Sonia Shashikhina145,000-155,000
Ryan Tillmann115,0005,000
Michael Wang110,00020,000
Justin Bonomo102,000-117,000
Kenneth Cleeton80,000-20,000
Ray Henson58,000-47,000
Alexandre Reard56,000-69,000
Allen Kessler43,000-7,800
Aladin Reskallah35,000-55,000
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 10:49 PM Local Time
Kornuth Collects With a Pair of Queens

Chance Kornuth

Chance Kornuth opened to 4,300 on the button and was three-bet by the small blind to 16,000. It was folded back over to Kornuth, who called.

The three-bettor continued for 7,000 on the     flop and Kornuth called.

The   fell on the turn and it was checked to Kornuth, who fired 20,000 into the middle. His opponent called.

Both players checked on the   river and the small blind tabled   . It was no good, however, against the    of Kornuth, who now sits with over 300k in chips.

Chance Kornuth320,00039,000
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 10:45 PM Local Time
Flores Takes Three Streets From Wong

The flop came    . Guilebaldo Flores made a bet and Jerry Wong called.

The turn was the  . Flores bet again from early position to 14,000 and Wong check-called it again from the small blind.

The river came the  . Flores fired again, this time for 32,000. Wong thought for a little bit before he called.

Flores tabled the    for a rivered two-pair which was good as Wong tossed his cards into the muck.

Jerry Wong239,000169,000
Guilebaldo Flores209,000-65,000
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 10:39 PM Local Time
Updated Counts From Yellow
Todd Ivens413,5003,500
Zachary Grech301,200-197,500
Chris Moorman255,40040,000
Chris Wallace216,7003,500
Ankush Mandavia177,60028,200
Daan Mulders152,20019,000
Stanley Lee143,50011,400
Sejin Park143,200-158,900
Ian O'Hara126,500-18,500
Marle Spragg102,300-34,700
Joseph Hebert77,2005,200
Vincent Moscati58,600-6,400
Sandeep Pulusani41,200-7,800
Jesse Yaginuma32,1005,400
Greg Himmelbrand25,400-11,000