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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, November 04, 2021 to Thursday, November 04, 2021

Event #67: MAIN EVENT No-Limit Hold'em World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $62,011,250
  • Entries: 6,650
  • Remaining: 0


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Saturday, November 6, 2021 12:37 AM Local Time
Steve Foutty Among Leaders After Day 1b of WSOP Main Event

Steve Foutty

A wild day 1b of Event #67: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event Championship is in the books, as yet another chapter in this illustrious tournament's history unfolded.

The day attracted 845 entries and ended with 611 players left.

The chip leader at the end of Day 1b was Las Vegas local Steve Foutty, who bagged 287,000 after trending steadily upwards toward the end of the night. Foutty has already had a fairly successful WSOP with five cashes so far.

A few of the other big stacks to end the night include; ClubGG qualifier Matthew Traylor who bagged 279,500 and Keegan Westover who ended with 230,700, thanks in large part to a wild hand in which he spiked a king on the flop to crack aces. He could have had even more had queens not folded preflop in the same hand.

The day included many highlights, with many well-known player's able to navigate their way to a bag. They include; Ronnie Bardah who finished with 139,600, Stephen Chidwick (124,900), Kevin Gerhart (112,400), Mike Matusow (56,500) and Justin Bonomo. The former Big One for One Drop champion had a rough go of it for much of the day, failing to gain any real traction, but nevertheless is still alive with a short stack of 18,900.

Craig Varnell also survived the day with 51,800, but this amount will feel like a lot more to him having been as low as 9,000 in the last level of the night, before spinning it back up just under starting stack.

2021 WSOP Main Event Top 10 Chip Stacks After Day 1b

1Steve FouttyUnited States287,000
2Matthew TraylorUnited States279,500
3Maxime CanevetUnited States277,000
4Justin GarciaUnited States243,500
5Kayvon ShahbazUnited States238,500
6Keegan WestoverUnited States230,700
7Kevin RasorUnited States228,900
8Aaron EarthmanUnited States226,800
9Jonathan WilliamsUnited States225,100
10Jean GuilletteCanada223,200

Even though over 60% of the field advanced to Day 2ab, there were many who could not survive and ended up hitting the rail before the end of the day. Including two-time WSOP Main Event champion Johnny Chan who was eliminated early in the day by two-pair, Ryan Depaulo and John Racener hit the rail in the middle part of the day. The last level of the night claimed the Main Event lives of Brian Rast who lost a big flip, Nick Schulman via set over set and of Shaun Deeb who could not climb out of the short stack hole he was in all day.

The survivors of Day 1b will now have a lengthy break before they return to action on Tuesday November 9th at 11 a.m. local time where they will combine with the Day 1a and Day 1d survivors for Day 2abd.

The next starting flight, Day 1c will begin at 11 a.m. local time with the same five two-hour level structure as the first two starting days. PokerNews will have all the coverage once again.

Friday, November 5, 2021 11:43 PM Local Time
End of Day 1b Chip Counts
Steve Foutty287,000-18,000
Matthew Traylor279,500104,500
Maxime Canevet277,000277,000
Justin Garcia243,500-1,500
Kayvon Shahbaz238,50028,500
Keegan Westover230,700-23,300
Kevin Rasor228,900228,900
Aaron Earthman226,800226,800
Jonathan Williams225,100173,100
Jean Guillette223,200223,200
Schuyler Thornton220,300220,300
Simon Lofberg213,900213,900
Justin Arnwine213,70019,700
Andjelko Andrejevic212,800212,800
Eugene Chung210,5001,500
Robert Valden207,000207,000
Timo Kamphues201,10046,100
Brent Roberts196,10036,100
Jonathan Lawson195,70032,700
Jessica Cai193,000-112,000
Ivan Uzunov191,200191,200
Francisco Estrada190,50022,500
Schahin Ghiai189,90099,900
Bart Lybaert189,000-26,000
Mark Aridgides188,50043,500
Cameron Mixson186,700186,700
Michael Byers186,5000
Keith Kordowski184,500-500
Andrew St Jean184,000184,000
Michael Faulkner182,00092,000
Seungjun Kim180,600180,600
Gabor Szabo179,900179,900
Derek Turoff178,900178,900
Tsz Shing178,200178,200
Vojtech Ruzicka177,00062,000
Gary Blackwood175,700175,700
Uri Reichenstein174,900107,100
Adam Monaghan171,800171,800
Wayne Lippman171,700171,700
Ryan D'Angelo171,500171,500
Jared Jaffee170,7005,700
James Gilbert170,600170,600
Gary Benson168,9000
Oshri Lahmani168,700168,700
Faraz Jaka168,200-6,800
Mark Zullo168,100-10,900
Jay Romano166,00027,000
Peter Mugar161,500161,500
Yudai Goto160,100160,100
Mcdonald Ledbetter160,000160,000
Andy Spears159,900159,900
Benoit Coulombe158,900158,900
Justin Young158,70046,700
Gregoire Auzoux158,200158,200
Kevin Campbell157,700157,700
Gerald Cohen156,900156,900
Taehyung Kim156,800156,800
Marius Heiene154,300154,300
Scott Drobes153,300-137,700
Alexander Wong152,800152,800
Troy Sprungl152,00027,000
Niko Koop151,10056,100
Ezequiel Waigel151,1006,800
Christopher Bolio150,90033,400
Daniel Swartz150,200150,200
Kyna England149,70056,700
William Blais148,700148,700
Angelina Rich148,0003,000
Daniel Sepiol147,40098,900
Ulysse Harry147,400147,400
Erik Rensch146,9000
Jared Bleznick146,100-4,900
Randy Sim145,500145,500
Charles Balint145,200145,200
Lauren Carter141,900141,900
Niall Farrell141,600-42,100
Ronnie Bardah139,60022,600
Lloyd Criss139,600139,600
David Ivers139,500139,500
Dominik Baud138,700138,700
Daniel Montagnolli136,800136,800
Ted Gonzalez136,500136,500
Ron Fetsch136,200136,200
Philip Rigby136,100136,100
Ardit Kurshumi135,800135,800
Luke Iorio135,700135,700
Kristopher Burchfield135,500135,500
Devon Ballard134,600134,600
Francois Pirault134,500134,500
Tommaso Briotti134,000134,000
Keith Carter133,000133,000
Kimberly McClymont132,80040,800
Eric Froehlich132,60052,600
Rami Boukai130,600130,600
William O'Neil129,900129,900
Toby Middlebrooks129,600129,600
DID NOT REPORT 3129,100129,100
Leonid Yanovski128,90018,700
Zachary Peay128,600128,600
David Coleman128,200-14,800
Kyle Montgomery128,000-9,000
Wojciech Barzantny126,600126,600
David Margi125,400-27,600
Walter Winiarczyk125,200125,200
Stephen Chidwick124,9004,900
Todd Studenicka124,200124,200
Landen Lucas124,200-800
Garrett Greer123,90023,900
Aristoteles Neto123,500123,500
David Sathue122,800122,800
David Roepke122,100122,100
David Cabrera121,800121,800
Nancy Matson121,6000
Nam Hyung Kim120,500120,500
Mark Tarich120,400120,400
Martin Jacobson120,10064,100
Mark Weil119,100119,100
Mathieu Papineau118,800118,800
Andony Wasaya118,000118,000
Luciano Santos117,400-26,200
Byambajav Bandi117,200117,200
Kyle Collins117,000117,000
Assad Kamran116,400116,400
Anton Suarezjohansson116,200116,200
Luis Calvo116,00056,000
Todd Hovenden115,90042,900
Zachary Hirst115,700115,700
George Rotariu115,200115,200
James Gregg113,900113,900
Christina Read113,500113,500
Chris Moorman113,200-2,800
Thanh Lam113,100113,100
Alan Percal113,000113,000
Mike Wattel112,400112,400
Kevin Gerhart112,40012,400
Xuan Liu112,0004,000
Ian Glycenfer112,000-28,000
Michael Young112,000112,000
Cory Tiley111,900111,900
Richard Munro111,800111,800
Matthew Schreiber111,600111,600
Bradley Rogoff111,40026,400
Farhad Jamasi110,900110,900
Pete Columbia110,200110,200
Scott Robbins110,200110,200
Barry Fleishman110,100110,100
Austin Lewis110,000110,000
Joseph Cinquemani109,600109,600
Andrew Nguyen (HB)109,300109,300
Anar Khalilov109,200109,200
Marle Cordeiro109,100109,100
Lee Sommers108,200108,200
Guillaume Starek107,800107,800
Michael Graffeo107,700107,700
Brandon Wong107,400107,400
David Montoyamancera107,000107,000
Luke Mcintyre106,400106,400
Kyle Goodman106,100106,100
Daniel Fuhs106,10046,100
Oliver Weis106,00035,000
Deryl Taylor105,900105,900
Robert Brown105,700105,700
Michael Delvecchio105,600105,600
Phillip Dwek105,200105,200
Alexander Klupchak105,100105,100
Adrian Jimenez105,00015,000
Cole Ferraro105,000-4,000
Vincent Giuliano104,800104,800
James Jeffrey104,600104,600
Tye Smoole104,300104,300
Bryan Braswell104,100104,100
Albert Vorbe103,600103,600
Paul Molter103,400-6,600
Josip Simunic102,900102,900
Jeremy Becker102,700102,700
Matthew Voorhees102,400102,400
Zackary Hughes102,000102,000
Hiroyuki Noda101,500101,500
Chad Salswedel101,400101,400
Lawrence Brandt101,400101,400
Leonard Maue101,20061,200
Ryan Vanderpoorten101,100101,100
Gary Friedman101,100101,100
Christian Christner101,00014,000
Ashly Butler100,800100,800
Jonathan Borenstein100,600100,600
Vangelis Kaimakamis100,200100,200
Justin Wright100,200100,200
Frank Stepuchin100,00070,000
Sean Embrey99,90099,900
Jeffrey Hong99,60099,600
Richard Martell99,40099,400
Matija Dobric99,30099,300
Sahak Khachatryan99,20099,200
Javid Javani98,60098,600
James Hoffman98,300-1,700
Cary Aronson98,30056,300
Daniel Baer98,30098,300
Alan Spotts97,70011,900
Daniel Weinman96,60096,600
Francis Cruz96,300-33,700
Adam Rude96,3000
Bill Stafford96,0000
Michael Tieu96,00096,000
Ryuji Aoki95,50095,500
Joao Simao95,40020,400
Sammy Lafleur94,70094,700
Rajvir Dua94,60094,600
Rassoul Malboubi94,53094,530
Ryan Franklin94,50094,500
Alain Rodriguez94,30094,300
Maurice Amsellem93,600-3,700
Tobias Schwecht93,60033,000
John Reading93,40093,400
Eitan Borreda93,10093,100
Eliot Hudon93,00093,000
Joshua Bobrosky93,00093,000
Michael Pearson92,60092,600
Daniel DaConti92,10092,100
Antoine Saout92,10050,900
John Newman92,00012,000
Abrahim Batshon92,00092,000
Kenny Hsiung92,00092,000
Thomas Boivin92,00049,900
Kyle Miholich91,90029,900
Peter Nigh91,60091,600
Vincent Moscati91,60017,100
Ryan Buchardt91,20091,200
Boris Kolev91,20032,600
Jurgis Ragauskas91,00091,000
Charles Beshwaty91,00020,000
Ryan Hazzard90,90090,900
Jeremy Pappano90,50090,500
Edward Konarske90,50090,500
Jeffrey Milman90,00090,000
Byeolram Yu89,50089,500
Gaston Miculitzki89,10089,100
Don Himpele89,00089,000
Markus Gonsalves88,00088,000
Daniel Ivers87,70087,700
Paul Ephremsen87,60087,600
William Stanford87,30087,300
Michael Gagliano87,00087,000
Jeremy Wien86,800-103,200
Harry Ross86,60086,600
David Toscano86,60086,600
Matthew Volosevich86,50086,500
Raymond Xu86,30086,300
William Benson86,30086,300
Brock Parker86,00086,000
Nabil Cardoso85,70033,700
Orestis Kanakopoulos85,40085,400
Justin Turner85,30010,300
Rodney Hurlbut85,20085,200
Daniel Dealmeida85,00085,000
Thomas Chapman84,50027,500
DID NOT REPORT 584,10084,100
Jeff Frerichs84,00084,000
Jonathan Dwek84,000-1,000
John Leathart83,80083,800
Michael Wasserman83,60083,600
Nicholas Desmedt83,60083,600
Christopher Canan83,40083,400
Brandon Sheils83,3006,300
Masam Aslanpour83,30083,300
Brian Saslavchik83,300-700
Sadri Saleh82,50082,500
William Ring82,30082,300
Felipe Davila81,90081,900
Joseph Jean81,80081,800
Anton Panelo81,60081,600
Onur Unsal81,50081,500
Dimitar Danchev80,60080,600
Jeffrey Zigulis79,90079,900
Alex Jim79,60079,600
Jarod Minghini79,60079,600
Hayden Toole79,600-300
Maxime Chilaud79,5007,200
Masaaki Izushima79,30079,300
Adam Reynolds79,20079,200
Kevin Mckenzie79,00079,000
Daryn Brush78,10078,100
Jonathan Fader78,00078,000
Scott Bain77,80077,800
Li Zhou77,77077,770
Patrick Horrigan77,50077,500
Justin Pechie77,50077,500
Daniel Buzgon77,20077,200
Chuc Nguyen77,200-57,800
Naor Slobodskoy77,00077,000
Ofir Mor76,50076,500
Andre Busato De Oliveir76,20076,200
Chin Nguyen76,00076,000
Joseph Frampus75,80075,800
Dennis Wamsley75,70075,700
Miltiadis Kyriakides75,60075,600
Philipe Pizzari Pinto75,50075,500
Daniel Chan75,20075,200
Michael Krasienko75,00075,000
Jonathan Abdellatif75,00075,000
Aaron Steury74,8003,300
Matthew Myers74,60074,600
Pavlo Veksler74,50074,500
John Carter74,40074,400
Jana Vondach74,00074,000
Shandhy Sitepu73,60073,600
Raman Afanasenka73,40073,400
Darnell Davis73,30073,300
Dwain Kinder73,20073,200
Henry Pronyk73,10073,100
David Matsumoto72,80072,800
Stephen Hemsworth72,60072,600
Troy Lee72,00072,000
William Wolf72,00072,000
Daniel Oneill71,90071,900
Andrew Seidman71,10071,100
Ran Koller70,90038,300
Matt Livingston70,80070,800
Itay Mashid70,80070,800
Joseph Casale70,70070,700
David Dillon70,70070,700
Brian Frenzel70,70070,700
Stuart Taylor70,60070,600
Hernan Crespin70,60070,600
Bruce Vernet70,40070,400
Michael Walsh70,20070,200
Marie Harrell70,20070,200
Ruben Gonzalez70,10070,100
Breixo Gonzalez69,80069,800
Jason Hamernick69,70069,700
Raffael Crose69,70069,700
Francis Gordon69,500-32,500
Paul Taylor69,40069,400
Carlos Zambrano69,30069,300
Michael Sugg69,00069,000
Thomas Grier68,6002,600
James Crawley68,50068,500
Tim Converse68,50068,500
Raffaele Sorrentino68,3005,100
Mark Miele67,700-32,300
Royal Liu67,30067,300
Nils Pudel67,30067,300
Benjamin Mintz66,90066,900
Meir Hurwitz66,90066,900
Artashes Kartalyan66,60066,600
Alexander Condon66,40066,400
Bryan Leskowitz66,400-28,300
Brian Rainone66,30066,300
Ken Aldridge66,300-200
Ronald Sullivan66,10066,100
Alex Kulev65,600-12,400
Daniel Palau65,10065,100
Jeremy Menard64,30064,300
Brett Apter64,20020,700
Harvey Gluckman64,10064,100
Raul Manzanares64,00064,000
Sergio Aido Espina63,90063,900
Jesse Cohen63,50063,500
Wilbern Hoffman63,20063,200
DID NOT REPORT 463,00063,000
Carlos Chadha-Villamarin62,90062,900
Diego Sobrino62,80062,800
Marc Evanier62,300-10,000
Chance Kornuth62,20013,900
Maria Konnikova62,200-100
James Crosby62,10062,100
John Odonohue61,80061,800
Javier Fernandez61,30061,300
Jonathan Ingalls61,2001,200
Orson Young60,90060,900
Bawoo Yun60,60060,600
Richard Harroch60,30060,300
David Weinstein60,20060,200
Joseph Materne60,10060,100
Steve Rosen60,10060,100
David Oliastro59,80059,800
Neo On59,70059,700
Minh Nguyen58,90058,900
James Barnett58,800-22,400
Brian Metter58,80058,800
Lander Lijo58,80058,800
Richard Preston58,60058,600
Petar Kalev58,50058,500
Bruce Knee58,30058,300
Brian Deutschmeister58,00058,000
Robert Bridges57,90057,900
John Murphy57,80057,800
Roussos Koliakoudakis57,40057,400
Andrew Hanna57,30057,300
Scott Thompson57,200-17,800
Artem Sloitsev56,90056,900
Youness Barakat56,90056,900
Yun Zheng56,700-18,300
Mike Matusow56,5006,500
Julio Cacoilo56,50056,500
Mark Osoteo56,40056,400
DID NOT REPORT 756,10056,100
Paul Sleeper55,90055,900
Eloy Rios55,70055,700
Mark Lackritz55,50055,500
Matthew Gillingham55,50055,500
Barny Boatman55,20015,200
Robert Georato55,10055,100
Danoo Noor55,00055,000
Robert Lipkin55,00055,000
Russell Dohan55,00055,000
Alberto Destrade55,00055,000
Mario Junior55,00055,000
Nitis Udornpim54,80054,800
Amir Mirrasouli54,00054,000
Robert Leeman53,90053,900
John O'Neal53,80053,800
Lu Huang53,80053,800
Robert Harp53,30053,300
Mathew Moore53,00053,000
Brock Squire52,80052,800
David Morton52,30052,300
Mark Blackshere52,00052,000
Brian Connelly51,70051,700
Stuart Graves51,70051,700
Daniel Sewnig51,60051,600
Rod Fani51,60051,600
Christian Calcano51,400-9,500
Craig Varnell51,30011,500
Steven Venclauskas51,10051,100
John Pierce50,70050,700
Nathan Swanson50,70050,700
Jeff Lennon50,70050,700
Nicolas Vayssieres50,30050,300
Mikita Badziakouski50,100-7,900
Ted Lawson50,00050,000
Michael Discepoli50,00050,000
Edward Harris50,00050,000
Vicent Bosca50,00050,000
James Hundt49,60049,600
David Singontiko49,10049,100
Rodrigo Rishmague48,50048,500
Michael Hooper48,30048,300
Matthew Doran48,10048,100
Marc-Andre Ladouceur48,10048,100
Troy Brandwein48,10048,100
Alan Howard48,000-104,000
Robert Hankins48,0005,700
Nicholas Zautra47,70047,700
Joshua Adkins47,700-4,300
Joel Vazquez47,30047,300
Adam Greenberg47,00047,000
Calvin Felice46,90046,900
Oscar Blanco46,70046,700
Sean Hegarty46,50046,500
Ryan Hohner46,300-6,000
Michael Chittick46,30046,300
Benjamin Abrahams46,300-3,700
Vicky Maus46,10046,100
Al Stonum46,00046,000
Kenneth Meacham46,00046,000
Andrew Conway46,00046,000
Raymond Henson46,00046,000
Parker Rodriguez45,90045,900
Tarun Gulati45,90045,900
Brett Richey45,800-37,200
Jesse Solano45,60045,600
Ronnie Day45,60045,600
Brent Hanks45,4002,400
Bryan Fowler45,20045,200
Joshua Stubbs45,10045,100
Sam Soverel45,100-12,900
Sean Greendugh44,70044,700
James Vales44,30044,300
Martin Stausholm44,30044,300
Albert Sisk44,20044,200
Terry Coleman44,00044,000
John Littleton43,90043,900
Sohale Khalili43,900-37,300
Michael "Jamie" Wolf43,70043,700
Nikolai Mamut42,90042,900
DID NOT REPORT 642,50042,500
Thomas Stammer42,40042,400
Aaron Kramer42,10042,100
Brad Eshoo42,00042,000
Michael Cribier42,00042,000
Jason Hickey42,00042,000
Javier Gomez41,8004,400
Bruce Mansonhing41,70041,700
Michael Turri41,60041,600
Brian Feser41,10041,100
Khalid Ayoub41,10041,100
Antonio Salorio41,00041,000
Ryan Riess40,600-38,500
Marcus Kerr40,600-30,400
Thongla Nanthalansy40,40040,400
Joseph Daddario40,00040,000
Nikolay Makhnenko39,80039,800
Sharon Chen38,80038,800
Jacob Perry38,30038,300
John Morano38,10038,100
William Klevitz38,00038,000
Peter Rho38,00038,000
Michael Youngman37,90037,900
Jeffery Gunter37,70037,700
Lawrence Henson37,70037,700
James Belich37,60037,600
Benjamin Primus37,50037,500
Michael Debs37,50037,500
Cedric Danneker37,40037,400
Kevin Kung37,10037,100
Tom Marchese37,000-16,000
Jarod Ludemann37,00037,000
James Bullimore36,90036,900
David Botcowsky36,50036,500
Sylvain Naets36,000-37,000
William Black35,90035,900
Ronny Dennis35,70035,700
Eduardo Arias35,70035,700
Anthony Conti35,50035,500
Joseph Walters35,40035,400
Jared Robles35,10035,100
Stephanie Baker34,90034,900
Bogdan Berdej34,60034,600
Josep Galindo34,60034,600
Dobromir Nikov34,10034,100
Steven Morris33,70033,700
Conrad Bowens33,50033,500
James Decoux33,40033,400
Brian Yoon33,40033,400
Daniel Geren32,80032,800
Richard Alsup32,60032,600
Mitchell Halverson32,400-9,900
Jeff Hakim32,20032,200
Mike Azzaro32,10032,100
Darcey Beaucage32,00032,000
Joey To32,00032,000
Scott Goldstein31,700700
Jacob Meeks31,70031,700
Jeffrey Slover31,50031,500
Anthony Hu31,40031,400
Lafayette Scott31,200-19,300
Patrick Brown30,80030,800
Leonid Sidelkovskii30,20030,200
John Lohmann30,10030,100
Gajan Jeganathan29,80029,800
George Petten29,20029,200
Kindah Sakkal29,00029,000
Chris Goodrow29,00029,000
DID NOT REPORT 228,90028,900
Steve Rassi28,80028,800
Chad Eveslage28,500-12,500
Nicholas Verderamo28,30028,300
Jeremy Ausmus28,100-1,900
Jeremy Renz28,00028,000
Connor Drinan27,60027,600
Dennis Richardson27,50027,500
Chris Hammett27,3005,300
Nozomi Fujii26,60026,600
Ray Medlin Jr.26,40026,400
Kristina Holst26,30026,300
Lars Kamphues26,20026,200
Manuel Javier26,00026,000
Edward Pham25,90025,900
Carlos Sobenes25,90025,900
Shun Wakita25,80025,800
Fracois Tosques25,50025,500
John Strzemp25,40025,400
Steven Dennison25,40025,400
Jeffrey Pringle25,30025,300
Harold Rosenthal25,00025,000
Jesika Harrell24,10024,100
Kenny Hallaert24,000-66,000
Steve Mccluskey24,00024,000
Vinh Do23,90023,900
Luke Martinelli23,60023,600
Joe Serock23,60023,600
Amanda Baker23,20023,200
Thibault Letort22,90022,900
Santiago Plante22,700-46,300
Christopher Mcnamara22,30022,300
Bjorn Kozenkai22,20022,200
Seth Evans22,000-11,000
Jorge Confesor21,80021,800
Robert Weir21,60021,600
Cary Katz21,200-40,000
Fausto Valdez21,00021,000
Justin Bonomo18,9007,300
Ian Kurzer18,60018,600
W. Douglas Barnum18,40018,400
Chance Walker18,40018,400
Peter Robertson18,00018,000
Naoya Kihara17,50017,500
Sorel Mizzi17,000-113,000
Marc Rivera16,80016,800
Joshua Emory16,20016,200
Michael Blanovsky15,30015,300
Asher Assis14,40014,400
Nikolay Baryshnikov14,200-16,800
Pavel Plesuv13,800-37,000
Ryan Jones13,50013,500
Simon Mattsson12,40012,400
William Draper12,3000
Quang Ngo11,40011,400
Anna Antimony11,00011,000
Justin Kushi11,00011,000
Athanasios Polychronopoulos10,500-26,500
Kevin Lee10,40010,400
Benjamin Ector9,8009,800
Charles Littlejohn9,0009,000
Omar Hafeez4,8004,800
David Swift11
William Kiser11
Aaron Van Blarcum1-100,999
Ronald Bennett11
Lance Steinberg11
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:32 PM Local Time
Matusow "Sick" to His Stomach

Mike Matusow lost an 80,000 chip pot to an opponent with a straight flush and relayed the details.

According to Matusow, he flopped a set of eights and bet 2,500 on a     board. His opponent raised to 7,500, and Matusow shoved all in. His opponent called for around 40,000 with    and hit a straight flush on the   turn.

"I just want this day to end. I'm so aggravated right now. I'm sick to my stomach," a frustrated Matusow said.

"I worked all day long to get to 100,000."

Mike Matusow50,000-10,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:28 PM Local Time
Four More Hands

Four more hands until the players bag and tag for the night.

Friday, November 5, 2021 11:23 PM Local Time
Matusow and Barzantny in the Same Table Battling Out

Wojtek Barzantny

The action was picked up on the river with the board showing      .

Both Mike "The Mouth" Matusow and Wojtek Barzantny were involved in the pot.

Matusow checked to Barzantny and he bet 3,600. Matusow quickly mucked his hand.

Barzantny scooped in the pot and two well-known pros are at the same table.

Wojtek Barzantny140,0000
Mike Matusow60,000-26,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:20 PM Local Time
Stepuchin Loses to Molter, Keeps Drinking

Frank Stepuchin and Paul Molter went heads-up to a flop of    . Molter bet 10,000 from the big blind and Stepuchin called on the button.

Molter checked the   turn and Stepuchin, standing up from his seat, bet another 10,000. Molter called and both players checked the   river.

Molter showed the    for a five-high flush. "You've got me pipped," Stepuchin said, showing the  .

Stepuchin played the hand with no fewer than two alcoholic drinks in front of him and had two more delivered just as the hand was finishing.

Paul Molter110,000
Frank Stepuchin30,000-5,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:19 PM Local Time
Tequila Shots, Great Folds at Table 466

The entire table at Table 466 in Amazon Purple had just finished taking tequila shots when the under the gun player opened and Bart Lybaert defended in the small blind.

Lybaert checked on the flop reading     and his opponent bet 5,000. Lybaert raised to 12,500 and encouraged his inebriated opponent to fold.

"I'm not bluffing — would I do that to a friend?" Lybaert said sympathetically.

The opponent believed Lybaert's story and folded    face-up. It ended up being a great laydown as Lybaert showed    for top set.

Bart Lybaert215,00035,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:19 PM Local Time
Rich Keeps Up the Pressure

Angelina Rich

With a completed board reading       and approximately 20,000 in the middle, Angelina Rich put out a big bet of 30,000.

The bet represented most of her opponents' remaining chips and they sent their hand into the muck.

Angelina Rich145,00038,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:19 PM Local Time
Garcia Gets Kings and a Knockout

Justin Garcia opened the action to 1,400. He was called by the player on the button but when it was the big blinds turn to act he put in a three-bet to 6,600.

Garcia four-bet to 15,000. The player on the button folded. The player in the big blind moved all-in after some consideration. Garcia snap-called having his opponent covered.

Justin Garcia:   

The board ran out      . Garcia's pocket kings remained to best hand to eliminate his opponent nearing the end of the day.

Justin Garcia245,000245,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:15 PM Local Time
Deeb Eliminated; Hastings Gone

Freddy Deeb

Jacobo Montoya raised to 1,500 in early position and from one seat over, Freddy Deeb went all-in for 2,300 and got two additional callers on top of Montoya called.

The flop of     was checked through to the   turn where Montoya bet 3,000. The other players folded and the cards were tabled.

Freddy Deeb:   
Jacobo Montoya:   

The river   did not improve Deeb and he exited the tournament.

At another table, it was confirmed by the table that Brian Hastings had busted.

Jacobo Montoya120,000
Freddy Deeb0-3,800
Brian Hastings0-13,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:12 PM Local Time
Aces Versus Kings (and Queens Fold!)

Keegan Westover

"You gotta be f***ing kidding me" was recently heard in the corner of the Amazon purple section, as Sean Dunleavy was just crushed in a hand with Keegan Westover.

Amanda Baker opened the action in early position to 1,200 and Westover three-bet to 3,500 in middle position. A player in late position flatted the 3,500 and then Dunleavy shoved all-in for 65,000. Baker folded what she later said was pocket queens, Westover called the 65,000 and the late position player folded.

The cards were turned up and Baker's fold turned out to be perfect.

Sean Dunleavy:   
Keegan Westover:   

Dunleavy was in the dream situation, but as can often happen, the dream turned into a nightmare as the flop came    , bringing a set for Westover. The turn   and river   brought no help, and Dunleavy's day was brought to a heartbreaking end, while Westover is now in contention for the day 1b chip lead.

Keegan Westover254,000254,000
Sean Dunleavy0-120,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:09 PM Local Time
More Chip Counts From Orange
Philip Shing165,700-700
Mike Del Vecchio123,40056,400
Leonid Yanovski110,200-23,000
Josh Bobrosky103,40027,400
Sohale Khalili81,200-22,000
Pavel Veksler81,2000
James Barnett81,200
Neil Ho61,2005,900
Rich Alsup58,6009,900
Daniel Sepiol48,500-22,500
Brett Apter43,500-5,100
Mitchell Halverson42,3003,900
Robert Hankins42,300-114,700
Jeremy Ausmus30,000-22,000
Larry Ormson18,200-22,000
Brian Hastings13,000-4,500
Freddy Deeb3,800-5,100
Michael Bailey0-10,500
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:04 PM Local Time
Turner Gets His Opponent to Call Off

Justin Turner and an opponent got into a pre-flop raising war that ended with Turner moving all in for around 43,000.

"This is a bad call," his opponent said before sticking in the chips to call.

All-In Player:   
Justin Turner:   

The board brought out all low cards with       and Turner won the pot with his king-kicker. The stacks were counted down and Turner's opponent had around 30,000 left and was eliminated.

Justin Turner75,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 11:03 PM Local Time
Some Notable Amazon Purple Chip Counts
Scott Drobes291,000
Jeremy Wien190,000103,000
Jared Jaffee165,0005,000
Francis Cruz130,00040,000
Xuan Liu108,0005,000
Mike Matusow86,00014,800
Bradley Rogoff85,0000
Oscar Carrasco40,00016,000
Frank Stepuchin35,000-130,000
Justin Bonomo11,600-3,400
Friday, November 5, 2021 10:56 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts in Amazon Purple
Bart Lybaert180,00035,000
Brent Roberts160,00065,000
Landen Lucas125,00070,000
Stephen Chidwick120,000-15,400
Vojtech Ruzicka115,000-35,000
Kevin Gerhart100,00025,700
Garrett Greer100,000
Jeremy Wien87,000-18,000
Jonathan Ingalls60,000
Martin Jacobson56,00017,600
Barny Boatman40,000
Justin Bonomo15,000500
Friday, November 5, 2021 10:51 PM Local Time
Aces Full for D'Ambrosio

Jimmy D'Ambrosio

Jimmy D'Ambrosio was out of position in a heads-up pot on a board reading    .

Facing a flop bet, D'Ambrosio check-raised to 5,200 and his opponent called. Both players then checked on the   turn.

The river brought the   and D'Ambrosio fired a bet of 13,000. The opponent threw out three orange chips for a call and mucked when D'Ambrosio turned over    for a boat.

Jimmy D'Ambrosio195,000-8,400
Friday, November 5, 2021 10:50 PM Local Time
Kitt-Carter Still Adding

Lauren Kitt-Carter

The board read      on the turn. Lauren Kitt-Carter called a bet of 2,500 from her opponent.

The river came the  . She then led out with a bet of 10,000 over a pot of about 8,500. Her opponent thought for about 30 seconds before he folded as she added a few more chips to her stack.

Lauren Kitt-Carter166,00021,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 10:50 PM Local Time
More Orange Chip Counts
Jared Bleznick151,00031,000
David Coleman143,0003,000
Chris Moorman116,00044,300
Justin Young112,000-13,000
Cole Ferraro109,00026,000
Angelina Rich107,00033,000
Brian Saslavchik84,00011,000
Joao Simao75,0004,900
Sylvain Naets73,0005,000
Sergio Aido71,000-6,000
Raffaele Sorrentino63,200-29,800
Ray Henson53,000-6,200
Jeremy Ausmus52,00010,800
Neil Blumenfield49,00016,000
Chad Eveslage41,000-43,000
Athanasios Polychronopoulos37,000-4,000
Freddy Deeb8,9003,900
Richard Bai0-22,100
Friday, November 5, 2021 10:47 PM Local Time
Deeb Folds Aces, Left With Short Stack

Freddy Deeb

The action was found on the turn      with 4,500 in the middle.

Freddy Deeb appeared to have bet 1,400 as a few chips had fallen into the main pot, and his opponent moved all in.

Deeb looked pained as he tossed his    into the muck face-up, leaving just 5,000 in chips behind.

"Good hand," said Deeb half-heartedly. "Good hand."

Freddy Deeb5,000-24,000
Friday, November 5, 2021 10:42 PM Local Time
Jeremy Wien Wins a Big Pot

Jeremy Wien

The action was picked up on the turn with the board showing      and the pot of already over 50,000 in chips.

Jeremy Wien bet 25,500 from the big blind leaving only about another 25,000 behind and committing his opponent to the pot with only a little over 26,000 in chips.

His opponent tanked for a while before he eventually mucked his hand and asked Wien "what did you have?" He replied with "I had a good ace and figured you had a worst one."

Jeremy Wien105,00078,000