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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 to Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Event #52: SENIORS No-Limit Hold'em Championship

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $4,809,560
  • Entries: 5,404
  • Remaining: 0


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Saturday, October 30, 2021 12:04 AM Local Time
Kluchman Leads; Elezra Bags Big After Day 2 of the $1K Seniors Championship

Eli Elezra

After ten one-hour long levels on Day 2 of Event #52: $1,000 Seniors Championship there were 148 players that bagged up their chips to return on Day 3.

Leading the way was David Kluchman bagging 2,715,000. Kluchman was the beneficiary of a massive pot between himself and another chip leader Charles Walker. Walker was eliminated and Kluchman won a pot worth over 2 million chips. Kluchman's best live cash came in 2012 when he came in 63rd in the Main Event for $128,384. He will be looking to best that cash with a win in this event as well as taking his first WSOP bracelet.

The only other stack that ended the day over two million chips was Canadian native April Facey (2,330,000). Facey has over $130,000 in lifetime earnings and this is her seventh WSOP cash. She will be searching for her first WSOP bracelet, and looking for Canada's first bracelet of the series.

End of Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

1David KluchmanUnited States2,745,000
2April FaceyCanada2,330,000
3Marc WalterUnited States1,675,000
4Robert SunUnited States1,615,000
5Clyde ReedUnited States1,600,000
6David SlaughterUnited States1,545,000
7Eli ElezraIsrael1,515,000
8Sean MooreUnited States1,445,000
9Dennis McKelveyUnited States1,415,000
10Chris WaUnited States1,390,000

Eyes were on four-time bracelet winner Eli Elezra today, as he amassed chips throughout the day to end with 1,515,000. Elezra was playing Event #54: $2,500 Nine-Game Mix 6-Handed on the breaks and parts of the levels throughout the day. The day went well for Elezra as, during the last few levels, he never dipped below one million chips. The 2021 WSOP has been the most decorated year for multi-bracelet winners in some time, with many multi-bracelet winners winning their second, third, and fourth bracelets. Elezra looks to continue the trend in hopes to find his fifth WSOP bracelet.

Other players that bagged included Bruno Lopes (1,380,000), Timothy Little (855,000),Allen Kessler (325,000), as well as bracelet winners Barry Greenstein (810,000), Pat Lyons (745,000), Adrian Moreno (530,000), and Antonin Teisseire (470,000).

Many players came in today and played for some time, but while some made the money like Greg Raymer (710st - $1,601), Kathy Liebert (314th - $2,832), John Esposito (193rd - $3,528), and John Cernuto (176th - $3,983) most of the players were unable to find a bag for Day 3.

Day 3 will restart at 10:00 a.m. on October 30 with blinds coming back to 10,000-25,000 with a 25,000 big blind ante. The players will play ten one-hour levels with 15-minute breaks after every two levels and a 60-minute dinner break after Level 29.

Stay tuned to for more live reporting on all the events of the 52nd World Series of Poker.

Friday, October 29, 2021 11:56 PM Local Time
Seat Draw For Day 3
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Amazon4491Matthew ColomaUnited States580,00019
Amazon4492David KluchmanUnited States2,745,00092
Amazon4493Nicholas DileoUnited States1,150,00038
Amazon4494Brian RobertsUnited States585,00020
Amazon4495James BrookingUnited States470,00016
Amazon4496Steven PowersUnited States1,115,00037
Amazon4497Marc WolfeUnited States300,00010
Amazon4498Thomas GibbonsUnited States590,00020
Amazon4499Louis GalassoUnited States805,00027
Amazon4501Antonio PayneUnited States500,00017
Amazon4502Arie KliperIsrael565,00019
Amazon4503David YuUnited States655,00022
Amazon4504Gregory BatemanUnited States1,075,00036
Amazon4505Jaime SanchezUnited States130,0004
Amazon4506Michael PalazzoloUnited States285,00010
Amazon4507Joseph GourleyUnited States375,00013
Amazon4508DID NOT REPORT 2United States1,021,00034
Amazon4509Kenneth WroblewskiUnited States370,00012
Amazon4511Myles GermanUnited States690,00023
Amazon4512Theodore CoreyUnited States320,00011
Amazon4513Morgan DaviesCanada450,00015
Amazon4514David MeredithUnited States370,00012
Amazon4515Donald MatusowUnited States695,00023
Amazon4516John CavanaughUnited States550,00018
Amazon4517Rex SmithUnited States385,00013
Amazon4518Michael WadeUnited States330,00011
Amazon4519Ronald WestUnited States535,00018
Amazon4521Larry WagnerUnited States440,00015
Amazon4522Ira FriedmanUnited States510,00017
Amazon4523Matthew ShihadehUnited States1,010,00034
Amazon4524Mark LillgeUnited States685,00023
Amazon4525Rafael Jarufe FarahPeru430,00014
Amazon4526Dennis JensenUnited States495,00017
Amazon4527Cesar ClaudioUnited States680,00023
Amazon4528Dan DumontUnited States345,00012
Amazon4529Terry WilkinsUnited States960,00032
Amazon4531Kevin MorrisonUnited States480,00016
Amazon4532Mitch SchockUnited States310,00010
Amazon4533Allan BoudreauUnited States450,00015
Amazon4534DID NOT REPORT 3United States745,00025
Amazon4535Jeffrey MeyersUnited States430,00014
Amazon4536Daniel LujanoUnited States1,100,90037
Amazon4537Carlo DarelliUnited States980,00033
Amazon4538Michael BrownUnited States420,00014
Amazon4539Chris WaUnited States1,390,00046
Amazon4541Mike RuterUnited States305,00010
Amazon4543John ThorntonUnited States680,00023
Amazon4544Timothy LittleUnited States833,50028
Amazon4545Todd HansenUnited States795,00027
Amazon4546Stuart TaylorCanada690,00023
Amazon4547Bruno LopesFrance1,380,00046
Amazon4548Arthur HarbUnited States250,0008
Amazon4549David SlaughterUnited States1,545,00052
Amazon4551Thomas BurriUnited States545,00018
Amazon4552David CohodesUnited States10
Amazon4553Robert NilssonCanada858,00029
Amazon4554Kevin NathanUnited States975,00033
Amazon4555Dwayne SullivanUnited States920,00031
Amazon4556Michael EspositoUnited States1,030,00034
Amazon4557Kyle BrownUnited States225,0008
Amazon4558Ken CoplonUnited States785,00026
Amazon4559Ali PabarjaUnited States830,00028
Amazon4561David GutfreundUnited States1,320,00044
Amazon4562Adrian MorenoUnited States530,00018
Amazon4563Scott EpsteinUnited States1,140,00038
Amazon4564Ross LecavalierUnited States180,0006
Amazon4565Robert SunUnited States1,615,00054
Amazon4566Eric SundeUnited States1,345,00045
Amazon4567Sean MooreUnited States1,445,00048
Amazon4568Doyle ElliottUnited States1,300,00043
Amazon4569Clyde ReedUnited States1,600,00053
Amazon4571Christopher GarlandUnited States210,0007
Amazon4572John MacnaughtonCanada910,00030
Amazon4573William CollinsUnited States925,00031
Amazon4574Christopher CummingsUnited States1,155,00039
Amazon4575Antonin TeisseireFrance470,00016
Amazon4576Tony MaUnited States255,0009
Amazon4577Barry SeidmanUnited States820,00027
Amazon4578Jeevan NomulaUnited States590,00020
Amazon4579Peter DykesAustralia1,350,00045
Amazon4581Dana KatzenmeierUnited States290,00010
Amazon4582Jim KarambinisUnited States440,00015
Amazon4583Donya MonroeUnited States865,00029
Amazon4584Pat LyonsUnited States745,00025
Amazon4585Brian NiekerkUnited States535,00018
Amazon4586Robert DavisUnited States1,210,00040
Amazon4587Joel MansonUnited States215,0007
Amazon4588Ronald RindoneUnited States300,00010
Amazon4591Paul BeltramiUnited States280,0009
Amazon4592Angela JordisonUnited States1,040,00035
Amazon4593Jeff NormanUnited States405,00014
Amazon4594Barry GreensteinUnited States810,00027
Amazon4595Jim WoodsUnited States520,00017
Amazon4596Jack DeutschUnited States435,00015
Amazon4597Philippe CulotFrance600,00020
Amazon4598William PattenUnited States330,00011
Amazon4599Jefferson MorrillUnited States665,00022
Amazon4601Ernie GallianiUnited States305,00010
Amazon4602Rae SinesUnited States310,00010
Amazon4603Edward ZiddUnited States740,00025
Amazon4604Dennis MckelveyUnited States1,415,00047
Amazon4605Steve FriedlanderUnited States595,00020
Amazon4606Joe BrandenburgUnited States615,00021
Amazon4607Robert McmillanUnited States1,100,00037
Amazon4608Rhonda ShepekCanada1,000,05033
Amazon4609Mark TekavecUnited States730,00024
Amazon4611Thomas CorderUnited States445,00015
Amazon4612DID NOT REPORT 1US1,065,00036
Amazon4613Jonathan IngallsUnited States740,00025
Amazon4614Louis CheffyUnited States635,00021
Amazon4615Ross NovakUnited States370,00012
Amazon4616Eli ElezraIsrael1,515,00051
Amazon4617John DexterUnited States795,00027
Amazon4618Paul NguyenUnited States360,00012
Amazon4619Hyon ChunUnited States285,00010
Amazon4621Jose Paz-GutierrezBolivia144,5005
Amazon4622Samuel CoenCanada1,065,00036
Amazon4623Lisa XieUnited States635,00021
Amazon4624Greg StrongUnited States780,00026
Amazon4626Marc WalterUnited States1,675,00056
Amazon4627Danny LoomisUnited States595,00020
Amazon4628Denis BilodeauUnited States215,0007
Amazon4629John SachaUnited States1,005,00034
Amazon4631Daniel StebbinsUnited States515,00017
Amazon4632Alexander HillUnited States975,00033
Amazon4633Peter BigelowUnited States1,000,09533
Amazon4634Timothy KrampUnited States455,00015
Amazon4636Allan RosenUnited States340,00011
Amazon4637Roger HendrenUnited States190,0006
Amazon4638Armen LalikianUnited States645,00022
Amazon4639Mark ManeshUnited States575,00019
Amazon4641Ronald NealUnited States340,00011
Amazon4642Felipe QuijanoUnited States520,00017
Amazon4643Allen KesslerUnited States325,00011
Amazon4644Alfred GuevarraUnited States515,00017
Amazon4646John MichalakUnited States920,00031
Amazon4647Andy FinkelbergUnited States1,115,00037
Amazon4648April FaceyCanada2,330,00078
Amazon4649Billy SewellUnited States815,00027
Amazon4651Rickie MerrittUnited States1,145,00038
Amazon4652Barbara CardinUnited States670,00022
Amazon4653David MatsumotoUnited States470,00016
Amazon4654Stephen DarrUnited States315,00011
Amazon4655Alexander ScottUnited States355,00012
Amazon4656Randy MarkerUnited States890,00030
Amazon4657Stuart HosenUnited States1,000,00033
Amazon4658James KennedyUnited States645,00022
Amazon4659Brian OrricoUnited States425,00014
Friday, October 29, 2021 11:49 PM Local Time
Official End of Day Chip Counts
David Kluchman2,745,00030,000
April Facey2,330,0000
Marc Walter1,675,0001,355,000
Robert Sun1,615,0000
Clyde Reed1,600,0000
David Slaughter1,545,0000
Eli Elezra1,515,0000
Sean Moore1,445,0001,321,500
Dennis Mckelvey1,415,0000
Chris Wa1,390,0000
Bruno Lopes1,380,0000
Peter Dykes1,350,0000
Eric Sunde1,345,000245,000
David Gutfreund1,320,0000
Doyle Elliott1,300,0000
Robert Davis1,210,0000
Christopher Cummings1,155,000-445,000
Nicholas Dileo1,150,000-150,000
Rickie Merritt1,145,0000
Scott Epstein1,140,0001,105,000
Steven Powers1,115,00015,000
Andy Finkelberg1,115,0000
Daniel Lujano1,100,900899,900
Robert Mcmillan1,100,000998,000
Gregory Bateman1,075,000990,500
DID NOT REPORT 11,065,000982,000
Samuel Coen1,065,000956,000
Angela Jordison1,040,0000
Michael Esposito1,030,000-70,000
DID NOT REPORT 21,021,000948,000
Matthew Shihadeh1,010,000380,000
John Sacha1,005,0000
Peter Bigelow1,000,095-199,905
Rhonda Shepek1,000,0500
Stuart Hosen1,000,000922,000
Carlo Darelli980,000858,000
Alexander Hill975,0000
Kevin Nathan975,000625,000
Terry Wilkins960,000750,000
William Collins925,0000
Dwayne Sullivan920,0000
John Michalak920,0000
John Macnaughton910,0000
Randy Marker890,0000
Donya Monroe865,000798,500
Robert Nilsson858,0008,000
Timothy Little833,500-21,500
Ali Pabarja830,000150,000
Barry Seidman820,000662,500
Billy Sewell815,0000
Barry Greenstein810,0000
Louis Galasso805,0000
Todd Hansen795,0000
John Dexter795,0000
Ken Coplon785,0000
Greg Strong780,0000
Pat Lyons745,0000
DID NOT REPORT 3745,000549,000
Jonathan Ingalls740,0000
Edward Zidd740,0000
Mark Tekavec730,000560,000
Donald Matusow695,000628,500
Stuart Taylor690,0000
Myles German690,000573,500
Mark Lillge685,0000
John Thornton680,000307,000
Cesar Claudio680,000606,500
Barbara Cardin670,0000
Jefferson Morrill665,0000
David Yu655,0000
James Kennedy645,0000
Armen Lalikian645,0000
Lisa Xie635,000235,000
Louis Cheffy635,0000
Joe Brandenburg615,0000
Philippe Culot600,000499,000
Steve Friedlander595,00040,000
Danny Loomis595,0000
Jeevan Nomula590,0000
Thomas Gibbons590,000190,000
Brian Roberts585,0000
Matthew Coloma580,000527,000
Mark Manesh575,0000
Arie Kliper565,000443,000
John Cavanaugh550,000396,000
Thomas Burri545,000468,000
Ronald West535,000-385,000
Brian Niekerk535,000316,000
Adrian Moreno530,0000
James Woods520,000
Felipe Quijano520,000308,500
Daniel Stebbins515,000-100,000
Alfred Guevarra515,000428,000
Ira Friedman510,0000
Antonio Payne500,0000
Dennis Jensen495,0000
Kevin Morrison480,000264,500
James Brooking470,0000
David Matsumoto470,0000
Antonin Teisseire470,0000
Timothy Kramp455,000290,000
Morgan Davies450,000389,000
Allan Boudreau450,0000
Thomas Corder445,0000
Larry Wagner440,000375,000
Jim Karambinis440,00040,000
Jack Deutsch435,0000
Jeffrey Meyers430,000219,000
Rafael Jarufe Farah430,000
Brian Orrico425,0000
Michael Brown420,000230,000
Jeff Norman405,000105,000
Rex Smith385,000348,000
Joseph Gourley375,0000
Kenneth Wroblewski370,0000
David Meredith370,0000
Ross Novak370,000231,500
Paul Nguyen360,000238,500
Alexander Scott355,000171,500
Dan Dumont345,0000
Allan Rosen340,0000
Ronald Neal340,000209,500
William Patten330,0000
Michael Wade330,000281,500
Allen Kessler325,0000
Theodore Corey320,0000
Stephen Darr315,0000
Rae Sines310,000-40,000
Mitch Schock310,0000
Mike Ruter305,000-245,000
Ernie Galliani305,0000
Ronald Rindone300,0000
Marc Wolfe300,000226,500
Dana Katzenmeier290,0000
Hyon Chun285,0000
Michael Palazzolo285,0000
Paul Beltrami280,0000
Tony Ma255,000107,000
Arthur Harb250,000165,000
Kyle Brown225,000-30,000
Joel Manson215,000-190,000
Denis Bilodeau215,000-290,000
Christopher Garland210,000-550,000
Roger Hendren190,0000
Ross Lecavalier180,0000
Jose Paz-Gutierrez144,500-1,255,500
Jaime Sanchez130,000-1,170,000
David Cohodes1-329,999
Friday, October 29, 2021 10:37 PM Local Time
The Tournament Has Ended For The Night

The tournament has ended for the night. Chip counts and full recap to follow.

Friday, October 29, 2021 10:15 PM Local Time
Five More Hands

The floor has announced five more hands of the night.

Friday, October 29, 2021 10:14 PM Local Time
Elliott Has One Wish for Day 3

Doyle Elliott and Edward "Texas" Zidd are seated next to each other on Table #112 and have been exchanging friendly barbs.

"If we're sitting next to each other tomorrow, I quit," Elliott joked as the rest of the table burst out laughing.

In his last hand, Elliott raised pre-flop and everyone folded. "I should've called you," Zidd said. "Keep you honest."

Doyle Elliott1,400,000450,000
Edward Zidd850,000504,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 10:03 PM Local Time
Elezra Folds Out Jacks

A player raised on the button to 45,000 and in the big blind, Eli Elezra raised to 700,000 and his opponent went into the tank. He thought about it for roughly a minute and then folded    face up before the flop. He told Elezra nice hand as Elezra silently took in the pot.

Eli Elezra1,300,000100,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:59 PM Local Time
Bigelow Picks Up Aces Versus Kings

Russ Louwagie found himself all in for around 400,000 pre-flop and was called by Pete Bigelow.

Russ Louwagie:   
Pete Bigelow:   

It was the classic cooler right at the end of the night, and Louwagie didn't get any help on the       board. He hit the payout line shortly before players bagged up for the night, while Bigelow stacked up more than 1,000,000.

Peter Bigelow1,200,0001,089,500
Russell Louwagie0-55,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:52 PM Local Time
Goodman Out Flops His Opponent

Kevin Goodman shoved all-in pre-flop for 230,000 in late position and his opponent called in the small blind with chips behind.

Kevin Goodman:   
Small Blind:   

The board ran out       giving Goodman a full house, sevens over aces for a nice double up.

Kevin Goodman465,000408,500
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:49 PM Local Time
The Millionaire's Club

The following players are all sitting above 1,000,000 chips as players approach the end of the night.

David Kluchman2,300,000-300,000
April Facey1,450,000-200,000
Jose Paz-Gutierrez1,400,000300,000
Nicholas Dileo1,300,0001,020,000
Eli Elezra1,200,000250,000
Michael Esposito1,100,000120,000
Steven Powers1,100,000919,500
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:45 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
David Kluchman2,600,000350,000
Peter Dykes1,500,0001,390,000
Timothy Little1,200,000507,000
Eli Elezra950,000-325,000
Ronald West920,000688,500
Pat Lyons680,0000
Barry Greenstein620,000168,000
Allen Kessler320,000120,000
John Cernuto250,000-300,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:39 PM Local Time
Kennedy Hits the River to Double

On a flop of    , James Kennedy and an opponent on the button got their chips in the middle.

James Kennedy:   

Kennedy had a flush draw and needed to hit against his opponent's pair of aces. He missed the   turn, but the   on the river completed his draw and secured him the double up.

The stacks were counted and Kennedy was all in for 275,000, leaving his opponent with only 25,000.

James Kennedy650,000493,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:37 PM Local Time
Level 21 started
Level: 21
Blinds: 10,000/25,000
Ante: 25,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:23 PM Local Time
Esposito Eliminated

John Esposito

After losing a massive pot with pocket kings against pocket aces, John Esposito was all-in and at risk for his remaining 135,000 against Jaroslaw Osinski. Cards were on their backs.

John Esposito:   
Jaroslaw Osinski:   

The board ran out       and Esposito was eliminated from the tournament.

Jaroslaw Osinski1,100,000418,000
John Esposito0-700,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:19 PM Local Time
Garland Picks Up Kings

An opponent in the hijack raised and Bruno Lopes called from the button before Christopher Garland moved all in from the small blind for around 320,000. The hijack called, while Lopes folded.

Christopher Garland:   

The board ran out      , leaving Garland's kings in front and his opponent with just a few thousand chips after the stacks were counted down.

Bruno Lopes900,000-100,000
Christopher Garland760,000701,500
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:14 PM Local Time
Campbell With A Pair

A short-stacked player shoved all-in for about 230,000 and Keith Campbell called from behind, covering him. Upon turning his hand over the short stack announced "I got two live cards" and a tablemate responded, "It's suited too".

Short Stack:   
Keith Campbell:   

The board ran out       giving Campbell a pair of aces for the winner.

Keith Campbell715,000551,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:05 PM Local Time
Durfee's Cowboys

Action picked up on the turn with a board reading     , one player at risk and a side between Scott Durfee and another player. Durfee went all in for 280,000 and the third player thought for a bit before folding his hand.

Scott Durfee:   

The river came a   and Durfee made a set on top of already having the best hand. The opponent tapped the table and Durfee took down the pot.

Scott Durfee410,000314,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 9:03 PM Local Time
Dumont Halts Sunde's Rise

Eric Sunde has picked up several big hands recently and just got another.

Dan Dumont moved all in for 195,000 with    on a flop of     and Sunde called with   .

"Are you cheating," a tablemate jokingly asked Sunde upon turning over his hand.

Dumont had a flush draw and failed to hit the   turn, but he hit the   on the river to make a pair of kings.

"I forgot the king was an out," Dumont said as he doubled up.

Eric Sunde1,100,000-200,000
Dan Dumont500,000391,500
Friday, October 29, 2021 8:53 PM Local Time
Clark, Soni Trade Some Chips, Several Barbs

Scotter Clark

Parmod Soni had raised pre-flop before Scotter Clark, dressed as Jack Sparrow, moved all in for around 400,000, placing his chips on his trademark yellow truck.

"I think we're flipping. I'm a senior, I don't flip well. I get cramps," Soni said.

"Will this help," Clark said while placing a toy gun on the table.

"That's only the second gun I've seen on a poker table this year. The first one was real," a tablemate said.

Soni eventually folded, claiming to have pocket nine's. "I had deuce-three," Clark said while claiming the pot.

"You had a big ace," Soni countered.

"If I had deuce-three, I wouldn't be sitting at this table," Clark said.

Parmod Soni550,000-270,000
Scotter Clark480,00060,000
Friday, October 29, 2021 8:52 PM Local Time
Kessler Loses A Flip

Allen Kessler

Joel Manson went all-in under the gun for 150,000 and Allen Kessler in the big blind called.

Joel Manson:   
Allen Kessler:   

The board ran out       and Manson made a pair of jacks to double against Kessler.

Joel Manson325,000-10,000
Allen Kessler200,000-90,000