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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 to Saturday, October 23, 2021

Event #40: H.O.R.S.E. Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $1,389,425
  • Entries: 149
  • Remaining: 0


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Wednesday, October 20, 2021 10:45 PM Local Time
Level 8 started
Level: 8
Blinds: 0/0
Ante: 0
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 10:43 PM Local Time
Mueller Enters to Defend His Title

Greg Mueller

Defending event champion Greg Mueller has taken his seat. Mueller defeated a field of 172 entrants for his third WSOP bracelet and $425,347 back in 2019.

Greg Mueller60,00060,000
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 10:39 PM Local Time
Elezra Eliminates Williams

Eli Elezra

Omaha Hi-Lo

A round of preflop raising left David Williams all in against Eli Elezra and Brandon Shack-Harris. The flop of     and turn   saw Elezra and Shack-Harris both check, before a bet and call on the river  .

Elezra revealed two pair with     , which was good enough to scoop the pot as Shack-Harris and Williams mucked.

At nearby tables, Scott Lake and Thomas Taylor joined Williams on the rail.

Eli Elezra73,00011,500
Brandon Shack-Harris58,000-8,000
David Williams0-24,500
Scott Lake0-60,000
Thomas Taylor0-57,000
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 10:27 PM Local Time
Akkari Scoops a Big One

Stud Hi-Lo

A large pot just developed between Shirley Rosario, Andre Akkari, and Tommy Hang.

The action saw Rosario raise two limps on third street, then bet on fourth, fifth and sixth streets, with both her opponents calling the whole way. Finally on seventh street, all three players checked.

Shirley Rosario:   /    / 
Andre Akkari:   /    / 
Tommy Hang:   /    / 

Akkari turned over     in the hole for an eight-five low, and his pair of fives was actually the best high hand, earning him a scoop.

Tommy Hang77,00017,000
Andre Akkari57,00040,200
Shirley Rosario29,300-36,200
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 10:19 PM Local Time
Rast In, Zhu Out
Brian Rast60,000
Yueqi Zhu0-53,300
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 10:08 PM Local Time
Katz, Matusow Join the Field

Some more notable names have jumped into the field, while several others have been eliminated.

Cary Katz60,00060,000
Mike Matusow60,00060,000
Mike Wattel60,00060,000
Cory Zeidman0-15,800
Andrew Barber0-60,000
Chris Wallace0-69,000
Tom Gity0-66,100
Jorge Leon0-37,200
Chip Jett0-60,000
Anderson Ireland00
David "Bakes" Baker0-22,300
Paul Sokoloff0-60,000
Michael Saltzburg00
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 9:49 PM Local Time
Notable Chip Counts to Begin Level 7
Bryan Micon85,00025,000
Nate Silver83,500-500
Allen Kessler77,00019,000
Norman Chad74,000-13,000
Brandon Shack-Harris66,000-400
Bertrand Grospellier61,500
Eli Elezra61,500
John Esposito61,00016,500
Yuri Dzivielevski53,000-30,500
Randy Ohel51,000-8,000
Nick Schulman48,500-8,900
Frank Kassela43,000-17,000
David "ODB" Baker41,00024,800
Felipe Ramos32,000-30,000
Joe Hachem28,000-36,500
David Williams24,500-35,500
David "Bakes" Baker22,300-24,200
Max Pescatori20,500-39,500
Barbara Enright19,000-41,000
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 9:47 PM Local Time
Level 7 started
Level: 7
Blinds: 0/0
Ante: 0
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 9:46 PM Local Time
Chip Leaders Entering Level 7
Yehuda Buchalter131,50071,500
Scott Bohlman123,00063,000
Matt Glantz117,00057,000
Michael Trivett112,00035,000
Matt Grapenthien109,00049,000
David Benyamine106,00027,500
Scott Seiver104,00044,000
John Racener100,00040,000
John Monnette100,000-1,000
Dan Shak100,000100,000
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 9:32 PM Local Time
Third Break of the Day

The remaining players have been sent on their third 15-minute break of the day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 9:17 PM Local Time
Zinno Chipping Up

Anthony Zinno


Anthony Zinno:     /     
Peiwen Wang:     /     

Anthony Zinno raised on sixth street after Peiwen Wang continued to lead the betting. Zinno bet on seventh and was called, quickly turning over three jacks to take the pot.

Anthony Zinno79,50019,500
Peiwen Wang54,000-1,000
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:53 PM Local Time
Negreanu's Night Ends Early

Daniel Negreanu


Daniel Negreanu was racing with Qinghai Pan for his tournament life just over an hour after joining the field.

Daniel Negreanu:        /  
Qinghai Pan:        

Negreanu was drawing dead even before seeing his final card, and told his table ''finally, an early night!" as he headed out of the Amazon room.

Qinghai Pan79,40019,400
Daniel Negreanu0-60,000
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:43 PM Local Time
Kelsall Among Latest Entries

Andrew Kelsall

Andrew Kelsall has joined other eliminations from the final table of Event #36: $10,000 Dealer's Choice in today's H.O.R.S.E. field.

Kelsall has two mixed game final tables already in this year's WSOP, finishing 6th in the $10,000 Dealer's Choice, and runner-up in the $1,500 Dealer's Choice.

Andrew Kelsall60,00060,000
Dario Sammartino60,00060,000
Roland Israelashvili60,00060,000
Joao Vieira60,000
Christopher Chung60,000
Tommy Hang60,000
Benny Glaser60,000
Christopher Stephan60,000
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:35 PM Local Time
PokerNews Podcast: Phil Hellmuth Talks 16th Bracelet; Mike Matusow in PHoF?
PokerNews Podcast
PokerNews Podcast

On the latest episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Jesse Fullen and Chad Holloway come to you from the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP)!

The biggest story was that of Phil Hellmuth finally breaking through and capturing his record-extending 16th WSOP gold bracelet. Find out what he had to say in his winner interview with the media after his victory.

Other stories include bracelet wins by Chance Kornuth, David "Bakes" Baker, and Ryan "Santasbzack2" Stoker. Plus, you can hear bracelet winner interviews from Jim Collopy, Mike Noori, Anthony Koutsos, and Karolis Sereika.

Finally, find out how PokerNews pissed off Mike Matusow in regards to the Poker Hall of Fame nominations, which leads to Jesse and Chad sharing their thoughts on "The Mouth" as well as the other 10 finalists. Who stands the best chance of being inducted? Find out here.

Listen to the New PokerNews Podcast Here!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:31 PM Local Time
O'Hara Leads Early 100,000 Club

Ian O'Hara

Several players have crossed the 100,000 chip mark as the field enters Level 6, with Ian O'Hara narrowly leading the way.

Ian O'Hara108,00015,000
Wendy Freedman107,000-2,500
Eric Rodawig105,00013,000
John Monnette101,00026,500
James Chen100,00040,000
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:28 PM Local Time
Level 6 started
Level: 6
Blinds: 0/0
Ante: 0
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:28 PM Local Time
WSOP 2021 | Actor James Woods At The World Series Of Poker! | Interview
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:21 PM Local Time
More Late Entries Join the Field
John Racener60,00060,000
David Singer60,00060,000
Scott Lake60,00060,000
Chris Brewer60,00060,000
Ismael Bojang60,00060,000
Andrew Yeh60,00060,000
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:18 PM Local Time
Friedman Knocks Out Eveslage

Chad Eveslage


Chad Eveslage was short on chips in three-way action on sixth street with Perry Friedman and Christopher Vitch. After Friedman bet and Eveslage threw in his final bet, Vitch folded.

Chad Eveslage:     /     
Perry Friedman:     /     

Eveslage was behind the whole way, and was unable to improve as he mucked his final card and headed to the rail.

Minutes earlier at a nearby table, Tim Frazin was also knocked out.

Perry Friedman80,50029,500
Chad Eveslage0-12,400
Tim Frazin0-17,500
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:08 PM Local Time
Campbell Leaves Zeidman Short

Robert Campbell

Stud Hi-Lo

Action picked up on fifth street with Cory Zeidman betting into Robert Campbell, and the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year calling.

Both players checked sixth street, then on seventh street, Zeidman checked to Campbell who bet.

Their boards read:

Cory Zeidman:   /    / 
Robert Campbell:   /    / 

With just over 15,000 chips left, Zeidman didn't have a hand he could call with and folded, putting him on one of the shortest stacks in the room.

Robert Campbell67,5007,000
Cory Zeidman15,800-52,000