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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Tuesday, October 05, 2021 to Thursday, October 07, 2021

Event #12: Limit Hold'em

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $563,370
  • Entries: 422
  • Remaining: 0


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Thursday, October 7, 2021 3:58 AM Local Time
Kevin Erickson Leads The Final 16 In Event #12: $1,500 Limit Hold'em

Kevin Erickson

After nine levels of one-hour blinds, it is Kevin Erickson at the top of the chip counts of Event #12: $1,500 Limit Hold'em with 1,435,000 in chips. Mike Lancaster enjoyed his day at the felt, courtesy of bagging 1,240,000. Erickson started his day playing a memorable three-bet hand against Joe McKeehen and continued amassing chips throughout the tournament until ultimately coming out as the overall chip leader.

Erickson's road to victory will not be easy, with two bracelet winners remaining in the field. Yuval Bronshtein and Jorden Fox bagged 770,000 and 300,000 stacks, respectively. Both players are both looking to add a second bracelet to their resume. Tina Tateossian bagged up 700,000 chips and is looking to become the first woman to win a limit hold'em bracelet since Kathy Liebert in 2004.

After a slightly delayed start, the tournament played nine one-hour-long levels. Many well-known players busted before the money, including Barry Greenstein, Yuri Dzivielevski, Terrence Chan, and Joseph Cheong. Once the money bubble burst, players rapidly busted, including the start-of-the-day chip leaders Jeremy Maher and Anthony Zinno and former Main Event champion Joe McKeehen.

The final 16 players return to their seats at 2 p.m. on October 7; they come back to blinds of 30,000-60,000. The players are all guaranteed $4,232 but are each battling it out for the $124,374 top prize, a World Series of Poker gold bracelet, and the title of champion. That champion will be crowned on October 7.

Stay tuned to PokerNews and keep up-to-date on this tournament and all the other bracelet-awarding events throughout the 2021 World Series of Poker.

Thursday, October 7, 2021 3:17 AM Local Time
Day 3 Seat Draw - Event #12: $1,500 Limit Hold'em
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
Amazon4061Zachary GrunebergUnited States179,000
Amazon4063Ian GlycenferUnited States795,000
Amazon4064Tina TateossianUnited States700,000
Amazon4065John ElliottUnited States355,000
Amazon4066Jorden FoxUnited States300,000
Amazon4067Kevin EricksonUnited States1,435,000
Amazon4068Anh Van NguyenCanada685,000
Amazon4069John BunchUnited States795,000
Amazon4141Yuval BronshteinIsrael770,000
Amazon4142Kerry WelshUnited States425,000
Amazon4143Adam TyburskiUnited States140,000
Amazon4144Mike LancasterUnited States1,240,000
Amazon4145Gregory PinsonneaultUnited States250,000
Amazon4147Guy CicconiUnited States830,000
Amazon4148Tony NasrUnited States885,000
Amazon4149Tom McCormickUnited States775,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 3:13 AM Local Time
Bag and Tag

Play has ended for the day and the remaining 16 players have bagged and tagged and will play down to a winner tomorrow.

Kevin Erickson1,435,000-175,000
Mike Lancaster1,240,000240,000
Tony Nasr885,000515,000
Guy Cicconi830,000470,000
Ian Glycenfer795,000140,000
John Bunch795,000170,000
Tom McCormick775,000-85,000
Yuval Bronshtein770,000-100,000
Tina Tateossian700,000-190,000
Anh Van Nguyen685,000-135,000
Kerry Welsh425,000-275,000
John Elliott355,000-25,000
Jorden Fox300,000110,000
Gregory Pinsonneault250,000181,000
Zachary Gruneberg179,00065,000
Adam Tyburski140,000-310,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 2:55 AM Local Time
Louis Werman Eliminated in 17th Place ($4,232)

Louis Werman

Kevin Erickson opened from middle position and Louis Werman got the rest of his stack in from the button. Erickson called and the hands were revealed.

Louis Werman:   
Kevin Erickson:   

The players were flipping and Werman found no help on the     flop. The   turn left him looking for a river queen or jack, but the board completed with the  , eliminating Werman and extending Erickson's chip lead.

Kevin Erickson1,610,000410,000
Louis Werman0-310,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 2:52 AM Local Time
Rep Porter Eliminated in 18th place ($4,232)

Rep Porter

Rep Porter had gotten coolered for most of his chips when his full house ran into the quads of Tom McCormick.

Porter was all in, but there was side action between Adam Tyburski and Yuval Bronshtein.

Tyburski and Bronshtein both held ace-king on the       board, which was good to chop. Porter's hand hit the muck and he left the tournament area.

Yuval Bronshtein870,00020,000
Tom McCormick860,000610,000
Adam Tyburski450,000-300,000
Rep Porter0-500,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 2:43 AM Local Time
Marco Johnson Eliminated in 19th Place ($3,689)

Marco Johnson

Marco Johnson was all in and at risk preflop against Ian Glycenfer.

Marco Johnson:   
Ian Glycenfer:   

Johnson needed help and didn't find any on the     flop.

The   locked in the hand for Glyfcenfer, and the meaningless   completed the board; Johnson exited the tournament area.

Ian Glycenfer655,000355,000
Marco Johnson0-280,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 2:38 AM Local Time
Christopher Adams Eliminated in 20th ($3,689)

Christopher Adams

Tina Tateossian had two pair versus Christopher Adams who had lost a significant pot earlier against Kevin Erickson. Adam's whole stack went in the middle and his hand was mucked as he left the tournament.

Tina Tateossian890,000530,000
Christopher Adams0-400,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 2:33 AM Local Time
Werman Cannot Stop Doubling

Louis Werman

Louis Werman got his remaining chips in on the flop of     and Jorden Fox called.

Louis Werman:   
Jorden Fox:   

The turn and river of    gave Werman the flush and gave him another double.

Louis Werman310,000130,000
Jorden Fox190,000-150,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 2:32 AM Local Time
Erickson Turns Set Versus Top Two

Kevin Erickson

On a board of    , Christopher Adams bet in the cutoff and got two callers including Kevin Erickson in the small blind.

The   turn saw Erickson check-raise and only Adams continued.

The   completed the board and Erickson led with a bet and was called.

Erickson showed    for a boat while Adams had to throw his    into the muck.

Kevin Erickson1,200,000350,000
Christopher Adams400,000-550,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 2:16 AM Local Time
Werman Finds More Tens To Double

Louis Werman

Louis Werman had raised off of a 70,000 stack under the gun and John Elliott raised to put him all in, which Werman called.

Louis Werman:   
John Elliott:   

The board came out       and Werman flopped three of a kind to crack the kings of Elliott.

John Elliott380,00080,000
Louis Werman180,00020,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 2:08 AM Local Time
Some Updated Counts
Mike Lancaster1,000,000210,000
Yuval Bronshtein850,000-145,000
Kevin Erickson850,000-200,000
Adam Tyburski750,000290,000
John Bunch625,000485,000
Rep Porter500,000190,000
Jorden Fox340,000-390,000
Tom McCormick250,000-80,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 2:07 AM Local Time
Level 24 started
Level: 24
Blinds: 25,000/50,000
Ante: 0
Thursday, October 7, 2021 1:50 AM Local Time

The players have gone on their final 15-minute break of the night. The remaining players will play one more level after the break.

Thursday, October 7, 2021 1:41 AM Local Time
Lancaster Coolers Adams

Action picked up on a flop of     where Matt Lancaster had bet and faced a check-raise from Christopher Adams. Lancaster called to see the turn.

The turn brought the   and the action wasthe same as the flop, with Adams check-raising and Lancaster calling.

The river came   and when Lancaster bet, Adams only called. Adams showed    for a flopped straight, but Lancaster had improved to a full house with    to win the pot.

Christopher Adams950,000150,000
Mike Lancaster790,000440,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 1:30 AM Local Time
Who Are the Best Poker Players Without a WSOP Bracelet?

Best Players WIthout A Bracelet

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Ahead of this year's Series, PokerNews took a special look at some of the biggest names without a bracelet, including Maria Ho, Jason Koon and Dan Smith.

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Thursday, October 7, 2021 1:24 AM Local Time
Dave Tobin Eliminated in 21st Place ($3,689)

Dave Tobin

Dave Tobin was all in on a flop of     for 60,000, and Kevin Erickson called.

Dave Tobin:   
Kevin Erickson:   

The turn and river fell   and  , and Tobin was eliminated.

Kevin Erickson890,000-160,000
Dave Tobin0-352,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 1:20 AM Local Time
Arthur Cole Eliminated in 22nd Place ($3,689)

Arthur Cole

Arthur Cole lost most of his chips when holding    against    on a board of      .

Soon after, he got the rest of his chips in blind versus blind.

Arthur Cole:   
Kerry Welsh:   

The board ran out       and Cole was eliminated from the tournament.

Kerry Welsh700,000300,000
Arthur Cole0-85,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 1:03 AM Local Time
Scott Bogus Eliminated in 23rd Place ($3,689)

Scott Bogus

Scott Bogus was already all in and at risk and Marco Johnson got the rest of his stack in on the     flop against John Elliott.

Scott Bogus:   
Marco Johnson:   
John Elliott:   

The turn was the  , and the   completed the board, eliminating Bogus.

John Elliott300,000-490,000
Marco Johnson280,00070,000
Scott Bogus0-160,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 1:02 AM Local Time
Giant Hands Run Into Each Other

Anh Van Nguyen raised under the gun and Christopher Adams three-bet, which folded out the rest of the table except Nguyen who called.

The flop came    . Nguyen bet, Adams raised, and Nguyen called.

The turn came an   and Nguyen check-raised a bet from Adams, and Adams called.

The   river checked through and Adams showed   . It was no good against    of Nguyen who took the pot down.

Anh Van Nguyen820,000150,000
Christopher Adams800,000-70,000
Thursday, October 7, 2021 12:50 AM Local Time
Level 23 started
Level: 23
Blinds: 20,000/40,000
Ante: 0