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2021 52nd Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Tuesday, October 05, 2021 to Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Event #10: Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em (freezeout)

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $1,459,600
  • Entries: 1,640
  • Remaining: 0


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Wednesday, October 6, 2021 3:03 AM Local Time
Michael Perrone Wins 2021 WSOP Event #10: $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold’em ($152,173)

Michael Perrone

The 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event #10: $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em, a one-day freezeout tournament, attracted 1,640 players, generating a $1,408,870 prize pool. Following 16 grueling hours of play in the Brasilia room at the Rio (Amazon room for the final table), Michael Perrone came out victorious. In doing so, he took home $152,173.

Perrone finished sixth in the $3,500 WPT Choctaw earlier this year. He told PokerNews after winning his bracelet at 3 a.m. PT Wednesday morning that it's difficult to compare the final table experiences because, "This one moves so fast that you don't have time to process things."

"It feels incredible," Perrone said of winning the bracelet. "I wasn't even going to play this event, I was going to go to the Wynn today to play the $1,600 Day 1a."

Perrone's friend talked him into playing the Super Turbo instead, and it paid off handsomely for the accomplished poker pro.

In this fast-paced tournament, bounties were worth $300 a pop. A few players didn't make it into the money but still ended up turning a profit for the day thanks to collecting enough bounties.

2021 WSOP Event #10 Final Table Results

1Michael PerroneUnited States$152,173
2Pierre CalamusaFrance$94,060
3Jeremiah FitzpatrickUnited States$69,454
4Scott PodolskyUnited States$51,787
5Paul DhaliwalCanada$38,996
6John MossUnited States$29,657
7Paul JainUnited States$22,783
8Badr ImejjaneUnited States$17,680
9Gabriel RamosUnited States$13,861

Tuesday's Super Turbo Action

As the tournament name suggests – super turbo – play moved rather quickly in the one-day bracelet event. Players began with 20,000 chips and the blinds increased every 20 minutes, which forced the competitors into an all-in or fold mode late in the day.

Among the 1,640 entries were a number of big-name pros, including 2018 WSOP Player of the Year Shaun Deeb (59th place for $2,505). The four-time bracelet winner spent hours with an above-average stack but ran into some misfortune later on.

Other high-profile players who made it into the money include Vanessa Kade (227th for $1,065), Alex Livingston (218th for $1,065), Ben Mintz (198th for $1,164), Jeff Platt (161st for $1,331), Cate Hall (82nd for $1,731), and Vinny Pahuja (42nd for $3,393).

When the tournament was condensed to the final 10 players, everyone moved from the Brasilia room over to Amazon. Pierre Calamusa had a fairly large chip lead at the start of the unofficial final table, but every player was technically short-stacked given the large blinds relative to the chip stacks.

Jeremiah Fitzpatrick would have early success at the final table and quickly surpassed Calamusa as the chip leader. Michael Perrone then took over the lead when he used pocket kings to bust Paul Jain and John Moss in the same hand, leaving five players left.

When heads-up play between Perrone and Calamusa began, the eventual champ had a sizable lead. He would push his opponent around a bit, raising frequently and moving all-in preflop, forcing folds. When asked by PokerNews afterward about his heads-up aggression, he said that card distribution was likely a factor and that Calamusa was probably unable to call him down due to having lousy cards.

Congrats to Michael Perrone for winning 2021 WSOP Event #10: $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em, his first gold bracelet!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2021 3:00 AM Local Time
Pierre Calamusa Eliminated in Second Place ($94,060)

Pierre Calamusa

After lots of all-in folds from Michael Perrone, Pierre Calamusa was down to 3,300,000 in chips. Perrone went all in again and Calamusa called.

Pierre Calamusa:   
Michael Perrone:   

Perrone flopped two pair with a     and while the turn   turn was a slight sweat for the two pair and three of a kind outs, the river was a   giving Perrone the bracelet and eliminating Calamusa in second place.

Michael Perrone32,800,00010,800,000
Pierre Calamusa0-10,000,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:51 AM Local Time
Perrone Gets Three Streets

Michael Perrone raised to 1,100,000 and Pierre Calamusa defended his big blind.

On the flop of     Calamusa check called a bet of 700,000.

The turn came a   and Perrone bet 1,600,000 which Calamusa also called.

The river came a   and Perrone bet 3,000,000 on the river which after some tanking, Calamusa called. Perrone showed    and Calamusa mucked his hand.

Michael Perrone22,000,000800,000
Pierre Calamusa10,000,000-2,000,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:48 AM Local Time
Calamusa Doubles Up

Pierre Calamusa

Pierre Calamusa raised all in for 5,975,000 and Michael Perrone called.

Pierre Calamusa:   
Michael Perrone:   

With the tournament on the line, Calamusa flopped a pair of queens on    .

Perrone picked up a straight draw on the   turn, but the river was a blank  .

Michael Perrone21,200,0001,700,000
Pierre Calamusa12,000,000-1,500,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:26 AM Local Time
Heads-Up Chip Counts

Michael Perrone

Michael Perrone19,500,0002,000,000
Pierre Calamusa13,500,0000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:25 AM Local Time
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick Eliminated in 3rd Place ($69,454)

Jeremiah Fitzpatrick

Michael Perrone started off the hand by raising to 1,100,000 from the button. Jeremiah Fitzpatrick went all in from the small blind and Pierre Calamusa re-shoved from the big blind.

"Should we end it right here?," Perrone asked before folding.

Jeremiah Fitzpatrick:   
Pierre Calamusa:   

Calamusa came out on top of the coin flip when the board ran out      , and Fitzpatrick was eliminated in third place.

Perrone and Calamusa are taking a quick break before heads-up play begins.

Pierre Calamusa13,500,0003,500,000
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick00
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:22 AM Local Time
Scott Podolsky Eliminated in Fourth Place($51,787)

Scott Podolsky

Scott Podolsky put his last 1,600,000 when Michael Perrone shoved under the gun for 16,000,000 effective.

Scott Podolsky:   
Michael Perrone:   

The board ran out       and Scott Podolsky shook hands with the remaining players as he left the tournament area.

Michael Perrone17,500,0006,500,000
Scott Podolsky0-3,000,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:09 AM Local Time
Level 35 started
Level: 35
Blinds: 250,000/500,000
Ante: 500,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:08 AM Local Time
Paul Dhaliwal Eliminated in 5th Place ($38,996)

Paul Dhaliwal

Paul Dhaliwal open-jammed his last 3,000,000 and Pierre Calamusa made the call.

Paul Dhaliwal:   
Pierre Calamusa:   

The board ran out      . Dhaliwal hit a pair on the flop, but it wasn't the one he needed as he was eliminated in fifth place.

Pierre Calamusa10,000,0004,200,000
Paul Dhaliwal0-3,500,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:05 AM Local Time
Podolsky Folds to a Shove

On a flop of    , Scott Podolsky bet 1,600,000 but folded when Michael Perrone shoved all in.

Podolsky dropped down to 2,400,000. He picked up the blinds and antes by moving all in two hands later to climb back up to 3,000,000.

Michael Perrone11,000,0000
Scott Podolsky3,000,000-400,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 1:55 AM Local Time
Podolsky Cracks Calamusa's Rockets

Scott Podolsky

Scott Podolsky went all in under the gun for 1,600,000 which was followed by Pierre Calamusa re raising all in in the small blind. Michael Perrone folded and the hands got turned over.

Scott Podolsky:   
Pierre Calamusa:   

The     flop gave Podolsky a pair before he blanked the   turn. However, the   spiked the river to improve Podolsky tens and sevens to crack Calamusa's aces and double his stack.

Pierre Calamusa5,800,000-2,200,000
Scott Podolsky3,400,000600,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 1:48 AM Local Time
Level 34 started
Level: 34
Blinds: 200,000/400,000
Ante: 400,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 1:46 AM Local Time
Paul Jain Eliminated in 7th Place ($22,783); John Moss Eliminated in 6th Place ($29,657)

John Moss

Paul Jain jammed his last 1,500,000 pre-flop from the cutoff and John Moss called from the small blind.

Michael Perrone then re-shoved, having both players covered, and Moss called.

Paul Jain:   
John Moss:   
Michael Perrone:   

Both Jain and Moss were at risk, and neither got any help from the       board.

Jain, as the shorter of the stacks, finished in seventh place, while Moss took sixth.

Perrone, meanwhile, is up to 11,000,000 and has taken the chip lead.

Michael Perrone11,000,0005,800,000
Paul Jain0-1,500,000
John Moss0-3,500,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 1:38 AM Local Time
Level 33 started
Level: 33
Blinds: 150,000/300,000
Ante: 300,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 1:22 AM Local Time

The remaining seven players have been sent onto a 20-minute break.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 1:21 AM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick8,500,0000
Pierre Calamusa8,000,0000
Michael Perrone5,200,0000
Paul Dhaliwal3,500,0000
John Moss3,500,0000
Scott Podolsky2,800,0000
Paul Jain1,500,0000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 1:21 AM Local Time
Fitzpatrick Sends Calamusa Into the Tank

Jeremiah Fitzpatrick

On the last hand before break, the board read      by the turn when Pierre Calamusa checked to Jeremiah Fitzpatrick on the button, who bet 700,000.

Calamusa made the call and they saw the   fall on the river. Calamusa checked again, and this time Fitzpatrick put out a bet of 2,000,000.

"Will you show if I fold?," Calamusa asked.

He eventually folded and Fitzpatrick collected the pot, without showing his cards.

Jeremiah Fitzpatrick8,500,0004,000,000
Pierre Calamusa8,000,000300,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 1:14 AM Local Time
Badr Imejjane Eliminated in 8th Place ($17,680)

Badr Imejjane

Jeremiah Fitzpatrick went all in under the gun for 2,900,000 and from middle position, Badr Imejjane went all in for 1,600,000. The action folded back to the tabled cards.

Badr Imejjane:   
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick:   

The flop came    , giving Imejjane a gut shot, which improved to an open-ender on the   turn. The river came a   and Immejjane's run came to an end in eighth place.

Jeremiah Fitzpatrick4,500,0001,500,000
Badr Imejjane0-1,600,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 1:04 AM Local Time
Imejjane Triples Up

Badr Imejjane moved all-in for 525,000 and both Jeremiah Fitzpatrick and Paul Jain in the blinds made the call.

The flop came    , Fitzpatrick checked to Jain who bet. Fitzpatrick quickly folded.

Imejjane turned over    for a pair of eights, while Jain had    for sixes.

Jain didn't get any help on either the   turn or the   river, and Imejjane tripled up his short-stack.

Jeremiah Fitzpatrick3,000,000-2,200,000
Paul Jain2,600,000-2,700,000
Badr Imejjane1,600,0001,400,000
Wednesday, October 6, 2021 12:36 AM Local Time
Perrone Doubles Through Imejjane With Queen-High

Michael Perrone

Badr Imejjane raised to 400,000 from the button and Michael Perrone defended his big blind.

The flop came     and Perrone checked to Imejjane, who bet 300,000. Perrone then shoved all in for 2,135,000 and Imejjane made the call.

Both players had flush draws, Perrone with    and Imejjane with   .

The   turn and   river completed the board and Perrone won the pot with queen-high.

He doubled to 4,700,000 while Imejjane was left with only 200,000.

Michael Perrone4,700,0001,800,000
Badr Imejjane200,000-3,000,000