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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, June 06, 2019 to Sunday, June 09, 2019

$10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better (Event #18)

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $1,720,200
  • Entries: 183
  • Remaining: 0


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Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:53 PM Local Time
Guagenti in Danger

Robert Mizrachi raised under the gun and Nick Guagenti defended big blind. Guagenti check-called the     flop and then each checked the  . On the   river, Guagenti check-called again but couldn't beat     .

Robert Mizrachi5,700,0001,100,000
Nick Guagenti860,000-640,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:51 PM Local Time
Mizrachi On Five Million

Robert Mizrachi raised in the cutoff and Frankie O'Dell came along out of the small blind to see the     flop. O'Dell check-called a bet and both then checked the   turn before leading the   river.

Mizrachi gave it some thought and called to see O'Dell roll over     , which he had beat with     .

Robert Mizrachi5,000,000400,000
Frankie O'Dell1,400,000-500,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:43 PM Local Time
Mizrachi's River Raise Wins

Robert Mizrachi raised on the button and called a three-bet from Owais Ahmed. Ahmed kept the lead as it ran out       with Mizrachi calling the whole way until he chose to raise on the river, with Ahmed letting it go.

Robert Mizrachi4,600,000700,000
Owais Ahmed3,100,000-700,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:43 PM Local Time
Ahmed Scoops Mizrachi

Robert Mizrachi limped the small blind and Owais Ahmed raised in the big blind, which Mizrachi called. On the     flop, Mizrachi check-raised and Ahmed made the call.

Mizrachi bet the   turn and Ahmed called before Mizrachi ended up check-calling a bet on the   river.

Ahmed tabled      kings up and a low, which ended up winning the pot.

Robert Mizrachi3,900,000-600,000
Owais Ahmed3,800,000300,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:39 PM Local Time
Robert Campbell Eliminated in 5th Place ($102,868)

Robert Campbell

Rob Campbell got his remaining chips in preflop with     . He was up against the      held by Robert Mizrachi.

The board ran out      , helping neither player, so the ace-king held by Mizrachi took the showdown.

Robert Mizrachi4,500,000100,000
Robert Campbell0-10,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:36 PM Local Time
Campbell Left On a Nub

Robert Campbell

Robert Mizrachi raised the button and was called by Robert Campbell in the big blind. On the       board, Campbell check-called bets on the flop and turn, then bet the river only to get raised by Mizrachi. Campbell called with one T-5,000 chip behind and Mizrachi announced the nut flush and an ace-high, tabling the     .

Campbell showed      for the inferior flush and inferior low, and he was left with one single chip.

One hand later, Campbell was all in against Mizrachi once more.

Robert Campbell:     
Robert Mizrachi:     

The board came       and they chopped it up, which left Campbell with 10,000.

Robert Mizrachi4,400,000700,000
Robert Campbell10,000-635,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:28 PM Local Time
Mizrachi Turns Full

Robert Mizrachi

Robert Mizrachi raised under the gun and Nick Guagenti defended big blind. The flop came     and Guagenti check-called. On the   turn, Guagenti check-raised and Mizrachi reraised. Guagenti called and then bet the   river. Mizrachi called with      for queens full and took the hefty pot.

Robert Mizrachi3,700,0001,110,000
Nick Guagenti1,500,000-980,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:23 PM Local Time
Last Bet Gets it Done for O'Dell

Rob Campbell raised in the small blind and Frankie O'Dell three-bet out of the big. Campbell called and check-called the flop and turn as       hit the felt. He checked the river and O'Dell bet a final time. Campbell released.

Frankie O'Dell1,900,00095,000
Robert Campbell645,000-455,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:12 PM Local Time
Ahmed Scoops Campbell to Surpass 3 Million

Owais Ahmed completed the blind and called a raise from Rob Campbell. Ahmed checked the     and called a bet. The turn was a   and Ahmed bet out. Campbell called, bringing a   river. Ahmed checked and Campbell quickly slid in a bet. Ahmed raised and Campbell called.

We didn't see showdown but it sounded like Ahmed announced a flush and a low.

Owais Ahmed3,500,0001,130,000
Robert Campbell1,100,000-625,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 2:02 PM Local Time
Level 24 started
Level: 24
Blinds: 80000/160000
Ante: 0
Sunday, June 9, 2019 1:49 PM Local Time
Break for the Final Five

The first 15-minute break of the day has just started and Robert Mizrachi remains at the top of the leader board, albeit with just a narrow lead.

Robert Mizrachi2,590,000-110,000
Nick Guagenti2,480,000180,000
Owais Ahmed2,370,000-230,000
Frankie O'Dell1,805,0005,000
Robert Campbell1,725,000-175,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 1:44 PM Local Time
Mizrachi Can't Beat Two Pair

Frankie O'Dell raised on the button and Robert Mizrachi called in the big blind. The board ran out       and Mizrachi called flop and turn bets before the river checked through.

O'Dell showed      for flopped top two pair that got counterfeited but was still good.

Robert Mizrachi2,700,000400,000
Frankie O'Dell1,800,0000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 1:32 PM Local Time
Ahmed Takes Over the Lead

Robert Mizrachi raised on the button and Owais Ahmed three-bet the small blind. On a     flop, Ahmed bet and Mizrachi called before doing so twice more on the   turn and   river run out.

Ahmed opened      for aces full and Mizrachi tossed his cards into the muck.

Owais Ahmed2,600,000600,000
Robert Mizrachi2,300,000-600,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 1:30 PM Local Time
A Scoop for O'Dell

Frankie O'Dell

Robert Campbell raised and Frankie O'Dell made it three bets from one seat over, which Campbell called. The Aussie check-called each street on the       board and O'Dell tabled      for the wheel to scoop the entire pot.

Robert Campbell1,900,000-400,000
Frankie O'Dell1,800,000800,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 1:24 PM Local Time
Mizrachi Bet-Folds River

Nick Guagenti raised on the button and got action from both blinds. Robert Mizrachi led out from the small blind on     and only Owais Ahmed called. Mizrachi bet the   and   as well but was met with a raise on the end. He folded.

Robert Mizrachi2,900,000-400,000
Owais Ahmed2,000,000200,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 1:07 PM Local Time
O'Dell Scoops One on the Turn

Frankie O'Dell raised second to act and Nick Guagenti made it three bets on his left. O'Dell called and they saw a     flop. O'Dell check-raised and Guagenti called, bringing a   turn. O'Dell bet and Guagenti thought briefly and folded.

Nick Guagenti2,800,000-200,000
Frankie O'Dell1,000,000290,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 1:06 PM Local Time
Three Quarters for Campbell

Robert Campbell once again clashed with Owais Ahmed and took three quarters with his      for a pair of eights and the nut low on a board of      . Ahmed tabled      for the nut low only and received half of the low.

Robert Campbell2,300,000300,000
Owais Ahmed1,800,000-200,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 1:00 PM Local Time
Campbell Scoops Ahmed; Guagenti Takes From Mizrachi

Robert Campbell

Owais Ahmed and Robert Campbell clashed in a battle of the blinds and Ahmed check-called all the way on a board of      . The final river bet he called reluctantly and Campbell showed      for a pair and a low to scoop the pot.

Soon after, the two big stacks got involved in a pot and Nick Guagenti took a pot off Robert Mizrachi with aces up on a       board to almost close the gap to Mizrachi.

Robert Mizrachi3,300,000-500,000
Nick Guagenti3,000,000600,000
Robert Campbell2,000,0000
Owais Ahmed2,000,000-100,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 12:53 PM Local Time
O'Dell Gets Quartered

Robert Campbell raised to 120,000 from the cutoff and Frankie O'Dell responded with a three-bet from the button. Both blinds folded and the flop came down    .

Both players checked and then Campbell check-called a bet of 120,000 on the   turn.

Campbell turned around and led out for 120,000 on the   river and O'Dell called.


Both players had the nut low while Campbell had the better pair for the high and three-quarters of the pot.

O'Dell's downslide continues after getting scooped not long ago.

Robert Campbell2,000,000300,000
Frankie O'Dell710,000-220,000
Sunday, June 9, 2019 12:47 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Robert Mizrachi3,800,000-105,000
Nick Guagenti2,400,0000
Owais Ahmed2,100,0000
Robert Campbell1,700,000300,000
Frankie O'Dell930,000-170,000