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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, July 12, 2019 to Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Closer - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em (Event #84)

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $3,780,000
  • Entries: 2,800
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, July 15, 2019 12:31 PM Local Time
Dropping Like Flies

The bustouts came fast and furious in the first level of the day as 24 players made their way to the payout desk.

Monday, July 15, 2019 12:30 PM Local Time
Mizrachi and Radzivonau Out in Double Elimination by Aguilar

Michael Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi had opened the action to 40,000 and he was three-bet all in by Sergio Aguilar who was playing from the button. Kiryl Radzivonau tanked before calling with around ten big blinds and when it came back to Mizrachi, he also called.

Sergio Aguilar:   
Michael Mizrachi:   
Kiryl Radzivonau:   

The two pros were both at risk against Aguilar, who had the bigger stack. On the     flop, it looked good for Mizrachi, who needed to fade kings, queens and nines now. The   turn was bad news, though he had picked up a flush draw and Mizrachi called for a club. It was another   instead and Aguilar sends two to the rail and the remaining players may well be thanking him for making the field easier now.

Sergio Aguilar1,242,000707,000
Michael Mizrachi0-242,000
Kiryl Radzivonau0-205,000
Monday, July 15, 2019 12:20 PM Local Time
Gross Contending for the Chip Lead

Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross's table has just been broken after he eliminated an opponent. He was spotted heading to his new seat with a huge stack and is sat on roughly 1,550,000, which is likely good for the chip lead.

Jeff Gross1,550,000737,000
Monday, July 15, 2019 12:10 PM Local Time
Prom Eliminated by Sexton

All the chips went in preflop and Mike Sexton was all in against Josh Weiss. Weiss had fewer chips and had got it in behind but was very much live with    against Sexton's   .

The     flop gave Sexton two pair and by the   turn, it was all over for Weiss and he was already shaking Sexton's hand when the   river was dealt.

Mike Sexton306,00072,000
Josh Weiss0-71,000
Monday, July 15, 2019 12:04 PM Local Time
Final Numbers Posted

The final prize pool numbers have been posted. The total prize pool is $3,206,944, all returning players are guaranteed a min-cash of $3,500 and first place is worth $565,346 in cash and the WSOP gold bracelet.

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Monday, July 15, 2019 12:01 PM Local Time
Cards in the Air!

The dealers have been asked to shuffle up and deal, so Day 2 is officially underway.

Monday, July 15, 2019 9:59 AM Local Time
Tam Nguyen Leads 196 Players on The Closer Final Day; Deeb, Cada & Hellmuth Still in Contention

Tam Nguyen

Welcome to Day 2 of Event:84: $1,500 The Closer No-Limit Hold'em. This tournament had a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, but the total of 2,800 entries over three starting flights pushed that number to a huge $3,206,944. 196 of those players have moved on to Day 2 and Tam Nguyen leads the way with an impressive 1,284,000 in chips. Close on his heels are WSOP bracelet winner Roman Korenev (1,198,000) and 2018 Player of the Year Shaun Deeb (1,172,000) followed by Denis Gnidash (1,058,000) and Griffin Abel (1,000,000) who round out the top five.

Joe Cada will also take his seat on Day 2 to defend his title but, with a chipstack of just 202,000, he's got his work cut out for him. Other bracelet winners that are also returning include Ari Engel (936,000), Mike Leah (519,000), Kristen Bicknell (319,000), Benjamin Moon (172,000) and Phil Hellmuth, who will be looking to spin up his stack of 142,000, which is less than 10 big blinds.

When play resumes it will be at level 21 with a small blind of 8,000, a big blind of 16,000 and an ante of 16,000. The levels are still 30 minutes in length and there will be a 15-minute break after every four levels of play. The dinner break is scheduled prior to the start of the final table and directly after that, those nine remaining players will come back and play down to a winner.

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The quest for one of the last remaining 2019 WSOP gold bracelets begins on Monday, July 15th at noon local time. The final prize pool numbers have yet to be posted, so it's not clear at this time what the Day 2 min-cash will be or exactly how much money the winner will take home, but what is guaranteed is that all 196 players are chasing the WSOP gold bracelet and six-figure score.

The PokerNews team will be on the floor to cover all the action from when the first is dealt until the last card hits the felt and the newest WSOP champion is crowned.

Monday, July 15, 2019 3:44 AM Local Time
Seat Draw Day 2 Event #84: The Closer - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Amazon4921Vegard RopstadNorway330,00021
Amazon4922Fahredin MustafovBulgaria580,00036
Amazon4926Morgane PortierFrance162,00010
Amazon4927Daniel NeilsonAustralia538,00034
Amazon4928Mathias BennickDenmark226,00014
Amazon4929Jeff SluzinskiUnited States144,0009
Amazon4931Rick AlvaradoUnited States223,00014
Amazon4932Ahamad MemanUnited States68,0004
Amazon4933Francisco LingalingUnited States76,0005
Amazon4936Jerry RobinsonUnited States470,00029
Amazon4937Michael HabermanUnited States256,00016
Amazon4938Brett MccollumUnited States109,0007
Amazon4939Robert McmillanUnited States324,00020
Amazon4942Pete ChenTaiwan279,00017
Amazon4945Tom FranklinUnited States227,00014
Amazon4946Dylan LindeUnited States321,00020
Amazon4949Sergio AguilarUnited States535,00033
Amazon4951Pojana JenneUnited States89,0006
Amazon4953Jon LactaoenUnited States483,00030
Amazon4954Saar KatoaIsrael220,00014
Amazon4956Anton WiggSweden850,00053
Amazon4958Bruno DesimoniBrazil333,00021
Amazon4959Robert LipkinUnited States627,00039
Amazon4961Michel DattaniPortugal79,0005
Amazon4962Christian Pham 10
Amazon4964Erik CajelaisCanada599,00037
Amazon4965Dragos TrofimovUnited Kingdom414,00026
Amazon4966Mukul PahujaUnited States530,00033
Amazon4967Trung PhamUnited States76,0005
Amazon4968Ralph PerryUnited States304,00019
Amazon4971Maxim LykovRussia423,00026
Amazon4972Fabian GumzGermany628,00039
Amazon4976Mario De La PuenteUnited States120,0008
Amazon4977Marcello AzevedoBrazil129,0008
Amazon4978Kiryl RadzivonauBelarus205,00013
Amazon4979Jeff GrossUnited States813,00051
Amazon4983Tony SinishtajUnited States186,00012
Amazon4985Stuart MarshakUnited States168,00011
Amazon4987Steven KellyUnited States190,00012
Amazon4989Roman KorenevRussia1,198,00075
Amazon4991Fiodor MartinoItaly337,00021
Amazon4992Shaun DeebUnited States1,172,00073
Amazon4993Rex ClinkscalesUnited States599,00037
Amazon4994Kristen BicknellCanada319,00020
Amazon4995Aleksandr GofmanRussia543,00034
Amazon4996Lawrence KernUnited States352,00022
Amazon4997Frank KoopmannGermany561,00035
Amazon5001Gabriel AndradeUnited States120,0008
Amazon5002Meder Suyundukov 160,00010
Amazon5003Colin RobinsonUnited States298,00019
Amazon5004Tam NguyenUnited States1,284,00080
Amazon5006Sohale KhaliliUnited States683,00043
Amazon5007Carlos ChangTaiwan250,00016
Amazon5008Dustin KruseUnited States119,0007
Amazon5012Taehyung KimSouth Korea370,00023
Amazon5013Renato BorromeoUnited States454,00028
Amazon5014Kenny SmaronUnited States512,00032
Amazon5015Vincas TamasauskasLithuania396,00025
Amazon5016Paul CoglianoUnited States349,00022
Amazon5018Sreyleap PromCanada222,00014
Amazon5019Steve YeaSouth Korea924,00058
Amazon5021Hyndi KhomutetskyUnited States191,00012
Amazon5022Joe CadaUnited States202,00013
Amazon5023David GoodmanUnited States264,00017
Amazon5024Bertrand GrospellierFrance388,00024
Amazon5026Siddharth MundadaIndia433,00027
Amazon5028Martin CarneroUnited States626,00039
Amazon5032Benjamin ReinhartUnited States386,00024
Amazon5033Jared KwongUnited States329,00021
Amazon5034Himmat SinghIndia63,0004
Amazon5035Sean LegendreUnited States102,0006
Amazon5037Dong JiUnited States382,00024
Amazon5038JoJo ContinoUnited States151,0009
Amazon5039Takashi OguraJapan323,00020
Amazon5042Louie CohenUnited States177,00011
Amazon5043Mike SextonUnited States234,00015
Amazon5046Timothy MilesUnited States172,00011
Amazon5047Adam JohnsonUnited States111,0007
Amazon5048Jonathan TamayoUnited States103,0006
Amazon5049Matt RussellUnited States155,00010
Amazon5051Natalie TehMalaysia563,00035
Amazon5052Anatolii ZyrinRussia381,00024
Amazon5053Bruno BattagliaUnited States290,00018
Amazon5054Stanislav AngelovUnited States278,00017
Amazon5056Everett CarltonUnited States98,0006
Amazon5057Lee WatkinsonUnited States379,00024
Amazon5058Brett ShafferUnited States456,00029
Amazon5061Xiao YuUnited States329,00021
Amazon5062Abhinav IyerIndia782,00049
Amazon5063Justin YoungUnited States466,00029
Amazon5065Karen SarkisyanRussia324,00020
Amazon5066Denis GnidashUnited States1,058,00066
Amazon5069James PavlickCanada400,00025
Amazon5071Robert VernarecUnited States175,00011
Amazon5073Daniel ChanUnited States78,0005
Amazon5074Alex ParedesUnited States139,0009
Amazon5075Manig LoeserGermany382,00024
Amazon5076Ali EslamiUnited States162,00010
Amazon5077Kevin KilleenIreland760,00048
Amazon5078Dustin BushUnited States81,0005
Amazon5081Patrick EskandarUnited States284,00018
Amazon5082Jordan FischCanada458,00029
Amazon5083Laurynas LevinskasLithuania469,00029
Amazon5085Ray QartomyUnited States431,00027
Amazon5086Brian CroakUnited States520,00033
Amazon5087Sammy LafleurCanada258,00016
Amazon5089George BrennerUnited States301,00019
Amazon5091Brian McKinneyUnited States220,00014
Amazon5092Ari EngelUnited States936,00059
Amazon5094Hiroyuki NodaJapan72,0005
Amazon5098Philippe RousseauxUnited States610,00038
Amazon5099Mikolaj ZawadzkiPoland379,80024
Amazon5101Mastoshi KatoJapan419,00026
Amazon5102Henry GrunzweigUnited States396,00025
Amazon5104Shi ChenUnited States316,00020
Amazon5105Ivan StankovBulgaria216,00014
Amazon5109Brock WilsonUnited States370,00023
Amazon5111Mark RadojaCanada387,00024
Amazon5112Josh WeissUnited States71,0004
Amazon5116Yuki HamadaUnited States125,0008
Amazon5117Joshua ZucchetCanada116,0007
Amazon5119Nate BandyUnited States355,00022
Amazon5121Charles La BoissonniereCanada244,00015
Amazon5122Toshiyuki OndaJapan597,00037
Amazon5123Lawrence KiangUnited States748,00047
Amazon5124Pat LyonsUnited States411,00026
Amazon5125Macradij YacoubianUnited States272,00017
Amazon5128Griffin AbelUnited States1,000,00063
Amazon5129Pablo BritoBrazil385,00024
Amazon5131Brian HuhCanada118,0007
Amazon5132Steven WolanskyUnited States610,00038
Amazon5133JC TranUnited States281,00018
Amazon5135Phil HellmuthUnited States142,0009
Amazon5136Shawn BarnettUnited States388,00024
Amazon5137Deividas KvaselisLithuania466,00029
Amazon5138Mike LeahCanada519,00032
Amazon5141Andrew MacdonaldCanada122,0008
Amazon5142Skylar StillwagonUnited States277,00017
Amazon5143Richard LanesUnited States268,00017
Amazon5145Robert CampbellAustralia242,00015
Amazon5146Kalyan CheekuriIndia493,00031
Amazon5147Joseph RuigomezUnited States53,0003
Amazon5149Nicholas StowellUnited States102,0006
Amazon5151Felix KuermayrAustria284,00018
Amazon5153Ryan LengUnited States340,00021
Amazon5155Maxwell YoungUnited States328,00021
Amazon5156Jack SalterUnited Kingdom417,00026
Amazon5157Benjamin MoonUnited States172,00011
Amazon5158Conrad CoetzerSouth Africa299,00019
Amazon5159Christopher ConradUnited States326,00020
Amazon5161Jean SouprayenmestryFrance65,5004
Amazon5162Kane KalasUnited States312,00020
Amazon5163Ryan O'SullivanUnited Kingdom193,00012
Amazon5166Ian SimpsonUnited Kingdom698,00044
Amazon5167David OrmsbyCanada365,00023
Amazon5168Eyyal AltarUnited States212,00013
Amazon5169Yosuke SekiyaJapan251,00016
Amazon5171Larry NanceUnited States259,00016
Amazon5172Brett MurrayUnited States346,00022
Amazon5174Jason WheelerUnited States280,00018
Amazon5176Ryan TosocUnited States324,00020
Amazon5178Joshua SuyatUnited States193,00012
Amazon5181Christopher FisherUnited States500,00031
Amazon5182Marcelo Giordano MendesBrazil388,00024
Amazon5183Michael MizrachiUnited States242,00015
Amazon5184Jasthi KumarUnited States368,00023
Amazon5185Waikiat LeeUnited Kingdom826,00052
Amazon5186Robert AngeleriUnited States410,00026
Amazon5187Aristeidis MoschonasGreece174,00011
Amazon5188Mohammad MuftiUnited States467,00029
Amazon5192Shashank JainIndia53,0003
Amazon5193Aaron Johnson (MN)United States306,00019
Amazon5195Matthew LambrechtUnited States339,00021
Amazon5196Homero SalinasUnited States241,00015
Amazon5197Kyle AndersonUnited States253,00016
Amazon5198Jacob SealeUnited States238,00015
Amazon5201Jeffrey KelleyUnited States175,00011
Amazon5202Daniel JohnsonUnited States730,00046
Amazon5205Franco SpitaleArgentina199,00012
Amazon5207Kyle AikenUnited States575,00036
Amazon5208Ian O'HaraUnited States756,00047
Amazon5209Usman SiddiqueUnited Kingdom391,00024
Amazon5211Mounim KaddouriUnited States155,00010
Amazon5213Pete MalesUnited States466,00029
Amazon5215Jeff SiegalUnited States53,0003
Amazon5216Jeffrey RothsteinUnited States343,00021
Amazon5217Devin LooneyUnited States628,00039
Amazon5218Daniel RezaeiAustria23,0001
Amazon5219Fabrizio GonzalezUruguay754,00047
Amazon5221Jason ReelsUnited States740,00046
Amazon5222Paraskevas TsokaridisGreece410,00026
Amazon5223Liran TwitoIsrael31,0002
Amazon5224Alex FreibergUnited States368,00023
Amazon5226Zinan XuChina281,00018
Amazon5227Andrew OstapchenkoUnited States783,00049
Amazon5229Kfir NahumUnited States411,00026