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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, July 03, 2019 to Tuesday, July 16, 2019

$10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship (Event #73)

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $80,548,600
  • Entries: 8,569
  • Remaining: 0


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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 1:36 AM Local Time
Preben Stokkan Leads After Day 3 as the Money Bubble Bursts in the 2019 WSOP Main Event

Preben Stokkan

The second-biggest World Series of Poker Main Event has seen a field of 8,569 entries cut down to the final 1,286 hopefuls as the money bubble burst in the final minutes of the fifth level on Day 3, securing each remaining player of the $10,000 buy-in Main Event a payday of at least $15,000.

All those that bagged and tagged for the night will return at noon local time to their allocated seats in the Amazon and Pavilion Rooms of the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, and at least five levels of two hours are scheduled for Day 4.

Preben Stokkan is the chip leader as the only player above two million, claiming 2,184,000 to his name. It could have been an entirely different story, however, as Stokkan was down to one chip in the first break of the day.

"I started the day with 93,000, I had a pretty good start, I was up to like 180,000 pretty early in the first level. But I blew it all on a huge bluff, but I saved myself one chip. I almost went all-in but he over shoved, and I folded. So, I had 5,000 left on the first break and spun it up from there," Stokkan said at the end of the night.

The rise of the poker pro from Norway culminated in the final level of the night as his hot streak continued in a big pot, and Stokkan provided the following details.

"I had a pretty crazy hand against a French guy on my table where I opened from under the gun and he had 600,000 behind. I had him covered, it was right before the bubble. He three-bet me to 40,000, I four-bet to 100,000 with aces. He called. The flop came ace-nine-deuce rainbow. He check-called 40,000. The turn was a four, rainbow board still. He checks, I bet 120,000, he jams! I had top set and he had pocket sevens. Yeah, that was a crazy hand."

Behind Stokkan, Andrew Brokos once again had a decent day at the tables. Heading into the day as one of the biggest stacks when all survivors of the previous days combined for the first time, Brokos spent most of his day in the Pavilion room and will enter Day 4 with a stack of 1,906,000. Other big stacks and notables include Ryan Dodge (1,800,000), Galen Hall (1,658,000), Cassio Pisapia (1,646,000), Chris "BigHuni" Hunichen (1,618,000), Pavlo Veksler (1,596,000), Julian Pineda (1,467,000), Mark Zullo (1,455,000), Jean-Robert Bellande (1,126,000), and Joseph Cheong (1,068,000).

Three former WSOP Main Event champions are still in the mix for a repeat victory in Chris Moneymaker (681,000), Qui Nguyen (669,000) and Johnny Chan (498,000). While Moneymaker returned with a short stack and consistently added more chips throughout the day, Nguyen went from a fairly big stack to below the average, only to bounce back at the very end of the day.

John Cynn
Defending champion John Cynn eliminated before the money

Former champs Scotty Nguyen, Jim Bechtel, Joe Hachem and defending champion John Cynn were among the thousands of hopefuls that had to leave empty-handed. Cynn saw his title defense come to an end in the final level of the night when his trip sixes ended up second-best to the rivered flush of Julian Sacks.

Many other notables such as John Esposito, Loni Harwood, Asi Moshe, Phil Hui, Nick Schulman, 2018 runner-up Tony Miles, Benjamin Pollak, and Igor Kurganov were among those to run out of chips throughout the five levels of two hours each and won't be adding another WSOP Main Event cash to their resume.

The one elimination that let the players in the Amazon and Pavilion room erupt in celebration was the one of Ryan Pochedly, who ended up as the bubble boy. Pochedly turned top pair and top kicker with ace-king, but Julian Pineda rivered trips sevens when the majority of the chips went in. Pochedly won't leave empty-handed, as he receives an entry to the 2020 WSOP Main Event.

Ryan Pochedly
Bubble Boy Ryan Pochedly

The 2019 WSOP Main Event in Numbers

DayPlayers StartingPlayers Late ReggingPlayers Total for DayPlayers Total CumulativePlayers Surviving

The cards will be back at noon with 6:26 minutes remaining in level 15 at blinds of 3,000/6,000 with a big blind ante of 6,000. The PokerNews live reporting team will be there every step of the way as the players go from having cashed in the Main Event to trying to make the latter stages of the event itself.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 1:05 AM Local Time
End-of-Day Chip Counts
Preben Stokkan2,184,000236,000
Andrew Brokos1,906,000706,000
Ryan Dodge1,800,000210,000
Galen Hall1,658,0000
Cassio Pisapia1,640,000290,000
Chris Hunichen1,618,000-12,000
Pavlo Veksler1,594,000-9,000
Duey Duong1,576,000196,000
Jacob Daniels1,560,0001,415,200
John Patgorski1,524,000104,000
Julian Pineda1,467,00067,000
Tobias Duthweiler1,462,000899,000
Mark Zullo1,455,000215,000
Tony Sinishtaj1,442,00022,000
Daniel Charlton1,412,000172,000
Alexander Zeligman1,406,000106,000
David Cabrera Polop1,346,000938,900
Robin Hegele1,337,000877,000
John Hashem1,306,000336,000
Xixiang Luo1,297,0001,145,100
Dylan Meier1,295,000729,700
Kane Lai1,290,000283,000
Artur Koren1,280,000890,000
Christian Stratmeyer1,271,000221,000
Charles Nelson Robinson1,261,00061,000
Matthew Leecy1,242,000739,100
Robert Heidorn1,221,000271,000
Carl Cajuste1,221,000987,000
Ori Hasson1,216,000997,600
Harry Arutyunyan1,216,000536,000
Julian Milliard-Feral1,200,0000
Thomer Pidun1,195,000305,000
Zackary Koerper1,191,00091,000
Richard Lee1,190,000290,000
Fabrizio Gonzalez1,190,000495,000
Warwick Mirzikinian1,175,000-125,000
Aaron Vanblarcum1,170,000968,900
Ignacio Molina1,142,000392,000
Michael Dollins1,130,000983,600
Clayton Saliba1,129,0000
Luke Martinelli1,127,000-223,000
Jean-Robert Bellande1,126,000241,000
Matthew Farmer1,118,0001,046,400
Dapeng Mu1,115,000185,000
Matthew McEwan1,100,000959,300
David Patterson1,099,000680,800
Yuri Dzivielevski1,083,00083,000
Abdul Amer [Abdulrahim Amer]1,082,000720,300
Miguel Seoane Iglesias1,081,000305,000
Andrew Graham1,072,000808,800
Joseph Cheong1,068,000-632,000
Richard Barabino1,065,000125,000
Michael Niwinski1,060,00070,000
Matthew Sabia1,060,000828,800
Zhen Cai1,058,000
Vlastimil Pustina1,050,000370,000
Brady Bullard1,049,000819,300
Jay Romano1,040,000440,000
Jason Fan1,039,000594,600
Bob Shao1,037,000658,100
Daniel Hachem1,036,000186,000
Oliver Bithell1,035,000999,900
Andrey Pateychuk1,034,000-166,000
Pim Gieles1,031,000-19,000
Franklin Azevedo1,025,000781,000
Thomas Boivin1,023,00013,000
Lars Bonding1,020,000855,000
Charles Sewell1,019,000734,700
Vitalijs Zavorotnijs1,018,000218,000
Carl Brewington1,017,000132,000
Matt Stout1,011,000186,000
Jordan Redavid1,009,000694,700
Jason James1,006,0001,006,000
Walter Atwood1,002,00052,000
Nai Hu1,001,000-39,000
Jack Salter1,000,000160,000
John Reading1,000,000734,900
David Pecheur1,000,000938,900
Sota Sato999,000684,200
Sanjay Mayekar997,000471,400
Jiwoon Kim996,000674,100
Luke Graham996,000633,100
Joshua Gordon992,000670,400
Oskar Prehm990,000119,000
David Vedral980,000443,000
Max Silver978,00038,000
Kartik Ved970,000300,000
Sasha Liu966,000-84,000
Joseph Beasy962,000776,200
Ryan Franklin960,000362,800
Marc Foggin960,00010,000
Tyler Cornell958,000558,000
Steven Au952,000769,300
Joseph Walters947,000599,600
Eoghan O'Dea946,000376,000
John Bolton940,000879,600
Giovani Torre935,000135,000
David Olson933,000824,200
Thomas Syversen932,000580,400
Felix Bleiker932,000723,000
Ferdinand Putra924,000660,800
Viacheslav Igin922,000-153,000
Jeffrey Schwimmer920,00095,000
Jasper Meijer van Putten920,000280,000
Andy Hwang919,000319,000
Dario Marinelli919,000655,200
Daisuke Ogita917,000770,900
Eric Baldwin916,00037,000
Dean Murphy915,000468,000
Allen Nielson909,000908,999
Alexander Pope903,0000
Daniel Holmes901,000109,000
Akshay Nasa900,000776,800
Henry Lu896,000707,300
Quan Zhou890,000540,000
Kevin Buck889,000577,600
Heidi Alexander888,000711,100
Bryan Kim887,000789,000
Antonio Fernandez Millan886,000-74,000
John Hewitt867,000773,400
Ricky Guan865,000305,000
Jeff Williams865,000620,400
Justin Liberto861,000218,000
Ryan Leng857,000357,000
Andres Korn850,000402,600
Justin Harvell849,000459,400
Christopher Sly848,000-652,000
Derek Sudell846,000376,000
Adria Diaz844,000164,000
Olivier Chaume844,000199,000
Ralph Perry842,000352,000
Yaniv Peretz838,000515,000
Yaji Ren836,000699,000
Matthew Kolibas835,0000
Matthew Stammen834,000324,000
Corey Burbick832,000142,000
Chad Power829,000394,000
Martin Kus826,000732,800
Dmitry Yurasov822,00077,000
Jacqueline Burkhart819,000219,000
Matt Glantz817,000-3,000
Benjamin Underwood816,000356,000
Kristofer Kneale815,000298,000
Andrew Geller814,0000
Josue Aguirre813,000494,600
Mario Navarro805,000543,000
Thomas Drinkwater804,000560,000
Allen Lu803,000-47,000
David Jackson803,000218,000
Scott Bohlman798,000188,000
Marc Evanier796,000390,700
Corey Thompson795,000645,800
Brandon Bergin795,00086,000
Alpheus Chan791,000344,900
Chang Luo787,000-103,000
Adedapo Ajayi787,000568,700
Robert Pardo785,000383,500
Luther Tran780,000599,600
Tom Cannuli780,000-70,000
Yudhishter Jaswal776,000101,000
Ian Pelz773,00033,000
Bart Lybaert770,000-30,000
Stuart McNally762,000566,000
Jeremy Pekarek759,000-49,000
Mikhail Sokolovskiy755,000359,800
Jeff Siegal754,000487,100
Richard Martell752,000554,000
Andy Tsai752,000302,000
Adam Levy751,00071,000
Matthew Ellis751,000351,000
Kathy Liebert750,00053,000
Luke Brereton750,000-50,000
David Kahan746,000566,000
Olivier Busquet746,00087,000
Christopher Wynkoop741,000491,000
Antonio Esfandiari740,000455,000
Harrison Gimbel739,000189,000
Ayman Qutami739,000-6,000
Jake Toole737,000337,000
Jason Pardy737,000-63,000
Nicholas Marchington734,000351,000
Jeff Dumas731,00061,000
Denys Shafikov730,000500,000
Michael Gathy730,000545,000
Bertrand Grospellier727,000342,000
Gabriel Andrade727,0000
Johnathan Dempsey724,000465,300
Nikolay Ponomarev722,000317,000
Mark Epstein722,000529,600
Michael Vo722,000356,700
Namir Mohamed720,000567,800
Sarkis Akopyan719,000465,500
Thomas Applegate717,000486,700
Mukul Pahuja717,00042,000
Josh Kay716,000256,000
Eric Froehlich716,000101,000
Dejan Pustoslemsek715,000429,000
Peter Mercini714,000429,000
Jack Maskill713,000313,000
Martin Lang712,000286,500
Steven Mcnally711,000522,300
Manuel Mutke710,0000
Michael Lech709,000-6,000
Anuj Agarwal708,000582,500
Bahar Musa707,000213,400
Danny Nguyen705,000425,600
Jared Ingles704,000156,000
Khang Pham700,000612,000
Fan Fan699,000155,800
Henrik Hecklen699,000554,000
Johann Ibanez698,000318,000
Jonathan Dwek698,000471,500
Ali Eslami698,000-77,000
Max Greenwood697,00047,000
Paul Pritchett696,000-11,000
Loyal Sprague694,000139,700
Michael Pearson694,000336,200
Andrew Martin694,0000
Niklas ├ůstedt693,000-242,000
Jeffrey Hart690,000444,300
Danielle Andersen690,000260,000
Martin Huk685,000155,000
Robert Natividad685,000-65,000
Chris Moneymaker681,000116,000
Alex Livingston (CA)681,000681,000
Francisco Lopez680,000266,000
Kevin Le680,000614,000
Shenming Yin679,000463,600
Hongbin Guo677,000335,900
Chris Wallace674,000-81,000
Takashi Matsushita671,000580,500
Qui Nguyen669,000-1,000
Timothy Flanders667,000371,500
Ray Qartomy665,000146,000
Elias Gutierrez665,00050,000
Philip Long665,00070,000
Andrew Pacifico665,0000
Cecil Gabbidon663,200268,200
Gordon Vayo663,000-97,000
Alan Lau661,000-49,000
Nicola Bracchi661,000-179,000
Fred Berger661,000390,300
Dariusz Glinski660,000454,800
Daniel Hallet657,00067,000
Hao Chen657,000577,400
Jerod Smith656,000247,500
Mario Hudson652,0002,000
Bryan Buonocore652,000-16,800
Jake Schindler652,000-93,000
Richard Wilcox652,000456,200
James Everist652,000375,200
Alan Goehring650,000369,500
Sara Hall646,000461,300
Corey Hochman645,000-147,000
Adam Friedman644,000204,000
Ajay Chabra644,00019,000
Marius Pospiech644,000375,000
William Mcmahon (CA)643,000643,000
Scott Ball643,000308,000
Jonathan Cohen642,000528,000
Hlib Kovtunov640,000536,900
George Petten640,000362,000
Paul Vacchio639,000387,100
Thomas Cardona636,000316,900
Daniel Neilson634,00061,000
Jonathan Aguirre634,000347,700
Carl Shaw634,000411,800
Sergei Petrushevskii633,000-62,000
Kevin Saul633,000-467,000
Fadi Hamad632,000484,900
Kenneth Smaron632,000340,200
Shintaro Baba631,000450,600
Jay Farber631,00071,000
Greg Candido630,000518,300
Christian Liel626,000434,700
Milos Skrbic624,000255,100
Hamid Nourafchan624,000346,600
Ap Garza623,000-10,600
Tommy Nguyen622,0000
Sosia Jiang622,00052,000
Brad Albrinck622,000207,000
Robert Georato621,000253,500
Richard Wierzba620,000532,000
Ricardo Graells De Dios617,000475,000
Christopher Ahrens616,000420,600
Laurids Nielsen613,000357,300
Brendon Kaufman612,000389,700
Pavel Plesuv607,000-6,000
Enrico Rudelitz606,00066,000
Colin McHugh606,000420,800
Pierre Joubert606,000276,000
Shaun Zammit605,000270,000
Austin Lewis604,000302,200
Brandon Eisen603,000353,000
Paul DeGiulio602,000434,300
Jerold Saeman602,000-8,000
Timothy Su602,000-68,000
Shyam Srinivasan601,000-64,000
Rachid Amamou600,000-88,000
James Kerr599,00024,000
Christopher Dowling599,000259,000
Shane Abbott596,000418,100
Femi Fashakin593,000193,000
Tanner Bibat592,000299,900
Carlos Guerrero590,000353,000
Craig Mccorkell590,000284,000
Meikat Siu589,000406,200
Martins Kleins588,000285,500
Tan Trinh586,000-34,000
Pedro Padilha582,000255,100
Bart Hanson581,00026,000
Samuel Vizza581,000315,500
Glenn Ward579,000-145,000
Isai Alejandro Coello Ledezma579,000452,200
Sarah Herzali575,000-25,000
Jeffrey Copeland575,0000
Jessie Bryant575,000371,700
Andrew Ostapchenko574,000282,300
Allen Cunningham572,00072,000
Christopher Wolfe570,000242,000
Reed Hensel569,00049,000
Eddie Ochana565,000565,000
Evan Krentzman564,000400,900
Ugo Faggioli563,000380,800
Rayan Chamas561,000482,500
Nacho Barbero561,000131,000
Sergei Kislinskii561,000332,700
Samuel Miller560,000560,000
Nicholas Nordgreen558,00038,900
Trevor Savage558,000356,800
Alexandru Baron557,000421,400
Carlos Garcia557,000320,100
Solaim Aomon556,000384,000
Skylar Stillwagon556,000363,700
Dien Le556,000326,400
Steve Gross555,000205,000
Mick Heder555,000205,000
Timothy Burt553,000322,600
Greg Himmelbrand552,00041,000
Dario Sammartino552,000-128,000
Gianluca Petrone549,000449,600
Steven Morris547,000410,200
Ronald Ellis547,000195,000
Chunhui Ji546,000217,900
Ivonir Bento545,000326,700
Anthony Ortega543,000344,700
Gerald Claunch541,000126,000
Alex Difelice540,000355,000
Bradley Hinson540,000205,600
Pin Jiang539,000338,100
Roger Lussier538,000276,400
Jaysun Petruce537,000437,300
Lucas Fritz536,000326,000
Adam Owen535,000-415,000
Chance Kornuth535,00075,000
Brian Yoon532,000-278,000
Jonathan McCann531,000253,900
Pavlin Karakikov531,00031,000
Dan Heimiller531,000156,000
Qing Liu531,000429,600
Faraz Jaka531,000171,000
Daniel Kirsch526,000296,600
Gal Yifrach525,000-70,000
Hiroki Nawa522,000282,000
Erik Cajelais519,000304,000
Jason Loehrs519,0000
Ludovic Breau518,000146,400
Evan Cutler517,000318,200
Shawn Kjetland517,000-88,000
Brian Horwitz516,000280,800
Allen Kessler516,000-99,000
Alexander Greenblatt516,000386,300
Mike Matusow515,000-57,000
Paul Staples515,000243,500
Yuliyan Kolev513,000201,000
Joshua Ray511,000167,000
Brett Maistri511,000433,000
Gustavo Lopes510,000303,200
Christopher Barton509,000388,800
Jeff Sluzinski508,000108,000
Sean Mills507,000-248,000
Quoc Nguyen505,000269,600
Jesse Vilchez505,000237,500
Matthew Maks505,000427,200
Brendan Baksh505,000346,700
Brian England504,000272,500
Larry Hoffman504,000415,900
Edward Pham504,000372,200
William Gray503,000-222,000
Kaleookalani Mccabe503,000-200,000
Maxime Chilaud500,000337,700
Jonathan Gerrick500,000108,000
Johnny Chan498,000221,000
Antti Marttinen498,000148,000
Jason Wandling497,000334,200
Sergei Verbitski497,000318,100
Ryan Wince497,000357,400
Colton Blomberg496,000362,000
Ezequiel Waigel496,000192,500
Sejin Park495,000135,500
Ryan Yu494,000233,400
Pedro Marques494,000279,000
April Shih493,000445,400
Georgios Karakousis490,000121,200
Atlee Jones489,000351,100
Brian Ray488,000341,800
Kilian Kramer488,000-184,000
Romain Lewis487,000322,000
Viktor Rau485,000281,100
Matthew Emmel484,000-136,000
Cathal Shine482,000236,300
Richard Hu480,00050,000
Johnny Tan479,0008,000
Robert Paddock478,00081,000
Igor Kroujalov478,00028,000
Trushang Desai478,000259,700
Niovel Chirino Alvarez473,000216,500
Ryan Hoffman472,0000
Pal Zagreda470,00092,100
Christopher Neal470,000342,700
Mike Meskin468,000360,300
Thomas Parkes467,000299,700
David Goodman467,000162,700
David "ODB" Baker466,000-44,000
Andy Finkelberg464,000254,500
Keith Hang461,000245,400
Steven Parrott459,000-81,000
Kelly Minkin456,000-9,000
Guofeng Wang456,000275,300
Ross Ward456,000-15,300
David Guay455,000185,000
Martin Stoller455,000165,000
Aleksa Pavicevic455,000-175,000
Alen Patatanyan455,000247,000
Brekstyn Schutten454,000-75,200
Timothy Foley453,000163,700
Simon Deadman452,000-98,000
Josh Arieh450,00080,000
Alex Winter450,000298,000
Marius Johansen447,0006,700
Nicholas Ricciardi447,000-70,500
Jan Eric Schwippert446,00051,000
Gus Hansen445,000-251,000
Matthew Humphrey445,000314,000
David Fong445,000189,600
Julian Sacks444,000-196,000
Nikolai Sears444,00099,000
Aaron Been444,000233,600
Aaron Steury443,000-72,000
Daniel Frederick442,000239,400
Irene Carey442,0000
Michael Messick442,000-128,000
Kevin Stern440,000343,400
Alexander Clark439,000329,700
Daniel Deveau439,000264,900
Michael Noori439,00048,800
Pieter Aerts437,000167,000
Viktor Lavi436,000306,600
Hugo Pingray435,000-108,300
Cliff Josephy435,00090,000
Matthew Bergart435,000226,400
Ory Hen434,000104,000
Gregory Mccurry434,000337,400
Paul Dhaliwal433,000239,100
Michael VanderWoude432,000-108,000
Kory Kilpatrick431,000196,000
Brian Park430,000-130,000
Eran Aydin429,000228,000
Jeremey Frost429,00076,600
John Andrews429,000240,800
Patrick Lacy426,000194,000
Daniel Choi426,000249,700
Jeremy Joseph426,000159,400
Gorki Oliveira425,0009,600
Steve Zolotow424,00024,000
Murray Chick421,000171,000
Gary Blackwood421,000-59,000
William Courtade418,000144,000
Radoslav Stoyanov415,00040,000
Tom Gottlieb414,0000
Thomas Seaman414,000196,700
Joshua Tam412,000-347,000
Mikolaj Zawadzki412,000120,900
Andrey Marsavin410,00015,000
Gary Floyd410,00015,300
Byoung Kim409,000109,100
Zhan Peng Ma409,000135,200
Mihai Manole408,000220,000
Adam Duong408,000203,000
Christopher Roberts404,00063,300
Nasaharu Tomita403,000353,500
Robert Cheung402,00022,000
Trong Dang402,000195,900
Carl Diveglia400,000165,500
Adam Adler400,000190,000
Anthony Spinella400,000-13,000
Ashish Kasaraneni399,00051,100
Chad Mizner398,0000
Matthew Davis398,0000
Andreas Boelling396,0000
Michael Mather395,000-166,900
Dante Goya394,000-15,600
Tyler Patterson393,000-172,000
Blake Bohn392,00012,000
Nicholas Getzen392,000168,000
Jeffrey Outlaw391,000200,300
Adam Dipasquale390,000296,300
Evangelos Kokkalis390,000-38,000
Roland Pieterman390,00068,300
John Misirian390,000300,000
Philippe Dauteuil388,000208,000
Sean Shah387,000-88,000
Yevgeniy Fidchuk386,000193,400
Jason Deutsch386,000270,700
Michael Tomeny385,0000
Todd Witteles385,0000
Federico Quevedo385,000283,000
Timothy Dix384,000285,700
Carlton Tartar384,000-31,000
James Rice383,000242,000
Robert Stan383,000254,100
Daniel Demicki382,000-23,000
Brandon Cantu382,000-418,000
Anatolii Zyrin382,00095,000
Marcus Laffen381,000228,100
Cody Espeseth381,000-39,900
Steven Thornton381,000118,500
David Nardella380,0000
Amir Sonsino380,000-242,200
Paul Volpe380,000110,000
Scott Wilson380,000186,200
Kevin Stclair379,000379,000
Jay Sharon379,0000
Andrew Brinkley377,000227,000
Jeff Madsen375,0000
Niels de Moree375,000119,400
Champie Douglas375,000164,300
Joseph Zamarelli375,000249,400
Robert McLaughlin375,000141,000
Herbert Karp374,000234,000
Scott Eskenazi374,0000
Mariano Mir373,000171,600
James Mackey372,000-23,000
Brandon Schwartz372,000222,500
Victor Figueroa369,000208,700
Thomas Muehloecker367,000157,000
Michael Holm367,000-83,000
Martin Arce367,00092,900
Alex Dovzhenko366,000-64,000
Mathias Bennick366,000129,000
Daniel Dizenzo366,000297,800
Matthew Kassela366,000219,600
Samuel Devers365,000124,200
Dean Morrone365,000271,200
Samuel Hughes364,00043,700
Keith Lehr364,000-6,000
Jan Larsson364,000192,700
Ross Boucher362,000101,000
Alexander Wong361,00054,500
Kevin Law361,00032,100
Joseph Couden361,000-159,000
Zizheng Huang361,000152,900
Jacob Haller360,000145,000
George Janssen Jr360,000133,600
Patryk Poterek360,000164,000
Hunter Frey360,000115,000
Francis Pasqualino359,000286,000
David Lindquist357,00030,000
Billy Gurule357,000-182,400
Michael Laufer357,000137,700
Daniel Mizrachi355,000165,800
Cody Brinn355,000-505,000
Julian Parmann352,000-78,000
Jarod Minghini352,000156,500
Daniel Colpoys352,000-40,800
Stephen Deutsch351,000-89,000
Mans Montgomery351,00030,500
Joshua Ahler351,000200,700
Peter Chien351,00068,600
Paul Garcia351,000225,100
Lyudmil Ivanov350,600-70,400
Anton Morgenstern350,000-280,000
Rania Nasreddine350,000153,000
Michael Kuney350,000210,200
Louis Salter350,000110,100
Fernando Pedro Tavares Barroso349,000243,200
Garry Gates348,000-76,000
Gregoire Auzoux348,00020,800
Jaspal Brar347,000120,800
Timothy Miles347,000-23,000
Antonio Gutierrez346,000245,000
Jose Puente346,000219,600
Mitchell Johnson345,000104,200
Jack Kashishian345,000140,400
Joseph Leung344,00068,200
Donald Dombach344,00030,000
Jonathan Guez343,00082,700
Joseph Saad341,000143,200
Anuj Kwatra339,00074,000
Huidong Gu338,000-27,000
Ky Badgley338,00075,900
Toby Joyce337,000-113,000
Paul Dewald337,0000
Ivan Uzunov336,00096,000
Paul Richardson336,000103,100
Sandra Postelwait336,000155,800
Hossein Ensan336,00066,000
Robert Warburton335,000135,700
Milos Scekic335,000113,400
Mark Wahba335,000222,800
Jon Turner334,000-291,000
DID NOT REPORT 2333,000324,000
Joseph Sabe333,000-29,500
Nick Guagenti333,00033,000
Thomas MacDonald333,00097,800
Volodymyr Drokin332,000-68,000
Christopher Herrin332,000131,900
Jarred Solomon332,000269,800
Jeonggyu Cho331,000148,000
Jill Bryant331,000-29,000
John Stauffer329,000264,000
Renato Ribeiro328,000239,900
Charles Hawkins328,000140,500
Robert Schulz328,000-57,000
Rami Boukai327,000-153,000
Lawrence Brandt327,000259,800
Dylan Linde327,000-133,000
Iverson Snuffer326,000116,000
Scott Franklin326,000166,100
Ronnie Pasztor325,000-49,300
Andrew Shack322,00074,500
Eric Cloutier322,000321,999
Matthew Zarcadoolas321,000-9,000
Perry Zhao321,000-19,700
Martin Pineiro321,000-144,000
Daniel Eichhorn321,000243,000
Maxim Lykov320,00098,400
Thomas Revello320,000246,200
Peyman Luth320,000-88,000
Andrew Nguyen (Milpitas)319,000150,000
Takehiro Kato318,000-28,300
Hamza Firdawcy317,000-52,100
Michael Jen317,000164,800
Neil Blumenfield316,000-84,000
Bret Gross316,000240,900
Michel Bouskila316,000149,800
Oliver Price315,000-60,000
Romit Advani314,00024,000
Adam Bishop313,000-62,000
Camille Mikhael313,000-110,000
Adam Krizbai312,000134,600
Joe Leibman310,000203,100
Sulabh Choudhury310,000-300,000
Joao Gaspar309,00080,000
Jeremy Stein309,000139,000
Rok Gostisa307,000136,000
Jonathan Borenstein306,000122,000
William Romaine306,000221,000
Homan Mohammadi306,00058,600
Adrian Scarpa305,000127,500
Jason Tompkins305,000-120,000
Joseph Moore305,000232,700
Christian Christner305,000-535,000
Jeffrey Chu305,000-13,000
Krasimir Yankov303,00084,000
John Gulino302,000143,000
Domenico Gala302,000198,000
Harold Evans302,000107,800
Quentin Roussey302,0000
Mark Stevens300,000120,600
David Kluchman300,000-42,000
Brett Rosen300,000154,500
Tomasz Kozub299,000-82,700
Maksim Kolosov298,000172,000
Gary Chakoian298,0000
Rory Brown297,000-13,000
Luigi Esposito295,000163,700
Derek Schroeder294,0000
Eric Barnes (WI)294,000294,000
Mark Lewandowski292,000210,600
Julie Dang292,000131,400
Daniel Lee292,000-273,000
Philip Clarke291,00061,600
Quentin Jones291,000-37,800
Jacob Thibodeau290,00064,200
Alberto Ortiz Such290,000191,300
Mark Ostrovsky290,000182,900
Marcelo Delgado290,00070,000
Bartlomiej Machon290,000198,800
Joao Barrosovalli289,000-54,600
Jonathan Tamayo289,000-56,000
Sangjun Lee287,000-15,200
Jacob Phillips287,000113,000
Marcos Rodriguez287,000-63,000
Mike Wattel287,00017,000
Ankit Ahuja286,00010,800
Caroline Dupre286,000145,900
Josh Pollock285,000-165,000
Nello Giongo285,000-207,000
David Thomas284,00050,500
Nick Rampone284,00058,000
Simon Casserly283,00037,400
Marcelo Cudos282,000106,500
Clement Dumortier280,000134,800
Michael Stecker278,000154,400
Casey Stewart278,000157,400
Robert Render276,00099,700
Thomas Waters276,00090,800
Mark Schoenberg276,000-213,600
Christian Rudolph276,00060,600
Richard Seymour275,00038,000
Phillip Hartmann275,000223,700
John Harms275,000-6,100
Norberto Lopez274,000-56,800
Hirofumi Kono274,000164,700
Will Berry274,00034,000
Andrey Zaichenko274,00014,000
Clayton Maguire273,00033,000
Michael Faulkner273,00078,000
Mark Wates272,000149,200
Jeffrey Farnes271,00081,800
Yanki Koppel271,000174,000
Charles Johnson Jr271,000-128,200
Samuel Tsehai270,00078,800
Alexander Farahi270,000202,900
Clement Tripodi270,000-1,000
Jean-Pierre Besancon270,000141,400
Jordan Knackstedt268,00047,600
Carla Castelo267,000154,800
Alireza Amiri266,000185,100
Benjamin Notgrass265,00010,000
Jeanphilippe Goulet-Ratelle264,00040,800
Daniel Beers261,00056,900
Harley Thrower261,000-79,000
Andrew Nassery261,000181,600
Mitch Garshofsky261,0000
Perica Josic261,000-249,000
Michael Youngman261,000-68,400
Bill Klein [William Klein]261,000-30,900
Fabian Gumz260,00048,000
Todd Brunson260,000-62,000
Michael Kane260,000-17,000
Joey To259,0002,600
Peter Linton259,000-241,000
Jason Paradis259,00051,200
Ronni Borg259,000-181,200
Armand Matti258,000175,300
Juan Ignacio Pallotta258,000-73,300
Louis Pfaff256,000153,200
Gao Zhu256,00073,000
Scott Drobes255,000-234,000
Scott Bain255,000-179,000
Bradley Zusman255,000-4,000
Mohamed Mamouni255,000-135,000
Jeffrey Sauer254,0009,100
Kevin Rand253,000-20,200
Mark Jun252,000-53,200
Samuel Goodman251,00016,500
Timothy Mcbride251,000119,200
Junichi Nakanowatari250,00012,000
Matt Kramer250,000-85,000
Christopher Decarlo250,000-280,000
Kalidou Sow250,000-3,000
Joseph Wertz249,000-15,600
Geno Francione249,00038,500
John Lombardo249,000-49,600
Michael Forca248,000-194,000
Jonathan Bennett248,000113,700
Michael Schmidt247,00041,000
Ben Myers247,00094,600
Gregory Defeo246,0000
Tanya Kirk246,000-354,000
Simon Welsch244,000-119,300
Jeff Lisandro243,00041,500
Donald Schiavone243,000-21,400
Mark Teltscher242,000-233,000
Preston McEwen241,00041,000
Noah Schwartz241,00084,000
Nghia Le240,000112,400
Mark Liedtke239,000-86,400
Fabian Scherle239,000169,100
Jeffrey Hewitt239,000-57,000
Alexander Whitt237,00038,900
David Mzareulov235,00057,900
Chad Ryan235,00088,500
Ronald Larsen234,000-11,000
Nazih Sibaei233,00084,400
Christopher Hyden233,000-800
Sebastian Dornbracht233,000-6,800
James Ray232,00094,400
Denise Pratt230,000140,000
Farzad Tafti230,00030,400
Thomas Kornechuk229,000-121,000
Jason Brin227,0000
Eric Blair227,00042,000
Julien Duveau227,00012,300
Mark Castaldo226,000124,500
Robert Serulla226,000153,600
Joseph Melancon225,00088,000
Ronald West225,00011,000
Mark Scacewater225,00079,800
Barny Boatman224,000-276,000
Brian Opyrchal224,00010,000
Michael Anvari223,00066,400
Stevan Chew223,000-77,000
Vladislav Donchev223,00077,800
Andrew Leto222,000127,300
Robert Mcadam221,00016,100
Timothy Faro221,000-299,500
Chris Determeyer221,000-57,200
Bryce Mcvay221,00042,500
Sam Greenwood220,000-100,000
Jeanfrancois Lauzon220,000-64,500
Florian Duta219,000-351,000
Tara Cain219,000-91,000
George Holmes217,000-114,000
Ted Jivkov216,00072,700
Howard Feingold216,000-60,700
Alessandro Siena215,000158,200
Michael Paski215,00062,000
Gabe Paul214,000-9,400
Ziran Xiao214,00025,900
David Vasil212,000-70,300
Peter Walsworth212,00014,500
Brad Anderson211,0002,700
Eric Kepper211,00062,000
David Moreno211,000-116,000
Nicholas Manganaro210,000-220,000
Simon Rudin210,000111,200
Paulo Villena210,00070,000
Jason Antonelli208,000135,500
Conor Beresford208,00093,000
Robert Layne207,000-90,500
Craig Blight207,00028,100
Igor Grytsak206,000122,600
Mario Lopez206,00062,700
Tom Dekkers205,000-16,500
Shuaipeng Fang205,000100,500
Joshua Greenberg204,000-36,500
Kelly Andrews204,000-184,500
Yang Wang204,000204,000
Andre Barrett203,00038,600
Gregory Fishberg202,000158,400
Nathan Fair201,00058,200
Brent Roberts201,000-5,000
Mate Mecs200,000-55,100
Gil George200,000-15,000
Scott Lazar199,000-4,000
Michael Kapernaros199,00051,300
A Paleatsos198,00054,500
Samy Boujmala198,00082,000
James Henson197,000-34,600
Balram Bhandari197,00032,800
Baitai Li196,000-174,900
Duane Blanchard196,00025,700
Nicholas Pupillo196,000-204,000
Ruslan Dykshteyn195,0005,000
John Mcnulty194,00065,000
Lei Zhou194,000-143,000
Jeffrey Eldred193,00063,300
Bryan Campanello193,00038,000
Yousef Saleh192,000154,000
John Phan191,000-10,000
Gal Erlichman190,000-76,000
Michael Monroig190,000-31,900
Darren Keyes190,000-25,000
Ferit Gabriellson190,000-20,000
Jesus Espinosa189,00049,000
Tony Ma189,000115,400
Horacio Chaves Cortes188,00011,700
Chris Foster188,000158,500
Joseph Tauber187,000-149,600
Anthony Ibrahim187,000-17,400
Joshua Boulton186,000-165,800
Roger Campbell185,000-5,000
Anthony Hice185,000-73,300
Jeffrey LoIacono185,00040,400
Sean Iannucci184,000-58,800
Brandon Golden184,000-82,300
Caleb Furth184,00015,500
David Valone183,000-24,700
Alex Foxen183,00028,000
Mark Davidoff183,00056,900
Gavin O'Rourke183,000-140,000
Gregory Kary183,000-266,800
Robert Stevanovski182,00037,800
Eric Salazar182,000182,000
Matthew Friendly181,000135,600
Sammy Paik181,00041,300
Mostafa Ashkarkhizani180,000103,300
Rittie Chuaprasert180,000-107,000
Sami El Dein179,000-65,600
Aaron Ogus179,00015,000
Daniel Couzens178,00061,800
Jody Fayant175,0009,600
Spencer Champlin175,00024,000
Richard Anthony175,000-320,000
Leonardo Lisi175,00035,200
Jaideep Sajwan175,0005,900
Carlos Hey174,000-173,200
Alex Goulder174,000-151,000
Samuel Gagnon174,000-56,100
Nicholas Lore174,000-7,400
Dean Kerl174,000-279,500
Gerald Johonnot173,000-54,100
Aaron Mathis173,0005,900
Benjamin Ridino173,000126,300
Francisco Riosvallejo172,000-36,800
Dennis Barrett172,00023,000
Scott Herbertson172,000-29,500
Maxwell Schrack171,000-30,800
Nabil Cardoso171,000-4,000
Stephen Rose171,0000
Clayton Kalisek169,00084,500
Kyle Burnside169,000-88,400
Stephen Rakower169,00023,000
Maksim Prokhorov168,0008,700
Marc Goldman167,000-108,000
Neal Liptak167,00094,800
Paul Davison166,000-42,700
Florin Pandilica166,000-44,000
Christopher Poole166,000-267,600
Larry Ross166,00088,900
Steven Himebaugh165,000110,000
Thomas Hambrock164,000-21,700
Jarod Einsohn164,000-456,000
Steven Snyder163,000-292,800
Pavel Berka162,000-88,000
Timothy Smith162,000-125,000
Dan Wirgau161,000-160,100
Andreas Wagner161,000-46,700
Charles Combes161,00035,200
Edward Ribeiro160,000101,000
Nick Grippo160,000-255,000
Dong Guo160,000-32,000
Jacob Beck159,000-5,800
Michael Soccio159,000-39,600
Jesper Hoog159,000-5,100
Eyal Maaravi158,000-222,000
Marios Savvides158,000-24,000
David Enda158,000-37,300
Li Ta Hsu158,000-13,800
Haim Haggiag156,000-320,900
Joseph Ashor156,00038,800
Daniel Stickel155,000-19,800
Veselin Dimitrov155,000-62,000
Diego Ventura155,000155,000
Casey Diener155,000-38,700
Renji Mao155,000-66,000
Bruno Politano154,000-106,000
Giovanni Petroni153,000-26,000
Todd Vincent152,000-35,500
Jerrimie Pacheco152,000-13,000
James Frank151,000-97,900
Kyle Kloeckner151,000-117,100
Nils Bardsley150,000-148,400
Bobby Zhang150,000-37,900
Nadine Borelli150,000-49,500
Mike Shin149,000-36,000
David Len Ashby148,000-282,000
Michael Lavoie148,000-47,000
Timothy Telliard148,000-115,500
Taylor Paur148,00013,000
Serge Chechin146,000-39,200
Alex Fortin Demers146,000-69,000
Gary Cook145,00079,900
Nicholas Kallenbach145,000-12,200
Paul Sharpe144,000-204,100
Thomas Roupe143,000-107,400
Piet Pape143,000-38,200
Kiyoto Burke141,000-6,600
Gil Levy141,000109,200
Paul Patouilliart141,000-181,000
Jonathan Kyriakides141,0003,000
Tim Reilly140,000-105,000
Danilo Radonjic138,00034,500
Bradley Rhodes137,00035,900
Lisa Pickell137,00023,700
Christopher Hayes136,000-183,200
Aditya Agarwal136,000-3,000
Jacek Ladny135,00015,700
Sterling Savill135,000-33,400
Edwin Buskirk135,000-33,400
Kyriakos Papadopouluos134,000-156,000
Nick DiVella134,000-16,000
Amir Mirrasouli134,00029,600
William Mitchell133,000-264,700
Leif Force133,000-27,000
James Nahikian132,000-72,100
Marko Maher132,000-117,600
Brian Zeid132,0006,500
Joseph Cappuccio131,000-25,900
David Levi131,000-58,000
Roland Rokita130,000-59,200
Boris Kasabov130,00063,800
Theodore Mcneely130,00089,800
Chenxu Zhang129,000-62,700
Joseph Galazzo129,0007,200
Scott Neuman129,000-196,000
Michael McKenna (NJ)128,00079,400
Chris Marrone128,00063,600
Arman Kilavuz127,000-150,100
Ryan Dennett127,000-88,900
Paul Hockin126,000-102,100
Eric Stocz125,000-72,500
Jacob Davis125,000-61,100
Max Altergott125,000-185,000
Steven Josephsen125,000-108,900
Nichlaus Staker125,00030,100
Miguel Capriles125,0000
Daiva Byrne124,000124,000
Matt Livingston124,000-95,300
Trygve Leite123,000-83,200
Andrew Glauberg123,000-244,200
Kevin Maahs123,000-139,100
Geramy Dickerson122,000-286,900
Jeremy Maher122,000-42,500
Qinghai Pan122,000-89,000
Chao Wu122,000-238,100
Timothy Cavallin122,000-21,300
Bogdan Munteanu122,00067,000
Dana Katzenmeier122,000-29,700
Jeremy Calverley122,0007,300
Salvatore DiCarlo121,000-85,900
John Holley121,000-15,000
Charles Thompson121,000-90,100
Guillermo Sanchez121,000-17,200
Daniel Tarwater121,000-13,300
Domnick Sarle120,000-57,600
Kliment Tarmakov120,000-24,600
Paul Ephremsen120,000-20,000
Stefan Huber120,000-39,000
Manelic Minaya120,0006,000
Edward Ross119,000-23,400
Marc Vernick119,000-29,600
Seth Anirudh119,000119,000
Anh Van Nguyen118,000-150,700
David Clarke118,000-182,000
Benjamin Jones118,000-246,700
Fadi Barakeh118,000-352,300
Christophe Pommier117,00069,000
Kyle Aiken117,000-95,000
Lawrence Scholl117,0008,200
Ryan Von Bevern117,000-134,200
David Hu117,000-48,000
Scott Koiner117,000-82,500
Kazuki Sasaki116,000-36,300
Steven Sanzaro116,000-69,000
Hans Joachim Hein115,000-65,000
Quentin Siffledeen115,000-101,700
Peter Neff115,000-145,000
Goonjan Mall115,000-87,600
David Singontiko115,000-127,300
Fabio Miranda114,000-26,000
Oscar Alache114,000-198,000
Will Jaffe113,000-100
Siddharth Karia113,000-181,800
Alfred Poon113,000-1,100
Ryan Baysinger113,00079,500
Linda Huard112,000-62,500
Shi Chen111,00023,100
Travis Tachibana111,000-45,300
Thomas Schropfer110,00021,500
Michael Selznick109,000-165,800
Patrick Serda108,000-314,400
Jorge Arriola108,000-213,500
Farhad Davoudzadeh108,000-312,000
Martin Carnero108,00058,000
Aaron Running108,0005,100
Takao Shimizu107,000-171,000
David Miscikowski107,000-268,000
Todd Louer107,000-233,000
Jeffrey Korn107,00045,900
Kai Lanser107,000-26,000
Gilad Gutkin106,000-2,800
Stephen Hay106,000-42,700
Bryan Shay106,000-24,000
Jeffrey Dewitt105,000105,000
Felipe Leme105,000-123,000
John Dibella104,000-44,000
Stanislav Cifka102,000-39,600
Nick Caltabiano102,000-96,300
Clavet Mathieu101,000-5,300
Matthew Higgins100,000-255,100
Josh Prager100,00041,000
Jan Ladew100,00067,500
Sai Sirandas100,00023,300
Chung Ho100,000-130,000
Ralph Wong100,000-384,000
Michael Monaco100,000-122,100
Didrik Mantor100,000-214,300
Qing Lu100,000-77,200
Paul Mannoni99,000-77,400
Scott Baumstein99,000-76,000
Jacob Ferro99,000-75,900
Leo Worthingtonleese98,00098,000
Greg Garabedian98,000-285,800
Paul Freedman95,000-169,500
Martin Heubeck95,000-58,100
Stanley Tang95,000-224,800
Chris Meyer94,000-58,700
Weihua Cai94,000-257,100
Kyle Keating93,000-100,900
Philip Leibow93,000-5,400
Jeffrey Muncy93,00024,600
David Hantman93,0001,100
Thomas Lutz93,000-257,000
Robert Fisher92,000-7,500
Massoud Eskandari92,000-88,000
Michael Blake92,000-177,500
Julien Loire91,000-69,900
Guy Cicconi91,000-185,800
Martin Kozlov90,000-15,000
Ettore Ricci90,00013,000
Ryan Stoker89,000-15,800
Seth Berger89,000-213,000
Mauro Suriano (UK)89,000-39,400
Dragoljub Martinovic89,0005,900
Aaron Johnson (MN)88,000-112,000
Antti Halme87,500-109,000
Brett Hartfiel87,000-137,400
Fares Santana86,000-558,000
Jorge Rios86,000-119,700
Gediminas Garmus86,000-211,400
Christopher Barrett86,000-128,400
Michael Petro86,000-103,100
Elilton Gouveia86,000-39,000
Nicholas Danias85,000-324,900
Gary Benson85,000-115,700
Adam Barker85,000-121,700
Ye Shen84,700-780,300
Claude Ngangacodru84,00014,000
Louis Hillman84,0004,000
Patrick Herbert83,000-75,200
Sean Barringer82,000-81,500
Joel Lynn82,000-31,700
Daniel Jordan82,000-210,300
Aaron Overton81,000-25,000
William Criego81,000-57,500
Michael Klein81,000-30,500
Quang Vu81,000-32,400
Jamie McCarrel81,000-92,700
Mathieu Rabalison81,000-108,700
Kevin Unkel80,000-158,100
Eric Semel80,000-145,000
Aliaksei Boika80,000-163,900
Peter Levine79,0004,000
Tom Vogelsang79,000-255,900
Brandon Gale78,000-182,200
Joe Curcio78,000-54,400
Raul Martinez78,000-55,100
Michael Marvanek77,700-82,800
Kevin Pollak77,000-23,000
Clifton Temm Ii77,000-49,500
Morgane Portier76,00043,100
Davidi Kitai76,000-16,000
Kyung Jung76,000-84,000
Xi Yang76,000-99,000
Antonio Salorio75,000-114,400
Kharlin Sued75,000-183,300
Adam Daniel75,000-34,700
Mark DeLuca75,000-15,300
Jordan Kaplan74,000-192,000
Dejuante Alexander74,000-126,000
Terik Brown74,000-133,500
Jordan Joeckel74,000-56,400
Xuming Qi73,200-160,800
Timothy Stanczak73,000-261,500
Anant Patel72,000-131,700
Jiang Qian71,000-139,000
Nidal Echaust70,000-160,200
Chanracy Khun70,000-10,000
Nick Blackburn70,000-180,000
Mike Linster70,000-55,000
Yuhan Huo70,000-117,700
Stefan Soderstrom69,000-211,800
Benjamin Zamani69,000-351,000
Mark Gregorich68,000-52,000
Patrice Brandt68,000-230,500
Lauren Monosson68,000-26,100
Liraz Weiman67,100-44,800
David Leja67,000-40,300
Matthew Wood67,000-56,500
Albertus Stegeman67,000-139,000
Hsusheng Wang67,000-42,000
Paul Marzarella66,000-256,000
Robert Peacock66,000-16,900
Igor Merda66,000-140,200
Mike McDonald66,000-209,000
Cyril Andre66,000-186,100
Anselmo Villarreal65,000-123,500
Ricky Green65,000-67,700
Jason Scott65,000-77,100
Clinton Monfort65,000-200,800
Adam Johnson65,000-186,800
James Buckley64,000-30,000
Brian Oshust64,0009,000
Vincent Ciarrocchi63,0000
Kevin Ward63,000-188,800
Josh Bergman63,00062,999
Jeffrey Finkelstein62,000-269,700
Nicholas Cushman62,000-84,900
Shuichi Hiratsuka62,000-36,200
Camilla Reventlow61,000-155,000
Justin Hutton61,000-139,000
Sather Oystein61,000-144,100
Ngon Hoang60,850-414,150
William White60,000-2,200
Paul Duyvejonck60,000-134,300
Markus Garberg60,000-28,000
Sherif Elmessiri59,00032,300
Andrei Spitsyn59,000-68,700
Benjamin Dobson59,000-181,000
Sasidhar Bobba58,000-102,100
Benjamin Souriau56,000-95,700
Joseph Palma56,000-130,500
Aki Pyysing56,000-254,000
Yuval Gottenstein55,00022,300
Sergei Nikiforov55,000-92,900
Yu Shen55,00022,600
Daniel Blum54,000-57,300
William Harrell53,000-239,700
David Bortolucci53,000-109,200
Boris Mondrus53,000-202,000
Andrew Hanna53,000-113,200
David Ritter53,000-107,300
Cesar Machado52,000-81,600
Francis Rusnak51,000-75,300
Jacek Pustula50,000-236,100
Matthew Reeser50,000-550,000
Tyler Sumrall49,500-222,800
Adam Swan48,000-344,100
Mary Sturges48,000-123,500
Berg Gullapyan48,000-85,200
Kento Mori47,000-15,000
Ryan Dersch47,000-40,300
Richard Dubini46,000-24,000
Mark Adkins46,000-259,000
Craig Fishman46,000-253,700
Eddie Blumenthal45,500-100,200
Igor Dursel45,000-70,000
David Brookshire45,000-285,000
Henning Wendlandt45,000-228,000
Brian Lamanna43,000-146,800
Cary Katz41,000-54,000
Tim Lim41,000-272,400
Edwin Roman40,000-117,800
Greg Huffman40,000-63,800
Johnnie Moreno40,000-45,000
Bud Lavassani40,000-76,300
Bradley Snider39,000-377,800
Eric Wasylenko35,000-217,100
Glenn Larson34,000-252,600
Max Steinberg33,0001,000
Ronald Rosenberg33,000-157,100
Joaquim Junior32,000-98,200
Michael Marder32,000-83,000
Janet Hornung30,000-91,100
Shaun Davis29,000-32,000
Scott Sharpe29,000-62,700
Moshe Angert29,000-40,000
Yulian Bogdanov28,000-139,000
Anthony Utnage27,000-53,000
Rustam Hajiyev26,000-59,000
Keith Curro26,000-47,000
Michael Weber25,000-80,500
Joshua Atkinson24,000-158,900
Roman Lanzerstorfer24,000-105,000
Stuart Graves21,000-71,600
Molly Mossey20,000-120,000
Jameson Painter19,000-76,000
Erik Gamans17,000-69,800
Scott Davies15,000-265,000
Raja Chirumamilla10,000-232,000
Leanne Brown9,000-36,500
Michael Haberman8,000-257,000
Jean Alaux7,000-114,200
Gisela Staton10
David Kim1-93,599
Denis Pisarev1-195,099
Rina Kuroiwa1-70,399
Andrew King1-179,999
Carl Pfenninger10
Daryl Roberts1-214,399
Yuanxi Chen1-316,099
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:57 AM Local Time
Day 3 Completed

Once the money bubble has burst, the remaining 1,286 players were asked to bag and tag their chips. They will be back for Day 4 at noon local time with 6 minutes and 26 seconds left in level 15.

Assorted chip counts and a recap of today's action are to follow.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:48 AM Local Time
Ryan Pochedly Bubbles the 2019 WSOP Main Event

Ryan Pochedly

Tournament officials announced that dealers should hold up at the end of their hand in order to start hand-for-hand play on the direct money bubble.

One of the hands that was still in progress during this period resulted in Ryan Pochedly standing up looking decidedly dejected. He had been eliminated from the Main Event at the hands of Julian Pineda.

 Ryan Pochedly
Ryan Pochedly

Pineda filled us in on the details and explained that Pochedly had opened to 14,000 from under the gun and Colombian player Pineda had three-bet to 42,000. Pochedly called and checked the     flop to his opponent who bet 18,000.

Pochedly called and the turn   was checked by both players. The river was the  . Pochedly checked for the third time and Pineda moved all in.

According to Pineda, Pochedly had around 300,000 in chips behind and called it off with    for two pair only to be met by the    of Pineda for rivered trips.

After a short period of clarification by the WSOP tournament officials, Pochedly was announced as the bubble boy in the 2019 WSOP Main Event, receiving entry to the 2020 Main Event from Jack Effel as a consolation prize.

Ryan Pochedly
Ryan Pochedly

Players are now bagging up at the end of Day 3.

Julian Pineda1,400,0001,082,200
Ryan Pochedly0-182,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:29 AM Local Time
Daniels Utilizes Inch-Perfect Abuse on the Bubble

Following a raise from under the gun, Jake Daniels flatted in middle position before a player in the big blind three-bet to 45,000. Daniels called and they went to a flop of    . Daniels called another 50,000.

The   turn saw the big blind fire a small bet of 20,000 and Daniels raise to 165,000. He received a call.

The river was the   and the big blind led out again, making it 60,000 and leaving himself with 196,000 behind. Daniels announced he was all in and the other player tanked for a while, standing up.

"If you fold I'll show you ace-three," Daniels said, drinking wine.

The other player lifted his cards, looking at   , and then folded.

Daniels did as he promised, he showed his hand, but... his holdings had nothing to do with ace-three as he tabled    for absolute air.

Jake Daniels1,350,000539,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:29 AM Local Time
Capriles Holds With Queens

The noise is getting louder in the Amazon room and one of the players that ended up at risk was Miguel Capriles.

"I am a nice guy to be around," he joked at the table and in the next hand Capriles three-bet shoved for 55,000. Initial raiser Gabriel Andrade from under the gun called with    and Capriles turned over   , which held up on a board of       as the ESPN crew rushed by to film the showdown.

Gabriel Andrade727,000357,400
Miguel Capriles125,0005,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:26 AM Local Time
Loehrs Doubles Through Steinberg on the Bubble

Max Steinberg raised from the late position and Jason Loehrs three-bet in the cutoff. Action folded back to Steinberg who tanked and then shoved with the bigger stack. Loehrs called for the 252,000 he had behind.

Jason Loehrs:   
Max Steinberg:   

The board ran out       for Loehrs to turn a Broadway to double on the bubble.

Jason Loehrs519,000264,000
Max Steinberg32,000-274,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:26 AM Local Time
2017 Bubble Boy Zhou in Action on Bubble

Quan Zhou earlier in the summer

A player opened to 14,000 and then, according to players at his table, Quan Zhou picked up a 100,000 chip and announced "Seven."

The floor was called and it was ruled just a call. Both players checked the     flop and the pre-flop raiser check-called 13,000 on the   turn. The river   was checked by both players.

Zhou's opponent turned over    and Zhou mucked saying he held pocket tens.

Zhou bubbled the 2017 WSOP Main Event after running a big bluff into Davidi Kitai. He looks safe for now with a stack of 350,000 chips.

Quan Zhou350,000200,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:21 AM Local Time
Phan Doubles Through Hunichen Five off the Money

John Phan

John "The Razor" Phan raised from under the gun, Chris Hunichen three-bet to 92,000 from middle position, Phan reraised to 92,000 (leaving 1,000 behind) and Hunichen thought for a bit before he called.

The flop was    , Phan bet his remaining 1,000 and Hunichen called.


The   turn and   river completed the board, safe for Phan to double up.

Chris Hunichen1,630,000-70,000
John Phan201,00051,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:15 AM Local Time
Ingles Pressures With Chips and Clock

A player in middle position opened for 17,000 and Jared Ingles made it 46,000 on the button. Ray Qartomy asked to see Ingles' big chips and counted out a raise to 140,000 before folding. The opener called quickly and     flopped. The opener checked and Ingles bet 28,000. His opponent made it 61,000, leaving 100,000 back, and Ingles instantly ripped.

Ingles' opponent tanked for a couple of minutes and then Ingles called a clock. The player on the clock disputed it as it was for his tournament life and the supervisor agreed he could have a little more time.

"Why are you calling clock on me?" the player wondered. "Do you want me to fold?"

Moments later, he did just that.

"If I had any heart, I snap-call," he lamented. "Any heart."

Jared Ingles548,000208,500
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:10 AM Local Time
Champlin Finds a Double Near the Bubble

Spencer Champlin raised all in for 68,000 from middle position and the player in the cutoff isolated with a shove of his own.

Champlin showed   , leading his opponent's   .

The board came down      , safe for Champlin to double up.

Spencer Champlin151,00083,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:10 AM Local Time
Savvides Moves All In

Marios Savvides moved all in from middle position when the action folded to him. He hadn't played a hand for a while and the move induced some quiet at the table that had been chatting up until this point.

When everyone folded, Savvides asked them "You know what I have right?" before turning over   . "This is the only hand I do this with" he added as he scooped the blinds.

Marios Savvides182,000-1,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:10 AM Local Time
Prehm Doesn't Mess Around

Following a raise from under the gun, Oskar Prehm three-bet to 50,000 in middle position. The opener made it 160,000 and Prehm tanked for a while. Both players were around 130 big blinds deep and Prehm five-bet to 277,000. That was finally enough to convince his opponent to give up.

Oskar Prehm871,000211,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:04 AM Local Time
Trips for Mirzikinian

Warwick Mirzikinian has joined fellow Aussie and table neighbor Luke Martinelli above one million in chips after he turned trips and boosted his stack further. Mirzikinian in the big blind called a raise and check-called a bet on the     flop.

The   turn was checked and Mirzikinian bet the   river for 40,000, his opponent called and was shown the    for trips deuces as pocket queens headed into the muck.

Luke Martinelli1,350,000-140,000
Warwick Mirzikinian1,300,000987,600
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:03 AM Local Time
Pupillo Pays Atwood

Walter Atwood was in early position and bet about 70,000 on     , and Nick Pupillo called in the cutoff. Atwood bet 128,000 on the   river and Pupillo tanked a couple of minutes then put in calling chips. Atwood showed him    for a boat and raked in the pot.

Walter Atwood950,000643,100
Nicholas Pupillo400,000-220,000
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 12:00 AM Local Time
Gabriellson Goes Runner Runner to Crack Aces

Ferit Gabriellson was all in with    against the    of an opponent.

Gabriellson was standing up by the time the      flop and turn were dealt, but the   river caused him to make some excitable noises after hitting three running cards for Broadway.

"Oh, I did a bad beat on someone," said Gabriellson who chipped up to around 200,000. "That's crazy!"

Ferit Gabriellson210,00054,700
Monday, July 8, 2019 11:56 PM Local Time
The Clock Has Been Reduced

Over in Amazon Gold, the customary timing down began a short while ago. The number of occasions in which players are taking an inordinate amount of time per decision has been so high that the floor is now only awarding players 10 seconds of extra time once the clock has been called. There are now just nine players to go before the money is reached.

Monday, July 8, 2019 11:56 PM Local Time
Stokkan Closing in On 2 Million

Preben Stokkan was down to his last 5,000 on the first break of today but somehow managed to build his stack up to become one of the biggest stacks in the room with the bubble looming.

Preben Stokkan1,948,00088,000
Monday, July 8, 2019 11:53 PM Local Time
Assorted Counts From Amazon Gold
Clayton Saliba1,085,000-15,000
Carl Brewington885,000418,000
Allen Lu850,000-123,000
Ian Pelz740,00070,000
William Thomson686,000489,800
Vlastimil Pustina680,000-20,000
Jeff Madsen375,000-63,000
Huidong Gu365,000135,000
Marios Savvides183,000-23,000
Monday, July 8, 2019 11:52 PM Local Time
Veksler Rivers Two Pair

Nick Guagenti checked from the big blind on the river of the       board and Pavlo Veksler fired 72,000 from middle position, making it roughly a pot-sized bet.

Guagenti spent some time processing his decision and then he called. Veksler tabled    for two pair and Guagenti mucked.

Pavlo Veksler1,603,000103,000
Nick Guagenti300,00075,000