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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, July 03, 2019 to Tuesday, July 16, 2019

$10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship (Event #73)

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $80,548,600
  • Entries: 8,569
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, July 8, 2019 12:20 AM Local Time
Day 2c of Main Event Sees 2019 Champion John Cynn Advance; Julian Milliard Bags Close to a Million Chips

John Cynn

The 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event is officially the second-biggest of all-time, surpassed only by the halcyon days of the poker boom back in 2006, with poker's crown jewel attracting a total of 8,569 entries after registration closed at the start of Day 2c.

Of those 8,569 poker players' hopes and dreams, at least 2,000 were shattered today after the starting field of 4,008 was reduced to 1,793, who advanced to Day 3. The total number of players who will resume the action at the tables tomorrow on Day 3 is 2,880.

Defending champion John Cynn bagged a healthy 248,900, with fellow former champions Jim Bechtel (251,600), Johnny Chan (232,500) and Scotty Nguyen (17,500) all finding bags.

Julian Milliard
Julian Milliard

The chip leader looks like Julian Milliard who bagged 947,900 - not bad for a guy who came into the day with around 20 big blinds.

"I've had two crazy days," said Milliard. "On Day 1, I was down to 4,000 chips and tripled with ace-nine vs ace-jack, and started today with 16,000.

"I then had ace-nine beat pocket tens and ran it up from there!"

His biggest pot came when he made a set of deuces on a king-six-deuce flop with two spades. After betting and subsequently calling off an opponent's shove with a flush draw, he avoided the spades as the board bricked and he took down the pot.

Vlastimil Pustina
Vlastimil Pustina

Just behind Milliard comes Vlastimil Pustina with 930,700. According to Pustina, last year he busted about an hour before the bubble. Now attending his third World Series of Poker, he's determined to make a deep run after studying with a poker coach, staying active, meditating and - according to him - running good!

Pustina says a key hand from today was where he flopped top set against two pair to double up to around 160,000. Then, close to the end of the night, he got it in with a straight against top pair for a pot of over 600,000 chips.

Other notable big stacks include former November Niner Tom Cannuli (667,000), Kathy Liebert (555,000), Sam Greenwood (535,800), Jeff Madsen (488,600), Brandon Cantu (464,500), Calvin Anderson (459,400), Bertrand Grospellier (428,000), David "ODB" Baker (418,700) and Cliff Josephy (404,000).

2016 third-place finisher Cliff Josephy
2016 third-place finisher Cliff Josephy

The Numbers Behind the Second-Largest Main Event Attendance in History

It's very difficult to downplay the size of this year's Main Event. The total of 8,569 is more than the fields of both the 2004 and 2005 Main Events combined and the field has grown year-on-year for four consecutive years; a 33% increase since Joe McKeehen's 2015 triumph.

To put this continued growth in perspective, it is perhaps interesting to note that seven of the ten biggest Main Event fields have come since 2010.

The $80,548,600 prize pool generated this year is the second biggest in history, with the $10,000,000 that awaits the winner the joint second-biggest of all time, equal to the amount that Sweden's Martin Jacobson won for taking down poker's biggest prize in 2014 (albeit with a slightly lower 6,683 runners). Only Jamie Gold's $12 million win in 2006 stands above this year's top prize.

Top Five Main Events of All Time by Attendance

YearEntrantsWinnerFirst Place
20068,773Jamie Gold$12,000,000
20187,874John Cynn$8,800,000
20107,319Jonathan Duhamel$8,944,310
20177,221Scott Blumstein$8,150,000
The second biggest Main Event of all time
The second biggest Main Event of all time

In terms of the final table, this year will see a huge prize on the line for first and second, with the runner-up taking home $6 million and the winner getting $4 million more. Could we see an even more epic heads-up in length?

Final Table Payouts


Day 2c Recap

There were 344 new players registered at the start of Day 2c, the most famous of which being the 'Poker Brat' himself Phil Hellmuth. After flying into Vegas earlier in the morning, he jumped straight into the action at the secondary feature table and quickly reacquainted himself with the tournament he won way back in 1989.

However, after bluffing off with pocket fours against the ace-seven of Pedro Padilha, Hellmuth was left with 12 big blinds. He ran that up a little before being sent to the rail by Timothy Stanczak. The 15-time bracelet winner called off his last ten big blinds with king-jack on a paired board only to be shown the pocket fives of Stanczak.

Phil Hellmuth was eliminated from the secondary feature table
Phil Hellmuth was eliminated from the secondary feature table

Hellmuth was not the only big player to bust on Day 2c, with seven-time bracelet winner Men Nguyen, former Main Event champions Jerry Yang, Scott Blumstein and Robert Varkonyi all eliminated. Blumstein was a late elimination, running ace-queen into ace-king as the final hands of the day were dealt.

Bracelet winner Fedor Holz was also eliminated after getting it in on an ace-high flop with ace-queen only to find Hai Nguyen had flopped two pair to eliminate the German.

Patrik Antonius was also eliminated in brutal fashion at the hands of Farid Jattin. He moved all in with a rivered full house, only to discover that Jattin had turned a bigger house and the Finn headed for the door.

Fedor Holz finished 25th in the Main Event back in 2015, but bust this year on Day 2c
Fedor Holz finished 25th in the Main Event back in 2015, but bust this year on Day 2c

Not To Be for Oddschecker Qualifier Dotson

Oddschecker Global Media CEO Toby Bentall was also eliminated in the penultimate level of the evening, with Oddschecker qualifier Chris Dotson sadly also busting. After winning a competition hosted by PokerNews' sister company, Oddschecker, Dotson achieved every poker player's dream of playing in the Main Event and swapped work as a boiler operator for rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in the poker world.

He lasted until shortly after the dinner break when he got his last 11 big blinds in with ace-king against two opponents holding pocket jacks and king-queen respectively. Dotson was looking for either an ace or king to take the lead, but instead, the board ran out with a queen to give the original worst hand the winner.

Chris Dotson was eliminated on Day 2c
Chris Dotson was eliminated on Day 2c

Day 2c Action

The start-of-day chip leader was James Henson, and as the levels slowly ticked by there was very little movement at the top of the counts. That was until Adam Friedman soared to the top, calling an opponent's shove with a turned set of deuces that had his opponent drawing dead.

That saw Friedman crest the 500,000 mark, but after Timothy Su bagged 791,000 yesterday night, it wasn't going to be enough to top the chip counts at the end of the day.

Adam Friedman won his third bracelet this year in the $10,000 Dealers Choice Championship
Adam Friedman won his third bracelet this year in the $10,000 Dealers Choice Championship

After Kaleookalani Mccabe eliminated former bracelet winner John Racener set over set for a 500,000 pot, it looked like Mccabe could hold on for the lead. However, Julian Milliard had other ideas. Despite starting the day with 16,700 in chips managed to turn on the heat for Day 2c and move up to over 750,000.

He weathered late pressure and managed to hold on, and although not managing to break the seven-figure mark, Milliard's stack won't be hard to miss come the start of play on Day 3.

Play resumes at 12 p.m. on July 8th with fewer than 3,000 players remaining. You won't want to miss a single minute of the action so stay tuned to PokerNews for continued live updates as the Main Event continues.

Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:51 PM Local Time
End-of-Day 2c Counts
Julian Milliard-Feral947,900102,400
Vlastimil Pustina930,700846,500
Andrew Brokos895,400764,700
Aleksa Pavicevic867,70087,700
Nai Hu798,300627,600
Kaleookalani Mccabe765,60070,600
Dapeng Mu762,700613,700
Hugo Torres720,400720,400
Cody Brinn708,8008,800
Tom Cannuli667,000127,000
Ap Garza633,60083,600
Sergei Petrushevskii628,10043,100
Kevin Saul623,900447,600
Amir Sonsino622,200113,200
Ryan Franklin597,200147,200
John Patgorski576,000474,000
Marc Robinson575,1000
Dylan Meier565,30050,300
Paul Pritchett556,2000
Kathy Liebert555,00055,000
Loyal Sprague554,300-55,700
Adam Friedman549,600-32,400
Fan Fan543,20043,200
Quan Zhou542,600379,300
Ian Pelz542,100361,300
Billy Gurule539,4002,400
David Vedral537,000283,600
Sam Greenwood535,80075,800
Brekstyn Schutten529,200385,200
Daniel Holmes527,400-20,600
Sanjay Mayekar525,600-34,400
Matias Ruzzi524,900229,900
Dario Sammartino522,700190,700
Timothy Faro520,500411,300
Nicholas Nordgreen519,100393,600
Nicholas Ricciardi517,500419,000
Mike McDonald516,700-13,300
Matthew Emmel510,300358,400
Chang Luo496,8003,300
Matthew Kolibas494,5000
Bahar Musa493,600453,900
Mark Schoenberg489,600320,100
Jeff Madsen488,600253,600
Mark Teltscher482,30012,300
Zackary Koerper481,200300,200
Martin Huk478,100228,100
Haim Haggiag476,900274,600
Wilbern Hoffman475,500386,100
Ross Ward471,3000
Murray Chick470,30060,300
Fadi Barakeh470,300355,000
Michael Nelson470,000307,900
Brandon Cantu464,50090,500
Calvin Anderson459,400289,400
Steven Snyder455,800330,400
Stephen Deutsch454,700415,500
Dean Kerl453,500250,900
Bart Lybaert452,000-58,300
Andres Korn447,40057,400
Dean Murphy447,000327,000
Jason Fan444,400303,200
Bob Bounahra442,000310,900
Haoxiang Wang442,00072,000
Michael Forca442,000140,000
Marius Johansen440,300-9,200
Robert Natividad437,000280,200
Scott Bain434,000328,000
Christopher Poole433,600176,000
Jasper Meijer Van Putten429,80094,800
Bertrand Grospellier428,200233,200
Evangelos Kokkalis428,000322,500
Barry Donovan427,700147,600
Tanya Kirk427,300122,300
Franco Spitale425,600105,600
Camille Mikhael423,000321,600
Cody Espeseth420,900278,500
Thomas Boivin420,00036,300
Farhad Davoudzadeh420,000118,000
Uriel Remi Levy420,000262,200
David "ODB" Baker418,700183,700
David Patterson418,200299,800
Bradley Snider416,800321,700
Gorki Oliveira415,400300,400
Francisco Lopez414,0004,000
Greg Himmelbrand411,60041,600
Alex Tran410,900220,000
Dante Goya409,600319,000
Geramy Dickerson408,900140,900
Nick Blackburn408,400309,600
David Cabrera Polop407,100261,500
Scott Drobes406,600222,600
Marc Evanier405,30062,300
Nikolay Ponomarev405,000277,700
Lyudmil Ivanov404,600288,100
Cameron Hassid403,000302,300
Cliff Josephy402,00042,000
Chad Power401,30048,300
Charles Johnson Jr399,200338,500
Gudmundur Sigurjonsson398,90078,900
Mikhail Sokolovskiy395,200285,000
Andrey Marsavin395,000208,600
Gary Floyd394,700315,900
Pieter Aerts392,700392,700
Tony Sinishtaj392,300318,400
Brandon Bergin392,000392,000
Jonathan Gerrick392,000325,500
Jia Tang391,3000
Michael Noori390,200-112,800
Mohamed Mamouni390,00040,000
Justin Harvell389,600226,400
Chad Layne388,800180,000
Tristen Barnes386,700282,600
Glenn Ward384,10094,100
Philip Long383,700243,300
Tomasz Kozub381,700233,600
Andrew Geller379,600228,300
Bob Shao378,900213,700
Pal Zagreda377,900218,100
Ronnie Pasztor374,300278,400
Daniel Charlton373,800235,900
Ludovic Breau371,600255,400
Mario Hudson371,50031,500
Gabriel Andrade369,600263,600
Pierre Joubert369,400280,800
Benjamin Underwood367,90017,900
Michael Vo365,300229,000
Simon Welsch363,30033,300
Luke Graham362,900265,100
Samuel Cosby362,80017,800
Joseph Sabe362,500105,800
Steve Gross362,000308,000
Abdulrahim Amer361,700166,700
Ryan Hoffman361,4000
Artur Koren361,00091,000
Chao Wu360,100307,300
Andrew Pantling359,800130,800
Sejin Park359,500190,500
Massoud Eskandari358,500358,500
Matthew Higgins355,100221,300
Brian Hou355,000180,000
Joseph Cheong354,50074,500
Renan Mesqueu353,500228,400
Tan Trinh352,700270,600
Jeremey Frost352,400352,399
Dung Gomer Nguyen352,000308,200
Kyriakos Papadopouluos351,400297,700
Weihua Cai351,100-58,900
Richard Lee350,700270,000
Damjan Radanov349,500335,500
Radoslav Stoyanov349,400282,700
Paul Sharpe348,100130,000
Ashish Kasaraneni347,900160,700
Daniel Demicki347,500258,600
Joseph Walters347,400284,000
Anthony Utnage347,000124,900
David Harker346,500200,300
Alexander Pope345,400138,600
Ralph Wong344,300300
Joshua Ray344,00039,800
Joao Barrosovalli343,600173,000
David Kluchman342,000301,700
Corey Wright341,600280,100
Alexandru Ivan341,300139,800
Hongbin Guo341,100255,800
Christopher Roberts340,700250,000
Perry Zhao340,700269,600
Pablo Giron340,400176,800
Luke Brereton340,400248,000
Matt Lushin340,000210,800
Alexander Kuzmin338,700225,600
Javier Rodriguez338,600234,800
Daniel Hallet338,200292,900
Lei Zhou337,000241,100
Joseph Tauber336,600267,100
Timothy Stanczak334,500103,500
Bradley Hinson334,400253,200
Matthew Davis333,500251,900
Norson Saho332,30022,300
Iaroslav Boiko330,000330,000
Quentin Jones328,800256,800
Fabrizio Gonzalez328,800328,799
Scott Ball328,300195,700
Christopher Wolfe328,000304,700
Gregoire Auzoux327,200142,400
Pedro Padilha326,90034,900
Yong Wang326,000212,300
Mark Liedtke325,400159,500
Pedro Oliveira325,100314,500
Buck Wyckoff324,500324,500
Ralph Perry323,400180,000
Aneris Adomkevicius322,500100,300
Steven Flanigan322,200150,500
Paul Marzarella322,000127,800
Jiwoon Kim321,900-27,600
Roland Pieterman321,700245,900
Gil George320,900220,300
Mans Montgomery320,500228,900
Jeff Littlefield319,600251,500
Eoghan O'Dea318,900214,900
Josue Aguirre318,400239,400
Srikanth Koneru318,300171,200
Randy Crow318,00091,500
Jeffrey Chu318,000303,800
Julian Pineda317,80092,800
John Hashem317,100147,900
Yuanxi Chen316,100217,800
Kenneth Broad315,600125,400
Jordan Redavid314,300241,300
Sean Mills314,200162,900
Steve Sung313,900187,300
Warwick Mirzikinian312,400312,400
Michael Hudson312,200116,100
Oscar Alache312,000104,000
Marcos Rodriguez310,900310,900
Mike Linster309,200-36,800
Ajay Chabra307,800116,200
Chris Hunichen307,5007,500
Igor Kroujalov307,100197,700
Walter Atwood306,900175,200
Alexander Wong306,50066,200
Michael Garcia306,300306,300
Mark Jun305,2000
Daniel Lefebvre305,000103,000
Todd Louer304,500229,300
David Goodman304,3004,300
Ezequiel Waigel303,500234,500
Sangjun Lee302,200236,200
Jack Salter302,0005,500
Ross Mallor301,500264,500
Elilton Gouveia301,300193,900
James Kerr300,200192,400
Edgar Sanchez300,200154,200
Byoung Kim299,900299,900
Craig Fishman299,700151,700
Gurpreet Taneja299,400163,400
John Lombardo298,600298,600
Jeanphilippe Goulet-Ratelle298,500168,200
Patrice Brandt298,500-41,500
Nils Bardsley298,400251,600
Thomas Eychenne298,100-41,900
Robert Layne297,50017,500
Brendon O'Neal297,400297,400
Gediminas Garmus297,400204,900
Andreas Boelling297,30032,300
Derek Bowers297,300177,100
Jonas Lauck294,90054,900
Matthew Zarcadoolas294,600169,800
Erik Cajelais294,000-98,600
Jan Bednar293,700-1,300
William Harrell292,700145,700
Sasha Liu292,700-97,300
Yosif Nawabi292,500176,600
Tanner Bibat292,100181,200
Abdelhakim Zoufri292,000100,900
William Klein291,900219,500
Kenneth Smaron291,800207,400
Andrew Ostapchenko291,700146,200
Steven Parrott291,5000
Mikolaj Zawadzki291,100101,100
Duytue Duong290,000245,000
Nicolas Milgrom289,8000
Timothy Foley289,30095,100
Nicholas Pupillo288,900-1,100
Lawrence Ma288,100-9,900
Diego Lima287,800198,600
Jason James (ON)287,700287,700
Benjamin Wiora287,000155,600
Glenn Larson286,600276,700
Chino Rheem286,500-91,100
David Brookshire286,5000
Alex Dovzhenko286,300192,100
Jacek Pustula286,100205,100
Timothy Smith285,500176,200
Kartik Ved285,100-164,900
Peter Mercini285,000231,200
Blake Bohn284,90044,900
Robin Hegele284,70094,200
Scott Bohlman284,600-8,400
Jeanfrancois Lauzon284,500195,400
Jason Loehrs284,300155,900
Charles Sewell284,300163,100
Garry Gates283,300215,300
Nick Guagenti283,000232,000
Peter Chien282,400200,300
David Vasil282,300205,800
Luis Silva281,000223,000
Ricky Guan280,80015,800
Stefan Soderstrom280,800154,800
Andrew Barber280,60088,100
Albert Eskenazi280,000207,200
Matthew Reeser280,00028,300
Nikolai Yakovenko280,000112,000
Ronnie Bardah279,900130,800
Danny Nguyen279,400191,400
Tan Nguyen278,900210,100
Chris Determeyer278,200278,199
George Petten278,000121,700
Nick Schulman278,00038,000
James Mackey278,0002,000
Christopher Sly277,70087,700
Hamid Nourafchan277,40070,000
Vincent Ciarrocchi277,1000
Jonathan McCann277,100149,500
Arman Kilavuz277,100178,400
James Everist276,800199,000
Howard Feingold276,700207,800
Michael Cohen276,000276,000
Joseph Leung275,800275,800
Bradley Butcher275,700-34,300
Ignacio Molina275,70090,500
Michael Selznick274,800207,600
William Courtade274,000-6,000
Rok Gostisa274,000187,000
Zhan Peng Ma273,80089,700
Mohammad Farah273,300152,600
Kevin Rand273,200157,600
Juan Pardo Dominguez273,00093,000
Henning Wendlandt273,000135,700
Tyler Sumrall272,300107,300
David Algarra271,600174,100
Fred Berger270,70093,000
Viacheslav Igin270,500143,500
Denys Shafikov270,00095,000
Benjamin Ector269,000100,000
Anh Van Nguyen268,700268,700
Krzysztof Jaromin268,500172,800
Kyle Kloeckner268,100152,500
Adam Murphy268,000145,400
Adam Bitker267,50088,400
Jesse Vilchez267,500135,200
Jason Brin267,00017,000
Jeff Siegal266,900190,800
Jeremy Joseph266,600194,600
Vitor Dzivielevski266,60090,600
Joseph Liberta266,400-101,100
Brandon Golden266,300159,800
Alejandro Fernandez Ros266,200147,300
Clinton Monfort265,800183,400
Samuel Vizza265,500191,900
Ryan Buckholtz265,400114,500
John Reading265,100141,200
Joseph Wertz264,60079,600
Stephen Cooper264,500221,200
Christopher Felix264,000137,300
Dario Marinelli263,80080,200
Timothy Telliard263,500205,100
Steven Thornton262,500132,700
Mario Navarro262,000163,600
Benno Braendle261,900171,400
Harrison Gimbel261,200173,200
Brett Stern261,10084,300
Alexander Zeligman260,800133,200
Jonathan Guez260,300181,400
Steven Veneziano259,400171,600
Bradley Zusman259,000109,200
Anthony Hice258,300129,800
Marcelo Delgado258,300258,300
Kharlin Sued258,300186,800
Nicholas Verderamo258,000182,000
Antti Marttinen257,8002,800
Johann Ibanez257,30087,300
Jin Ro257,200246,100
Qi Hu257,10056,500
Nacho Barbero257,000-26,100
Joseph Gegan257,000157,100
David Harris256,900256,900
Filipe Marinho256,600118,900
Takahiro Nakai256,600198,900
Niovel Chirino Alvarez256,50047,200
Christopher Ma256,500149,600
Joey To256,400177,800
Laurids Nielsen255,700133,800
Cornelis Demoree255,600183,400
David Fong255,40052,700
Gary Hasson255,20029,400
Mate Mecs255,10094,400
Sarkis Akopyan253,500140,500
Gustavo Morales253,200189,400
Peter Neff252,400152,100
Eric Wasylenko252,10028,100
Samy Ouellani252,000138,600
Paul Vacchio251,900160,000
Kevin Ward251,80035,500
Raul Morales251,700228,800
Jim Bechtel251,60046,600
Ryan Von Bevern251,200142,100
Thanh Nguyen251,10091,800
Richard Kellett250,100104,100
Christopher Wynkoop250,00068,100
Brandon Eisen250,000163,300
Daniel Chuprun249,100187,400
Dennis Wilke248,90020,900
John Cynn248,900100,900
Bruno Porto248,000185,400
Andrew Shack247,5007,500
Homan Mohammadi247,400181,400
Ronnie Day247,400143,200
Yuliyan Kolev247,300172,600
Shawn Douglass247,00054,800
Konosuke Sakurada246,400226,900
Jeffrey Hart245,700184,400
Robert Black245,500100,000
Ronald Larsen245,000112,300
Jeffrey Sauer244,900106,200
Marko Maher244,900228,100
Jeff Williams244,600119,100
Sami El Dein244,60058,500
Sean Shah244,000146,000
Ryan Hohner243,400145,000
Sean Iannucci242,800175,200
Xi Yang242,80076,600
Kilian Loeffler242,50089,100
Spencer Champlin242,200114,700
Matthew Stammen241,400105,500
Christopher Gatley240,500106,500
Hiroki Nawa240,000240,000
Ivan Uzunov240,000150,800
Louis Salter239,90089,900
Julian Sacks238,800149,800
Tarun Goyal238,40090,800
Kevin Unkel238,100155,100
Jonathan Zarin237,60077,600
Kevin St. Clair237,200237,200
Carlos Guerrero237,000124,800
Carlos Garcia236,900236,899
Roger Pedersen236,500124,400
Robert Cheung235,80040,800
David Hu235,500-34,500
Shashank Jain235,5000
Quoc Nguyen235,400180,600
Brian Horwitz235,200127,200
Thomas MacDonald235,200114,300
Peter Traply234,800106,300
Samuel Goodman234,500162,200
Carl Diveglia234,500102,100
Bennett Ellenbogen234,1000
Xuming Qi234,000170,700
Steven Josephsen233,90069,600
Johnny Tan233,50012,500
Andy Seth232,80094,600
Dennis Kim232,60056,100
Johnny Chan232,50032,500
Patrick Lacy232,000196,200
Gino Levrini231,70034,400
James Henson231,600-84,500
Brian England231,500196,900
Matthew Sabia231,200134,500
Dingguo Chen230,700164,200
Michael Tomeny230,400400
Thomas Applegate230,30076,900
Chung Ho230,000101,000
Brady Bullard229,700140,300
Daniel Kirsch229,40086,900
Maxim Bevers229,000168,000
Joao Gaspar229,000109,300
Scott Eskenazi228,90021,900
Mark Gregorich228,500141,400
Olivier Chaume228,50097,900
Yue Liu228,000107,000
Charles Dolan227,80038,700
Benjamin Mccoy227,60080,400
Giovani Torre227,400104,100
Carlos Alvarado227,200108,500
Gerald Johonnot227,100122,100
Justin Adams227,000141,900
Tom Pham226,400162,100
George Janssen Jr226,400132,700
Jaspal Brar226,200132,700
Julio Ribeiro226,10054,900
Jacob Thibodeau225,800143,100
Daniel Lim225,30080,300
Justin Lapka224,800144,800
Chen Li224,600184,500
Nicholas Getzen224,00091,100
Oliver Price223,800178,800
Joseph Thomas223,40040,100
David Smith223,30095,700
Weiyi Zhang223,300123,400
Iverson Snuffer223,20035,200
Taylor von Kriegenbergh223,000223,000
Govert Metaal222,4000
Seth Davies222,4007,400
Carl Shaw222,20036,200
Kevin "MPR" Warner222,100132,500
Michael Monaco222,100188,800
Dimitri Huley222,00087,000
Michael Monroig221,900101,900
Miguel Capriles221,8000
Maxim Lykov221,600116,500
Milos Scekic221,60082,800
Jonathan Concepcion220,600146,400
Shiraz Lall220,5000
Sampath De Silva220,500113,100
Cory Albertson219,500119,700
Krasimir Yankov219,00097,800
Charles Welch218,700134,800
Adedapo Ajayi218,300218,300
Michael Gigl218,10048,000
Corey Hochman217,6007,600
Thomas Seaman217,30017,300
Veselin Dimitrov217,000144,500
Tom Gottlieb216,9000
Quentin Siffledeen216,700140,800
Antonio Fernandezmillan216,600108,300
Steven Murphy216,000136,500
Ryan Dennett215,90071,500
Keith Hang215,600111,500
Tara Cain215,400117,100
Christian Rudolph215,400-120,600
Michael Newman215,000108,500
Vladislav Mezheritsky214,200163,300
Chengce Jiang214,200122,500
Aditya Agarwal213,700149,200
Mike Matusow212,90055,800
Jake Cody212,600-12,400
Sami Shurbaji212,500107,400
Jackob Datashvili212,30063,500
Frederick Conforti212,100212,100
Kyle Aiken212,00094,800
Max Altergott212,00047,000
David Len Ashby211,70098,400
Dinh Hung211,700211,700
Charles Thompson211,100140,300
Matthew Gardner211,100211,100
Qinghai Pan211,000128,800
Champie Douglas210,70018,900
Joost Schippers210,500180,200
Gregory Passa210,400152,700
Marcia Godinez210,300210,300
Andrew Fields210,00025,300
Andy Finkelberg209,500209,500
Robert Damelian209,200152,800
Hossein Ensan209,0009,000
Felix Bleiker209,00092,000
Paul Davison208,700-31,300
Matthew Bergart208,60099,200
Christopher Canan208,000127,000
Terik Brown207,500131,400
Nam Phan207,500-43,500
Chris Odle207,10066,300
Salvatore DiCarlo206,900133,600
Gustavo Lopes206,800206,800
Louis Dragas206,70076,600
Adam Barker206,700120,300
Christophe De Meulder206,300-13,700
Trygve Leite206,200-41,800
Trong Dang206,10032,100
Joseph Couden206,10035,800
Michael Schmidt206,000206,000
Albertus Stegeman206,00014,500
Jorge Rios205,700115,300
Robert Mcmillan205,60056,100
Jean-Sebasti Dubois205,60071,700
Rajan Nagra205,200205,200
Dariusz Glinski205,200-27,800
Sather Oystein205,10093,900
David Jackson204,90049,500
Robert Mcadam204,900137,800
Jack Kashishian204,60095,600
Ngon Hoang204,60072,600
Anthony Ibrahim204,400111,900
John Phan204,100111,900
James Nahikian204,100204,100
Josh Pollock204,10030,900
Yo Kwon203,70023,700
Joshua Hillock203,70062,200
Patrick Ronan203,40068,200
Keith Curro203,4000
Jessie Bryant203,300148,000
Foad Larki203,000108,000
Patrick Dixon202,700123,200
Goonjan Mall202,600165,600
David Nardella202,5000
Fares Santana202,300202,300
Maxwell Schrack201,800117,800
Mariano Mir201,400146,000
Kevin Gosnell201,200201,200
Trevor Savage201,20095,700
Aaron Vanblarcum201,100-12,800
Eran Aydin201,000110,000
Pin Jiang200,90048,500
Diego Rodriguez200,700126,700
Abhishek Rathod200,500117,300
Jon Seaman200,40068,400
Christopher Herrin200,100150,800
Jungsoo Bin200,000111,000
Farzad Tafti199,60083,500
Nadine Borelli199,50064,300
Edward Hansen198,90094,300
Garrett Adelstein198,800-17,900
Michael Soccio198,600198,600
Nello Giongo198,40068,100
Tommy Vu198,40071,900
Anthony Ortega198,30073,000
Leonardo Giuffrida198,30088,300
Alexander Whitt198,100103,100
Shaun Zammit197,800123,500
Peter Walsworth197,500108,000
Michael Comisso197,200167,400
DID NOT REPORT 10197,000129,300
Tyler Cornell197,000117,000
Antti Halme196,50073,400
William Thomson196,200129,700
Stuart McNally196,00044,400
Patryk Poterek196,00087,800
Jeffrey Hong195,90094,100
Jarod Minghini195,50020,500
David Enda195,300135,500
Denis Pisarev195,10090,700
David Peters195,000-100,000
Michael Faulkner195,00066,000
Dzmitry Urbanovich194,900-45,100
Robert Nash194,60073,400
Philip Rigby194,400124,800
Paul Duyvejonck194,30070,800
Kyle Keating193,90030,600
Paul Dhaliwal193,900102,200
Scott Wilson193,80075,400
Reuben Hoang193,800193,800
Roberto Bendeck193,7000
Colin Robinson193,5001,500
Thomas Matthews193,100122,000
Quoc Le192,80098,200
Anatolii Zyrin192,400-107,600
Elliot Smith192,30082,300
Skylar Stillwagon192,300192,300
Graeme Siow192,20092,500
Yin Liu192,00090,300
Vitaly Lunkin191,70079,700
Chenxu Zhang191,70080,300
Jeffrey Copeland191,5000
Douglas Pappan191,500108,600
Samuel Tsehai191,200-4,400
Ali Turkan191,100116,100
Craig Mason191,00077,500
David Tous191,00061,000
Gintautas Putinas190,500105,800
Jonathan Tamayo190,400-4,200
Brian Mothersele190,400126,000
Carlos Loving190,400-24,600
Ronald Rosenberg190,100135,600
Shane Klasnimi190,00050,300
Brian Lamanna189,800108,200
Mathieu Rabalison189,70022,700
Mathew Harvey189,50042,900
Antonio Salorio189,400189,400
Benjamin Thomas189,40057,700
Daniel Mizrachi189,200189,200
Roland Rokita189,20030,900
Jeffrey Farnes189,200141,500
Michael Petro189,100-10,900
Douglas Rodden189,10069,700
David Levi189,00029,000
Jose Montes189,000120,900
Bledar Shaholli188,900142,200
Dan Heimiller188,900-36,100
Henry Lu188,7007,200
Steven Mcnally188,700144,800
Luiz Silva188,400188,400
John Andrews188,200188,200
Mihai Manole188,00051,700
Dash Dudley188,00038,000
Bobby Zhang187,90049,400
Thomas Popov187,900136,300
Todd Vincent187,50018,400
Joseph Johno187,400141,400
Mark Bryan187,30051,500
Hai Le187,200115,500
Irene Carey187,1000
Corey Burbick187,100111,700
Adam Adler187,000187,000
Archie Sneed186,90063,200
Pierre Merlin186,300-113,700
Florian Lohnert186,000110,000
Joseph Beasy185,80097,000
Thomas Hambrock185,70076,900
Serge Chechin185,20019,200
Jeff Bryan185,20056,800
Alex Difelice185,000112,500
Gareth Walker185,000131,300
Nabil Mohamed Abdien184,500-55,500
Martijn Gerrits184,200-5,800
Christopher Usude184,100184,100
Ory Hen184,000184,000
Charles Johnson183,900153,400
RS Salinas183,50094,100
Seth Fischer183,200106,400
Dave Fox (TX)183,000183,000
Gao Zhu183,000143,040
Joshua Atkinson182,900109,900
Mike Deis182,800182,800
Meikat Siu182,800122,500
DID NOT REPORT 3182,500182,500
Gerardo Lubas182,10077,600
Georgios Manousos Sotiropo182,100182,100
Jeremy Stein182,00069,700
Danielle Andersen182,00089,000
Ryan Pochedly182,00076,300
Nicholas Lore181,40084,000
Piet Pape181,20029,500
Guofeng Wang180,70033,900
William O'Neal180,70072,500
Jim Collopy180,40079,100
Luther Tran180,400106,600
Sandra Postelwait180,20073,300
Lee Swerdlin180,1000
Aleksandras Rusinovas180,00072,200
William French179,900126,100
Stephen Hyvonen179,800125,000
James Burns179,100-25,900
Jesse Yoder179,100110,600
Giovanni Petroni179,00091,300
David Funkhouser178,60079,900
Massimo Mosele178,500-16,500
Bryce Mcvay178,500116,000
James Poper178,10082,900
Mark Perry177,800103,400
Domnick Sarle177,600104,800
Paul W Lee177,400100,200
Adam Krizbai177,40055,400
David Mzareulov177,100177,100
David Moreno176,700200
Theetge Benoit176,600123,300
Arthur Tamasi176,600109,500
David Ring176,300105,400
Horacio Chaves Cortes176,30054,100
Daniel Silva176,200157,900
Kory Kilpatrick176,00011,000
Jared Ingles176,00068,700
Harley Thrower175,60085,000
Adam Duong175,50087,100
Paul Dewald175,4000
Georgios Vrakas175,100-34,900
Allan Le175,00020,000
Jake Abdalla174,800174,800
Joseph Dulaney174,700119,600
Usman Siddique174,100148,500
Daniel Deveau174,100-16,900
Jacob Phillips174,00036,100
Jamie McCarrel173,70022,600
Yuanyuan Li173,600173,600
Olga Iermolcheva173,50094,500
Nicholas Manganaro173,000143,000
Andrew Jupio172,600114,300
David Bradshaw172,600172,600
Eric Hershler172,600140,100
Laurynas Levinskas172,300172,300
Andrew Ling172,00047,300
Solaim Aomon172,000172,000
Matt Kramer171,900-29,600
Mary Sturges171,50053,500
Alexandros Kolonias171,50056,500
George Tomescu171,300109,200
Barbora Mlejnkova171,100107,100
Eli Hare171,1007,600
Ray Qartomy171,000121,000
Alexandre Saulnier171,000105,200
Craig Bergeron170,70052,000
Daniel Neilson170,60066,100
Ricardo Graells De Dios170,100109,100
Frank La Pietra170,00075,000
Warren Maxwell169,70045,300
Jaideep Sajwan169,10057,500
Donald Briggs169,000111,100
John Gorsuch168,80067,300
Caleb Furth168,50085,400
Sterling Savill168,40038,400
Edwin Buskirk168,40084,900
Eric Froehlich168,30045,600
Fracois Tosques168,20068,800
Winson Yuen168,00012,200
Paul DeGiulio167,70095,100
Thomas Parkes167,30087,600
Barry Seidman167,20028,700
Yulian Bogdanov167,000100,700
Jose Carlos Brito166,400128,700
Liyingxue Ji166,20030,800
Michel Bouskila166,200120,100
Mark Napolitano166,1000
Soren Vohrs166,10056,900
Ben Phillips166,000166,000
Michael Perrone166,0000
Alexandre Fradin165,70045,700
David Kim165,50033,300
Jody Fayant165,400-36,600
Aaron Pinson165,30048,300
Ryan Teves165,000-26,000
James Czarnecki165,00083,400
Jacob Beck164,800118,900
Tom Hall164,600-35,400
Jeremy Maher164,500130,400
Andre Barrett164,40098,500
Balram Bhandari164,20080,000
Adam Volen164,200120,000
Jesper Hoog164,100111,700
Samuel Rosen164,000-14,200
Aaron Ogus164,00070,700
Thong Ho164,000-21,300
Jesse Sylvia163,900-56,100
Gregory Milliron163,80061,400
Travis Herzing163,30088,700
Evan Krentzman163,10023,000
Antonin Teisseire163,000-12,000
Jason Wandling162,80093,600
Charles Furey162,700106,400
Nicholas Marsh162,30060,300
Maxime Chilaud162,300-8,000
Scott Vetter162,300134,600
Ryan Biermann162,300-28,100
David Bortolucci162,200101,200
Gabriel Carter162,00064,000
Sean Prendiville162,000-38,000
Femi Fashakin161,9006,900
George Grabe161,90085,000
Julio Cacoilo161,600117,700
Nicholas Amicucci161,50061,500
James Nguyen160,60079,800
Julie Dang160,60015,600
Richie Morton160,600160,600
Bart Hanson160,300-27,900
Victor Figueroa160,30089,700
Sasidhar Bobba160,100-400
Lejdin Fazlibegu160,00088,700
Ross Greig160,00069,700
Shankar Pillai159,200-31,800
Jonathan Moonves159,200159,200
John Gulino159,00075,000
David Gee158,70053,100
Dan Sindelar158,50056,300
Matthew Buczkiewicz158,400-50,300
Brendan Baksh158,30042,400
Perica Josic158,30057,700
Patrick Herbert158,20078,900
Roscoe Light158,20063,100
Roderick Macneil158,20038,100
William Flock158,100116,000
Ryan Bozof158,00021,600
Edwin Roman157,800157,800
Brad Tucker157,60088,000
Chad Ryan157,300300
Nicholas Kallenbach157,200100,000
Joseph Cappuccio156,90065,200
Michael Anvari156,60056,500
Matthew Vaughan156,6009,600
Travis Tachibana156,30074,400
Rittie Chuaprasert156,000-64,000
Huayi Zheng156,00073,500
Steven Mischung156,000113,600
Alexandre Chieng155,80091,000
David Lindquist155,7000
Ferit Gabriellson155,30091,500
Frank Ray155,20023,200
Tristan Bain155,00020,000
Jonathan Bussieres155,000-120,000
Robert Oxenberg155,00064,400
Yanki Koppel155,000-17,300
Kris Lee Steinbach154,90094,500
Chance Kornuth154,60069,600
Stanislav Barshak154,500-52,500
Chip Jett153,9008,900
Bogdan Munteanu153,60047,700
Chris Back153,600-26,400
Blair Hinkle153,20048,200
Ying Wong153,100153,100
Michael Paski153,00073,800
Linda Huard153,000108,000
Marcus Laffen152,90053,400
Chris Meyer152,700152,700
Michael Haberman152,50069,300
Mukul Pahuja152,50065,800
Cai Zhen152,400112,900
Christopher Dowling152,400-77,000
Michael Jen152,2004,400
Namir Mohamed152,20023,500
Shawn Daigle152,10059,400
Matas Cikinas152,100-14,600
Alex Winter152,000-53,000
Xixiang Luo151,90055,600
Benjamin Souriau151,70065,700
Steven Stratton151,60091,600
Scott Hendrickson151,00041,800
Christian Soto150,900-31,100
Gregory Defeo150,8000
Kevin Kalinich150,500150,500
Matthew Hunt150,40035,400
Marios Savvides150,20015,200
Ivan Deyra150,10030,100
Andrew Wall149,90062,900
Keith Block149,80040,800
Barry Schmiess149,700-40,400
Brandon Schwartz149,50034,000
David Swanson149,500149,500
George Holmes149,2000
Dennis Barrett149,00033,700
Michael Needle148,80014,300
Amir Kaikhah148,80086,800
Marc Vernick148,60054,400
Gary Darter148,60016,400
Nazih Sibaei148,600127,400
Sergei Nikiforov147,90066,300
Michael Kapernaros147,70052,100
Pedro Marques147,000-38,000
Nicholas Cushman146,900114,100
Derek Schroeder146,80063,600
Michael Dollins146,400-5,900
Brian Ray146,2007,200
Daisuke Ogita146,10040,100
Eddie Blumenthal145,70041,900
Jonathan Greenbaum145,40021,000
Christopher Sensoli145,400-43,800
Clement Dumortier145,200145,200
Mark Scacewater145,200109,200
Vladislav Donchev145,20027,600
Robert Feathers145,20042,800
Blake Barousse145,10050,900
John Krpan145,000145,000
Edmund Mokrzycki145,000108,000
Miguel Seoane Iglesias145,000-3,000
John Esposito145,0006,000
Ruslan Dykshteyn144,700-50,500
Kliment Tarmakov144,600116,700
Josh Arieh144,500-95,500
Gennady Shimelfarb144,30026,500
Michael Morton144,00050,500
Mehrdad Shariatmadari143,800143,800
Michael Zulker143,70041,700
Nathaniel Greenwald143,500109,500
Mario Lopez143,30089,000
Timothy Cavallin143,300-5,400
Kevin Napadow143,100106,700
Lee Childs143,0000
Brian Gorman142,400115,900
Jason Scott142,10086,400
Stanislav Cifka141,60012,700
Eric Hayes141,500-10,500
Ngoc (Angel) Vu141,40079,000
Eracles Panayiotou141,400-35,600
David Russell141,400118,500
Justin Tazelaar141,400141,400
Talesh Patel141,40050,100
David Queen141,300-2,900
Joelle Parenteau141,10075,700
Sergio Aido Espina141,00086,200
Samir Hage141,00091,100
James Rice141,000100,700
Matthew McEwan140,70050,000
John Forsyth140,40059,300
William Dawson140,40049,300
Caroline Dupre140,10075,300
Philip Chin140,000140,000
David Clarke140,000140,000
Leonardo Lisi139,800101,500
Michael Kuney139,800107,700
Carlton Tartar139,700139,700
Sammy Paik139,700-19,900
Matthew Davidson139,60023,700
Ryan Wince139,60098,000
Billy Sharrak139,50040,300
Steven Harper139,300-124,100
Ana Cintra139,00055,000
Ivaylo Sivinov139,00041,400
Allen Parkin138,80027,100
Blake Whittington138,50057,500
William Criego138,50034,300
Guillermo Sanchez138,20089,800
Vincenti Cham138,10065,500
Justin Liberto138,00093,000
Jonathan Kyriakides138,00039,000
Atlee Jones137,90028,500
William Brock137,80069,500
David Coleman137,80094,300
James Ray137,60023,500
Francisco Pena137,40091,700
Nicola Bracchi137,30079,800
John Stauffer137,00017,500
Andrew King136,600-68,400
Noah Schwartz136,100-32,900
Diego Ventura Chunga136,00075,900
Mark Malott135,70047,800
Alexandru Baron135,60056,400
Jeffrey Hewitt135,50079,800
James Capone135,40089,200
Karl Symonds135,30015,600
Emamnuel Ojeda135,00084,500
Jonathan Bennett134,30010,400
Anthony Harb134,30039,400
Yake Wu134,0006,000
Brent Ballentine134,00029,500
Adam Dahlin134,00018,700
Mitchell Halverson133,90028,800
Chen-An Lin133,700133,700
Volodymyr Drokin133,70057,100
Cesar Machado133,60011,300
Robert Keller133,40039,100
William Remshardt133,400133,400
Joseph Heinzmann133,300-2,500
Uri Kadosh133,200-131,800
Berg Gullapyan133,20094,900
Randolph Present133,100-51,900
Kai Lanser133,00073,900
Robert Campbell133,000-2,000
Takashi Ogura132,800-67,200
Laszlo Molnar132,80038,800
Joe Curcio132,400-8,000
Viktor Berg132,100-14,900
James Mordue132,000132,000
Edward Pham131,80036,100
Nesrine Reilly131,500131,500
Javier Gomez131,500-58,500
Charles Pacheco131,500103,500
Luigi Esposito131,30072,700
John Passaglia131,10078,500
Matthew Humphrey131,00013,500
Patrick Sacrispeyre131,000-9,000
Eric Cohen130,900130,900
Jonathan Lessin130,80027,200
Tim West130,40055,400
Jordan Joeckel130,400130,400
Diosdado Bisco130,20029,000
Edward Mroczkowski130,20016,200
Thomas Meola130,200-22,700
Manuel Pentzek130,20093,900
Joaquim Junior130,200200
James Carroll130,100-65,500
Yifu He130,1009,900
Cody Wiegmann130,00038,000
Leif Force130,00016,000
Alexander Greenblatt129,700-55,300
Rick Stockfield129,6000
Viktor Lavi129,400129,400
Andrew Dudley129,30016,200
Alexander Butcher129,000-24,000
Scott Hammett128,60096,600
Jean-Pierre Besancon128,600128,600
Mauro Suriano (UK)128,400128,400
Tristan Maillard128,400-20,900
Martin Pineiro128,00026,100
Andrei Spitsyn127,70062,000
Brennan Kissler127,700127,700
Oliver Biles127,600-48,400
Nghia Le127,60062,900
Dean Blatt127,50019,400
Christopher Neal127,300127,300
David Wells127,00048,900
Ryan Jaconetti127,000-48,000
George Wolff127,00012,200
John Holley126,80077,400
Isai Alejandro Coello Ledezma126,80047,300
Chad Mizner126,600-107,300
Jose Puente126,40069,100
Francis Rusnak126,30039,800
Mark Davidoff126,10013,200
David Rozas126,10030,000
Maksim Kolosov126,000-74,000
Paul Garcia125,90026,300
Emad Alabsi125,800-11,900
Charles Combes125,800-53,100
David Rudolf125,50086,000
Anuj Agarwal125,500-32,700
Brian Zeid125,50047,500
Jerry Odeen125,400-149,500
Esther Taylor125,400-13,600
Ryan Hall125,300125,300
David Benjamin125,00082,900
Peter Hengsakul125,000-6,300
Jason Kim (LA)125,000125,000
Jason Dreibelbis124,80034,400
Jen Harman124,40042,400
Matthew Baldwin124,30046,800
Rafael Marcondes Reis124,000124,000
Joaquin Balaguer124,00053,800
David Dibernardi123,80050,600
Mathijs Hagenouw123,80045,800
Michael Stecker123,6004,500
Ekrem Bozkurt123,30072,300
Akshay Nasa123,200-43,700
Jay Sharon122,8000
Zach Clark122,300122,300
Jason Gray122,300-22,700
Petko Tsakov122,20059,700
Raul Manzanares122,100-44,700
Jorge Pena122,00059,700
Steven Firestone122,00011,200
Brandon Huff121,9000
Joseph Galazzo121,800-3,400
Bradley Bylsma121,70049,600
Daniel Dougherty121,70088,600
Thomas Kornechuk121,400-26,700
Tim Gray121,30050,300
Geffrey Klein121,3000
Jean Alaux121,20059,500
Sandeep Bangar121,10028,900
Felipe Duarte121,00028,600
Peter Linton121,00021,000
Casey Stewart120,600-15,300
Lucas Fritz120,60064,700
Glen Freestone120,400-7,600
Christopher Barton120,200-14,300
Gary Dolenga120,100-14,900
DID NOT REPORT 5119,600119,600
Jacob Haller119,40010,000
Timothy Chung119,20019,200
Michael Orgettas119,10034,200
Florin Pandilica119,000-13,100
Anthony Schutter118,700118,700
Rudolph Sawa118,300-6,700
John Zentner118,10017,500
Lawrence Rieder118,000118,000
Daniel Starkey117,8009,800
Li Ta Hsu117,700-4,300
Scott Allacher117,40021,300
Joseph Ashor117,200117,200
Christopher King117,00030,400
Farid Jattin117,000-219,000
Steven Federspiel116,90011,700
Stefan Fabian116,70080,000
Lucas Grosso116,500-3,500
Hyung Sun Jung116,40072,000
Jonathan Metz116,4008,000
Samy Boujmala116,0001,300
Vincent Procopio115,90018,500
Davidi Kitai115,900-4,100
William Hill115,80016,600
Niels Herregodts115,50043,800
Jason Deutsch115,300-1,600
Pavlin Karakikov115,20065,400
Igor Dursel115,000-11,400
Andrzej Rogowski115,000-60,000
Corey Harrison114,900-75,100
DID NOT REPORT 7114,800114,800
Eric Blair114,600-35,400
Hsusheng Wang114,60048,800
DID NOT REPORT 13114,600-14,000
Carl Melker Larsson114,60032,600
William Davis114,50011,500
Eric Eelkema114,5007,600
Matthew Boucher114,400101,900
Daniel Retallick114,2006,100
Alfred Poon114,100114,100
Antonio Esfandiari114,00044,000
Jonathan Cohen114,000114,000
Anshum Jain113,900113,900
Joel Lynn113,70063,600
Ryan Belz113,500-77,600
Ludovic Riehl113,400-86,600
Quang Vu113,400113,400
Richard Zielinski113,30023,300
Nabil Edgtton113,200-55,600
Dwight Derringer113,10050,000
Will Jaffe113,10020,100
Stephen Giufre113,00073,500
Paul Elfelt112,80041,000
Romit Advani112,700112,700
Anthony Casale112,7006,100
Benjamin Barrows112,500-19,800
Mark Wahba112,200-28,000
Carla Castelo112,200112,200
Liraz Weiman111,90049,700
Claude Ngangacodru111,800111,800
Daniel Jones111,800-17,700
Zachary Schwartz111,700111,700
Michael Klein111,50078,900
Daniel Blum111,300-100
Evan Mathis110,600110,600
TJ Cloutier110,300-29,700
Louis Asmo110,3002,000
GiovanniLuigi Zarcone110,3000
Ryan Samson110,0000
Mike Heshmati109,800-20,000
DID NOT REPORT 4109,800109,800
Adam Daniel109,70024,400
David Hengen109,60018,100
Fernando Vianadacosta109,60048,500
Paul Cucchiara109,60056,300
Anthony Campagna109,50050,800
Eric Kaneshiro109,500-8,300
Hirofumi Kono109,30036,700
Dave Stefanski109,300-59,500
James Kasputis Jr.109,200-2,000
Robert Campbell (NV)109,000109,000
Gilad Gutkin108,800-53,000
David Olson108,80037,200
Jackie Glazier108,500-16,500
Orod Ashegh108,40029,900
Romain Cabrillon107,90023,400
Daniel Kozakevich107,90037,900
Abdullah Alshanti107,7005,500
Andrew Lichtenberger107,600-59,200
Pablo Pallan107,400-79,200
Kenny Shei107,20022,100
Joseph Fishella107,200-162,800
Mark Ostrovsky107,10034,000
Roberto Rodriguez107,00068,700
Rafael Oliveira Ferreira106,90064,600
Jeff Sluzinski106,60019,600
Keith Lehr106,50023,500
Joshua Tekesky106,3002,700
Clavet Mathieu106,3007,000
Matthew Johnson106,20032,900
Ibrahim Nasief106,200-193,800
William Chattaway106,100-63,900
Nicholas Lay106,00018,900
Jerry Craig106,00038,000
Thomas Miller106,00082,500
James Petzing105,70025,100
Orlando Romero105,60050,600
Enno Koester105,50066,000
Carey Pickus105,50051,100
Tony Cousineau105,00044,300
Ryan Stoker104,800104,800
Paul Michaelis104,700-35,300
Amir Mirrasouli104,40013,500
Atish Mistry104,40078,000
Joshua Ladines104,20043,400
Peter Cho104,20079,900
Roger Teska104,0000
Gus Hansen104,000-61,000
Domenico Gala104,0007,000
Richard Carlson104,000-11,600
Chi Chan104,00041,600
Paul Ephremsen103,900-23,100
Smith Collins103,700-98,600
Jacob Naumann103,6000
Danilo Radonjic103,5007,400
Gregory Fondacaro103,50031,600
John Devisscher103,200-118,400
Hlib Kovtunov103,10047,000
Alex Fitzgerald102,8000
Glynn Beebe102,800102,800
Danny Noam102,600-7,600
David Moll102,60032,000
Alan Carty102,40047,000
Julien Polge102,40017,700
Lance Abbott102,10068,000
Benjamin Pollak102,000-78,000
Will Berry101,90068,900
Clayton Bates101,900-30,100
Brandon Steven101,800500
Patrick Fischer101,6004,900
Qing Liu101,40011,300
Omri Sason101,100101,100
Bradley Rhodes101,10029,800
Jerry Robinson101,00011,000
Antonio Gutierrez101,000101,000
Aleksandr Merzhvinskii100,900-69,100
Brian Opyrchal100,8000
Harald Sammer100,8000
Jun Okubo100,600-14,100
Klyde Forte100,40039,800
Andrew Chud100,20018,800
Richard Baxter100,100-5,700
Gregory Deforest100,100-29,000
Edwin Richerson100,00047,500
Jaysun Petruce99,700-60,600
Robert Fisher99,50071,200
Carlo Marotta99,50012,100
Gianluca Petrone99,40020,700
Jeffrey Chang99,100-49,500
Josh Palmer99,00011,900
Simon Rudin98,80070,600
Dalton Brinker98,800-42,700
Alberto Ortiz Such98,70018,200
Ivan Zarate98,600-7,400
Philip Leibow98,40049,500
Timothy Dix98,30018,400
Dejan Ristovski98,20046,200
Christopher Sheffield98,100-19,400
Bryan Kim98,0005,100
Adam Krosser97,40026,100
Takahiro Anno97,00022,100
Eli Zablud96,90022,600
Oliver Ruesing96,7001,200
Gregory Mccurry96,600-65,600
Joseph Froehle96,600-59,100
Peter Forsstrom96,50016,100
Brian Anderson96,500-27,500
Robert Sherwood96,40072,100
Clinton Cockburn96,300-56,300
Charles Nelson Robinson96,100-16,300
Craig Welko96,0002,100
Maury Solano95,800-143,200
Massimiliano Rosi95,80064,000
Steve Karp95,70023,400
Lawrence Rao95,7007,600
Antonio Scalzi95,500-98,900
Walter Fisher95,30019,100
Bryan Shay95,20018,000
Jason Burt95,10049,400
Jenny Marczynski95,10030,800
William Byrnes95,00016,000
Jeffrey Sager95,00095,000
Maksim Pisarenko94,800-10,000
Lloyd Mandel94,80094,800
Daniel Muccio94,80043,600
Andrew Leto94,70023,000
Jesse Capps94,600-75,900
Kensaku Takagi94,50019,900
Joseph Barnard94,40017,600
Brett Tortorich94,40094,400
Robert Slezak94,40053,400
Mark Bayly94,40094,400
Dean Morrone93,80042,600
Dror Mei-Tal93,700-13,300
John Hewitt93,6007,100
Orson Young93,60023,400
Vishal Marocha93,500-112,700
Nicklaus Thompson93,5001,700
An Van Tran93,40093,400
Gregory Perry93,30038,000
Martin Kus93,2007,200
Preben Stokkan93,000-33,000
Shawn Silber93,00017,900
Steven Blomberg92,90022,600
Zhengshan Hao92,90092,900
Harvey Vandeven92,8000
Matthew Kelly92,800-18,800
Max Silver92,80012,800
Stuart Graves92,600-10,700
Chen Song92,30062,200
Daniel Plonsker92,2006,200
Chun Kwok92,1009,600
Jesse Cohen92,000-40,600
David Hantman91,900-8,100
Scott Sharpe91,70091,700
Lawrence Greenberg91,600-33,400
Ludvig Lindstrom91,30026,700
Bartlomiej Machon91,200-84,300
Joshua Curtis91,2008,300
Nick Jivkov91,000-19,000
Gabriela Arguello (SC)90,80090,800
Jeffrey King90,70035,700
Kelvin Kerber90,600-15,500
David Richards90,600-7,400
Shawn Leis90,600-140,500
Takashi Matsushita90,50021,300
Jacob Millstein90,300-44,500
Mark DeLuca90,30064,900
John Misirian90,00043,000
George Vardanyan89,400-10,200
Jonathan Moseley89,20028,900
David Flood89,0006,800
Maria Konnikova88,900-9,100
Jonathan Dimmig88,90088,900
Jeannette Mendez88,800-34,700
Vincent Lam88,70013,100
Scott Matte88,600-12,500
Brand Alan88,60088,600
Thomas Schropfer88,50027,000
Kenneth Daciolas88,40039,600
Andrew Rosen88,40037,100
Camille Brown88,30088,300
Raymond Chan88,200-35,800
Renato Ribeiro88,1009,800
Richard Wierzba88,000-16,700
Markus Garberg88,00088,000
Shi Chen87,90022,800
Matthew Greenwald87,700-7,300
Thomas Heine87,50027,400
Alfred Mottur87,30046,400
James Lykins87,10017,700
John O'Neal87,00029,100
Andrew Ziskin87,000-43,100
Erik Gamans86,8008,900
Michael Nye86,700-39,300
Peyman Luth86,200-28,800
Tzenato Nano86,100-7,300
Thomas Morris85,90014,800
Huihan Wu85,60041,100
Allen Lu85,60011,400
Robert Kokoska85,400-199,600
William Burford85,10055,100
John Hunt85,00054,700
Todd Sladek85,000-30,000
John Orth84,90084,900
Murat Kilic84,90024,900
Kunal Punjwani84,400-27,900
Sean Kline84,40037,900
Robert Woods84,40020,800
Oskar Prehm84,30014,300
Greg Feirman84,30021,300
Kelly Kim84,20037,000
Hayato Kitajima83,70021,400
Rajasekhara Munnangi83,60045,400
Jeff Weiss83,5000
Bart O'Connell83,500-7,300
Virab Zakaryan83,50083,500
Mirza Nagji83,100-56,800
Dragoljub Martinovic83,10057,500
Ken Aldridge83,000-27,000
Konstantin Puchkov83,0008,000
Hyung Kim83,00052,400
Robert Peacock82,90050,300
Vedat Levi82,9008,900
Armand Matti82,700-31,100
Thomas Muehloecker82,600-43,400
Keith Heine82,600600
Ranjuan Chaitib82,600-17,100
Todd Kennedy82,100-300
David Taylor82,000-42,400
Loni Harwood81,800-118,200
Mark Lewandowski81,400-23,600
Mauricio Salazar Sanchez81,10024,200
Thai Ha81,00010,500
Alireza Amiri80,90057,800
Duncan Keen80,900-63,100
Timothee Colcher80,800-10,000
John Owen80,80015,800
Bradley Coultas80,400-33,300
Peter Hong80,1000
Georgi Gochev80,10027,400
Alejandro Sanchez80,00018,000
Tim Reilly80,0000
Gary Bergamo79,70039,700
Hao Chen79,60044,100
Andrew Nassery79,40053,500
David Ross (NJ)79,20079,200
Julian Parmann79,000-31,800
Mathias Wessel78,9002,100
Rayan Chamas78,50011,100
Daniel Wellborn78,50030,200
DID NOT REPORT 878,50078,500
Lisa Costello78,500-17,500
Darrin Oremba78,40078,400
Zarik Megerdichian78,00078,000
Daniel Eichhorn78,00013,200
Dennis Stevermer77,900-32,600
Adam Asbury77,900-17,100
Chi Keung Lo77,80017,000
Matthew Maks77,800-44,700
Pete Thomas77,80018,300
Enio Bozzano77,700-16,900
Clifford Pappas77,700-4,200
Kasper Nielsen77,600-6,500
Jeff Gross77,60062,400
Adan Cal77,600-70,000
Jeremy Levin77,400-900
Martin Kozlov77,100-25,600
Larry Ross77,100-22,900
Tam Nguyen77,1003,800
Ettore Ricci77,00038,000
Wei Yeh76,80015,100
Sai Sirandas76,70023,900
Christopher Decarlo76,60037,000
Michael Richardson76,30018,800
Brent Sparlin76,100-39,700
Jules Mencher76,000-23,300
Griffin Abel76,00075,999
Shigeji Kusakabe75,800-23,700
Kobey Simpson75,70039,100
Lloyd Yamada75,600-6,900
Tom Marchese75,60028,600
Ran Koller75,40010,500
Jason Sell75,40075,400
Huijie Zhou75,0006,000
Peter Levine75,00022,900
Caren Josephs75,000-34,800
Daiva Byrne Barauskaite75,000-65,000
Frank Bonacci74,900-91,400
Jake Schindler74,900-15,100
Corbin White74,800-30,200
Izhak Yacoby74,8003,800
Justin Steinbrenner74,800-32,200
James Clark74,70018,400
Joshua Sexton74,700-69,600
Brian Mintz74,600-56,700
Dean Pitcher74,600-45,400
Daniel Thomas74,100-71,800
Tony Ma73,60073,599
Victor Adams73,600-32,400
Koichiro Ogawa73,600-13,300
Joerg Winterhoff73,400-25,500
Ralph Pecorale73,100-1,600
Robert Remi73,000-29,100
Rania Nasreddine73,000-18,400
Francis Pasqualino73,000-81,900
Anthony Scherer72,9008,500
Jason Antonelli72,500-15,500
Marcelo Drumm72,50017,600
Thomas Deans72,300-31,400
Kaivon Hakimi72,300-23,600
Joseph Moore72,3008,800
Clint Tolbert72,1008,300
Michael Stashin72,100-55,900
Daniel Wolf72,00016,800
Arthur Peters71,8008,000
Zachary Surdam71,40011,300
Matt Affleck71,300-8,700
Michael White71,30037,200
Adam Bishop71,2000
Ethiel Garcia71,200-1,400
Michael Laake71,200-2,400
David Simon71,000100
Matthew Gloier70,800-9,100
Matt Iles70,700-5,100
Florian Strasser70,70070,700
DID NOT REPORT 970,600-28,400
Rina Kuroiwa70,4009,100
Hope Williams70,3003,900
Aaron Sceales70,30017,900
Lander Lijo70,00036,800
Fabian Scherle69,900-10,700
William Romaine69,600-1,800
Mikhail Semin69,5009,500
Spencer Taylor69,40032,800
Anthony Hugenberg69,300-32,300
David Smart69,300-52,300
Bryan Boser69,2007,200
Robert Brobyn69,100-74,100
Moshe Angert69,00069,000
Brandon Wong68,50019,100
Jeffrey Muncy68,400-88,900
Charles Alex Barton68,300-69,400
Daniel Dizenzo68,200-152,800
Albert Balayn68,00012,000
Monte George67,50042,300
Rory Campbell67,400-30,900
Ryan Hartmann67,300-37,700
Glen Nguyen67,30048,600
Kevin Pollak67,20028,700
Lawrence Brandt67,20046,600
Alexander Farahi67,10022,100
Mathijs Storms66,700-55,600
Matthew Hopkins66,40041,300
Mark Monzones66,300-43,000
Boris Kasabov66,200-1,100
Kevin Le66,000-39,300
Stuart Grosswirth66,00066,000
Alex Jennings65,800-54,300
Anthony Kazgandjian65,600-14,900
Thomas Grasso65,600-16,000
Thomas Woodard65,500-88,300
Gary Cook65,10015,600
Jiang Qian65,0000
Charles Wilmoth64,4008,500
Chris Marrone64,40064,400
Jeff Shulman64,10014,700
Bruno Politano63,80030,300
Kevin Martin63,700-30,500
Seth Angel63,60038,100
Timothy Jurkiewicz63,600-40,000
Thomas Barnard63,600-39,900
Francois Evard63,300-70,400
Byron Ziebell63,3006,700
Timothy Watts63,200-22,700
Eric White63,100-8,700
Theo Nerantzinis63,10040,900
Binh Ly62,800-31,300
Claus Marcussen62,20042,500
Jarred Solomon62,200-49,300
William White62,20024,100
Andy Miller62,10062,100
Ci Zhou61,80036,200
Oleksii Kravchuk61,600-27,100
Larrel Bayly61,30061,300
David Pecheur61,100-7,900
Jeffrey Korn61,100-12,600
Shaun Davis61,000-47,300
Senovio Ramirez III60,90019,500
Phaly Nou60,800-10,200
Ian Gavlick60,80060,800
Steven Partlo60,60019,000
Michael Gagliano60,000-58,000
Raymond Henson59,300-23,700
Rick Alvarado59,200-1,000
Josh Prager59,00013,400
Edward Ribeiro59,0008,500
Douglas Hall58,900-800
Nakia Clark58,700-8,000
Andreas Granlund58,70058,700
Robert Lofaso58,600-42,100
Kristy Arnett58,500-500
Chris Boston58,500-2,000
Paul Schattauer58,300-33,400
Chris Ferguson58,30058,300
Dong Ji58,000-49,200
Robert Thompson57,90042,600
Yuan Ting57,400-9,500
Robert Kozik57,300-45,600
Otto Palacios57,30057,300
Shannon Mastin57,200-6,400
Yoon Kim57,200-106,800
Richard Seymour57,000-38,500
JC Tran57,000-69,300
Evan Panesis56,800-44,200
Alessandro Siena56,800-18,800
Pavel Zuev56,500-3,300
Florian Bordet56,4003,100
Rene Plourde56,100-21,600
Jeremy Kocher55,2000
Luiz Ferreira55,200-35,500
Kenny Ho55,000-12,200
Steven Himebaugh55,000-50,300
David Tovar55,00035,000
Jared Strauss55,0009,300
Mark Lillge54,900-36,200
Kirk Yancey54,60014,300
Michael Schneider54,400-13,900
Christoph Bruell54,30054,300
Adam Romer54,300-42,100
Bryce Landier54,30028,100
Marc Goldman54,300-4,700
Gregory Lopez54,200-32,800
Orpen Kisacikoglu54,000-1,000
Jaered Besse54,000-87,800
Casey Smith53,800-38,100
Clayton Moran53,40014,500
Andrew Nguyen (HB)53,40053,400
Davor Lanini53,0007,800
Michael Sortino53,000-57,700
Charles Coultas52,70012,100
Adam Foster52,600-38,900
Pluria Marshall52,0003,800
Jose Drilon51,900-60,400
Deric Williams51,700-36,300
Simon Lovell51,70022,600
Jay Spector51,60051,600
Elizabeth Montizanti51,400-80,600
Phillip Hartmann51,300-76,900
Michael Hebert51,100-20,900
Ari Eiblum51,100500
Kilo Krahn51,000-120,000
Angel Maria Perez Calvo51,000-32,400
Jason Atwood50,900-14,000
Norbert Sehmer50,700-6,700
Sascha Goldbaum50,400-19,700
Philip Schumacher50,400-29,600
Max Greenwood50,200-23,400
Joseph Glisson50,100-27,300
David Dillon50,000-10,000
Scott Tuttle50,000-4,000
Chris Bell50,000-59,900
Kenny Nguyen50,000-95,000
Nasaharu Tomita49,500-64,800
Derek Piercey49,300-47,500
Zachary Szlabon49,3006,300
Robert Constable49,000-52,900
Mark Bansemer48,90023,800
Justin Geronsin48,80048,800
Peter Malkoun48,600-45,200
Michael Cordell48,300-79,600
Ian Ivers48,100-110,900
Benoit Lam48,000-72,000
Christophe Pommier48,0002,000
George Peckham47,900-65,900
Ryan Martin47,800-29,600
Aviad Regev47,80047,800
Diego Martinez47,70047,700
Todd Bareika46,900-50,200
Nicholas Stowell46,800-19,900
Akihiro Konishi46,60046,600
Douglas Westerlund46,500-13,800
Giuseppe Pantaleo46,400-34,500
Kenneth Ray46,100-24,100
Mitchell Watson46,0005,500
Michael Liang45,900-23,900
Patryk Pechner45,900-23,600
Michael Moreno (NJ)45,60045,600
Leanne Brown45,50045,500
Robert Levering45,500-47,200
Shane Raikes45,400-59,600
Matthew Friendly45,40045,400
Federico Butteroni45,30028,200
Kahle Burns45,2001,900
Robert Kasawdish44,900-33,900
Justin Truesdell44,500-17,500
Bradley Siegel44,50025,500
Kenneth Gortney44,400-30,300
Joshua Mullins44,3008,700
Baptiste Carteau44,200-16,500
Dinakar Veeramaneni44,10044,100
Arthur Tanimoto44,10016,800
Douglas Glasscock44,000-12,200
Jesse Eisner43,700-72,800
Karim Chatur43,200-52,400
Ian Johns43,100-6,900
David Ran43,000-19,100
Gary Horn43,00043,000
March Schwartz42,600-11,600
Gal Yifrach42,600-55,900
Ira Marcus42,500-34,500
Marquis Mccain42,3005,300
Randall Webb42,20019,600
Yosuke Iwata42,200-91,000
Caleb King42,100-700
Danny Tang42,100-92,900
Matthew Ezrol42,100-70,500
Cary Katz42,000-23,000
Nick Palma42,000-47,000
Kevin Lott41,800-42,300
Edward Mancini41,80013,500
Segura Joao41,700-93,300
Jeffrey Guss41,500-26,000
Tu Huynh41,40041,400
Douglas Shirk41,10041,100
Gene Quinn40,800-38,800
Patrick Braga40,700-130,200
Mantas Bagicuis40,500-17,600
Theodore Mcneely40,200-30,300
Michael Booth39,900-11,900
Luke Wilby39,700-39,300
Ted Gonzalez39,70013,300
Russell Broom39,60031,300
Steve Johnson39,600-30,600
Brandon Caputo39,500-130,700
Li Peng39,50026,500
Cy Williams39,50015,600
Richard Mullen39,3009,200
Franklin Lo39,2000
David Kelly39,200-22,900
Allison Hollander38,200-25,700
Stephen Buell38,000-97,000
Yousef Saleh38,000-108,400
Andrew Saklad37,80026,100
Yuri Siniak37,500-500
Andrew Bimonte37,20025,200
Rizziero Osso37,100-44,300
Wang Lee36,200-33,500
Fernando Konishi36,20036,200
Alessandro Laubinger35,800-10,900
Brian Oshust35,800-17,200
David Bradford35,6005,600
Thomas Dean35,20035,200
Oliver Bithell35,100-57,800
Martin Carnero35,100-94,000
Rafael Caiaffa35,000-78,700
Dapreesch Scates35,000-73,000
Benjamin Strumpf34,900-47,000
Matan Krakow34,700-36,000
Benjamin Lamb34,600-29,700
Corey Lieblein34,300-34,000
Brendon Rubie34,100-84,000
Rodney Assous34,000-64,200
Vitor Santiago Oliveira33,70033,700
Ryan Baysinger33,500-6,500
James Namken33,5005,500
Adam White33,100-28,300
Mike Gogliormella33,000-37,000
Sarah Cook32,9009,500
Morgane Portier32,90032,900
Andrew Song32,800-104,200
Cristian Dan32,700-115,100
Mazen Abdallah32,700-91,700
Jan Ladew32,500-23,400
Joseph Casamatta32,500-34,900
Gabriel Iemmito32,300-70,700
Josh Kay32,200-16,800
Webber Kang31,900-83,100
Fedor Truntsev31,900-59,400
Gil Levy31,800-47,500
Jordan Lewis31,8004,800
Michael Smith31,500-22,500
David Kilmartin Lappin31,100-47,200
Nicholas Rivas31,10031,100
Lucas Greenwood30,500-66,500
Andrew Robbins30,000-60,000
Cesar Cavagnero29,600-8,100
Jimmy Horikawa29,5000
Jonathan Gilliam29,400-7,700
Barry Robertson29,100-18,400
Linda Huber28,800-14,500
Nicholas Zitek28,000-56,100
Joao Almeida27,400-19,700
Kenneth Jones27,200-72,800
Joanna Leban27,000-33,700
Amal Bounahra26,800-35,200
Warren Beres26,80026,800
Todd Wright26,700-38,500
Sherif Elmessiri26,700-88,000
Stephen Wan26,300-89,000
Tony Miles25,800-7,200
Justin Bennett25,600-42,400
george nino25,300-200,000
Bradley Smith24,800-50,200
Carlos Chang24,700-1,700
Joseph Casale24,600-86,100
Jason Brikho23,900-42,300
Wilson Lo23,40023,400
Scott Stevens22,5000
Murray Littleton21,800-48,000
Jeffrey Yarchever21,60021,600
Douglas Messner21,100-25,000
Laurence Grondin19,900-58,600
Colby Robertson19,500-27,500
Sean Small19,300-46,000
Ger Xiong18,800-61,200
Victor Rodriguez18,300-53,200
Anthony Guerrera17,900-2,100
Ravinder Bedi17,800-23,600
Justin Manni17,600-51,400
Scotty Nguyen17,500-62,500
Jason Mercier17,500-42,000
Shaun Linefsky14,000-25,800
Garland Mak14,000-60,300
Peter Klein10,300-57,100
DID NOT REPORT 29,0009,000
Scott Anderson7,700-94,300
Kevin Davis5,900-161,700
Matteo Leibowitz1-74,999
Edward Leahy (MA)1-121,399
DID NOT REPORT 121-125,799
Carl Pfenninger1-97,299
Eric Cloutier1-89,999
Robert Mazzie1-56,999
Farid Bouares1-130,699
Taco Degoede11
Josh Bergman1-111,599
Patrick Obrien1-129,199
Brian Gudim11
Kainalu McCue-Unciano00
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:42 PM Local Time
Blumstein Toasted Before Buzzer

Scott Blumstein

Scott Blumstein grinded all day at Table 421 but was not among the players bagging. We inquired as to his fate, and George Wolff reported that he four-bet all in with    and ran into the    held by Ross Ward. When Ward's hand held up, Blumstein sent over his last 70,000 or so.

Ross Ward471,300131,300
Scott Blumstein0-70,500
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:40 PM Local Time
Late Knockout for Marttinen

On a flop of    , Antti Marttinen looked up a shorter stack for around 80,000 and tabled    for bottom set. The opponent had    and picked up some outs on the   turn only for the   river to brick off.

Antti Marttinen255,000170,400
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:35 PM Local Time
Bednar Doubles Through Goodman

David Goodman raised to 5,000 and Jan Bednar three-bet to 17,500, which Goodman called. On the     flop, Goodman check-called another bet of 12,000 and did so for 26,000 on the   turn. On the   river, Goodman checked once more and Bednar jammed for 77,800.

Goodman spent more than three minutes in the think tank and eventually called. Bednar showed    and Goodman mucked   .

Bednar also three-bet the next hand to 15,500 and the initial raiser called. This time they checked down the       board and Bednar won the pot with    versus   .

David Goodman300,000153,000
Jan Bednar295,000105,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:27 PM Local Time
Five More Hands

The clocks have been stopped and all remaining players will have another five hands until bagging and tagging.

Mark Kroon won't be among them, as Cary Katz can now be found in his seat.

Mark Kroon0-160,000
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:24 PM Local Time
Pavicevic Eliminates 888poker's Marquez

Ana Marquez earlier this summer

The day is about to be over and Aleksa Pavicevic launched another attack to attain the chip lead. He busted 888poker's Ana Marquez. They got their chips in on the flop that read    .

Marquez had bottom set with    and she had to fade a ton of outs against   . She managed to keep the lead on the   turn but the   river eliminated Marquez from the Main Event.

Aleksa Pavicevic780,00080,000
Ana Marquez0-110,000
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:24 PM Local Time
Big Payoff for Huni Late

Chris Hunichen bet 66,000 into about 120,000 on a completed board of      . He was in the cutoff and his opponent was on the button. The bet represented about half of "Big Huni's" remaining chips. His opponent thought a couple of minutes, took a deep breath, and dropped in a call.

Hunichen showed    for flopped top two and it was good.

Chris Hunichen300,000120,000
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:21 PM Local Time
Petro Doubles Through Miles

Tony Miles during Day 1

A raise to 4,500 came in from in middle position, and Michael Petro flatted in the hijack. With the action on Tony Miles in the big blind, he three-bet to 22,000 and saw the initial raiser folded.

Petro sat on his decision for a minute before he announced all in for 92,000.

Miles asked for the count confirmation, and went into the tank, sat with around 125,000.

The two players shared a few words while Miles was making his decision, and after close to two minutes, he called.

Michael Petro:   
Tony Miles:   


Petro held the lead and improved to top set on the flop. By the turn, it was all over, and Petro had secured the double up with 2018 Main Event runner-up Miles left with 33,000.

Michael Petro200,000123,200
Tony Miles33,000-127,000
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:13 PM Local Time
Majcher Finds a Double

Down to his last 20,000, Brian Majcher three-bet all in from middle position over an early position raise to 8,000. Action folded around to the small blind, who gave him a decent sweat as he spent close to three minutes in the tank before letting go of his hand. The big blind quickly got out of the way and the original raiser put in another 12,000 to call.

Brian Majcher:   

"Hold!" Majcher said as the dealer began to run the cards. The runout went       to fulfill Majcher's wish and ensure the double up.

Brian Majcher45,000-65,200
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:12 PM Local Time
Hantman Doubles Once More

On a heads-up flop of    , David Hantman ended up all in for 45,300 with the    and faced an opponent with    for the flush draw. Both the   turn and the   river blanked and Hantman, one of many Day 2c entries, doubled towards the end of the last level.

David Hantman100,000-15,000
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:11 PM Local Time
Williams Triples Up

Keith Heine opened for 4,700 from late position and Cy Williams jammed for 7,700 on the button. The small blind player three-bet to 17,700 and Heine called with Williams all in.

The small blind player fired out 16,000 after the flop came     and Heine called.

The turn brought the   and the small blind player continued with a 12,500 bet and Heine mucked his hand in disgust.

Cy Williams:   

The river fell the   and Heine stated, "well I would have been rivered," he said he mucked ace-rag expecting to be out-kicked but instead was flushed out by both opponents with Williams raking in the pot with his ten-high flush.

Keith Heine82,000-98,500
Cy Williams23,900-57,600
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:10 PM Local Time
Liebert Building Higher

Kathy Liebert raised to 4,000 from middle position and the player in the hijack called along with the player in the small blind.

The dealer fanned a flop of     and the small bind checked. Liebert bet 5,000 and the hijack called. The small blind check-raised to 16,500 and Liebert three-bet to 55,000. The hijack folded. The player in the small blind took a minute of reflection, then opted to let it go. Liebert showed    before raking in the pot.

Kathy Liebert500,00040,000
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:10 PM Local Time
Boyko Busts Blind on Blind

Massimo Mosele limped the small blind and Yuriy Boyko jammed out of the big blind for the last 35,800 and Mosele snap-called.

Yuriy Boyko:   
Massimo Mosele:   

The board came       and Boyko was drawing dead on the turn.

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose," the Irishman shrugged and headed out of the tournament area.

Massimo Mosele195,00014,000
Yuriy Boyko0-98,500
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:08 PM Local Time
Brinn Closing Out the Night Strong

Cody Brinn

Cody Brinn has managed to double his already impressive stack up in the last few levels, including flopping a set of jacks and getting paid with bets of 15,000, 40,000, and 55,000 on the flop, turn and river to eliminate an opponent.

Cody Brinn700,000350,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:07 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts in Pavillion
Julian Milliard-Feral845,50055,500
Adam Friedman582,00057,000
Bart Lybaert510,30015,300
Dario Sammartino332,00095,500
Jack Salter296,50061,500
Nacho Barbero283,100168,100
Bart Hanson188,20018,200
Alexander Greenblatt185,000-1,200
Maria Konnikova98,00059,000
Kevin Martin94,200-75,800
Tim Reilly80,000-20,300
Ben Heath64,000-16,000
Roger Teska34,500-131,500
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:07 PM Local Time
Big Stacks in Amazon Orange
Sergei Petrushevskii585,000320,000
Sanjay Mayekar560,000294,900
Daniel Holmes548,000426,900
Billy Gurule537,000282,700
Amir Sonsino509,000462,400
Mark Teltscher470,000230,000
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:07 PM Local Time
Late Night Counts
Kathy Liebert460,00057,000
Mohamed Mamouni350,00066,000
Jasper Meijer Van Putten335,000-5,000
Norson Saho310,00020,000
Nicholas Pupillo290,0008,000
Josh Arieh240,00065,000
Ludovic Riehl200,00055,100
Martijn Gerrits190,000190,000
Chris Hunichen180,000-20,000
Patrick Sacrispeyre140,00066,000
Ken Aldridge110,00081,500
David Lappin50,00015,000
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:06 PM Local Time
Courtade Brings Max Pain on the River

Will Courtade was in the cutoff and called the three-bet shove of an opponent in the big blind.

Will Courtade:   

Courtade bricked the     flop and   turn, but heartbreak was in store for the big blind, as he was crushed to see the   fall on the river, and he let out a "Oh no!" before making his way from the table.

William Courtade280,000187,400
Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:05 PM Local Time
Cannuli Gets Punished for an Overbet

A completed board of       was spread across the felt with around 33,000 in the pot. Tom Cannuli led out for more than a pot-sized bet of 43,000. His opponent replied by shoving all in for 108,500.

Cannuli went into the tank for what seemed like over five minutes. The table sat in silence as Cannuli tried to come to a decision. Eventually, Cannuli flashed the   before putting his cards in the muck. His opponent collected the pot but didn't give Cannuli any information as the last few minutes tick down on the clock.

Tom Cannuli540,000-94,400
Playtika - Jason Alexander