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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, July 03, 2019 to Tuesday, July 16, 2019

$10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship (Event #73)

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $80,548,600
  • Entries: 8,569
  • Remaining: 0


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Sunday, July 7, 2019 12:28 AM Local Time
Shades of 2016 as Qui Nguyen Finishes Day 2ab With Heaps

Qui Nguyen took to the mic before a very successful day at the felt

The first day of a true field being culled went down in the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event as Day 2ab wrapped up just before midnight Saturday evening at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. The field of 3,248 - plus about 100 start-of-day entries - was reduced to 1,087 survivors by the close of play.

The day proved far less eventful than Day 1c as a relatively normal five levels of poker played out, but that was likely to the relief of everyone involved.

A former Main Event champ had a big day from start to finish, beginning with a turn on the mic before the first card was dealt. Qui Nguyen, who took down poker's biggest tournament in a memorable and very lengthy final table in 2016, took the stage early to announce the shuffle and deal. He cracked wise about the length of the event and not to get too excited this early, but it certainly can't hurt to have a Day 2 like he had.

Already with a solid stack of 180,500 to kick it off, Nguyen had double that in the first level of play when he cracked aces with ace-deuce, flopping a wheel. He was soon north of 400,000 and continued to build from there until he bagged 602,400 by midnight.

The years since Nguyen's victory have not been especially auspicious in terms of poker winnings, as Nguyen has collected just around $13,000 since that $8 million windfall. Still, Nguyen has proven he can get through a field of this size once before, and he's off to a great start after two days of play.

He said he had to play off his image a bit, developed from his fearless play back in 2016.

"I played my normal game at first, people know that I am aggressive and that's how I was able to chip up," he said. "I did have to change my style, though. I know it's still a long way to go. So, I just want to make the money first."

Several leaders emerged with more than 700,000 to pace the field. Timothy Su (791,000) is the official end-of-day leader, followed by Tony Blanchandin (744,500, Anton Morgenstern, Florian Duta (731,500), and Galen Hall (705,900).

Timothy Su
Timothy Su appears to have the chip lead after Day 2ab.

Dan Colpoys looked to be among that number before Morgenstern chopped him down just before play ended, flopping a flush in a three-bet pot against Colpoys' top pair, which also blocked the nut flush and turned into top two on the turn. Morgenstern doubled through with a river check-shove to leave Colpoys bagging 392,800.

Chris Ferguson, Daniel Negreanu, Ryan Riess, Justin Bonomo, Stephen Chidwick and Phil Galfond were some of the most notable names going bust during the course of Day 2ab play. Galfond said he got sneaky and flatted a raise with kings, only to get stacks in against a three-bettor and run into aces.

Everyone who did make it through returns to the Rio on Monday for Day 3. Before that, there's the matter of Day 2c, which takes place on Sunday from 11 a.m. The monster field will pack every available room in the house, and PokerNews will be on hand to relate what goes down as the WSOP Main Event action continues.

Sunday, July 7, 2019 12:21 AM Local Time
End-of-Day Chip Counts
Timothy Su791,000493,700
Tony Blanchandin744,500586,500
Anton Morgenstern735,0000
Florian Duta731,50066,500
Galen Hall705,900-19,100
Gerry Claunch699,600-400
Rachid Amamou688,000-22,000
Bryan Buonocore668,800535,100
Anthony Spinella643,700-56,300
Brian Yoon643,40046,400
Richard Barabino606,000378,500
Pavlo Veksler605,4005,400
Pim Gieles604,600134,600
Gary Blackwood604,3000
Qui Nguyen602,400122,400
Rory Brown596,00066,000
Marc Foggin582,200-27,800
Luke Martinelli575,30087,300
Steve Hwang566,800438,800
Tobias Duthweiler563,000435,100
Robert Mather561,900561,900
Hugo Pingray543,300469,500
Adam Owen511,80081,800
Ernst Stratmeyer506,900337,000
Ali Eslami506,200386,300
Matthew Leecy502,900296,600
Timothy Vukson489,100368,200
Kane Lai487,500192,400
Brian Park467,500357,500
Andre Akkari467,40087,400
Jeff Lisandro466,400226,400
Asi Moshe464,10023,900
Bryan Campanello460,400130,400
Gordon Vayo451,800238,000
Eric Hicks450,000-47,000
Gregory Kary449,800184,800
Amaury Mamou-Mani448,700-1,300
Joseph Bartholdi446,80094,600
Alpheus Chan446,100397,500
Barny Boatman445,00035,000
Kelly Minkin444,500-35,500
Ronni Borg440,20010,200
Stephen Graner437,300190,200
Lars Bonding430,000200,000
Shaun Deeb428,200428,200
Jay Romano426,000375,000
Martin Lang425,500349,400
Patrick Serda422,400-77,600
William Gray419,300335,000
Gary Chakoian416,5000
Andrey Pateychuk411,3001,300
Nicholas Danias409,900319,300
Jerod Smith408,500303,800
Allen Kessler407,200-27,800
Joshua Tam404,100309,500
Fraser MacIntyre403,800198,800
Clayton Fletcher403,0000
Robert Pardo401,500290,600
William Mitchell397,700330,100
Robert Paddock397,000250,000
Aki Pyysing396,600292,600
Blair Boze395,400300,700
Cecil Gabbidon395,000281,400
Daniel Colpoys392,80042,800
Matthew Ellis392,600232,600
Adam Swan392,100165,100
Jacqueline Burkhart391,90085,900
Kelly Andrews388,500280,000
Eric Eng387,500147,500
Aaron Steury385,600212,600
Greg Garabedian383,800276,500
Nicholas Marchington383,000273,900
Alan Lau382,000-8,000
Neil Blumenfield381,500103,500
Adam Levy380,80070,800
Khamsy Bowles379,800230,500
Vitalijs Zavorotnijs377,30097,300
Shane Schleger377,000161,000
Robert Chudobiak372,100195,000
Baitai Li370,900151,400
Michael Niwinski370,200265,600
David Guay370,00080,000
Martin Stoller370,000312,000
Hamza Firdawcy369,100271,400
Milos Skrbic368,900296,700
Georgios Karakousis368,800-11,200
Robert Georato367,500280,900
Andrew Glauberg367,200242,800
Alexandre Reard366,100116,100
Jarod Einsohn365,700265,000
Benjamin Jones364,700303,000
Alex Livingston360,600160,600
Daniel Weinman359,00044,000
Michael Pearson357,800166,700
Gavin O'Rourke352,000234,200
Ronald Ellis352,000266,700
Joshua Boulton351,800256,800
Thomas Syversen351,600268,900
Carl Brewington349,400231,300
Jason Pardy348,500316,500
Carlos Hey347,200223,700
Yudhishter Jaswal346,600153,200
Takehiro Kato346,30087,100
Eyal Maaravi345,7000
Joey Weissman343,00022,000
Jeremy Pekarek340,800111,500
Harry Arutyunyan338,200168,200
Elias Gutierrez337,800227,700
Thomas Foley337,000161,000
Michael Sanders336,300141,300
Tom Vogelsang334,900264,600
Sosia Jiang333,800-56,200
Taylor Carroll333,5000
Jeffrey Finkelstein331,700160,900
Juan Ignacio Pallotta331,300122,300
Tyler Patterson331,20056,200
Norberto Lopez330,800120,800
Igor Kurganov330,000100,000
Scott Neuman329,600195,400
Michael Youngman329,400189,300
Connor Drinan329,000169,000
Kevin Law328,900179,000
Chunhui Ji328,100189,800
Roger Campbell323,200226,200
Yaniv Peretz323,000173,100
Tyler Martin322,300219,000
Paul Patouilliart322,000177,800
Joshua Gordon321,600109,200
Dan Wirgau321,100178,700
Samuel Hughes320,300140,000
Jimmy Kebe320,20015,200
Stanley Tang319,800287,100
Christopher Hayes319,200217,100
Thomas Cardona319,100232,800
Michael Kane318,00078,000
Sota Sato314,800216,900
Didrik Mantor314,300154,400
Donald Dombach314,000235,400
Jerold Saeman313,700313,699
Tim Lim313,400239,500
Jason Tompkins311,700171,700
Kevin Buck311,400227,900
Antonio Buonanno308,40028,400
Martin Mathis306,700272,200
Craig Mccorkell306,000206,000
Pavel Plesuv305,900155,900
Travis To305,200288,600
Mark Adkins305,000162,400
Andy Hwang304,900-51,100
Brad Albrinck304,50072,500
Toby Joyce303,500163,500
Brandon Fraizer303,4005,000
Dustin Nelson303,100288,800
Martins Kleins302,500230,000
Austin Lewis301,800233,500
Todd Witteles300,400-12,600
Robert Schulz299,400-45,600
Jiaxiu Liu298,20095,400
David Miscikowski297,000167,000
Sulabh Choudhury297,000128,100
William McMahon296,300224,600
Eric Lescot295,90031,900
Timothy Flanders295,500125,500
Siddharth Karia294,800171,500
Francisco Araujo294,500222,500
Daniel Jordan292,300184,000
Chris Wallace291,90086,900
Philippe Narboni291,600194,000
Jack Maskill290,800217,500
Yuri Dzivielevski290,300-109,700
David Paredes290,300191,300
Eyal Eshkar288,700198,700
Jonathan Aguirre286,300178,700
Dejan Pustoslemsek286,000152,000
Yilong Wang284,400109,400
Erik Nason284,300214,400
Todd Brunson284,200-5,800
Mike Wattel283,300231,200
John Harms281,10086,100
Jake Larson280,700134,700
Alan Goehring280,500155,400
Jimmy Crouch280,300217,100
Tommy Nguyen279,2006,300
Richard Hu278,100208,400
Takao Shimizu278,00088,000
Philippe Dauteuil277,900-27,100
Noam Muallem277,000157,000
Guy Cicconi276,800189,300
Andrew Pacifico276,700-33,300
Rassoul Malboubi276,200211,100
Ankit Ahuja275,200164,100
Martin Arce274,100168,100
Brian Hastings274,000-12,000
Donald Haas271,800181,800
Paul Staples271,500164,300
Clement Tripodi271,000140,500
Denise Pratt270,200-14,300
Jared Kwong269,700147,900
Michael Blake269,500167,500
Fabio Miranda269,400-40,600
Leo Worthingtonleese268,900268,900
Ravi Vinayak268,000268,000
Jake Toole267,900157,700
Liran Twito267,20037,200
Ricardo Gramowski266,500-1,500
Daniel Aharoni266,400266,400
Gal Erlichman266,00089,400
Anuj Kwatra265,000164,000
Paul Freedman264,500133,200
Donald Schiavone264,400160,400
David Lin264,000215,400
Soukha Kachittavong263,900121,900
Andrew Graham263,200114,100
Ferdinand Putra263,200135,900
Kevin Maahs262,100167,700
Ky Badgley262,100219,900
Daniel Hachem262,10067,100
Senthuran Vijayaratnam261,60037,600
Roger Lussier261,600213,600
Alan Pagel261,400150,100
Ross Boucher261,000178,100
Kristijonas Andrulis260,60090,600
Ryan Yu260,600116,300
Brandon Gale260,20099,000
Steven Fuhrman260,0000
Mick Heder259,800-150,200
John Riordan259,400-56,600
Huidong Gu259,10074,100
Michael Holm259,00060,000
Johnathan Dempsey258,70049,700
Haresh Jethani258,000258,000
Kyle Burnside257,400203,900
A Peter Okin257,300149,500
William Gibbons257,20059,200
Andrew Martin256,900160,400
Boris Mondrus256,800216,400
Kristofer Kneele255,500148,100
Benjamin Notgrass255,00062,600
Randall Hernandez254,20033,300
Bastian Fischer254,000142,400
Arron Woodcock253,700152,500
George Wedemeyer252,90095,800
Cyril Andre252,100188,000
Jay Farber252,000-23,000
Adam Johnson251,800186,800
Henrik Hecklen251,800-34,200
Dennis Cronin251,300165,600
Jeffrey Schwimmer250,80087,500
Aymon Hata250,500-32,600
Thomas Roupe250,40011,600
Richard Thomas250,20015,200
Stefan Huber250,00013,000
Paul Miller249,90039,800
Alexander Yen249,400-25,600
Michael Gathy249,000124,000
James Frank248,900248,899
Benjamin Cole248,300159,700
Timothy Flattery247,600150,500
Jeff Dumas247,400247,400
Kenny Hallaert247,100100
Jonathan Depa247,000-123,000
Niklas ├ůstedt247,00082,000
Georgios Kapalas246,90085,900
Armin Ghojehvand246,800210,300
Quentin Roussey246,3006,300
Mario Garza245,800209,800
Cathal Shine245,700100,700
Daniel Lee245,700101,700
Simon Casserly245,600106,400
Hunter Frey245,000154,400
Kalidou Sow245,00030,000
Vincent Newland244,000-36,000
Thomas Drinkwater244,00030,600
Aliaksei Boika243,900-12,100
Ryan Dodge243,800155,800
Jorge Arriola243,300138,600
Mearl Wisehart243,30079,500
David Singontiko242,300144,700
Raja Chirumamilla242,00092,000
Jon Gisler240,90035,900
Samuel Devers240,800148,500
Mitchell Johnson240,800221,800
Joshua Greenberg240,500163,600
Konrad Zalewski240,50079,500
Rick Vanbruggen240,100-55,900
Sebastian Percy-Smith240,000139,000
Sebastian Dornbracht239,80061,600
Wayne Whittinghill239,60051,600
Barry Hutter239,50094,500
Hristivoje Pavlovic238,900238,900
Novak Cvetinovic238,800167,800
Junichi Nakanowatari238,000238,000
Jean-Robert Bellande237,10072,100
Mathias Bennick237,000155,400
Michael "Jamie" Wolf236,500174,500
Timothy Miles236,00077,500
Michael Lang235,600144,400
Bobby Altman234,700108,300
Robert McLaughlin234,000108,500
Carl Cajuste234,000124,000
Christopher Hyden233,800192,000
David Thomas233,500-40,500
Eduards Kudrjavcevs233,000118,800
Paul Richardson232,90026,900
Adria Diaz232,60055,100
Michael Tait232,000192,200
Robert Cosway231,50095,300
Timothy Burt230,400-68,300
Nidal Echaust230,20012,800
Samuel Gagnon230,100147,600
Scott Blumstein229,700184,000
Cassio Pisapia229,70097,400
Dien Le229,600101,700
Philip Clarke229,40093,200
Clayton Maguire229,200184,500
Omar Carranza228,500101,500
Sergei Kislinskii228,300211,800
Paul Hockin228,100228,100
Edward Holyoke227,800181,700
Endri Foto227,300156,200
Robert Heidorn227,300-2,700
Karen Sarkisyan227,20043,900
Alex Goulder227,00037,000
Dejuante Alexander226,600170,600
Jonathan Dwek226,500-126,500
Timothy Acker226,1000
Dong Le226,00015,500
Andy Black225,90064,400
Isaac Baron225,60079,000
Kevin Schulz225,000206,000
Brett Hartfiel224,400138,400
Mark Zullo224,000189,500
Gabe Paul223,40091,700
David Bach222,900114,900
Fabrice Maltez222,50086,100
Brendon Kaufman222,300174,500
Eric Fields221,800180,800
Tom Dekkers221,50022,500
Renji Mao221,000170,000
Jordan Knackstedt220,400135,100
Michael Laufer219,30043,300
Matt Livingston219,300112,700
Joshua Zimmerman219,200186,000
Phuoc Nguyen219,000104,000
Shyam Srinivasan219,0000
Ori Hasson218,400112,300
Ivonir Bento218,300157,300
Trushang Desai218,30093,800
Mike Shin217,600118,500
Bertrand Rosique217,000159,800
Willaim Ware216,800113,100
Reed Hensel216,400-11,600
Camilla Reventlow216,00066,000
Shenming Yin215,40087,800
Torrey Korsog214,700202,700
Julien Duveau214,70078,900
Christopher Barrett214,400146,100
Daryl Roberts214,40093,800
Albert Vorbe214,100168,100
Ronald West214,000162,500
Jameson Painter213,80073,800
Hans Joachim Hein213,100140,800
Richard Anthony212,10067,100
Maria McAlpin212,0000
Ayman Qutami211,80085,100
Kenneth Churchill211,40089,100
Michael VanderWoude211,400-21,600
Paul Taylor210,60095,900
Geno Francione210,500109,700
Aaron Been210,400139,700
Michael Stephenson210,200200
Benjamin Dobson210,000125,000
Steven Payten209,30016,400
Richard Dubini209,000114,000
Francisco Riosvallejo208,80054,400
Brad Anderson208,300208,300
Zizheng Huang208,10028,100
Franklin Azevedo208,00095,300
Alen Patatanyan208,000117,600
Dylan Thomassie207,800117,800
Jason Paradis207,800129,100
Manelic Minaya207,80017,800
David Valone207,700106,500
Andreas Wagner207,700115,900
Charlotte Godwin207,000147,000
Igor Merda206,20046,200
Conor Beresford205,300103,900
Olivier Busquet205,30085,300
Andrew Brinkley205,0000
Marius Pospiech204,700154,400
Daniel Beers204,10079,700
Viktor Rau203,900142,000
Anant Patel203,700111,300
Robert Lengyeltoti203,600133,700
Scott Lazar203,00080,400
Daniel Frederick202,600-9,400
Francis Stempin202,200114,100
Chris Hopper201,800145,600
Scott Herbertson201,500131,400
Paul Varano201,000145,000
Naoya Kihara201,00056,000
Martin De Knijff200,800200,800
Gary Benson200,70080,700
Yi Li200,700102,800
David Farber200,50062,800
Scott Koiner199,500161,000
Robert Warburton199,30090,300
Patrick Hagenlocher199,20039,300
Evan Cutler198,80098,000
Nick Caltabiano198,30088,700
Richard Martell198,000133,400
Sohale Khalili198,000120,900
Joseph Saad197,800123,500
Eric Stocz197,50037,500
Joffrey Lhote197,10082,100
Clayton Hamm196,1000
Richard Wilcox195,800128,900
Christopher Ahrens195,40020,300
Michael Lavoie195,000109,500
Francisco Neto194,500151,900
Brent Roberts194,300100,000
Harold Evans194,20087,900
Casey Diener193,700-16,300
Yee How Lee192,80034,200
Stevan Chew192,800-17,200
Yevgeniy Fidchuk192,600113,000
Matthew Maccaroni192,60063,100
Mark Epstein192,400103,600
Todd Comeens192,30095,700
Shawn Kjetland192,100-85,400
Kento Mori191,40073,400
Christian Liel191,30061,700
Paul Volpe190,70030,700
Jeffrey Outlaw190,70087,700
Timothy McDermott190,40045,400
Chase Bianchi190,40069,200
Mike Gao190,000148,200
Phillip Hui190,000-35,000
Brett Maistri189,70074,100
Armin Rezaei188,800-83,200
Anselmo Villarreal188,50028,500
Jason Lester188,20078,500
Ziran Xiao188,10022,800
Tim Adkison188,00059,800
Yuhan Huo187,70030,600
Charles Hawkins187,50022,100
Alex Bonner187,30054,300
Omri Moga187,300-12,700
Dean Potashner187,00073,200
Dan Owen186,80025,600
Joseph Palma186,50086,400
Jacob Davis186,100133,000
Christopher Brewer185,500117,100
Neculai Macovei185,30045,300
Colin McHugh185,20083,500
Thomas Waters185,200185,200
Craig Hartman185,000148,100
Sara Hall184,700-16,300
Yik Chiu184,50092,900
Jonathan Borenstein184,00066,000
Jeonggyu Cho183,000109,700
William Mckown182,800182,800
Steven Au182,700115,100
Allen Cunningham182,600-7,800
Peter Lee182,400129,300
Ugo Faggioli182,200-18,800
Matt Brady181,90093,800
Ali Abduljabbar181,70076,700
Christian Conrad180,80062,300
Michael Lech180,600600
Shintaro Baba180,40082,600
Ryan Leng180,300-103,200
Thomas Lutz179,700-50,300
Mark Stevens179,40068,400
Troy Quenneville179,100100,800
Florian Fuchs178,90079,400
Sergei Verbitski178,90038,200
Craig Blight178,900120,200
Timothy Mole178,600178,600
Shane Abbott177,900117,700
Brenda Miller177,90086,600
Adrian Scarpa177,50039,000
Faraz Jaka177,500-172,500
Qing Lu177,20078,900
Heidi Alexander176,900-78,100
Blaz Zerjav176,90060,100
Igor Zektser176,70059,800
Paul Mannoni176,40015,100
Daniel Choi176,300112,100
Robert Render176,300-3,700
Romain Lewis176,20024,200
Barry Jacobson175,900135,300
Marcelo Cudos175,50030,800
Brandon Newsome175,500108,300
Judson Joplin175,10027,600
Jacob Ferro174,900125,500
Daniel Stickel174,800137,300
Shaotong Chang174,500129,500
Enrico Rudelitz174,00014,000
Robert Fechser173,900131,400
Mathias Maasberg173,90049,700
Andjelko Andrejevic173,30033,300
Jordan Jurow172,90014,600
Andy Tsai172,800144,300
Mark Bloomberg172,70077,700
Jon Turner172,700-23,300
Andrei Bondar172,40036,500
Christoph Richter172,30040,400
Sigismondo Calabro172,10087,700
Robert Mitchell172,100-47,900
Alan Snow172,000172,000
Cornelis Van Gent171,600171,600
Jan Larsson171,300117,100
Adam Krach171,20097,200
Roland Shen170,900147,300
Duane Blanchard170,30072,300
Jan Suchanek170,200-39,800
Casey Yontz169,40070,700
Andrew Nguyen (Milpitas)169,00094,600
Sameer Desai168,90078,300
Manuel Mutke168,30035,200
Jeffrey Pringle167,60040,600
Jonty Obrien167,200121,700
Lewis Gallo167,1004,700
Aaron Mathis167,100107,100
Jill Bryant166,80014,800
Andrew Hanna166,20038,100
Matt Glantz166,200-111,800
Brian Smith165,300165,300
Jerrimie Pacheco165,000165,000
Julian Stuer165,000-19,000
Seth Berger164,900164,899
Kenneth Golden164,60088,500
Rodrigo Garcia163,600104,000
Robert Mcamis163,60036,400
Cesar Garcia163,50014,200
Sean Barringer163,50041,900
Dustin Lee163,400112,400
Dan O'Brien162,70039,900
Darren Keyes162,300-39,300
Jonathan Little161,700-88,300
Michael Stembera161,10051,100
Julien Loire160,900120,500
Michael Marvanek160,50068,100
David Ritter160,3003,300
Kyung Jung160,00079,400
A.J. Allee159,900102,000
Scott Franklin159,900108,900
Daniel Chambers159,900-37,100
Jason Allen159,400-7,500
Maksim Prokhorov159,30087,000
Trung Tran159,00094,700
Steve Constantino158,70017,000
Pavel Berka158,000102,300
Sarah Herzali156,600-23,400
Donald Blum156,50045,700
Patrick Kelly156,00056,100
Joel Isla156,00030,900
Clayton Saliba155,6000
Francisco Fragoso155,50032,100
Sean Swingruber155,50026,300
Charles Maddalena155,30033,300
Sam Miller154,600154,600
Arun Sharma153,500-13,300
Martin Heubeck153,10060,300
Adrien Allain153,000108,000
Kilian Kramer152,60025,600
Ben Myers152,40058,800
Kazuki Sasaki152,30040,200
Dana Katzenmeier151,700151,700
Preston McEwen151,600-14,400
David Mock151,500-1,500
Vladimir Vasilyev151,50021,500
Nicholas Goyal151,00030,600
Olav Prinzvonsachsen150,900150,900
Francis Anderson150,400-9,600
Joshua Ahler150,30065,800
Ivan Zhechev150,00084,900
Jonathan Lawson150,0004,700
Dong Guo150,000-20,000
Landon Brown150,00046,500
Martin Kesterson149,90096,400
Michael Burch149,500-18,800
Schuyler Thornton149,20084,500
Corey Thompson149,20073,000
Eric Kepper149,00011,300
Victor Amereno148,70040,000
Stephen Hay148,70068,600
Charles Sickmeir148,50076,700
Daniel Nygard148,400-131,100
Harry Lodge148,000-6,500
Kiyoto Burke147,600122,700
Stephen Rose147,4000
Matthew Gonzales147,4008,400
Fadi Hamad147,10094,700
Per Hildebrand147,00096,300
Andrew Martinez146,70057,600
Timothy Kelly146,600-43,500
Matthew Kassela146,40064,500
Joseph Mcdermott146,3007,800
Laurent Polito146,00078,400
Stephen Rakower146,000110,700
Brett Rosen145,50085,700
Robert Black145,50073,600
Jacob Daniels144,800102,600
Jeffrey LoIacono144,6000
Jonathan Braier144,400-87,100
Robert Stevanovski144,200144,200
Arsenii Karmatckii144,20090,700
Timothy Conrow144,100-10,900
Lance Campione144,000114,700
A Paleatsos143,500143,500
Steffen Kylevik143,400107,200
Ted Jivkov143,30057,000
Robert Elias143,20060,700
Bruce Little143,00051,400
Nathan Fair142,800142,800
Artem Babakhanyan142,800142,800
Johnnie Moreno142,5009,000
Edward Ross142,40076,300
William Klevitz142,30058,200
James Grummell141,600100,900
Yin Wu140,70053,500
Christian Burger140,40066,100
Paulo Villena140,00051,000
Herbert Karp140,00011,600
Farley Stampp139,30045,100
Ignas Jasinevicius138,80053,200
Eric Baldwin138,8004,000
Mike Minetti138,60034,000
Christopher Graydon138,50088,700
Robert Rini138,400-11,600
Klas Lofberg138,10099,400
Tom Gross138,00043,000
Jeffrey Kostolni137,90067,400
Nikolai Sears137,80079,300
John Justice137,50063,000
Stuart Gold137,300137,300
Lawrence Chan137,10073,100
Joseph Melancon137,000100,000
Yaji Ren137,00020,000
Harsukhpaul Sangha137,000137,000
Aaron Overton136,8008,400
Steven Morris136,800115,700
Jamie Brown136,600122,800
Gilbert Diaz136,500120,000
Nick Grippo135,700-4,700
Sergio Benso135,5007,900
Luis Rodriguez Cruz135,200-28,900
Brett Richey134,500-63,000
Daniel Tarwater134,30095,800
Vicken Zakarian134,00026,000
Colton Blomberg134,00029,300
Thomas Paul133,900-86,500
Jason Brauda133,80061,700
Hans Werner133,30041,200
Michael Haney133,20031,300
Raul Martinez133,10067,100
Igor Tsyganov133,00054,400
Ricky Green132,70038,300
Joshua Rosengarten132,70086,500
Matt Waxman132,70042,700
Roi Perran132,50024,000
Metin Aksoy132,40072,400
Dylan Linde132,400-72,600
Paul Baksi132,20013,400
Janelle Jacobson132,1005,700
Juan Lopez132,10038,000
Joonas Helin132,00023,800
Timothy Mcbride131,80030,000
Nick Binger131,30042,000
Felipe Leme130,8000
Mark Groner130,80073,100
Louis Hillman130,700130,700
Mark Passerotti130,60025,500
Grayson Ramage130,300-59,700
Hertsel Levy130,20026,600
Jeffrey Eldred129,70048,600
Kevin Wan129,60099,100
Beau Johansen129,50074,100
Dmytro Lytvynov129,20026,600
Roman Lanzerstorfer129,00084,200
John Mcnulty129,00056,500
Robert Stan128,90040,600
Tim Finne128,200-37,600
Benjamin Grise128,200-51,800
John Dunn127,000-18,000
Michael Delvecchio126,600-8,400
Clifton Temm Ii126,50036,900
Haribhai Gopaul126,30027,300
David Kahan126,200-47,800
Jason Bond126,100-18,400
Theodore Nenov126,00053,100
Dirk Luenzer126,0007,700
Joseph Zamarelli125,60072,700
Breyer Calvert125,200104,500
Loic Vaux125,10090,200
Keith Sims125,10024,700
Marshall Schraibman125,00048,100
Rayfran Reis124,20069,200
Michael Marder124,200-61,500
Alexander Fitzgerald124,100124,100
Matthew Wood123,50046,200
Matthew Volosevich123,30057,300
Salvatore Popolo123,10013,200
Mark Wates122,80044,400
Jason Cooper122,40062,100
Carson Ha121,30054,800
Janet Hornung121,100121,099
Jeremiah Callahan120,50058,300
Michael Messick120,000120,000
Edward Mandel119,500119,500
Eric Barnes119,400107,800
Jacek Ladny119,300-55,400
Dwayne Pelham119,20049,200
Thomas McTeer119,200-18,100
Steve Zolotow119,200-70,800
Jason Bullock119,000-35,200
Noam Freedman118,8006,800
Ionut Lucian Colciar118,500-36,600
Adrian State118,30059,300
Justin Hutton118,30051,600
Jason DeWitt118,300118,300
Elias Papson118,000-92,000
Thomas Gorton117,80072,300
Kevin Sears117,30020,500
Scott Tieman117,30048,400
Wei Ni116,400116,400
James Calderaro116,400-223,600
Bud Lavassani116,30013,100
Daniel Couzens116,200116,200
Robert Coventry116,200-7,600
Jesus Espinosa115,00019,900
John Dibella115,00068,900
Danny Chang115,00036,200
Jeremy Calverley114,700114,700
Chris Johnson114,000-13,200
David Bobkovich113,9007,200
Lisa Pickell113,300-15,800
Evan Schwartz113,000-9,400
Marcelo Giordano Mendes112,700112,700
Jorge Alberdi112,700-16,700
Michael Sharabi112,20030,300
Greg Candido111,70074,100
Scott Mayfield111,70037,700
Chanracy Khun111,20011,200
Trenton Marbut111,000-31,300
Jacob Meeks110,80025,300
Alexander Lampropoulos110,50055,400
Taylor West110,40054,100
Lawrence Wayne110,40056,400
Hafiz Khan110,300-149,700
Jan Eric Schwippert110,00019,400
Simon Deadman110,000-30,000
Cliff Schneider110,00025,300
Lance Martinez110,00011,100
Christopher Csik109,9001,400
Kyle Knecht109,30020,200
Alexander Clark109,300-37,000
Scott Mahin109,30037,000
John Dolan109,100-20,300
Chris Tryba109,100-55,900
Lawrence Scholl108,800-4,900
Mike Meskin107,700-19,300
Howard Mash107,70086,000
David Leja107,300-23,200
Nan Li107,300107,300
Joe Leibman106,90062,700
Robert Preston106,10054,400
Roy Thung106,000106,000
Scott Davies105,800-58,200
Fernando Pedro Tavares Barroso105,80012,800
Alan Percal105,6001,700
Molly Mossey105,400-44,600
Taylor Paur105,300-12,700
Daniel Strelitz105,10025,100
Nicholas Petitti105,0003,100
Steve Ryan105,00053,000
Shuaipeng Fang104,50050,500
Nick DiVella104,500-1,500
Yuan Li104,200-6,900
Brandon Shane104,100-16,600
Sergio Luis Di Pego103,800-15,100
Greg Huffman103,80025,200
Ryan Berger103,600-57,600
Thomer Pidun103,50048,700
Anthony Augustino103,50018,200
Alan Brodsky103,3000
Aaron Running102,90078,400
Mark Jameson102,90029,700
Louis Pfaff102,80042,800
Fikret Kovac102,800-42,700
Daniel Lascell102,70026,600
Kunal Patni102,60012,600
Stefan Jedlicka102,400-57,600
Gary Patanjo102,30045,800
Federico Quevedo102,000-23,000
Perry Friedman102,0000
Kevin Rabichow101,70014,200
Christian Christner101,700-168,300
Brian Dennis101,7001,500
James Forrester101,60041,400
Mark Castaldo101,500-19,800
Brandon Hill101,300-31,600
Kevin Igersheim101,000-66,000
Kenneth Goldman101,000-65,200
Mitch Garshofsky100,5000
Dominick Giovanniello100,50023,600
Jacob Gagnon99,800-28,500
Karl Tretter99,70034,300
Michael Moore (SD)99,100-33,900
Ray Villaman99,0004,000
Alex Fortin Demers98,900-24,400
Dan Schmiech98,40012,000
David Powers98,20035,000
Seth Kaplan98,20057,900
Shuichi Hiratsuka98,20045,300
Elise Rosen97,30013,600
Youcheng Jiang97,30018,400
Scott Long97,20045,000
Carol Harmon96,90029,900
Kevin Stern96,600-28,400
Andrew Hulme96,30041,300
Anthony Huntsman96,000-100
Bernardo Da Silveira Dias95,60095,600
Penn Tong95,50022,100
Corentin Briglia95,50055,200
Rami Boukai95,400-39,600
Jay Lee95,1003,500
Steven Wills95,10051,900
Nichlaus Staker94,900-48,500
Matthew Moss94,600-12,400
Adam Ross (GA)94,10014,600
Lauren Monosson94,100-28,900
Dennis Kraus94,00053,700
James Buckley94,000-1,900
Adam Dipasquale93,70042,800
James McCaffrey93,00053,700
Gene Raman92,70051,600
Ye Shen92,70012,600
Peter Kelly91,70063,200
Kiryl Radzivonau91,500-3,500
Kevin MacPhee91,500-8,500
Peter Morris91,200-48,800
Andy Philachack91,000-3,000
Katharina Sohren90,800-1,200
Artem Skakun90,400-17,600
Maged Botros90,000-24,800
Tomi Brouk90,0001,400
Michael Weber90,00059,000
Ronald Lankin90,00040,500
Alex Foxen89,600-2,700
Jeff Flannery89,500-111,500
Stephen Ma89,300-13,700
Edouard Mignot89,000-6,000
Brent Wheeler88,100-35,600
Larry Hoffman88,100-26,100
Khang Pham88,0006,400
Justin Dykes87,90087,900
Alexandre Amiel87,700-22,500
Ryan Dersch87,300-42,900
Brian Sherrier87,200-122,800
Paul Lepisto86,70028,100
Jason Marshman86,50032,500
Uselis Gediminas86,400-73,400
Tate Reynolds86,1005,600
Mac Sohrabi85,60085,600
Rickey Lee85,6009,000
Sarah Bilney85,600-29,800
Michael Rossitto85,100-21,600
Werner Lootsma85,000-62,000
Rustam Hajiyev85,00040,000
Joseph Belardinelli84,90016,900
Clayton Kalisek84,500-41,300
Gert Zumkehr84,1009,900
Sepande Mochaver83,700-19,500
Jack Sinclair83,500-66,500
Igor Grytsak83,40026,200
Navot Golan83,10019,500
George Rakitzis82,300-39,800
Branden Hampton81,90081,900
Richard Lee80,700-70,800
Bruce Bader80,600-36,000
Gary Fisher80,000-7,100
Jason Pritchard80,000-25,500
Adric High78,90036,600
Cylus Watson78,30058,800
Marc Emond77,50015,600
Jordan Kaplan77,500-32,500
Jeffrey Benhart76,9000
Mostafa Ashkarkhizani76,700-58,600
Alan Jacobs76,40033,900
Faramarz Firoozabadi76,00043,500
David Gonia75,700-32,800
Norton Balber75,700-17,500
Stephen Higgins75,60035,100
Kevin Oconnor75,50024,700
Robert Weiner75,40043,700
Prahlad Friedman75,200-84,800
Kami Hudson75,20014,200
Bret Gross75,100-26,500
Lachlan Dykes75,0009,400
Heidi May74,700-15,300
Vladimir Revniaga74,00027,900
Andrey Zaichenko74,000-78,000
Thomas Revello73,800-57,900
Gennadiy Dvosis73,30020,000
Joanna Sommerville73,100-2,900
Alexander Krisak73,000-44,000
Robert Miller73,000-27,000
Joseph Hernon72,90047,900
Paul Tschernia72,8007,000
Frank Papasodero72,4004,400
Robert Serulla72,400-53,600
Neal Liptak72,200-32,700
Tibor Farkas72,20072,200
Jason Oury71,600-16,000
Matthew Farmer71,600-42,600
Matthieu Rodriguez71,30010,600
Tom Brownscombe71,000-13,600
Christoph Vogelsang70,200-24,800
Adam Cress69,800-43,000
Michael Wolff69,200-85,800
Paul Smith68,800-37,200
Charles Laubach68,1000
Jim Willerson67,900-92,600
Ronald Johnston67,90013,000
Brant Taylor67,100-81,800
Richard Belcastro66,900-10,000
Cambis Gesseljay66,8004,800
Martins Adeniya66,700-53,300
Parker Drew66,700-49,700
Garrett Crites66,20037,600
Fabian Gumz66,000-97,300
Greg Buonocore65,400-300
Ramzi Karam65,300-46,200
Robert Brown65,30015,100
William Tonking65,200-101,900
Benjamin Zamani65,00053,000
Gary Friedman64,000-14,200
Matthew Boyd63,900-22,700
Mathew Moore63,80011,100
Steven Lerner63,60063,600
Robert Beaulieu63,300-96,700
Kristina Szalai63,000-23,300
Scott Coffman63,00019,600
Frank Kelly63,000-24,300
Michael Haag62,900-11,000
Marius Gierse62,800-52,200
Peter Mugar62,600-40,500
Derek Sudell62,600-137,400
Dennis Hayes62,10040,800
Erika Weinstein62,100-42,900
Myles Bell61,300-35,700
Billy Sasin61,300-100
Sebastian Langrock61,0001,000
John Bolton60,40017,100
Jacob Perry60,30037,300
Edward Brogdon60,00032,000
Joel Feldman59,9008,900
Steven Pelsnik59,8000
Stephen Kim59,30059,300
Ronald Kral58,700-49,700
Darius Studdard58,200-24,900
Mark Sandness58,100-111,900
Tony Mavreles58,000-61,900
James Vandyke58,000-45,300
Vazgen Ohanian57,80016,900
Dmitry Yurasov57,300-172,700
Joe Hachem57,0000
Raffaele Sorrentino57,000-11,100
Chris Moneymaker56,00013,000
Kenneth Hicks55,600-50,400
Alberto Morales55,20010,400
Thiago Grigoletti55,000-94,000
Peter Everett55,000-114,800
Bruno Gmur55,000-30,000
Joshua Shaw54,70017,700
Ronald Beers54,500-4,000
Dmitry Levin54,400-1,800
Brian Green54,300-10,700
Marcos Neves Da Silva54,10054,100
William Harding53,900-86,300
Ludovic Moryousef53,800-32,200
Steven Calvaneso53,300-11,100
Christopher Short52,900-3,400
Craig Spalding52,600-41,100
Adam Travis52,400-29,600
Danny Illingworth52,30026,500
James Whittinghill51,800-58,800
Matthew Shepsky50,90050,900
Roland Deslippe50,800-32,200
Hoyt Corkins50,400-10,900
Hye Park50,100-25,900
Alexander Tumay49,800-36,100
Aaron Johnson (MN)49,400-1,600
Russell Green49,300-99,800
William Fay49,100-14,200
Roman Valerstein48,700-151,300
Michael McKenna (NJ)48,6001,600
Serj Markarian48,40021,900
April Shih47,60012,500
Todd Ivens47,100-122,900
Peter Lockwood47,100-1,000
Benjamin Ridino46,700-60,800
Craig Chait46,700-118,300
Max Steinberg46,600-71,700
Jorge Cuello45,800-49,000
Eric Semel45,000-75,000
Ema Zajmovic45,000-95,000
Amirmasoud Babakhani45,00022,000
George Mosby44,80010,700
Christopher Rourke44,300-42,600
Anders Wessman44,000-30,800
Hoi Diep43,800-29,300
Gregory Fishberg43,600-125,200
Kevin Mazur43,300-55,600
Maximilian Schierl43,200-108,800
Larry Smart42,800-2,000
Justin Pugliese42,600-12,700
Mike Puskarich42,00042,000
Cary Aronson41,200-19,200
John Gonzalez41,000-42,700
Jason Clark40,900-31,700
Alexander Condon40,800-86,900
Youcef Zalagh40,700-84,300
Steven Sanzaro40,200-3,600
Weicheng Lee39,900-10,700
Chancellor Strickland39,100-28,500
John Hayes38,700-61,100
Andy Bloch38,400-128,400
Stuart Marshak38,000-33,500
Leon Foong37,900-100,000
Nick Rampone37,900-62,000
Gregory Josifovski37,800-107,000
Justin Carey35,700-126,200
Marklouis Bokano35,400-94,200
Matt Stout35,300-57,700
Jared Hamby35,000-87,300
Antonio Poncio35,000-43,000
Ben Yu34,30014,300
Dwight Cool33,90033,900
Dan Iman33,500-30,900
Andrew Flaherty33,500-29,400
Drew Dumanski33,3001,400
Matthew Lee33,200-17,700
Yuval Gottenstein32,700-17,800
Mitchell Foss32,400-75,500
Yu Shen32,400-18,800
David Lane31,600-23,700
Giuseppe Liantonio31,300-24,400
Robert Flowers31,000-29,000
Nathan Ivarsen29,700-83,000
Chris Foster29,500-54,200
Jimmy Guerrero29,500-2,500
Reynir Brynjofsson27,60027,600
Khin Nyunt27,400-14,700
Igor Yaroshevskyy26,000-124,000
Joshua Sommers25,500-23,800
Matthew Schwarmann24,600-37,000
John Griffin21,700-75,800
Colin Kim21,40021,400
Ruslan Gazaev19,700-79,400
David Knudsen17,600-59,000
Amer Akkawi15,500-24,700
Nestor Martinez15,200-42,700
Laurence Miles12,000-108,000
Silvio Crisari11,400-50,600
Siyoung Lee10,10010,100
Robert Stroker9,200-45,700
Charles Harder1-92,999
Christopher Freeman1-70,399
Gisela Staton1-43,299
Allen Nielson1-118,999
Sunday, July 7, 2019 12:06 AM Local Time
Monster Pot for Morgenstern

Anton Morgenstern

Anton Morgenstern raised to 5,000 from under the gun and Daniel Colpoys three-bet to 17,000 from the cutoff. Action folded back to Morgenstern who made the call.

The flop came    , Morgenstern check-called the 15,000 continuation-bet of Colpoys.

The turn was the  , Morgenstern checked again and now Colpoys barreled a bet of 26,000 over the line which Morgenstern called.

The river completed the board with the  , Morgenstern checked for the last time. Colpoys fired 52,000 into the pot and Morgenstern responded with a shove of 295,000. Colpoys made the call with    for the turned top two pair but was beat by the    of Morgenstern who had flopped the flush.

This launched Morgenstern towards the top of the chip counts while Colpoys dropped more than half of his stack.

Anton Morgenstern735,000373,000
Daniel Colpoys350,000-425,000
Kenny Hallaert247,00027,000
Sunday, July 7, 2019 12:01 AM Local Time
Blackwood Scores a Late Knockout

Gary Blackwood

In the penultimate hand of the night, Matthew Maccaroni raised to 4,500 in the hijack and Gary Blackwood on the button three-bet to 13,500. The big blind four-bet to 32,000 and that forced out Maccaroni, but Blackwood stuck his stack of T-5,000 in. The big blind eventually called for around 120,000 and the cards were turned over.

Big blind:   
Gary Blackwood:   

The board ran out       and Blackwood's kings held up.

Gary Blackwood604,300104,300
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:49 PM Local Time
Last Four Hands

The clock has been stopped and another four hands will be played for tonight.

Playtika - Jason Alexander
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:48 PM Local Time
Ace-Queen Works for Kahan

Initial raiser Joel Feldman from under the gun picked up two callers including David Kahan in the small blind and the action on the     flop checked to Feldman. His bet of 5,000 was called only by Kahan, who then check-called another 11,000 on the   turn.

The   river was checked and Kahan tabled    as the winning hand.

David Kahan174,000123,000
Joel Feldman51,000-44,000
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:46 PM Local Time
Full House For Minkin

Kelly Minkin

Kelly Minkin raised to 5,500 from under the gun and the player in the cutoff called.

The flop fell    , and Minkin's 6,000 continuation bet was again called.

The   hit the turn, and Minkin slowed down by checking, and when her opponent checked behind, the   peeled off on the river.

Minkin bet 17,000, and her opponent called. Minkin, who finished in 50th place in the 2018 Main Event, tabled    for a full house, and her opponent mucked and announced he held a flush.

Kelly Minkin480,000185,000
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:46 PM Local Time
Huber Needs to Fold

The board read       with around 95,000 in the middle already.

Stefan Huber bet 31,000 from the small blind and the player on the button raised to 102,000. Huber tanked for a while but ended up folding reluctantly.

Aliaksei Boika256,00066,000
Stefan Huber237,000-253,000
Francis Anderson160,0000
Kilian Kramer127,000-113,000
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:40 PM Local Time
Kessler Takes from Yoon

Picking up the action after the turn of a      board with about 40,000 in the pot, Allen Kessler checked from under the gun and Brian Yoon bet 25,000 from the hijack. Kessler called.

The river was the   and both checked.

Kessler tabled   , Yoon mucked and Kessler won the pot.

Brian Yoon597,000-11,000
Allen Kessler435,00045,000
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:36 PM Local Time
Some Random Chip Counts
Daniel Colpoys775,00025,000
Florian Duta665,000135,000
Pavlo Veksler600,00031,000
Luke Martinelli488,0000
Federico Quevedo125,0005,800
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:36 PM Local Time
Jacks Are Good for Moga

Omri Moga raised from middle position and the player on the button three-bet to 13,500. Moga added the remainder to call.

The dealer spread a flop of     and Moga check-called a bet of 8,500 from the button.

The turn brought the   and was checked through to the  . Both players checked again. Moga showed    for jacks and deuces and his opponent sent his hand to the muck.

Omri Moga200,000100,900
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:33 PM Local Time
Notgrass Makes a Bicycle on the Turn

Benjamin Notgrass was under-the-gun and Jan Eric Schwippert was in middle position and they both put 7,500 in the middle before the flop.

The dealer fanned a flop of     and Notgrass check-called a bet of 7,000. The   landed on the turn and Notgrass check snap-called a bet of 20,000.

The   landed on the river, pairing the board and bringing in the front door flush, and now Notgrass took the lead by betting 25,000 and Schwippert wasted no time calling. Notgrass tabled    for a turned Bicycle and Schwippert passed his cards to the dealer to throw in the muck.

Benjamin Notgrass192,40067,100
Jan Eric Schwippert90,600-99,400
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:30 PM Local Time
Late Night Stacks on Day 2ab

Owais Ahmed walked out of the tournament room and mentioned that he four-bet and called a five-bet shove with kings only to lose out against an opponent's ace-king.

Daniel Colpoys750,00064,000
Anthony Spinella700,000489,000
Gary Blackwood500,00015,000
Freddy Deeb420,00040,000
Andrey Pateychuk410,00048,000
Sosia Jiang390,000280,300
Alan Lau390,000130,000
Robert Schulz345,000181,500
Jay Farber275,000155,000
Christian Christner270,000-50,000
Robert Heidorn230,000100,000
Stevan Chew210,00082,300
Dong Guo170,00070,000
Andjelko Andrejevic140,00068,000
Joel Feldman95,00040,000
Ariel Mantel70,00012,400
Owais Ahmed0-155,000
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:29 PM Local Time
Zullo Hates the Turn

Robert Mitchell checked from middle position in a three-bet pot on    . Mark Zullo bet 9,000 into about 25,000 from the button and Mitchell called. On the   turn, Mitchell sprang to life with an all-in shove. It was 34,500 effective and Zullo appeared less than pleased. He checked his cards numerous times and put his head in his hand, tanking a couple of minutes before mucking.

Robert Mitchell220,000121,700
Mark Zullo34,500-211,100
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:26 PM Local Time
Huang Eliminates an Opponent

The player in early position raised to 4,100 and and Zizheng Huang called from middle position. The hijack moved all in for about 36,000 and Huang was the only one to call.

Zizheng Huang:   

The runout was       and Huang made a set of eights to eliminate his opponent.

Zizheng Huang180,000-20,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:25 PM Local Time
Claunch Slips, But Still at 700K

Gerry Claunch limped from early position, the player in the hijack limped, the small blind completed and the big blind checked his option.

The flop was     and action checked to Claunch who bet 16,000. Only the hijack called.

The turn was the  , Claunch bet 30,000, the hijack raised all in for about 68,000 and Claunch called with   , trailing the hijack's   .

The river was the  , sending the pot to Claunch's opponent.

"Its ok, Gerry," said tablemate Olivier Busquet. "You're only down to 700."

Gerry Claunch700,000-70,000
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:20 PM Local Time
Top Pair For Goulder

Alex Goulder

A raise to 4,000 came in from a player in early position, and Alex Goulder called from middle position as did the player in the cutoff.

The flop fell    , and the initial raiser continued for 5,000. Goulder raised to 13,000, and his opponent made up the rest after the cutoff had folded.

Both players checked on the   turn, and the   hit the river.

Goulder bet 13,500 after his opponent had checked and received the call.

It was    for Goulder, and his top pair was enough to win the pot.

Alex Goulder190,00035,000
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:18 PM Local Time
The End for Chris "The Armenian Express" Grigorian

Chris Grigorian

As told by Chris Grigorian:

Andy Hwang raised to 4,000 and Chris Grigorian reraised to 11,000, the action folded back around to Hwang and he called.

The flop came    , Hwang checked and Grigorian moved all-in for roughly 60,000 and Hwang Snap called.

Andy Hwang:   
Chris Grigorian:   

Grigorian was going to need to catch an ace to stay in the tournament but the   fell on the turn giving Hwang quad sixes, and the river completed the board with the  , sending Grigorian to the rail.

Andy Hwang356,000209,100
Chris Grigorian0-73,500
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:17 PM Local Time
Hachem: "I knew he had bubkis"

Joe Hachem

Michael Lech raised to 4,500 from the button and William Gibbons three-bet to 20,000 in the small blind. Joe Hachem shoved for 36,000 in total from the big blind and Lech dived into the tank.

The ESPN camera crew swarmed the table as the 2005 Main Event Champ had put his tournament life at risk. Lech ended up folding and now it was Gibbons' turn to consider his options. Gibbon looked at the pot, at how much more he'd have to put in, and took some more time to consider his options.

"I really want to fold here," Gibbons said but still made the call in the end.

Joe Hachem:   
William Gibbons:   

The board ran out       for Hachem to hold and double up.

Lech said he folded ace-jack and Hachem responded: "You're such a good player! All day long, I thought you were shit, but now... I think you're a good player."

The table all laughed.

"I knew you had an ace, so I was happy you folded as I knew he had bupkis," Hachem said while pointing to Gibbons. Gibbons laughed and they joked around a bit more after shaking hands.

Daniel Colpoys686,000-64,000
William Gibbons198,000162,000
Michael Lech180,00040,000
Joe Hachem78,50045,500
Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:15 PM Local Time
Another for Daniels

Jake Daniels was on the button with      on the felt, facing a bet of 5,000 from a middle-position opponent. Daniels called and the river was a  . The first player bet 14,000 and Daniels popped in a raise to 37,800. After about a minute of thought, his opponent gave it up.

Jake Daniels136,00019,900
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