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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, July 03, 2019 to Tuesday, July 16, 2019

$10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship (Event #73)

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $80,548,600
  • Entries: 8,569
  • Remaining: 0


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Friday, July 5, 2019 12:49 AM Local Time
Adam Owen Bags Day 1b Chip Lead of WSOP $10,000 Main Event

Adam Owen

The curtains have drawn on another day at the Rio All-Suite and Hotel for the 2019 World Series of Poker. After another 12 hours plus of poker, Day 1b of the $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship has come to an end with a little over 1,400 players advancing to Day 2ab. There were 1,915 entries recorded today, bringing the total number to 3,250 through the opening two flights.

When the players bagged up their chips at the end of the day, it appeared as though Adam Owen put the largest stack of 351,800 chips into his bag. Owen is mostly known for playing mixed games during the WSOP but he has also shown off his skills in the no-limit hold'em format as well. Owen quietly went about his business on Day 1b and vaulted into the chip lead midway through the last level.

Owen has over $3.2 million in career tournament earnings with nearly half of that mark coming from one tournament just a year ago. The English native binked his largest career score of over $1.6 million at the $10,300 partypoker MILLIONS Main Event in Barcelona last April. Owen has finished third on three separate occasions when competing for a WSOP gold bracelet and there is no other tournament that he would love to stand on top of the podium than this one.

Some other big stacks moving on from Day 1b include three-time bracelet winner Asi Moshe (330,200), Tyler Gaston (329,200), Brandon Frazier (298,400), and Galen Hall (295,700).

There were a few former WSOP Main Event champions to take to the felt today, including Joe Hachem who spent most of his day in the Thunderdome of the Amazon Room. Hachem bagged up 61,300 chips and just a few tables away, his son Daniel Hachem also found a bag with 144,700 chips. Daniel just started taking the game a little more seriously a couple of years ago and is looking to follow in his father's footsteps to claim poker glory.

Joe Hachem
Joe Hachem

Ryan Riess (89,300), Greg Merson (25,000), Chris Ferguson (36,100), and Greg Raymer (73,100) also took a seat at the felt today and they all advanced to Day 2ab. Ferguson captured the title back in 2000 and Raymer in 2004. The two younger guys earned their titles a decade later with Merson winning in 2012 and Riess in 2013.

Things got started with a bang in the Brasilia Room as Bas de Laat picked up aces versus kings in the very first hand of the day. Unfortunately for him, a poor runout on the board prevented him from stacking his opponent. The Dutchman continued to chip up throughout the day and will return to a stack of 84,900 chips.

Another highlight came when Michael Monicatti eliminated two players in back-to-back hands to take over the chip lead heading to the second break of the day. Monicatti was on the right side of a cooler when his pocket aces held up against his opponent's pocket kings with all of the chips in the middle preflop. In the very next hand, Monicatti flopped a straight against Xianjun Yin's straight and flush draw. Monicatti held on to eliminate Yin and built up a stack near 200,000 chips. He ended the day with a healthy stack of 130,500 chips for Day 2ab.

Scott Seiver nearly saw his tournament come to an end halfway through the day when he ran his pocket queens into Jiyoung Kim's pocket aces. Kim was looking to ride the momentum after capturing her first-ever WSOP gold bracelet earlier this summer in the Ladies Event, but the poker gods had other plans. The flop came queen-high to give Seiver a set and he held on to double up. The two players went in opposite directions for the rest of the day as Seiver bagged up over a starting stack while Kim finished with 20,800 chips.

Scott Seiver & Jiyoung Kim
Scott Seiver & Jiyoung Kim

A surprise to many saw Allen Kessler bag one of the largest stacks on the day. Kessler is often known as one of the biggest grinders on the circuit and looking for a min-cash. However, he had other plans for his opening day of the Main Event as he ran up a stack of 301,800 chips. The majority of his chips came in a sick cooler hand where Kessler flopped quad fours against his opponent's top boat. Heading into the last level of the night, Kessler held the current chip lead but plateaued out before the bagging process.

The day wasn't as successful for all of the notables to attend Day 1b as plenty of names hit the rail at a constant rate. Both Dan and Dillon Ott were eliminated along with Sean Winter, Dan Shak, Valentin Vornicu, Anthony Zinno, Cord Garcia, Xuan Liu, and Craig Varnell.

One player that a lot of fans had their eye on was 2017 final tablist, John Hesp. Decked out in his customized colorful outfit, Hesp was seated at the secondary feature table for his entire duration. Albeit his 2019 Main Event didn't last very long, Hesp no doubtedly made a lasting impression on each of his tablemates. Hesp eventually bowed out in the third level to Taylor Carroll who rivered a straight against Hesp's flush draw. A well-mannered Hesp shook everyone's hand and even gave a fist pump to the cameras.

John Hesp
John Hesp

The largest of the three starting flights will get underway tomorrow at 12 p.m. local time with players scheduled to play five two-hour levels. The PokerNews live reporting team will be on the tournament floor in mass numbers to bring you all of the coverage from the 2019 WSOP $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event!

Friday, July 5, 2019 12:17 AM Local Time
End-of-Day 1b Chip Counts
Adam Owen351,80014,800
Gary Blackwood330,200155,200
Asi Moshe330,200248,200
Tyler Gaston329,20042,200
Allen Kessler301,800-3,000
Brandon Fraizer298,400298,400
Galen Hall295,70053,700
Gerald Claunch252,900252,900
Gregory Tyer236,600236,600
Yue Du236,300236,300
Carsten Hansen235,30037,300
Baitai Li231,200231,200
Sarah Herzali222,0002,000
Yuri Dzivielevski221,90097,900
Randall Hernandez220,900220,900
Thomas Drinkwater213,400149,400
Joseph Reddick212,60017,600
Joshua Gordon212,400212,400
Daniel Frederick212,000212,000
Dong Le210,500210,500
Brian Sherrier210,000210,000
Moundir Zoughari209,800109,800
Johnathan Dempsey209,000209,000
Matthew Leecy206,30038,700
Ugo Faggioli206,100206,100
Andrew Seidman203,500203,500
Shyam Srinivasan203,0000
Jiaxiu Liu202,800202,800
Heidi Alexander202,200202,200
Thomas Lutz200,500200,500
Darren Keyes197,5000
Christopher Henderson197,500197,500
Barry Hutter196,500196,500
Yudhishter Jaswal193,400193,400
Todd Ivens193,40086,400
Steven Payten192,900192,900
Paul Hofer192,500192,500
Michael Pearson191,100191,100
Jan Eric Schwippert190,000190,000
Mark Close189,800189,800
Molly Mossey187,00026,000
Jeremy Pekarek185,100-18,900
Jonathan Jaffe184,600-18,400
Karen Sarkisyan183,300183,300
Nayef Ahmed181,50023,500
Olivier Busquet180,30073,500
Robert Weir179,80023,800
John Riordan179,400-17,600
Chuanshu Chen178,00043,000
Michael Wolff177,700177,700
Gal Erlichman176,600176,600
Christopher Ahrens175,100175,100
Jacek Ladny174,700174,700
Jason Tompkins174,600114,600
Balazs Botond172,500172,500
John Sabey172,500172,500
Christoph Vogelsang172,1002,100
Jeffrey Finkelstein170,800170,800
Kevin Patel170,400125,400
Sulabh Choudhury170,000170,000
Jean Gaspard170,00059,900
Ernst Stratmeyer169,900169,900
Peter Everett169,800169,800
Raymond Leone168,400168,400
Florian Duta168,000-2,000
Scott Baumstein167,300-27,700
Jason Allen166,90056,900
Arun Sharma166,800166,800
Kenneth Goldman166,200166,200
Neil Blumenfield166,0006,000
Charles Hawkins165,400165,400
Artem Tymoshenko165,100165,100
Brian Batt164,50032,500
Ira Friedman164,2000
Mearl Wisehart163,800163,800
Thomas Waters163,700163,700
Robert Schulz163,500-30,500
Michael Ermie162,800162,800
Aditya Systla162,7000
Kilian Kramer162,20032,200
Justin Carey161,900161,900
Julian Stuer161,80050,800
Tom Gross161,400161,400
Brandon Gale161,200161,200
Konrad Zalewski161,000161,000
Jim Willerson160,500160,500
David Maudlin160,500160,500
Dean Lyall160,400160,400
Kenny Hallaert159,900-20,900
Patrick Hagenlocher159,900159,900
Uselis Gediminas159,800159,800
Joffrey Lhote159,500-15,500
Tou Xiong159,300-20,700
Alex Livingston159,000159,000
Christian Christner159,00076,500
Mitch Garshofsky159,0000
Mark Estes157,50095,000
Yuhan Huo157,100157,100
George Wedemeyer157,100157,100
Benjamin Dobson157,000157,000
Suhaag Gandikota A K156,500156,500
Charlotte Godwin156,300156,300
Danila Kornilov155,900155,900
Ionut Lucian Colciar155,100155,100
Timothy Conrow155,000155,000
Christopher Dandrea154,800154,800
Francisco Riosvallejo154,400154,400
Hooman Nikzad153,800153,800
Kevin Roster153,30022,800
Takao Shimizu152,60037,600
Prahlad Friedman152,40037,400
Thomas Wilson151,800151,800
Brian Yoon151,50013,500
Timothy Miles151,400-15,600
Darryll Fish151,400-600
Pavlo Veksler151,300151,300
Raul Paez151,000151,000
Yaniv Peretz149,90019,700
Michael Spang149,400149,400
Arthur Schiavo149,40022,400
Khamsy Bowles149,300149,300
Cesar Garcia149,300149,300
Daniel Weinman149,10068,100
Russell Green149,100149,100
Harry Arutyunyan148,30039,300
Craig Casino148,200148,200
Pavel Plesuv148,100148,100
David Inselberg147,700147,700
Eugene Summers147,300147,300
David McGowan147,2000
Robert Paddock147,000147,000
Matthew Webb147,000147,000
Aliaksei Boika147,000147,000
Kevin Cottrell146,300146,300
Alexander Clark146,300146,300
Johannes Becker146,200-18,300
Jake Larson146,000146,000
Mohammad Abediarani146,000146,000
Fikret Kovac145,500145,500
Barbaro Diaz145,400145,400
Felipe Leme145,1000
Gregory Josifovski144,800144,800
Daniel Hachem144,700-19,200
Marcelo Cudos144,700144,700
Scott Hall144,700144,700
Ryan Yu144,3001,800
Paul Patouilliart144,20043,200
Daniel Lee144,000144,000
Stephen Burns144,000144,000
Timothy McCormick143,900143,900
Clyde Shimp143,500143,500
Nichlaus Staker143,400-27,800
Faisal Siddiqui142,800142,800
Mark Adkins142,600142,600
Anthony Spinella142,50056,900
Dan Wirgau142,400142,400
Trenton Marbut142,300-5,700
Eric Eng142,100142,100
Soukha Kachittavong142,000142,000
Augie Martinho142,000142,000
Luke Martinelli141,40016,400
Jeff Frerichs141,100141,100
William Schu140,200140,200
Daniel Colpoys140,200140,200
William Harding140,200140,200
Alexandre Mantovani140,1009,100
Michael Youngman140,1009,100
Haoran Zhang140,100140,100
Sean Getzwiller140,00022,000
Grayson Ramage139,50029,000
Ivan Starostin139,300139,300
Filmon Ghebreegzabheir139,300139,300
Ryan Franklin139,10035,700
Taylor Paur139,00022,200
Mark Radoja139,00039,000
X Cohen138,800138,800
Adrian Scarpa138,500138,500
Chunhui Ji138,300138,300
Leon Foong137,900137,900
Eric Kepper137,700137,700
Alessio Dicesare137,500137,500
Oliver Bosch137,500137,500
David Meschel137,00071,000
Gregory Kary136,800136,800
Fabrice Maltez136,400136,400
Philip Clarke136,20049,200
Robert Cosway136,200136,200
Matt Bond136,100136,100
Andrei Bondar135,900135,900
Julien Duveau135,800135,800
Michael Mather135,40020,400
Mostafa Ashkarkhizani135,300135,300
Aleksandr Gofman135,200135,200
Luca Vivaldi135,00064,000
Antonius Norman134,500134,500
Delmiro Toledo134,500134,500
Norberto Lopez134,200134,200
Curtis Colicher133,800133,800
Bryan Buonocore133,700133,700
John Alm133,500133,500
Alex Bonner133,000133,000
Peyman Ahmadi132,900132,900
Michael VanderWoude132,9004,900
Eric Baldwin132,60071,600
Cassio Pisapia132,300132,300
Hongguo Chen132,000132,000
Jeffrey Malham131,800131,800
Gabe Paul131,700131,700
Thomas Revello131,700131,700
Ryan Brown131,700131,700
Paul Freedman131,300131,300
Liam He130,900-4,100
Michael Monicatti130,500-40,500
Clement Tripodi130,500130,500
David Leja130,500-11,500
Mathieu Selides130,400130,400
Telemaco Genovesi130,000130,000
Manelic Minaya129,800129,800
Marklouis Bokano129,600129,600
Christian Liel129,600129,600
Jorge Alberdi129,400129,400
Charles Maddalena129,300129,300
Sean Swingruber129,200129,200
Justin Saliba129,200129,200
Lisa Pickell129,100129,100
Benjamin McCabe128,900-9,100
Herbert Karp128,400128,400
Aaron Overton128,400128,400
Jacob Gagnon128,300128,300
Brian Park128,200128,200
Tim Adkison128,200128,200
Andrew Hanna128,100128,100
Ari Engel128,00039,500
Steve Hwang128,000128,000
Alexander Condon127,700127,700
Sergio Benso127,600127,600
David Lee127,300127,300
Ferdinand Putra127,300127,300
Robert Mcamis127,200127,200
Mike Meskin127,000127,000
Gary Benson127,000127,000
Ray Villaman126,900126,900
Ayman Qutami126,700126,700
Janelle Jacobson126,400126,400
Bobby Altman126,4007,900
Robert Serulla126,000126,000
Donald Haas125,900125,900
Amaury Mamou-Mani125,800125,800
Kelly Jones125,700125,700
Neculai Macovei125,300125,300
Benjamin Notgrass125,300125,300
Joel Isla125,100125,100
Zachary Hench125,100125,100
Alan Goehring125,10065,100
Bobby Oboodi125,100125,100
Youcef Zalagh125,000125,000
Paul Richardson124,900124,900
Zarik Megerdichian124,80045,800
Trushang Desai124,50077,500
Mathias Maasberg124,200124,200
Farhad Jamasi124,200124,200
Marcos Neves124,200124,200
Robert Coventry123,800123,800
Siddharth Karia123,300123,300
Alex Fortin Demers123,300123,300
Thomas Heinis123,300123,300
Manh Nguyen123,100123,100
Ramin Piro123,000123,000
Harry Lodge122,90012,900
Victor Dong122,70070,700
Raja Chirumamilla122,700122,700
Scott Lazar122,600122,600
Adam Farb122,5000
Kenneth Churchill122,300122,300
Eric Stocz122,200122,200
George Rakitzis122,100122,100
Dong Sheng Peng122,000122,000
Yehoram Houri122,000-15,000
Robert Welch121,700121,700
Scott Davies121,500-8,500
Mark Castaldo121,300121,300
Hrand Valijani121,200121,200
Brandon Shane120,700120,700
Nicholas Goyal120,400120,400
David Paredes120,00035,700
Laurence Miles120,000120,000
Noam Muallem120,000120,000
Tony Mavreles119,900119,900
Jeff George119,900-18,100
Irvin Hoffman119,900119,900
Amirmasoud Babakhani119,800119,800
Oihan Abarzuza119,200119,200
Sergio Luis Di Pego118,900118,900
Paul Baksi118,800118,800
Pablo Brito118,700118,700
Mike Minetti118,6000
Dirk Luenzer118,300118,300
Gavin O'Rourke117,800-56,200
Steve Yea117,600117,600
Robert Heidorn117,60055,600
Antoine Saout117,3002,800
Igor Zektser116,90011,900
Michele De Giovanni116,800116,800
Bruce Bader116,600116,600
Bill Eitze116,500116,500
Joep Raemaekers116,30056,300
Ernest Cowell115,900115,900
Tyler Phillips115,8000
George Watford115,800115,800
Jeff Sarwer115,20038,200
Phuoc Nguyen115,000115,000
Eyal Maaravi114,9000
Paul Taylor114,700114,700
Mark Bloomberg114,500114,500
Cindy Stenbeck114,400114,400
Larry Hoffman114,200114,200
Ryan Goindoo114,200-20,800
John Gottwald113,90023,900
Dean Potashner113,800113,800
Phillip Hui113,6003,600
Peter Morris113,600-1,900
William Murray113,600113,600
Charles Laubach112,9000
Nathan Ivarsen112,700112,700
Franklin Azevedo112,700112,700
Kenneth Baker112,500112,500
Neil Tramer112,300112,300
Kim Chee112,200112,200
Lee Markholt112,2009,200
Kazuki Sasaki112,100112,100
Noam Freedman112,000112,000
Marcello Azevedo111,800111,800
Bastian Fischer111,600111,600
Ramzi Karam111,500111,500
Jerome Mangum111,500111,500
Jared Koppel111,400-15,600
Alex Goulder111,4001,400
Alan Pagel111,300111,300
David Stetler111,100111,100
Ankit Ahuja111,100111,100
Robert Pardo110,900110,900
Michael Sabbia110,900110,900
Joseph Pombriant110,900110,900
Yi Jack Deng110,400-4,900
Owais Ahmed110,40024,400
Jonathan Little110,40048,400
Alexandre Amiel110,200-24,800
Jake Toole110,200110,200
Daniel Sewnig109,900109,900
Renato Kaneoya109,70018,700
Sosia Jiang109,700109,700
Tony Blanchandin109,500109,500
Mike Watson109,500-500
Dejuante Alexander109,3000
Nicholas Marchington109,100109,100
Michael Sampognaro109,100109,100
George Medrano109,000109,000
Robert Warburton109,000109,000
Ronan Monfort109,0004,000
Randy Hoyt109,00016,500
Danny Burks108,900108,900
Victor Amereno108,700108,700
David Gonia108,500108,500
Christopher Csik108,500108,500
Ronald Kral108,400108,400
Jason Gooch108,300108,300
Vicken Zakarian108,000108,000
Jon Turner107,9002,900
Michael Rojas107,900900
Mitchell Foss107,900107,900
A Peter Okin107,800107,800
Jonathan Aguirre107,600107,600
Pablo Joaquin Melogno107,600107,600
Benjamin Ridino107,50024,500
Greg Garabedian107,300107,300
Paul Staples107,200107,200
Sarah Casey107,0000
Thomas Foley107,000107,000
Felix Kuermayr106,800106,800
David Bobkovich106,700106,700
Noah Novick106,700106,700
Bryce Blum106,60062,600
Harold Evans106,300106,300
Ori Hasson106,100106,100
Martin Arce106,000106,000
Kenneth Hicks106,00046,200
Logan Vogt105,500105,500
Fabio Miranda105,300105,300
Mark Passerotti105,100105,100
Anselmo Villarreal105,100105,100
Michael Stephenson105,100105,100
Robert Gussoni105,0000
Neal Liptak104,90059,400
Colton Blomberg104,700-7,300
Jorge Arriola104,700104,700
Preston McEwen104,700-2,300
Michael Niwinski104,600104,600
John Cressend104,400104,400
Andrew Moreno104,30029,300
Matthew Covrigaru104,200104,200
Alan Percal103,900103,900
Paul Roy103,800-42,800
Willaim Ware103,700103,700
Andre Akkari103,6008,700
Hertsel Levy103,600103,600
Goran Mandic103,400103,400
Giovanni Pupo103,300103,300
James Vandyke103,300-36,700
Tyler Martin103,300103,300
Bud Lavassani103,200103,200
Tusar Somaiya103,100103,100
David Rounick103,100103,100
Peter Mugar103,100103,100
Joanne Lewis103,1000
Jeffrey Outlaw103,000103,000
Montgomery Cole103,000103,000
Bryan Lake102,600102,600
Reynir Brynjofsson102,200102,200
Hank Sitton102,100102,100
Michael Haney101,900101,900
Timothy Mcbride101,800101,800
Bret Gross101,600101,600
Dmitrii Perfilev101,500101,500
Conor Beresford101,40026,400
Anuj Kwatra101,000101,000
Geno Francione100,800100,800
Evan Cutler100,800100,800
Matthew Voorhees100,6000
Michael Holm100,500100,500
Minho Sohn100,400100,400
Patrick Kelly99,90099,900
Nick Rampone99,90099,900
John Hayes99,80099,800
Barak Oz99,60099,600
Russell Dohan99,50099,500
Adam Geyer99,20099,200
Richard Martell99,20099,200
Mike Shin99,10099,100
Daniel Beers99,00099,000
Haribhai Gopaul99,00099,000
Kevin Mazur98,90098,900
Lance Martinez98,90098,900
Ronald McGinnity98,80098,800
Mark Blackshere98,80098,800
Casey Yontz98,70098,700
Richard Monroe98,30098,300
David Swift98,10098,100
Jeremy Wien98,00016,000
Timothy Joseph98,00098,000
Brian Kim98,00098,000
Sota Sato97,90097,900
Yi Li97,90097,900
Michael Moed97,70097,700
Hamza Firdawcy97,70097,700
Philippe Narboni97,60097,600
John Griffin97,50042,500
Enrico Rudelitz97,10010,100
Timothy Flattery97,10097,100
Roger Campbell97,00097,000
Kevin Sears96,80096,800
Ilana Belsky96,70096,700
Ryan Mcknight96,60096,600
Todd Comeens96,60096,600
Elias Papson96,50096,500
Vincent Newland96,50096,500
Richard Hussey96,40096,400
Rick Schwartz96,30096,300
Darren Ferrato96,30096,300
Gordon Vayo96,3008,300
Anthony Huntsman96,10096,100
Stanley Spaulding96,00096,000
Wesley Nally95,60095,600
Meddi Ferrah95,60095,600
James Cappucci95,50095,500
Joseph Bartholdi95,50095,500
Gary Chakoian95,20095,200
Anthony Tedesco95,10095,100
Jesus Espinosa95,10095,100
Enrique Leigue94,80051,800
Blair Boze94,70094,700
Joshua Tam94,60094,600
Ricky Green94,40094,400
Farley Stampp94,20094,200
Juan Lopez94,10094,100
Raffaele Sorrentino94,10094,100
Frederik Salari94,1009,100
Andy Philachack94,00012,000
Dustin Lee93,60093,600
Johan Guilbert93,600-21,400
Ben Myers93,60038,600
Todd Witteles93,50012,100
Norton Balber93,20093,200
Kevin Killeen93,20093,200
Shawn Kjetland93,200-58,800
Fernando Pedro Tavares Barroso93,000
Charles Harder93,00093,000
Wenhua Yin93,00093,000
Jason Bral92,90092,900
Randy Pfeifer92,90092,900
Martin Heubeck92,80092,800
Michael Wasserman92,60092,600
Anant Patel92,40092,400
Billy Sasin92,30037,200
Hans Werner92,10092,100
Frederic Delval92,1002,100
Jon Gottlieb91,90091,900
Antonio Buonanno91,900-36,100
Jose Severino91,60091,600
Yik Chiu91,60091,600
Jay Lee91,60045,600
Bruce Little91,60091,600
Brenda Miller91,30091,300
Edward Milman91,20091,200
Roman Valerstein91,10016,100
John Castaldo90,80090,800
Sameer Desai90,60090,600
Nicholas Danias90,60090,600
Bo Koster90,60090,600
Eyal Eshkar90,50090,500
Robert Ludwig90,40090,400
Alen Patatanyan90,40090,400
Beau Winn90,40090,400
Sai Chiu90,30090,300
Itay Rokni90,10090,100
Justin Kite90,00090,000
Robert Miller89,90089,900
Nikhil Autar89,80089,800
Vasili Lazarou89,60089,600
Scott Seiver89,60019,600
Dax Garrison89,60089,600
Clifton Temm Ii89,60089,600
Daniel Martin89,60089,600
Ryan Riess89,3004,800
Evan Jarvis89,30018,300
Nick Binger89,3005,300
Aaron Podell89,20089,200
Andrew Martinez89,10089,100
Bharath Mamathambika88,90088,900
Mark Epstein88,80023,292
Armen Grigoryan88,60088,600
Tomi Brouk88,60088,600
Benjamin Cole88,60088,600
Kent Walter88,60088,600
Robert Stan88,30088,300
Peter Rho88,20088,200
Francis Stempin88,10088,100
Dominic Coombe88,10088,100
Matt Brady88,10088,100
Joseph Norden88,00088,000
Dylan Linde87,900900
Jason Oury87,60087,600
Lawrence Paden87,60087,600
Guy Cicconi87,50087,500
Daniel Hide87,30087,300
Frank Kelly87,30087,300
Yin Wu87,20087,200
Georgios Gregoraskos87,20087,200
Jamie Shaevel86,90086,900
Christopher Rourke86,90086,900
Sung Joo Hyun86,80035,800
Luke Donato86,8002,300
Vladimir Zhivov86,80086,800
Mike Tokatlyan86,70086,700
Daniel Chambers86,70086,700
Matthew Boyd86,60086,600
Alex Lynskey86,60022,600
Paulino Uemura86,50086,500
Ted Jivkov86,30086,300
Michael Rhodes86,30086,300
Kristina Szalai86,30086,300
Brett Hartfiel86,00086,000
Ludovic Moryousef86,00086,000
David Ritter86,00086,000
Brad Albrinck85,80085,800
Jill Bryant85,70010,200
Ignas Jasinevicius85,60085,600
David B. Levy85,50085,500
Jacob Meeks85,50015,600
Anthony Augustino85,30085,300
Ronald Ellis85,30085,300
Jordan Knackstedt85,30085,300
Cao Siyou85,00085,000
David Guay85,000-9,100
Debra Holmes85,00085,000
Bas De Laat84,900-15,100
Alexandros Theologis84,80084,800
Rafael Yaraliyev84,70084,700
Cliff Schneider84,70084,700
Alexis Fleur84,6009,600
Tom Brownscombe84,60084,600
Steven Pelsnik84,600-3,000
Ariel Celestino Silveira84,50084,500
Sigismondo Calabro84,40084,400
William Klevitz84,10019,100
Kyle Montgomery83,80027,800
William Eggert83,70083,700
John Gonzalez83,70083,700
Aaron Gunn83,60083,600
Kevin Buck83,50017,500
Minesha Lamba83,50030,500
Vincent Chauve83,40083,400
Farzad Bonyadi83,30083,300
David Heyden83,30012,300
Darius Studdard83,10083,100
Ross Boucher82,90082,900
Yan Shing "Anson" Tsang82,90082,900
Stephen Rose82,6000
Parker Talbot82,400-22,600
Stephen Moreschi82,400400
Yinglin Zheng82,10082,100
Shaotong Chang82,00082,000
Edouard Mignot82,00082,000
Jacob Witherspoon81,90081,900
Mathias Bennick81,60081,600
John Randolph81,60081,600
Linda Swears81,50081,500
Stefan Jedlicka81,500-18,500
Dane Nielsen81,30081,300
Marco Bognanni81,30081,300
Hansol Ra81,20081,200
Jeffrey Eldred81,10081,100
Jeffrey Benhart81,1000
Michael Kuykendall81,10081,100
Mark Fink81,10081,100
Daniel Chalifour81,00081,000
Edward Ludwig80,90080,900
Andrew Martin80,60080,600
Phillip Pompper80,40080,400
Stephen Hay80,10080,100
Luisfabio Fonsecafreitas80,10080,100
Alexandru Papazian80,00014,500
Tom Dekkers80,00080,000
Kent Kruger79,90079,900
Rebecca Wooten79,90079,900
Leo Worthingtonleese79,80079,800
Chen-An Lin79,60079,600
Taylor Carroll79,500-56,500
Andrey Zaichenko79,50030,500
Timothy Hart79,10079,100
Danny Chang78,80078,800
Dana Nathani Cowles78,80078,800
Jason Paradis78,70078,700
Jason Bond78,70078,700
William Graydon78,60078,600
Donald Dombach78,60078,600
Igor Tsyganov78,60078,600
Stedman Callens78,6000
Greg Huffman78,60078,600
Jeffrey Leonard78,40030,400
Mark Wates78,40078,400
Ryan Eriquezzo78,30078,300
Aaron Moreau-Cook78,300-12,700
Gary Friedman78,20078,200
Seth Akash78,10078,100
John Sorgen78,100-900
Chong Wang78,10078,100
Antonio Poncio78,00078,000
Chris Grigorian77,700-10,900
William Wendling77,40077,400
Maximiliam Klostermeier77,20077,200
Sohale Khalili77,10077,100
Richard Belcastro76,90076,900
Dominick Giovanniello76,90076,900
Eli Frenkel76,80076,800
Rickey Lee76,60076,600
Jeffery Battaglia76,40076,400
Richard Dubini76,400-3,600
Leonard Clooney76,30076,300
Walan Kite76,3001,300
Daniel Lascell76,10011,100
Mohamed Mokrani76,10076,100
Martin Lang76,100-38,400
Kenneth Golden76,10076,100
Joanna Sommerville76,00076,000
John Daliman76,00076,000
Robert Valden76,00076,000
Michael Goldsmith75,70075,700
Ping Lin75,60075,600
Tristan Wade75,500-5,500
Adam Travis75,40011,400
Uzyn Chua75,30075,300
Ryan Leng75,200-10,800
Jean Montury75,0006,000
Oren Rosen74,80074,800
Mark Bixler74,60074,600
Jeremy Barron74,50074,500
Christian Burger74,3009,300
Joseph Saad74,30074,300
Gert Zumkehr74,20074,200
Shanna Gathright74,20074,200
Cole Sherwood74,00074,000
Michael Haag73,90073,900
Joseph Brand73,90073,900
Vincent Li73,90073,900
Hugo Pingray73,800-1,700
Paul Guichard73,80073,800
William Benson73,80073,800
Ronnie Ebanks73,60073,600
Andrea Gabriello73,50073,500
Vincent Poudrier73,50073,500
Penn Tong73,40073,400
Jeonggyu Cho73,30073,300
Jack Maskill73,30073,300
Guy Calvert73,20073,200
Mark Jameson73,20073,200
Hoi Diep73,10073,100
Greg Raymer73,100-39,100
Dominick Sannino73,10073,100
Ryan Daniel73,00073,000
Alan Lau73,00073,000
Theodore Nenov72,90072,900
Majed Abusaid72,80072,800
Colby Lawler72,60072,600
Christian Steinbo72,50072,500
John Mcnulty72,50072,500
Anthony Fowler72,400-6,600
Michael Lech72,2001,200
Erika Weinstein72,10072,100
Candelaria Vaca72,10072,100
Jason Brauda72,10072,100
Tim Marsters71,80029,900
Daniel Negreanu71,80015,400
Yueqi Zhu71,80015,800
Joe Kuether71,7005,700
Brian Connelly71,70071,700
Myles Bell71,70071,700
DID NOT REPORT 671,40071,400
Mark Morrison71,40071,400
Joseph Chaplin71,40071,400
Tsz Ho71,400-48,600
Julien Stropoli71,30071,300
Johnathan Gonzales71,20071,200
Chasity Rosas71,20071,200
Georgios Kapalas71,10071,100
Novak Cvetinovic71,00071,000
Clayton Hamm70,900-10,100
Aaron Been70,70070,700
Daniel Roitman70,70070,700
James McGonagle70,6007,100
Jeffrey Kostolni70,50070,500
Christopher Freeman70,40070,400
Tom Vogelsang70,30070,300
Paul Volpe70,300-47,700
Jeffrey Van Den Hooven70,30070,300
Donald Dove70,20070,200
Robert Render70,10070,100
Mario Mosbock70,00070,000
Jimmy Guerrero70,000-3,500
Erik Nason69,90069,900
Robert Lengyeltoti69,90069,900
Marius Gierse69,8008,300
Richard Hu69,70069,700
Sebastian Langrock69,300-5,700
Benton Blakeman69,30069,300
Karim Lehoussine68,90068,900
Scott Tieman68,90068,900
Ihar Soika68,800-16,200
Hugo Nazar68,70068,700
Jason Spencer68,500-36,500
Stephen Carter68,30068,300
Greg Jennings68,00068,000
Brendan Sully68,00068,000
Joseph Belardinelli68,00068,000
Michael Dyer68,00011,800
David Yan67,9007,900
Barak Wisbrod67,70067,700
Schahin Ghiai67,60067,600
Laurent Polito67,60067,600
Steven Au67,60067,600
Yuval Bronshtein67,60067,600
Chancellor Strickland67,60067,600
Alex Van Der Werf67,50067,500
Yilong Wang67,50067,500
Joel Salman67,10067,100
Carol Harmon67,00022,000
Jens Hesse67,00067,000
Richard Wilcox66,90066,900
James Gleffe66,70066,700
Don Vandervort66,70066,700
Kunal Patni66,500-4,000
Andries Swart66,40066,400
Samad Razavi66,30066,300
Omar Carranza66,20066,200
Oswin Ziegelbecker66,00066,000
Paul Tschernia65,80065,800
Greg Buonocore65,70065,700
Lachlan Dykes65,60065,600
Anthony Spera65,60065,600
Ray Foley65,50065,500
Wojciech Barzantny65,400-65,600
Samantha Cohen65,30065,300
Robert Nolen65,30015,300
Andrew Jernigan65,300-35,700
Cornelis Van Gent65,20065,200
Ivan Zhechev65,10065,100
Rassoul Malboubi65,10065,100
Loren Klein65,000-27,600
Ying Fu64,90064,900
Mark Hodge64,80064,800
Schuyler Thornton64,70064,700
Nir Levy64,70064,700
Mehdi Hsissen64,50064,500
Steven Calvaneso64,40064,400
Dan Iman64,40064,400
Noah Merritt64,30064,300
Lawrence Chan64,00064,000
Benjamin Deibold64,00064,000
DID NOT REPORT 363,90063,900
Navot Golan63,60063,600
Freddy Deeb63,40013,900
Brandon Shea63,30063,300
William Fay63,30063,300
Jimmy Crouch63,20063,200
David Powers63,20063,200
Gregory Benac63,200-8,800
Bassem Masri63,10063,100
Gordon Blackman63,10063,100
Calvin Lee63,00063,000
Matthew Reimers63,0000
Patrick Huynh62,90062,900
Stanley Blazyk62,90062,900
George Demetriou62,50024,500
Frederick Sliter62,50062,500
DID NOT REPORT 862,40062,400
Alexander Leaf62,40062,400
Kristopher Townsend62,30062,300
Dylan Thomassie62,3006,300
Paul Germany62,30062,300
Paul Bong62,30062,300
Randall Lee62,20062,200
Michael "Jamie" Wolf62,00062,000
Chris Wallace61,90061,900
Rick Marting61,80061,800
Jeremy Abernathy61,700-18,900
Alexandre Reard61,70015,700
Benjamin Jones61,70061,700
Matthew Schwarmann61,60061,600
Scott Abrams61,50061,500
Joe Hachem61,0000
Micky Huang60,90060,900
Daniel Hicks60,90060,900
Frank Stumpf60,90060,900
Jerry Payne60,80010,800
Matthieu Rodriguez60,700-68,300
Taylor McFarland60,70060,700
Ariel Helman60,60060,600
Erik Peters60,60060,600
Cary Aronson60,400-43,600
James Forrester60,20060,200
Shane Abbott60,20060,200
Dominique Mosley60,20060,200
Maria Ho60,10026,600
Landon Brown60,100-27,900
Roberto Romanello60,00060,000
Matthew Wiener60,00060,000
Steve Rassi60,00060,000
Brian Bumpas59,90059,900
Brett Rosen59,800-37,200
Shigeho Yoshioka59,80059,800
Chris Tryba59,3002,300
Austin Yoo59,20059,200
Adrian State59,00059,000
David Ioane58,90058,900
John Nielsen58,80058,800
Craig Blight58,70058,700
Timothy Kelly58,70058,700
Paul Lepisto58,60058,600
Nikolai Sears58,50058,500
Ronald Beers58,50058,500
Charles Caris58,30058,300
Michael Hopkins58,00058,000
Martin Stoller58,00058,000
Robert Guzman57,90057,900
A.J. Allee57,90057,900
Allyn Shulman57,900-5,100
Paul Cukier57,70057,700
Ariel Mantel57,60057,600
Antonio Fazzolari57,50057,500
James Gilbert57,500-3,800
Tweed Vorhees57,500-50,500
Marius Kudzmanas57,50057,500
Dong Kim57,40057,400
Randy Burnette57,30057,300
James James57,20057,200
David "Bakes" Baker57,10012,100
Vinicius Lima57,10057,100
Michael Noor57,00057,000
Joel Mack57,00057,000
Andrew Brinkley56,900-9,100
Dan Fleyshman56,700-32,300
Robert Cook56,70056,700
Gary Patanjo56,500-33,500
Gregory Parr56,50056,500
Michele Koerner56,50056,500
Matt Stout56,4009,400
Christopher Short56,30056,300
Chris Hopper56,20056,200
Todd Melander56,0000
Tyler Rueger56,000-68,000
Brett Mueller55,90055,900
Danny Bao55,8000
Pavel Berka55,70055,700
David Harris55,70055,700
Robert Geith55,700-7,300
Owen Crowe55,50055,500
Beau Johansen55,40055,400
David Lane55,30055,300
Justin Pugliese55,30055,300
Alexander Lampropoulos55,10055,100
William Spiegel55,10055,100
Jane Hitchcock55,10055,100
Evan Schwartz55,00055,000
Hung-Sheng Lin55,00055,000
Rayfran Reis55,00055,000
Robert Stroker54,90054,900
Ronald Johnston54,90054,900
Toby Joyce54,700-25,300
Dean Marco54,60054,600
David Kahan54,600-7,400
Joseph Monaco54,50054,500
Jan Larsson54,20054,200
Bob Beck54,10054,100
Scott Dobbs54,00054,000
Jason Marshman54,00054,000
Brendan Cook54,00054,000
Duane Nelson53,900-1,000
George Hemphill53,90017,900
Bill Wood53,70053,700
Jo Chun Liu53,60053,600
Martin Kesterson53,50053,500
Arsenii Karmatckii53,50053,500
Mark Strodl53,20053,200
Paul Leckey53,00053,000
Shuichi Hiratsuka52,90052,900
Joseph Zamarelli52,90052,900
Danny Tse52,80052,800
Gregory Jensen52,80017,800
Richard Leger52,80052,800
Aron Dermer52,50052,500
Matas Cimbolas52,500-11,000
Poorya Nazari52,40052,400
Erin Grace52,40052,400
Edward Harris52,30052,300
Scott Long52,20023,200
Michael Matter52,10052,100
Mike Wattel52,10052,100
Stephen Pirri52,00052,000
Alexander Umansky52,00052,000
James Van Alstyne51,9001,900
Robert Preston51,70051,700
Travis Nixon51,60051,600
Thomas Cazayous51,60051,600
Michael Vik51,50051,500
Ricardo Nakamura51,50051,500
Ronald West51,50051,500
Yu Shen51,20051,200
Quang Ngo51,20051,200
Gabriel Greenberg51,10051,100
Paul Chauderson51,0009,000
Scott Franklin51,00051,000
Renji Mao51,00051,000
Matthew Lee50,90050,900
Kevin Oconnor50,80050,800
Rafi Elharar50,80050,800
Chad Eveslage50,800-9,200
Johnny Steven50,7000
Derek Csanadi50,70050,700
Amer Dhingra50,60050,600
Weicheng Lee50,60050,600
Thomas Saxon50,60050,600
Thiago Macedo50,60050,600
John Lasso50,500-16,500
Yuval Gottenstein50,50050,500
Michael Solomon50,40050,400
Robert Brown50,20050,200
Christopher Vitch50,20050,200
Philip Su50,10050,100
Jason Resha50,10050,100
Kiryl Radzivonau50,0002,000
Loreto Perruzza49,90049,900
Ricardo Gramowski49,80049,800
Thomas Doussan49,70049,700
Vincent Robert49,40049,400
Joshua Sommers49,30049,300
Jason Clark49,20015,900
Kevin Malis49,10049,100
Louis George49,10049,100
Bradley Harris49,00049,000
Mesbah Khaffaji49,00049,000
Srikant Vemparala48,90028,900
Jeffrey Zigulis48,90048,900
Brent Robbs48,80048,800
Marat Michael Koyfman48,70048,700
David Lin48,60048,600
Alpheus Chan48,60048,600
Anthony Taillon48,50048,500
Marc Foggin48,20048,200
Paul Horton48,20048,200
Daniel Samson48,10048,100
Peter Lockwood48,10048,100
Louis Werman48,00048,000
Roger Lussier48,00048,000
David Brown48,00048,000
Micah Smith48,00048,000
Eric Ruskiewicz48,000-27,000
Sammy Nooner47,90047,900
Brendon Kaufman47,80047,800
Gary Bluston47,60047,600
Sadan Turker47,60047,600
Robert Beaulieu47,60047,600
Michael Tureniec47,50032,500
Casimer Fijalkowski47,40047,400
Ariel Akerman47,40047,400
J Smith47,40047,400
Thayer Rasmussen47,30047,300
Shane Schleger47,30047,300
David Fhima47,20047,200
Jameson Painter47,200-13,300
Jason Morman47,20047,200
Jean-Robert Bellande47,20047,200
Michael McKenna (NJ)47,00047,000
Andrew Belmonti46,80046,800
Clifford Davison46,70046,700
Stefan Schillhabel46,600-18,400
Brandon Fishman46,400-35,000
Tim Killday46,40046,400
John Dibella46,100100
Steven Wark46,10046,100
Jerome Evans45,80045,800
Ben Sarnoff45,80045,800
Scott Weiss45,70045,700
Colin Bernard45,70045,700
Philip Castelli45,50045,500
Thomas Gorton45,50045,500
Todd Brunson45,1000
Cleadus Thompson45,00045,000
Alberto Morales44,80044,800
Paul Taskalos44,80019,300
William Otstot44,80044,800
Young Ryu44,500-3,500
Harold Kizzire44,20044,200
Benjamin Gonzva44,10044,100
Samir Husaynue44,10044,100
Xizhe Yuan43,90043,900
John Harms43,50043,500
Scott Coffman43,40043,400
Gisela Staton43,30043,300
Steven Wills43,20043,200
Robert Bickley42,900-7,100
Erwann Pecheux42,90042,900
Zachary Milman42,90042,900
Adrian Baran42,80042,800
David Kaucher42,80042,800
Thad Mcnulty42,60042,600
Eric Rappaport42,50042,500
Robert Fechser42,50042,500
Thiago Grigoletti42,40042,400
Adric High42,30042,300
Ryan Drossel42,30042,300
Jacob Daniels42,20042,200
Jean Fabre42,20042,200
Judith Bielan42,10042,100
Khin Nyunt42,10042,100
Vladimir Revniaga42,00042,000
Jonathan Panagrossi41,90041,900
Mike Gao41,800-26,700
Fraser MacIntyre41,800-30,200
Christopher Hyden41,800-56,200
Kevin Basta41,60041,600
Zachary Smiley41,500-38,500
Isabelle Mercier41,40041,400
Tyler Edmonds41,40041,400
Brian Nester41,20041,200
Lance Steinberg41,00041,000
Qin Rui41,00041,000
Matthew Wakeman41,000-17,000
Benjamin Herman40,90040,900
Paul Lackey40,90040,900
Mina Greco40,800-9,200
Dragos Trofimov40,800-35,200
Cheryl Naylor40,800-24,200
Elliot Sorsky40,80040,800
James Grummell40,70040,700
Deven Lewis40,70040,700
Barry Jacobson40,60040,600
Kenneth Coleman40,50040,500
Stephen Higgins40,50040,500
Boris Mondrus40,400-1,600
Mark Cristofori40,30040,300
Eric Brenes40,30040,300
Dennis Kraus40,30040,300
Marco Vasile40,00040,000
Norman Shapiro40,00040,000
Roger Collins40,00040,000
Royce Matheson39,90039,900
Michael Tait39,800-17,200
Ronald Jensen39,60039,600
Timothy Dalessandro39,60039,600
Ryan Lenaghan39,50039,500
Heath Cox39,30039,300
Giuliano Lentini39,10039,100
Robert Howard39,00039,000
John Haworth38,90038,900
Sharon Nachamkin38,60038,600
Daijiro Tomoto38,60038,600
Amir Isaiah38,50038,500
Nathan Cummings38,500-32,500
Daniel Tarwater38,50038,500
Scott Koiner38,50038,500
Yves Rolland38,500-54,100
Werner Lootsma38,400-69,800
Frank Dilorenzo38,40038,400
Denis Gnidash38,20038,200
Yusuke Takahashi38,000-16,200
Kimberly Frost38,000-12,000
Cheng Liu38,00038,000
Karapet Galstyan37,80037,800
Brandon Drespling37,80037,800
John Crutchfield37,70037,700
Brian Fisher37,70037,700
Greg Candido37,60037,600
Leonard Boclair37,500-13,000
David Urban37,30037,300
Thomas Stalba37,20037,200
Joshua Shaw37,00037,000
Joseph Melancon37,00037,000
Raviinder Vinayak36,90036,900
Andy Miller36,90036,900
Benjamin Abrahams36,90036,900
Ravi Raghavan36,60022,600
Michelle Lichtman36,60036,600
George Niedzwicki36,5000
Pedro Llanes36,30036,300
Danny Nimeh36,20036,200
Chris Ferguson36,100-1,900
Michel Abecassis36,10036,100
Joshua Gottesman36,10036,100
Raymond Moscoe36,10036,100
Mario Garza36,0006,800
Jerry Kleinsasser36,00036,000
Aaron Johnson (MN)36,00036,000
Daniel Stanley36,00017,400
Shimon Nahmani35,800-14,200
Mark Weil35,600-26,400
Leonard Behrens35,50035,500
Peter Vitantonio35,40035,400
Stephen Rakower35,300-12,700
Zizheng Huang35,20035,200
Ryan Nguyen35,20035,200
Mario Quijano35,10035,100
April Shih35,10035,100
Gary Cohen35,000-37,700
Andrew Sherman-Ash34,90034,900
Loic Vaux34,90034,900
Paul Zoccali34,60034,600
Eder Banuelos34,60034,600
Mihai Niste34,30034,300
Padraig O'Neill34,30034,300
George Mosby34,10034,100
Hieu Luu33,80033,800
Steven Vonfrolio33,70033,700
Valentin Messina33,60033,600
Christopher Smith33,60033,600
William Mayhew33,50033,500
Darren Judges33,50033,500
John Butler33,3000
Richard Lacapria33,20033,200
Andrew Bick33,10033,100
Henry Strasser33,100-25,400
Garrett Beckman33,00033,000
Kris Hawkins32,90032,900
Joseph Sarausad32,70032,700
Jeff Blenkarn32,500-30,500
Lawrence Pileggi32,5000
Robert Gullette32,40032,400
Roman Emelyanov32,30032,300
Ryan Pinkerton32,3000
Fausto Valdez32,20032,200
Jason Pardy32,00032,000
Glenn Forster32,00032,000
Jerry Giroir31,80031,800
Andreas Kniep31,8000
Greg Collins31,80031,800
Heriberto Adan31,70031,700
David Miguel Santarelli31,60031,600
Rodney Neubauer31,600-21,700
Ramon Miquel Munoz31,60031,600
Curtis Simpson31,50031,500
Daniel Chan31,50031,500
John Sellars31,00031,000
Alok Arora31,00031,000
Henry Gingerich31,00031,000
Ivo Donev31,000-68,000
Rob Benford30,80030,800
Chris DeMaci30,80030,800
Han Nguyen30,70030,700
John Duthie30,6004,600
Jamie Zeichick30,60030,600
Oliver Entine30,50030,500
Kevin Wan30,50030,500
Cambis Gesseljay30,50030,500
Deborah Sturm30,50030,500
Matthew Dooper30,40030,400
Miles Reinhard30,40030,400
Kevin Stern30,30030,300
Clinton Roig30,20030,200
Cathal Shine30,100-47,900
Lowell Kim30,10030,100
Marc Wolpert30,10030,100
Krista Gifford30,00030,000
Antonio Guerrero30,0000
Denny Bushong30,00030,000
DID NOT REPORT 730,00030,000
Keith Carter30,000-39,200
Cesar Andrade29,60029,600
Dmitrii Shchepkin29,60029,600
Michael Fraser29,600-2,900
Jiayu Ruan29,40029,400
Lance Campione29,30029,300
Christian Harder29,300800
John Westfall29,30029,300
Andreas Von Kiparski29,20029,200
Vincent Gourlaouen29,200-63,800
Luigi Knoppers29,100-30,900
David Laury29,10029,100
Steven Dubin29,00029,000
Timo Kamphues29,00029,000
Tim Converse28,90028,900
Ross Santos28,80028,800
William LeBleu28,80028,800
Gregory Reynolds28,60028,600
Garrett Crites28,60028,600
Jack Zhang28,600-48,400
William Arias28,60028,600
Matthijs Aerts28,50028,500
Andrew Neeme28,50028,500
Michelle Wolkomir28,30028,300
Stephen Kravitz28,10028,100
Floyd Bangerter28,10028,100
David Mccaw28,10028,100
Saint Hung28,00028,000
Edward Brogdon28,00028,000
Yifan Zheng27,90027,900
Kaddu Luyombya27,80027,800
Richard Pyne27,60027,600
Leandro Silva27,60027,600
Bernd Gleigner27,60027,600
Frank Funaro27,30027,300
Rebecca Campbell27,30027,300
Dennis Phillips27,300-8,700
Aaron Miles27,100-36,900
Bryan Brazell27,00027,000
Austin Jensen27,00027,000
Neal Lachmany26,80026,800
Maduka Meragaldurayalag26,30026,300
Brendan Duffy26,20026,200
John Van Arnam26,2000
Hector Martin26,20026,200
Frederico Dabus25,900-15,600
John Ciavirella25,90025,900
Roman Korenev25,900-25,100
Michael Brady25,90025,900
Kwok Chun Yip25,80025,800
Ziv Caspi25,400-21,600
Jordan Batt25,10025,100
Patrick Blye25,100-49,900
Greg Merson25,000-3,300
Joseph Hernon25,00025,000
Eric Ta25,00025,000
Adam Rude25,000-50,000
Glenn Scheck25,00025,000
Kiyoto Burke24,90024,900
Alvin Tafalla24,80024,800
Daniel Johnson24,500-2,500
Gale Baxter24,50024,500
Jean Delay24,30024,300
Ozgur Arda24,30024,300
Kristen Deardorff24,200-40,900
Paul Pires Trigo24,10024,100
Brian Suttle24,10024,100
Steffen Sontheimer24,000-39,000
Michael Haddad24,00024,000
James Magner24,000-61,000
George Douty23,90023,900
Stephan Sieber23,80023,800
Shayna Bott23,60023,600
Robert Tobin23,60023,600
Ryan Milisits23,60023,600
Steven Lotz23,40023,400
Allison Stetler23,20023,200
Felipe Davila23,10023,100
Philip Grana23,00023,000
Gordon Davis23,00023,000
Jed Hoffman22,90022,900
James Schweitzer22,80022,800
Robbie Calhoun22,80022,800
Robbie Beck22,70022,700
Ian O'Hara22,600-33,400
Darryl Anderson22,50022,500
Christian Nilles22,300-37,700
Cheng Pan22,00022,000
Michael Ricklefs22,00022,000
Ari Dinov22,00022,000
John Nalbone21,90021,900
Vladas Tamasauskas21,900-24,100
Willie Smith21,70021,700
Thomas Bosko21,60021,600
Gary Otake21,60021,600
Dennis Hayes21,30021,300
Robert Scherer20,90020,900
Kenneth Fee20,90020,900
Dan Colman20,8006,500
Thomas Seefeld20,80020,800
Jiyoung Kim20,800-8,200
Kevin Eyster20,700-24,400
Breyer Calvert20,70020,700
Mitchell Johnson20,70020,700
Henry Hutte20,60020,600
Aymon Hata20,500-55,500
Jeffrey Moore20,40020,400
Alida Veliu20,300-29,700
Philippe Souki20,20020,200
Tom McCormick20,100-13,400
Rafael Rovirasoler20,00020,000
Mario Mazzettini20,00020,000
Sergio Martiaguilar20,00020,000
John Brinkman19,90019,900
Noam Yahav19,50019,500
Aaron Mermelstein19,300-12,000
Helio Neves Neto19,20019,200
Justin Keener19,10019,100
Russell Fox19,00019,000
Kevin Schulz19,00019,000
Robert Nadolny18,70018,700
Vincent Masino18,60018,600
Wayne Kawachi18,50018,500
Terry Carpenter18,40018,400
Lokesh Garg18,000-1,000
Bruce Pirie18,00018,000
Robert Gray17,90017,900
Brian Reeder17,80017,800
Dylan Hortin17,7000
Bruno Fitoussi17,600-42,400
Jaron Bailey17,60017,600
Daniel Lobel17,50017,500
Everett Carlton17,500-3,000
Frederick Myers17,50017,500
Julien Montois17,30017,300
Jason Summers17,20017,200
Charles Webster17,00017,000
Ronald Mcclure17,00017,000
Roger Martin16,90016,900
Mark Collom16,70016,700
Juan Fukuda16,70016,700
Travis To16,60016,600
Gilbert Diaz16,50016,500
Marco Savoni16,500-48,500
Candace Edwards16,40016,400
Ricky Stroude16,40016,400
Ronny Dennis16,20016,200
Phillip Harvey16,10016,100
David Berman15,80015,800
Keith Donovan15,80015,800
David Chocheles15,800-19,200
Robby Westrom15,70015,700
Teunis Kooij15,70015,700
Cathy Schenone15,40015,400
Gerald Banach15,10015,100
Timothy Marlette15,00015,000
Tian Jin15,000-9,000
Scott Woods14,6000
Mark Dimas14,600-81,900
Eugene Yanayt14,40014,400
Dustin Nelson14,30014,300
Jacqueline Britton14,300-39,700
Todd Petitt14,30014,300
Hoi Wong14,20014,200
John Amato13,70013,700
Mark Osborne13,70013,700
Jeffrey Rothwell13,40013,400
Joseph Young13,100-900
Francisco Roman13,00013,000
Xiaoqiang Li12,90012,900
Robert Goldbaum12,90012,900
Chaayanath Mysore12,70012,700
Achille Samaran12,70012,700
David Helm12,50012,500
Han Oh12,30012,300
Terry Nichols12,00012,000
Levan Karamanishvili12,00012,000
Benjamin Zamani12,000-24,800
Eric Barnes11,600-96,700
Antonio Patti10,90010,900
Payam Saleh10,40010,400
Eric Kennedy10,30010,300
Craig Marquis10,00010,000
Jason Johnson9,8009,800
Edward Ho9,3009,300
Terry Lunder9,3009,300
Dan Wilson9,1009,100
Mandeep Sah8,8008,800
Chou Chou7,500-46,900
Cameron Hamilton7,100-59,400
Samuel Vousden6,1006,100
Nick Maimone5,800-110,200
Sungho Hong5,4005,400
Dennis Powell4,5004,500
Guillermo Bella3,900-41,600
James Frank11
Jingyang He11
Janet Hornung11
Bobby Gunter11
Scott Mccall11
Goncalo Torrealba11
Adrien Allain1-86,199
Friday, July 5, 2019 12:03 AM Local Time
Zinno Out to Alexander

Anthony Zinno

In one of the last hands of the night, Anthony Zinno has busted, losing a flip ace-king against Dejuante Alexander's pocket-jacks, with all the chips going in preflop.

Dejuante Alexander109,300-19,700
Anthony Zinno0-26,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:58 PM Local Time
Qutami Scores Late Double with Turned Flush

With roughly 4,000 in the middle and the flop reading    , Danny Qutami check-raised all in for 59,900 and his opponent called.


Qutami would need to find one of his over cards or a heart to stay alive, and when the turn fell the  , he was assured of a double.

The river landed the  , and Qutami secured the double on the penultimate hand at his table.

Danny Qutami123,50051,500
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:50 PM Local Time
Akkari Dips Under 100k

Andre Akkari opened to 1,300 from the hijack before the button three-bet him to 3,600.

Akkari called, and then checked the     flop. The button continued for 3,200, and Akkari called as the turn fell the  .

Akkari checked, the button bet 11,000, and Akkari folded.

Andre Akkari94,900-19,200
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Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:50 PM Local Time
"Ace-Jack Should Have Paid You!"

A player raised to 1,300 from early position and was three-bet by William Klevitz in the small blind. Klevitz received a call from the original raiser and the two saw a flop of    . Klevitz then check-called a bet of 3,500 from his opponent.

The turn came   and Klevitz checked. His opponent bet 6,600 and he made the call again. The river came   and Klevitz checked. This time, his opponent checked behind.

Klevitz tabled    for aces up with a king kicker.

"Sneaky!" his opponent said, mucking his hand. "Ace-jack should have paid you!" he said, smiling about having only lost two streets of value there instead of three while Klevitz raked in the pot.

William Klevitz65,00065,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:50 PM Local Time
Six Hands Remain for Tonight

The final six hands for the night have been drawn, bagging and tagging will take place once they have been completed.

Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:48 PM Local Time
Colman Nearing the Brink

The action folded to Dan Colman in the cutoff who made it 1,500 to go. The small blind called and the two players saw a flop of    . Both players checked and the   landed on the turn.

The small blind led out for 2,500 and Colman called to see the   on the river. The small blind checked this time and Colman dropped in a bet of 7,000. His opponent wasted little time before making the call. Colman conceded the pot by flashing    while his opponent showed    for two pair.

Dan Colman14,300-10,200
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:43 PM Local Time
Qutami Takes it Down

Facing a raise to 1,300 from middle position, Danny Qutami three-bet to 4,200 from the small blind.

Qutami's opponent deliberated for about a minute before calling as the flop landed    .

Qutami continued for 3,500, and his opponent folded.

Danny Qutami72,00015,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:43 PM Local Time
Margereson Missing

The seat that formerly belonged to Scott Margereson is now occupied by another player and Harry Lodge confirmed that he had sent the fellow countryman to the rail.

According to Lodge, Margereson had raised to 1,300 and Lodge three-bet to 4,100, which the big blind and Margereson called. On the     flop, Margereson check-shoved for 30,000 with    for an open-ended straight draw and the    of Lodge held up.

Further assorted late night counts can be found below.

Sarah Herzali220,00040,000
Scott Baumstein195,00011,000
Joffrey Lhote175,00081,700
Ben Dobson150,000150,000
Kilian Kramer130,000-30,000
Scott Davies130,00010,000
Harry Lodge110,00051,000
Jon Turner105,00016,900
David Kahan62,0004,000
Chris Ferguson38,000-17,600
Scott Margereson0-38,500
Sam Snead0-40,000
Jan-Peter Jachtmann0-39,000
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Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:32 PM Local Time
Raymer Wins Without Showdown

Greg Raymer

Greg Raymer started the action by raising under-the-gun to 1,400, the hijack called and the rest of the table got out of the way.

The flop came    , Raymer led for 1,000 and as his opponent called he asked, "Are you just trying to milk me?"

The turn was the   and both players checked to see the   on the river. Raymer fired out 4,000 and his opponent threw his cards in the muck.

Greg Raymer112,20035,200
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:31 PM Local Time
Duta Doubles Demetriou

George Demetriou had been running riot early on and boosted his stack to more than 150,000. However, since then, the Brit dropped well below the starting stack and was just spotted all in for the last 7,400 on the river of a board      .

With 23,000 in the middle, his sole remaining opponent was Florian Duta and the Romanian called after spending some time in the think tank. Demetriou tabled    for a straight and Duta mucked the    for two pair.

Florian Duta170,000110,000
George Demetriou38,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:31 PM Local Time
Gaston Grows His Stack

Tyler Gaston put out a bet for 10,000 from the hijack on a      board, getting the fold from an opponent in early position.

Gaston is among the Day 1b chip leaders, approaching 300,000 chips as the final minutes of the night play out.

Tyler Gaston287,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:30 PM Local Time
Duthie Can't Get Action With Aces

A player raised to 1,400 from the cutoff, and John Duthie three-bet shoved for around 23,000 on the button. Action folded back to the cutoff, who instantly mucked.

Duthie said, "The one time I have it..." before tabling   , and the cutoff replied, "I don't have anything, ever!"

John Duthie26,0003,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:30 PM Local Time
Fish Hero Calls the River

There was a raise to 1,500 from early position and Darryll Fish called from the small blind. The flop fell     and Fish check-called a bet of 1,400 from his opponent.

The turn brought the   and both players checked to the   on the river. Fish checked again and his opponent tossed in a bet of 3,300. Fish thought for a moment and then made the call. His opponent turned over    while Fish held    for a small two pair.

Darryll Fish152,000500
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:28 PM Local Time
Tryba Almost Back To Starting Stack

A player raised from under the gun to 1,400 and action folded around to Chris Tryba who was on the button and called. Renato Kaneoya also called from the big blind, taking action three ways to the flop    . All three players checked.

The turn came   and action folded to Tryba, who fired for 3,200. Kaneoya and the original raiser both folded without much thought and Tryba took down the pot.

After losing nearly half his starting stack in the first level of the day, Tryba has been climbing slowly but surely and now finds himself almost back to the 60,000 starting stack.

Renato Kaneoya91,00012,000
Chris Tryba57,0004,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:28 PM Local Time
Patni Five-Bet Rips

Action folded to the player in the cutoff, and he raised to 1,300.

From the button, Kunal Patni three-bet to 3,400. The blinds folded, and the cutoff made it 9,000 total.

Patni thought for a little, then reached for a stack of chips to five-bet to 56,900; effectively putting the cutoff all in for substantially less.

The cutoff folded, and Patni collected the pot.

Kunal Patni70,500
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:27 PM Local Time
Owen Vying for Chip Lead

Adam Owen

Adam Owen joined Amazon at the beginning of Level 5. He arrived with almost 200,000 in front and in the last hour or so he has added chunks to his already impressive stack.

Just now he made a little more in a hand against Daniel Stanley. The two players were on a      turn and Owen check-called a 5,000 bet. The river was the   and Owen checked again, with Stanley checking it back. Owen turned over    for a full house and Stanley sent his cards into the muck.

Owen is in excellent shape to bag the chip lead when Day 1b concludes in 25 minutes.

Adam Owen337,000141,500
Daniel Stanley18,60018,600
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:24 PM Local Time
Dubini Rising

Richard Dubini already knows what it feels like to run deep in the $10,000 Main Event as he finished 12th for $535,000 back in 2017. While the start into Day 1b was not the greatest, Dubini has bounced back and holds more than the starting stack by now.

In a hand with Robert Nolen, Dubini fired three barrels on a board of       and the final two bets were for 6,000 and 15,000 respectively. Nolen called the first bet and let go on the river.

Richard Dubini80,00022,900
Robert Nolen50,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 11:22 PM Local Time
Negreanu Wins on the Flop

Daniel Negreanu opened to 1,500 in middle position and the big blind called.

The flop landed     and the big blind checked. Negreanu bet 1,000, and his opponent quickly folded.

Daniel Negreanu56,40036,400
Jostens Fan Collection