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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, July 03, 2019 to Tuesday, July 16, 2019

$10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship (Event #73)

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $80,548,600
  • Entries: 8,569
  • Remaining: 0


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Thursday, July 4, 2019 1:21 AM Local Time
Bryan Campanello Bags Lead as Day 1a of the 2019 WSOP Main Event Comes to a Close

Bryan Campanello

Day 1a is in the books for the 2019 World Series of Poker $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino. A total of 1,335 entrants hit the felt for the premier poker tournament of the year, with 962 making it through the first day. There was no shortage of action with two more starting flights yet to come.

After five two-hour levels, bracelet winner Bryan Campanello managed to bag up an impressive 417,500 in chips to sit amongst the chip leaders at the end of the day. Campanello zoomed up the counts in Level 4 of the day, rivering a full house against a player's Broadway straight. The 2013 $2,500 Razz gold bracelet winner was able to keep rolling his way to one of the top stacks in the room by the end of the day.

A pair of former WSOP Main Event champions also made it through, as Qui Nguyen, the 2016 WSOP Main Event champ steadily chipped up through the day en route to bagging up 180,500. 2003 Main Event champ Chris Moneymaker managed to get through, bagging up 95,000.

Other players that navigated their way through Day 1 and progressed to Day 2ab include Patrick Serda (216,700), Jared Bleznick (189,100), Jeff Lisandro (180,100), Alex Foxen (173,200), Faraz Jaka (174,100), Martin Kabrhel (164,500), Jack Sinclair (153,800), Kelly Minkin (137,100), Billy Baxter (131,500), Brian Hastings (124,200), Elio Fox (73,400), Erik Seidel (57,400), and Stephen Chidwick (45,000).

Not everyone found themselves with chips at the end of the night, as plenty of notable names were unable to make it through. One high profile elimination occurred in Level 3, when Liv Boeree found herself busted at the hands of her boyfriend Igor Kurganov. Boeree had a classic response to her undoing at the hands of Kurganov, but the latter was able to utilize those chips to make it through the day with 129,100.

Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree

Others who fell on Day 1a include Shane Warne, David Williams, Kevin "Phwap" Boudreau, Frank Kassela, Bryan Piccioli, Daniel Alaei, Jerry Wong, Daniel Idema, Chris Moorman, Brian Altman, Steven van Zadelhoff, Brandon Adams and Lexy Gavin.

Randall Emmett once again made his presence felt all over today, first by having flamenco dancers deliver ice cream to everyone playing in today's flight. A short time later, Emmett made his way to the featured table, where he made himself heard immediately. He ended the night on a positive note before bagging 62,300 in chips, 2,300 more than he started the day with.

Randall Emmett
Randall Emmett

Day 1b will kick off tomorrow at noon local time, with players slated to play five two-hour levels again. Be sure to stay tuned right here to PokerNews to catch all the bust outs, big pots, and action as we kick off our second of three starting flights of the 2019 WSOP $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event!

Thursday, July 4, 2019 1:08 AM Local Time
End-of-Day 1a Chip Counts
Bryan Campanello417,50077,500
Raymond Travis Rice335,00045,000
Timothy Su297,3009,300
Quentin Roussey266,40021,400
Takehiro Kato259,200-3,800
Charidimos Demetriou252,000252,000
Craig Chait249,600-20,400
Stephen Graner247,10057,100
Mark Zullo245,600245,600
David Lolis245,100100
Thomas Roupe238,800238,800
Michael Miller235,800-10,400
Jonathan Braier231,500231,500
Richard Barabino227,500132,500
Alexander Yen225,400225,400
Yuan Li218,900218,900
Nidal Echaust217,400217,400
Patrick Serda216,700700
Aric Pluskat210,300210,300
Paul Miller210,10092,100
Juan Ignacio Pallotta209,000209,000
Timothy Burt204,9004,800
Kane Lai201,90068,900
Joe Foresman196,400196,400
David Ross194,700194,700
Chris Dombrowski192,600192,600
David Thomas191,100191,100
Jesper Hougaard190,00055,000
Benjamin Philipps189,900189,900
Jared Bleznick189,100123,100
Christopher MacFarland188,600188,600
Jimmy Kebe188,200200
Michael Marder185,700125,700
Daniel Strelitz185,30011,300
Pavao Vujnovac184,800184,800
Johnnie Moreno184,0000
Rory Brown181,100-18,900
Timothy McDermott181,100181,100
Qui Nguyen180,50065,500
Samuel Hughes180,300180,300
Jeff Lisandro180,10045,100
Sebastian Dornbracht178,200178,200
Adria Diaz177,500177,500
Robert Chudobiak177,100177,100
Henrik Hecklen175,200175,200
Anton Morgenstern174,40036,400
Faraz Jaka174,10057,600
Alex Foxen173,200-61,800
Georgios Karakousis173,00094,500
Pierre Barthlemy172,200172,200
Sara Hall171,40025,400
Matthew Ellis171,100171,100
David Rees170,400170,400
Reed Hensel169,40014,400
Daniel Nygard169,400169,400
Gregory Fishberg168,800168,800
Michael Burch168,300168,300
Michael Laufer167,800167,800
Mick Heder167,100167,100
William Tonking167,100167,100
Ronni Borg167,100167,100
Kevin Igersheim167,00030,000
Dong Guo166,800166,800
Andrew Pacifico166,3000
Perry Friedman165,3000
Ziran Xiao165,300165,300
Josh King165,100165,100
Martin Kabrhel164,50014,500
Philippe Dauteuil164,100164,100
Luis Rodriguez Cruz164,100164,100
Matthew Doyle163,70062,300
Todd Poland163,400163,400
Joseph Ardern163,200163,200
Lewis Gallo162,400162,400
Joey Weissman161,60041,600
Paul Mannoni161,300161,300
Ryan Berger161,200161,200
Dan Owen161,20046,200
Didrik Mantor159,900159,900
Yee How Lee158,600158,600
Marc Macdonnell158,30018,000
Jordan Jurow158,300158,300
Adam Levy157,10087,100
Adam Swan154,70013,700
Jason Bullock154,200154,200
Jack Sinclair153,80045,800
Vitalijs Zavorotnijs152,40031,400
Dmitry Yurasov152,100152,100
Brian Green152,100-4,900
Maxx Coleman151,900151,900
Robert Rini151,300151,300
Dejan Pustoslemsek151,200151,200
Steven Markowitz151,100151,100
Michael Stembera150,800150,800
Hector Meana150,300150,300
Kevin Law149,900149,900
Justin Young149,900-30,100
Joel Feldman149,800-2,400
Timothy Pughsley149,500149,500
Brant Taylor148,9000
Judson Joplin147,500147,500
Andy Hwang146,900146,900
Isaac Baron146,600146,600
Fabrice Soulier146,40012,400
Carlton Taylor146,200146,200
Jonathan Lawson145,300145,300
Richard Anthony145,000145,000
Brian Rush144,80014,800
Ronnie Pease143,700143,700
Daichi Tominga143,500143,500
Steve Constantino141,700141,700
Eric Gong141,20093,200
Sergei Verbitski140,700140,700
Nick Grippo140,40063,700
Laurent Manderlier139,600139,600
Sergio Castelluccio139,500139,500
Jiachen Gong139,20025,500
Simon Casserly139,200139,200
Joseph Mcdermott138,500138,500
Rami Boukai138,40010,400
David Farber137,700137,700
Mark Sandness137,600137,600
Shawn Quinn137,5000
Thomas McTeer137,300137,300
Kelly Minkin137,100-26,900
Michael Kane137,000137,000
Jesse Smith136,600136,600
Clayton Kalisek136,500-13,500
Michael Loncar135,800135,800
Francis Anderson135,700-7,300
Duane Blanchard135,300135,300
Alan Schein135,00062,000
Scott Neuman134,200134,200
Michael Moore (SD)133,000133,000
Brandon Hill132,900132,900
Adam Greenberg132,200132,200
Christoph Richter131,900131,900
Jon Gisler131,800131,800
David Farah131,700131,700
Billy Baxter131,500-9,900
Maria McAlpin131,20025,200
Ryan Dersch130,200130,200
David Miscikowski130,000130,000
Athanasios Polychronopoulos129,80060,800
Matthew Maccaroni129,50055,500
John Dolan129,40076,900
Niklas ├ůstedt129,30059,300
Igor Kurganov129,10096,100
Allen Nielson129,000129,000
Steven Grybas128,800128,800
Tobias Duthweiler127,9009,900
Dien Le127,900127,900
Stevan Chew127,700127,700
Shenming Yin127,600127,600
Sean Lindsey127,500127,500
Romain Lewis127,400127,400
Connor Drinan127,400-13,600
Michael Sutton (CA)127,200127,200
Ryan Day126,900-48,100
Derek Harrington126,900126,900
Martins Adeniya126,200-38,800
Rabeh Ebeed126,000126,000
Steven Nichols125,900125,900
Robert McLaughlin125,500125,500
Richard Mckeever125,400125,400
Daniel Kohnen124,500124,500
Andrew Glauberg124,400124,400
Brian Hastings124,20039,200
Elliott Kampen124,100124,100
Alberto Destrade124,000124,000
Aaron Messmer123,800-200
Brent Wheeler123,700123,700
Carlos Hey123,500123,500
Francisco Fragoso123,400123,400
Jesse Copley123,200123,200
Lauren Monosson123,000123,000
Dan O'Brien122,80064,900
Michael Shanahan122,4000
Jared Hamby122,3005,300
Lars Bonding122,20047,200
Jared Kwong121,800121,800
Sean Barringer121,600121,600
Jonathan Depa121,600-44,400
Chase Bianchi121,20041,200
Tyler Patterson121,20024,200
Jan Suchanek121,100121,100
Timothy Vukson120,900120,900
Matt Glantz120,800-25,200
Daryl Roberts120,600120,600
Barny Boatman120,0005,000
Ali Eslami119,90067,900
Jeremy Ausmus119,80059,800
Federico Quevedo119,200119,200
Chris Lindh119,000119,000
Christian Conrad118,500118,500
Michael Ehrhart118,400118,400
Pim Gieles118,100118,100
Brian Smithx117,800117,800
Jim Carroll117,10044,100
Alexander Krisak117,000117,000
Yaji Ren117,000117,000
Morten Mortensen116,9007,900
Blaz Zerjav116,80093,300
Tyler Dickinson116,700116,700
Allen Cunningham116,70051,700
Uri Reichenstein116,500116,500
Parker Drew116,400116,400
Andrew Graham116,100116,100
Brett Maistri115,600115,600
Sarah Bilney115,400115,400
Anthony March115,0000
Kindah Sakkal115,000115,000
Tony Dunst114,9009,900
Hiren Patel114,800114,800
Maged Botros114,800114,800
Mark Gerecke114,700700
Matthew Farmer114,200114,200
Eduards Kudrjavcevs114,200-55,800
Mark Stockton113,900113,900
Clayton Saliba113,800-100
Lawrence Scholl113,700113,700
Arlie Shaban113,60013,600
Cecil Gabbidon113,600113,600
Jeffrey Schwimmer112,900112,900
Adam Cress112,800112,800
Roberto Perez112,500112,500
Dennis Rubba111,400111,400
Alon Eldar111,3000
Mark Stevens111,00016,000
Donald Blum110,800110,800
James Whittinghill110,600110,600
Scott Sanders110,500-4,500
Elias Gutierrez110,100110,100
William Pengelly110,000110,000
Carl Cajuste110,000110,000
Kalidou Sow110,00010,000
Salvatore Popolo109,900109,900
Jason Lester109,70040,700
Nick Caltabiano109,600109,600
Brian Rast109,10066,100
Nghia Le (FL)109,100109,100
Brett Bader108,700108,700
Katharina Clark108,600-6,200
George Burroughs108,600108,600
Kelly Andrews108,500108,500
Roi Perran108,500108,500
Daniel Jordan108,300108,300
Eric Barnes108,300108,300
Adam Sherman108,200-51,800
Joonas Helin108,20018,200
Camilla Reventlow108,100108,100
Artem Skakun108,00029,000
Kristofer Kneele107,400107,400
Alexander Ziskin107,100107,100
Thomas Haarstad106,800106,800
Michael Rossitto106,700106,700
Matt Livingston106,600106,600
Richard Tinsley106,500106,500
Jeffrey Tugwell105,70040,700
Craig Hartman105,5001,500
Jason Pritchard105,500105,500
James Calderaro105,300-4,700
Jacqueline Burkhart105,100105,100
Anna Antimony105,00012,000
John Andress104,900-2,100
Jerod Smith104,700-3,300
Donald Schiavone104,00027,000
Aki Pyysing104,00050,000
Wayne Whittinghill103,900103,900
Andrew Hulme103,700103,700
Louis Papadelias103,700103,700
David Manikos103,600103,600
Zaher Sayegh103,40039,100
Sepande Mochaver103,200103,200
Tony Bracy103,200-31,800
Matthew Moss103,00048,100
Stephen Ma103,000103,000
Dmytro Lytvynov102,600102,600
Bradley Golomb102,500102,500
Veerab Zakarian102,5007,500
Bahman Jahanguiri102,300102,300
Christopher Hayes102,100102,100
Michael Blake102,000102,000
Colin McHugh101,700101,700
Dmitrii Kamalov101,600101,600
Colbey Cleckler101,300101,300
Arron Woodcock101,200101,200
David Valone101,200101,200
Jeffrey Pringle101,200-21,800
Jeffrey Dewitt101,100101,100
Gereon Sowa101,000101,000
Kristina Holst101,000-8,000
Sebastian Percy-Smith101,00043,000
Eric Garma100,800100,800
Andrey Pateychuk100,800100,800
Jarod Einsohn100,70037,700
Loc Nguyen100,600100,600
Keith Sims100,400100,400
Brian Dennis100,200100,200
Joseph Palma100,100100,100
Craig Mccorkell100,000-4,900
Romain Nussmann100,000-31,000
Vladimir Geshkenbein100,000100,000
Paul Smith99,90099,900
Michael Sanders99,9002,900
Florian Fuchs99,500-30,500
Ruslan Gazaev99,10099,100
Omri Moga99,10099,100
Troy Brandwein98,90098,900
Hoyt Corkins98,80098,800
Casey Diener98,400-6,600
Qing Lu98,30098,300
Robert Mitchell98,30098,300
Michael Stein98,00098,000
Shintaro Baba97,80097,800
Beau Wilshire97,70097,700
David Singontiko97,60026,600
Vadim Baranovsky97,40097,400
Huidong Gu97,20097,200
Chao Duan96,9001,900
Benjamin Grise96,500-500
Rene Lazaro96,30034,300
Armin Rezaei96,30096,300
Justin Bonomo96,00012,500
James Buckley95,90095,900
Denise Pratt95,700-14,300
Neel Choksi95,60095,600
James Cavanaugh95,50095,500
Carl Brewington95,40095,400
Jonathan Martinelli95,10095,100
Joshua Boulton95,00095,000
Chris Moneymaker95,000-9,000
Christine Gresko95,00095,000
Jorge Cuello94,80094,800
Janjoost Vandenbogert94,60094,600
Brent Roberts94,300-8,700
Jordan Kaplan94,20094,200
Craig Spalding93,70093,700
Robert Hankins93,00093,000
Tomer Daniel92,600-6,400
Patrick Ledbetter92,60092,600
Fevzi Gulsen92,50092,500
Michael Marvanek92,40092,400
Samuel Devers92,30092,300
Michael Dinardi92,20092,200
Alexander Turyansky92,20023,200
Andreas Wagner91,80091,800
Andrei Razov91,50091,500
Michael Lang91,20024,200
Nicholas Petitti91,00091,000
Hunter Frey90,60090,600
Xiaowei Tan90,00090,000
Michael Higginson89,80089,800
Jacky Jiang89,70089,700
Jeffrey Smith89,40089,400
Yvonne Szumski89,300-17,700
Kyle Knecht89,10027,100
Paulo Villena89,00089,000
Paulius Plausinaitis89,00089,000
Zachery Wall88,80088,800
Natalia Breviglieri88,60088,600
Sean Magee88,50010,500
Igor Merda88,20088,200
Chris Johnson88,100100
Ryan Dodge88,00088,000
Matt Waxman87,90015,900
Jonathan Bryan87,80087,800
Kevin Rabichow87,500-35,500
Heidi May87,30028,300
Thomas Gabriel87,30087,300
Gary Fisher87,10087,100
Sebastian Pauli87,00087,000
Robert Georato86,60086,600
Dan Schmiech86,40086,400
Aharon Tsveniashvili86,30086,300
Thomas Cardona86,30086,300
Keith Gipson86,300-4,400
Steven Larro85,90085,900
Alexander Tumay85,90085,900
Dennis Cronin85,70085,700
Michael Lavoie85,50085,500
Thanh Tran85,400-4,600
Steven Forman85,40085,400
Aaron Steury85,300-6,700
Mark Nelson85,30028,300
John Hall85,20085,200
Zachary Donovan85,10085,100
Bruno Gmur85,00085,000
Thomas Wheaton84,60084,600
Joshua Ahler84,50084,500
William Gray84,30084,300
Kurt Lichtman84,30084,300
Bruce Hensel84,10084,100
Eric Hicks84,00084,000
Matthew Smith83,90083,900
DID NOT REPORT 283,80083,800
Joao Barbosa83,70083,700
Elise Rosen83,70083,700
Chris Foster83,70083,700
Terry Grimes83,60046,600
Domenico Maurici83,30083,300
Icha Ux83,30083,300
Jonathan Borenstein83,20028,200
Nick DiVella83,0000
Eric Lescot82,90082,900
Derek Sudell82,80082,800
Thomas Syversen82,70082,700
Robert Elias82,50082,500
Samuel Gagnon82,50082,500
Kevin MacPhee82,500-29,500
Samuel Phillips82,50082,500
Edward Paloian82,50082,500
Colm Galloway82,20082,200
Todd Sloane81,90081,900
Michael Sharabi81,90081,900
Franklin Yao81,90081,900
Matthew Kassela81,90081,900
Tim Finne81,90046,900
Doyle Elliott81,60081,600
Khang Pham81,60081,600
Jonathan Pence81,40081,400
Timothy Flanders81,3004,300
Lanny Vaysman81,20081,200
Andreas Hagen80,90080,900
Jeffrey Surdez80,60080,600
Kyung Jung80,60080,600
Tate Reynolds80,50080,500
Ye Shen80,10080,100
David James80,10080,100
Simon Deadman80,000-9,000
John Dunn80,000-13,000
Steven Fuhrman80,00080,000
Brett Richey79,80015,800
William Cheeseman79,7006,200
Yevgeniy Fidchuk79,60079,600
Adam Ross (GA)79,50079,500
Abhinav Iyer79,50021,500
Pedro Tarantino Pimentel78,90078,900
Youcheng Jiang78,90078,900
Vincent Maglio78,80078,800
Matthew Gonzales78,70078,700
Scott Blackman78,50078,500
Troy Quenneville78,30055,300
Tom Bedell77,70077,700
Steven Mavrikos77,60077,600
Mark Fowler77,60077,600
Katharina Sohren77,60077,600
Kiran Majmudar77,40077,400
David Margi77,40077,400
Matthew Wood77,3008,900
David Neiman77,30077,300
Adi Abugazal77,200-17,800
Joshua Greenberg76,90076,900
Marshall Schraibman76,90076,900
Michael Maresca76,70076,700
David Knudsen76,60076,600
Kao Saechao76,50015,500
Fabian Gumz76,40026,400
Romuaid Pycior76,30076,300
Jay Farber76,3005,500
Corey Thompson76,20076,200
Austin Morin76,20076,200
Hye Park76,00027,000
Daniel Melten75,600-49,400
Jerry Burgess75,10075,100
Craig Strobel75,10075,100
David Roepke75,00075,000
Anders Wessman74,80074,800
Jason Strasser74,70074,700
Terrence Walsh74,50074,500
John Justice74,50074,500
Andrew Nguyen (Milpitas)74,40074,400
Aditya Prasetyo74,3009,300
Jony Farah74,20074,200
Matthew Brooks74,10074,100
Joey Spanne74,10074,100
Adam Krach74,00074,000
Tim Lim73,90073,900
Dan Santoro73,70038,700
Elio Fox73,40033,200
David Hay73,400-59,600
DID NOT REPORT 173,20073,200
Maximilian Schierl73,10073,100
James Hundt72,90044,900
Yaser Al-Keliddar72,900900
Steven Sobel72,90072,900
Gabriel Johnson72,50072,500
Todd DiMartino72,5000
Martins Kleins72,50072,500
Jennifer Shahade72,4009,400
Scott Mahin72,30072,300
Maksim Prokhorov72,30072,300
Hans Joachim Hein72,30072,300
Milos Skrbic72,20072,200
John Anderson72,10072,100
Denis Ethier72,00072,000
Alex Bolotin72,000-21,000
Francisco Araujo72,00072,000
Andjelko Andrejevic72,0000
Robert Black71,90071,900
Charles Sickmeir71,80071,800
William McMahon71,70020,800
Stuart Marshak71,50071,500
Santiago Soriano71,30071,300
Daniel Wendorf71,20071,200
George Mcdonald71,20071,200
Endri Foto71,10071,100
Shane Douglas71,10035,100
Daniel Monosson71,00071,000
Ning Sun70,80070,800
Angela Jordison70,60070,600
Jacob Mcdonald70,50070,500
Scott Herbertson70,10070,100
Eric Semel70,000-27,000
Chanracy Khun70,0000
Nicholas Skyllas69,70069,700
Jakob Madsen69,70069,700
Aleksandr Shevliakov69,60069,600
Tom Koral69,600-6,400
Garrett Greer69,300-2,200
Ivan Emanuely69,2001,200
Alan Wentz69,10069,100
Richard Thomas69,00069,000
Stefan Huber69,00069,000
Elena Stover68,90068,900
Nenad Cvetkovic68,90068,900
Anthony Hu68,80036,800
Nabih Zaczac68,60068,600
Veselin Karakitukov68,50068,500
Christopher Brewer68,40068,400
Austin Lewis68,30068,300
Christopher Barrett68,3003,300
Jason Les68,100-1,900
Alistair Hill68,10068,100
Frank Papasodero68,00068,000
Michael Dunn67,90067,900
William Mitchell67,60067,600
Yaron Wasserman67,50067,500
Michael Graffeo67,2002,200
Brandon Newsome67,20067,200
Leonard Sande67,10067,100
Ahmad Popal66,80066,800
Justin Hutton66,70066,700
Antonio Graziano66,70066,700
Carson Ha66,50066,500
Andrew Sullivan66,40066,400
William Thompson66,10066,100
Edward Ross66,10066,100
Matthew Volosevich66,00066,000
Raul Martinez66,00066,000
Nate Bandy65,80028,800
Kunal Jain65,80065,800
Artur Coelho65,70065,700
Alan Brodsky65,500200
Karl Tretter65,40065,400
Mo Chen65,2004,200
Dennis Zollo65,100-29,900
Adam Johnson65,00065,000
Joshua Thibodaux64,90064,900
Mark Owens64,90064,900
Kento Mori64,70064,700
Zu Zhou64,40064,400
Trung Tran64,30064,300
Max Steinberg64,300-2,800
Jared Griener64,20015,200
Daniel Choi64,20064,200
Weiyi Mo64,10064,100
Cyril Andre64,10064,100
Ben Yu63,6001,600
Jakob Miegel63,10063,100
Andrew Flaherty62,900-9,100
Alan Cummins62,50062,500
Chris Marrone62,40062,400
Ying Jin62,300-13,200
Randall Emmett62,3001,300
Severin Schleser62,20062,200
Sean Connell62,10062,100
Silvio Crisari62,00062,000
Viktor Rau61,90061,900
Marc Emond61,90061,900
Stephan Kohlstetter61,800-8,200
Georgios Kitsios61,70028,700
Damian Salas61,5004,300
Jurgen Wenigwieser61,40061,400
Kyle Nelson61,30061,300
Ivonir Bento61,00061,000
Louis Decanio61,00061,000
Richard Sheils60,90060,900
Roland Deslippe60,80060,800
Truong Nguyen60,70060,700
Michel Dattani60,70060,700
Rick Vanbruggen60,60060,600
Justin Gavri60,50060,500
Bryan Devonshire60,400400
Jeffrey Cullis60,40060,400
Jason Cooper60,30060,300
Anthony Morzillo60,20060,200
Louis Pfaff60,00060,000
Robert Flowers60,00060,000
Aaron Mathis60,00060,000
Andrew Rubin60,00060,000
Metin Aksoy60,00060,000
Donnacha O'Dea60,0000
John Dapkus59,90059,900
Daniel Chess59,80059,800
Kenneth Hicks59,80059,800
Rodrigo Garcia59,60059,600
Satchit Kapur59,10059,100
Noah Bronstein59,00013,000
Donna Lawton58,800-8,700
Matthew Bomeisl58,70058,700
Bryan Frenchak58,30058,300
Vladimir Vasilyev58,10058,100
Jonathan Fader57,90057,900
Nestor Martinez57,90057,900
Stan Jablonski57,900-23,100
Michael Debs57,90057,900
Mike Gorodinsky57,8007,300
Tommy Hoard57,70057,700
Mark Groner57,70057,700
Adrian Buckley57,50057,500
Erik Seidel57,4007,400
Bertrand Rosique57,20057,200
Igor Grytsak57,200-2,800
Nicholas Augustino57,000-18,000
Ye Zhan56,90056,900
Rogen Chhabra56,800-21,300
Adrian Apmann56,80056,800
Jeff Flannery56,70056,700
Barry Fleishman56,70056,700
John Gordon56,70056,700
Alexander Fitzgerald56,50056,500
Clayton Fletcher56,40020,400
Taylor West56,30056,300
Brayden Gazlay56,30056,300
David Papais56,20056,200
Michael Coombs56,000-41,300
Paul Varano56,00056,000
Paul Balzano55,700-16,300
Giuseppe Liantonio55,70055,700
Terence Etim55,5007,500
Steve Zolotow55,50012,500
Jack Shea55,4000
Jean Souprayenmestry55,30055,300
Bruce Kramer55,00055,000
Thomer Pidun54,80054,800
Nicholas Andricopulos54,80054,800
Matthew Zola54,70054,700
Koen Breed54,60054,600
Kevin Andriamahefa54,60010,800
Thomas Amato54,30054,300
Arsens Sakanjans54,10054,100
Shuaipeng Fang54,00054,000
Lawrence Wayne54,00054,000
Kyle Burnside53,50053,500
Cheetom Mason53,50053,500
Kami Hudson53,500-3,600
Shay Sarusi53,40024,400
Gennadiy Dvosis53,30053,300
Mark Ader53,20053,200
Monika Zukowicz53,20053,200
Peter Lee53,10053,100
Jacob Davis53,10053,100
Jonas Mackoff53,1000
Don Himpele52,90052,900
Mathew Moore52,70052,700
Fadi Hamad52,40052,400
Eric Roque52,30052,300
Omiros Mairou52,23052,230
Gregory White52,20052,200
Dwayne Pelham52,100-32,900
Steve Ryan52,000-2,000
Michael Gathy52,00052,000
Bryan Zuriff51,800-46,700
Tiffany Lee51,70051,700
Brandon Taff51,60051,600
Scott Montgomery51,60018,600
Thomas Yenowine51,600-22,300
Tobias Hariefeld51,30051,300
Marc Goone51,20051,200
Jay Romano51,000-24,000
Adam Dipasquale50,90050,900
Per Hildebrand50,70050,700
William Richmond50,50050,500
David Savarese50,300-32,700
Marius Pospiech50,300-15,000
Stephen Mitchell50,30050,300
Abdulla Alemadi50,10050,100
Joel Micka50,00050,000
Neil Webber49,80049,800
Christopher Graydon49,80049,800
Jose Chavez49,80049,800
Ali Shojania49,70049,700
Ronald Lankin49,50049,500
Jacob Ferro49,40049,400
Benjamin Ludlow49,3006,800
Jamie Dawick49,10049,100
Erick Lee48,60048,600
Mark Mazza48,60028,600
Sean Dunwoodie48,500-700
David Scatchard48,30048,300
Angel Ruiz48,2001,200
Michael Delvecchio48,20048,200
Kevin Berthelsen48,100-12,200
Jean Said48,000-18,000
Aaron Willson47,500-25,100
Wissam Abraham47,50047,500
Alex Keating47,2001,400
Niel Mittelman47,00047,000
Michael Jagroo47,00047,000
David Fricke47,00047,000
Nathan Watson46,80046,800
William Hjorth46,700-49,300
Timothy Acker46,6000
Doris Gresik46,40046,400
Sean Spector46,400-20,800
Joshua Rosengarten46,20046,200
Julie Bonnett46,10046,100
Edward Holyoke46,100100
Albert Vorbe46,00046,000
Andy Black46,00014,800
John Reynolds45,50045,500
Jonty Obrien45,50045,500
Tai Nguyen45,30045,300
Richard Raisman45,30045,300
Vikram Kumar Palanisamy45,30045,300
Rustam Hajiyev45,00045,000
Ema Zajmovic45,0005,000
Stephen Chidwick45,000-27,200
James Hughes44,900-14,100
Larry Smart44,800-8,200
Shipeng Dai44,80044,800
Roman Lanzerstorfer44,80044,800
Clayton Maguire44,70044,700
Anthony Newman44,60044,600
Thomas Janitzky44,60044,600
Steven Gale44,50044,500
Scott Mayfield44,5002,500
Terry Taieb44,30044,300
Joe Leibman44,20044,200
Marius Meier44,10044,100
Davian Santana44,0000
Kevin Glenn44,00044,000
David Mock43,900-4,500
Steven Sanzaro43,80043,800
Bin Duan43,70043,700
Danny Ghobrial43,500-28,500
Edward Sebesta43,40043,400
Warren Jurkowitz43,40043,400
John Bolton43,30043,300
Sean Hegarty43,20043,200
Andreas Klatt43,10043,100
Liran Twito43,000-3,000
Edward Mcnamara42,70042,700
Francisco Neto42,60042,600
Alan Jacobs42,50042,500
Daniel Sprung42,50042,500
Randy Sloane42,40042,400
James Sullivan42,20042,200
Ky Badgley42,20042,200
Harold Lilie42,10042,100
Robert Radman42,00042,000
Ardit Kurshumi42,00042,000
Grant Denison41,800-1,200
Ming Zhu41,60041,600
Daniel DiPasquale41,60041,600
Igor Yaroshevskyy41,50010,500
Ryan Snow41,500-30,000
Giovanni Camardella41,40041,400
Sundeep Sangany41,30041,300
Gene Raman41,10041,100
Christopher Backhouse41,00041,000
Matthew Olin41,00041,000
Eric Fields41,00041,000
Vazgen Ohanian40,90040,900
Darwin Valdez40,70040,700
Ignacio Hidalgo40,60040,600
Julien Loire40,400-21,600
Seth Kaplan40,30040,300
Brian Vu40,30040,300
Corentin Briglia40,30040,300
Amer Akkawi40,200-21,800
Michael Hunsucker40,20040,200
Daniel Fuhs40,20040,200
Minh Nguyen40,00040,000
Bryan Newman40,00040,000
Kyle Miholich39,70039,700
James McCaffrey39,30039,300
Jeremiah Callahan39,10039,100
Klas Lofberg38,70038,700
Richard Lee38,60038,600
Lin Hongyin38,50038,500
Hafiz Khan38,20038,200
Michael Russell38,20038,200
Shawn Barnett38,10038,100
Martin Mathis38,1005,600
Yegor Moroz37,60037,600
Daniel Stickel37,50037,500
BJ McBrayer37,50037,500
Sergi Reixach37,4009,900
Mark Darner37,400-19,600
Bradley Hertz37,40037,400
Thida Lin37,00037,000
Jonathan Dwek36,80036,800
Zhou Hongking36,70036,700
Carlos Chadha-Villamarin36,30036,300
Lawrence Senibaldi36,20036,200
Steffen Kylevik36,20036,200
William Gibbons36,00036,000
Karyn Gordon35,80035,800
Rafael Lopez35,80035,800
Eemil Tuominen35,50035,500
Ian Davis35,400-29,600
Silvio Panoscha35,30035,300
Richard Morton35,00035,000
John Pierce35,00035,000
Mark Burford34,80034,800
Zackary Estes34,70034,700
Jake Schwartz34,4009,400
Daniel Moravec34,000-11,400
Richard Harroch33,90033,900
Joshua Miller33,90033,900
Albert Riccobono33,60033,600
Alex Jim33,60033,600
Gerard Cassis33,50033,500
Joshua Zimmerman33,20033,200
Martin Wong33,20033,200
Michael Ruane33,2000
Melissa French33,00033,000
Steven Gurney-Goldman33,00033,000
Peter Mak33,00033,000
Jordan Siegel32,800-4,200
Stanley Tang32,70032,700
Faramarz Firoozabadi32,50032,500
Niko Soininen32,30032,300
Drew Dumanski31,90031,900
Tony Bloom31,900-100
Jacob Rasmussen31,80031,800
Dana Parham31,80031,800
Ryo Kotake31,80031,800
Robert Weiner31,70031,700
Peter Kelly31,60031,600
Frank De Feo31,50031,500
Leo Margets31,5005,300
Emily Larson31,10031,100
Michael Weber31,00031,000
Marvin Rettenmaier30,800-12,200
Ely Keysar30,80030,800
Jeremy Menard30,5002,500
Armin Ghojehvand29,80029,800
Brian Hansen29,700-30,300
Manuel Mutke29,6000
Michael Amato29,60029,600
James Dempsey29,50018,500
Manfred Ferber29,50029,500
Carter King29,40029,400
Dustin An29,30029,300
Katherine Fleck29,300-30,500
Charles Sylvestre29,20029,200
Matthew Levine29,00029,000
William Draper29,00029,000
Sam Chartier29,000-39,000
Christoph Lovett29,00029,000
David Bach28,900-19,100
Jeffrey Kogok28,70028,700
Andy Tsai28,500-10,500
Martin Clark28,00028,000
Russell Schwartz28,00028,000
Fan Zheng27,40027,400
Neil Patel (IL)26,70026,700
Gaelle Baumann26,200-54,300
Benjamin Jensen26,00026,000
Richard Demerle25,90025,900
Gary Bowker25,80025,800
Danny Illingworth25,800-27,200
Naoya Kihara25,700-53,300
Andy Bloch25,30025,300
Christopher Squillario24,80024,800
Paul Stadtmueller24,70024,700
Brett Haggard24,50024,500
Aaron Running24,500-21,500
Frosty Gilliam24,20024,200
Toby Lewis24,1007,100
Brian Whiteman24,100-108,000
Artem Zverkhovskyy23,90023,900
Senthuran Vijayaratnam23,800-54,200
Scott Gordon23,70023,700
Roland Shen23,60023,600
Steven Daoud23,100100
Jacob Perry23,00023,000
Rohan Dhawan23,00023,000
Nelson Beck23,00023,000
Mian Wei23,00023,000
Zhao Ge23,00023,000
Michael Jensen22,90022,900
Matthew Ara22,90022,900
Bruce Rosen22,90022,900
Christopher Leslie22,70022,700
Aleksejs Ponakovs22,60022,600
Aresh Shirazi22,40022,400
Michael Postal22,20022,200
Howard Mash21,700-1,800
Dan Smith21,700-14,300
Elizabeth Cahill21,40021,400
Ilir Iskali21,30021,300
Ales Vrana21,20021,200
Steven Morris21,10021,100
Daniel Nocher20,800-61,200
William Harder20,700-48,800
Richard Napolitano20,70020,700
Abraham Passet20,30020,300
Luke Marsh20,00020,000
Ty Reiman19,600-5,400
Cylus Watson19,50019,500
Artem Metalidi19,30019,300
Cameron Lemmons19,0000
Robert Lee18,900-18,800
Jasven Saigal18,60018,600
Baoqiang Ho18,50018,500
Andrew Christiansen18,30018,300
Paul Sexton18,2000
Chris Bjorin18,000-22,300
Hanoch Guttman18,00018,000
Justin Warner17,90017,900
Peter Jetten17,80017,800
Greg Rankich17,60017,600
Jeffrey Tanouye17,50017,500
Manas Gandhi17,40017,400
Jakub Wojtas17,30017,300
James Anderson17,200-22,800
Valentino Konakchiev16,80016,800
Robert Zeidman16,70016,700
Sergei Kislinskii16,50016,500
Brent Francia16,50016,500
Michael Hamm16,40016,400
James Church16,300-51,700
Alec Torelli15,600-49,400
Randy Floyd15,50015,500
Anthony Noreen14,80014,800
Kwong Ip14,00014,000
Kevin Chan14,00014,000
Jamie Brown13,80013,800
Dan Kuntzman13,500-14,400
Cliff Goldkind13,50013,500
Ari Shin13,10013,100
Thomas Hueber12,30012,300
Torrey Korsog12,00012,000
Lucas Picking12,00012,000
Jeffrey Platt11,000300
Jonathan Karamalikis10,900-49,100
Kima Kimura10,60010,600
Dylan Wilkerson10,100-36,500
Scott Cassidy10,00010,000
Jonathan Zimmer6,000-43,000
David Pope3,2003,200
Lauren Roberts1-74,999
Rachid Amamou1-40,499
Jerold Saeman1-212,499
Drake Espenlaub11
Seth Berger1-101,999
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:44 AM Local Time
Mackoff Wins One Late

Jonas Mackoff

Jonas Mackoff raised to 1,400 in middle position and the player in the small blind called.

The flop landed     and both players checked to reveal the   on the turn.

Mackoff bet 2,000, and the small blind check-folded.

Jonas Mackoff53,100-2,900
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:40 AM Local Time
Four More Hands

With just 10 minutes remaining in the level, the Tournament Director has announced that there will be just four more hands remaining on Day 1a.

Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:37 AM Local Time
Last Round of Chip Counts - Amazon Orange
Perry Friedman154,5009,900
Aaron Messmer124,00030,000
Scott Sanders115,0007,900
Simon Deadman89,00036,000
Mo Chen61,000-17,000
Michael Ruane33,200-25,600
Kevin Gimble0-17,600
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:36 AM Local Time
Katie Lindsay Eliminated

According to tablemate Scott Sanders, Katie Lindsay was dusted in a rather peculiar manner. A player limped in from under the gun and the player directly to his left raised to 2,200. Action folded around to Katie Lindsay who shoved all in for around her last 12,000 or a little bit more. The limper from under the gun called and then the original raiser to his left reraised all in. The limper called and all three hands were tabled.

Both Lindsay and the player who raised in the hand had    and the player who limped in had   . The flop came     and the turn and river did not fill up the backdoor straight outs, sending her home before the end of the night.

Katie Lindsay0-41,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:34 AM Local Time
Rice Takes Huge Pot of Over 150K from Zakarian

Veerab Zakarian who had a chip stack was involved in a hand with Raymond Rice. The pot already had more than 55,000 in the middle on a flop reading    . Rice bet 15,000 and Zakarian called. The turn was the  . Both players checked tentatively.

The river was the  . Zakarian was first to act and thought for about 20 seconds before checking. Rice then reached into his stack and cut out a bet of 33,500. Zakarian went deep into the tanking for about two minutes before eventually calling.

Rice turned over    and Zakarian mucked to create a large shift in chips at the table in the over 100,000 pot.

Raymond Travis Rice290,000197,000
Veerab Zakarian95,000-65,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:31 AM Local Time
Smith in Amazon

Dan Smith (in a previous event)

Dan Smith is sat in Amazon Tan and though he has dwindled to less than starting stack, he is still likely to induce fear among everyone at his table. Currently sat in ninth-place on the all-time money list, Smith is certainly a formidable opponent, with a third-place in last year's Big One for One Drop amongst his many achievements.

Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:28 AM Local Time
Anderson Stays Alive

James Anderson bet 5,500 on a      board, and his opponent in the big blind called. The river brought the  , and the big bline check-folded to an all-in 16,100 bet from Anderson.

James Anderson40,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:23 AM Local Time
More Chip Counts from Amazon Orange
Craig Chait270,00052,000
Michael Miller246,200
Patrick Serda216,000-2,000
Daniel Strelitz174,00061,000
Romain Nussmann131,000-33,000
Barny Boatman115,0004,000
Timothy Flanders77,00033,000
Mike Del Vecchio48,000-53,000
Kevin Andriamahefa43,80013,800
Steve Watts0-23,800
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:20 AM Local Time
Moneymaker Chipping Up

Following the turn of a      board with about 11,000 in the pot, Chris Moneymaker checked from the small blind and the player in the cutoff bet 11,500. Moneymaker called and both checked the   river.

Moneymaker showed   , his opponent mucked and Moneymaker collected the pot.

Chris Moneymaker104,00040,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:05 AM Local Time
Deja Vu for Duan?

Rewinding back to the beginning of the day and Chao Duan was involved in a big pot that he lost against Jean Said. There were three deuces on the board and he called a big raise on the river, to be shown quads.

He was in a similar situation just now. Tobias Duthweiler had opened the cutoff and Duan called the button before the small blind made it three-handed to the flop. On a     flop, the small blind checked and Duthweiler made it 8,300 to go. Only Duan called, taking them heads up to the turn.

It was the   and Duthweiler bet 28,500, leaving 50,000 and change behind. Duan tried to engage him in table talk, even asking if Duthweiler had a six. Perhaps the memory of the hand earlier had something to do with his decision or perhaps not, either way he decided to lay it down.

Tobias Duthweiler118,000118,000
Chao Duan95,00021,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:04 AM Local Time
Altman Eliminated by Feldman

Brian Altman

WPT Champions Club member Brian Altman raised to 1,200 from under the gun, and Australian Joel Feldman three-bet to 3,600 from the button.

The blinds passed, and Altman elected to four-bet to 12,000 total. Feldman called, and on the     flop, Altman continued for 7,000.

Feldman called and the turn landed the  . Altman checked, and Feldman bet 7,000.

Altman called, and when the river landed the  , he checked again.

Feldman placed out two 25,000-denomination green chips into the bet, and Altman began deliberating for his 32,500 total.

Several minutes passed before Altman called all in.

Feldman tabled his    for deuces full of kings, while Altman revealed his    for a lesser full house and headed to the rail.

Joel Feldman152,20067,200
Brian Altman0-58,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:01 AM Local Time
Chip Counts in Amazon Orange
Bryan Campanello340,00010,000
David Lolis245,00037,000
Billy Baxter141,400-1,600
Connor Drinan141,000-11,000
Faraz Jaka116,50031,500
Anthony March115,00027,000
Mark Gerecke114,000-57,000
Brian Hastings85,0006,000
Andy Tsai39,000-10,500
Steve Watts23,800-12,600
Lena Evans0-25,000
Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:00 AM Local Time
Chip Counts from Amazon Gold
Quentin Roussey232,00026,000
Brian Green157,00090,900
Adam Swan141,000-19,700
David Hay133,00026,000
Casey Diener105,0007,000
Seth Berger102,000-27,000
Keith Gipson90,700-9,500
Joel Feldman85,000-9,000
Carlos Chadha74,800-3,100
Brett Richey64,000-21,000
Brian Altman58,000-1,500
Jonas Mackoff56,000-42,000
Erik Seidel50,000-27,400
Benjamin Ludlow42,5006,900
Andy Black31,200-1,300
Leo Margets26,200-8,800
Steven Daoud23,000-14,500
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Wednesday, July 3, 2019 11:58 PM Local Time
Three Bets Needed to Fold Out Yu

Donald Schiavone bet on a flop of     and was called by Ben Yu. The turn was the   Schiavone led out again, for 5,000. Yu called again. The river was the   to wet the board more and Schiavone fired 11,000. Yu checked his cards and thought for a but befoe laying it down to the pressure.

Donald Schiavone77,00077,000
Ben Yu62,000-11,000
Wednesday, July 3, 2019 11:54 PM Local Time
Minkin Takes One Out

Kelly Minkin

With about 10,000 in the pot and the board reading     , Kelly Minkin bet 5,000 from middle position and her opponent on the button called.

The river was the  , Minkin bet effectively 9,500-ish and her opponent called all in with   .

Minkin, though, tabled    for queens and eights to eliminate her opponent.

Kelly Minkin164,00014,000
Wednesday, July 3, 2019 11:49 PM Local Time
Assorted Counts in Amazon Tan
Jimmy Kebe188,00028,000
Tony Dunst105,00026,500
Kalidou Sow100,00014,000
Wei Yi Mo82,000-7,000
Joe Tehan15,500-46,500
Jeffrey Platt12,200-1,300
Wednesday, July 3, 2019 11:46 PM Local Time
Play Resumes

Play has resumed. Players have one hour to go

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 11:27 PM Local Time
Last Break of the Night

Players are now on their last 20-minute break of the day. When they return they'll play the remaining one hour in Level 5. Here's a look at some highlights over the past two hours:

- Nguyen Wins With Big Slick

- Nygard Nears 300k With Bold Bluff

- Overbet Gets it Done for Kabrhel

- Fox's Bluff Runs Foul

- Platt Pays $10 to See the Ten

Playtika - Jason Alexander