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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, July 02, 2018 to Saturday, July 14, 2018

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $74,015,600
  • Entries: 7,874
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, July 9, 2018 11:30 AM Local Time
Nguyen Shoves Twice

From the button, Justin Nguyen shoved all in for 224,000 and went uncalled.

On the next hand, action folded to Nguyen in the cutoff, and he moved all in for 278,000 to pick up the blinds and antes.

Justin Nguyen314,000-31,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:29 AM Local Time
Da-Silva Wins After River Bet

Chris Da-Silva raised to 44,000 from under the gun and Jordan Cristos three-bet to 204,000 from middle position. Da-Silva made the call, and both players checked on the     flop. The turn brought the  , and both players checked again.

On the   river, Da-Silva bet 285,000. Both players had remained silent throughout the hand, and Cristos counted his chips for the first time after the bet had been made. He though for a minute before he let his go and Da-Silva picked up the pot.

Chris Da-Silva2,400,000470,000
Jordan Cristos525,000-257,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:26 AM Local Time
Double Knockout for Geyer

The action folded to Matt Mercurio in the hijack and he moved all in for 296,000. Adam Geyer re-shoved all in from the button for 464,000 and Zakarya Wolgamott put his last 300,000 in the pot from the small blind.

Adam Geyer:   
Matt Mercurio:   
Zakaray Wolgamott:   

The board ran out       and Geyer's pocket kings held up to earn the doubled knockout and chip up to over a million.

Adam Geyer1,250,000712,000
Zakarya Wolgamott0-334,000
Matt Mercurio0-350,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:25 AM Local Time
Mokrani Eliminated by Haro

Eric Sfez raised to 51,000 from early position, Alexander Haro three-bet to 126,000 from middle position and Mohamed Mokrani four-bet shoved from the cutoff for 576,000. Sfez folded and Haro called with   , leading Haro's   .

The board ran out      , safe for Haro to score the elimination.

Alexander Haro5,680,000649,000
Mohamed Mokrani0-662,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:25 AM Local Time
Kim Eliminateds Fedorkevich

Hyon Kim and Jimmy Fedorkevich got all their chip in the middle and we arrived when the entire board was already dealt.

Kim had    in front of him and Fedorkevich was holding   . The community cards that were on the table were       and that meant the kings of Kim were the strongest hand. After a second count, it was confirmed that Fedorkevich had fewer chips than Kim and he was sent to the cashier.

Hyon Kim1,500,000-110,000
Jimmy Fedorkevich0-765,100
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:24 AM Local Time
Ruthless River Earns a Double Up for Levy

Adam Levy

After a raise in late position from John Botticello, Adam Levy moved all in for 422,000. Action folded around back to Botticello who called.

Adam Levy:   
John Botticello:   

The flop came down     which kept Botticello in the lead with his queens and the   on the turn was safe as well. The river was the   though and that would earn Levy the pot as he made a pair of kings to double up to almost 900,000 chips.

John Botticello955,000-482,000
Adam Levy875,000396,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:22 AM Local Time
Pillai Eliminates De Graaff

After an under-the-gun open to 50,000, Johan De Graaff jammed for 265,000 in middle position. Shankar Pillai called on the button and everyone else folded.

Pillai revealed    and was leading against   . The     flop brought a straight draw for De Graaff but no further help emerged on the   turn or   river.

Shankar Pillai2,000,000420,000
Johan De Graaff0-313,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:21 AM Local Time
Tang Waits Until the River

Nicholas Petitti opened to 40,000 from middle position and Daniel Tang three-bet to 127,000 on the button. The action was back on Petitti who made the call.

The flop came     and both players checked to the   on the turn. Both players chose to see a free river card which was the  . Petitti checked for the third time and Tang announced all in, putting Petitti to the test for his remaining 430,000 chips. He thought for a minute but eventually let his hand go.

Daniel Tang3,080,000179,000
Nicholas Petitti430,000-43,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:18 AM Local Time
Early Double for Nelson

It was all-in preflop between Brian Borne and Dustin Nelson.

"I'm ahead," said Borne, tabling   . Nelson showed    and was flipping for his tournament life.

The flop came     giving Nelson the lead. In a peculiar sight, both players got to their feet to sweat the turn and river. The board ran out    and Nelson doubled through his opponent.

Brian Borne1,900,000-375,014
Dustin Nelson590,000290,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:16 AM Local Time
Jeckeln Wins Off Minkin

Kelly Minkin opened to 50,000 from middle position and Andres Jeckeln called in late position, as did Dong Kim in the big blind.

The flop landed     and Kim checked to Minkin who bet 80,000. Jeckeln called, and Kim folded, as the turn landed the  .

Minkin bet out 135,000 and Jeckeln called as both players checked the   on the river.

Minkin tabled her   , but it would be Jeckeln's    that would secure him the pot.

Andres Jeckeln4,550,00044,000
Kelly Minkin3,175,000-284,000
Dong Kim247,000-68,000
Jostens Fan Collection
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:14 AM Local Time
Gooch Releases and Merrilees Takes

Picking up the action on a board of      Jason Gooch was in the big blind and he checked over to Daniel Merrilees who put out a bet of 150,000. Gooch called and it was on to the river.

The river was the   and Gooch checked again. Merrilees decided to fire again and he put out a bet of 335,000, almost enough to put Gooch all in. Gooch thought momentarily then released his hand and that allowed Merrilees to rake in the early pot.

Daniel Merrilees2,450,000330,000
Jason Gooch360,000-260,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:13 AM Local Time
Touil Raises River

Shankar Pillai was under the gun and barreled down a board of       against Samuel Touil in the cutoff. The bets were 50,000, then 130,000, then 300,000. Touil called the first two but then cut out a raise to 780,000 and slid it in on the river. Pillai thought a little awhile and then mucked.

Samuel Touil1,900,000582,000
Shankar Pillai1,580,000-561,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:12 AM Local Time
Davies Doubles Through Goncalves

Scott Davies was all in for 388,000 from early position with    against Paulo Goncalves in the big blind holding   .

The board came down      , giving Davies a set of kings to double up.

Paulo Goncalves915,000-294,000
Scott Davies813,000466,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:08 AM Local Time
Kaplan Takes from Ryan

Chad Ryan opened in early position to 40,000 and Jaime Kaplan three-bet to 115,000 from the cutoff. The action folded back to Ryan, and he called.

The flop landed     and Ryan checked to Kaplan who bet 75,000. Ryan folded, and Kaplan captured the pot.

Jaime Kaplan2,065,000111,000
Chad Ryan920,000-119,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 10:13 AM Local Time
Day 5 of the 2018 WSOP Main Event Starts at 11 a.m.; 310 in Contention

Kelly Minkin

The field in the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event is drawing closer and closer to crowning its new champion, as just 310 players are left standing after Day 4. Cards for Day 5 will be in the air at 11 a.m. local time, which each player already secured a fantastic payday of $37,705.

Leading the way in search of poker's most coveted prize is Barry Hutter, who bagged the overnight chip lead with 5,597,000. Hot on Hutter's heels are Alexander Haro (5,031,000), Brian Altman (4,861,000) and Andres Jeckeln (4,506,000).

Kelly Minkin sits in sixth place with 3,459,000 in chips. Minkin made a name for herself when she ran deep in the 2015 WSOP Main Event, eventually bowing out in 29th place for $211,821. Another deep run looms as Minkin finds herself in prime position to possibly top her previous best.

Other notables that return on Day 5 include Brian Yoon (3,228,000), James Obst (2,560,000), Shaun Deeb (2,175,000), Cliff Josephy (1,985,000), Antonio Esfandiari (1,260,000), Paul Volpe (1,070,000) and Chris Moorman (907,000).

Antonio Esfandiari
"The Magician" Antonio Esfandiari will be back on Day 5

Day 5 will feature 5.5 levels of play, with play wrapping up around 12:30 a.m. The dinner break is around 4:25 p.m.

LevelDurationSmall BlindBig BlindAnte
2160 minutes10,00020,0003,000
 20 minutes break   
22120 minutes12,00024,0004,000
 60 minutes break   
23120 minutes15,00030,0005,000
 20 minutes break   
24120 minutes20,00040,0005,000
 20 minutes break   
25120 minutes25,00050,0005,000
 20 minutes break   
26120 minutes30,00060,00010,000

PokerNews has an all-star team on the floor to cover this event wire-to-wire, so be sure to be glued to your screen for updates. On top of that, both ESPN2 and PokerGO will live stream this event.

11:30 a.m.4:00 p.m.ESPN2
4:00 p.m.6:30 p.m.PokerGO
Monday, July 9, 2018 7:29 AM Local Time
Day 5 Seating and Chip Counts
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Amazon4241Nick DiVellaUnited States972,00049
Amazon4242Crystal UtleyUnited States789,00039
Amazon4243David ChenUnited States1,049,00052
Amazon4244Cole MillerUnited States795,00040
Amazon4245Paulino UemuraBrazil997,00050
Amazon4246Clayton FletcherUnited States2,245,000112
Amazon4247Martijn GerritsNetherlands2,259,000113
Amazon4248Daniel AlaeiUnited States916,00046
Amazon4249Philip ChunUnited States845,00042
Amazon4251Thomas LutzUnited States1,581,00079
Amazon4252Vicent Bosca RamonSpain800,00040
Amazon4253Henrik HecklenDenmark1,370,00069
Amazon4254Alex LivingstonCanada1,941,00097
Amazon4255Peter NguyenUnited States1,505,50075
Amazon4256Matthew SteinUnited States1,713,00086
Amazon4257Chanracy KhunCanada2,253,000113
Amazon4258Timothy McDermottUnited States1,285,00064
Amazon4259Brendon O'NealUnited States914,00046
Amazon4261Bradley RhodesUnited States1,254,00063
Amazon4262Ben JacksonUnited Kingdom1,536,00077
Amazon4263Nils TolpingrudUnited States2,472,000124
Amazon4264Alexander GrossUnited States1,961,00098
Amazon4265Farukh TachNetherlands929,00046
Amazon4266Yueqi ZhuChina1,117,00056
Amazon4267Axel HallayFrance832,00042
Amazon4268Robert WelchUnited States387,00019
Amazon4269Brian GreenUnited States1,375,00069
Amazon4271Sung YiUnited States221,00011
Amazon4272James RomanoUnited States1,683,00084
Amazon4273Mike JukichUnited States272,00014
Amazon4274Yang ZhangChina601,00030
Amazon4275Tyler WittemanUnited States1,548,00077
Amazon4276Volodymyr DrokinUkraine1,016,00051
Amazon4277Nicholas NewportIreland3,269,000163
Amazon4278John AndersonUnited States2,193,000110
Amazon4279Benjamin PollakFrance2,765,000138
Amazon4281Robert FabreUnited States762,00038
Amazon4282Scott FranklinUnited Kingdom662,00033
Amazon4283Drazen IlichUnited States543,00027
Amazon4284Jeffrey TrudeauUnited States1,745,00087
Amazon4285Matt MercurioUnited States350,00018
Amazon4286Anatoly FilatovRussia500,00025
Amazon4287Adam GeyerUnited States538,00027
Amazon4288Zakarya WolgamottUnited States334,00017
Amazon4289Ofir MorUnited States711,00036
Amazon4292Nikolaos PlatisUnited States2,177,000109
Amazon4293Paul VolpeUnited States1,070,00054
Amazon4294Simon ThwaitesUnited States452,00023
Amazon4295Aram ZobianUnited States2,464,000123
Amazon4296Jurgen WenigwieserAustria984,00049
Amazon4297Kyle JuliusUnited States775,00039
Amazon4298Jeff HobreckerUnited States1,075,00054
Amazon4299Ricardo SouzaBrazil1,908,00095
Amazon4302Eric SfezFrance1,438,00072
Amazon4303Krasimir YankovBulgaria3,264,000163
Amazon4304Alexander HaroUnited States5,031,000252
Amazon4305Joep RaemaekersNetherlands678,00034
Amazon4306Mohamed MokraniFrance662,00033
Amazon4307Daniel WilsonIreland2,599,000130
Amazon4308Victor Pedote Dos SantosBrazil1,626,00081
Amazon4309Samuel BernabeuSpain1,415,00071
Amazon4311Nicolas ManionUnited States1,051,00053
Amazon4312Rocco PalumboItaly889,00044
Amazon4313Ignacio Lopez De MaturanaSpain185,0009
Amazon4314Stephan SieberGermany753,00038
Amazon4315Jack KashishianUnited States325,00016
Amazon4316Ognjen SekularacSerbia362,00018
Amazon4317Jeffrey BenhartUnited States331,00017
Amazon4318Mark StocktonUnited States1,723,00086
Amazon4319Richard AliUnited States478,00024
Amazon4321Ashley LockerUnited Kingdom389,00019
Amazon4322Scott EinigerUnited States2,083,000104
Amazon4323Vivek RughaniIndia1,076,00054
Amazon4324John BoltonUnited States392,00020
Amazon4325Ivan DemidovRussia1,290,00065
Amazon4326William SimpsonUnited States1,021,00051
Amazon4327Juan Pardo DominguezSpain500,00025
Amazon4328Hector Dominguez-DepazUnited States1,233,00062
Amazon4329Chris BrandUnited States307,00015
Amazon4331Robert GoldbaumUnited States1,313,00066
Amazon4332Takashi MatsushitaUnited States642,00032
Amazon4333Martin ZamaniUnited States1,182,00059
Amazon4334James ObstAustralia2,560,000128
Amazon4335Martial BlangenwitschFrance1,513,00076
Amazon4336David MiscikowskiUnited States1,780,00089
Amazon4337Nicholas TreppiediUnited States474,00024
Amazon4338Michael CordellUnited States812,00041
Amazon4339Barry FaecherUnited States1,280,00064
Amazon4341Randall LackUnited States1,563,00078
Amazon4342Eric WasylenkoCanada2,064,000103
Amazon4343Steven AdamsUnited States1,620,00081
Amazon4344Hari BercoviciIsrael3,510,000176
Amazon4345Loc Nguyen (TX)United States974,00049
Amazon4346Arsenii KarmatckiiRussia566,00028
Amazon4347Chris BjorinSweden344,00017
Amazon4348Chris MoormanUnited Kingdom907,00045
Amazon4349Pierre GentilFrance623,00031
Amazon4351Bas De LaatNetherlands1,866,00093
Amazon4352Andrew RoseUnited States627,00031
Amazon4353Cory WilliamsUnited States974,00049
Amazon4354Jason MaeroffUnited States1,600,00080
Amazon4355Seth FosterUnited States712,00036
Amazon4356Nicholas PetittiUnited States47,3002
Amazon4357Bruno PolitanoBrazil1,048,00052
Amazon4358Antonio EsfandiariUnited States1,260,00063
Amazon4359Daniel TangUnited Kingdom2,901,000145
Amazon4361Oliver WeisGermany556,00028
Amazon4362Brian BorneUnited States2,275,014114
Amazon4363Laurynas LevinskasLithuania1,855,00093
Amazon4365Stanley LeeUnited States3,134,000157
Amazon4366Jonathan PlensCanada923,00046
Amazon4367Justin HarvellUnited States1,066,00053
Amazon4368Dustin NelsonUnited States592,00030
Amazon4369Jamie FlynnUnited States865,00043
Amazon4371Jeremy AnsherUnited States965,00048
Amazon4372Jared KwongUnited States1,380,00069
Amazon4374Ivan LucaArgentina774,00039
Amazon4375Tobias PetersNetherlands1,369,00068
Amazon4376Scott WilsonCanada803,00040
Amazon4377Jake SchindlerUnited States476,00024
Amazon4378Randy LoweryUnited States861,00043
Amazon4379Tom CannuliUnited States356,00018
Amazon4381Artem MetalidiUkraine1,518,00076
Amazon4382Konstantin BeylinUnited States2,151,000108
Amazon4383Richard GrykoUnited Kingdom793,00040
Amazon4384Gregory DefeoUnited States1,635,00082
Amazon4385Ming XiChina1,933,00097
Amazon4386Daniel OspinaColombia1,000,00050
Amazon4387Ayman QutamiUnited States1,229,00061
Amazon4388Mark ZulloUnited States2,944,000147
Amazon4391Andres JeckelnArgentina4,506,000225
Amazon4392Justin NguyenUnited States345,00017
Amazon4393Ahmed AminUnited States572,00029
Amazon4394Mina GrecoUnited States282,00014
Amazon4395Chad RyanCanada1,039,00052
Amazon4396Dong KimUnited States315,00016
Amazon4397Shannon ShorrUnited States3,243,000162
Amazon4399Jaime KaplanUnited States1,954,00098
Amazon4401Alexandro TricaricoBelgium1,077,00054
Amazon4402Tommy TownsendUnited States444,00022
Amazon4403Alexander ZiskinUnited States3,090,000155
Amazon4404Michael BaileyUnited States469,00023
Amazon4405Nirath ReanUnited States2,981,000149
Amazon4407Pablo Fernandez CampoSpain905,00045
Amazon4408Craig TrostUnited States436,00022
Amazon4409Jan MachCzech Republic1,076,00054
Amazon4411Nicholas CushmanUnited States1,857,00093
Amazon4412Nghia Le (FL)United States1,800,87090
Amazon4413Brandon AbbaspourUnited States1,703,00085
Amazon4414Christopher AhrensGermany547,00027
Amazon4415Umang DattaniCanada1,148,00057
Amazon4416Peter CampoUnited States2,692,000135
Amazon4417Gavin CochraneUnited Kingdom550,00028
Amazon4418Kenneth WatsonJamaica523,00026
Amazon4419Takashi OguraJapan1,975,00099
Amazon4421Julius ColmanAustralia802,00040
Amazon4422Paul BalzanoUnited States602,00030
Amazon4423Jans ArendsNetherlands589,00029
Amazon4424Xi YangChina1,595,00080
Amazon4425Jonathon PrestedUnited Kingdom2,100,000105
Amazon4426Loc NguyenUnited States911,00046
Amazon4427Thomas MacdonaldUnited Kingdom1,251,00063
Amazon4429Tony MilesUnited States2,358,000118
Amazon4431Roger LussierUnited States2,315,000116
Amazon4432Aymon HataGermany723,00036
Amazon4433Bart LybaertBelgium935,00047
Amazon4434Franklin AzevedoUnited States3,410,000171
Amazon4435Adam RudeUnited States1,836,00092
Amazon4436Shigeho YoshiokaJapan1,192,00060
Amazon4437Carter SwidlerCanada902,00045
Amazon4438Rhys JonesUnited Kingdom616,00031
Amazon4441Frederik SalariCanada2,664,000133
Amazon4442Santiago SorianoSpain1,634,00082
Amazon4443Brian YoonUnited States3,228,000161
Amazon4444Cory AlbertsonUnited States748,00037
Amazon4445Ryan PhanUnited States850,00043
Amazon4446Sharukh ShawUnited States1,024,00051
Amazon4447Ralph MasseyUnited States976,00049
Amazon4448Howard MashUnited States529,00026
Amazon4449Eric CoffmanUnited States389,00019
Amazon4451Ted LawsonUnited States710,00036
Amazon4452Beau WilshireUnited States419,00021
Amazon4453Daniel EngelsAustria1,198,00060
Amazon4454Paulo GoncalvesPortugal1,209,00060
Amazon4455Sylvain LoosliFrance1,803,00090
Amazon4456Scott DaviesCanada347,00017
Amazon4457Daniel WolfUnited States2,100,000105
Amazon4458Bryce McvayUnited States803,00040
Amazon4459Chino RheemUnited States1,900,00095
Amazon4461Rodeen TalebiUnited States878,00044
Amazon4462Natalie TehMalaysia481,00024
Amazon4463William KoppUnited States1,735,00087
Amazon4464Cliff JosephyUnited States1,985,00099
Amazon4466Michael SchneiderUnited States731,00037
Amazon4467Eric LiebelerUnited States1,178,00059
Amazon4468William HickeyUnited States419,00021
Amazon4469Victor ChuUnited States444,00022
Amazon4471Tristan BainAustralia1,697,00085
Amazon4472Joe KuetherUnited States297,00015
Amazon4473Brian SaltusUnited States247,00012
Amazon4474Rifat PalevicSweden975,00049
Amazon4475Kartik VedIndia1,096,00055
Amazon4476Karen SarkisyanRussia1,157,00058
Amazon4477Erwin DewaldUnited States501,00025
Amazon4478Shaun OdonnellUnited States3,145,000157
Amazon4479Shaun DeebUnited States2,175,000109
Amazon5181Tobias ZieglerGermany1,654,00083
Amazon5182Alexander LynskeyAustralia1,635,00082
Amazon5183Michael ReardonUnited States1,014,00051
Amazon5184Taha MarufUnited States939,00047
Amazon5185Adam LevyUnited States479,00024
Amazon5186Brett SilvermanUnited States687,00034
Amazon5187Ryan RiversCanada2,652,000133
Amazon5188Kelly MinkinUnited States3,459,000173
Amazon5189Kao SaechaoUnited States672,00034
Amazon5191Kilian LoefflerGermany745,00037
Amazon5192Antoine LabatFrance1,359,00068
Amazon5193Jason GoochUnited States620,00031
Amazon5194Timothee ScottiFrance1,537,00077
Amazon5195Brayden GazlayUnited States541,00027
Amazon5196Daniel MerrileesUnited Kingdom2,120,000106
Amazon5197Jake TooleUnited States1,544,00077
Amazon5198Ema ZajmovicCanada851,00043
Amazon5199Chi ChanCanada340,00017
Amazon5202Chris DasilvaUnited Kingdom1,930,00097
Amazon5203Robert BrownUnited States618,00031
Amazon5204Jordan CristosUnited States782,00039
Amazon5205Michael LavenburgUnited States1,158,00058
Amazon5206Joe CadaUnited States559,00028
Amazon5207Artur KorenAustria1,182,00059
Amazon5208Anthony DesaiUnited States554,00028
Amazon5209Matas CikinasLithuania731,00037
Amazon5211Mike BradyUnited States686,00034
Amazon5212Aleksandr ShevelevUnited States1,664,00083
Amazon5213Michael DyerUnited States1,767,00088
Amazon5214Martin SejerDenmark2,167,000108
Amazon5215Sunil VermaUnited States600,20030
Amazon5216Yashuo ChinUnited States339,00017
Amazon5217Richard Pyne (FL)United States1,300,00065
Amazon5218Jorden FoxUnited States1,569,00078
Amazon5219Roland IsraelashviliUnited States475,00024
Amazon5221Samuel TouilFrance1,318,00066
Amazon5222Johan De GraaffSouth Africa313,00016
Amazon5223Billy PilossophUnited States468,00023
Amazon5224Kunal PatelUnited States342,00017
Amazon5225Shankar PillaiUnited States2,141,000107
Amazon5226Mario MosbockAustria861,00043
Amazon5227Erwin FonacierUnited States704,00035
Amazon5228Fredrik KaaremNorway2,282,000114
Amazon5229Mantas BagicuisLithuania2,204,000110
Amazon5231Phillip MighallUnited Kingdom1,918,00096
Amazon5232Jacob KipferCanada905,00045
Amazon5233Jonathan GreenbaumUnited States982,00049
Amazon5234Robert GussoniUnited States693,00035
Amazon5235Andreas KniepDE1,171,00059
Amazon5236John BotticelloUnited States1,437,00072
Amazon5238Matthew ReimersUnited States553,00028
Amazon5239Roman LanzerstorferAustria2,102,000105
Amazon5251Brent BallentineUnited States1,120,00056
Amazon5253Joseph MelanconUnited States683,00034
Amazon5254Jared PalmerUnited States1,400,00070
Amazon5255Sparrow CheungHong Kong222,00011
Amazon5256Anthony MarsicoUnited States857,00043
Amazon5257Christopher FitzgeraldUnited States823,00041
Amazon5258Matthew KlapsteinCanada839,00042
Amazon5259James AkenheadUnited Kingdom2,187,000109
Amazon5261Michael HaddadUnited States421,00021
Amazon5262Matthew SabiaUnited States524,00026
Amazon5263Noe CantuUnited States1,130,00057
Amazon5264Bradley MyersUnited States588,00029
Amazon5265John CynnUnited States1,931,00097
Amazon5266Govert MetaalNetherlands287,00014
Amazon5267Ubaid HabibUnited States3,300,000165
Amazon5268Andrea BuonocoreItaly816,00041
Amazon5269Steven FederspielUnited States786,00039
Amazon5271Sean MarshallUnited States1,873,00094
Amazon5272Alexandre ReardFrance2,121,000106
Amazon5273Richard LeeUnited States744,00037
Amazon5274Barry HutterUnited States5,597,000280
Amazon5275Brian AltmanUnited States4,861,000243
Amazon5276Jonathan HiltonUnited States2,300,000115
Amazon5277Jack DuongUnited States1,502,00075
Amazon5278Federico QuevedoCosta Rica580,00029
Amazon5279Peter CrossUnited States1,053,00053
Amazon5281Tomas NovotnyCzech Republic934,00047
Amazon5282Mason BarrellUnited States999,00050
Amazon5283Jake SchwartzUnited States987,00049
Amazon5284Joshua JacksonUnited States570,00029
Amazon5285Brad AlbrinckUnited States542,00027
Amazon5286Carlos GonzalezMexico774,00039
Amazon5287Chou ChouUnited States1,368,00068
Amazon5288Eric FroehlichUnited States1,344,00067
Amazon5289Stefan HuberSwitzerland1,269,00063
Amazon5292Hyon KimUnited States1,610,00081
Amazon5293Gregory PerryUnited States562,00028
Amazon5294Richard RobinsonUnited States1,639,00082
Amazon5295Andrew HinrichsenAustralia1,100,00055
Amazon5296Eric KepperUnited States698,00035
Amazon5297Michael FeilGermany2,965,000148
Amazon5298Jimmy FedorkevichUnited States765,10038
Amazon5299Frederik JensenDenmark324,00016
Amazon5301Ludovic GeilichUnited Kingdom985,00049
Amazon5302Andrew OstapchenkoUnited States2,394,000120
Amazon5303Kerry BellUnited States1,900,04395
Amazon5304Alexander WongCanada1,916,00096
Amazon5305Ben YuUnited States1,350,00068
Amazon5306Vi DoUnited States1,842,00092
Amazon5307Evan SandbergUnited States1,106,00055
Amazon5308Barbara EnrightUnited States275,00014
Amazon5309Nishant SharmaUnited States1,172,00059