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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, July 02, 2018 to Saturday, July 14, 2018

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $74,015,600
  • Entries: 7,874
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, July 9, 2018 11:59 AM Local Time
Politano Eliminated by Foster

Bruno Politano was all in for about 660,000 from the big blind with    against Seth Foster on the button with   .

The board came down      , giving Foster a pair of aces to eliminate Politano.

Seth Foster1,480,000768,000
Bruno Politano0-720,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:59 AM Local Time
Gentil is Anything but Gentle to Bercovici

Pierre Gentil opened to 45,000 from early position and was called by three players all in position. The flop fell     and Gentil led out for 75,000. Eric Wasylenko and Hari Bercovici were the two players to make the call.

The turn brought the   and Gentil moved all in for 428,000. Wasylenko quickly folded and Bercovici called it off. Gentil turned over    for top pair while Bercovici held    for a small pair and straight draw. The river was the   and Gentil held on for a full double up through Bercovici.

Hari Bercovici2,830,000-680,000
Pierre Gentil1,200,000577,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:59 AM Local Time
Ilich Eliminated Despite Using Two 'One Times'

Drazen Ilich moved all in for 437,000 and got a call from Jeffrey Trudeau as well as a call from Daniel Merrilees.

"One time," said Ilich as the flop came    . Merrilees check-folded to a bet of 375,000 from Trudeau.

Jeffrey Trudeau:   
Drazen Ilich:   

"Nine, one time," said Ilich, arguably using his second 'one time' of the hand. It almost worked, with Ilich wincing as the oh-so-close   came on the turn.

The river was the   and Ilich was eliminated, with Trudeau chipping up.

Jeff Trudeau [Jeffrey Trudeau]3,200,0001,455,000
Daniel Merrilees1,800,000-650,000
Drazen Ilich00
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:58 AM Local Time
Marsico Eliminates Cheung

We found Sparrow Cheung all in on the button for 185,000 with   , having been put at risk by Anthony Marsico with    on his left. The board ran out       so Cheung hit the rail.

Anthony Marsico740,000-117,000
Sparrow Cheung0-222,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:58 AM Local Time
Froehlich Eliminates Jackson

We came into the aftermath of an all-in pot between Eric Froehlich in middle position and big blind Joshua Jackson. The board had come      , and Froehlich's    had triumphed over the    of Jackson, as the latter missed a massive combo draw that he flopped, picking up further outs on the turn.

Eric Froehlich1,750,000406,000
Joshua Jackson0-570,000
Jostens Fan Collection
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:57 AM Local Time
Kuether Doubles

Joe Kuether found himself all in for his last 195,000 holding    against Rifat Palevic's   .

The board ran out      , and Kuether secured a double to over 400,000 in chips.

Rifat Palevic560,000-415,000
Joe Kuether440,000143,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:55 AM Local Time
Harvell Dominates Plens

The action folded around to Jonathan Plens who raised it up to 45,000 on the button. Justin Harvell was in the small blind re-raised to 170,000. Plens four-bet shoved all in for a little less than 500,000 and Harvell called.

Harvell was in a dominating position with    against the    of Plens. The board ran out       and Harvell's ace-queen held up to eliminate Plens.

Justin Harvell1,890,000824,000
Jonathan Plens00
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:53 AM Local Time
Chin Triples Up With Aces

Mike Brady raised to 45,000 from early position, and Yashuo Chin moved all in for 285,000 on the button. Jordan Fox was in the big blind and called Chin's all in before the action was back on Brady. He moved all in also, and Fox asked for the count. It was confirmed that Brady was all in for an extra 313,000 and Fox called.

Yashuo Chin:   
Mike Brady:   
Jordan Fox:   


All three players had a pocket pair, but it was Chin who took the pot to triple her stack to over 900,000, and Brady won the side pot against Fox.

Jorden Fox1,000,000-569,000
Yashuo Chin930,000591,000
Mike Brady650,000-36,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:52 AM Local Time
Tang Takes from Politano

Bruno Politano opened to 50,000 before Daniel Tang three-bet to 165,000 from two seats over.

Politano called, and the flop landed     and after Politano checked, Tang bet 115,000 and Politano folded.

Daniel Tang3,695,000615,000
Bruno Politano720,000-328,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:49 AM Local Time
289th - 310th Place Finishers
Tom Cannuli
Tom Cannuli

The following players earned $37,705 for their efforts.

Tommy Townsend00
Beau Wilshire0-419,000
Brad Albrinck00
Paul Balzano00
Andrew Rose0-627,000
Barbara Enright0-275,000
Jake Schindler0-476,000
Mina Greco00
Sung Yi0-221,000
Tom Cannuli0-356,000
Chris Brand00
Matt Mercurio00
Jurgen Wenigwieser0-984,000
Zakarya Wolgamott00
Johan De Graaff00
Mohamed Mokrani00
Christopher Fitzgerald00
Michael Bailey00
Richard Ali00
Sunil Verma00
Jimmy Fedorkevich00
Erwin Dewald00
Jostens Fan Collection
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:49 AM Local Time
Albrinck Eliminated by Novotny

While it's unclear how all the money got in the middle and one what street, Brad Albrinck was all in and at risk against Tomas Novotny. Novotny had the covering stack and was holding    while Albrinck just had   . The board was showing       and while both player flopped a pair of aces, Novotny also flopped a second pair of nines. Albrinck never caught up and that meant he was sent to the rail while Novotny moved over one million chips.

Tomas Novotny1,360,000426,000
Brad Albrinck0-542,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:47 AM Local Time
Balzano Eliminated; Macdonald More Than Doubles

Paul Balzano opened and Loc Nguyen three-bet to 135,000. Thomas Macdonald called before Balzano four-bet all in for 381,000. Nguyen flat-called and Macdonald five-bet all in for 1,172,000.

Nguyen went into the tank, apologizing to his tablemates before making the call.

Loc Nguyen:   
Paul Balzano:   
Thomas Macdonald:   

Macdonald was in a commanding position to secure the double up. The flop came     with Balzano calling for hearts. However, the    runout secured the double for Macdonald and sent Balzano to the rail.

Thomas Macdonald2,750,0001,499,000
Loc Nguyen (TX)325,000-649,000
Paul Balzano0-602,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:44 AM Local Time
Habib Clocked into Muck

Noe Cantu opened early and called a three-bet to 200,000 from Ubaid Habib in the cutoff. The flop came     and Cantu checked. Habib bet 150,000 and Cantu made it 450,000. He had about 700,000 back and Habib tanked a couple of minutes until a clock was called. He timed down until his hand was dead.

Ubaid Habib2,840,000-460,000
Noe Cantu1,800,000670,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:44 AM Local Time
Shorr Picks Off Minkin

Shannon Shorr

Shannon Shorr and Kelly Minkin were heads up on the      board. Shorr checked and Minkin bet 125,000 into a main pot of over 300,000. Shorr called and the river was the  .

Shorr checked and Minkin threw out a bet of 250,000. Shorr quickly called and Minkin turned over    for just ace high. Shorr tabled    for eights and deuces to take the pot.

Shannon Shorr4,100,0001,100,000
Kelly Minkin3,300,000-385,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:40 AM Local Time
A Reunion of Sorts

Joe Cada - James Akenhead

It's been nine years since Joe Cada won the Main Event back in 2009 and while he earned the recognition and the glory after taking down Darvin Moon heads up, there was another player at the final table who is still left in the field as well. James Akenhead came 9th in 2009 taking home a prize of $1,263,602 for his run in the event while Cada took home $8,546,435 for winning.

And now, by the luck of the draw, the two are having a reunion of sorts except this time, Cada is the one with the short stack with just under 500,000 chips and Akenhead sits healthy with a stack of almost 2.4 million. The two are both seated just two seats away from eachother in the Amazon Orange section at table 525.

As players are already deep into this Main Event which has a massive field size, it is quite impressive to see these two once again, trading blows across the table as there is sure to be an interesting dynamic between them.

James Akenhead2,385,000198,000
Joe Cada495,000-64,000
Jostens Fan Collection
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:39 AM Local Time
Patel Doubles Through Pillai

The board was down      , and Kunal Patel was on the button with all his chips in the middle being counted. The hand in front of him was pocket nines and his opponent Shankar Pillai was being made to sacrifice 525,000 from his stack after Patel secured a full double up during the hand.

Shankar Pillai1,500,000-500,000
Kunal Patel1,200,000858,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:39 AM Local Time
Kim Doubles Through Shorr

Dong Kim raised all in from the hijack for 172,000 and Shannon Shorr called from the cutoff with   , racing with Kim's   .

The board came down      , giving Kim queens and jacks to double through Shorr.

Shannon Shorr3,000,000-243,000
Dong Kim398,000224,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:36 AM Local Time
Minkin Leaves Greco with Zero

Mina Greco

Kelly Minkin opened to 50,000 from early position and Mina Greco shoved all in for around 170,000 from the cutoff. The action was back on Minkin who made the call rather quickly.

Kelly Minkin:   
Mina Greco:   

The flop came     and Minkin hit one of her live cards twice to leave Greco in bad shape. The turn was the   to give Greco some hope, but the   on the river spelled an end to Greco's run.

Kelly Minkin3,685,000510,000
Mina Greco0-282,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:36 AM Local Time
Geilich Doubles Up Do

Ludovic Geilich

Vi Do moved all in for his final 350,000 Ludovic Geilich was the only player who called and they went off to the races.

Ludovic Geilich:   
Vi Do:   

The board ran out     and Do suddenly had a lot more outs after that flop. The turn was the   so Geilich needed to hit a seven, but the river was the   and Do took the pot down with two pair.

Ludovic Geilich1,000,000-350,000
Vi Do700,000350,000
Monday, July 9, 2018 11:32 AM Local Time
Yoon Closing in on Five Million

Santiago Soriano - Brian Yoon

Brian Yoon had already chipped up on Day 5 before tablemate Santiago Soriano raised to 45,000 and Yoon three-bet to 135,000 from the next position. Soriano then four-bet to 395,000 and Yoon called.

Soriano bet 255,000 on the     flop and Yoon called. The turn was the   and both players checked. Both players checked the   river and Soriano turned over   . Yoon showed    for a rivered pair of aces and Soriano shook his head before mucking.

Brian Yoon4,900,0001,672,000
Santiago Soriano875,000-759,000
Jostens Fan Collection