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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, July 02, 2018 to Saturday, July 14, 2018

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $74,015,600
  • Entries: 7,874
  • Remaining: 0


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Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:59 AM Local Time
Day 3 Ends with In Sun Geoum Leading the Final 1,182 Players in the Money

Day 3 Chip Leader In Sun Geoum

Day 3 of the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event has come to a conclusion with the remaining players all heading home assured of an in-the-money finish and a guaranteed $15,000 payday.

Following three Day 1 flights, and two Day 2 flights, just 2,786 players remained in the Main Event, and for the first time they would all combine to play together here on Day 3. Everyone's eyes would be on reaching the money-reaching final 1,182, but that would be easier said than done as over half of the players would need to be eliminated throughout the day for that to occur.

With players located across three separate rooms, action would be intense to start the day as a plethora of eliminations began the table-breaking process. Jason Mercier, Parker Talbot, Greg Merson, Matt Waxman, Matt Berkey, JC Tran, Loren Klein, Phil Hellmuth, Eli Elezra, Erick Lindgren, Tom Marchese, and Steffen Sontheimer were just a handful of the big names falling short of the money.

For Hellmuth (pictured below), his day would be spent at the feature table where he was catching plenty of heat from players and fans. In the end, Hellmuth would see his tournament come to an end at the hands of Jans Arends. Hellmuth's ace-king was up against Arends' ace-nine, but when the dealer peeled off a nine on the river Hellmuth would be eliminated from the Main Event.

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

As the day progressed, several players began making their run up the chip leaderboard. Frankie Flowers was having the time of his life in the Brasilia Room laughing with players and having a great time all the while he continued to accumulate chips. Eventually, Flowers would be moved to the feature table, and then into another section of the Amazon Room where a monster hand occurred that saw him crack aces with tens, while also doubling a short stack up who made quads.

However, the true story of the day would be the bubble bursting in the Main Event. With an hour remaining in the final level, the players were sent on an impromptu break as the WSOP staff relocated every player into the Amazon Room for the first time during the tournament. From there, a further 22 eliminations needed to occur until the bubble burst, and once play resumed, the eliminations occurred at a slower rate than before. Hand-for-hand play was finally reached with just over one minute remaining in the level, and in the day.

On the first hand of the hand-for-hand process, there were three all-ins for the players for the crowd to sweat. Gerard Cassis found a double holding kings against queens, before Paul Volpe and Ryan Messick chopped with aces. The third hand, however, would see Sam Taylor's trip aces cut down by Chi Chan's full house, and the Main Event would be on the stone bubble and then be sent on a 20-minute break for the color-up of the blue 500-denomination chips.

On the first hand after the break, two all-ins would occur. Ross Mallor would find himself all in holding ace-king against Ben Cade's queens, and when he flopped a king and turned an ace, Mallor would double.

Unfortunately for Matthew Hopkins (pictured below), he wouldn't be so lucky when over on the feature table he was all in with ace-five against Bryce McVay's ace-queen. Both players paired their ace on the run out and Hopkins would be crowned the Main Event bubble boy; but in the process receive an entry into the 2019 WSOP Main Event.

Matthew Hopkins
Matthew Hopkins

With Hopkins on the rail, the remaining 1,182 players were in the money and guaranteed a $15,000 payday as play would officially be concluded for Day 3. Leading the remaining players into Day 4 is In Sun Geoum who, courtesy of an aces-versus-kings confrontation, rocketed up the leaderboard and retained his position to end with 1,696,000 in chips. Flowers is snapping at his heels with 1,624,000, while Samuel Bernabeu (1,418,000), Michael Lavenburg (1,356,000), and Julius Malzanini (1,292,000) round out the top five.

Play is set to resume for Day 4 on Sunday, July 8, at 11am (PDT) with the PokerNews Live Reporting Team providing all the continuous live updates. So stay tuned to for continued coverage of the Main Event, and the remainder of the 2018 WSOP schedule.

Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:57 AM Local Time
End of Day 3 Chip Counts
In Sun Geoum1,696,0000
Frankie Flowers1,624,0000
Alexander Wong1,431,0001,130,300
Samuel Bernabeu1,418,0000
Eric Sfez1,390,000838,100
Michael Lavenburg1,356,0000
Julius Malzanini1,292,0000
Alexandro Tricarico1,289,00089,000
Kaylen Lebaron1,284,00044,000
Eric Froehlich1,235,0000
Farukh Tach1,224,0000
Eric Hicks1,200,0000
Adam Geyer1,191,0000
Konstantin Beylin1,190,00071,000
Anthony Marsico1,164,0000
Oliver Weis1,156,0000
Krasimir Yankov1,139,0000
Jake Toole1,128,0000
Jeff Banghart1,106,000761,100
Daniel Engels1,102,000974,300
Martial Blangenwitsch1,100,000949,200
Brad Albrinck1,086,000838,500
Daniel Merrilees1,080,000666,800
Cory Albertson1,075,0000
Andres Jeckeln1,056,0000
Richard Gryko1,048,000818,000
Ben Yu1,040,0000
Mark Zullo1,028,000697,900
Ernest Smith1,019,0000
Samuel Touil1,013,0000
Brian Green1,007,000217,000
Jeffrey Benhart1,005,0000
Umang Dattani1,001,000838,300
Santiago Soriano998,000683,800
Loi Nguyen996,000791,800
Ivan Galinec993,000273,000
Paul Volpe989,00029,000
Blake Battaglia981,0000
Daniel Ospina971,000157,000
Chris Moorman969,0000
Govert Metaal962,0000
Ognjen Sekularac957,000167,000
Jan Mach950,0000
Dan Heimiller945,0000
Justin Harvell928,000654,900
Louis Boutin913,00083,000
Barry Hutter908,000592,800
Shannon Shorr908,000-42,000
Nils Tolpingrud907,0000
Tony Miles906,0000
Ralph Perry905,0000
Shankar Pillai905,000612,300
Chino Rheem904,0000
Peter Nguyen895,000493,100
Brian Saltus894,0000
Adam Rude889,00076,500
Jurgen Wenigwieser884,000696,600
Nicholas Cushman883,0000
Andrew Ostapchenko883,000674,600
Xi Yang880,000795,000
Jack Duong875,000688,800
Joshua Jackson872,0000
Bryce McVay870,00040,000
Gregory Defeo870,0000
Axel Hallay868,000754,300
Mike Takayama862,000212,000
Yoon Kim850,000390,000
Nick Maimone850,000352,000
Chris Da-Silva841,000
Timothee Scotti833,000578,500
Phil Ivey827,0000
Paulo Goncalves826,000696,900
William Kopp823,0008,000
Jared Bleznick818,0000
Andrew Yeh813,000439,700
Naor Slobodskoy811,00061,000
Jacob Rasmussen809,000581,900
Ryan Hohner809,000628,900
Matthew Reimers800,000-1,000
Artur Koren799,000657,800
Paul Michaelis799,000-26,000
Yang Zhang797,000495,600
Kelly Minkin795,0000
Jonathan Hilton791,000-109,000
Lumni Zhuta790,00030,000
Christopher Wicher790,000629,800
Artur Rudziankov789,000439,000
Henrik Hecklen789,000789,000
Brian Yoon788,00030,000
Crystal Utley783,000243,000
Mantas Bagicuis777,900-62,100
Alessandro Borsa777,00067,000
Eric Liebeler777,000-129,000
Aram Zobian770,000333,200
William Hickey767,000317,000
Ludovic Geilich760,0000
Dennis Wilke755,0000
Paulino Uemura755,000546,200
Paul Varano755,000205,000
John Ross754,0000
Scott Davies751,000581,000
Patrick Truong751,000-45,000
Adam Walton749,000440,400
Tobias Ziegler748,0000
Clayton Maguire746,000575,900
Alex Livingston741,000-19,000
Nils Forss740,000672,200
Kunuk Shin739,000675,600
Brian Altman737,0000
Gary Leibovitz731,000166,000
Timothy McDermott731,000639,000
Ronnie Pease731,000598,100
Steven Fuhrman728,000378,800
Joseph Umdenstock727,00067,000
Marc Rivera724,000294,000
Michael Feil723,000203,000
Jason Maeroff723,000-177,000
Moundir Zoughari716,000-104,000
Mason Barrell715,000398,900
Colin Robinson711,000568,100
John Cynn709,000-191,000
Stanley Lee708,000593,000
Davidi Kitai703,00025,000
Steven Adams703,000505,000
Peter Campo702,000623,800
Vi Do700,000-50,000
John Anderson699,000-236,000
Craig Blight697,000444,500
Vicent Bosca Ramon695,000555,900
Alan Cutler695,000105,000
Loc Nguyen694,000571,700
Yueqi Zhu694,00084,000
David Chen693,000-12,000
Michael Dyer693,000153,000
Benjamin Keiley690,000626,800
Nicolas Noguera689,000545,700
William Tonking686,000477,300
Nishant Sharma684,000453,000
Moe Farah684,000144,000
Adam Levy684,000266,000
David Lehnen683,000683,000
Joshua Blatchford681,000520,800
Howard Mash679,000581,500
Michael Verhaaf677,0000
Kwong Ip673,000673,000
Blake Whittington671,000500,400
Kiryl Radzivonau670,000332,000
Benjamin Mintz665,000483,200
Dario Delpiano661,000433,300
Nikolaos Platis659,000415,800
Daniel Wilson655,000278,000
Aditya Agarwal653,0000
Drew Dumanski651,000443,100
Steve Billirakis650,000-65,000
Matthew Klapstein650,000118,300
Tom Cannuli644,000592,500
Dustin Nelson640,000410,000
Peter Kelly639,000462,000
Matas Cikinas639,0000
Ying Fu638,000558,200
Richard Lee638,000451,200
Taylor Paur637,0000
Johannes Becker637,00057,000
Garett Dansereau635,000376,000
Joao Vieira635,000155,000
Drazen Ilich633,000487,100
Jean Gaspard631,000181,000
Uri Reichenstein629,000109,000
Chanracy Khun629,000448,700
Ricardo Souza626,000280,300
Bart Lybaert626,00036,000
Edward Alicea625,000496,500
Walter Treccarichi625,000260,000
Ap Garza623,000200,300
Michael Schneider622,000313,800
David McGowan622,0000
Roman Lanzerstorfer617,000386,700
Alexander Ziskin617,000412,100
Mladen Vukovic617,000486,700
Timothy Domboski616,000471,400
James Obst615,0000
Amir Parvizian611,000198,000
Arne Ruge611,000117,000
Patrik Antonius609,000149,000
Stefan Huber609,000521,000
Maxim Panyak607,000429,900
Jason Gooch607,000-93,000
Chi Chan606,0000
Tobias Peters604,0000
Diosdado Bisco602,0000
Arianna Son598,000465,100
Tam Nguyen594,000594,000
David Miscikowski594,000214,000
Franklin Azevedo592,000284,700
Emin Babayev590,000448,700
Martin Carnero589,000291,100
Shaun Odonnell588,000441,400
Daniel Wolf588,000548,700
Ming Xi587,000576,200
Eyal Maaravi586,000436,700
Jimmy Fedorkevich583,000446,900
Roger Lussier582,000172,700
Tomas Kubaliak578,000351,900
Stephen Song578,000170,000
Barak Oz578,000362,000
Matthew Stein575,000242,800
Jesse McVicker573,000380,300
Nikolai Sears572,000337,800
Thomas Lutz571,000226,000
Thomas Winstone568,000423,200
Amal Bounahra568,0000
Brent Hanks566,0000
Dermot Blain565,000525,000
Yarron Bendor565,00055,000
Daniel Tang565,000185,000
Kristen Bicknell565,0000
Martin Sejer564,000370,800
Laurynas Levinskas562,000379,400
Gergely Kulcsar554,000256,200
Damian Salas552,000-158,000
Aleksandr Shevelev549,000498,900
Anthony Hugenberg549,000358,000
Rijad Hasani547,000424,800
Connor Berkowitz547,000-100,000
Seth Foster546,000357,800
Bradley Myers544,000365,700
Tomas Szwarcberg541,000383,300
Bradley Rhodes537,000409,600
Derek Schroeder537,000-1,000
Erwin Fonacier537,000308,500
Eric Fields536,000536,000
Fabrizio D'Agostino536,00051,000
Joey Fabre534,00054,000
James Little534,00055,200
Jonathan Plens533,000-7,000
Shawn Buchanan532,0008,000
Chris Chong530,000167,500
Michael Haddad529,000398,000
Christopher Park528,000239,300
Raphael Lovey526,000288,900
Joep Raemaekers526,000116,000
Ryan Messick525,000-15,000
David Eilers524,000314,000
Ray Henson521,000521,000
Richard Robinson516,00036,000
Gerald Siemienas516,000391,300
Jessica Dawley514,00094,000
Ofir Mor513,000-27,000
Martijn Gerrits512,000-63,000
Allen Cunningham511,0000
Shaun Deeb511,00037,000
Ahmed Amin510,000206,700
Philip Chun510,000335,800
Eric Hershler509,000351,700
Jonathan Greenbaum505,000334,200
Ghattas Kortas501,000412,000
Mitchell Greenblatt500,5000
Danny Qutami500,0000
Jorden Fox500,000308,000
Benjamin Zamani500,000432,000
Andrew Graham500,00018,000
Antonio Esfandiari499,0000
Cliff Josephy497,00047,000
Kunal Patel490,000401,200
Tommy Townsend490,000171,000
Billy Pilossoph490,000383,600
Volodymyr Drokin485,000412,600
Ronnie Day483,000-267,000
Stuart Elkin481,100274,400
Joseph Melancon480,000297,000
Mario Mosbock480,00015,000
Josh Bergman480,000173,200
Thomas Macdonald477,000390,900
John Doe477,000241,100
Tristan Bain476,0000
William Simpson476,000411,500
Jackie Glazier474,000154,000
Edward Sageer474,000258,500
Robert Hankins470,000-10,000
Matthew Smith468,000-2,000
Christopher Mcnally468,000272,600
Jared Koppel467,000373,900
Amir Lehavot465,000249,500
Hye Park464,000156,000
Chad Wiedenhoeft463,000302,700
Adrian Lopez463,000463,000
Arden Cho462,00037,000
Timothy Little462,000213,700
Ivan Demidov461,0000
Dean Murphy461,000260,000
Jeffrey Lennon460,000277,800
Mark Stockton459,000167,400
Rohan Bhasin458,000-57,000
Eric Wasylenko457,00037,000
Ryan Phan455,000-215,000
Laurent Polito455,000-245,000
Juan Vecino455,000119,500
Gregory Perry453,000340,400
Eric Berger451,000175,000
Thomas Kubin450,000335,200
Jonathan Duhamel450,0000
Sparrow Cheung450,000-85,000
Randall Lack450,000159,500
Erkut Yilmaz447,000287,400
Austin Wentling447,000336,400
Andrew Watson447,000332,200
Lachezar Petkov447,000210,100
Matt Mercurio446,000176,000
Benjamin Jones446,000181,500
Nikhil Gera445,000278,900
Brian Brubaker444,000250,100
Chris Brand443,000244,900
Nicholas Treppiedi443,000228,500
Ivan Luca441,00016,000
David Labriola441,000441,000
Steven Snyder441,000134,400
Majed Abusaid441,000301,200
Evan Sandberg437,000437,000
Michael Stokey437,000217,500
Christopher Leslie436,000244,100
Joe Ebanks436,000436,000
Joe Kuether435,000115,000
Michael Stembera434,000243,100
Dustin Goldklang433,000191,000
Jeff Trudeau433,000183,000
Michael Wong432,000238,700
Daniel Alaei431,000166,000
Sean Marshall426,000232,600
Timothy Rutherford426,000330,300
Lawrence Pileggi424,000272,800
Michael Watkins424,000-141,000
Roman Yitzhaki423,000243,000
Jeffrey Frye421,00067,900
Shigeho Yoshioka421,00073,400
Glenn Davidson421,000266,500
Samir Bhatia420,0000
Jamie Flynn417,000257,700
Kevin MacPhee417,000-73,000
Natalie Teh417,00063,400
Carole Agostini415,000200,500
Arsenii Karmatckii415,000219,000
Martin Zamani415,000353,300
Stoyan Obreshkov414,00091,000
Robert Sherwood413,000188,200
Lee Markholt412,000-23,000
James Dambrosio411,000205,100
Lawrence Ma410,000163,300
Stanley Leopard409,000360,200
Carlos Gonzalez409,000-206,000
Nirath Rean408,000201,700
Charles Nelson Robinson407,000215,200
Matthew Kolibas406,00016,000
Joseph Altman406,000180,400
Antal Mezei405,000186,700
Adam Lamphere405,000199,100
Jeff Weiss405,000213,900
Rodeen Talebi403,000223,000
Jake Schindler400,00028,000
Wadoua Xiong400,000356,100
Nick Jivkov400,000296,400
Alexandre Amiel400,00060,000
Robert Williams399,0000
Clayton Fletcher398,0008,000
Alexander Gross397,000132,800
Brendon O'Neal395,000144,400
Andrew Rose395,000109,400
Ryan Pignatelli395,000193,800
Barry Schwartz394,000231,800
Christopher Tham394,000274,000
Robert Hendricks394,000154,600
Michael Cordell393,000273,400
Andrew Hinrichsen391,000181,000
Ronald Sewell391,000211,400
Robert Gussoni390,000-25,000
Brian Borne386,000-110,000
Sami Shurbaji386,000357,400
Barry Faecher385,000250,300
Bruce Russell385,000240,500
Dennis Martin385,000217,700
Manig Loeser384,0000
Ahmed Taleb382,000195,000
David Quang382,00037,000
Curt Kohlberg381,000150,200
Phillip Mighall380,00060,600
Adam Burriss378,000337,300
Rifat Palevic378,000126,000
Robert Peacock378,000307,500
Beau Wilshire378,000247,500
Juan Pardo Dominguez377,000213,000
Guy Bottin377,000213,000
Billy Chattaway376,0000
Sammy Lafleur376,000214,400
Christopher Macfarland376,000277,000
Richard Grant375,000145,100
Frederik Jensen375,000115,000
Ray Attiyah374,000-176,000
James Lykins374,00093,900
Gary Mccloskey372,00079,300
Jeffery Stocking372,000-18,000
Joseph Young371,000156,200
Navot Golan371,000278,600
Ken Einiger370,000-30,000
Nick DiVella370,000275,000
Ema Zajmovic369,000-41,500
Mark Oldenburg368,000175,700
Eugene Katchalov367,000-23,000
Bradley Berman366,500200,000
Farhad Jamasi365,000278,000
Ryan Rivers365,00030,000
David Belhumeur365,000158,800
Eugene Todd364,000134,000
Fred Goff III362,000145,900
Peter Cross362,000336,500
Keith Lutz361,000262,800
Kevin Mcminniman361,000110,200
Daniel Fuhs361,000-9,000
Anthony Kazgandjian360,00093,000
Rene Crha360,000138,700
Andy Phan359,000280,400
Padraig O'Neill359,000359,000
Jonathan Bussieres359,000155,400
Matthew Land357,000250,400
Fernando Karam357,000161,000
Thomas Kim356,000155,100
Paul Sexton356,0000
Brayden Gazlay356,000257,800
Ian Bott356,000224,200
Kerry Bell356,000194,600
Jerry Humphrey356,00029,200
Sylvain Loosli355,000-10,000
Lior Segre353,000272,700
Klajdi Lika353,000145,900
Fabian Gumz353,000230,200
Chen An Lin352,000352,000
Tom Hall352,000152,000
Shawn Daniels352,00042,000
Cash Carpenter351,000105,300
Debby Perkins350,000-10,000
Andreas Kniep350,00072,500
Jeremy Ansher349,000153,400
Cole Miller349,000138,700
Bruno Politano347,000-73,000
Andrew Kelsall347,000-19,000
Jerome Mangum345,000302,800
Pierre Gentil345,000345,000
Steven Buckner345,000-38,000
Donald Holmes345,000136,100
Tyler Rueger344,000-136,000
Davis Aalvik344,00093,100
Chun Yam343,000343,000
Jason Loehrs343,000343,000
Hayden Glassman340,000239,000
Denis Pisarev340,000108,000
Elgio Gomez Barrios339,000227,300
Michael Bailey339,000-11,000
Mark Davidoff338,00066,100
Esam Goodarzy337,000128,800
Jerad Klick336,000207,900
Jordan Cristos335,000165,000
Bogdan Capitan334,000134,000
Jack Oneill334,000121,500
Farid Jattin334,00054,000
Brian Hou333,000229,600
David Key333,000181,400
Luigi Knoppers330,00020,000
Sean Ruane330,000-31,400
Scott Hamilton-Hill329,000-23,000
Simon Thwaites329,000124,800
Martin Malone329,000206,800
Frank Ray327,000101,000
Jeffrey Kim327,000148,700
Ralph Massey326,000-4,000
Anthony Desai326,000228,300
Mazin Khoury325,000207,300
Brandon Abbaspour325,000122,600
Patrick Steele323,000294,300
Kenneth Watson323,000216,920
Rafael Ferreira323,000227,000
Scott Watson323,000138,500
Dan Vandyke323,000323,000
Michael Cohen322,00098,000
Derek Csanadi322,000205,900
Harley Thrower321,000121,000
Larry Hirschfield321,00090,300
Micah Smith321,000-12,000
Jeffrey Turton320,000164,400
Jacob Corda319,000134,000
Loni Harwood318,0000
Ba Dinh317,000197,200
Tyler Witteman316,000131,700
Thomas Taylor315,000175,000
Franco Mancini315,00075,000
Liam O'Donoghue315,000-39,800
Shaotong Chang315,000116,900
Sean Baik314,000233,900
Dan Wirgau314,000139,600
Walter Sato313,000194,800
John Gulino311,000295,800
Paul Balzano311,00060,500
Jaime Kaplan310,000199,100
Rotem Chen309,000120,200
Fredrik Kaarem308,000132,000
Hisham Salama308,000129,000
Julius Colman307,000-113,000
Dominik Panka307,0000
Amauri Grutka307,00048,200
Takashi Ogura306,000266,500
Kyle Julius306,000-12,000
Philip Yeh306,000-153,000
Sung Yi306,000106,100
Zakarya Wolgamott305,000240,600
Alex Bolotin305,00090,000
Keith Tilston304,000-96,000
Kane Lai303,000-37,000
Scott Einiger302,000156,300
Robert Goldbaum302,00086,000
Arnold Spee301,00082,800
Christopher Fitzgerald301,00066,200
Frank Pasquale300,000252,000
Josef Ujlaky300,00098,600
Ernest Bush299,000161,800
Sunil Verma297,000166,400
Will Jaffe296,000137,000
Hector Dominguez-Depaz296,000162,200
Gary Hasson296,000-4,000
Anatoly Filatov296,000-134,000
Andrew Chen293,000-81,000
Takashi Matsushita292,000194,500
Ben Cade292,000112,200
Ryan Lenaghan292,000186,700
Craig Gonzales292,000191,700
Dennis Kraus292,000165,800
Erik Lemarquand292,00068,500
Jonathan Kramer290,000400
Pedro Correa288,00058,000
Michael Michnik288,00036,200
Gregory Back287,000133,300
Barry Schmiess286,000127,200
Jake Schwartz286,000-239,000
Samuel Welbourne285,00057,300
Ignacio Lopez De Maturana285,000285,000
Smain Mamouni285,00072,000
Bas De Laat285,000205,000
Paul Saso285,00092,900
Johan De Graaff281,000-9,000
Ashley Locker280,000110,300
Robert Kozik280,00031,300
Yashuo Chin280,000-20,000
Michael Brady279,000137,400
Liv Boeree279,000-96,000
Pierce Mckellar279,000-31,000
Pavlo Veksler277,000100,100
Marco Iodice276,000-64,000
Scott Vener275,000200,000
Marc Kleinman275,000134,200
Edwin Lau274,000100,300
Rebecca Campbell273,000149,200
James Akenhead273,00038,000
Joe Patrick273,000232,300
Jesse Vilchez273,000132,800
Collen Yamagishi273,000-231,300
Chengyuan Jiang271,000220,100
Anton Sazonau271,000181,000
Rellie Sigua270,000169,600
Timothy Cramer270,000155,500
Vasili Firsau270,000-64,500
Oleksandr Vaserfirer270,000135,700
Kenneth Adams270,00074,200
Roberto Rodriguez Carrera269,000269,000
Andrea Rocci269,000-226,000
John Henwood269,000139,000
Borut Mlakar269,000217,900
Peter Treglia269,000129,700
Alexander Kuzmin268,000-36,000
Anthony Pinto268,000148,300
Matthew Reed268,00097,000
Karen Sarkisyan268,000180,800
Fraser MacIntyre268,000-17,000
Jaime Menendez267,00092,000
Brandon Bowyer267,000-142,500
Peter Splettstoesser266,00059,600
todd rodgers266,0000
Kelvin Kerber265,00067,300
Paul Schattauer264,0006,800
Jeremy Eyer264,000124,100
Mike Glick263,00083,500
Barry Greenstein262,0000
Cory Williams262,0000
Luiz Carnasciali262,000262,000
Cody Espeseth262,000235,000
Gregory Katayama261,000147,700
Jeffrey Griffiths261,000-4,000
Noe Cantu260,000-95,000
Robert Mcmillan260,000210,300
Benjamin Pollak259,00029,000
Richard Ali259,000-211,000
Marc-Etienne McLaughlin258,000-22,000
Mustapha Kanit258,000-32,000
Federico Souza258,000-110,300
Nicholas Stowell257,00018,400
Taylor Hale256,000171,300
Joshua Ormiston255,00042,400
David Martin254,000254,000
Theo Tran253,00023,000
Maksym Lavrov253,000143,000
Benjamin Ridino253,00069,700
Michael Brunner253,00063,700
Edward Ho252,000143,700
Edward Hislop251,000189,300
Michael Shelton250,000104,800
Nicklaus Thompson249,000-65,000
Lucio Procopio248,0006,200
Juan Ramirez247,0005,000
Jake Cody245,000-30,000
Freddy Caisson244,000167,500
George Hamati243,000208,200
Mike Heshmati243,00083,000
Jared Ingles242,000242,000
Baoqiang Ho242,000-53,700
David Dibernardi241,00085,500
Nicholas Newport241,000192,200
Gabriel Nastasa240,00059,700
Vegard Andreassen239,000119,300
Daniel Rohde239,00085,400
Michael Zuckerman239,000101,400
Kamel Boukhalfa239,000-9,400
Michael Haberman238,00092,000
Julian Menhardt238,000153,400
Rhys Jones238,000118,000
Chris Dombrowski237,000-33,000
Michael Wolf237,000165,800
Ted Lawson236,000-124,000
Darren Elias235,000-25,000
James Romero235,0000
Daniel Howe235,000141,800
Winson Yuen235,000-40,500
Tweed Vorhees234,00097,000
Nikola Gunchev233,00083,400
Wesley Brockhoeft232,000154,300
Samy Charni231,000141,800
Maxx Coleman230,000-130,000
Tuomas Veravainen228,000103,300
Fengju Sun227,00057,500
Tan Nguyen227,000-91,400
Kevin Gosnell227,000110,400
Darryl Ronconi226,0000
Carter Swidler226,0000
Luke Donato226,000164,500
Christopher Thompson225,000145,700
Gionni Demers225,0000
Michael Kamenjarin224,00084,300
Marko Doljevic224,000-19,600
Bob Shao224,000133,300
Nghia Le223,000175,400
Lucas Drolet223,000-44,200
Victor Choupeaux222,000-299,600
Roland Israelashvili221,000-39,000
Michael Walker220,000-53,400
Hari Bercovici219,00096,500
Stuart Taylor219,000140,700
Todd Brunson219,000-1,000
Gerard Cassis217,00077,000
Christopher Ahrens217,00059,500
Lacey Jones215,000-45,000
Martin Mathis215,000-85,000
Mathieu Clavet214,00047,500
Brian Wood214,00014,700
Jordan Young212,600-17,400
Brian Sherrier212,0005,000
Jeffrey Smith211,000126,400
Joe Cada211,0000
Aaron Moreaucook211,000141,800
Alexander Lynskey211,00011,000
Victor Pedote Dos Santos210,000-79,500
Christopher Herrin210,000155,800
Daniel Retallick210,00014,800
Dong Kim209,000-21,000
Andrew Wilson209,000125,500
Donald Forshey209,00054,000
Daniel Hernandez208,00069,500
Samy Boujmala208,000207,999
Sean Demild207,000116,500
Tom McEvoy207,0000
Fabio Bonatto206,00076,400
Adam Murphy206,00017,500
Brian Kim206,000-359,000
Federico Quevedo205,000-39,600
Gavin Cochrane205,0005,000
Anatoly Korochensky205,00039,000
Sean Shah204,00090,200
Bert Smith204,00030,900
Nicholas Petitti204,00083,600
Naseem Salem203,000126,700
Danny Steinberg202,00077,000
Sakari Setala202,00048,300
Ian Johns201,000-129,000
Jan Eric Schwippert201,000-137,600
Richard Thousand201,00035,600
Vladimir Geshkenbein200,00029,000
Stanislav Barshak200,000-200,900
Keith Carter200,00091,000
Frederik Salari200,00055,600
Nikolay Fal199,00095,000
Andjelko Andrejevic199,000-6,000
Alexander Balcerzak198,00076,000
Daniel Marin196,000-9,800
Mans Montgomery194,00040,300
Brettwilliam Blackwood193,000-122,400
Oliver Rusing193,00018,900
Russell Holt192,000-18,000
Robert Markham191,000-239,800
Farhad Sinaei191,00014,000
Kao Saechao191,000-96,000
Quang Vu190,00042,200
Richard Murnick190,000-85,000
Jeff Berwick190,000156,700
David Nardella190,00076,100
Nicholas Rivas189,00014,500
Nadya Magnus189,000189,000
Jordan Polk188,000-14,400
David Rounick188,000-46,700
Jans Arends188,000-58,000
Paul Berger188,000-57,000
Jackson White187,00089,700
Antoine Labat185,000-33,000
Brett Silverman185,00072,800
Deon Chavon184,000-69,300
Aaron Kweskin184,000-26,400
Sharukh Shaw183,000-91,300
Ronni Borg182,00037,500
John Bolton182,00085,400
Sean Rice182,000113,500
Mike Jukich181,000-259,000
Shinya Shimada181,000-1,000
Zackary Estes181,00021,200
Elizabeth Montizanti181,000-29,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko180,000-68,000
Austin Walton179,00050,500
Marc MacDonnell178,0000
Tu Huynh178,000-163,100
Joseph Druetto178,000-65,200
Chris Bjorin176,0000
Khiem Nguyen175,000-135,000
Hoang Quach175,000-71,200
Daniel McAulay174,000-247,700
Bryan Ngo174,00015,200
Jim Collopy174,000-11,000
Dustin Fox173,000-105,100
Oleg Chebotarev173,00010,000
James Schafer172,000-27,100
Kenneth Daciolas172,00013,000
Thomas Ward (SCO)171,00015,000
Eric Coffman171,000115,000
Erwin Dewald171,000-26,500
Peter Forsstrom170,000-182,300
Phachara Wongwichit170,000-180,000
Tri Tran170,00057,000
Matthew Emmel169,00025,900
Arturas Astrauskas169,00040,700
Anthony Maio169,000169,000
Yuan Ting167,0009,400
Henry Tran167,000-31,100
TJ Shulman167,000-408,000
Brian Zeid167,00015,000
Andrea Buonocore167,000-61,000
Farhad Karimi167,00022,500
Alexander Haro166,000-239,300
Alexandre Saulnier166,00054,800
Nicholas Bowen166,00019,200
James Romano165,00018,600
Jason Wandling165,00072,800
Martinez Aranzadi165,000-92,600
Jamie Cohen164,000-110,100
Wim Bos164,00073,500
Mina Greco164,000-6,000
Hans Joachim Hein163,000-117,400
Robert Suer163,000-104,100
Shaun Suller163,000-17,000
Randy Lowery163,0003,500
Grzegorz Wyraz162,0000
Wilfried Haselmayer162,000-62,800
Johnny Chan162,0000
Knute Lentz161,000-26,000
Mark Kaganovsky161,000-65,000
Scott Franklin161,00051,100
Timothy Burden160,000-100,000
James Burns160,0000
Maria Konnikova160,000-5,000
Jesse Yoder159,000-68,000
Toby Boas159,00010,900
Gary Floyd158,00085,400
Alexandre Reard158,000-107,000
Ryan Gianquitti158,000-74,000
Daniel Roitman158,00095,500
Steven Prentky156,000127,300
Bobby Lee156,00045,700
Alexander Farahi156,000-51,400
Oliver Price155,000-32,000
Jason Strasser155,000-128,900
Cleadus Thompson155,000-36,100
Bruce Vernet155,000-9,800
Marvin Rettenmaier153,000-7,000
Marvin Rosen152,000-18,700
Ben Hamnett152,000-217,000
David Konsky151,00057,800
Abraham Araya150,100-192,900
Men Nguyen150,0000
Harry Thomas Jr.150,000-65,000
Christopher Wood150,00016,000
Maxim Babko149,000-28,500
Josue Aguirre149,000-3,500
Nicholas Schuman148,00052,900
Stephen Chimelski148,000-61,200
Bret Maynard147,000-102,600
Tony Mcglone147,00046,700
Jon Gisler147,00055,900
Joel Tushnet146,000-19,000
Mark Brazis146,000-47,900
Scott Hill146,00038,500
Matthew Sabia146,0002,200
Alexander Ignatov146,000-128,000
Joshua Abady146,000105,700
Kartik Ved144,900-162,400
Terry Shortland143,00019,200
Adrian Moreno143,000-71,300
Andrew Jernigan143,000-91,100
Jeffery Hobrecker143,000-52,600
David Mowery143,00063,400
Eric Vallee142,000-83,000
Sean Remz141,000-71,900
Steven Federspiel141,00076,000
Seth Kugler140,000-29,000
Scot Robinson140,00055,200
Michael Messick140,000-10,900
Monte Phelps140,000-11,200
Chip Jett140,000-10,000
Jordan Lewis139,000-60,000
Gregory Witsch139,0005,500
Jack Peterson139,000-127,000
Franck Eburderie138,000-1,000
Terrance Coutts138,000-43,800
Patrick Barba138,000-31,700
Dimitar Danchev138,0005,800
Kyle Merron137,000-108,000
Kenneth Kenwood137,000-56,800
Cody Bell137,000-7,500
Nicholas Kallenbach137,000-53,600
Edward Franklin137,000-23,100
Jen-Yue Chiang137,000-138,100
Richard Sperberg136,000-5,200
Joris Springael135,000-40,000
Vladimir Burstein135,00017,500
Paul Richardson134,000-60,000
Stephan Sieber134,00089,800
William Murray134,00027,500
Ronald Ramacci133,00061,500
Harold Evans133,000-154,700
Carlos Hey133,000400
Peter Vitantonio133,000-57,000
Frank Dilorenzo132,00063,800
Alexander Zeligman132,00017,500
Chris Grigorian132,0007,000
Paul Degiulio132,000-158,700
Tony Hartmann131,000-17,800
Edward Ludwig131,00099,500
Novak Cvetinovic131,000-97,600
Josh Pollock131,000-83,900
Sundiata Devore130,000-61,900
William Lewandowski130,000-7,700
Sean Prendiville130,000-3,000
Nitesh Rawtani130,000-279,500
Johnny Skeens129,00067,400
Rafal Michalowski129,00033,200
Brent Ballentine128,000-128,000
Scott Wilson128,000-13,200
Kyle Chang128,00047,600
Christopher Graydon128,00071,200
John Oneal128,000-12,200
Michael Jarrell127,00029,000
Brian England127,000-62,000
Hyon Kim126,000-174,000
Ross Mallor126,0006,000
Eric Blair126,000-114,000
Barbara Enright126,00072,600
Eracles Panayiotou125,000-24,500
Kristen Deardorff125,00084,900
Yvonne Mcquillan125,000-10,200
Stephen Hesse124,0007,100
Taus Lilius124,00049,100
Christopher Merrill124,000-220,800
Frank Lin123,00011,000
Joseph Russell123,000-15,000
Glen Chadwick123,000-84,300
Yotam Shmuelov123,000-124,500
Uriel Remi Levy123,000-40,600
Corey Dodd121,000-171,000
Katie Stone121,0000
Steve Trizis120,000-150,000
Garrett Lorman120,000-21,000
Ryan Van Sanford119,000-11,000
Wei Zhu119,000-86,200
Per Hildebrand118,000-2,000
Jonathan Gilliam118,00012,700
Karim Chatur118,000-21,300
Samuel Vonkennel117,00038,800
Jacob Meeks117,000-9,400
William Firebaugh117,000-206,500
Craig Strobel116,00035,500
Nelson Wong116,00029,100
Nicholas Ricciardi116,00040,600
Keith Block116,000-22,400
Jordan Spurlin116,000-14,000
Simeon Naydenov116,000-4,000
Ignacio Sanchez115,000-50,000
Robert Powell115,00014,700
Qing Liu115,000-177,900
Shane Buchwald115,00025,600
Steven Kelly115,000-83,700
John Dwyer114,000-198,100
David Gutfreund114,000-18,900
Andrew Nguyen114,000-31,200
Jonathan Tamayo113,000-97,000
Larissa Bushman113,0006,500
Eric Cruz113,000-81,000
Nicandro Filart113,00018,400
John Helmle113,000-25,800
Ryan Laplante112,000-168,000
Vladimir Dmitriev112,00047,900
Carlos Cordero111,000-18,400
Justin Nguyen111,000-106,900
Richard Pyne (FL)110,000110,000
Nageswaran Sarangapani110,000-124,800
Allen Kennedy110,000-91,600
John Botticello109,000-69,900
David Olson108,00018,000
Sterling Lipscomb108,000-23,000
Ranno Sootla108,000-22,000
Patrick Sacrispeyre108,000-9,000
Allan Barnes107,000107,000
Taha Maruf107,00035,400
Temperance Hutter107,00024,200
Joseph Palma107,00077,000
Anthony Diotte107,000-112,200
Shibin Zhang106,000-92,000
Cathal Shine106,000-84,000
Raymond Trujillo105,000-4,500
Michael Rocco105,000-3,800
Tara Snow104,000-43,100
Jaideep Sajwan104,000-252,500
Apoorva Goel102,000-32,300
Stephane Lacas102,00058,400
Shane Pacheco102,000-82,000
Michael Corson102,000-52,500
Mitch Garshofsky101,000-127,000
Or Ben101,000-128,700
Philip Ward101,00036,200
David Shober100,000-251,600
Stephen Torre100,0004,700
Jason Sell100,000-50,000
Robert Matty99,000-84,800
Joseph Teanotoga99,000-26,800
Donny Mizrachi [Daniel Mizrachi]99,00099,000
Fawz Bennis99,000-6,000
Andrej Nagy99,00023,800
Joshua Haupt99,000-85,500
Andrew Michael99,000-18,500
Daniel Dealmeida98,000-96,400
Alex Smith98,000-236,400
Vivek Rughani97,000-137,300
Simon Mallemaci97,000-73,200
Robert Ferdinand97,00021,900
Expedito Neto96,0008,800
Brian Powell96,000-22,300
Stefan Ivanov95,000-35,000
David Bortolucci95,00012,200
Jonathan Lewis95,000-128,000
William Harrell94,000-38,600
Randy Eklund94,000-398,000
Michael Niwinski94,000-211,000
Yukiko Sumida93,000-16,300
Alexey Laptev93,00093,000
Steven Parkin93,000-55,500
Cobi Cobian93,000-55,900
Nesrine Reilly93,00024,000
Gary Herstein92,0003,200
Manuel Saavedra Nunez92,000-150,600
Matthew Gordon91,000-69,300
Shane Douglas91,00032,000
Jackson Laskey91,000-42,200
Anh Van Nguyen91,00018,400
Stephan Schiessl90,300-47,300
Jose Puente90,000-165,200
Kenneth Stacy90,000-56,900
Scott Wright90,000-22,600
Artim Zhuta89,000-136,000
Max Altergott89,000-66,000
Melanie Weisner89,00019,000
Terry Presley88,000-98,500
Victor Chung88,000-218,500
Eric Berman88,0008,200
Illya Trincher88,000-98,100
Richard Howe88,000-57,400
Jesse Sylvia87,000-5,500
Jefferson Morrill87,000-187,000
Rittie Chuaprasert87,000-119,500
Gabi Hecker87,000-124,800
Aaron Steury87,00012,000
Robert Dunn86,000-66,600
Anthony Ibrahim86,000-3,800
Stephen Roselius86,000-32,500
Elias Hourani86,000-81,300
Sriharsha Doddapaneni85,000-261,500
James Tinney84,000200
Eric Kurtzman84,000-91,000
Colin Guthrie83,0008,500
Alex Massman82,000-152,600
Felix Merdinger82,000-273,000
Siamak Nejad82,0002,500
Keiko Lim82,000-78,700
Dien Le81,000-124,100
Daniel Hensley81,000-13,900
Andrew Kaplan81,000-100
Michel Pomaret81,000-46,300
Bo Oh80,000-178,700
Charles Clark80,000-126,000
Benjamin Grise80,000-63,400
Michael Urhausen79,00044,200
Rizziero Osso79,00040,600
Allan Le78,000-122,000
Danny Gonzales78,000-15,500
Tomas Novotny78,000-57,000
Craig Trost77,000-351,100
Paul Otto77,000-139,100
Uzui Li77,000-2,500
Rocco Palumbo77,000-13,000
Aaron Dalnoot76,000-104,000
Fatima Nanji76,000-14,500
Chad Ryan76,000-140,100
Aymon Hata76,000-26,000
Scott Clements76,000-109,000
Sandra Knopow75,000-4,000
Jack Kashishian75,000-226,100
Scott Clark75,000-59,800
Corbin White75,000-137,900
Romain Lefebvre75,00075,000
Raad Farida74,00010,000
John Newcombe73,00011,900
Edward Liu73,000-61,700
Brian Frasca73,000-37,000
Eric Kepper73,000-59,800
Shi Chen73,000-200,800
Milos Skrbic73,000-62,600
Jeremy Pozza72,000-70,600
Jamie Kerstetter72,000-48,000
Christopher Barrett72,00022,500
Jonathan Levy72,000-63,500
Christopher Poole72,000-112,000
Ubaid Habib71,000-639,000
Jared Palmer71,000-91,600
Jordan Siegel70,000-25,000
Josh Weiss70,00039,500
Mohammad Shahid70,000-16,500
Ravid Garbi70,000-105,500
Jose Montes70,000-117,000
Brett Bader69,000-55,400
David Hausmann69,000-85,600
Michael Tran69,000-6,000
Mark Becker68,00046,300
Marc Mills66,500-113,500
Allen Lu66,000-113,200
Rafael Telles66,000-35,600
Artem Metalidi66,000-14,000
Stephen Buell66,000-49,600
Michael Souza65,000-34,000
Vincent Fazzolari65,0001,100
Ronald Rosenberg63,000-82,800
Pablo Fernandez Campo63,000-180,900
Todor Plaseski63,000-28,900
Valentino Kim63,00023,500
Alexis Fleur62,000-198,500
Kilian Loeffler62,000-110,900
Michael Reardon62,000-5,000
Markku Koplimaa62,00062,000
Ben Jackson62,000-8,000
Daniel Colpoys61,200-155,000
Juan Pastor61,00020,900
David Mock61,000-204,000
Ladislav Cerveny61,000-22,000
Jeffrey Sager61,000-10,300
Mark Mazza61,000-56,600
Mohamed Mokrani60,000-420,000
Marino Candido60,000-32,000
Alexey Samkov60,000-74,500
Martin Stoyanov59,000-236,900
Rao Yan59,000200
Robert Brown59,000-118,700
Jonathon Prested59,000-31,600
Chou Chou59,000-4,100
Joshua Millet58,000-20,000
Aurelie Reard58,000-174,000
Scott Hilton57,00057,000
Tyler Cornell56,000-103,000
Ronnie Ebanks55,000-132,300
Gal Yifrach55,000-128,000
Rob Benford54,000-145,300
Daniel Deveau53,000-73,100
Robert Welch53,0005,000
Alan Widmann53,0000
Abdul Al Magableh52,0005,600
Jeremy Saderne52,000-248,600
Ari Eiblum51,000-89,800
Christopher Weber51,000-95,100
Will Failla50,0000
Anthony Bogard50,000-54,900
Yu Shen50,000-70,500
Robert Moore50,000-220,700
Raymond Joll50,000-30,500
Antonin Teisseire49,000-77,300
Yudhishter Jaswal48,000-61,500
Bruno Portaro48,000-187,000
Gennadiy Dvosis47,000-94,100
David Yan46,000-147,000
John Gallagher46,00046,000
Roy Thung45,000-65,000
Lejdin Fazlibegu45,000-16,500
Jeffery Thomas45,000-130,600
Steven Pelsnik43,0000
Yannik Hofmann43,0006,900
Sean Drake42,000-127,700
Matthew Higgins39,000-281,000
Mark Friese38,0007,500
Andreas Michelmann38,000-28,700
Jason Lester38,000-247,800
Manuel Javier38,000-17,500
John Clancy37,000-21,100
Jarod Ludemann36,000-156,900
Kevin Gerhart36,0006,000
Ryan McKnight36,000-127,400
Andrew Weisner36,000-125,200
Griffin Malatino35,000-900
Pedro Llanes35,000-66,800
Kimberly Mcclymont34,000-17,000
Andrea Klein33,000-118,700
Dejan Pustoslemsek32,80032,800
Pierre Neuville32,000-18,000
Lexy Gavin32,000-138,000
Daniel Peche31,000-143,400
Federico Butteroni30,000-40,000
Scott Vetter29,000-74,700
Dave Straus29,000-13,500
Hanh Le29,000-202,000
James Westenburg29,000-182,100
Rees Scruggs29,000-59,500
Johnnie Moreno29,000-14,900
Alpheus Chan28,000-127,800
Larry Smart28,000-84,000
Linda Kenney Baden28,000-202,000
Ruslan Dykshteyn24,000-123,800
Mark Hodge24,000-94,500
Zachary Hench23,000-95,200
Kevin Clarkson23,000-96,800
Steffen Kylevik22,000-105,400
Joshua Greenberg22,000-36,100
Timothy Totten22,0000
Vadim Rozin22,000-62,000
Darren Kennedy20,000-246,500
John Zentner15,000-18,000
Richard Tatalovich11,000-82,000
Paul Fisher8,000-14,100
Yusuke Akiba7,000-143,500
Gabriel Abusada6,000-44,500
Douglas Malmoe6,000-39,200
Mitesh Patel5,000-72,900
Noel Oconnor10
Chris Klodnicki1-266,899
Brian Gudim1-96,399
David Espinola1-238,999
Kenneth Goldman1-201,099
Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:50 AM Local Time
Assorted End-of-Day Counts

The full chip counts of all 1,182 survivors will be published when PokerNews receives them and a recap of today's action is to follow.

In Sun Geoum1,696,00016,000
Frankie Flowers1,624,0000
Samuel Bernabeu1,418,000153,000
Michael Lavenburg1,356,000606,000
Julius Malzanini1,292,000187,000
Eric Froehlich1,235,000-15,000
Farukh Tach1,224,000134,000
Eric Hicks1,200,000291,000
Adam Geyer1,191,000211,000
Anthony Marsico1,164,000364,000
Oliver Weis1,156,000919,300
Krasimir Yankov1,139,000229,000
Jake Toole1,128,00078,000
Konstantin Beylin1,119,000-31,000
Cory Albertson1,075,000170,000
Andres Jeckeln1,056,000256,000
Ben Yu1,040,000135,000
Ernest Smith1,019,000778,400
Samuel Touil1,013,000223,000
Jeffrey Benhart1,005,000-14,500
Blake Battaglia981,000777,000
Chris Moorman969,00018,000
Govert Metaal962,0000
Jan Mach950,000110,000
Dan Heimiller945,000125,000
Nils Tolpingrud907,000142,000
Tony Miles906,000782,200
Ralph Perry905,000245,000
Chino Rheem904,00044,000
Brian Saltus894,000214,000
Nicholas Cushman883,00043,000
Joshua Jackson872,000152,000
Chris Da-Silva [Chris Da Silva]841,000131,000
Phil Ivey827,000-73,000
Jared Bleznick818,000438,000
Kelly Minkin795,000195,000
Ludovic Geilich760,000230,000
Brian Yoon758,0008,000
Dennis Wilke755,000465,000
Tobias Ziegler748,000-182,000
Brian Altman737,000142,000
Aditya Agarwal653,000-27,000
Matas Cikinas639,000-11,000
Taylor Paur637,00027,000
James Obst615,000115,000
Chi Chan606,000111,000
Tobias Peters604,00064,000
Amal Bounahra568,00038,000
Brent Hanks566,00036,000
Kristen Bicknell565,000115,000
Allen Cunningham511,000281,000
Ben Zamani500,000372,000
Antonio Esfandiari499,000-41,000
Nick Maimone498,000-352,000
Shaun Deeb474,000-56,000
Ivan Demidov461,000121,000
Jonathan Duhamel450,000-230,000
Ivan Luca425,000-25,000
Manig Loeser384,000-41,000
Billy Chattaway376,00056,000
Loni Harwood318,00097,500
Dominik Panka307,000-248,000
Barry Greenstein262,000-23,000
James Romero235,000-20,000
Gionni Demers225,00060,400
Joe Cada211,000-14,000
Tom McEvoy207,00037,000
Marc MacDonnell178,000-352,000
Chris Bjorin176,000-14,000
Johnny Chan162,000-13,000
Men Nguyen150,000-15,000
Katie Stone121,000-34,500
Alan Widmann53,000-113,000
Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:42 AM Local Time
Matthew Hopkins Bubbles the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event

Matthew Hopkins

Bryce McVay raised to 15,000 from middle position, Matthew Hopkins reraised all in for 49,000 from the button and McVay called.

Once the other all-in and call took place, the hands were revealed.

McVay tabled   , dominating the    held by Hopkins.

The flop came down    , providing little help to Hopkins. The turn was the  , leaving Hopkins with just three outs to survive. The river was the  , locking up pot for McVay and sending the remaining 1,182 players into the money.

It's not a complete loss for Hopkins, though, as he will receive a $10,000 entry into the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Matthew Hopkins
Matthew Hopkins
Bryce McVay830,00080,000
Matthew Hopkins0-190,900
Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:40 AM Local Time
Mallor Doubles on the Bubble

Ross Mallor

The player in mid-position raised to 12,000 and Ben Cade three-bet to 40,000 from the button. Ross Mallor was sitting in the big blind with 51,000 and was in the tank trying to figure out what to do. After a while, Mallor shoved. The initial raiser folded and Cade called.

The ESPN TV crew and the rest of the media that is covering the WSOP Main Event swarmed the table. So did a bunch of players who were curious enough to see what was happening. There were also two other tables with all-ins and calls, Jack Effel came over to announce the action.

Ross Mallor:   
Ben Cade:   

The board ran out       to give Mallor a pair of kings on the flop and two pair on the turn. A diamond on the river would have split the pot, a ten on the river would mean that Mallor would be eliminated.

The   on the river meant that Mallor would double up and he high-fived his neighboring player and celebrated loudly.

Ross Mallor120,000-600
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:20 AM Local Time
Level 16 started
Level: 16
Blinds: 3000/6000
Ante: 1000
Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:05 AM Local Time
Sam Taylor Eliminated by Chi Chan, Stone Bubble Reached

Sam Taylor

With about 100,000 chips in the middle and the board reading      , Sam Taylor was in the big blind and facing a decision for the remainder of his approximately 150,000-chip stack from Chi Chan, who was in the hijack. Taylor went into the tank for several minutes until tournament staff arrived at the table and gave him half a minute to act. As the final seconds ticked down, Taylor moved some T-1,000 chips forward to call and put himself at risk.

Once the cards were turned over, it was Chan who had the winner with    for aces full of threes. Taylor showed    for trip aces and Chan took the pot to eliminate Taylor, bringing the 2018 Main Event to the stone bubble.

The tournament went on break immediately following the conclusion of the hand to the obvious displeasure of the remaining players. The Amazon room was filled with the sound of booing as they began to file out of the exits. The light blue T-500 chips were colored up during the break to make the bagging process quicker.

Chi Chan495,000448,900
Sam Taylor00
Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:04 AM Local Time
Aces Versus Aces Two Off Money Bubble

Paul Volpe

The second hand on the money bubble was a big one and it ended up in a spectacular split pot.

Ryan Messick had raised to 13,000 and Paul Volpe in the small blind clicked it up to 48,000. Messick made it 150,000 to go and Volpe moved all in, Messick called it off for 526,000.

Ryan Messick:   
Paul Volpe:   

The     flop gave some back door outs, but the   turn and   river locked up the split pot.

Paul Volpe960,000210,000
Ryan Messick540,000-223,000
Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:03 AM Local Time
Jattin Shows The Bluff on the Bubble

The hand-for-hand play had begun, and on Farid Jattin's table, the board was down     . Jattin was up against two opponents, and he bet 21,500 from the big blind. One of his opponents raised to 76,000 and the player on the button folded.

Jattin thought for several minutes as a crowd gathered. Every other table in the Amazon room had finished their play by the time Jattin pushed a stack of orange chips worth around 110k into the middle to signal a raise on top of his previous bet.

Jattin's opponent thought for close to 30 seconds before he folded and the former tabled    for seven high.

Farid Jattin280,00027,400
Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:01 AM Local Time
Cassis Doubles on the Bubble

The player in middle position opened to 11,000. Gerard Cassis, from one seat over raised to 23,000. Action folded back to the player in middle position who shoved for around 650,000. Cassis made the call, putting at risk his last 113,000.

Gerard Cassis:   

The board ran       and Cassis survived, two away from the money.

Gerard Cassis140,000-18,600
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:49 PM Local Time
Hand-for-Hand Two Off the Money

Dealers Hand for Hand

Hand-for-hand mode has been activated two spots off the money and as many minutes will be taken off the clock for every hand from now on until the bubble bursts. The chip race of the T-500 denominations will take place after the first hand, as there is just 1.17 minutes remaining on the current level.

Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:41 PM Local Time
More Amazon Purple Chip Counts
In Sun Geoum1,680,000160,000
Alexandro Tricarico1,200,000250,000
Phil Ivey900,00056,500
Brian Green790,00040,000
Bryce McVay750,000660,600
Johannes Becker580,000-90,000
TJ Shulman575,000435,000
Danny Qutami500,000155,000
Kevin MacPhee490,00010,000
Matthew Smith470,000-45,000
Jessica Dawley420,000-35,000
Liv Boeree375,000-190,000
Darren Elias260,00014,000
James Akenhead235,000105,000
Todd Brunson220,000-65,000
Andjelko Andrejevic205,000-35,000
Alexander Lynskey200,00010,000
Jim Collopy185,000-155,000
Shaun Suller180,00065,000
Johnny Chan175,000-35,000
Scott Davies170,000-270,000
Maria Konnikova165,00070,000
Ryan Van Sanford130,00033,000
Jordan Spurlin130,000-25,000
Simeon Naydenov120,000-45,000
Melanie Weisner70,0005,000
Will Failla50,000-110,000
Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:40 PM Local Time
Upcoming Chip Race and Hand-For-Hand

Dealers Hand for Hand

With some 12 minutes left on the level the players were instructed to prepare for the upcoming chip race of the T-500 denominations at the end of the level, and another announcement came just a few minutes later. This time, the screens had updated to 1,185 players remaining and the hand-for-hand mode is expected to kick off shortly.

Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:36 PM Local Time
Updated Counts in Amazon Purple
Chris Moorman951,000251,000
Patrick Truong796,000346,000
Davidi Kitai678,000354,000
Bart Lybaert590,000-20,000
Shawn Buchanan524,000134,000
Mustapha Kanit290,00010,000
Colten Yamagishi285,000285,000
Darren Elias246,00091,000
Alexander Lynskey190,000-40,000
Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:36 PM Local Time
Top Set Elimination

One player has just seen his top set with pocket kings go into the muck after his opponent flopped the nuts.

The player in question got all his chips into the middle as did his opponent Andres Jeckeln.

The board was      , and Jeckeln held    to send his opponent to the rail shortly before the money bubble.

Andres Jeckeln800,000589,600
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:35 PM Local Time
Zajmovic Forces a Laydown

The flop read     and Cory Albertson checked from the big blind to the preflop raiser who continued for 15,000. Ema Zajmovic called from the cutoff and Albertson check-raised to 55,000. The third player tank-folded but Zajmovic stuck around to see the   on the turn.

Both players checked to the   on the river and Albertson checked one more time. Zajmovic reached back for a bet of 100,000 and Albertson wasted little time before folding the   face up.

Cory Albertson905,000-345,000
Ema Zajmovic410,50050,500
Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:34 PM Local Time
Boutin Takes it On the Flop

The player in the hijack opened to 12,000. Louis Boutin, on the cutoff, called.

The dealer spread a flop of    . The hijack checked. Boutin threw in a bet of 40,000, that was enough to claim the pot.

Boutin currently sits with a decent stack of 830,000.

Louis Boutin830,000110,000
Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:33 PM Local Time
Feenstra Eliminated

Another Dutchman has had to hit the rail. Rens Feenstra was eliminated when he opened from early position with   . The player in the small blind called.

The flop came     and both players checked.

The   on the turn brought a flush draw, Feenstra bet 24,000 when his opponent checked and got called.

The river was a  , The player in the small blind snap-jammed for 100,000 which put Feenstra all-in and Feenstra called. The player in the small blind showed    for the rivered straight against Feenstra's set of tens.

Rens Feenstra0-160,000
Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:31 PM Local Time
More Amazon Purple Chip Counts
In Sun Geoum1,520,000120,000
Samuel Bernabeu1,265,000165,000
Shannon Shorr950,000160,000
Ognjen Sekularac790,000330,000
Damian Salas710,000260,000
Chris Moorman700,000115,000
Yueqi Zhu610,000-25,000
Bart Lybaert610,000380,000
Alan Cutler590,000105,000
Yarron Bendor510,0000
Shawn Buchanan390,000-20,000
Andrew Kelsall366,000-49,000
Sylvain Loosli365,00085,000
Maxx Coleman360,000-190,000
Martin Mathis300,000257,400
Mustapha Kanit280,00054,000
Marc-Etienne McLaughlin280,00025,000
Chris Dombrowski270,000-140,000
Theo Tran230,0009,500
Eugene Todd230,000-10,000
Joe Cada225,00010,000
Alex Bolotin215,000-45,000
Mina Greco170,00015,000
Ignacio Sanchez165,000-760,000
Chris Grigorian125,000-35,000
Danny Steinberg125,000-45,000
Donny Mizrachi105,000-55,000
Aaron Steury75,000-11,000
John Zentner33,000-23,600
Kevin Gerhart30,000-236,100
Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:30 PM Local Time
Podheiser Doubles Through Mamouni

In a four-bet preflop pot and a continuation-bet that was called on the flop itself, the board now read      and Smain Mamouni was considering his options from late position and put Podheiser all-in. Daniel Podheiser was sitting in the cutoff. Podheiser snap-called for the 220,500 he had in front of him.

Daniel Podheiser:   
Smain Mamouni:   

Podheiser held an overpair and Mamouni had flopped a pair of sixes. Podheiser needed to avoid another six or four to not get eliminated this close to the bubble.

The river completed the board with the   and Mamouni quickly paid out Podheiser's double-up.

Daniel Podheiser1,200,0001,036,800
Smain Mamouni213,000-437,000
Gorilla Gaming