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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, July 02, 2018 to Saturday, July 14, 2018

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $74,015,600
  • Entries: 7,874
  • Remaining: 0


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Wednesday, July 4, 2018 12:10 AM Local Time
Alex Foxen Among Big Stacks After Day 1b of the 2018 WSOP Main Event

Alex Foxen among the big stacks after Day 1b

The second starting day of the 2018 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event not only surpassed the field size of the previous starting flight, but more than doubled the numbers of Day 1a, with a total of 2,378 entries. After five levels of two hours each, 1,794 players bagged up and will return in two days time, on Thursday, July 5, for Day 2.

At least two players bagged up more than six times the starting stack in France's Smain Mamouni (311,600) and Samuel Bernabeu (309,500). Bernabeu consistently built his stack in the Brasilia room while Mamouni only appeared on the radar in the last hands of the night when his flopped nut flush draw got there against two players with sets to jump into the role of big stack.

However, much of the media spotlight will be on Alex Foxen. After an incredibly hot run over the last two years, it was no surprise to see Foxen once again among the big stacks with a very healthy 242,300.

Poker legend Johnny Chan was another player to take part on Day 1b, and the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner and two-time Main Event champion nearly doubled his stack early on before smoothly navigating through the five levels of the day and ending up with a stack of 151,100.

Other notables that made it through with plenty of chips include Rifat Palevic (185,800), 2014 WSOP APAC Main Event champion Scott Davies (171,200), Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi (166,200), Pablo Fernandez (160,100), Pierre Neuville (147,500), Shaun Deeb (143,300), and Chris Ferguson (134,900).

A face that had not been seen in Las Vegas and on the poker tables as of late was George Danzer. After becoming a dad, the mixed game specialist from Germany returned to Sin City for his first and only tournament of the summer and made it through with 117,800. Calvin Anderson came in fresh off winning his second career bracelet in Event #56: $10,000 Razz Championship and ended Day 1b with an above-average stack of 99,100.

Action of the Day

It all kicked off at 11am local time with a motivational shuffle up and deal by John Hesp, who gained a lot of attention for his very positive attitude during his deep run in the Main Event the previous year, and the Brit was welcomed by a lot of applause in the Amazon room before cards got in the air. Hesp was over on the ESPN feature table for more than one full level and went on to bag 63,900 for Day 2.

John Hesp
John Hesp back in Las Vegas for the WSOP Main Event

Among the notables to fall short of making a deep run, having to settle for an early exit instead were Noah Schwartz, Kenny Hallaert, Jesper Hougaard, the two former WSOP Main Event champions Jamie Gold and Greg Raymer, Justin Liberto, Doug Polk, Jason Somerville, Mickey Craft, Anton Morgenstern and Brandon Wong. Hallaert had a day to forget and eventually busted on the feature table in level three after he turned top two pair only to run into a flopped set of eights.

For Max Steinberg, the day was already long over by then. In one of the very first hands of the entire day, Steinberg got his entire stack in with pocket aces against the pocket kings of Michael Rack. A king appeared right in the window and Steinberg became the first casualty of the day. Rack couldn't hold onto the chips, though, and busted towards the end of the day as well.

The chips were splashing left and right and jokes were traded in three different areas in the convention center of the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino with the Amazon, Brasilia and Pavilion rooms in use. That's just a sign of things to come, though, with tomorrow's Day 1c usually being traditionally the strongest of the three starting days.

This year, the final starting day falls on the July 4th Independence Day and this may slightly lower the turnout for the final flight, however, the $10,000 Main Event is off to a great start going by previous numbers. In 2017, Day 1a attracted a field of 795 entries (925 in 2018), and Day 1b gathered 2,164 poker enthusiasts one year ago. With Day 1b's entries, the total after two of the three starting flights adds up to 3,303 entries and more than 2,500 players have secured their seat for Day 2 already.

The PokerNews live reporting team will once again be on the floor to bring you all the action from the most important poker tournament of the year, so make sure to tune back in and follow along with the madness to come.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 12:09 AM Local Time
End of Day 1b Chip Counts
Smain Mamouni311,000-600
Samuel Bernabeu309,5000
Barbara Rogers307,000307,000
Daniel Colpoys246,800112,800
Alex Foxen242,3000
Alpheus Chan208,6000
Paul Varano204,400204,400
Brian Brubaker203,600203,600
Luis Vazquez201,800201,800
Liam O'Donoghue196,200196,200
Gil Barak192,400192,400
Kristofer Homerding190,700190,700
Alexander Villa190,4000
Cathy Schenone188,9000
Kevin Patel187,5007,500
Jonathan Levy186,8000
Rifat Palevic185,8000
Christopher Merrill185,0000
Alexander Haro184,000184,000
Andrew Jernigan183,000183,000
Kevin Malis182,7000
Alexis Fleur180,6000
Daisuke Ogita176,700176,700
Norbert Douilly176,300176,300
Martin Verdegaal176,000176,000
Lavar Fairfax-Byrd175,900175,900
James Harnden172,900172,900
Kelly Minkin172,200100,000
Scott Davies171,2000
Aram Zobian171,000171,000
Ap Garza171,000171,000
Johnny Nedved170,00060,000
Aaron Pinson169,000169,000
Andrew Yeh168,600168,600
Rijad Hasani168,400168,400
Jesse Jones168,400168,400
Paul Sexton168,2000
Roger Lussier168,0000
Henrik Hecklen167,600167,600
Huey Hulin167,500167,500
Thomas Hall167,400167,400
Jerry Humphrey167,300167,300
Michael Marrocco166,200166,200
Kirby Laur166,000166,000
Shigeho Yoshioka165,700165,700
Jeff Weiss165,700165,700
Charles Hatley164,5000
Raymond Henson164,400164,400
Joshua Mountain163,600163,600
Edward Sebesta163,600163,600
Joseph Young163,4000
Lee Markholt162,5000
Brian Altman161,200-6,800
David Gonzalez160,500160,500
Pablo Fernandez Campo160,100160,100
Devon Shalmi158,70019,750
Alex Visbisky157,400157,400
Philip Ward157,000157,000
David Mock155,5000
Sergio Castelluccio154,1000
Kristopher Henry154,100154,100
Bawoo Yun153,700153,700
Benjamin Jones152,700152,700
Helio Neves Neto151,800151,800
Johnny Chan151,1000
John Gordon151,000151,000
Gary Kosakowski150,7000
Stephen Schneider149,900149,900
John Short149,400149,400
Edward Ho147,900147,900
Pierre Neuville147,800300
Stephen Graner147,800147,800
Carl Brewington147,0000
Mark Zullo146,800146,800
Dan Fleyshman146,2000
Shang Dai146,100146,100
Adam Richardson146,100146,100
Erwin Fonacier146,100146,100
Soheb Porbandarwala145,500145,500
Maxim Babko145,300145,300
Benjamin Scholl145,100145,100
Jeffrey Whittle144,800144,800
Abraham Han144,400144,400
Michael Cohen144,00081,000
Stanislav Barshak144,000144,000
Richard Howe143,300-26,700
Nicolas Noguera142,700142,700
William Reymond142,7000
Kenneth Kenwood142,600142,600
Griffin Paul142,100142,100
Robert Formella141,4000
Albert Barlow140,500140,500
Darryll Fish139,80054,800
Michael "Jamie" Wolf139,800139,800
Adekunle Olonoh139,500139,500
Mark Wahba139,500139,500
Jamey Doyle139,1000
Steve Foutty139,000-3,000
Gregory Back139,000139,000
Michael Brunner138,900138,900
Zixiao Zhang138,40041,400
Robert Buyce138,200138,200
Jason Strasser137,0000
Paolo Cusinato136,800136,800
Terry Presley136,800136,800
Bo Oh136,700136,700
Jonathan Roy136,6000
Jeffrey Saunders136,500136,500
Melanie Weisner136,5000
Moundir Zoughari136,100136,100
Curtis Rystadt136,000136,000
Jonathan Kramer135,800135,800
Jeffrey Chang135,000135,000
Chris Ferguson134,9000
Felix Kuermayr134,600134,600
Rick Alvarado134,500134,500
William Simpson134,300134,300
Sinh Nguyen134,20014,200
Chris Miller134,100134,100
Garett Dansereau134,000134,000
Mustapha Kanit133,8000
Scott Stewart133,4000
Steven Federspiel133,200133,200
Uriel Remi Levy133,10031,100
Albert Kim133,100133,100
Andrew Liporace132,200132,200
Jean-Pascal Savard132,200132,200
David Short132,200132,200
Rocco Gasparro131,700131,700
Daniel Hernandez131,700131,700
Tad Jurgens131,300131,300
William Gardner130,900900
Rafal Michalowski130,700130,700
Ryan Snickles130,700130,700
Karen Sarkisyan130,400130,400
Timothy Sullivan130,400130,400
Pierce Mckellar130,200130,200
Gary Hasson128,8000
John Reading128,600128,600
Dharmesh Patel128,500128,500
Michael Haag128,4000
Brad Albrinck127,600127,600
Paul Fontan127,500127,500
Timothy Totten127,4000
Chris Bjorin127,40023,400
Dimitar Yosifov127,000127,000
Arthur Morris126,900-15,100
Jacob Wilson126,800126,800
Marc MacDonnell126,500-25,500
Oscar Kemps126,30052,300
Mathieu Rabalison125,80030,800
Will Givens125,5008,500
Jakub Wojtas125,300125,300
Gary Leibovitz125,200125,200
Larry Ormson125,100125,100
Vladimir Geshkenbein125,000-8,000
Timothy Telliard125,000125,000
Adrian Lopez124,600124,600
James Kasputis123,500123,500
Clyde Shimp123,200123,200
Ronald Windows123,000123,000
Winson Yuen122,900122,900
Michael Phillips122,9000
Dien Le122,600122,600
Jonathan Plens122,40050
Jamil Wakil122,200122,200
Ryan Franklin122,0000
Farhad Karimi121,100121,100
Luigi Knoppers120,70070,700
Josef Ujlaky120,600120,600
adam rude120,400-10,125
Luiz Duarte120,300120,300
Siddiqui Irfan120,300120,300
Alexander Turyansky119,800119,800
Neal Mccollum119,700119,700
Aeragan Arunan119,500119,500
Michael Schneider119,400119,400
James Little119,400119,400
Alexander Gross119,300119,300
Bryce Landier119,200119,200
Jessica Cullen119,100-12,900
Barry Wiedemann119,1000
Rhys Jones118,800118,800
Phillip Pompper118,200118,200
Sean Perry118,000118,000
Christopher Ahrens118,000118,000
George Danzer117,8000
Hans Joachim Hein117,800117,800
Adam Brownstein117,800117,800
Rob Benford117,500117,500
Aylar Lie117,4000
Randy Pisane117,40030,400
Fravy Collazo117,400117,400
Amy Schweitzer117,300117,300
Dan Martin117,200117,200
Mike Gao117,200117,200
Jonathan Gonzalez117,100117,100
Josh Pollock117,000117,000
Felix Merdinger117,000117,000
Mantas Bagicuis117,000117,000
Ruslan Dykshteyn116,900116,900
Alan Diskin116,600116,600
Mike Ruter116,200116,200
Russ Floyd116,100116,100
Benjamin Diebold115,600115,600
Kwanghee Cho115,200115,200
Tomas Szwarcberg115,100115,100
Michael Comisso115,10017,100
Michael Gallo114,900114,900
Padraig Oneill114,800114,800
Justin Gardenhire114,700114,700
Johnnie Moreno114,500114,500
Mike Ferguson114,400114,400
David Bach114,3000
Daniel Murphy114,10064,100
Jackie Glazier114,1005,100
Kelly Andrews114,000114,000
Daniel Starkey113,800113,800
Jonathan McGowan113,500113,500
Chris Haugo113,1000
Cody Espeseth112,500112,500
Benjamin Ridino112,300112,300
Matthew McEwan112,100112,100
Chadwick Grimes112,000112,000
Darin Campo111,8000
Michel Abecassis111,800-5,200
Steven Sobel111,600111,600
Quang Vu111,300111,300
Christopher Leslie111,200111,200
Gerard Cassis110,800110,800
Julio Lins Neto110,600110,600
Andres Jeckeln110,400110,400
Ricky Bronstein110,300110,300
Russell Crane110,000110,000
Mark Dietrich110,000110,000
Christopher Nicolo110,000110,000
Sakura Sugawara110,000110,000
Will Failla109,8000
Clayton Maguire109,700109,700
Nima Salehizadeh109,60042,600
Brian Opyrchal109,600109,600
Dustin An109,400109,400
David Coleman109,300109,300
Rafael Telles109,200109,200
Drew Chaplin109,200109,200
Steve Mccluskey109,100109,100
Eric Kurtzman109,000-6,000
Keiko Lim108,600108,600
Mark Fink108,600108,600
James Romano108,500108,500
Mark Stockton108,400108,400
Tobias Schwecht108,300108,300
Timothy Cramer108,300108,300
Jans Arends108,10031,100
Daniel Chambers108,100108,100
Kristen Deardorff108,000108,000
Tanner Rose107,900107,900
Mark Burford107,700107,700
Totam Baryosef107,600107,600
Paul Marinescu107,500107,500
Brandon Meyers107,1000
Tyler Cornell107,000107,000
Jefferson Glenny106,900106,900
Patrick Lavecchia106,800106,800
Kenneth Adams106,400106,400
Ryan Ashman106,400106,400
Michael Haddad106,000106,000
Anthony Ferrara105,60056,600
Nicholas Newport105,600105,600
Nicolas Cardyn105,500-19,500
Brett Maistri105,500105,500
Matthew Ernst105,50042,500
Steven Baysa105,400105,400
Justin Kite105,400105,400
Charles Nelson Robinson105,400105,400
Cash Carpenter105,200105,200
Joey Spanne104,750104,750
Gintautas Putinas104,700104,700
Nick Caltabiano104,700104,700
Binh Nguyen104,600104,600
DJ MacKinnon104,40029,400
Daniel Garcia104,400104,400
Mark Hammond104,300104,300
John Botticello104,200104,200
Larry Loose104,100104,100
Eric Kepper103,900103,900
Fraser MacIntyre103,7000
Meder Suyundukov103,700103,700
Michael Finstein103,700-9,100
Paul Taylor103,700103,700
Julien Sitbon103,6000
Victor Chung103,500-9,500
Knute Lentz103,400-3,025
Yuri Dzivielevski102,800102,800
Mark Brazis102,80044,800
Daniel Cooke102,800102,800
Russell Fox102,7000
Artem Metalidi102,7002,700
Fernando Karam102,500102,500
Jamie Collins102,100102,100
Joseph Druetto101,600101,600
Bryan Shay101,400101,400
Jen-Yue Chiang101,400101,400
Richard Pachoca101,300101,300
Nicholas Bowen101,200101,200
Ronald Kirsh101,200101,200
Vincent Chauve101,10059,900
Noam Muallem101,100101,100
Jeff Siegal101,000101,000
Michael Wang101,000-6,000
Adam McCoskey100,900-18,100
Daniel Deveau100,900100,900
Robert Stan100,800100,800
Daniel Wolf100,700100,700
Federico Souza100,700100,700
Donald Proctor100,500100,500
Cody Bell100,500100,500
Tonio Roder100,400100,400
Tyng Low100,300100,300
Steven Buckner100,10010,100
Joseph Melancon100,000100,000
John Clancy100,000100,000
Brett Rosen99,90099,900
Douglas Malmoe99,60099,600
Calvin Anderson99,500400
Ian O'Hara99,50099,500
Darren Elias99,3000
Joshua Gordon99,20099,200
Allan Barnes98,90098,900
Gianluca Speranza98,7000
Ramin Piro98,30098,300
Rocco Palumbo98,2000
Richard Gryko98,100100
Juan Ramirez98,1000
Andy Hwang98,00098,000
Yiu Kwok98,00098,000
Tomer Wolf97,70097,700
Rishab Jain97,60097,600
Schuyler Thornton97,40097,400
David Melius97,40097,400
Steve Cha97,10097,100
Jeffrey Morzella97,00097,000
Frederico Dabus97,00097,000
Jeff Norman97,00097,000
David Fuss96,90096,900
Paulo Goncalves96,60096,600
Nicolas Fischer96,50096,500
Clint Tolbert96,50096,500
Seth Akash96,50096,500
Robert Gussoni96,4000
Breixo Gonzalez96,30096,300
Lucas Fridriksson96,20096,200
Ahmed Abdella96,20096,200
Michael Dietrich96,10096,100
Jeff Frerichs96,00096,000
Brian Sherrier95,80095,800
Roi Sasson95,60095,600
Anil Jivani95,4000
Robert Markham95,30095,300
Eli Berg95,00095,000
Alberto Destrade94,90094,900
Chunliang Kuo94,80094,800
Ro Park94,80094,800
Adam Levy94,70040,700
Terrence Chan94,7000
Mike Azzaro94,70094,700
Javier Perez Estevez94,60094,600
Elias Hourani94,30094,300
James Cappucci94,20094,200
Marius Pertea94,10094,100
John Gallagher94,10094,100
Oleg Titov94,10094,100
Scott Levitt94,00094,000
Erik Lemarquand93,90093,900
David Wilhoit93,80093,800
Derek Marmen93,80093,800
Tom Midena93,70023,700
Scott Clements93,5000
Jared Ingles93,50093,500
Enrique Leigue93,50093,500
Antony Hallam93,40093,400
Corey Dodd93,37593,375
Marco Johnson93,30093,300
Michael Krasienko93,30093,300
Robert Ferdinand93,30093,300
Ryan Riess93,30029,300
Jeff Banghart93,10093,100
Nicholas Treppiedi93,10093,100
Ben Yu93,0000
Richard Tatalovich92,90092,900
Alex Smith92,80092,800
Jonathan Cohen (SD)92,70092,700
Al Barbieri92,70092,700
Kevin MacPhee92,7000
Nigel Lucas92,60092,600
Jonathan Gerrick92,40092,400
Danny Wong92,40092,400
Justin Rice92,30092,300
Scott Clark92,30092,300
Dominic Lopez92,30092,300
Andrew Kim92,20092,200
Tony Doyon92,00092,000
Tyler Rueger92,00092,000
Max Pescatori91,8000
Farah Galfond91,8000
Ken Kao91,60091,600
Bobby Law91,60091,600
Stephen Nussrallah91,50091,500
Eli Elezra91,40015,275
Matthew Zarcadoolas91,40030,400
Robert Laird91,20091,200
Tyler Kenney91,20091,200
Aaron Steury91,20091,200
Robert Kuhn91,00037,000
Philip Yeh90,80090,800
Eric Rivkin90,50090,500
Timothy Bishop90,50090,500
Joep Raemaekers90,500-19,500
Idan Raviv90,40090,400
David Lojeski90,30090,300
Stephen Hesse90,20090,200
Michael Mino90,10090,100
Matthew Buczkiewicz90,10090,100
Charlotte Godwin90,00015,000
Scott Hamilton-Hill90,00090,000
Jason Maeroff89,900-42,400
Sebastian Langrock89,9000
Matthew Perez89,80089,800
Vyacheslav Ioffe89,70089,700
Mingzhe Zhang89,50089,500
Patrick Blye89,42089,420
Andy Su89,30089,300
Ming Xi88,90088,900
Sami Shurbaji88,80088,800
Alexandro Tricarico88,80088,800
Mircea Roseti88,80088,800
Simon Lam88,70020,700
Mohamed Mokrani88,70088,700
Ryan Jones88,60010,100
David Harris88,60088,600
Igor Ioffe88,50088,500
Darin Utley88,3000
Benjamin Morrison88,10088,100
John Shin88,00088,000
Barry Shulman88,00088,000
Colin Mchugh87,90087,900
Chip Jett87,7000
Brendon Kaufman87,60087,600
Josep Galindo87,4000
Blake Whittington87,40022,400
Iman Shahbazy87,40087,400
Nicandro Filart87,40087,400
Kaylen Lebaron87,30087,300
Jasper Wetemans87,1000
Chapman Grubb87,10087,100
Dustin Taylor87,00087,000
Richard Ali86,80086,800
Alexandre Mantovani86,5000
Philip Lopiccolo86,50086,500
Michel Pomaret86,50086,500
Walter Treccarichi86,5000
Jeffrey Halcomb86,40086,400
Timothy Little86,40086,400
Marvin Rettenmaier86,40044,400
Adam Grossack86,200-34,800
Michael Telker86,10086,100
Stephen Stokes86,00086,000
James Manganaro85,90085,900
Joao Vieira85,87540,875
Gina Bacon85,7000
Clifton Temm Ii85,60085,600
Matthew Reimers85,600-58,400
Christopher Berger85,6000
Artim Zhuta85,50085,500
Benjamin Cheung85,5000
Derek Norton85,4000
Carter Swidler85,40085,400
Gary Mccloskey85,30085,300
Gary Belyalovsky85,30085,300
Jeff Madsen85,30010,300
Matthew Lapossie85,20085,200
Mimi Luu85,10085,100
Jason Ross85,00085,000
Kurt Haiss85,0000
Brandon Hinkle84,90084,900
Diegoalfonso Venturachunga84,90084,900
Nick Phoenix84,90084,900
Russell Holt84,80084,800
William Lawson84,80084,800
Babak Shahbaz84,60084,600
Keith Morgan84,6000
Joshua Spiegelman84,50084,500
Veerachai Vongxaiburana84,4005,400
Matthias Eibinger84,40084,400
Nathan Zimnik84,30084,300
Kendra Dieter84,200-30,800
Darren Keyes84,20033,200
Andrej Nagy84,00084,000
David Swift83,90043,900
Ross Mallor83,800-4,200
Steven Sollitto83,80083,800
Michael Park83,70083,700
Michael Vela83,70083,700
Lucas Priour83,60083,600
Scott Mayfield83,50083,500
Gal Yifrach83,50083,500
Emile Schiff83,4000
James Mackey83,4000
Lukas Jebavy83,30083,300
Bleron Maliqi83,200-41,800
Fernando Vianna Da Costa83,10083,100
Timothy Marlette83,00083,000
Marino Candido83,00083,000
David B. Levy82,90082,900
Dominick Giovanniello82,80082,800
John Frohman82,70082,700
Michael Ho82,60082,600
Benjamin Gonzva82,60082,600
Jonathan Dokler82,5000
David Allison82,50082,500
Joshua Vanduyn82,30082,300
Joshua Abady82,30082,300
Alejandro Torres82,30082,300
Joshua Haupt82,30082,300
Franklin Azevedo82,20082,200
Jeff Shulman82,200-2,800
Justin Pugliese82,10082,100
Jason Colby82,10082,100
Jason Prochaska82,00082,000
David Arendt82,00082,000
Casey Diener81,90081,900
Robert Correa81,80081,800
Leonard Clooney81,80081,800
Gene Hong81,60081,600
Nicholas Salimbene81,30081,300
Alexander Wilson81,30081,300
Ryan Jaconetti81,20081,200
Jason Kolbe81,20019,200
Victor Chu81,1000
Patrick Clarke81,0000
Bradley Everhart81,00081,000
Ty Stafford80,70080,700
Dan Wirgau80,50080,500
Randall Clinger80,40080,400
Tuan Vo80,40080,400
Adi Abugazal80,40080,400
Remone Rabeh80,40080,400
Claude Hazan80,40080,400
James Indiveri80,30080,300
Jacob Davis80,10080,100
Chad Hine80,10080,100
Nick Grippo80,10080,100
Julius Malzanini80,00080,000
Henry Paniccia80,00080,000
Benjamin Zamani80,00080,000
Shai Morag79,90079,900
Charles Hawkins79,70079,700
Jason Gooch79,60079,600
RONNIE Hope79,5002,000
Ricky Green79,50079,500
Ahmed Taleb79,50079,500
Alexander Dietrich79,40079,400
Patrick Obrien79,30079,300
Ross Schultz79,20079,200
Corentin Briglia79,20079,200
Kao Saechao79,20079,200
Matthew Higgins79,00079,000
Scott Morgan78,90078,900
Chad Power78,8000
Zhe Li78,50078,500
Hamza Firdawcy78,40078,400
Robert Glasspool78,4000
Severin Schleser78,10078,100
Barry Faecher78,10078,100
Samantha Cohen78,00016,000
William Mical78,00078,000
Carlos Villamarin78,00078,000
Robert Woods77,700-34,300
Daniel Lascell77,700-2,300
Andrew Wilmot77,60077,600
Gerard Dower77,60077,600
Marc Rivera77,50077,500
Brandon Whitefield77,50077,500
Shane Buchwald77,40077,400
Daniel Stickel77,40077,400
Thomas Gabriel77,40077,400
Rafael Augus Souza Perri77,30077,300
Vadim Rozin77,20077,200
Adam Smith77,20077,200
James Mcknight77,20077,200
Eloy Rios77,20077,200
Frank Giner77,10077,100
David Leja77,00077,000
David Gutfreund76,90076,900
Charles Macdonald76,90076,900
Christophe Gross76,90076,900
Larry Miller76,90076,900
Sandra Brown76,90076,900
Darrin Monteiro76,80076,800
Jesus Cantu76,60076,600
Levon Khachatryan76,60076,600
Ky Nguyen76,6006,600
Santiago Soriano76,50076,500
David Smith76,50049,700
Gilsoo Kim76,50076,500
Robert Macdonald76,50076,500
Marijn van Puffelen76,3000
Matthew Ashton76,22576,225
Mike Sexton76,2000
Idan Vizel76,20076,200
Stephen Torre76,00076,000
Jeffrey Smith75,90075,900
Fracois Tosques75,90075,900
Tyron Krost75,80075,800
William Cheng75,80075,800
David Baker75,70075,700
Michael Lech75,50019,500
Mohammad Arani75,50075,500
Alton Jones75,40075,400
Johan Soner75,40075,400
Stuart Gold75,20075,200
Chanracy Khun75,10015,100
Arkadi Onikoul75,10075,100
Brenda Clayton75,00075,000
Griffin Abel75,00075,000
Gary Tomas74,90074,900
Rajasekhara Munnangi74,90074,900
Patrick Smith74,70074,700
Michael Sewell74,70074,700
Brian Ksenak74,70074,700
Michael Dyer74,60074,600
Andrew Lee74,60074,600
Scott Gowdy74,40074,400
David Fair74,40074,400
Ronald Farber74,40074,400
Grant Denison74,40074,400
Michael Rhodes74,20074,200
Shawn Bennani73,90073,900
David Rusaw73,80073,800
Jeremy Wien73,7000
John Monnette73,70073,700
Jan-Peter Jachtmann73,6000
Kristina Holst73,60073,600
Alexandria Janikova73,60073,600
Mark Becker73,60073,600
Brayden Gazlay73,40073,400
John Sill73,40073,400
Park Yu Cheung73,30073,300
Hyung Kim73,30073,300
David Helm73,20073,200
Robert Ricciuti73,20073,200
Jasper Meijer van Putten73,1000
David Bromberg73,10073,100
Albert Hart73,0000
Chad Wiedenhoeft73,00073,000
Metin Aksoy73,00073,000
Thiru Sadagopan72,90072,900
Johan De Graaff72,90072,900
Jim McCrink72,80072,800
Alessandro Borsa72,80072,800
Ayman Qutami72,70072,700
James Santee72,70072,700
Brock Wilson72,50072,500
David Doherty72,30072,300
Sunil Goureddy72,30072,300
Cory Smith72,30072,300
Shane Schleger72,30072,300
Timur Gatanov72,30072,300
Vitaly Lunkin72,00022,000
Jeffrey Hannon71,90071,900
Peter Oneill71,80071,800
Brian Clark71,70071,700
Jules Dickerson71,70071,700
James Carroll71,60071,600
Steven Snyder71,600-28,400
Jorden Fox71,50071,500
George Watford71,30071,300
Dan Sindelar71,3000
Mark Threadgill71,10071,100
Venkat Chivukula71,00071,000
Amit Makhija70,90070,900
Vito Lagani70,80070,800
Brian England70,80070,800
Oldrich Miklik70,8000
Andrew Grombacher70,70070,700
Vincent Moscati70,60070,600
Jiandong Xu70,60070,600
Tweed Vorhees70,40070,400
Randolph Spain70,2007,200
Joe Wagner70,10070,100
Vincent Procopio70,10070,100
Kristy Becker70,00070,000
Quang Tran70,00070,000
Dennis Martin69,80069,800
Todd Hansen69,80069,800
William Shanks69,70069,700
Jeffrey Cox69,70069,700
Peter Nguyen69,60069,600
Blake Bohn69,6006,600
Reza Doomun69,20069,200
Mitchell Johnson69,20069,200
Mark Dube69,20069,200
Leonard Behrens69,10069,100
Luiz Renato Feres Messmar Car69,00069,000
Alejandro Duque68,90068,900
Ryo Kotake68,70068,700
Arron Fletcher68,60068,600
Matthew Emmel68,60068,600
Nicholas Collins68,40068,400
Patrick Putek68,40068,400
Pascal Pflock68,30016,300
Tony Hartmann68,20068,200
Lauren Roberts68,2000
Zachary Hirst68,10068,100
Kenneth Kavowras68,10068,100
Robert Salaburu68,0001,000
Jeffery Thomas68,00068,000
Michael Rosa68,00068,000
Steven To68,00068,000
Richard Otts67,90067,900
Jeremiah Timmons67,80067,800
Alberto Pesco67,80067,800
Scott Ehlermann67,70067,700
Michael Urhausen67,70067,700
Jeffrey Lennon67,70067,700
Chris Grigorian67,60067,600
Drew Dumanski67,60067,600
Marcelo Giordano Mendes67,60067,600
Yann Brosolo67,5000
Ludovic Riehl67,300-2,700
Ngoc Tran67,20067,200
Jeremy Putthoff67,20067,200
Dermot Blain67,100-2,900
Matthew Ellis67,10067,100
Andrew Brokos67,00067,000
Darren Barnes66,90066,900
David Brookshire66,900-5,525
Pierre Calamusa66,8000
Temperance Hutter66,80066,800
Aaron Moreaucook66,80066,800
Daniel Sammarco66,70066,700
Michele Koerner66,70066,700
Paul Taskalos66,70066,700
Eric Berman66,70066,700
Brent Wheeler66,60066,600
Ray Foley66,40066,400
Or Arusi66,40066,400
Jose Reyes66,40066,400
Greg Mueller66,3000
Nicholas Schuman66,30066,300
Ki Lee66,30066,300
Brian Hastings66,3000
Mohammad Siddiqui66,30066,300
Vincent Fazzolari66,20066,200
Scott Montgomery66,10066,100
Leo Worthingtonleese66,10066,100
Albert Vorbe66,10066,100
Kianoosh Mohajeri66,00066,000
Richard Mask65,90065,900
Jean Moussa65,70065,700
Kyle Knecht65,60065,600
Sarah Herzali65,50020,000
Andrew Nguyen65,50065,500
Tony Bracy65,50065,500
Laurent Michot65,50065,500
Ari Eiblum65,40065,400
Till Kollender65,30065,300
Blair Hinkle65,30065,300
Robert Johnson65,3000
Ray Burke65,30065,300
James James65,20065,200
Scott Ross65,20065,200
Micah Smith65,00065,000
Fadi Najjar65,00065,000
Andrew Camou65,00065,000
Carlos Hey64,90064,900
Jonathan Panagrossi64,80064,800
Forouzan Sotoudeh64,80064,800
Wojciech Glab64,80064,800
Victor Pedote Dos Santos64,80064,800
Jordan Saccucci64,80064,800
Michael Brady64,70064,700
Dylan Hortin64,7000
Danny Martinez64,60064,600
Curtis Heron64,5000
Clayton Saliba64,50064,500
Jaroslaw Jaskiewicz64,50064,500
Travis Hantke64,40064,400
Angelo Mancini64,30064,300
Carlos Gomez64,30064,300
Gavin Polone64,20064,200
Tho Tran64,10064,100
Nathan Tuthill64,00064,000
Alexandre Amiel64,00064,000
Michael Gagliano64,0000
Jeffrey Demonbrun63,90063,900
John Hesp63,9000
Derek Sommerville63,70063,700
Tony Mcglone63,70063,700
Raymond Moscoe63,50063,500
Charles Urrutia63,40063,400
Neel Choksi63,40063,400
Paul Miller63,40063,400
Jeffrey Benhart63,4000
Zi Li63,40063,400
Sergio Espina Aido63,30063,300
Bedrus Ay63,30063,300
William Spangler63,10063,100
Florian Vogel63,10063,100
Roman Valerstein63,000-9,000
Lilach West62,90062,900
Anthony Robideau62,90062,900
Hector Dominguez-Depaz62,90062,900
Mark Wiser62,90062,900
Michel Akrich62,80062,800
Cesar Garcia62,80062,800
James Gallman62,70062,700
Norman Wayer62,70062,700
Harald Sammer62,700-3,300
Aaron Kaiser62,70062,700
Guoliang Wei62,60062,600
Bradley Gordon62,60062,600
Jason Mercier62,6000
Brian Barker62,60062,600
Jordan Siegel62,5000
Ramiro Araujo62,50062,500
Shan Jing62,40062,400
Daniel Sewnig62,30062,300
Chris Klodnicki62,300-39,700
Chris Dombrowski62,20062,200
Renato Kaneoya62,10011,100
Phil Galfond62,000-30,000
Jonathan Wong62,00062,000
Adam Lippert62,00062,000
Slimane Mameche62,00062,000
Craig Varnell61,900900
John Hunt61,90061,900
Steven Jones61,90061,900
John Holley61,800-2,775
Brian Murphy61,80061,800
Dan Harrington61,8000
Bruno Kawauti61,80021,800
Jeffrey Meleo61,70061,700
Christopher Coles61,70061,700
Richard Pratt61,60061,600
Nelson Perez61,600-10,400
Steven Prentky61,50061,500
Dennis Jeffrey61,40061,400
Daniel Tafur61,30061,300
Robert Hankins61,30061,300
Steven Gurney-Goldman61,100-17,900
Aaron Raap61,10061,100
Michael Stashin61,00061,000
Darrin Oremba60,90060,900
Bijan Shahbaz60,80060,800
Shigeo Marumoto60,50060,500
Chris Back60,50060,500
Zhuoyang Min60,40060,400
Brian Gudim60,40060,400
Paul Senat60,300-19,700
Michael Ciaravino60,3000
Mark Aridgides60,30060,300
Larry Hirschfield60,30060,300
Amelio Amato60,300-1,700
Hieu Luu60,200-34,800
Alan Mulleady60,20060,200
Joe Nalbandyan60,20060,200
Charles Campos60,10060,100
Andreas Klatt59,9000
Rassoul Malboubi59,90059,900
Erwann Pecheux59,900-8,100
Michael Hollenberg59,70059,700
Bradley Owen59,70059,700
Andre Almeron59,60059,600
Jake Larson59,50059,500
Guy Hadas59,400-25,600
Dan Williams59,30059,300
Renato Botelho59,30059,300
Bradley Rhodes59,20059,200
Erika Weinstein59,100-55,900
Phil Hansen59,10059,100
Lisa Hamilton58,90058,900
Gregory Parr58,90058,900
Jeffrey Platt58,90058,900
David Steicke58,90058,900
Arthur Schiavo58,80058,800
Andrew Lichtenberger58,8000
Matt Giannetti58,7003,700
Danny Nguyen58,70058,700
Loc Nguyen58,70058,700
Blaise Hom58,50058,500
Yossi Azulay58,50058,500
Danny Lawson58,40058,400
Michael York58,30058,300
Neil Patel (IL)58,30058,300
Patrick Serda58,1008,100
Paul Siem58,00058,000
George Medrano58,00058,000
Loren Klein58,000-7,000
Anthony Hugenberg58,00058,000
Ian Pelz58,00058,000
Jason Barnett57,800-4,700
Ralph Blanco57,70057,700
Josh Kay57,70057,700
Joe Brandenburg57,60057,600
Shaun Lowery57,60057,600
Jordan Joeckel57,4000
Brian Gibbons57,4000
Bret Karr57,40057,400
Ted Ely57,20057,200
Philip Nguyen57,20057,200
Dustin Murphy57,20057,200
Robert Mazzie57,10057,100
Bryon Abel56,80056,800
Bryan Baird56,80056,800
Orit Hadas56,60056,600
Al Stonum56,60056,600
Quincy Seale56,60056,600
Richard Thousand56,50056,500
Steven De Vries56,40056,400
Ryan Tamanini56,40056,400
Deon Chavon56,400-3,600
Timothy Gordley56,300-40,700
Pim de Goede56,3006,300
Aram Oganyan56,30056,300
Paul Baksi56,300-8,900
Nicholas Rivas56,30056,300
Douglas Suzuki56,10056,100
Susan Webb56,10056,100
Mark Leblanc56,10056,100
Alexandru Baron56,10056,100
Benny Chen56,00056,000
Robert Shuptrine56,00056,000
William Colmer56,00056,000
Raoul Iancovici55,90055,900
Vladimir Bozinovic55,90055,900
Zhiqiang Ou55,90055,900
Clinton Monfort55,90055,900
Robert Sura55,90055,900
Brian Edmonds55,70055,700
Larry Weitkamp55,70055,700
Robert Kokoska55,70055,700
Franck Eburderie55,70055,700
Ross Graham55,70055,700
Eric Oudni55,60055,600
Donnacha O'Dea55,50015,500
Faraz Jaka55,500400
Joanna Leban55,50055,500
Kevin McGee55,50055,500
Oskar Prehm55,40055,400
Cory Cunningham55,40055,400
Greg Merson55,00024,000
Alex Bolotin55,00055,000
Daniel Drislane55,00055,000
Lior Segre55,00055,000
Peter Mugar54,90054,900
Brent Becker54,900-5,100
Alex Venovski54,90054,900
Jefferson Morrill54,90054,900
Carlos Ibarra54,80054,800
Philippe Narboni54,70054,700
Dara O'Kearney54,7000
Jean Mauplot54,60054,600
Thomas Arria54,60054,600
Matt Stinson54,50054,500
Dudley Miller54,40054,400
Brad Marzejka54,4002,400
Kyle Julius54,3004,800
Daiva Byrne54,3000
Jennifer Ryan-Koenig54,20054,200
Arjuna Manning-Laisne54,20054,200
Thomas O'Neal54,10054,100
Jamie Flynn54,10054,100
Madhusudhan Munagala54,10054,100
Thomas Gray54,10054,100
Justin Gavri54,00054,000
Naveh Morris54,000-12,500
Angel Cordero54,000-13,500
Daniel Fisher54,00054,000
Rabeh Ebeed54,00054,000
Brendon Rubie54,00054,000
Bryan Buonocore54,00054,000
Francis Tavolacci53,90053,900
Ralph Massey53,9007,900
Andrew Munday53,90053,900
Richard Tinsley53,70053,700
Christopher Barrett53,70053,700
Joseph Pombriant53,70053,700
Mark Friese53,70053,700
Michael Ross53,70053,700
Fletcher McKinney53,70053,700
Steven Fuhrman53,70053,700
Anthony Zinno53,6000
Marvin Rosen53,60053,600
David Carleton53,60053,600
Joshua Platz53,50053,500
Ahmad Jerjis53,50053,500
Andy Bloch53,500-6,500
Roberly Felicio53,5000
Dan Walsh53,400-61,600
Michael Bratovich53,30053,300
Daniel Charbonneau53,20053,200
Timothy Weslow53,10053,100
Amit Jain53,00053,000
Anselmo Villarreal53,00053,000
Robert Dunn53,00053,000
John Grue52,90052,900
Michael Zelin52,90052,900
Fernando Halac52,80052,800
Christopher Horter52,70052,700
Joseph Reddick52,70052,700
Ray Pulford52,600-2,400
Andrew Stapff52,60052,600
Jamie Shaevel52,60052,600
Nathan Fair52,50052,500
Maximilian Droege52,50052,500
Matthew Shafman52,40052,400
John Lyons52,30052,300
Maged Botros52,20052,200
Aaron Massey52,2000
Adam Dahlin52,20052,200
Arthur Peters52,10052,100
Shawn Heckerman52,10052,100
Ryan Hemmel52,00052,000
Glenn Cozen52,00052,000
Fabian Gumz52,000-10,000
Sakari Setala51,90051,900
Christopher Kostoulas51,90051,900
Charles Rifici51,9000
Jorge Aristizabal51,80051,800
Michael Palermo51,80051,800
Josh Weiss51,80051,800
Kristofer Kneale51,80051,800
Tara Cain51,700-24,300
Colin Wickersheim51,70051,700
Christoph Choy51,60051,600
Paul Degiulio51,60051,600
Marie Harrell51,5251,525
Sharon Nachamkin51,40051,400
Michael Niwinski51,40051,400
Randy Kritzer51,40051,400
Daniel Hameiri51,40051,400
William Bright51,20051,200
Michael Bartholomew51,10051,100
Todd Comeens51,10051,100
Jeremey Frost51,00051,000
Jaime Vilela51,00051,000
Viclouris Quinonez51,00051,000
Lucas Reeves51,00051,000
Elio Fox50,950-50
Thomas Muehloecker50,9000
Daniel Chan50,90050,900
Alexander Ziskin50,90050,900
Cathal Shine50,80050,800
David Pham50,80050,800
John Dubois50,80050,800
Jessica Perez50,80050,800
Neil Webber50,80050,800
Rahman Khakban50,70050,700
Michael Tomaselli50,70050,700
Lawrence Scholl50,60050,600
Alex Keating50,6000
Linda Kenney Baden50,50050,500
Thomas Conway50,40050,400
Huu Mai50,40050,400
Luis Calvo50,40026,900
Christopher Molica50,30050,300
Isidro Sifuentes50,100-7,850
Taylor Johnson50,10050,100
Craig Chait50,1007,100
Jordan Westmorland50,10050,100
Lily Kiletto50,0000
Lev Milman50,00050,000
Kirk Smith50,00050,000
William Klevitz50,00050,000
Jaime Kaplan49,90049,900
Edward Ludwig49,90049,900
Michael Koran49,90049,900
Sean Ruane49,80049,800
Stuart Kemble49,70049,700
Jared Hamby49,6003,600
Robert Williams49,6000
Griffin Malatino49,60049,600
Jeffrey Tugwell49,60049,600
Brady Seeley49,60049,600
Casey Glick49,4000
Chengyuan Jiang49,20049,200
Jeffrey Reimer49,20049,200
Mark Nevell49,10049,100
Noam Freedman49,10049,100
Scott Woods49,1000
David Wang49,10049,100
Joshua Gingras49,10049,100
Erwin Dewald49,00049,000
Mark Bailey49,00049,000
Patrick Bruel49,0000
Stephen King49,000-1,000
Lawrence Masi48,70048,700
Richard Harroch48,70048,700
Adrien Delmas48,6002,600
Rittie Chuaprasert48,6000
Peter Cho48,50048,500
Glenn Lanier48,50048,500
Jeffrey Tanouye48,40048,400
Xuming Qi48,30048,300
Carsten Hansen48,10048,100
Grant Hinkle48,100-36,900
Guy Pariente48,10048,100
Gregory Benac48,00048,000
Pedro Llanes48,00048,000
Julien Loire47,90047,900
Alan Percal47,90047,900
Joe Ebanks47,8001,800
Jeremy Ausmus47,8000
Hugh Thomas Cross47,80047,800
Jamie Lunt47,70047,700
Thomas Wiant47,70047,700
Anthony Salib47,60047,600
Darren Rabinowitz47,60047,600
Michael Burke47,50047,500
Joseph Neiman47,50047,500
Chris Marrone47,50047,500
Jane Hitchcock47,40047,400
David Larson47,40047,400
Edwin Alden47,30047,300
Jonathan Gray47,30047,300
James Dorrance47,20047,200
Steven Van De Moer47,10047,100
Laurie Tournier47,10047,100
Paul Tong47,00047,000
Wenhao Ying47,00047,000
Mark Mcclintock47,00047,000
Thomas Copeland46,90046,900
Lee Watkinson46,90046,900
Oysten Christensen46,90046,900
Adam Lamphere46,800-24,700
Martin Mathis46,70046,700
James Wilson46,70046,700
Wesley Brockhoeft46,70046,700
Steven Cook46,70046,700
Russell Rosenblum46,7003,700
Dean Spagnuolo46,70046,700
William Jacobson46,60046,600
Steven Flanigan46,60046,600
Steffen Kylevik46,60046,600
Yin Liu46,60046,600
Antonio Tropeano46,50046,500
Jerry Zehr46,50046,500
Noam Yahav46,40046,400
Kunal Patel46,40046,400
Michael Orgettas46,40046,400
Arkadi Kilman46,30046,300
Riyaz Abdulla46,30046,300
James Tinney46,30046,300
Andy Frankenberger46,20046,200
Andrew Kvasnicka46,10046,100
Raymond Joll46,10046,100
Raad Kello46,10046,100
Kevin Andriamahefa46,10046,100
Ran Niv46,00046,000
Dean Murphy46,00046,000
Carolyn Rogers45,90045,900
Lela Rios45,90045,900
Adi Rajkovic45,90045,900
Shi Chen45,80045,800
Christophe De Meulder45,700-16,300
Glyn Griffis45,70045,700
John Hartmann45,70045,700
Nicolas Dumont45,70045,700
Timothy Miles45,70045,700
Ben Volpe45,60045,600
Kenneth Rubin45,60045,600
Barny Boatman45,6000
Gregor Prizmicmartini45,50045,500
Sherman Jameson45,50045,500
Todd Morisak45,40045,400
Markus Hechelmann45,4000
Tommy Rounds45,40045,400
Kevin Ho45,40045,400
Jason Shapiro45,40045,400
Brant How45,40045,400
Karen Hodge45,400400
Nicholas Doedtman45,30045,300
Haoran Zhang45,20045,200
Steve Rassi45,20045,200
Robert Hendricks45,20045,200
Francis Anderson45,2000
Stephen Ladowsky45,20045,200
Charles Mccaughey45,10045,100
Rami Zaiter45,10045,100
Zachary Gruneberg45,10045,100
William Haley45,10045,100
Ren Heo Zhang45,10045,100
Wilfried Haselmayer45,00045,000
Nicholas Verderamo44,90044,900
Augusto Carvalho44,90044,900
Larissa Bushman44,70044,700
Johan Schumancher44,70044,700
Amnon Filippi44,60044,600
Sergio Castellano44,60044,600
Marc Goone44,50044,500
Raymond Leone44,50044,500
Samuel Phillips44,50044,500
Joseph Elpayaa44,50044,500
Timothy Downing44,50044,500
Ozgur Arda44,50044,500
Robert Bell44,40044,400
Roman Kagan44,20019,100
Michael Marder44,200200
Ying Zhao44,20044,200
Lars Kamphues44,20044,200
Peter Hernandez44,10044,100
Giuliano Lentini44,10044,100
Stephen Pirri44,10044,100
Floyd Arnold44,00010,000
Pretesh Patel44,00044,000
Bryan Piccioli44,0000
Brandon Abbaspour43,90043,900
Jason Brauda43,80043,800
Jeffrey Cullis43,80043,800
Rion Bruns43,70043,700
Almedin Imsirovic43,60043,600
Mandy Calara43,60043,600
Brian Egger43,40043,400
Federico Peralta43,300-3,700
David Rounick43,30043,300
Ghadir Nafso43,20043,200
Zachary Zaffos43,20043,200
Abbas Heidari43,20043,200
Allen Cunningham43,1000
Shaun Deeb43,000-100,000
Marta Miquel43,00043,000
Damian Earl42,70042,700
David Roper42,70042,700
Erick Gydesen42,60042,600
Stephen Dodd42,60042,600
DID NOT REPORT 542,50042,500
Anatoly Filatov42,5000
Joseph Alban42,40042,400
Andy Phan42,30042,300
Ruth Ruffman42,30042,300
Natalia Breviglieri42,300-2,700
Joseph Rinella42,20042,200
Louis Salter42,20015,200
Kevin Glenn42,10042,100
Chad Hancock42,10042,100
Bin Duan42,00042,000
Tuan Le42,0001,000
Frederik Brink41,90041,900
Yiming Li41,80041,800
Jonathan Cohen41,80041,800
Michael Madison41,80041,800
Taro Kimura41,80041,800
Peter Vitantonio41,8000
Ahmar Wasim41,80041,800
Hisham Salama41,70041,700
Sardor Shagulyamov41,50041,500
Nick Tsoukalas41,50041,500
Jacob Meeks41,40041,400
David Vida41,30041,300
Douglas Hartwick41,20041,200
Timothy Pirraglia41,20041,200
Zachary Hench41,20041,200
Kevin Schulz41,20041,200
Priscilla Giroir41,10041,100
Robert Geith41,100-3,900
Andre Sa41,00041,000
Brandon Newsome41,0000
William Sloan41,00041,000
Cory Gogerty41,00041,000
Zachary Efland40,80040,800
Daniel Ott40,8000
Mitchell Towner40,70040,700
JC Tran40,7000
Troy Nisbet40,70040,700
Alan Chirls40,70040,700
Nikolay Bibov40,50040,500
James Hoeland40,50040,500
Raymond Airhart40,40040,400
Lars Gronning40,40040,400
Ryan Milisits40,30040,300
Meddi Ferrah40,30040,300
Ryan D'Angelo40,300-39,700
Miklos Zsuffa40,30040,300
Kostantinos Segounis40,20040,200
Julius Colman40,20040,200
Ryan Rogers40,200-6,000
Dale Lancaster40,10040,100
Brendan Flaherty40,00040,000
Benjamin Constant40,00040,000
Oliver Price40,00040,000
Steven Pelsnik40,0000
Scott Massimiano40,00040,000
Ronnie Ebanks39,90039,900
Juan Cabrera39,90039,900
Thomas Erler39,90039,900
Ben Greenberg39,800-10,200
Rahul Jain39,70039,700
Kenn Pluard39,6000
Guy Cannon39,600-40,400
Walter Blattler39,60039,600
Andrzej Rogowski39,60039,600
Jake Straus39,60039,600
Andrew Fegan39,60039,600
Josef Snejberg39,60039,600
William Murray39,40039,400
Jerry Giroir39,4000
Keith Heine39,30039,300
Josip Simunic39,3000
Kristian Olsen39,30039,300
Dan Keston39,20039,200
Michael Terhune39,20039,200
Bahman Jahanguiri39,10039,100
Joshua Suyat39,10039,100
Jeffrey Stein39,00039,000
Karle Wilson39,00039,000
Kai Yang39,00039,000
Marc-Andre Ladouceur38,900-100
Nam Phan38,80038,800
Darwin Valdez38,80038,800
Ryan Olisar38,8004,075
Dennis Grizzle38,80038,800
Katie Swift38,8000
Robert Dagley38,70038,700
Kaushik Paul38,70038,700
Toshiyuki Watanabe38,70038,700
Scott Weidema38,70038,700
Peter Akery38,70038,700
Chase Bianchi38,60038,600
Andrew Bender38,50038,500
Pierre Deissler38,50038,500
Greg Jennings38,50038,500
Ben Tollerene38,50038,500
Adam Friedman38,40038,400
Dong Le38,40038,400
Jolyne Thompson38,30038,300
Terrance Coutts38,30038,300
Arash Ghaneian38,3000
Hari Bercovici38,20038,200
Roger Isaac38,20038,200
Carol Fuchs38,00021,500
Jason Kim (LA)38,00038,000
Donald Drapel37,90037,900
Michael Zenone37,90037,900
Gregory Rich37,90037,900
David Quallio37,900-67,100
Robert Gookin37,90037,900
Randy Burnette37,80037,800
Donald Blum37,60037,600
Daniel Plonsker37,60037,600
Giovanni Di Donato37,60037,600
Drazen Ilich37,50037,500
Warren Davis37,50037,500
Thomas Hammers37,50037,500
Jim Isley37,50037,500
James Piccolo37,50037,500
Thayer Rasmussen37,50037,500
Anthony Justice37,50037,500
Dustin Lee37,40037,400
Victor Rodych37,40037,400
Kamil Nasr37,20037,200
Kristopher Bradshaw37,20037,200
William Kean37,20037,200
Jeffery Stocking37,20037,200
Irvin Hoffman37,20037,200
Phil Laak37,2000
DID NOT REPORT 1037,10037,100
Moritz Muehlebach37,10037,100
Daniel Hauptfeld36,90036,900
Pedro Waldburger36,60036,600
Thomas Tran36,60036,600
Thomas Paul36,60036,600
Deric Williams36,50036,500
Cheng Liu36,40036,400
Christopher Frank36,4000
John Corr36,30036,300
James Calvo36,30036,300
Sherry Hammers36,30036,300
Thomas Brady35,90035,900
Richard Spaugh35,90035,900
Brad Anderson35,90035,900
Jonathan Samuels35,90035,900
Donald Schneider35,80035,800
Nicholas Andricopulos35,80035,800
Kevin Ward35,80035,800
Donald Baker35,80035,800
Francis Pasqualino35,70035,700
Tye Smoole35,70035,700
Perry Friedman35,6000
Thomas Amato35,60035,600
Andrew Zuzolo35,60035,600
Dean Brown35,50035,500
Richard Fuller35,50035,500
Neil Blumenfield35,4000
Jake Schwartz35,300-11,700
Devin Looney35,2000
Nikolay Losev35,10035,100
Paulius Plausinaitis35,10035,100
Dewey Tomko35,00035,000
Kevin Taylor35,000-7,000
Michael Ehrhart35,00035,000
Mo Tatar35,00035,000
Jason Gabel35,00035,000
Dean Stevens34,90034,900
John Strzemp34,80034,800
Gavin Smith34,7000
Fatima Nanji34,700-5,300
Radwan Khuri34,600-25,200
Annibale Falato34,60034,600
Shinya Shimada34,500-6,500
Daniel Wendorf34,50034,500
Steven Markowitz34,50034,500
Carlos Cordero34,40034,400
Orlando Moretti34,40034,400
Robert Washam34,40034,400
Andrew St Jean34,30034,300
William Draper34,30034,300
Amjad Nader34,20034,200
Jacob Harris34,20034,200
Scott Dehm34,20034,200
Ken Okada34,10034,100
Jerry Burgess34,00034,000
Austin Peck34,00034,000
Ryan Emling34,00034,000
Michael Addamo33,9000
Garrett Greer33,80033,800
Graeme Laronge33,80033,800
Novak Cvetinovic33,70033,700
Bryan Ngo33,70033,700
Michael Hopkins33,50033,500
Ronald Piper33,50033,500
Aaron Gustavson33,50033,500
Jordan Spurlin33,20033,200
Max Greenwood33,200-26,800
N/A Dagostino33,10033,100
Yaser Alkeliddar32,90032,900
Jon Hoellein32,80032,800
William Thompson32,80032,800
Stephen Johnson32,70032,700
James Dempsey32,700-23,300
Randall Webb32,70032,700
Steve Piper32,70032,700
Bobac Medalian32,60032,600
Mark Gregorich32,600-7,400
Michael Weinstock32,60032,600
Daniele Colautti32,60032,600
Jeffrey Liberman32,60032,600
Richard Loch32,50032,500
Lorenz Buhler32,50032,500
Yvonne Mcquillan32,40032,400
Mark Teltscher32,40032,400
Matt Grapenthien32,100-6,100
James Magner32,000-40,900
Pedro Padilha32,000-1,450
Rok Gostisa31,80031,800
Zhang Liping31,80031,800
AJ Bertenshaw31,80031,800
Gavin O'Rourke31,800-23,200
Joel Tushnet31,70031,700
Aaron Hollier31,70031,700
Bas De Laat31,6000
Frank Coccia31,50031,500
Joseph Heinzmann31,40031,400
Luciano Hollanda31,4000
Harrison Gimbel31,300-700
Patrick Lawson31,30031,300
David Nir31,30031,300
Austin Walton31,20031,200
Henrik Unverricht31,20031,200
Robert Rini31,10031,100
Maria Ho31,0000
Kimberley Kilroy31,00031,000
Drew Alves31,00031,000
Gregory Perry30,90030,900
Boomer Whipple30,80030,800
David Kennedy30,70030,700
Brian Brunner30,70030,700
Scott Turner30,600-100
Scott Sowinski30,60030,600
Glenn LaFaye30,400-29,600
James Schweitzer30,30030,300
Justin Allen30,30030,300
Yuk Mui30,10030,100
Kyle Chang30,10030,100
Timothy Pughsley30,10030,100
Dat Luu30,00030,000
David Margi30,00030,000
Alex Gelinski29,90029,900
Paul Baker29,90029,900
Ming Zheng29,80029,800
Harry Mozian29,80029,800
Glenn Forster29,80029,800
Kenneth Ray29,70029,700
Nick Cipiti29,70029,700
Roland Dupuis29,70029,700
Adam Hsu29,70029,700
Zak Enyart29,50029,500
Rafael Gonzalez29,4000
Russ Head29,40029,400
Heidi May29,3000
Krista Gifford29,30029,300
John Miller29,20029,200
Vincent Newland29,10029,100
Matthew Sedgeman28,80028,800
Danielle Andersen28,7008,700
Michael Cloud28,60028,600
Robert Heidorn28,60028,600
Alexander Rosenblatt28,50028,500
Dashrath Dhawan28,50028,500
Rayan Chamas28,4007,600
Sean Logan28,40028,400
David Ritter28,40028,400
Kevin McCullough28,400-37,100
Simon Trumper28,400900
Jesus Martinez28,30028,300
Jia Liu28,30028,300
Jamie Smith28,30028,300
Noel Yulfo28,20028,200
Joshua Douglas28,20028,200
Steven Greenberg28,00028,000
Edouard Mignot28,00028,000
Dieter Dechant27,800-10,200
Christopher Bone27,80027,800
Steven Hartstein27,80027,800
John Hyun27,70027,700
Alberto Meran27,50027,500
Richard Federico27,5000
Troy Sakaguchi27,50027,500
David Nixon27,30027,300
Wadoua Xiong27,30027,300
Jason Cohen27,20027,200
Man Lam27,20027,200
Adams Sherman27,10027,100
Mike Mcdermaid27,00027,000
Kee Fredkove26,90026,900
Jason Gigliotti26,70026,700
Leonard Maue26,70026,700
Vinh Huynh26,70026,700
Benjamin Cox26,70026,700
Kings Santy26,60026,600
Louis Dragas26,50026,500
Christian Nolte26,5000
Christopher Brammer26,50026,500
Sean Hegarty26,40026,400
Christopher Mclean26,30026,300
Sam Washburn26,30026,300
DID NOT REPORT 726,30026,300
Daniel Oconnell26,30026,300
Sebastian Sambor26,20026,200
Derek Csanadi26,20026,200
John Eames26,100-24,900
Mark Lillge26,00026,000
Jodee Distasio26,00026,000
Victoria Ondis26,00026,000
Donald Jones25,90025,900
David Yingling25,90025,900
Justin Adams25,800-3,200
Jason Cole25,80025,800
George Khoriaty25,70025,700
Michael Rosenfeld25,70025,700
Rodrigo Portaleoni25,40025,400
James Ohlweiler25,40025,400
Allan Vrooman25,40025,400
Robert Taylor25,40025,400
Sirous Jamshidi25,40025,400
Sean Kelly25,30025,300
Christian Liel25,20025,200
Noah Merritt25,20025,200
Brad Grossmith25,20025,200
David Mccance25,10025,100
Jacob Phillips25,00025,000
Austin Novotney25,00025,000
Ryan Chua24,90024,900
Durward Humphrey24,90024,900
Bobby Gunter24,80024,800
Richard Tucker24,70024,700
Daniel Marino24,60024,600
Nedeljko Todorovic24,60024,600
Michael Connors24,60024,600
Thomas Rosenthal24,60024,600
Chengce Jiang24,40024,400
Thomas Bosko24,40024,400
Miles Reinhard24,40024,400
Joao Pedro Passamani24,30024,300
James Koenig24,30024,300
Anthony Pinto24,30024,300
Geffrey Klein24,30024,300
Chris DeMaci24,300-42,700
Hye Park24,10024,100
Anthony Lapisardi24,10024,100
Morgan Machina24,000-31,000
Mario Sequeira23,90023,900
Mark McPherson23,70023,700
Dean Pitcher23,70023,700
Chunhui Ji23,60023,600
DID NOT REPORT 823,60023,600
Archibald Rufty23,50023,500
Brian Dennis23,30023,300
Hugo Nazar23,30023,300
Matthias De Meulder23,30023,300
Roger Campbell23,20023,200
Andrew Prince23,20023,200
David Powers23,10023,100
Jay Farber23,0000
Scott Sawyer22,90022,900
Mike Lesle22,80022,800
Annette Obrestad22,7000
Matthew Wantman22,600-33,400
Richard Bassing22,60022,600
Ouri Cohen22,60022,600
Michael Rees22,60022,600
Matthew Dietrich22,50022,500
Anthony Gates22,30022,300
Ronald Mulder22,30022,300
Eric Tarr22,30022,300
Michael Lalli22,20022,200
Dylan Linde22,1000
William Zakrinski22,00022,000
Benjamin Ector21,90021,900
Craig Mason21,80021,800
Jessica Horan21,80021,800
Tucker Hummel21,6000
Michael Wasserman21,600-1,750
Jason Young21,6000
Panagiotis Iconomou21,60021,600
Michael Basch21,60021,600
Antoine Saout21,500-14,500
Jeremy White21,50021,500
Jonathan Kono21,40021,400
Alan Hance21,40021,400
Randall Benton21,40021,400
Daniel Tomer21,20021,200
Ivan Starostin21,10021,100
James Russell21,10021,100
Nesrin Can21,10021,100
Kai Herold21,00021,000
Seth Thomsen21,00021,000
Robert Boryca20,90020,900
Javier Zarco20,800800
Bradley Harris20,80020,800
Jonathan Jaffe20,70020,700
Glenn Davidson20,60020,600
William Courtade20,60020,600
Stephen Bryant20,40020,400
Michal Nahum20,40020,400
Jay Sharon20,3000
Guillermo Garcia20,20020,200
Jacob Garza20,20020,200
Leonardo Emperador20,20013,200
Charles Maddalena20,10020,100
Daniel Dealmeida20,00020,000
Michael Vogelsong20,000-10,000
Nathan Manuel20,00020,000
Mark Evans20,00020,000
Jamie Sequeira20,00020,000
Keanu Tabali20,00020,000
Kenneth Fitzgerald19,90019,900
Thomas Workman19,50019,500
Donald Santistevan19,50019,500
Joseph Ruzick19,50019,500
Abdel Hamid19,40019,400
David Zemel19,40019,400
Timothy McDermott19,00019,000
Aaron Belardo19,00019,000
Donald Morrison19,00019,000
Brian Aeschlimann18,90018,900
Evan Schwartz18,80018,800
Marcia Kuntz18,40018,400
Ettore Ricci18,10018,100
Michael Alea18,10018,100
David Kirsh18,10018,100
Paul Warren Mason17,90017,900
Frank Fernholz17,80017,800
Marcus Lipiner17,60017,600
Jesse Yoder17,40017,400
Amitabh Mehra17,30017,300
Alexander Yen17,30017,300
James Cavanaugh17,30017,300
Scott Seiver17,200-5,800
Anthony Nuzzo17,20017,200
James Debreceni17,10017,100
Steven Reitzfeld17,00017,000
Rami Boukai17,00017,000
Tony Moses16,80016,800
Luis Velador16,70016,700
David Hengen16,60016,600
Donnie Beasley16,50016,500
Christopher Kusha16,500225
Louis Papadelias16,40016,400
Michael Hornbuckle16,30016,300
Nicholas Aranda16,10016,100
John Delrossi16,10016,100
Eric Garma16,10016,100
Clayton Fletcher16,000-10,800
Brian Andriamahefa16,00016,000
Sebastian Dornbracht15,90015,900
Laurence Hughes15,60015,600
Kristen Bicknell15,5000
Paul Cartwright15,50015,500
Donald Dombach15,50015,500
Eric Rappaport15,50015,500
Trevor Norlander15,50015,500
Bill Eitze15,400-34,600
David Chen15,40015,400
Fernando Brunca15,30015,300
Brent Roberts15,30015,300
Georgios Petasis15,30015,300
Mark Perry15,20015,200
Jonas Lauck15,200-34,800
Todd Witteles15,2000
Saad Vasquez15,20015,200
alan brodsky15,1000
John Fraley15,10015,100
Jefferson Han15,00015,000
Rich Rice14,90014,900
John Houck14,80014,800
Shivanraif Abdine14,70014,700
Louis Hillman14,70014,700
Renato Nomura14,60014,600
Brendan Schultz14,60014,600
Nicholas Harvalis14,50014,500
David Moll14,20014,200
David Martin14,10014,100
Jesse Snow14,0000
Delbert Ramos14,00014,000
Ricky Crandell13,90013,900
Dana Katzenmeier13,90013,900
Allyn Shulman13,800-14,200
Thomas Parkes13,800-13,200
Robert Bickley13,50013,500
Itai Isenberg13,40013,400
Jandaan Hoogendijk13,40013,400
Michael Gross13,20013,200
Stanley Lee13,20013,200
Davian Santana13,1000
Tom Bedell13,10013,100
John Olsen13,10013,100
James E. Cavanaugh12,90012,900
Jon MaClellan12,90012,900
Carlo Rodriguez12,90012,900
Jeffrey Martin12,80012,800
Tom Braband12,80012,800
Michael Goodman12,50012,500
Gregory Barba12,40012,400
Keith Gustafson12,40012,400
Jaswinder Suri12,40012,400
James Dellalba12,30012,300
Justin Carey12,30012,300
Wilfredo Carrion12,30012,300
Wouter Beumers12,20012,200
Jinghan Yan12,10012,100
Michael Botwin12,00012,000
Daniel Wagner11,70011,700
Ali Shojania11,500900
Terik Brown11,40011,400
David Kelsey11,4000
Mark Castaldo11,20011,200
Kyle Sullivan10,90010,900
Scott McCall10,800-42,200
Eugene Yanayt10,80010,800
Baitai Li10,60010,600
Haim Gabay10,60010,600
Adrian Buckley10,50010,500
Glenn Becker10,50010,500
Alexander Debus10,50010,500
Austin Buchanan10,20010,200
Norberto Santamaria10,20010,200
Eric Mcclelland10,10010,100
Steven Rutt10,10010,100
William Hill9,9009,900
Mitch Schock9,7009,700
Kenneth Watson9,5009,500
Josh Palmer9,5009,500
Asaf Goldfeld9,2009,200
Nestor Martinez9,0009,000
Nick Binger9,0009,000
Payman Arjang8,8008,800
Kathryn Reissner8,7008,700
Glenn Miller8,4008,400
DJ Buckley8,3008,300
Iori Yogo7,7007,700
Joe Clapper7,4007,400
James Rye7,4007,400
Harold Harvey7,3007,300
Kyle Torriero7,0007,000
Thiago Macedo6,8006,800
Roman Bujdei6,4006,400
Anatoliy Khaimov6,0006,000
Juan Villa800800
Tomas Teran Paredes11
Andrew Martinez11
David Cabrera Polop11
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:40 PM Local Time
Assorted End-of-Day Counts

The full chip counts will be provided once PokerNews receives them and a recap of today's action is to follow

Smain Mamouni311,600-8,400
Samuel Bernabeu309,5007,500
Dan Colpoys246,800-8,200
Alex Foxen242,300-37,700
Alpheus Chan208,600-8,400
David Cabrera200,500
Alexander Villa190,400-14,600
Cathy Schenone188,900188,900
Jonathan Levy186,800186,800
Rifat Palevic185,800-34,200
Christopher Merrill185,000185,000
Kevin Malis182,700182,700
Alexis Fleur180,60020,600
Scott Davies171,200-3,800
Louis Garza171,000171,000
Paul Sexton168,2000
Roger Lussier168,000168,000
Tom Hall167,40057,400
Michael Mizrachi166,200127,200
Charles Hatley164,500164,500
Joseph Young163,400163,400
Lee Markholt162,5002,500
David Gonzales160,500-23,500
Pablo Fernandez160,1006,100
Sergio Castelluccio154,100-15,900
Johnny Chan151,10016,100
Gary Kosakowski150,70026,700
Pierre Neuville147,50080,500
Carl Brewington147,0000
Shaun Deeb143,0003,000
Jason Strasser137,000137,000
Jonathan Roy136,6006,600
Melanie Weisner136,50082,000
Chris Ferguson134,90019,900
Garrett Dansereau134,000-36,000
Mustapha Kanit133,80081,800
Scott Stewart133,40013,400
Gary Hasson128,800128,800
Michael Haag128,400128,400
Ryan Franklin122,000122,000
George Danzer117,800-12,200
Aylar Lie117,40064,400
David Bach114,300-25,700
Darin Campo111,800-5,575
Will Failla109,800-25,200
Brandon Meyers107,100-2,900
Michael Wang107,000107,000
Fraser MacIntyre103,70033,700
Julien Sitbon103,60027,600
Darren Elias99,300-700
Calvin Anderson99,10018,600
Gianluca Speranza98,70038,700
Rocco Palumbo98,20098,200
Juan Ramirez98,100-900
Richard Gryko98,0003,000
Terrence Chan94,70037,700
Scott Clements93,50052,500
Ben Yu93,0006,000
Kevin MacPhee92,700-33,300
Farah Galfond91,8007,800
Max Pescatori91,800300
Robert Khun91,00091,000
Charlie Godwin90,000-45,000
Sebastian Langrock89,90027,900
Ben Morrison88,1003,100
Chip Jett87,7004,700
Josep Galindo87,400-4,600
Jasper Wetemans87,100-10,900
Walter Treccarichi86,50048,500
Alexandre Mantovani86,5000
James Mackey83,40083,400
Emile Schiff83,400-10,600
Jonathan Dokler82,50082,500
Chad Power78,80037,800
Sam Cohen78,000-2,000
Marijn van Puffelen76,30015,300
Mike Sexton76,20017,200
David "ODB" Baker75,70025,700
Chanracy Kuhn75,10075,100
Jeremy Wien73,700-6,300
Jan-Peter Jachtmann73,600-10,400
Jasper Meijer van Putten73,100-36,900
Kelly Minkin72,200-76,800
Dan Sindelar71,30071,300
Lauren Roberts68,20040,200
Yann Brosolo67,5000
Pierre Calamusa66,800-3,200
Greg Mueller66,300-3,700
Brian Hastings66,300-28,700
Michael Gagliano64,000-11,000
John Hesp63,90025,900
Sergio Aido63,30011,300
Jason Mercier62,6006,600
Jordan Siegel62,500100
Dan Harrington61,80011,800
Craig Varnell61,00021,000
Andreas Klatt59,900-5,100
Andrew Lichtenberger58,800-28,200
Brian Gibbons57,40057,400
Shander de Vries56,40020,400
Pim de Goeder56,30056,300
Faraz Jaka55,10025,100
Daiva Byrne54,3005,300
Mike Ross53,70015,700
Anthony Zinno53,6001,600
Roberly Felicio53,500500
Aaron Massey52,20015,200
Thomas Muehloecker50,90023,900
Alex Keating50,600-31,400
Lily Kiletto50,0009,500
Patrick Bruel49,00027,000
Jeremy Ausmus47,800-44,200
Ryan Rogers46,20020,700
Barny Boatman45,60010,300
Sarah Herzali45,500-4,500
Gregor Prizmic Martini45,50016,500
Johan Schumacher44,7004,700
Joe Elpayaa44,500-39,500
Bryan Piccioli44,00013,000
Allen Cunningham43,1002,100
Anatoly Filatov42,5006,500
Peter Vitantonio41,800-13,200
Daniel Ott40,80012,800
JC Tran40,7000
Josip Simunic39,300-29,700
Marc-Andre Ladouceur39,0002,000
Katie Swift38,8006,800
Phil Laak37,200-8,800
Christopher Frank36,4001,400
Neil Blumenfield35,40013,900
Gavin Smith34,700700
Michael Addamo33,900-36,100
Bas De Laat31,600-12,400
Luciano Hollanda31,400-49,600
Maria Ho31,000-15,000
Heidi May29,300-58,200
Christian Nolte26,5000
Jay Farber23,0009,500
Annette Obrestad22,700-27,800
Matthiew Wantman22,50022,500
Dylan Linde22,100-77,900
Jason Young21,600-1,400
Kristen Bicknell15,500-3,500
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:36 PM Local Time
Last Pot for Brosolo

The flop was showing     with already around 15,000 in the middle when Yann Brosolo fired 9,000. His opponent tanked for some time and ended up folding his hand.

The French player grabbed the pot to end his day with a stack of 67,500.

Yann Brosolo67,50067,500
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:27 PM Local Time
No Day 2 for Hougaard

Among the notables to bust out of the Tan section at the very end of the night was Jesper "Kipster" Hougaard. Former table neighbor Ben Morrison confirmed that he had taken over the remaining chips of the Dane when his pocket queens held up against pocket jacks to send Hougaard to the rail.

Ben Morrison85,00053,000
Jesper Hougaard0-40,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:22 PM Local Time
Bach Makes a Correct River Call

David Bach had checked and was facing a bet of 10,000 while the board was reading     . Bach called the bet to see the   complete the river.

Bach checked again to his opponent on the button, who bet out 16,000. Bach made the call and he showed    for the winning hand.

David Bach140,00024,800
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:16 PM Local Time
Last Minute Counts for Brasilia
Vladimir Geshkenbein133,00044,500
Akash Seth100,000-3,000
Heidi May87,50027,500
Andreas Klatt65,0004,000
Frederik Jensen43,500-12,500
Johan Schumacher40,000-7,000
Justin Adams29,000-34,500
Kristen Bicknell19,0003,000
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:12 PM Local Time
Five More Hands

The clocks have been stopped with 10 minutes to go and the last five hands will be played for tonight.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:10 PM Local Time
Mamouni Takes the Lead

Smain Mamouni

The board read    , an early position opponent had 85,000 in the middle, a late position opponent moved in for around 75,000 and Smain Mamouni stood up and slammed his chips in the middle, signifying a call and putting his two opponents at risk of elimination.

Smain Mamouni:   
Early Opponent:   
Late Opponent:   

The turn made Mamouni let out a shout of excitement as it fell the  . He would now just need to dodge his opponent's boat outs and when the   hit the river he did just that. Mamouni scooped in the biggest pot of the day and moved into the chip lead late into Day 1b.

Smain Mamouni320,000320,000
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:08 PM Local Time
Jachtmann Drops One

The board was reading     with a pot already containing around 10,000 when the small blind player bet 10,000 and Jan-Peter Jachtmann called.

The turn was the   and Jachtmann's opponent check-called his bet for 25,000. On the river  , the small blind player checked once more and faced a bet worth 40,000 from Jachtmann, putting him at risk for his tournament. After a long tank, he eventually called for his last 24,600. Jachtmann showed    for ace high but quickly mucked his hand when his opponent tabled   .

Jan-Peter Jachtmann84,000-60,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:06 PM Local Time
Frank Gives One Up

Christopher Frank raised from the under the gun and the player in the cutoff called. The player on the button raised to 3,050 and both Frank and the other player called.

The flop was     and Frank check-called a bet of 3,000 while the cutoff player folded. The turn was the   and this time Frank gave up after the player on the button bet 5,500.

Christopher Frank35,00011,000
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:05 PM Local Time
Patel Takes a Big Hit; Tedeschi Eliminated

Kevin Patel

"I slow-played the hand and misread my cards at the end," Kevin Patel said after he just had to ship over 48,775 on the river of a board      . According to other players at the table, Patel had flopped a set of kings and got it in on the river against an opponent with    to take a big hit.

For Paul Tedeschi it came even worse, he was spotted outside of the tournament area and explained an aces-cracked hand where he got it in after a ten-high flop only to see an opponent with jack-ten spike another ten for trips on the turn.

Kevin Patel180,000-50,000
Paul Tedeschi00
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:00 PM Local Time
Jivani Lays Down a Set

On the three-way flop of    , a short stack moved all in for around 5,000 and Anil Jivani called from one seat over. Sinh Nguyen pushed over the top for more than 90,000 and Jivani, with some 95,000 behind, gave it a lot of thought before electing to fold. In table chat, he said he held pocket treys for bottom set and was shocked when he saw the showdown.

The player at risk had    and Nguyen turned over   . The   turn and   river run out brought no help and Nguyen claimed the pot. The talk about the hand was still going on after and another player chimed in with the words "I'd lay down a set of fives, only call with top set there."

Sinh Nguyen120,000120,000
Anil Jivani100,00010,000
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 10:57 PM Local Time
Reddick's River Bet Gets it Done

Joe Reddick and Elio Fox were heads-up on the     flop. Reddick checked and Fox bet 1,200 into a main pot of about 3,500. Reddick check-raised to 2,400 and Fox called.

The turn was the   and Reddick fired out a bet of 3,000. Fox called and the   completed the board. Reddick led out with a bet of 13,000 and Fox quickly folded.

Elio Fox51,0009,850
Joe Reddick46,000-14,000
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 10:57 PM Local Time
Chip Counts for Brasilia
Alex Foxen280,000113,000
Alexandre Mantovani82,000-8,000
Sam Cohen80,000-10,000
Michael Marder44,0004,000
Daniel Ott28,000-7,000
Christian Nolte26,500-5,500
Kristen Bicknell16,0004,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 10:56 PM Local Time
Recent Chip Counts Brasilia
Alpheus Chan217,000217,000
Pablo Fernandez154,00010,000
Marc MacDonnell152,000152,000
Steve Foutty142,000142,000
Will Givens117,000117,000
Jackie Glazier109,00064,000
Darren Elias100,000
Josep Galindo92,00092,000
DJ MacKinnon75,00075,000
Fabian Gumz62,00062,000
Anthony Zinno52,000-6,000
Pim de Goede50,00021,000
Jake Schwartz47,0009,000
Johan Schumacher47,000-28,000
Ralph Massey46,000-21,000
Katie Swift32,0002,000
Bryan Piccioli31,00031,000
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 10:56 PM Local Time
Colpoys Applying Pressure

Dan Colpoys opened to 1,300 from late position, an opponent called from the hijack and another opponent three-bet to 5,000 from the cutoff.

Colpoys grabbed for chips, he four-bet to 14,500 and both opponents folded. He showed a   and the tabled started laughing as Colpoys added more chips to his already healthy stack.

Dan Colpoys255,00010,000
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 10:54 PM Local Time
Blumenfield Plays It Tricky

Neil Blumenfield was sat in the big blind, with just 8,525 chips left. There had been a 1,000 open and a three-bet on the button to 3,000 by the time the action came to him and he decided to call. Back to the initial raiser and he four-bet to 14,000, which folded out the button and Blumenfield couldn't get the rest of his chips in quick enough.

Neil Blumenfield:   

Blumenfield was the huge favorite as they went heads up to the flop. It came     and Blumenfield couldn't lose the hand and would only chop with running broadway cards. The   turn locked it up and the   didn't matter. That gets him more than a double and puts him back over 40 big blinds.

Neil Blumenfield21,5001,500
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 10:50 PM Local Time
Greenwood Caught Bluffing

On the tail end of a bigger pot between Sam Greenwood and Victor Chung, the former made a pot-sized bet of 22,000 out of the small blind on the river of a board      . Chung was sent into the think tank and took almost a minute before calling. Greenwood rolled over    for a busted straight draw and Chung had that beat with the    for top pair.

One hand later, Chung limped in and Greenwood raised to 1,700 on the button, just Chung came along and checked the     flop. Greenwood bet 2,000 and won a fraction of the chips he had just lost after Chung sent his cards into the muck.

Victor Chung113,000
Sam Greenwood28,000-48,000
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 10:47 PM Local Time
Updated Chipcounts From Brasilia
Kevin MacPhee126,0000
Nicolas Cardyn125,000
Michel Abecassis117,00075,000
Phil Galfond92,000-1,000
Ludovic Riehl70,0005,000
Samantha Cohen62,000-10,000
Mike Sexton59,000-2,000
Sarah Herzali50,00036,000
Neil Blumenfield20,000-20,000
Jay Farber13,500-16,500
Playtika - Jason Alexander