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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, July 02, 2018 to Saturday, July 14, 2018

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $74,015,600
  • Entries: 7,874
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, July 2, 2018 11:45 PM Local Time
Day 1a of the 2018 WSOP Main Event is in the Books: Lau Leads, Nguyen Among Top Stacks; Blumstein Busts

Truyen Nguyen a close second after Day 1a

The first of three starting days of the 2018 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event is in the books and a total of 925 players took part in the biggest and most important poker tournament of the year at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino.

After five levels of two hours each, only 659 hopefuls advanced and Timothy Lau bagged up the chip lead with a stack of 338,700, narrowly pipping fellow countryman Truyen Nguyen and the UK's Chris Fraser for the top spot.

Nguyen, who works in the IT business, used to play online poker before Black Friday and shared a table with 2017 WSOP Main Event 9th place finisher Ben Lamb. In the last level of the night, Lamb was very active at the table, escaping elimination by Nguyen once when they chopped it up when a straight ran out on the board. However, Nguyen then got there a few hands later with a flush draw against the set of Lamb and the top pair of a third player, to bag up massive 324,800. Fraser follows not far behind with an equally impressive 316,100.

#PlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Timothy LauUnited States338,700565
2Truyen NguyenUnited States324,800541
3Chris FraserUnited Kingdom316,100527
4David McCawUnited States220,400367
5John VossoughiUnited States220,300367
6Matthew DavidowNew Zealand216,600361
7Frank CrivelloUnited States215,000358
8Casey McCarrelUnited States206,200344
9Eric HicksUnited States204,000340
10Tristan BainAustralia193,200322

Some other big stacks and notables that can now enjoy two days off before returning to the action on Thursday, July 5, are Frank Crivello (215,000), Kevin "Phwap" Boudreau (186,300), Nick Jivkov (186,000), Matt Berkey (185,600), Alexandru Papazian (147,100), Gordon Vayo (87,100), the former Main Event champions Joe Hachem (84,700), Scotty Nguyen (84,400) and Joe McKeehen (36,200), as well as Erik Seidel (72,100).

The early spotlight was on defending champion Scott Blumstein and the 2017 champion was moved to the ESPN feature tables after the dinner break. However, his title defense came to a very early end after he called a three-bet by Brian Yoon and check-called bets by Yoon all the way with pocket tens on a six-high board. Running spades gave Yoon the nut flush with ace-jack suited and Blumstein couldn't get away from it to bow out on level three. Yoon went on to bag up 145,000 at the end of the night.

Scott Blumstein
Defending champion Scott Blumstein among the Day 1a eliminations

Other former Main Event champions that failed to advance included Qui Nguyen and Jerry Yang. Notables such as Brian Rast, Christopher Andler, Felipe Ramos, Stephen Chidwick, Chance Kornuth, former football star Richard Seymour and Jonathan Little all hit the rail also.

It wasn't just about the superstars of the poker scene though at the tables on Day 1a, as poker commentator David Tuchman (111,000), actor Kevin Pollak (71,300), and the well-known comedian Ray Romano (61,100) all bagged up along with plenty of first-timers and poker enthusiasts from all over the world. One arrival, in particular, caused quite some attention, as American film and television producer Randall Emmett entered the tournament with a band of musicians and girls in exotic costumes. Emmett bagged up an above-average 133,400 and will be among those to return for Day 2 and fight for poker's most elusive title of the year.

Randall Emmett entrance
Randall Emmett entered Day 1a with a bang

While Day 1a is in the books, the second starting day is just one night's sleep away and kicks off at 11am local time on July 3. The PokerNews live reporting team will be back on the floor to provide coverage of all the action.

Monday, July 2, 2018 11:10 PM Local Time
End-of-Day Counts
Timothy Lau338,700338,700
Truyen Nguyen324,8004,800
Chris Fraser316,100-13,900
David McCaw220,4000
John Vossoughi220,300300
Matthew Davidow216,600216,600
Frank Crivello215,000215,000
Casey McCarrel206,20071,200
Eric Hicks204,00078,000
Tristan Bain193,200200
Kevin Boudreau186,30035,300
Nick Jivkov186,00016,000
Matt Berkey185,600-29,400
Sammy Lafleur185,400185,400
Brian Frasca178,30023,300
Unn Choi173,800173,800
James Dambrosio172,200172,200
Shaun Suller171,700171,700
Christopher Park171,600171,600
Matthew Kassela169,900169,900
Jackson Laskey159,600-44,400
Matthew Olin158,200158,200
Jake Schindler157,90047,400
Gianluca Marcucci157,000157,000
Jared Bleznick155,00089,500
Brian Pedroza154,600154,600
William Tonking152,525152,525
Luigi Petrone151,80013,800
Ernest Bush151,600151,600
Jacob Daniels151,200151,200
Joseph Kohls148,600148,600
Jeffrey Griffiths148,400148,400
Brandon Hall148,400148,400
Alexandru Papazian147,10012,100
Bert Smith146,8006,800
Brian Yoon145,00021,000
Danny Hannawa144,50097,500
Brian Twitty144,400144,400
George Hamati144,00029,000
Gavin Cochrane141,70011,700
Kyle Montgomery141,600141,600
David Jean Augu Lehnen140,600140,600
Bruce Russell140,400-49,600
Aditya Sushant139,60088,600
Jason Lester139,100139,100
Toya McLeod138,000-3,200
Daniel Fuhs134,500134,500
Jason Mcconnon134,200-5,800
Randall Emmett133,400-11,600
David Vedral132,700132,700
Gary Friedlander130,9000
Yue Du130,500130,500
Evan Sandberg129,700129,700
Baoqiang Ho129,500129,500
Toby Joyce128,5003,500
Jonathan Tamayo128,40048,400
Ilan Brand126,800126,800
John Anderson125,300125,300
Jeffrey Frye123,100123,100
Julian Stuer123,00017,000
Jeffery Hobrecker122,800122,800
Matthew Land122,200122,200
Gaston Miculitzki122,100-17,900
Raymond Dandrea121,700121,700
Fredrik Kaarem121,600121,600
Wolfram Liebold121,10016,100
Joshua Palmer121,000121,000
Colin Guthrie121,000121,000
Govert Metaal120,900-4,100
Matt Waxman120,60041,600
John Franciosi120,600120,600
Martin Carnero119,600-8,900
Yifu He119,200119,200
George Alexander118,500118,500
Michael Goldberg118,000118,000
Gabriel Sayegh116,000116,000
Ken Einiger115,9000
Peter Kelly115,800115,800
Frank Muir115,00047,500
Lacey Jones114,00063,000
Owen Crowe114,000-11,000
Loi Nguyen113,00085,000
William Corvino112,900112,900
Rohan Dhawan112,900112,900
Quyen Phan112,400-5,600
Robert Matty112,100112,100
Keith Gipson111,400111,400
Joshua Zimmerman111,10015,700
David Tuchman111,00064,000
Ricardo Nakamura110,200110,200
Wei Zhu110,000110,000
Nick DiVella109,600109,600
Enio Bozzano108,60058,600
Gabe Paul108,600108,600
Arden Cho108,50048,500
Thomas Lutz108,0003,000
Michael Colbert107,400107,400
Chris Hunichen107,30032,300
Thomas Grier107,100107,100
Ema Zajmovic106,8001,800
Frank Kassela106,60040,600
Tomas Kubaliak106,400-1,600
Paul Geibler106,400-36,700
Jonathan Zarin106,4001,400
Tyler Hancock106,000-1,500
Yannik Hofmann105,800105,800
Richard Pyne105,700-19,300
Martin Poelzl105,400105,400
Matthew Hopkins105,100105,100
Daniel Monosson105,000105,000
Dorian Godin105,000105,000
Chad Eveslage105,000105,000
Jonmichael Gisler104,400104,400
Kavin Shah104,400104,400
Charles Clark104,000104,000
Orson Young104,00073,000
Luke Martinelli103,800103,800
Mark Groner103,600103,600
Michael Labarbera103,400103,400
Chuc Khuu103,00022,700
Robert Goldbaum102,900102,900
Eric Liebeler102,600102,600
Benjamin Kermani102,600102,600
Michael Haberman102,600102,600
James Schafer102,400102,400
Brandon Bowyer102,10049,100
Patsy Altomari102,100-2,900
Juan Lopez101,900101,900
Eric Fields101,500101,500
Aymon Hata101,500-13,500
Jerad Klick101,30059,300
Bret Maynard101,300-3,700
Yuriy Boyko101,30037,300
Tristan Fitch101,200101,200
Johnathan Dahlberg101,100101,100
Michael Moore101,10021,100
Anthony Thomas100,700100,700
Marc Levy100,600100,600
Scott Margereson100,40068,400
Steven Adams100,200100,200
Francois Billard100,200100,200
Christopher Kruk98,80036,800
Igor Merda98,3003,300
Gabriel Abusada98,20098,200
Jeffrey Welch98,10098,100
Angela Jordison98,1004,600
Mikiyo Aoki98,0005,000
Shane Douglas97,50022,500
James Slattery97,40097,400
Ziran Xiao97,30097,300
Daniel Sprung97,20097,200
Kevin Schaffel97,00097,000
Dylan Nguyen96,80096,800
Richard Turner96,20096,200
Billy Baxter95,70045,700
Adam Curchack95,70095,700
Ken Fishman95,60095,600
Serge Demers95,40095,400
Brian Borne95,20095,200
Christopher Macfarland94,90094,900
Eric Harnish94,70094,700
Kevin Kung94,70094,700
Hoang Pham94,40094,400
Alexis Gavin94,00094,000
Simon Rudin93,10093,100
Kory Kilpatrick93,00016,000
Charles Carragher92,60092,600
Monte Phelps92,30092,300
Josh Arieh92,30022,300
Yu Chen92,00092,000
Matthew Greenwald90,00090,000
Per Hildebrand90,0000
Vincent Rubianes89,70089,700
Tam Nguyen89,40089,400
Ajay Chabra89,30089,300
Noe Cantu88,60031,600
Jeffrey Mahoney88,40088,400
Marius Pospiech88,3000
Tara Snow87,7002,700
James Garnes87,40087,400
Joseph Dipascale87,3000
John Doe87,300-43,700
Gordon Vayo87,10065,100
Adam Singer87,10087,100
Michael Weissmann86,60086,600
Samuel Ganzfried86,40086,400
Alec Torelli86,00021,000
Joseph Comins85,50085,500
Charles Alex Barton85,40085,400
Steven Lauson85,20085,200
Simon Thwaites85,10085,100
Peter Jetten84,70084,700
Joe Hachem84,700-15,300
Ronald Bernstein84,60084,600
Mats Karlsson84,50084,500
Peter Neff84,50084,500
Beau Wilshire84,50084,500
Thomas Pettersson84,40034,400
Scotty Nguyen84,4004,400
Artur Papazayan84,20084,200
Shawn Daniels84,20034,200
Jeffrey Epstein84,00084,000
Joshua Ormiston83,90083,900
Billy Brenton83,70083,700
Diego Martinez83,6003,600
Benjamin Chalot83,30083,300
John Lombardo83,30083,300
Robert Minion83,20083,200
Crystal Ryans83,20083,200
Ryan Gianquitti83,20083,200
Frank Williams83,10083,100
Antonio Esfandiari83,00069,000
Milos Skrbic82,60029,600
Eric Afriat82,50082,500
Robert Daniels82,20033,200
Jason Deane82,10082,100
Trenton Marbut82,00082,000
William Kraybill81,90081,900
Nikolaus Teichert81,60081,600
Caufman Talley81,30081,300
Christopher Moses81,10081,100
Max Altergott80,40080,400
Ray Villaman80,20080,200
William Edler79,90079,900
Raymond Wu79,90079,900
Marcelo Drumm79,90079,900
Adam Shuman79,60079,600
Jordan Young79,60025,600
Brian Green79,60079,600
Stephen Roselius79,30079,300
Van Tran79,20027,200
Douglas Adkins79,00079,000
David Rozas78,70078,700
Shawn Sedaghat78,60078,600
Adam Bishop78,600-11,400
Koji Kimura78,60078,600
Bruno Fitoussi78,100-21,900
Todd Barlow77,90077,900
Leonor Margets77,30077,300
Charles Daniels77,00077,000
Hunter Cichy76,80076,800
Dennis Powell76,70076,700
Will Jaffe76,70076,700
John Pierce76,60076,600
Jacob Rasmussen76,00076,000
Christopher Warswick75,80075,800
Jack McClelland75,80075,800
Jimmy Cruthirds75,70075,700
Sam Soverel75,60020,100
Gary Hummel75,40075,400
David McGowan75,40075,400
Justas Vaiciulionis75,40075,400
Kristopher Rundquist75,20075,200
Hoyt Corkins74,60074,600
Donald Holmes74,20074,200
JoJo Contino73,30073,300
Michael Gentili73,00073,000
Abraham Passet72,80072,800
Dale Fenton72,80072,800
Dylan Honeyman72,700-22,300
Allan Le72,50072,500
Peyman Luth72,300-62,700
David Douglas72,30072,300
Daniel Weinman72,20072,200
Erik Seidel72,100-12,900
John Page71,40071,400
Yang Wang71,30071,300
Kevin Pollak71,30071,300
Montgomery Cole71,20037,200
Seth Davies71,200-29,800
Aditya Prasetyo71,200-3,800
Gail Getzwiller71,00071,000
Shiv Bhandari70,80070,800
Roger Jensen70,50070,500
James Czarnecki70,40070,400
Michael Brockley70,40070,400
David Theodosopoulos70,30070,300
Vincent Gabel70,2003,200
Nghia Le70,10070,100
Frank Bonacci70,10070,100
Edward Jordan70,00070,000
Aaron Kweskin69,80069,800
James Cihla69,50069,500
Xiaoqiang Li69,30069,300
Michael Rossitto69,20019,200
Helen Lozier69,00069,000
Tom Marchese69,0001,000
Lucio Procopio68,9008,900
Christopher O'Rourke68,80068,800
Young Ryu68,700-12,900
James Jakary68,60068,600
Nan Li68,40068,400
Raif El Arigie Harbie68,40068,400
Bart Lybaert67,800-17,200
Raymond Spencer67,80067,800
Jorge Walker67,70067,700
William Harder67,70067,700
Ronald Mcginnity67,500-10,500
Sean Pennefather67,40067,400
Dennis Cronin67,40067,400
Antti Tiainen67,20024,200
Jonathan Gilliam67,00067,000
Steven Rosen66,90066,900
Patrick Washington66,80016,800
Nicholas Petitti66,50066,500
Paul Lackey66,20066,200
Ted Lawson66,00066,000
Ari Shin65,90065,900
Jonathon Prested65,80065,800
Anthony Wise65,60065,600
Daniel Smith65,20065,200
Dustin Goff64,90064,900
Paul Michaelis64,800-25,200
David Roepke64,40064,400
Timothy Burt64,4004,900
Kevin Chan64,30064,300
Yah Loon Lim64,20064,200
Randall Robinson64,1000
Sean Kraper63,7006,200
Michael Nia63,70010,700
Darrell Haywood63,60063,600
Cleadus Thompson63,60063,600
Jonathan Ingalls63,600-21,400
Koji Umemura63,10063,100
Vadim Baranovsky63,00063,000
Mike Chiappetta62,90062,900
David Bakes Baker62,70062,700
Rodney Hurlbut62,7008,100
David Farber62,60062,600
Chris Lee62,60062,600
Juha Helppi62,500-12,000
Michael Pearson62,40062,400
Trenton Hoisington62,00062,000
Avraham Azulay61,90061,900
Luc Bellerive61,90061,900
Dennis Kraus61,80061,800
Bradley Berman61,60061,600
Stacey Sullivan61,400-1,175
Raul Zuniga61,30061,300
Daniel Bartel61,20061,200
Tri Tran61,20061,200
Ray Romano61,1001,100
Vic Peppe61,10061,100
Barry Hutter61,00061,000
Felipe Davila60,80060,800
Lisa Pickell60,600-29,400
Brock Parker60,60060,600
Jeffry Casey60,50060,500
Fredric White60,50060,500
Justin Bonomo60,5000
Tina Itschner60,40060,400
Timothy Chang60,30060,300
Dustin Dirksen60,000-30,000
Jared Reinstein59,80059,800
Oliver Rusing59,60059,600
Gene Raman59,50059,500
Barry Jacobs59,40059,400
Jonathan Hewston58,60058,600
Ognjen Sekularac58,50058,500
Scott Strode58,500-6,800
Philip Cooley58,50058,500
Krysta Delima58,50058,500
Kenneth Smaron58,00058,000
Michael Shelton58,00058,000
Driss Ouazzani57,90057,900
Jason Luna57,80057,800
Charles Thompson57,50057,500
Eric Froehlich57,50057,500
Brian Lamanna57,40057,400
Nichlaus Staker57,20057,200
Dan O'Brien57,2004,200
John Cecil Owens57,00057,000
Steven Wilkie57,00057,000
Yuki Ko56,90056,900
Erkut Yilmaz56,80056,800
Christopher Graydon56,70056,700
Alexander Krisak56,60013,600
Richard Casper56,50056,500
Keith Carter56,00056,000
Mark Friedman56,00056,000
Lucas Drolet55,40055,400
Robert Barca55,30055,300
Paul Wasicka55,20055,200
Erik Borum55,10055,100
Benjamin Dobson55,10055,100
David Shober55,10055,100
Michael Vanderwoude55,00055,000
Matthew Brooks54,90054,900
Kathryn Cappuccio54,70054,700
Michael Macey54,60054,600
Jared Rosenbaum54,60054,600
Joshua Miller54,10054,100
Ronald Ramacci53,90053,900
Christopher Brody53,90053,900
Francisco Wong Lam53,40053,400
Don Proebstel53,20053,200
Brandon Malach52,60052,600
Chris Johnson52,40052,400
Andrew Dean52,20052,200
Jeff Littlefield52,10052,100
Scott McKernan52,1000
Daniel Toffel51,90051,900
Jeffrey Francia51,60051,600
Angela Perteet51,60051,600
Cobi Cobian51,50051,500
Jameson Painter51,400-1,600
Nicholas Immekus51,30051,300
Lauren Monosson51,20051,200
Peter Placey51,10051,100
Curtis Anderson51,00051,000
Maxx Coleman51,00051,000
Sean Getzwiller51,00051,000
Amanda Kassela51,00051,000
Brad Sailor50,90050,900
Paul Mannoni50,72550,725
Peter Malkoun50,60050,600
Sum Trinh50,50050,500
Bobby Lee50,30050,300
Thomas Swensen50,3008,300
Michael Reardon50,00050,000
Charles Pacheco50,00050,000
Bradley Heldenbrand49,80049,800
James Westenburg49,70049,700
Paul Quiring49,60049,600
Jean Marie Vandeborne49,60049,600
Steve Chanthabouasy49,400-36,000
Zachary Fahmie49,4000
Dejuante Alexander49,300300
Larry Smart49,20012,700
Stephen Hayes49,10049,100
James Broom49,10049,100
David Maudlin49,100-11,900
Chuck Myers48,5001,500
Larry Woolf48,50048,500
Ryan Hazzard48,50048,500
Roland Deslippe48,00048,000
Jean Montury48,0000
Robert Griffin47,90047,900
Keun Kwak47,60047,600
Robert Levin47,50047,500
Daniel Turner47,50047,500
Gajan Jeganathan47,00047,000
Thomas Christgen47,00047,000
Jitender Amar46,50046,500
Thomas Hunt46,40046,400
Charles Ayen46,00046,000
James Rann45,80045,800
Michael Stembera45,60045,600
George Turner45,40045,400
Abu Hamza Bin Khalek45,40045,400
Cary Katz45,100-34,900
Andrew Shack44,90044,900
Ryan Leng44,900-80,100
Christopher Stephenson44,80044,800
Jack King44,80044,800
Jason Pritchard44,80044,800
James Slater44,70044,700
Dieter Dammeier44,70044,700
Scott Wright44,20044,200
Michael Fisk44,20044,200
Michael Maresca44,20044,200
Michael Katz44,10044,100
Ronnie Day43,50043,500
Paul Fehlig43,20043,200
Seth Kugler43,20043,200
Kenneth Jacoby43,00043,000
Stephen Brown43,00043,000
John Villanueva43,00043,000
Kenneth Goldman42,90042,900
Ray Hunter42,70042,700
Allen Saft42,70042,700
Xilian Liu42,30042,300
David Hong42,20042,200
Amar Singer42,10042,100
David Bortolucci42,10042,100
Lloyd Mandel42,10042,100
David Paredes42,0001,000
Daniel Merrilees42,00042,000
Romain Lewis41,9005,900
Enrico Mirabelli41,90041,900
Osman Ihlamur41,70041,700
Matthew Burrell41,40041,400
Justin Kruger41,40041,400
Matthew Mallady41,40041,400
James Sileo41,300-10,575
Marc Foggin41,30041,300
Laurie Hilton41,300-6,700
Eric Li40,80040,800
Virgil Werner40,80040,800
Ryan Arguello40,60040,600
Anthony Newman40,300300
Richard Anthony40,00040,000
Antonio Gutierrez40,00040,000
John Lane39,90039,900
Joseph Mormino39,90039,900
William Hernan39,80039,800
Diego Cordovez39,60039,600
Michael Graffeo39,50039,500
Duane Wellnitz39,40039,400
Edward Mcnamara39,20039,200
Mathew Moore39,00039,000
Kevin Jablon39,00039,000
Michael Jensen39,0007,850
Vinh Le38,80038,800
Jun Ishii38,70038,700
Guy Calvert38,60038,600
Robert Brown38,60038,600
Frank Digiorgio38,40038,400
Chris Goodrow38,10038,100
He Huang38,10038,100
Daniel Thomson37,80037,800
Gavin Griffin37,600-18,400
Richard Mcdonald37,50037,500
Nicholas Wright37,50037,500
Matt Livingston37,50037,500
Warren Teal37,30037,300
Joseph Koons37,10037,100
Carlos Caputo36,90036,900
Patrick Horrigan36,90036,900
Shiva Dudani36,70036,700
Brian Gottlieb36,60036,600
Eric Semel36,50036,500
Danel Reymer36,50036,500
Zachary Smiley36,300-6,200
Jonathan Poche36,30036,300
Joe McKeehen36,2004,200
John Roh36,20036,200
Kevin Petersen36,00036,000
Kurt Lichtman35,60035,600
Mina Greco35,500-24,500
Anderson Ireland35,400-22,600
Brian Montag35,10035,100
James Millman35,00035,000
Russell Cornwell35,00035,000
William Lonsdale34,80034,800
Spencer White34,700-35,300
Scott Schenck34,60034,600
Timur Margolin34,40034,400
Austin Lewis34,30034,300
Mark Johnson Jr34,30034,300
Tyler Groth34,10034,100
Louis Nyberg33,90033,900
Jason Banfield33,700-2,300
Thomas Tripp33,70033,700
Brandon Ageloff33,700-16,300
Maria Konnikova33,500-14,000
Lyndon Knutson33,10033,100
Ting Ho32,00032,000
David Clarke31,80031,800
Wally Shearer31,80031,800
Florian Duta31,500-44,500
Justin Sternberg31,50031,500
Anthony Hope31,30031,300
Ryan Van Sanford31,200-91,550
Henry Fewster31,10031,100
Adam Grovenstein31,00031,000
Joseph Martucci30,10030,100
Matthew Voorhees30,000-75
Scott Solomon30,00030,000
Paul Ryan29,40029,400
Chris Bolek29,300-50,700
Oleksandr Vaserfirer29,10029,100
Luke Donato29,00029,000
Blake Luther28,60028,600
Marc Mills28,60028,600
Kalidou Sow28,000-6,000
Justin Ouimette27,900-28,100
Shawn Quinn27,60027,600
Andrea Salamone27,40027,400
David Prociak27,40027,400
Antonio Payne27,200-23,000
Nicholas Pupillo27,10027,100
John Leman27,10027,100
David Smith26,80026,800
Kipley Fiebig26,50026,500
Tom McEvoy26,30026,300
Jason Koon26,2007,200
Tonia Williams26,00026,000
Charles Barker25,900-21,100
Tab Thiptinnakon25,60025,600
Samuel Gagnon25,00025,000
Sang Liu24,80024,800
Daniel Jordan24,50024,500
Virginia Cassavetes24,20024,200
Michael Perrone23,700-23,300
Bryce Eckhart23,70023,700
Zhitao Liu23,60023,600
Andy Miller23,50023,500
Joseph Orsino23,20023,200
Manuel Mutke22,70022,700
Adrien Allain22,700-29,300
Julian Parmann22,20022,200
Parker Drew22,20022,200
Anthony Howell22,10022,100
Henry Chan21,80021,800
Terry Riley21,70021,700
Jarred Graham21,60021,600
Richard Winkelman21,20021,200
Ryan Tosoc21,100-23,900
Dung Gomer Nguyen20,50020,500
John Beauprez20,400-4,600
Lena Evans19,900-5,100
Michael Slate19,30019,300
Steve Ryan19,20019,200
Jesus Espinosa19,00019,000
Gaelle Baumann18,900-68,100
Refael Lavi18,90018,900
Mark Rabel18,80018,800
Philippe Dauteuil18,80018,800
Bryan Campanello18,70018,700
Zev Mandel18,50018,500
Michael Holinko18,40018,400
Jay Rasik Modi18,30018,300
Zachary Mcdiarmid17,60017,600
Stephen Bierman17,000-500
Hassan Mechammil16,900-31,100
Jacqueline Beitton16,80016,800
Chan Ping San16,80016,800
Andre Akkari16,500-39,500
David Farah16,30016,300
Eemil Tuominen16,10016,100
Ronald Zucker15,50015,500
Thomas Tomaski15,40015,400
Jeff Flannery15,100-31,975
Paul Pires Trigo14,90014,900
Sylvain Naets14,50014,500
Victor Ramdin14,300-44,700
Tony Dunst14,300-23,700
Lisa Costello14,100-39,900
Ran Azor14,100-40,900
Arne Ruge14,0001,500
Nikolai Yakovenko14,00014,000
Daniel Vargas13,90013,900
Saleem Delawalla13,80013,800
Duane Graff13,60013,600
Robert Stevanovski13,40013,400
Sebastian Pauli13,400-49,600
Danny Gonzales13,00013,000
Dirk Luenzer12,90012,900
Pratyush Buddiga12,700-17,300
Don Himpele12,40012,400
Nick Rampone12,30012,300
Alexander Venosa11,70011,700
Adalberto Elias10,70010,700
Terry Fan10,70010,700
Randal Heeb10,40010,400
Bo Henrysson10,00010,000
Garry Kalmanovich9,7009,700
Aaron Mathis6,2006,200
Kirk Shelmerdine5,0005,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 11:07 PM Local Time
Nguyen Busts Lamb at the Very End

Jerry Yang has been eliminated and Ben Lamb was not to be found in his seat anymore either, while Truyen Nguyen jumped into the late lead. According to Nguyen, he flopped a flush draw with the    on a     flop and called the shove of a short stack, who held   . Lamb went over the top for little more with a set of eights and Nguyen called that too to spike the   on the river for the flush and double knockout.

Truyen Nguyen320,000110,000
Ben Lamb0-65,000
Jerry Yang0-36,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:57 PM Local Time
Miculitzki Loses at the End

Gaston Miculitzki had one of the bigger stacks in the orange section of the Amazon room. Right at the end of Day 1a he put a portion of his stack in the middle against two opponents, but it was a hard task to win with    against    and   .

The board ran out       and the strongest hand held up. Miculitzki still has a good stack, but it could've been a lot more to bag at the end of the night.

Gaston Miculitzki140,000140,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:57 PM Local Time
Five More Hands

The clocks have been stopped with 10 minutes left in the level and five more hands will be played for tonight.

Monday, July 2, 2018 10:53 PM Local Time
Boudreau Adding to His Stack

Kevin Boudreau opened to 1,500 from early position and Chuck Myers called from late position. The flop fell     and action checked to Myers who bet 1,700.

Boudreau made the call and the turn came the  . Both players checked and the river was the  . Boudreau then bet 1,000, Myers called and Boudreau turned over    for a full house, Myers mucked.

Kevin Boudreau151,0005,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:52 PM Local Time
Lamb Escapes From Elimination

Not long ago Ben Lamb had jammed into a bet and a raise by Truyen Nguyen, and got through with it by forcing folds. This time, he was called, however, and had a sweat for his tournament life.

On the      turn, Nguyen bet 13,000 and Lamb moved all in for 52,375. Nguyen gave it some thought and called to table the    for a straight and an open-ended straight flush draw. Lamb had the    for the second nut flush draw and the   on the river brought a straight on the board to chop it up.

Truyen Nguyen210,0005,000
Ben Lamb65,000-5,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:42 PM Local Time
Nia Takes from Reijmer

Daniel Reijmer opened to 1,300 from middle position. Michael Nia, in the small blind, called.

The flop was    . Nia checked. Reijmer bet 1,600. Nia check-called. The turn brought the  . Nia checked again. Reijmer continued for 4,000. Nia check-called.

The   filled up the river. This time, Nia led for 5,000. Reijmer tank-called. Nia tabled    and Reijmer sent his hand to the muck.

Michael Nia53,0006,000
Daniel Reijmer25,000-26,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:39 PM Local Time
Gavin Gets Three Streets

Lexy Gavin raised to 1,300 from middle position and Scott Strode called. The small blind called and they went three handed to the     flop. The small blind checked and Gavin bet 1,500.

Strode called and the small blind quickly folded. The turn was the   and Gavin fired out a bet of 4,100. "Alright one more card" Strode said and he made the call.

The river was the   and Gavin fired a third bullet betting 4,700. Strode called, Gavin turned over her    and Strode flashed    before he mucked.

Lexy Gavin95,00033,000
Scott Strode65,300-28,700
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:37 PM Local Time
Frye Busts to Nguyen

Scotty Nguyen

After a raise by the player in the under-the-gun position, a short-stacked Jeffrey Frye moved all in for 4,850 and the next two players folded. While this happened, the dealer swooped up the cards and accidentally grabbed one of Frye's cards, which immediately triggered some confusion. The floor was called and the players were asked which cards they had, the floorman then inspected all cards before giving Frye one card back. Action folded all the way around to Scotty Nguyen in the small blind and he called, the initial raiser folded.

Frye turned over    and Nguyen had the   ... there was no upset story on a board of       and Frye was eliminated.

"Sorry man, I didn't even look at my cards, I wouldn't do that," Nguyen apologized to Frye after all was done and dusted, a large rail had gathered nearby to see all unfold.

Scotty Nguyen80,00020,000
Jeffrey Frye00
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:33 PM Local Time
Perez and Carnero Take a Coinflip

Martin Carnero

Martin Carnero opened from the button and Cesar Perez moved all in for 12,600. Carnero called and the two showed their hands.

Martin Carnero:   
Cesar Perez:   

The board ran out       and Carnero's full house sent Perez home.

Martin Carnero128,50027,500
Cesar Perez0-59,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:26 PM Local Time
Petrone Backdoors Trips

A player in early position raised and Ray Romano called.

"I want to play this pot with Ray," said Luigi Petrone who called, and Joe Hachem called from the button. The small blind called as well and they went five-handed to the     flop.

It checked to Petrone who bet 4,025 and the original raiser called. They went heads-up to the   turn and the player check-called a bet of 5,000 from Petrone.

The river was the   and the player checked to Petrone who bet 15,000. His opponent went into the tank for about 20 seconds and called. Petrone turned over    for trips jacks and the player tossed his hand into the muck.

Luigi Petrone138,00023,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:24 PM Local Time
Phan Check-Raising

The player on the cutoff opened to 1,200. Quyen Phan, in the big blind, called.

The flop came     and Phan checked. The original raiser bet 1,000 and Phan called.

The dealer burned and turned the   and Phan checked again. The cutoff continued for 2,500 and Phan check-called.

The   river filled up the board. Phan checked. The cutoff threw in a bet of 3,500 and Phan check-raised to 12,000. Her opponent took a few seconds of reflection: ''You have ace-nine, huh?'' After a few more seconds, he continued, ''Ten-jack? Double-gutter?'' Phan made no reaction and he proceeded to call.

Phan tabled    and her opponent showed    before mucking his hand.

Quyen Phan118,00023,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:23 PM Local Time
Big Double-Up for Jivkov

Nick Jivkov just scored a big double-up through Daniel Strelitz. The chips were already in the middle when we arrived at the table and four of the five community cards were already on the board.

Strelitz was holding    and Jivkov had    on the      board. The river was the inconsequential   and Jivkov scored a big double-up while Strelitz had quite the setback.

Nick Jivkov170,00084,000
Daniel Strelitz34,000-81,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:23 PM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Kevin Boudreau146,00026,000
Alexandru Papazian135,00010,000
Chuck Thompson71,00014,000
Dan Smith64,000
Christopher Kruk62,000-3,000
Arne Ruge12,500-8,500
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:17 PM Local Time
Pyne Chips Up With a Full House

On the flop of    , action checked over to Jake Daniels and he bet 2,600. Richard Pyne in the small blind just called and Daryoush Mahboubifardi in the big blind check-raised all in for around 40,000. Daniels folded after brief consideration and Pyne called instantly.

Daryoush Mahboubifardi:   
Richard Pyne:   

"Oh, wow! You trapped me," Daniels said while the board completed with the   turn and   river. Daniels added in that he would have turned a flush and bet big, while the pot was sent over to Pyne.

Jake Daniels185,00019,200
Richard Pyne125,000125,000
Daryoush Mahboubifardi00
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:14 PM Local Time
Lamb Jams Up His Stack

In a three-way pot to the     flop, Ben Lamb checked from early position and faced a bet worth 3,100. Truyen Nguyen on the button raised it up to 13,100 and Lamb then moved all in for 44,250. The initial bettor got out of the way and Nguyen also sent his cards into the muck.

"Nice bluff, I let you go," Nguyen added and was shown the  .

The other player in the hand said, "I had a nice overpair, but difficult to call with him [Nguyen] behind."

Truyen Nguyen205,000-15,000
Ben Lamb70,00041,000
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:08 PM Local Time
Zimmerman Starting to Pick Up Traction

The board read      and Joshua Zimmerman bet 12,000 into a pot that was around 19,000. The opponent in the cutoff made the call and the river then fell the  .

Zimmerman moved all in for just under 40,000 and more than enough to cover his opponent's remaining 14,900. His opponent thought for a few moments and then made the call. Zimmerman turned over    for rivered trip kings and his opponent mucked his hand.

Joshua Zimmerman95,40048,900
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:06 PM Local Time
Pupillo's River Bet Gets It Done

Nick Pupillo

Three players saw the turn on the      board and Matt Waxman bet 2,500 into a main pot of about 4,000. The player in middle position called and Nick Pupillo raised to 11,500.

Waxman called and they went heads-up to the   river. Waxman checked and Pupillo threw out a bet of 22,000. Waxman went deep into the tank and nearly called but stopped just before he moved forward with the chips. He eventually folded and Pupillo took the pot without showdown.

Matt Waxman79,000-1,000
Nick Pupillo69,50029,500
Monday, July 2, 2018 10:03 PM Local Time
Frasca Chipping Higher

Brian Frasca opened to 1,200 under the gun. Anderson Ireland, in the hijack, was the only caller.

A flop reading     was dealt and checked through to the   turn. Frasca bet 1,500. His opponent called. The   river completed the board. Both players checked. Frasca tabled   . His opponent sent his hand to the muck.

Brian Frasca155,00020,000
Anderson Ireland58,0003,000