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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Sunday, June 17, 2018 to Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Event #36: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $1,971,900
  • Entries: 2,191
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, June 18, 2018 1:49 PM Local Time
Recent Eliminations
Stephen Sallot0-15,500
Vern Soeldner0-16,400
Daniel Brush0-18,500
Craig Oliver0-16,900
Patrick Taggart0-20,000
David Kalb0-9,400
Randall Morris0-29,700
Michael Mastrangelo0-42,000
Jeanne Nelson0-22,300
Kenneth Harbaugh0-37,100
David Tuffing0-24,200
Irving Schwartz0-15,000
Yun-Hong Peng0-24,400
David Shores0-31,600
Joseph Neiman0-90,000
Lacy Wills0-26,500
John Fayad0-11,700
Steven Selbrede0-10,100
Chris Bjorin0-10,100
Kenneth Garen00
David Preston0-23,500
David Murray0-25,500
Juan Mercado0-22,200
William Young0-23,000
David Brownworth0-50,900
Robert Reisner0-29,800
Alain Bianconi0-39,000
James Kremer0-21,000
Rober Bryan00
Richard Rashid0-24,500
Robert Goldwasser0-33,200
Rodney Smith0-22,000
John Arseneau0-34,000
Michael Provencher0-17,600
Gary Benson0-42,200
Leo Hearn0-90,000
Jeffrey Wilcox0-41,000
Reginald Luce0-37,500
Michael Schuler0-14,700
Glen Biddle00
Galen Kester0-51,400
Charles Edwards0-24,400
Wayne Anderson0-7,800
Hector Bonilla0-8,500
Steven Wenrich0-122,300
Thomas Maday0-13,600
Charles Kandziolka0-6,100
Charles Eazor0-49,000
Monday, June 18, 2018 1:44 PM Local Time
Collins's Stack is Growing

There was an all-in of 13,400 from an under-the-gun opponent and David Collins called from the small blind. The players turned over their hands and his opponent would be at risk.

David Collins:   

The board ran out       and Collins took down the pot, eliminating his opponent.

David Collins53,70042,200
Monday, June 18, 2018 1:35 PM Local Time
Smith Wakes Up With Aces

James Gladwell moved all in for his last 19,000 from middle position. It folded around to Sue Smith in the big blind who snap-called, turning over   . Gladwell showed    and the       runout sealed the deal for Smith to send Gladwell to the rail.

Sue Smith51,000-13,000
James Gladwell0-70,000
Monday, June 18, 2018 1:34 PM Local Time
Adams-Levy Building a Stack

Lisa Adams-Levy called a preflop all-in for around 4,000 and both players flipped their hands.

Lisa Adams-Levy:   

The flop came down     and Adams-Levy would need to hit a diamond or ace to win it. The   on the turn completed her flush, and her opponent was now drawing dead as the   completed the board.

Lisa Adams-Levy54,00054,000
Monday, June 18, 2018 1:32 PM Local Time
Some Updated Chip Counts
Jerry Weber200,000
William Neiman135,00073,400
Clifford Matthews135,000135,000
Henri Bisson130,0000
Douglas Rieper115,00054,900
Stephen Abraham110,00080,900
Wayne Kawachi98,00098,000
Leo Hearn90,00048,000
Robert Irby88,00033,500
Monday, June 18, 2018 1:28 PM Local Time
92-Year-Old Irving Schwartz Eliminated in 257th Place ($1,625)

Irving Schwartz

The age on his ID shows the number 92, but Irving Schwartz's personality proves that age is just a number. Schwartz spent Day 1 and the first part of Day 2 of this tournament smiling, joking, and laughing about being the oldest player in the field.

"I should be comped a free steak dinner for that alone!" cracked Schwartz.

In between Schwartz won enough pots to make it to the money. Recently knocked out, Schwartz outlasted 1,934 others who played this Super Seniors event, placing 257th and cashing for $1,625.

The Anaheim, California native worked most of his life as a processing engineer — as he explains, he "told people how to do things." This was Schwartz's first time playing this event, something that had been on his bucket list for quite some time. When asked about how he felt about the tournament he said, "It was a little strenuous, but it was the experience of a lifetime."

Congratulations to Irving Schwartz for his performance, and for letting us share in his experience.

Monday, June 18, 2018 1:05 PM Local Time
First Break of the Day

The Event #36: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em players are now on a 15-minute break. The field is thinning fast and just 234 players remain. We will be picking right back up with all of the live action when play resumes.

Monday, June 18, 2018 12:53 PM Local Time
Recent Eliminations
Gary Cook00
Neil Beckerman0-22,600
Peter Primiano0-7,800
Mark Greene0-5,100
Douglas Carli0-8,300
Craig Flyger0-14,300
Kent Walter0-11,800
Richard Smith0-11,000
David Fellman0-7,000
Wayne Grosso0-9,300
Douglas Roszel0-17,300
Dave Templeton0-41,300
Michael Bennington0-16,800
Samuel Adamo0-24,800
Eugene Solomon0-6,600
Darrel Prince00
James Randash0-10,400
Jeffrey Jackson0-18,800
Scott Buller0-19,800
Joseph Villacci0-15,300
Richard Sklar0-70,000
Jack Thomas0-20,300
John Won0-22,800
Tracy Tumlin0-1
Lynn Davis0-3,000
Monday, June 18, 2018 12:39 PM Local Time
Lowery Spikes an Ace on the River

Gary Cook moved all in from under the gun for his last 5,300. It folded to Randy Lowery in the cutoff and he reraised to 11,000. The rest of the table quickly folded and they turned over the cards.

Randy Lowery:   
Gary Cook:   

They saw a flop of     and Cook's pocket queens maintained the lead. The turn   was no help to Lowery and Cook was just one river card away from doubling up. The   completed the board and Lowery spiked his ace on the river to earn the pot and eliminate Cook.

Randy Lowery80,00020,000
Gary Cook0-23,900
Monday, June 18, 2018 12:29 PM Local Time
Warling Stacking Up Early on Day 2

Mark Warling won multiple hands in the last two rounds. He added even more chips as he called an all-in of 6,200 from a late position opponent. The players then turned over their hands.

Mark Warling:   

The flop did all but seal the deal as it fell    , meaning Warling needed only to dodge a nine or a runner-runner straight. The   on the turn and   on the river changed nothing, and Warling continues his hot start to the day by increasing his stack even more.

Mark Warling56,50031,100
Monday, June 18, 2018 12:23 PM Local Time
Recent Eliminations
Mager Finklea0-18,700
Jack McClellan00
Howard Roosevelt0-10,400
John Rycroft0-6,200
Fredrick Wicks0-6,000
John Pelton0-6,700
David Heyden0-9,900
Penny Parker0-24,100
Robert Wassel0-19,600
Dean Rutledge0-41,800
Edward Gullett0-14,100
Scott Bassman0-5,700
Martin Jepkes0-7,600
Douglas Sam Stutz0-9,200
Errol Rosen0-17,900
Kanokvan Somchub00
Kenneth Eggleston0-16,500
Billy Mank0-20,200
Michael Shahade0-10,000
Dennis Greufe0-6,600
Stanley Blacker0-14,000
Myles Kamei0-13,000
Dennis Derge0-72,000
Walter Ward0-24,600
Noland Shorter0-12,700
James Garnes0-20,500
Lynn Bowersox0-17,500
Robert Goldstein0-13,300
Ronald Lawton0-17,500
Jack Deutsch0-12,800
Richard Moore0-39,400
Joseph Diaz0-3,500
Bruce Pirie0-8,600
Wayne Kawachi0-10,100
Monday, June 18, 2018 12:10 PM Local Time
Meyer Doubles Through Bonilla

David Meyer moved all in for 6,600 from under the gun. It folded to Hector Bonilla in the big blind who called and the hands were shown.

David Meyer:   
Hector Bonilla:   

The dealer fanned the     flop and Meyer paired his ace in the window to take the lead. The turn   and river   were no help to Bonilla, and Meyer earned the double-up.

David Meyer14,6003,200
Hector Bonilla8,500-5,000
Monday, June 18, 2018 12:09 PM Local Time
Rashid Doubles Through Davis

Richard Rashid moved all in for 10,200 and Lynn Davis made the call. Players flipped over their hands and Rashid would be at risk.

Richard Rashid:   
Lynn Davis:   

The board ran out       and Rashid took down the pot, leaving Davis with just 3,000 chips left. Davis then busted on the next hand and was soon walking to the payout desk.

Richard Rashid24,5007,900
Lynn Davis3,000-15,900
Monday, June 18, 2018 11:58 AM Local Time
Weiss Calls Somchub's All-In

Kanokvan Somchub moved all in preflop for 14,900 and Sam Weiss thought for a moment and then made the call. The players then flipped over their hands with Somchub at risk.

Sam Weiss:   
Kanokvan Somchub:   

The dealer then fanned a     flop and Weiss took the lead with his pair of aces. The   on the turn and   on the river changed nothing as Somchub was eliminated by Weiss.

Sam Weiss74,00024,100
Kanokvan Somchub0-17,600
Monday, June 18, 2018 11:46 AM Local Time
Players Now in the Money

The money bubble was Edward Brodsky, who put his last 300 in on the button and was called by David Blickenstaff in the big blind. The players flipped over their hands with Brodsky at risk.

David Blickenstaff:   
Edward Brodsky:   

The flop was good for Brodsky as it came    , but the   on the turn moved Blickenstaff ahead with two pair. Brodsky still had outs to save his tournament life, but the   on the river was not one of them. Brodsky was eliminated and now all remaining players are guaranteed at least a min-cash of $1,500.

David Blickenstaff55,6001,900
Edward Brodsky0-4,900
Monday, June 18, 2018 11:46 AM Local Time
Lowery Takes from Neiman

Joseph Neiman raised to 2,500 from under the gun and it folded to Randy Lowery in the big bind. Lowery called and they went heads up to the     flop. Both players checked and the turn was the  .

Lowery fired out a bet of 3,000 and Neiman quickly called. The   completed the board and Lowery led out with a bet of 5,000. Neiman called and Lowery tabled his    for top pair which was enough to take the pot.

Joseph Neiman90,00031,100
Randy Lowery60,0002,900
Monday, June 18, 2018 11:24 AM Local Time
Quad Aces for Arthurs

There was already close to 8,000 in the main pot on the river with a board reading      . James Gladwell checked and Douglas Arthurs moved all in for 14,400. Gladwell called turning over his    for aces full of queens but Arthurs showed    for quad aces to double up.

James Gladwell70,000-11,400
Douglas Arthurs36,0004,500
Monday, June 18, 2018 11:02 AM Local Time
Shuffle Up and Deal

Event #36: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em players have returned to the Pavilion to resume Day 2 play. The cards are now in the air and PokerNews will be bringing you all of the live tournament updates.

Monday, June 18, 2018 7:50 AM Local Time
Welcome to Day 2 of Event #36: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em

Clifford Matthews

Day 2 of Event #36: $1,500 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship begins at 11 a.m and 351 players will return to the felt to battle it out for the victory and the first-place prize of $311,451. The prize pool is a massive $1,971,900 with 329 players guaranteed to be in the money and earn a minimum cash prize of $1,500.

Clifford Matthews finds himself in the top spot to begin today with a staggering 137,900 and Henri Bisson is right on his heels with 130,000.

Many other notables remain in the field including two-time WSOP bracelet winners Steve Zolotow (55,600) and Chris Bjorin (10,100). There are also three more WSOP bracelet winners in search of bracelet number two as Michael Moore, Gary Benson and Konstantin Puchkov are all still in the hunt.

When play resumes, players will play 10 more 60-minute levels with a 15-minute break every two levels. Dinner break will take place after today's sixth level, around 5:30 p.m., and will be one hour long. Play will resume with Level 11 where the blinds are 500/1,000 with a 100 ante.

Follow along as the PokerNews team continues to bring you live coverage from the Seniors Event.

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Pavilion1001John RycroftSouth Africa6,2006
Pavilion1002Terrance HoferUnited States33,20033
Pavilion1003Jerry ReedUnited States22,80023
Pavilion1004Martin JepkesUnited States7,6008
Pavilion1005Edward GullettUnited States14,10014
Pavilion1006Paul W LeeUnited States34,20034
Pavilion1007Gene BrunoUnited States44,10044
Pavilion1008John AdamekUnited States16,80017
Pavilion1009Gary AndrewsUnited States53,40053
Pavilion1011Warwick DunnettUnited States35,10035
Pavilion1012Eugene SolomonUnited States6,6007
Pavilion1013Dean RutledgeUnited States41,80042
Pavilion1014Barry ShulmanUnited States52,60053
Pavilion1015William YoungUnited States23,00023
Pavilion1016David HeydenUnited States9,90010
Pavilion1017Greg DamourUnited States44,50045
Pavilion1018Douglas CarliUnited States8,3008
Pavilion1019John KingUnited States20,90021
Pavilion1021Philip TomUnited States32,00032
Pavilion1022William SindelarUnited States33,00033
Pavilion1023Errol RosenUnited States17,90018
Pavilion1024Thomas McteerUnited States9,80010
Pavilion1025James KremerUnited States21,00021
Pavilion1026Gary GoadUnited States54,90055
Pavilion1027James BrownUnited States64,90065
Pavilion1028Robert MitchellUnited States62,10062
Pavilion1029Michael CastasUnited States71,30071
Pavilion1031Bart TichelmanUnited States12,80013
Pavilion1032Bruce UselmanUnited States20,50021
Pavilion1033Larry RossUnited States33,30033
Pavilion1034Victor CampanaUnited States41,90042
Pavilion1035James RandashUnited States10,40010
Pavilion1037Stanley BlackerUnited States14,00014
Pavilion1038Pierre NeuvilleBelgium37,30037
Pavilion1039Kenneth EgglestonUnited States16,50017
Pavilion1041Kris HawkinsUnited States42,40042
Pavilion1042James GladwellUnited States81,40081
Pavilion1043Ivan MaricUnited States21,80022
Pavilion1044Wayne AndersonUnited States7,8008
Pavilion1045Stephen AbrahamUnited States29,10029
Pavilion1046Irvin StraussUnited States20,60021
Pavilion1047Penny ParkerUnited States24,10024
Pavilion1048Jian ZhangUnited States10,30010
Pavilion1049Douglas ArthursUnited States31,50032
Pavilion1051Hector BonillaUruguay13,50014
Pavilion1053Al HomsiUnited States63,40063
Pavilion1054Steve ZolotowUnited States55,60056
Pavilion1055James ShaferUnited States33,00033
Pavilion1056Fredrick WicksUnited States6,0006
Pavilion1057Joseph DavidmanUnited States27,50028
Pavilion1058Peter SplettstoesserUnited States19,30019
Pavilion1059John WonUnited States22,80023
Pavilion1061Jack DeutschUnited States12,80013
Pavilion1062James AdamekUnited States5,5006
Pavilion1063Mansour AlipourfardUnited States23,80024
Pavilion1064Michael MastrangeloUnited States42,00042
Pavilion1065Stuart HosenUnited States54,00054
Pavilion1066Robert IrbyUnited States54,50055
Pavilion1067Gary BensonAustralia42,20042
Pavilion1068Sira WindwerUnited States38,00038
Pavilion1069Aileen De MoulinMexico39,50040
Pavilion1071Albert WallakeUnited States21,40021
Pavilion1072William HansonUnited States44,30044
Pavilion1073Russell GarleyUnited States14,40014
Pavilion1074Jeffrey MillerUnited States24,60025
Pavilion1075Edward BrodskyUnited States4,9005
Pavilion1076Charles EdwardsUnited States24,40024
Pavilion1077David BlickenstaffUnited States53,70054
Pavilion1078Robert GoldsteinUnited States13,30013
Pavilion1079Richard ShmerlingUnited States1,0001
Pavilion1081Donald ClauseUnited States90,90091
Pavilion1082Douglas HunichenUnited States50,80051
Pavilion1083Eugene SpinnerUnited States31,50032
Pavilion1084Bob GroverUnited States34,60035
Pavilion1085Peter MullinUnited States12,60013
Pavilion1086Joseph VillacciUnited States15,30015
Pavilion1087Charles ZisUnited States109,300109
Pavilion1088David ShoresCanada31,60032
Pavilion1089Linda IwaniakUnited Kingdom42,70043
Pavilion1091William KamUnited States34,40034
Pavilion1092James GarnesUnited States20,50021
Pavilion1093Pressly MoffattUnited States65,20065
Pavilion1094Douglas DearbornCanada25,70026
Pavilion1095Bill JankowskiUnited StatesUnited States31,90032
Pavilion1096John WestfieldUnited States14,40014
Pavilion1097Mark HalfonUnited States46,20046
Pavilion1098David CrossUnited States70,40070
Pavilion1099Mark GreeneUnited States5,1005
Pavilion1101Peter CrossCanada26,90027
Pavilion1102Mark WolberUnited States19,80020
Pavilion1103Gary CookUnited States23,90024
Pavilion1104Jamey KramerUnited States20,40020
Pavilion1105Richard MooreCanada39,40039
Pavilion1106William NeimanUnited States61,60062
Pavilion1107Randy LoweryUnited States57,10057
Pavilion1108Joseph NeimanUnited States58,90059
Pavilion1109Bryant MorrisonUnited States7,7008
Pavilion1111Stephen SallotUnited States15,50016
Pavilion1113Tim EbenhoehUnited States95,80096
Pavilion1114Kent WalterUnited States11,80012
Pavilion1115Joe ChinCanada58,00058
Pavilion1116Charles ThompsonUnited States13,80014
Pavilion1117Scott BassmanUnited States5,7006
Pavilion1118John WilcoxUnited States10,70011
Pavilion1119Jack ThomasUnited States20,30020
Pavilion1121Thomas MaserUnited States39,70040
Pavilion1122Keith ThomasCanada19,50020
Pavilion1123David TuffingUnited States24,20024
Pavilion1124Michael BorgettiUnited States31,70032
Pavilion1125John OstwaldUnited States14,60015
Pavilion1126Robert BryanUnited States34,90035
Pavilion1127Gary MayUnited States6,1006
Pavilion1128Allan SwartzUnited States13,70014
Pavilion1129Alan MarksUnited States86,10086
Pavilion1131Rafael PerezUnited States26,20026
Pavilion1132Larry KennedyUnited States16,10016
Pavilion1133David FellmanUnited States7,0007
Pavilion1134Frank NeuhauserUnited States15,50016
Pavilion1135Jack MitchellUnited States22,20022
Pavilion1136David HenleyUnited States22,70023
Pavilion1137Gregory SmyserUnited States75,10075
Pavilion1138Mason SacksUnited States18,90019
Pavilion1139John FayadUnited States11,70012
Pavilion1141Myles KameiUnited States13,00013
Pavilion1142Robert BeachUnited States48,50049
Pavilion1143Neil CangiolosiUnited States17,90018
Pavilion1144Dan KimbellUnited States1,1731
Pavilion1145Wayne WagnerUnited States14,10014
Pavilion1146David WhiteUnited States5,7006
Pavilion1147Michael PanarantoUnited States65,90066
Pavilion1148Timothy GoodUnited States46,90047
Pavilion1149Douglas RoszelUnited States17,30017
Pavilion1151John ArseneauUnited States34,00034
Pavilion1152Glen PassinUnited States25,20025
Pavilion1153Lindon SayreUnited States10
Pavilion1154Victor FeyUnited States15,80016
Pavilion1155Richard RadfordUnited States77,40077
Pavilion1156Galen KesterUnited States51,40051
Pavilion1157Timothy MieczkowskiUnited States13,50014
Pavilion1158Paul QuadeUnited States28,70029
Pavilion1159Robert FrenchUnited States16,10016
Pavilion1161Kenneth HarbaughUnited States37,10037
Pavilion1162Stuart SpearUnited States23,00023
Pavilion1163William FogelUnited States53,10053
Pavilion1164Alvin SchachnerUnited States15,00015
Pavilion1165Raul CorreaUnited States17,90018
Pavilion1166Thomas StavoyUnited States61,10061
Pavilion1167Steve KaganUnited States43,20043
Pavilion1168Jeffery VallanceAustralia30,10030
Pavilion1169Thomas SpruitenburgUnited States32,50033
Pavilion1171Richard WestlundUnited States64,00064
Pavilion1172Dave TempletonUnited States41,30041
Pavilion1173Douglas Sam StutzUnited States9,2009
Pavilion1174Skip PlotnickiUnited States11,20011
Pavilion1175Walter WardUnited States24,60025
Pavilion1176William LuzadderUnited States57,60058
Pavilion1177Stephen GonotUnited States23,20023
Pavilion1178Patrick TaggartUnited States20,00020
Pavilion1179Michael BenningtonUnited States16,80017
Pavilion1181Leo HearnUnited States42,00042
Pavilion1182Kenneth GarenUnited States17,00017
Pavilion1183Daniel ShoemakerUnited States72,70073
Pavilion1184John BorzioUnited States49,10049
Pavilion1185Pat CamachoUnited States47,20047
Pavilion1186Jack McClellandUnited States5,6006
Pavilion1187Eugene HornsteinUnited States9,60010
Pavilion1188Steven AndersonUnited States23,10023
Pavilion1189Mark LillgeUnited States15,90016
Pavilion1191Charles EazorUnited States49,00049
Pavilion1192Michael BlakeUnited States19,40019
Pavilion1193Donald ColclazierUnited States19,40019
Pavilion1194Tab ThiptinnakonUnited States20,80021
Pavilion1195Gaston KnightUnited States21,00021
Pavilion1196Clifton GreenCanada30,40030
Pavilion1197Ronald GilesCanada40,80041
Pavilion1198Bruce PirieUnited States8,6009
Pavilion1199Yury ParadUnited States50,70051
Pavilion1201Jimmie JamesUnited States17,00017
Pavilion1202Lora StewartUnited States11,70012
Pavilion1203Joseph MalloniUnited States23,60024
Pavilion1204Lacy WillsUnited States26,50027
Pavilion1205Edward KlimekUnited States51,70052
Pavilion1206Michael ProvencherCanada17,60018
Pavilion1207Craig OliverUnited States16,90017
Pavilion1208Steven WenrichUnited States122,300122
Pavilion1209Jeffrey WeberUnited States90,60091
Pavilion1211Vern SoeldnerUnited States16,40016
Pavilion1212Jerry LevaUnited States37,40037
Pavilion1213Dwain BrockettUnited States28,90029
Pavilion1214Yun-Hong PengUnited States24,40024
Pavilion1215Marc JacobusUnited States56,20056
Pavilion1216Richard SklarUnited States70,00070
Pavilion1217Joseph VillhauerUnited States37,40037
Pavilion1218Jean DidierFR31,70032
Pavilion1219Charles KellerUnited States78,50079
Pavilion1221Kenneth DoleUnited States11,50012
Pavilion1222Lyle MundayUnited States57,90058
Pavilion1223John PeltonUnited States6,7007
Pavilion1224Bruce HugonUnited States54,80055
Pavilion1225Patrick MccoyUnited States10
Pavilion1226Jeffrey JacksonUnited States18,80019
Pavilion1227Donnacha O'DeaIreland18,00018
Pavilion1228Wayne GrossoUnited States9,3009
Pavilion1229David ChanduloyUnited States12,20012
Pavilion1231Robert GoldwasserUnited States33,20033
Pavilion1232Harold LangerUnited States7,1007
Pavilion1233Frederick ParsonsCanada86,10086
Pavilion1234James HowieCanada10
Pavilion1235Douglas RieperUnited States60,10060
Pavilion1236Alain BianconiFrance39,00039
Pavilion1237Steven NicholsUnited States38,80039
Pavilion1238Debra WilsonUnited States28,60029
Pavilion1239Glen BiddleUnited States15,50016
Pavilion1241Renee BeckerCanada38,80039
Pavilion1243Roy DavisUnited States46,00046
Pavilion1244Gregory AlstonUnited States67,30067
Pavilion1245Billy MankUnited States20,20020
Pavilion1246Gene GioiaUnited States66,60067
Pavilion1247Bertram TrobmanUnited States2,5003
Pavilion1248David BrownworthUnited States50,90051
Pavilion1249Richard MalacariaUnited States20,30020
Pavilion1251Philip HayesUnited States79,70080
Pavilion1252Darrell PrinceUnited States25,30025
Pavilion1253James HuletteUnited States32,80033
Pavilion1254Jeffrey WilcoxUnited States41,00041
Pavilion1255Jeff HeibergUnited States103,600104
Pavilion1256Connel SheltonUnited States22,90023
Pavilion1257Alfred ShanfeldUnited States39,90040
Pavilion1258Steven SelbredeUnited States10,10010
Pavilion1259Richard TrenholmeUnited States39,20039
Pavilion1261Lynn DavisUnited States18,90019
Pavilion1262Marcia GodinezUnited States20,90021
Pavilion1263Bryant LipscombUnited States30,50031
Pavilion1264Gary SchwartzUnited States43,60044
Pavilion1265Peter FennUnited States27,60028
Pavilion1266Neil BeckermanUnited States22,60023
Pavilion1267Robert WasselUnited States19,60020
Pavilion1268David RosenbloomUnited States67,50068
Pavilion1269Dennis JesseeUnited States17,10017
Pavilion1271Wayne KawachiUnited States10,10010
Pavilion1272Marty DoustUnited States24,30024
Pavilion1273Jeffrey BradyUnited States8,7009
Pavilion1274Robert ReisnerUnited States29,80030
Pavilion1275Stephen PetermannUnited States9,70010
Pavilion1276John LivelyUnited States10
Pavilion1277John GrienauerUnited States23,40023
Pavilion1278Peter AlsonUnited States17,20017
Pavilion1279Karen SmithUnited States28,00028
Pavilion1281Lisa Adams_LevyUnited States39,80040
Pavilion1282Nicholas CollinsUnited States13,30013
Pavilion1283David KalbUnited States9,4009
Pavilion1284Thomas KruegerUnited States2,8003
Pavilion1285Juan MercadoUnited States22,20022
Pavilion1286Perry BurrellCanada28,50029
Pavilion1287Joseph FrezzaUnited States37,50038
Pavilion1288Adnan KhabbazUnited States54,80055
Pavilion1289Harvey BundyUnited States29,10029
Pavilion1291Rodney SmithUnited States22,00022
Pavilion1292Michael SchulerUnited States14,70015
Pavilion1293Sam GrizzleUnited States56,80057
Pavilion1294Richard RashidUnited States16,60017
Pavilion1295Kai WangUnited States49,70050
Pavilion1296David SmithUnited States50,20050
Pavilion1297Donald WilliamsUnited States45,70046
Pavilion1298Samuel AdamoUnited States24,80025
Pavilion1299Howard RooseveltUnited States10,40010
Pavilion1301Larry GerekUnited States31,20031
Pavilion1302Irving SchwartzUnited States15,00015
Pavilion1303Clifford MathewsUnited States137,900138
Pavilion1304Robert BrayUnited States16,20016
Pavilion1305Lawrence BrookesUnited States20,00020
Pavilion1306Harry TrowsdaleCanada27,60028
Pavilion1307Russell SuttonCanada78,10078
Pavilion1308Alan DenkensonUnited States24,20024
Pavilion1309Frederick GarciaUnited States40,20040
Pavilion1311Joseph DiazUnited States3,5004
Pavilion1312Randall MorrisUnited States29,70030
Pavilion1313David PrestonUnited States23,50024
Pavilion1314David CollinsUnited States11,50012
Pavilion1315Peter PrimianoUnited States7,8008
Pavilion1316Perry GrayUnited States22,20022
Pavilion1317George WestphalUnited States42,00042
Pavilion1318Larry LathamUnited States46,70047
Pavilion1319George NeunzigUnited States20,70021
Pavilion1321Lynn BowersoxUnited States17,50018
Pavilion1322Iry TaylorUnited States40,60041
Pavilion1323Glenn BurlesonUnited States30,00030
Pavilion1324Janet BurkeUnited States1,8002
Pavilion1325Jack Ernest WardUnited States59,70060
Pavilion1326Daniel BrushUnited States18,50019
Pavilion1327Michael RiceUnited States93,30093
Pavilion1328Moncie DanielsUnited States30,80031
Pavilion1329Walter BellUnited States23,00023
Pavilion1331Frederick RussUnited States32,90033
Pavilion1332Allen SaftUnited States25,40025
Pavilion1333Mark WarlingUnited States25,40025
Pavilion1334Noland ShorterUnited States12,70013
Pavilion1335William TomaszewskiUnited States27,40027
Pavilion1336John DivineUnited States82,00082
Pavilion1337John EricksonUnited States13,30013
Pavilion1338Tracy TumlinUnited States10
Pavilion1339Robert BrightUnited States25,10025
Pavilion1341Jim McCrinkUnited States27,70028
Pavilion1342Aubrey VincentUnited States60,90061
Pavilion1343Charles KandziolkaUnited States6,1006
Pavilion1344Sue SmithUnited States64,00064
Pavilion1345Craig FlygerUnited States14,30014
Pavilion1346Craig StewartUnited States26,30026
Pavilion1347Dominick GoliaUnited States35,10035
Pavilion1348George BusseyUnited States23,20023
Pavilion1349Ronald LawtonUnited Kingdom17,50018
Pavilion1351Mitchell NongUnited States14,10014
Pavilion1352Kanokvan SomchubUnited States17,60018
Pavilion1353Jon WhittersCanada36,90037
Pavilion1354Eddylee MartinCayman Islands50,20050
Pavilion1355Henri BissonUnited States130,000130
Pavilion1356Reginald LuceUnited States37,50038
Pavilion1357Jeanne NelsonUnited States22,30022
Pavilion1358Scott BullerUnited States19,80020
Pavilion1359Sam WeissUnited States49,90050
Pavilion1361Michael MooreUnited States76,40076
Pavilion1362Konstantin PuchkovRussia36,60037
Pavilion1363Steven StoeckelUnited States8,0008
Pavilion1364Bradley VinerUnited Kingdom28,50029
Pavilion1365Chris BjorinSweden10,10010
Pavilion1366Richard SmithUnited States11,00011
Pavilion1367Stephen LewinberlinUnited States8,3008
Pavilion1368Michael ShahadeUnited States10,00010
Pavilion1369Robert CratsenburgUnited States10
Pavilion1371Mager FinkleaUnited States18,70019
Pavilion1372George TokarczykUnited States34,10034
Pavilion1373Donald LawrenceUnited States15,70016
Pavilion1374Barry ShemariaUnited States20,60021
Pavilion1375David MurrayUnited States25,50026
Pavilion1376Thomas MadayUnited States13,60014
Pavilion1377Peter DonohoeUnited States47,60048
Pavilion1378Richard St. PeterUnited States24,30024
Pavilion1379Dennis GreufeUnited States6,6007
Pavilion1381Larry HuberUnited States60,20060
Pavilion1382David MeyerUnited States11,40011
Pavilion1383Dennis DergeUnited States72,00072
Pavilion1384George HahnertUnited States26,00026
Pavilion1385Edie NormanUnited States7,5008
Pavilion1386Mark AbrahamsUnited States18,70019
Pavilion1387Alden HermansenUnited States46,80047
Pavilion1388Farhintaj BonyadiUnited States22,00022
Pavilion1389Keith AlterUnited States60,90061