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2015 46th Annual World Series of Poker

Tuesday, June 09, 2015 to Thursday, June 11, 2015

Event #22: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $1,723,500
  • Entries: 1,915
  • Remaining: 0


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Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:41 PM Local Time
Jay Dragland gets a walk in the big blind.
Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:38 PM Local Time
Robert Hsu raises to 50,000 on the button. Cole Jackson, in the big blind, goes all in. It folds around. Jackson wins the pot.
Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:36 PM Local Time
Aaron Belardo goes all in. It folds around. Belardo takes it down.
Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:35 PM Local Time
Sam Greenwood raises to 50,000. Ken Weinstein reraises to 135,000. Greenwood calls. The flop comes    . Greenwood checks. Weinstein bets 175,000. Greenwood calls. The turn comes  . Both players check. The river comes  . Both players check. Greenwood shows   . Weinstein mucks. Greenwood takes it down.
Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:29 PM Local Time

Sean Rice bumps it up to 52,000 in late position, and James Dorrance defends his big blind. The flop comes    , and Dorrance check folds when Rice fires 45,000.

Gorilla Gaming
Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:25 PM Local Time

Jay Dragland raises to 48,000 from the hijack, and Sam Greenwood calls in the cutoff. Sean Rice is next to act on the button, and he puts on the squeeze with a raise to 165,000. Both players release their hands, and Rice drags the pot.

Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:23 PM Local Time
Action folds around to Sam Greenwood on the button. He raises it to 50,000, and both blinds fold, giving Greenwood the pot.
Thursday, June 11, 2015 5:00 PM Local Time

Genae Edington raises to 80,000 in the cutoff. Sean Rice, in the big blind, goes all in. Edington snap calls.

Rice shows   
Edington shows   

The board comes      . Rice's nines hold up and he takes it down.

Sean Rice - 1,590,000
Genae Edington - Eliminated

Thursday, June 11, 2015 4:55 PM Local Time

Seat #1: Sam Greenwood - 2.047 million
Seat #2: Sean Rice - 826,000
Seat #3: Aaron Belardo - 392,000
Seat #4: Ken Weinstein - 667,000
Seat #5: James Dorrance - 1.7 million
Seat #6: Robert Hsu - 1.048 million
Seat #7: Cole Jackson - 426,000
Seat #8: John Myung - 1.1 million
Seat #9: Genae Edgington - 667,000
Seat #10: Jay Dragland - 684,000

Thursday, June 11, 2015 4:50 PM Local Time

Angel Farrington announces all in. Robert Hsu calls.

Angel Farrington -   
Robert Hsu -   

The board comes      .

Hsu takes it down and Angela Farrington is eliminated in 11th place.

Robert Hsu - 1,050,000
Angela Farrington - Eliminated


Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, June 11, 2015 4:37 PM Local Time

Jay Dragland keeps sliding down the counts, as he has just lost another pot to Genae Edgington.

Edgington and Dragland get all the money in preflop. Edgington is holding   , and she is dominating the    of Dragland. The flop brings chop outs for Dragland, coming    . The turn is the  , and Edgington still holds the lead. The river is the  , and Edgington takes the pot to up her stack to 550,000, while Dragland is down to 700,000.

Jay Dragland - 700,000
Genae Edgington - 550,000

Thursday, June 11, 2015 4:30 PM Local Time

John Myung and Sean Rice are heads up on a flop of    .  Rice checks to Myung, who bets out 55,000. Rice makes the call, and the   comes on the turn. Rice checks again, and this time, Myung bets out 105,000. Rice thinks it over for quite some time before calling, and the river is the  . Rice knuckles a third time, and Myung grabs two towers of 5,000, and slides them in, a bet of 200,000.

Rice goes deep into the tank, thinking it over for at least three minutes, before sliding the cards into the muck, giving the pot to Myung, who is up over a million after the hand.

John Myung - 1.12 million
Sean Rice - 780,000

Thursday, June 11, 2015 4:28 PM Local Time
Level: 25
Blinds: 12000/24000
Ante: 4000
Thursday, June 11, 2015 4:22 PM Local Time

Angel Farrington goes all in with 46,000 behind her. Sean Rice calls in the big blind and turns over   . Farrington shows   .

The board comes      

Farrington pairs her ace and king and doubles up.

Angel Farrington - 120,000

Thursday, June 11, 2015 4:15 PM Local Time

Genae Edgington shoves her short stack in with   , and she is trailing the    of Jay Dragland. Edgington takes the lead on a flop of    , and maintains that lead through the   turn and the   river. Edgington jumps to 275,000, while Dragland is now under a million.

Jay Dragland - 950,000
Genae Edgington - 275,000

Gorilla Gaming
Thursday, June 11, 2015 4:07 PM Local Time

Ken Weinstein raises to 45,000 from early position, and Jay Dragland three bets from the button to 125,000. It folds back to Weinstein, who thinks it over for about 90 seconds before calling. The flop comes    , and Weinstein taps the felt, which induces a bet of 90,000 from Dragland. Weinstein thinks it over for about a minute before moving all in for 497,000. Dragland doesn't take long to fold, and Weinstein takes down the pot.

Jay Dragland - 1.08 million
Ken Weinstein - 820,000

Thursday, June 11, 2015 4:01 PM Local Time

Angel Farrington is all in for her last 71,000, and Robert Hsu isolates with a raise to 122,000. The rest of the table folds, and the cards are tabled.


It's the third time Farrington has been in an all-in pot with Queens, and the second time she holds up, as the board runs down      , giving Farrington a much needed double up.

Robert Hsu - 1.04 million
Angel Farrington - 150,000

Thursday, June 11, 2015 3:40 PM Local Time

Sam Greenwood won a big pot against James Dorrance just before the break, and after taking another massive pot off Jay Dragland after the break, he is now the chip leader.

Greenwood and Dragland are heads up on the turn of a board that reads     . Greenwood fires out 200,000, and Dragland makes the call. The river is the  , and Greenwood doesn't slow down, betting out 400,000. Dragland thinks for about a minute before calling, and Greenwood tables   . Dragland mucks, and Greenwood takes the pot, upping his stack to over 2 million.

Sam Greenwood - 2.05 million
Jay Dragland - 1.4 million

Thursday, June 11, 2015 3:29 PM Local Time
Level: 24
Blinds: 10000/20000
Ante: 3000
Thursday, June 11, 2015 3:09 PM Local Time

Jay Dragland is absolutely on fire right now, busting Brian Reinert on the hand after knocking out Rod Dingler. This time, Dingler holds   , and Dragland has another pocket pair:   . The board runs down      , and there is some brief confusion, as Reinert thinks it's a chopped pot at first. But the table clarifies that Dragland has the victory, and Reinert laught it off and wishes the table luck as he heads for the payout desk. After that hand, Dragland is the chip leader with 2.2 million.

The 11 remaining players are now taking their first 20-minute break of the day. Once they return, they will need to lose just one player before they all combine for the unofficial final table of 10.

Playtika - Jason Alexander