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2015 46th Annual World Series of Poker

Saturday, June 06, 2015 to Monday, June 08, 2015

Event #17: $10,000 Razz Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $968,200
  • Entries: 103
  • Remaining: 0


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Monday, June 8, 2015 4:16 PM Local Time
2015 World Series of Poker

That's the end of Level 22, and it's time for a 20-minute break.

Here's how the final table stacks up:

Seat 1: Jryi Merivirta - 254,000
Seat 2: Mike Gorodinsky - 483,000
Seat 3: Stephen Chidwick - 111,000
Seat 4: Adam Owen - 618,000
Seat 5: Thomas Keller - 527,000
Seat 6: Mike Leah - 347,000
Seat 7: Brandon Shack-Harris - 132,000
Seat 8: Phil Hellmuth - 619,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 4:16 PM Local Time

Thomas Keller is the bring-in with   and Jyri Merivirta limps in with  . Adam Owen limps in with   and all three players head to fourth street. Keller catches  , Merivirta catches   and Owen catches  . Owen bets, Keller folds and Merivirta calls. On fifth, Owen bets 30,000 and Merivirta calls again.

Merivirta: (x-x)/    
Owen: (x-x)/    
Keller: (x-x)/   - fold

On sixth, Owen bets and Merivirta takes a few moments before sending his hand into the muck.

Adam Owen - 618,000
Jyri Merivirta - 254,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 4:15 PM Local Time

Phil Hellmuth completes with   and Jryi Merivirta calls with   and Mike Gorodinsky comes a long with  . On fourth, Gorodinsky hits  , Hellmuth keeps the lead with  , and Merivirta catches  . Hellmuth bets and is called by both players. Hellmuth continues to keep the lead on fifth when he catches  . Mervirta catches   and Gorodinsky catches  . Hellmuth checks, Merivirta bets, Gorodinsky folds, and Hellmuth calls.

Merivirta: (x-x)/    
Gorodinsky: (x-x)/    - fold
Hellmuth: (x-x)/    

On sixth, Hellmuth bets and Merivirta calls. Both players check the river and Hellmuth shows    , good for a 7-6 low and Merivirta mucks his hand.

Phil Hellmuth - 622,000
Jryi Merivirta - 310,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 4:14 PM Local Time

Stephen Chidwick completes with a  , and Adam Owen makes it two bets for 30,000 total with a  . Chidwick calls, and they are heads up.

Chidwick: (x-x)/    /(x)
Owen: (x-x)/    /(x)

Owen bets fourth and fifth streets with Chidwick calling both streets. The lead reverses on sixth, so Chidwick check-calls a bet there, as well as the last 30,000 on seventh street.

At showdown, Owen opens up    , and the seven-low cues Chidwick's muck.

Adam Owen - 550,000
Stephen Chidwick - 105,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 4:07 PM Local Time
2015 World Series of Poker

Phil Hellmuth completes with a  , and Stephen Chidwick calls with a   of his own.

Hellmuth: (x-x)/    /(x)
Chidwick: (x-x)/    /(x)

Fourth street goes check-check, and Chidwick bets fifth, sixth, and seventh. Hellmuth calls him down. Chidwick shows     for the eighty-six, and Hellmuth mucks.

Stephen Chidwick - 285,000
Phil Hellmuth - 510,000

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Monday, June 8, 2015 3:58 PM Local Time

Jyri Merivirta completes with   and Mike Gorodinsky makes it 30,000 with  . Merivirta calls and they are heads-up to fourth street. Merivirta catches   and Gorodinsky pairs his four. Merivirta bets 15,000 and Gorodinsky calls. On fifth, Gorodinsky hits another four and has trips showing on his board. Merivirta hits   and continues to bet, this time for a full big bet of 30,000. Gorodinsky calls and they are off to sixth street.

Merivirta: (x-x)/    
Gorodinsky: (x-x)/    

Both players check sixth and Merivirta comes out betting after the river. Gorodinsky checks his river card and then scoops them all up. He brings them together like he is playing a draw game and then flahses a total hand of        , giving him a full house and he mucks his hand. Merivirta flahses a queen in the hole as he collects the pot.

Jryi Merivirta - 305,000
Mike Gorodinsky - 460,000
Monday, June 8, 2015 3:50 PM Local Time
2015 World Series of Poker

On the first hand inside the mothership:

Thomas Keller brings it in with a  , Brandon Shack-Harris calls with a  , Phil Hellmuth completes with a  , Shaun Deeb calls with a  , and Keller and Shack-Harris call, as well. Those last two end up folding on fourth street, so it's Hellmuth and Deeb heads up.

Hellmuth: (x-x)/    /(x)
Deeb: (x-x)/    /(x)

Hellmuth bets fourth street for 15,000, and Deeb raises to 30,000, isolating himself as the other two duck out of the middle. Hellmuth raises right back to 45,000, and Deeb calls.

On fifth, Deeb bets his lead for 30,000, Hellmuth raises, and Deeb calls all in for 45,000. "You have the best hand, Phil," he says.

Deeb shows    in the hole, and Hellmuth is drawing to the wheel with   . He fills in on sixth street, improving to the nuts and leaving Deeb drawing dead to seventh.

There will be no back-to-back Championship bracelets for Deeb. He's out in 9th place, good for $26,557.

Phil Hellmuth - 610,000
Shaun Deeb - Eliminated

Monday, June 8, 2015 3:36 PM Local Time

After the complete seating re-draw for the final nine, here is a look at the seating arrangement:

Seat 1: Shaun Deeb - 108,000
Seat 2: Jryi Merivirta - 212,000
Seat 3: Mike Gorodinsky - 559,000
Seat 4: Stephen Chidwick - 168,000
Seat 5: Adam Owen - 460,000
Seat 6: Thomas Keller - 577,000
Seat 7: Mike Leah - 362,000
Seat 8: Brandon Shack-Harris - 182,000
Seat 9: Phil Hellmuth - 458,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 3:31 PM Local Time
2015 World Series of Poker
Eric Wasserson completes to 15,000 with   and Thomas Keller makes it 30,000 with  . Wasserson makes it three-bets and is all in. Keller calls and the cards are exposed. Their hands on third are nearly identical, but their boards run out like this:

Wasserson: (  )/    /( )
Keller: (  )/    /( )

Keller makes a 9-8 low and Wasserson is the second to squeeze his river card. He squeezes a "three across heart" and the table informs him that he is drawing dead because the   is on his board and that the 8h wouldn't give him the win. Wasserson exposes the   on the river to give him a 9-8-7-6-A, but Keller wins the pot with a 9-8-5-3-A low.

Wasserson takes home $26,557 for his 10th place finish and the remaining nine players move to the ESPN mothership to start the unofficial final table of nine.

Thomas Keller - 577,000
Eric Wasserson - Eliminated

Monday, June 8, 2015 3:22 PM Local Time

Jyri Merivirta and Adam Owen are heads up.

Merivirta:(x-x)/    /(x)
Owen: (x-x)/    /(x)

Merivirta bets sixth street, and Owen check calls. The last bet on seventh puts Merivirta nearly all in, and Owen calls him down.

Merivirta shows    , his trip aces managing to run down a strong hand. His six-low earns him the much-needed pot, nearly doubling him up in the process.

Jyri Merivirta - 260,000
Adam Owen - 405,000

Jostens Fan Collection
Monday, June 8, 2015 3:17 PM Local Time

With a lot of high cards out, Mike Leah completes for 15,000 with a  , Thomas Keller calls with a  , and Brandon Shack-Harris defends his   bring-in. The latter ends up folding on fourth street.

Leah: (x-x)/    /(x)
Keller: (x-x)/    /(x)

Leah bets fourth street, then check-calls fifth. He leads back out for 30,000 on sixth, then check-calls a Keller bet on seventh to conclude a see-saw hand.

At showdown, Keller announces his, "Six," as he shows     in the hole. Leah mucks.

"Nice hand, Thunder," Eric Wasserson offers the compliment.

"Thanks," Keller says. "Long time no eat."

"Glad I didn't make a seven," Leah adds.

Thomas Keller - 475,000
Mike Leah - 325,000
Monday, June 8, 2015 3:09 PM Local Time
Level: 22
Blinds: 15k/30k,Bring-in:5k
Ante: 3k
Monday, June 8, 2015 3:08 PM Local Time

On fourth street, Wasserson bets with    showing and Phil Hellmuth calls with    on his board. On fifth, Hellmuth checks after catching   and Wasserson pairs his six. Wasserson bets and Hellmuth check-calls.

Wasserson: (x-x)/    
Hellmuth: (x-x)/    

Hellmuth bets a full 24,000 on sixth and Wasserson calls.

"I have to go for the check-raise," said Hellmuth after the river is dealt.

"Is that a check?" asked Wasserson.

It is confirmed that it is a check and then Wasserson checks behind. Hellmuth shows     in the hole and Wasserson mucks his hand.

Phil Hellmuth - 280,000
Eric Wasserson - 125,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 3:04 PM Local Time

Stephen Chidwick completes with   and Shaun Deeb makes it two bets with  . Chidwick calls and they are heads-up to fourth street. Chidwick pairs his deuce and Deeb hits  . Deeb bets and Chidwick calls. On fifth, Deeb hits   and Chidwick catches  . Deeb bets and Chidwick calls.

Chidwick: (x-x)/    
Deeb: (x-x)/    

Both players check sixth and Deeb bets 24,000 on the river. Chdwick calls and Deeb tables    , good for a smooth seven. Chidwick mucks his hand an Deeb collects the pot.

Shaun Deeb - 280,000
Stephen Chidwick - 125,000
Monday, June 8, 2015 2:57 PM Local Time
2015 World Series of Poker

Erik Seidel completes with a  , and Brandon Shack-Harris calls with a  .

Seidel: (  )/    /( )
Shack-Harris: (  )/    /( )

Shack-Harris bets his lead on fourth street, and Seidel calls all in for his last 12,000. The down-cards are turned up, and Seidel's board runs out rather poorly. On fifth street, he asks, "Am I drawing dead yet?" He's not, but then sixth street hits. "You are now," says the table. They wish the eight-time bracelet winner luck as he departs in 11th place.

Brandon Shack-Harris - 210,000
Erik Seidel - Eliminated

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Monday, June 8, 2015 2:54 PM Local Time

Erik Seidel completes with a  , and Brandon Shack-Harris calls. The bring-in calls with a  , too, but check-folds fourth street.

Seidel: (x-x)/    /(x)
Shack-Harris: (x-x)/    /(x)

Seidel bets fourth street, and Shack-Harris raises. Seidel makes it three bets for 36,000 total, and Shack-Harris matches it. On fifth street, Shack-Harris takes the lead and bets it for 24,000, and now Seidel is the one doing the calling. That action repeats on sixth and seventh streets, with Shack-Harris betting all in for 9,000 on seventh. Seidel frowns as he drops the last two chips into the pot to put Shack-Harris at risk.

Shack-Harris rolls over     for an eight-low, and it's good. Seidel is forced to show his inferior    , and the loss of that pot knocks him all the way down to just one big bet.

Brandon Shack-Harris - 170,000
Erik Seidel - 27,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 2:43 PM Local Time

Mike Leah completes with   and Thomas Keller calls with  . Keller takes the lead on fourth street with   and Leah pairs his ace. Keller bets 12,000 and Leah calls. On fifth, Leah catches   and Keller catches  . Keller bets again and Leah calls.

Leah: (x-x)/    
Keller: (x-x)/    

Keller keeps the lead heading to sixth street as both of them hit queens. Keller bets and Leah calls. Both players check the river and Leah announces a "ten-seven" as he tables    . Keller double checks his cards and sends them into the muck.

Mike Leah - 290,000
Thomas Keller - 600,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 2:38 PM Local Time

Phil Hellmuth and Jyri Merivirta are heads up.

Hellmuth: (x-x)/    /(x)
Merivirta: (x-x)/    /(x)

Hellmuth bets fifth street, and Merivirta calls. On sixth, Hellmuth check-calls a bet, and both players check through seventh.

"I have at least an eight-six," Hellmuth says as he shows his   . Merivirta shows down    , though, and his smooth seven wins the pot and puts Hellmuth on edge.

"Next time you try to give it to me," he says, "I accept."

Jyri Merivirta - 215,000
Phil Hellmuth - 255,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 2:32 PM Local Time

Mike Leah completes with a  , and Thomas Keller makes it two bets with another  . Leah calls.

Leah: (x-x)/    /(x)
Keller: (x-x)/    /(x)

Fourth street goes check-check, and Keller bets fifth. Leah calls that bet, and another one on sixth street, while seventh goes check-check again.

Keller reveals    , and his ten-seven is the best hand. Leah mucks, and Keller has taken the overall chip lead with 11 players remaining.

Thomas Keller - 683,000
Mike Leah - 210,000

Monday, June 8, 2015 2:28 PM Local Time

Erik Seidel limps in with an  , Brandon Shack-Harris calls with an   of his own, and Mike Leah completes to 12,000 with a  .

Seidel: (x-x)/    /(x)
Shack-Harris: (x-x)/   - fold
Leah: (x-x)/    /(x)

Leah leads fourth street, Seidel calls, and Shack-Harris folds. On fifth, Seidel calls another bet, but he picks up the lead on sixth and bets it himself. Leah calls the 24,000. On seventh, Seidel checks, and Leah bets. Seidel calls.

Leah shows     for a smooth seven-six. Seidel can't beat it, and he mucks his cards to slip down into the danger zone.

Mike Leah - 280,000
Erik Seidel - 143,000

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