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2014 45th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Saturday, July 05, 2014 to Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $62,825,752
  • Entries: 6,683
  • Remaining: 0


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Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:24 PM Local Time
Biggest Stacks in Brasilia Red
Steve Tripp520,000141,000
Paul Bennett400,00055,000
Horacio Chaves Cortes380,00029,700
Timothy Reilly375,00042,000
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:23 PM Local Time
A Talented Trio In Brasilia
Tom Middleton252,400252,400
Steve O'Dwyer88,70040,700
David Vamplew34,20034,200
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:23 PM Local Time
Sweet Start For Hennigan
John Hennigan455,000112,300
Scott Palmer325,00032,400
Ali Eslami298,00010,100
Marius Pospiech256,000256,000
Mars Callahan230,00034,000
Phil Galfond200,00034,600
Jesper Hougaard190,000190,000
Randy Ohel105,0001,300
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:20 PM Local Time
Flack Folds Fours Full

Jeffrey Loiacono opened for 3,500 and picked up calls from Layne Flack and one other player. The flop was    . A continuation bet from Loiacono saw Flack call and got a fold from the other player.

The turn brought a   and a 12,500 bet from Loiacono, then Flack pumped it up to 29,000. When Loiacono moved all in for 145,000, Flack folded his    face up. He didn't get to see Loiacono's cards, but Flack was pretty happy with his fold, sure that he dodged a potentially disastrous outcome.

Layne Flack150,000-36,100
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:19 PM Local Time
Negreanu's Main Event Comes to an End

Daniel Negreanu

After doubling up to start the day, Daniel Negreanu ran into the buzz saw that goes by the name of Jeffrey Chang.

First, Negreanu would tank-call a large river bet on a queen-high board with    only to see that he was behind Chang's kings. On Negreanu's final hand, he would get it all in after flopping top pair, but Chang had one-upped him again by flopping a flush, thus bringing a disappointing end to what has been a great summer for Negreanu.

Jeffrey Chang325,000325,000
Daniel Negreanu0-76,500
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:19 PM Local Time
Some Amazon Purple Eliminations
Kevin OToole00
William Oneil00
Ilan Boujenah0-44,600
Zachary Goodman00
Casey Diener00
Nate Meyvis00
Pierce Mckellar00
Xiang Pan00
Mathew Cuthbertson00
Stuart Elkin00
Wang Lee00
Scott Sanemeterio00
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:15 PM Local Time
Kelly KO'd

Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly found himself all in for his last 30,800 with James Crow making the call.


The board ran out      , that river queen ending Kelly's tournament as Crow climbed to 85,000.

James Crow85,00085,000
Dan Kelly0-60,900
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:11 PM Local Time
Aron, Popham Atop Brasilia Silver
Michael Aron512,00044,000
Morgan Popham458,0008,000
Andrey Zaichenko285,000285,000
Assani Fisher261,000261,000
Kory Kilpatrick220,300220,300
Chris Moneymaker195,500-26,500
Jason Koon172,00031,300
Steve Dannenmann124,500124,500
Dan Sindelar113,000-39,900
Maxx Coleman90,00090,000
Amir Lehavot64,00011,200
Ted Forrest57,50057,500
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:07 PM Local Time
Portaro Silenced

After beginning the day with over 72,000, Australian Bruno Portaro has been eliminated.

Speaking to one of our bloggers, Portaro explained that he was all in holding    against an opponent's   , but unfortunately an   would land on the river to end his tournament early on Day 3.

Bruno Portaro00
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:07 PM Local Time
Some Brasilia Silver Stacks
Mikiyo Aoki260,0000
Chris Moneymaker222,000222,000
Jason Koon140,700140,700
David Bach97,70097,700
Jamie Kerstetter95,40095,400
Ryan Riess84,90084,900
Earl Barron74,00074,000
Amir Lehavot52,80052,800
Rhys Jones32,3000
Gavin O'Rourke25,20025,200
Meikat Siu0-26,000
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:06 PM Local Time
Aces For Vengrin, Shanin Jumps to Second Place

Matt Vengrin

We caught the action on the river with a       board showing and about 70,000 chips already in the pot. The action was on Munir Shahin who bet 37,000 after Matt Vengrin had checked to him.

"Well, this really sucks," Vengrin sighed as he was faced with a big decision. "Will you show me if I fold?" Vengrin asked his opponent.

"I can't promise anything," Shahin replied with a smile.

"Any advice, since I can't phone a friend?" Vengrin asked, but Shahin had nothing to offer.

"What do you think I have?" Vengrin continued after a while, as the clock kept ticking.

"I don't know man, I'm not a very good player like you," Shahin responded.

"Oh stop it," Vengrin said, "Now you're just trying to flatter me."

"Sorry for taking so long guys, but this is a real decision and I will show my hand either way," Vengrin continued as he had taken well over five minutes.

Eventually Vengrin tossed in the call and Shahin turned over    for a flopped set. Vengrin showed his    and his hand ended up in the muck.

Munir Shahin540,000178,100
Matt Vengrin72,00072,000
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:03 PM Local Time
Popham, Popham

Joshua Rotenberg got his stack of 40,000 or so all in preflop and was at risk against Morgan Popham, who began the day fifth in chips.


Rotenberg was in dire straits and got up from his chair upon discovering his pocket pair was no good. The     flop made things even worse as Popham found a set, but all hope was not lost as the   turn gave Rotenberg a gutshot straight draw. Unfortunately for him it didn't come in as the   blanked on the river.

"I'm the chip leader, I have it every time," 2003 WSOP Main Event champ Chris Moneymaker joked in an effeminate voice from the other side of the table.

Morgan Popham450,000450,000
Joshua Rotenberg00
Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:02 PM Local Time
Bodo Takes It Slow

Bodo Sbrzesny opened on the button for 3,200 and Marton Czuczor in the big blind had a look at Sbrzesny's sub-60,000 stack before three-betting to 8,000. Sbrzesny made the call and each player made slow and deliberate checks until it reached the river as the board came      .

On fifth street Czuczor made a final check, then Sbrzensy threw out a quick 10,000 to claim the pot.

Marton Czuczor104,000104,000
Bodo Sbrzesny67,0007,700
Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:56 PM Local Time
A Few More Pavilion Chip Counts
Mark Herm205,000205,000
Steven Levy164,000164,000
John Dolan155,000155,000
Vinny Pahuja147,000147,000
Thomas Winters120,000120,000
Guillaume Rivet56,000-27,700
Steve O'Dwyer48,00048,000
Kyle Frey48,000-64,200
Eric Mizrachi32,00032,000
Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:56 PM Local Time
Set Over Set Propels Baron to the Top

Isaac Baron (from Day 2c)

As recapped to us by Isaac Baron...

Anthony Denicco opened from middle position, the player on the button called, and Baron called from the big blind. The flop came down     and Baron checked to Denicco who bet. The player on the button called before Baron check-raised. Denicco reraised, the player on the button folded, Baron reraised back, and Denicco soon wound up all in for about 235,000 with    for bottom set.

Baron, though, tabled    for middle set, and the better hand held up to eliminate Denicco and give Baron the chip lead.

Isaac Baron674,000234,000
Anthony Denicco00
Playtika - Jason Alexander
Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:55 PM Local Time
Spotted In Brasilia
Mikiyo Aoki260,0000
Niall Farrell158,000158,000
Eric Ethans68,3000
Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:52 PM Local Time
Schemion Has Evangelista Wary

With approximately 25,000 already in the pot and a board of     , Ole Schemion made a bet of 13,500. His opponent in the hand, Mark Evangelista, with a hoodie drawn snugly over his head and sunglasses on, stared at Schemion directly for nearly a minute before making the call.

The river was the   and Schemion thought for a few seconds and checked. His opponent checked behind and Schemion mucked his hand.

"Do I have to show," asked Evangelista, and he was told that he did. He tabled    for the king-high flush. Only the ace of diamonds or five of diamonds would have beaten him, but out of respect for the top German pro he had decided against making a river bet.

Ole Schemion140,500-40,400
Mark Evangelista135,000135,000
Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:52 PM Local Time
Pierce Doubles Early

Paul Pierce

Gary Lent opened for 3,600 under the gun, and Paul Pierce called from the next spot. Action folded to the cutoff, who came along, and the flop came    . Lent bet 8,500, and Pierce tossed out a min-raise. The cutoff folded, and Lent made the call. On the   turn, Lent checked and Pierce immediately slid his whole stack in. The wager was 16,300.

"Can you spread the pot please?" Lent asked. "I hope I have outs."

Lent decided to call, and he turned over    for a pair and a flush draw, but Pierce had his pair dominated with   . Pierce faded the clubs and tens as a   arrived on the river, and has earned an early double-up here on Day 3.

Gary Lent153,300153,300
Paul Pierce75,00026,400
Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:51 PM Local Time
Nguyen Picks the Wrong Spot

We're not sure of the preflop action, but we do know a raising war between Peter Nguyen and Kelsey Hendriks resulted in the former getting his stack in.


It appeared Nguyen had picked the wrong time to shove, but then the flop came down     to give him the lead. The   turn gave Hendriks a flush draw to go with his overs, and it hit when the   spiked on the river to end Nguyen's Main Event.

Peter Nguyen00
Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:51 PM Local Time
Big Double For Jaddi

A player in early position opened to 4,000, Sam Jaddi three-bet to 6,500 from late position, then Maxx Coleman four-bet to 14,500. The original raiser folded, Jaddi five-bet to 23,500, then Coleman slid out a large stack of orange chips, forcing an all-in decision on Jaddi.

Jaddi quickly called, putting himself at risk tabling   . Coleman turned over    and the dealer rapped the table.

The board ran out       and Jaddi had an easy sweat for the double.

Sam Jaddi135,600600
Playtika - Jason Alexander