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Monday, July 05, 2021 to Monday, July 05, 2021 Event #5: No Limit Hold'em 8-Max

  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: tbd
  • Entries: tbd
  • Remaining: 1


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Monday, July 5, 2021 11:15 PM Local Time
Stout Shows the Door to Yu and Serafin

Matt Stout

There was a three-way preflop all-in in progress with two players are risk.

Ben "WhyIsGamora" Yu:   
Christopher "Cserafin35" Serafin:   
Matt "RubberFist" Stout:   

Stout had to hold in order to take out both of his opponents. The board ran out       and he did in fact eliminate two players with Serafin taking 17th place and Yu 16th for $4,605.77 apiece.

Matt "RubberFist" Stout2,668,9802,200,389
Ben "WhyIsGamora" Yu0-905,261
Christopher "Cserafin35" Serafin0-155,310
Monday, July 5, 2021 11:11 PM Local Time
Staats Culls Couden

Joey Couden

Joey "Buffblastin" Couden raised to 86,700 from the cutoff and left himself just 1,249 behind. Chris "Pay_son" Staats called from the big blind and then bet 34,000 on the     flop. Couden called off and the hands were turned up.

Joey "Buffblastin" Couden:   
Chris "Pay_son" Staats:   

The   turn hit Staats and the   river would be the last card Couden would see before exiting in 19th place f0r $3,827.33.

Chris "Pay_son" Staats625,000175,262
Joey "Buffblastin" Couden0-911,114
Monday, July 5, 2021 10:58 PM Local Time
Big Slick No Good for Nguyen

Adam "Shakusky" Richardson raised to 68,000 under the gun and Chau "s0s0dizzy" Nguyen three-bet to 201,950 from the cutoff. Action folded back to Richardson and he moved all in. Nguyen called off the 1,088,388 he had behind and the hands were turned up.

Adam "Shakusky" Richardson:   
Chau "s0s0dizzy" Nguyen:   

The board ran out       and Richardson took down the biggest pot of the tournament thus far while Nguyen exited in 21st place for $3,827.33.

Adam "Shakusky" Richardson3,081,0091,588,138
Chau "s0s0dizzy" Nguyen0-1,021,700
Monday, July 5, 2021 10:56 PM Local Time
Richardson Takes Down Another

Adam "Shakusky" Richardson raised to 56,000 from middle position. Benjamin "Phenom7" Underwood called from the big blind.

The flop came the    . Richardson bet 148,000, Underwood jammed all in for 233,147 and was called.

Richardson had the draw with the    vs the   .

The turn was the   to improve Underwood to two-pair, but the river was a diamond the   to end Underwood's run.

Adam "Shakusky" Richardson1,492,871469,497
Benjamin "Phenom7" Underwood0-662,647
Monday, July 5, 2021 10:50 PM Local Time
Couden Dispatches Pasqualotto

Joey "Buffblastin" Couden raised to 56,000 under the gun only to have Nick "nmtpas" Pasqualotto three-bet jam for 368,996 next to action. Action folded back to Couden and he made the call.

Joey "Buffblastin" Couden:   
Nick "nmtpas" Pasqualotto:   

Pasqualotto needed some help but was left wanting as the board ran out      . Pasqualotto hit the rial in 23rd place for $3,827.33.

Joey "Buffblastin" Couden911,11412,354
Nick "nmtpas" Pasqualotto0-579,495
Monday, July 5, 2021 10:39 PM Local Time
Young Rises in Chip Counts With Elimination

"bestgetlucky' raised to 48,000 from under the gun. Orson "HIGHGRAVITY" Young three-bet it to 138,500 and bestgetlucky four-bet piled all in for 383,514 and was called.

It was Young holding the    vs the   .

The board would hold for the kings as it ran out       and Young collected the pot.

Orson "HIGHGRAVITY" Young1,489,155697,914
Monday, July 5, 2021 10:28 PM Local Time
Chip Counts for the Final Three Tables
Adam "Shakusky" Richardson1,023,374-45,835
Chau "s0s0dizzy" Nguyen1,021,700259,874
Gary "phiI_ivey" Kosakowski964,07552,640
Ben "WhyIsGamora" Yu905,261139,000
Joey "Buffblastin" Couden898,76082,000
Jeremiah "freestylerr" Williams850,924106,550
Orson "HIGHGRAVITY" Young791,241179,761
Ryan "Protential" Laplante715,656105,656
Benjamin "Phenom7" Underwood662,647
Don "blonde2020" Himpele590,838
Nick "nmtpas" Pasqualotto579,495-96,000
Matt "RubberFist" Stout468,591-126,000
Chris "Pay_son" Staats449,738-100,000
Chung "Vegasbroke" You447,530
Francis "Pickitup" Sharp425,260-29,915
Greg "tallgreggor" Snyder404,392
Joshua "zeal1906" Ray373,981
Kevin "vamonospest" Lutz369,118
Vito “TheSuitBig29” DiStefano334,174187,174
Andrea "Andrewbull88" Buonocore327,656
Austin "l8trgatorr" Peck300,160173,280
Christopher "Cserafin35" Serafin155,310
Monday, July 5, 2021 10:13 PM Local Time
Level 27 Big Stacks
Gary "phiI_ivey" Kosakowski911,435654,290
Joey "Buffblastin" Couden816,760290,800
Ben "WhyIsGamora" Yu766,261466,160
Chau "s0s0dizzy" Nguyen761,826
Jeremiah "freestylerr" Williams744,374232,868
Nick "nmtpas" Pasqualotto675,495
Ryan "Protential" Laplante610,00089,944
Matt "RubberFist" Stout594,591110,800
Chris "Pay_son" Staats549,73830,009
Monday, July 5, 2021 10:05 PM Local Time
"freestylerr" Leaves Moorman with Crums

"freestylerr" raised to 32,000 from middle position. Chris "Robotbob47" Moorman three-bet to 108,000 from the small blind, freestylerr called.

The flop came the    . Moorman bet the vast majority of his stack putting 244,800 in the middle, freestyler raised to 268, 587 for all their chips. Moorman tossed in the extra few chips.

freestylerr had the    for top pair. Moorman had the    for second pair. The turn was the  , the river the   and Moorman was left with half a big blind and was eliminated shortly afterwards.

Jeremiah "freestylerr" Williams781,974270,468
Chris "Robotbob47" Moorman0-405,988
Monday, July 5, 2021 10:04 PM Local Time
Alfa Eliminates Israelashvili

Roland Israelashvili

Roland "prngls12" Israelashvili moved all in for 132,362 from the hijack and Dave "CRISPR" Alfa called from the big blind.

Roland "prngls12" Israelashvili:   
Dave "CRISPR" Alfa:   

Israelashvili was drawing to two live cards, but he wound up drawing dead after the turn on the       runout. Israelashvili finished in 39th place for $2,789.41.

Dave "CRISPR" Alfa442,214-148,720
Roland "prngls12" Israelashvili0-135,562
Monday, July 5, 2021 9:57 PM Local Time
A Round of Chip Counts
Ryan "Protential" Laplante520,056
Matt "RubberFist" Stout483,791
Chris "Robotbob47" Moorman405,9881,400
Ben "WhyIsGamora" Yu300,101
Arian "4632647" Stolt274,432219,272
David "AvidSmores" Somers216,252
Bob "bobeads" Mather192,418
Katie "katelin" Lindsay145,87891,968
Roland "prngls12" Israelashvili135,562
Austin "l8trgatorr" Peck126,880-345,888
Anthony "heheh" Zinno0
Wendy "Cardthartic" Freedman0-270,496
Brett "BigDumbIdiot" Murray0
Monday, July 5, 2021 9:52 PM Local Time
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Monday, July 5, 2021 9:49 PM Local Time
Richardson Calls Down to Go Over a Million

"muskrrr" raised to 24,000 from early position, Adam "Shakusky" Richardson called from the big blind.

The flop was the    . Richarson check-called a bet of 31,200. The turn was the  , Richardson check-called another bet, this time of 62,400.

The river was the  . Richardson checked a third time and muskrrr bet 124,800. Richardson called once again and tabled the winner with the    which bested the    bluff from his opponent.

Adam "Shakusky" Richardson1,069,2091,069,209
Monday, July 5, 2021 9:42 PM Local Time
Lech Straightened Out By Couden

Michael Lech

Michael "MiguelFiesta" Lech, who last summer won a gold bracelet, moved all in for 151,251 under the gun and Joey "Buffblastin" Couden called from the big blind.

Michael "MiguelFiesta" Lech:   
Joey "Buffblastin" Couden:   

It was a flip and Lech was looking to hold. He did so on the     flop, and the   turn improved him to a set. Unfortunately for Lech, the   spiked on the river to give Couden a winning jack-high straight.

Lech finished in 50th place for $2,400.19.

Joey "Buffblastin" Couden525,960
Michael "MiguelFiesta" Lech0
Monday, July 5, 2021 9:34 PM Local Time
64th-72nd Place ($2,010.97)
Pete "PeteChen" Chen0-52,874
Mark "Victb" Ioli0-144,471
Phil "Lumestackin" Hellmuth00
Jason "heybuddyyyyy" Dewitt0
Peter "peter_1223" Mugar0-191,825
Chris "battenfield" Battenfield0-111,032
Joseph "kolebear" Hebert0
Jeremy "nothinpersnl" Kottler0
Monday, July 5, 2021 9:31 PM Local Time
73rd-81st Place ($1,881.23)
Nick "In3gr8ted37" Zautra00
Andrew "iseefoodtuna" Campbell0
Kyle "Kdruck" Draucker0
Zachary "Kings702" Grech0
Jeremy "HoyaSaxaJW" Wein0-151,024
Ye "yuan365" Yuan0
Justin "moohaha123" Morgenstern0
William "marcopolooo" Firebaugh0
Matthew "huniegrande" Stone0
Monday, July 5, 2021 9:27 PM Local Time
Hellmuth Bows Out to Two-Pair

Phil Hellmuth

"Pickitup" raised to 20,000 from the cutoff .Phil "Lumestackin" Hellmuth was down to about 2.5 big blinds in the small blind and raised all in to 24,720, the big blind folded and Pickitup called.

Hellmuth was dominating, holding the    vs the   .

The flop came the     to pair both. The turn was bad news for Hellmuth as the   came to give his opponent two-pair. The river came the   and Hellmuth was gone in 67th place for $2,011.

Francis "Pickitup" Sharp455,17533,720
Phil "Lumestackin" Hellmuth0-85
Monday, July 5, 2021 9:21 PM Local Time
Level 24 Big Stacks
Orson "HIGHGRAVITY" Young611,480453,775
Dave "CRISPR" Alfa590,934487,481
Chris "Pay_son" Staats519,729
Jeremiah "freestylerr" Williams511,506
Charles "sevenstars" Furey502,774445,877
Austin "l8trgatorr" Peck472,768472,522
Francis "Pickitup" Sharp421,455121,730
Chris "Robotbob47" Moorman404,588348,709
Fatima "fatroy" Askaryar390,704
Adam "Shakusky" Richardson0-71,115
Monday, July 5, 2021 9:17 PM Local Time
82nd-90th Place ($1,816.36)
Jeff "NedrudRelyt" Madsen00
Justin "LappyPoker" Lapka0
Daniel "redsoxnets5" Sewnig0
Jacob "Bandit275" Powers0-77,612
David "ImDeboGodz" Dibemardi0
Sergi "Copone" Kislinskii0-68,208
Shaun "nyjets23" O'Donnell0-129,743
Paul "CCBIRDMANG11" Cogliano0
Noah "ThePunter" Bronstein0
Monday, July 5, 2021 9:14 PM Local Time
Madsen First to Fall in the Money

Jeff Madsen

Jeff "NedrudRelyt" Madsen was automatically all in from the small blind for his last 3,685.

Jeff "NedrudRelyt" Madsen:   
Jeremy "HoyaSaxaJW" Wein:   

Madsen was dominated and failed to get lucky as the board ran out      . Madsen finished in 90th place for $1,816.36.

Jeremy "HoyaSaxaJW" Wein151,02411,024
Jeff "NedrudRelyt" Madsen0-35,957