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Sunday, August 09, 2020 to Monday, August 10, 2020 Event #56: $150 GGMasters WSOP Edition [Freezeout], $1M GTD

  • Buy-in: $150
  • Prizepool: $3,068,025
  • Entries: 2,153
  • Remaining: 1


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Monday, August 10, 2020 6:18 AM Local Time
Edelstein Doubles

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein raised to 1.6M from the button and Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth reraised the small blind to 4.78M. It all went in on the     flop after Hoseth bet 5.3M and Edelstein shoved for almost 12M.

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein:   
Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth:   


Edelstein turned the straight and rivered the flush to stay alive.

Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov36,290,470-1,440,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein34,486,98017,203,490
Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth23,572,550-18,883,490
Monday, August 10, 2020 6:13 AM Local Time
Stacks to Start Level 46
Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth42,456,040-3,220,000
Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov37,730,4703,920,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein17,283,490-3,540,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 6:12 AM Local Time
Level 46 started
Level: 46
Blinds: 400,000/800,000
Ante: 80,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 6:10 AM Local Time
Edelstein Takes Small One

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein raised to 2.1M and Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov called the big blind. They both checked the flop of    , and Suvarov check-folded to the 1.4M bet on the   turn.

Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov33,810,470560,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein20,823,4901,400,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 6:07 AM Local Time
Small Pots

They've mostly been trading small pots since it went three-handed, with Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth still out front.

Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth45,676,0404,270,000
Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov33,250,470-4,690,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein19,423,490420,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:58 AM Local Time
Stacks at Break
Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth41,406,0406,600,000
Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov37,940,470-2,380,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein19,003,490-18,197,033
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:57 AM Local Time
Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza Eliminated in 4th Place ($62,081)

Hamza Out in 4th

It all went in on the     flop when Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov shoved over the bet of Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza.

Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza:   
Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov:   


Suvarov turned the straight to send Hamza to the rail in 4th place for $62,081.

Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov40,320,47025,703,437
Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza0-5,083,202
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:53 AM Local Time
Jean-Francois "Jhope514" Alexandre Eliminated in 5th Place ($43,256)

Alexandre Out in 5th

Jean-Francois "Jhope514" Alexandre shoved the button for his last 6.2M and David "Duvidl18" Edelstein called.

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein:   
Jean-Francois "Jhope514" Alexandre:   


David "Duvidl18" Edelstein37,200,5237,118,203
Jean-Francois "Jhope514" Alexandre0-6,338,203
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:49 AM Local Time
Hector "mendekua" Caldero Eliminated in 6th Place ($30,140)

Caldero Out in 6th

After doubling up Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza in a previous hand, Hector "mendekua" Caldero was short stacked when he called a shove from big blind David "Duvidl18" Edelstein.

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein:   
Hector "mendekua" Caldero:   


Edelstein hit a five on the flop and that was enough to send Caldero home with $30,140 for 6th place.

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein30,082,3202,057,022
Hector "mendekua" Caldero0-10,080,234
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:45 AM Local Time
Edelstein Takes from Hamza

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein raised to 1.2M and Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza called from the big blind, and check-called the     flop before check-folding to Edelstein's shove on the   turn.

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein28,025,2986,030,000
Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza5,083,202-4,830,000
Jostens Fan Collection
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:39 AM Local Time
WSOP Legend: 3-Time Poker Players Championship Winner Michael Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi

The World Series of Poker $50,000 Poker Players Championship (PPC), which was created in 2006, is considered the tournament where the best of the best take on one another and duke it out in a variety of poker games, a reflection of all-around poker skill. Imagine playing the likes of Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, and Daniel Negreanu five days in a row in a short-handed mixed format.

Needless to say, the hefty price tag coupled with a small, elite field created a legacy for the PPC where champions are considered among the greatest overall poker players. A quick glance at its 14-year history shows nothing but greatness among champions, from John Hennigan to Mike Gorodinsky, and with the late David "Chip" Reese as perhaps the event's most fitting inaugural winner back in 2006.

Winning once is the poker professional's dream. Winning two? You're in a league of your own. But winning the toughest event with poker's best three times? Only one man achieved that improbable feat on this day back in 2018, after winning his first two titles in 2010 and 2012: Michael Mizrachi.

Click Here to Read More About this WSOP Legend

Monday, August 10, 2020 5:35 AM Local Time
Hoseth With Big Lead
Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth34,806,0408,310,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein21,995,298590,000
Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov14,617,0331,034,000
Hector "mendekua" Caldero10,080,234-6,119,990
Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza9,913,202-1,844,000
Jean-Francois "Jhope514" Alexandre6,338,203-4,470,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:23 AM Local Time
Hoseth Back in the Lead

It was blind on blind when David "Duvidl18" Edelstein called and Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth checked. Edelstein bet 500K on the     flop and Hoseth called. They both checked the   turn, but Hoseth raised to 3.6M after a bet of 750,000 on th   river, and Edelstein called it off.

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein:   
Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth:   


Edelstein was best on the flop, but Hoseth went runner-runner boat to take the lead again.

Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth26,496,0403,600,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein21,405,298-4,250,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:19 AM Local Time
Edelstein Takes Lead

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein raised the cutoff to 1M and both Hector "mendekua" Caldero and Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza called from the blinds. It checked to Edelstein on the     flop and he bet 1M. Only Caldero called to the   turn, but he check-folded to 3.5M bet of Edelstein.

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein25,655,2985,400,100
Hector "mendekua" Caldero16,200,224-2,650,000
Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza11,757,202-1,050,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:14 AM Local Time
Caldero Takes it on the Turn

Hector "mendekua" Caldero raised to 1M from the middle, and Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov called from the button, as did David "Duvidl18" Edelstein from the big blind. The flop came     and it checked to Suvarov who 1,171500. Both players called to see   on the turn. After a check from Edelstein, Caldero bet 2,081,285 and took it down.

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein20,255,198-1,221,600
Hector "mendekua" Caldero18,850,2242,693,000
Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov13,583,0331,778,500
Jostens Fan Collection
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:10 AM Local Time
Chop It Up

David "Duvidl18" Edelstein raised the button and Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth called the small blind. They checked the      flop and turn, and Hoseth bet 2.1M on the   river getting a call. They both turned over ace-jack and split the pot.

Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth22,896,040-3,100,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein21,476,798700,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 5:04 AM Local Time
Hoseth Still On Top

Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth is still the chip leader, while former leader Jean-Francois "Jhope514" Alexandre has dropped to last place. David "Duvidl18" Edelstein has chipped up to second place after spending the first part of the final table near the bottom of the counts.

Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth25,996,040950,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein20,776,7985,653,000
Hector "mendekua" Caldero16,157,224-1,000,000
Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza12,807,2020
Anatoly "Pohitrusha" Suvarov11,804,533-250,000
Jean-Francois "Jhope514" Alexandre10,808,203-4,100,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 4:56 AM Local Time
Adam "4bbVirtuoso" Cader Eliminated in 7th Place ($21,000

Cader Out in 7th

Adam "4bbVirtuoso" Cader shoved the cutoff for 5.8M and Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza called from the big blind with the bigger stack.

Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza:   
Adam "4bbVirtuoso" Cader:   


Hamza had the better ace from the start, and it held to eliminate the Canadian in 7th place.

Amine "Barbe-N0ire" Hamza12,807,2025,675,074
Adam "4bbVirtuoso" Cader0-6,475,074
Monday, August 10, 2020 4:55 AM Local Time
Edelstein Chips Up

Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth limped under the gun, David "Duvidl18" Edelstein called from the small, and Adam "4bbVirtuoso" Cader checked his option. The flop of     checked to Hoseth who bet 925,000. Only Edelstein called. They both checked the   turn, and Edelstein check-called the bet of 1.85 million on the   river.

Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth:   
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein:   
Adam "4bbVirtuoso" Cader: Folded the flop


Edelstein hit a seven and that was all he needed to win the pot.

Tom "Matrix1973" Hoseth25,046,040-3,375,000
David "Duvidl18" Edelstein15,123,7984,072,000
Adam "4bbVirtuoso" Cader6,475,074-600,000
Monday, August 10, 2020 4:48 AM Local Time
Insane Pot at GGPoker High-Stakes Cash Game

Insane Pot at GGPoker High-Stakes Cash Game

Insane Pot at GGPoker High-Stakes Cash Game
Insane Pot at GGPoker High-Stakes Cash Game

While most of the focus on GGPoker for both players and observers has been on the ongoing World Series of Poker bracelet events, high-stakes cash action has been popping as well.

Never was that more clear than on Monday, when a wild hand went down, one that wouldn't have looked out of place in a James Bond movie scene.

Check out all the details of this insane pot