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Sunday, July 12, 2020 to Sunday, July 12, 2020 Event #12: The BIG 500 No Limit Hold'em

  • Buy-in: $500
  • Prizepool: $159,563
  • Entries: 1,624
  • Remaining: 1


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Monday, July 13, 2020 2:08 AM Local Time
Playing for a WSOP Bracelet from a Whole Foods Parking Lot
Monday, July 13, 2020 1:59 AM Local Time
Depaulo Doin' Chip Parkour

Ryan "Joeyisamush" Depaulo raised to 480,000 from the hijack, and was called by "Jessyboo" in the small blind and Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane in the big blind.

The     flop was checked by "Jessyboo" and Ruane, and DePaulo bet 335,000. Both "Jessyboo" and Ruane folded, and DePaulo added to his chip lead.

Ryan "joeyisamush" Depaulo12,235,5783,807,500
Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane2,194,107-1,095,000
Monday, July 13, 2020 1:48 AM Local Time
Final Table Chip Counts
Event 12 Final Table
Event 12 Final Table
Ryan "joeyisamush" Depaulo8,428,0782,776,250
Hayden "luckbox89" Fortini7,089,335357,221
Terry "mrterry007" Fleischer6,265,9931,024,489
Jack "EarlGrey" Salter6,226,099-300,000
Shannon "aulophobia" Shorr5,121,7603,017,570
Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane3,289,107-1,079,893
Dominic "rgdoc" Ricciardi3,255,42580,605
Monday, July 13, 2020 1:46 AM Local Time
Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson Eliminated in 10th Place ($10,593.85)

Ryan "joeyisamush" Depaulo raised to 400,000 from the cutoff and Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson three-bet to 400,000 from the button leaving himself just 311,358 behind. Dominic "rgdoc" Ricciardi then jammed from the big blind, Depaulo got out of the way, and Christenson called off.

Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson:   
Dominic "rgdoc" Ricciardi:   

The board ran out a lowly       and Christenson fell one spot shy of making the final table.

Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson0-5,336,999
Monday, July 13, 2020 1:42 AM Local Time
"Luwvl88" Eliminated in 11th Place ($10,593.85)

"Luwvl88" raised to 400,000 on the button, leaving themselves 17,200 behind. Jack "EarlGrey" Salter raised to 800,000 in the big blind, and "Luwvl88" called off their last few chips.

Jack "EarlGrey" Salter:   

"Luwvl88", who had been nursing a short stack for some time, looked like they may gain back some ground, but the     flop had other ideas. The   turn and   river failed to improve "Luwvl88", and they were eliminated.

Jack "EarlGrey" Salter6,526,0991,376,100
Monday, July 13, 2020 1:30 AM Local Time
Michael "EZSqueeZ" Howell Eliminated in 12th Place ($10,593.85)

Hayden "Luckbox89" Fortini raised to 320,000 on the button, and "Jessyboo" called in the small blind. Michael "EZSqueeZ" Howell three-bet shoved for 1,720,166 from the big blind, Fortini folded and "Jessyboo" called.

Michael "EZSqueeZ" Howell:   

Howell couldn't catch up on a       board, and "Jessyboo" earned the knockout with their straight.

Hayden "luckbox89" Fortini6,732,114465,000
Michael "EZSqueeZ" Howell0-2,025,166
Monday, July 13, 2020 1:25 AM Local Time
"Joedunnit" Eliminated in 13th Place ($8,300.34)

Action folded Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane in the small blind and he moved all in to put the pressure on the short-stacked "Joedunnit," who called off for 957,972 from the big.

Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane:   

"Joedunnit" got it in good but fell behind on the     flop. Neither the   turn nor   river helped "Joedunnit" and they exited in 13th place.

Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane4,369,000680,365
Monday, July 13, 2020 1:19 AM Local Time
Fortini's Fortunes Improve With a Double

"EarlGrey" raised to 367,500 from the small blind, and Hayden "Luckbox89" Fortini three-bet to 2,968,557 from the big blind. "EarlGrey" four-bet shoved, and Fortini called off his last few chips.

Hayden "Luckbox89" Fortini:   

Fortini bricked the     flop, but the   turn propelled him to the lead. The   river didn't change a thing, and Fortini doubled up.

Hayden "luckbox89" Fortini6,267,1142,773,057
Jack "EarlGrey" Salter5,149,999-2,866,482
Monday, July 13, 2020 1:05 AM Local Time
"Cnote402" Eliminated in 14th Place ($8,300.34)

Michael "EZSqueeZ" Howell raised to 200,000 on the button, and "Givmeaction" three-bet to 480,000 from the small blind. "Cnote402" four-bet shoved for 864,687 in the big blind, Howell folded and "Givmeaction" called.


"Cnote402" found no ace on a       runout to exit in 14th.

Michael "EZSqueeZ" Howell2,025,166-275,000
Monday, July 13, 2020 1:00 AM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Jack "EarlGrey" Salter8,016,481-25,000
Ryan "joeyisamush" Depaulo5,651,8282,254,863
Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson5,336,999999
Terry "mrterry007" Fleischer5,241,504-262,496
Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane3,688,635-121,635
Hayden "luckbox89" Fortini3,494,057784,057
Dominic "rgdoc" Ricciardi3,174,820-167,257
Michael "EZSqueeZ" Howell2,300,1661,255,000
Shannon "aulophobia" Shorr2,104,190483,345
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:59 AM Local Time
James "" Mackey Eliminated in 15th Place ($8,300.34)

James Mackey

After Terry "mrterry007" Fleischer raised to 200,000 under the gun and Dominic "rgdoc" Ricciardi called two spots over. James "" Mackey then three-bet all in for 1,635,279 from the hijack before Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson four-bet all in for 3,151,720 from the big blind. Both Fleischer and Ricciardi folded and Mackey discovered he was on the bad end of the ultimate cooler.

James "" Mackey:   
Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson:   

The board ran out       and that was all she wrote for Mackey.

Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson5,336,000-541,970
James "" Mackey0-2,375,279
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:55 AM Local Time
Nicholas "_Lionheart_" Smith Eliminated in 16th Place ($6,552.90)

"EarlGrey" raised to 200,000 from under the gun, and "Jessyboo" called in middle position. Nicholas "_Lionheart_" Smith three-bet shoved for 834,666 from the small blind, and "EarlGrey" four-bet shoved, chasing out "Jessyboo".

Nicholas "_Lionheart_" Smith:   

Smith took a commanding lead on the     flop with a set, but the   turn gave "EarlGrey" outs to a bigger full house or quad aces. The   river gave "EarlGrey" aces-full, and Smith's jacks-full were sent to the rail.

Jack "EarlGrey" Salter8,041,4813,803,651
Nicholas "_Lionheart_" Smith0-1,257,166
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:51 AM Local Time
Peter "papichulo" Park Eliminated in 18th Place; Bryan "lifeofodds" Hayes in 17th Place ($6,552.90)

Terry "mrterry007" Fleischer limped under the gun and Bryan "lifeofodds" Hayes raised all in for 1,505,754 next to act. Peter "papichulo" Park called off for 1,052726 from the small blind and Fleischer called to put both players at risk.

Terry "mrterry007" Fleischer:   
Bryan "lifeofodds" Hayes:   
Peter "papichulo" Park:   

The board ran out       and given no one held a diamond, Fleischer's set of aces was good enough to score the double knockout.

Terry "mrterry007" Fleischer5,504,000-12,504
Bryan "lifeofodds" Hayes0-962,004
Peter "papichulo" Park0-1,607,726
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:47 AM Local Time
"Givmeaction" Gets a Double Knockout

Richard "yournotsure" Halford jammed for 749,980 from the hijack, and "murph_daddy" called off their last 133,371 on the button. "Givmeaction" called in the big blind to put both players at risk.

Richard "yournotsure" Halford:   

"Givmeaction" found a set on the     flop, and the   turn and   river gave him a double KO, and sent his opponents both home with $5,242.32 for their efforts.

Richard "yournotsure" Halford0-558,405
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:43 AM Local Time
Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane Wakes Up w/ Aces at Just the Right Time

Michael "miguelfiesta" Lech moved all in for 886,944 from the button and Nick "DuckFlush" Pupillo three-bet to 1,693,888 from the small blind. Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane then called off for 1,421,663 from the big blind after waking up with the granddaddy of all hands.

Nick "DuckFlush" Pupillo:   
Michael "miguelfiesta" Lech:   
Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane:   

The board ran out       to give Ruane aces full and the win. Meanwhile, Pupillo took a big hit while Lech exited in 22nd place for $5,242.32.

Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane3,810,2701,664,784
Nick "DuckFlush" Pupillo895,983-754,325
Michael "miguelfiesta" Lech0-1,103,604
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:40 AM Local Time
Mackey Felts Natividad

James "" Mackey jammed for 1,290,680 from the hijack, and Robert "Nvrstsfied" Natividad called off his last 884,599 from the button.

Robert "Nvrstsfied" Natividad:   
James "" Mackey:   

Natividad held on the     flop, but the   turn gave Mackey the lead, and the   river ended Natividad's run in 23rd place for $5,242.32.

James "" Mackey2,375,2791,012,235
Robert "NVRSTSFIED" Natividad0-1,314,874
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:28 AM Local Time
Christenson Gets a Double KO

Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson raised to 120,000 from early position, and was called by David "goldwatch" Weisberger in the small blind and Richard "Gladiator8" Rossetti in the big blind.

Weisberger led out for 213,750 on the     flop, and Rossetti jammed for 634,872. Christenson then shoved over the top, and Weisberger called off his last 1,116,517 total.

Richard "Gladiator8" Rossetti:   
David "goldwatch" Weisberger:   
Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson:   

Christenson spiked his draw on the   turn, and he left both of his opponents dead to the   river. Both Rossetti and Weisberger earned $5,242.32 for their efforts.

Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson5,877,9701,751,389
David "goldwatch" Weisberger0-929,017
Richard "Gladiator8" Rossetti0-1,062,372
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:27 AM Local Time
Fortini Eliminates "nutsplease14"

Shannon "aulophobia" Shorr raised to 120,000 from the lojack and "nutsplease14" three-bet all in for 730,337 from the hijack. Hayden "luckbox89" Fortini then jammed for 1.7 million from the big blind and Shorr got out of the way.

Hayden "luckbox89" Fortini:   

"nutsplease14" had a kicker problem and failed to get lucky as the board ran out      .

"nutsplease14" exited in 25th place for $5,242.32.

Hayden "luckbox89" Fortini2,710,0001,234,080
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:23 AM Local Time
Updated Chip Counts
Jack "EarlGrey" Salter4,237,830-71,170
Spencer "PrideEgoBalz" Christenson4,126,5811,681,321
Ryan "joeyisamush" Depaulo3,396,9653,396,965
Dominic "rgdoc" Ricciardi3,342,0771,969,486
Terry "mrterry007" Fleischer2,685,630-459,370
Sean "FilthyDiaper" Ruane2,145,486646,250
Nick "DuckFlush" Pupillo1,650,308-603,990
Shannon "aulophobia" Shorr1,620,845-470,000
Peter "papichulo" Park1,607,726427,692
Hayden "luckbox89" Fortini1,475,9201,475,920
James "" Mackey1,363,044235,000
Robert "NVRSTSFIED" Natividad1,314,874697,078
Nicholas "_Lionheart_" Smith1,257,166-3,750
Michael "miguelfiesta" Lech1,103,604152,526
Richard "Gladiator8" Rossetti1,062,3721,062,372
Michael "EZSqueeZ" Howell1,045,166-697,834
Bryan "lifeofodds" Hayes962,004962,004
David "goldwatch" Weisberger929,017929,017
Ryan "WHOSYOURDODD" Dodd613,79510,714
Richard "yournotsure" Halford558,405558,405
Monday, July 13, 2020 12:13 AM Local Time
"P_DICE" Craps Out in 34th Place

"P_DICE" raised to 100,000 from the button and "EarlGrey" defended the big blind to see a     flop. "EarlGrey" checked and then called when "P_DICE" moved all in for 643,932.


"EarlGrey" had the better flush draw which left "P_DICE" looking to get lucky. The   turn was of no consequence, and the   river completed both flushes, which was no good for "P_DICE."

"P_DICE" was bounced in 34th place for $41,50.17.

Jack "EarlGrey" Salter4,309,0002,685,352