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Wednesday, July 08, 2020 to Wednesday, July 08, 2020 Event #8: No Limit Hold'em Freezeout

  • Buy-in: $500
  • Prizepool: $665,550
  • Entries: 1,479
  • Remaining: 1


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Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:53 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 8 hours ago)
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring Wins 2020 WSOP Online Event #8: $500 NLH Freezeout ($119,399)

Alan Goehring

On Wednesday night, the 2020 WSOP Online Event #8: $500 No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout attracted a whopping 1,479 players to generate an $665,550 prize pool.

After eleven and a half hours of play, it was Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring emerging victorious to capture his first bracelet and $119,399.67 first-place prize.

Goehring is no stranger to the poker world as he has a long list of accomplishments dating back to 1997 in which he has accumulated $5,346,961 in career earnings.

His two largest cashes came after winning two World Poker Tour titles (2003 $25,000 WPT Championship for $1,011,886 and the $10,000 2006 LAPC Championship Event for $2,391,550) but for Goehring, this may be the most important win of his career, as his last closest opportunity at WSOP gold came in 1999 when he was runner-up to Noel Furlong in the WSOP Main Event.

2020 WSOP Event #8 Final Table Results

1Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring$119,400
2Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb$73,942
3Randy "StayAlive" Ohel$52,511
4Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn$37,803
5Brendan "clembutt" Torrejon$27,620
6Drew "dudeguydrew" O'Connell$20,365
7Timothy "aceviper" Sterns$15,307
8Scott "miamicane" Davies$11,580
9Louie Anthony "xILoUieIx" Torres$8,918

After "Debaser" bubbled in 208th place, the in-the-money eliminations came at a steady pace. Among the notables to cash were Phil "lumestackin" Hellmuth (109th - $931.77), Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee (93rd - $1,703.73), Anthony "nowb3atthat" Spinella (75th - $1,331.10), Daniel "centrfieldr" Lupo (62nd - $1,730.43), Ryan "Adopt_aDogg0" Leng (45th - $2,395.98), Don "banhmi" Nguyen (33rd - $2,861.86), Jeff "NedrudRelyt" Madsen (14th - $5,457.51), Steve "gborooo" Gross (11th - $6,921.72), and Matthew "MartyCohen" Weiss (10th - $6,921.72).

Final Table Action

Randy "StayAlive" Ohel began the final table as the chip leader, while Louie Anthony "xILoUieIx" Torres and Scott "miamicane" Davies were the two short stacks. Not surprisingly, they were the first two to go before Timothy "aceviper" Sterns followed them out the door in seventh place after he flopped top-pair only to be rivered by Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn's straight.

Drew "dudeguydrew" O'Connell then bowed out in sixth place when he failed to spike his over holding ace-eight against eventual champ Goehring's pocket eights.

Brendan "clembutt" Torrejon was the next victim to fall as their ace-queen was no match of Ohel's ace-king.

Once four-handed action started, Goehring held almost half of the chips in play and two bracelet winners quickly took their exits as Kuhn ran into Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb's hooks to leave in fourth place while Ohel left in third after he was out-kicked by Goehring.

The heads-up battle started with both players holding even stacks but the match only lasted a few hands after Gottlieb flopped the straight holding king-nine off only to have it flushed by Goehring's ace-three of clubs on the turn and Gottlieb took his exit in second place for $99,708.77.

Gottlieb Eliminated in 2nd Place After Flopping the Goods
Gottlieb Eliminated in 2nd Place After Flopping the Goods

The next tournament on the schedule – Event #9: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed – will take place at 3 p.m. PDT on Thursday. The PokerNews Live Reporting Team will once again be reporting all the action, so be sure to tune in then to see who captures the next 2020 WSOP bracelet!

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Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:38 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 8 hours ago)
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb Eliminated in 2nd Place ($73,942.60)

Ross Gottlieb

Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb opened for 680,000 and Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring called to see a     flop.

Gottlieb continued for 860,000 and Goehring raised to 1,720,000 before calling Gottlieb's 7,996,774 all in three-bet.

Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb:   
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring:   

Gottlieb was ahead after flopping the straight but it was short-lived as the   turn gave Goehring the nuts.

The meaningless   completed the board on the river to send Gottlieb home in second place.

Gottlieb Eliminated After Flopping the Goods
Gottlieb Eliminated After Flopping the Goods
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring29,580,00011,432,774
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb0-11,432,774
Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:37 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 8 hours ago)
Randy "StayAlive" Ohel Eliminated in 3rd Place ($52,511.89)

Randy Ohel

Randy "StayAlive" Ohel raised to 560,000 from the button, Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring called in the small blind, and Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb called in the big blind.

Action checked to Ohel on a     flop, and he bet 800,000. Goehring check-raised to 2,160,000, and Gottlieb folded. Ohel tanked for a bit before three-bet shoving for 4,083,186, and Goehring quickly called.

Randy "StayAlive" Ohel:   
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring:   

Ohel, the final WSOP Bracelet winner left in the field, needed an eight to stay alive, and the   turn presented him with chop outs as well. The   river was a brick, and Goehring takes a roughly 2:1 chip lead into heads-up play with Gottlieb.

Randy Ohel Falls Two Spots Shy of Bracelet #2
Randy Ohel Falls Two Spots Shy of Bracelet #2
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring18,147,2263,863,186
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb11,432,774175,000
Randy "StayAlive" Ohel0-5,998,186
Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:30 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 8 hours ago)
Robert "BustinBalls" Kuhn Eliminated in 4th Place ($37,803.24)

Robert Kuhn

Robert "BustinBalls" Kuhn, who had been on an up-and-down roller coaster here at the final table, jammed for 2,753,022 on the button, and Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb three-bet shoved for 8,084,752 in the small blind, chasing out Randy "StayAlive" Ohel in the big blind.

Robert "BustinBalls" Kuhn:   
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb:   

Kuhn, one of two WSOP Bracelet winners left in the field along with Randy Ohel, needed a queen to survive, but a       board gave Kuhn no help, and he hit the rail in fourth, while Gottlieb jumped back to near the chip lead in the process.

Robert Kuhn's Wild Final Table Run Comes to a Close
Robert Kuhn's Wild Final Table Run Comes to a Close
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb11,257,7744,038,022
Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn0-6,883,908
Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:26 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 8 hours ago)
Goehring Rivers Full House to Collect Half the Chips in Play

Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring opened for 560,000 on the button and then called Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb's 1,850,000 three-bet from the big blind.

The flop came    , Gottlieb lead out for 2,200,000 before calling Goehring's all in raise of 5,152,020.

Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb:   
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring:   

Goehring was ahead after flopping a set but the   turn gave Gottlieb the flush.

Goehring needed the board to pair and his prayer was answered as the   came on the river to secure his massive double-up

Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring14,284,0405,952,020
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb7,219,752-1,146,134
Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:17 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Goehring's Trips Earn a Double

Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb raised to 560,000 on the button, and Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring called in the big blind.

Goehring check-called a bet of 525,000 from Gottlieb on a     flop, and the   fell on the turn. Goehring checked again, and Gottlieb jammed for Goehring's last 2,941,010. Goehring snapped him off.

Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring:   
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb:   

Goehring flopped trips and held the lead, but Gottlieb had turned a ton of outs with a double gutter and the nut flush draw. The   river bricked off, and Goehring doubled up.

Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb8,365,886-4,180,983
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring8,332,0201,746,556
Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn6,883,9086,009,181
Randy "StayAlive" Ohel5,998,186-2,820,000
Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:11 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Level 42 started
Level: 42
Blinds: 140,000/280,000
Ante: 40,000
Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:06 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Brendan "clembutt" Torrejon Eliminated in 5th Place ($27,620.32)

Brendan "clembutt" Torrejon jammed for 2,802,760 from the cutoff, and Randy "StayAlive" Ohel three-bet shoved for 5,505,426 on the button, chasing out the blinds.

Brendan "clembutt" Torrejon:   
Randy "StayAlive" Ohel:   

Ohel's lead increased substantially on the     flop, and Torrejon was left drawing dead after the   fell on the turn, rendering the   river moot.

Randy "StayAlive" Ohel8,818,1862,558,033
Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:01 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Updated Chip Counts
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb12,546,869-27
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring6,585,464-1,385,000
Randy "StayAlive" Ohel6,260,153-1,446,306
Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn874,7270
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:58 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Kuhn Gets Aggressive With Pocket Threes

Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb opened under the gun for 480,000 and Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn three-bet jammed for 6,833,175 from the big blind. Action was back on Gottlieb who snap-called.

Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn:   
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb:   

Kuhn woke up in a bad spot and things got worse after the     flop gave Gottlieb a set of ladies.

The   turn left Kuhn drawing dead and the   river gave Gottlieb the massive double-up with five players left.

Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb12,546,8967,692,672
Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn874,727-9,006,552
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:56 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Level 41 started
Level: 41
Blinds: 120,000/240,000
Ante: 30,000
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:54 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Drew "dudeguydrew" O'Connell Eliminated in 6th Place ($20,365.83)

Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring limped in from the small blind, and Drew "dudeguydrew" O'Connell jammed for 3,803,270. Goehring called, having O'Connell barely covered.

Drew "dudeguydrew" O'Connell :   
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring:   

The     flop was safe for Goehring, but the   gave O'Connell a gunshot. The   river bricked off, and Goehring knocked out O'Connell.

Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring7,970,4643,602,020
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:50 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Timothy "aceviper" Stearns Eliminated in 7th Place ($15,307.65)

Action on the table folded around to Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn who raised all in for 8,594,759 from the small blind and Timothy "aceviper" Stearns called for less from the big blind holding 1,111,520 from the big blind.

Timothy "aceviper" Stearns:   
Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn:   

Stearns held the better hand and connected with the     flop but it also gave Kuhn the straight draw.

The   turn added more outs to Kuhn's hand and the   river completed his straight to send Stears out in seventh place.

Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn9,881,279811,520
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:42 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Scott "miamicane" Davies Eliminated in 8th Place ($11,580.57)

Scott Davies

Robert "BustinBalls" Kuhn raised to 400,000 from middle position, and Scott "miamicane" Davies three-bet shoved for 2,062,092 from the button. Kuhn tanked for a bit, then made the call.

Scott "miamicane" Davies:   
Robert "BustinBalls" Kuhn:   

Davies was looking to win the flip to continue his hunt for a second WSOP Bracelet, but he would be left wanting after an       board kept Kuhn's fours in command.

Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn9,069,7594,793,592
Scott "miamicane" Davies0-2,921,626
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:36 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Level 40 started
Level: 40
Blinds: 100,000/200,000
Ante: 25,000
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:36 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Louie Anthony "xILoUieIx" Torres Eliminated in 9th Place ($8,918.37)

Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb opened under the gun for 360,000 and Louie Anthony "xILoUieIx" Torres three-bet jammed for 1,625,444. The blinds folded and action was back on Gottlieb who called.

Louie Anthony "xILoUieIx" Torres:   
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb:   

Gottlieb was ahead with his made hand and nothing changed after the     flop.

The   turn gave added more outs to Louie Torres as he picked up a broadway draw but the   paired the board on the river ending their tournament in ninth place.

Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb4,854,2242,241,694
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:29 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 9 hours ago)
Steve "gborooo" Gross Eliminated in 11th Place ($6,921.72); Matthew "MartyCohen" Weiss Eliminated in 10th Place ($6,921.72)

Steve Gross

In the final hand before the final table was reached, Steve "gborooo" Gross jammed roughly 1.5 million with   , and Matthew "MartyCohen" Weiss called off for just a few chips less with   .

Randy "StayAlive" Ohel was lurking in the big blind with   , however, and he would end up with a set to send the final nine players to the final table.

Randy "StayAlive" Ohel7,706,4595,059,299
Steve "gborooo" Gross0-3,639,022
Matthew "MartyCohen" Weiss0-1,439,577
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:21 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 10 hours ago)
Level 39 started
Level: 39
Blinds: 80,000/160,000
Ante: 20,000
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:16 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 10 hours ago)
Jeffrey "bortzork" Miller Eliminated in 12th Place ($6,921.72)

Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey "bortzork" Miller open-jammed under the gun for 183,285 and Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring,. Action was on Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb who gave Miller isolation after he came over the top for 1,975,960 on the button.

Jeffrey "bortzork" Miller:   
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb:   

Miller was dominated and didn't find any luck with the       runout ending his tournament in 12th place.

Miller Exits in 12th Place
Miller Exits in 12th Place
Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring4,368,4441,735,367
Ross "BlueTang" Gottlieb2,612,530-144,180
Jeffrey "bortzork" Miller0-1,641,879
Thursday, July 9, 2020 1:07 AM Local Time (about 30 days and 10 hours ago)
Mike "SammyTwizz" Azzaro Eliminated in 13th Place ($5,457.51)

Mike "SammyTwizz" Azzaro jammed for 623,612 from the cutoff, and "clembutt" called in the big blind.

Mike "SammyTwizz" Azzaro:   

"clembutt" scored the knockout after a dry       board failed to connect with Azzaro's ace-ten.

Mike "SammyTwizz" Azzaro0-848,612